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Johnny Cash Sings Revelation

This song may be a little grim, but it comes from Revelation and Revelation is a book of warning; and warnings are supposed to be grim. But it does come with a happy ending for those who heed the warnings: the happiest ending of them all.

So this is Johnny Cash, with The Man Comes Around. Whoever has ears, let him hear.

By Request, ‘Creation Song’

God’s handiwork reveals its maker. Fernando Ortega celebrates God’s handiwork in Creation Song, requested by Joshua.

I love being able to look out my window and see the golden leaves on all the trees, and the bright red head of the woodpecker as he hops up and down the trunk. It tells me, “God is nigh.”

I am sure there will be no leaf-blowers in Heaven.

Bonus Hymn, By Request: ‘Because He Lives’


Joshua requested this one, Because He Lives, played on the pan pipes by David Doring. Unlike Johnno the Merry Minstrel in Oy, Rodney, Mr. Doring can’t sing and play the pan pipes at the same time. So let me see if I can find the lyrics for you. Ah, here they are:


(Lyrics by Bill Gaither)

By Request, ‘Faith Unlocks the Door’

Requested by Erlene, Carroll Roberson sings Faith Unlocks the Door. “Prayer is the key to Heaven, but faith unlocks the door.” I think in this evil age we all have to pray harder–and may God strengthen our faith.

Encore, ‘All Glory Be to Christ’

I fell in love with this hymn–was it sometime last year, that I first heard it? All Glory Be to Christ, by King’s Kaleidoscope (with an assist from Psalm 127). Please don’t mind my posting it again!

‘Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing’

“Ohio Chess Fan” posted this hymn on my “Playground Player” page at http://www.chessgames.com yesterday–Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing, sung by Eclipse 6. He also has a pretty good Bible study to go with it, if you want to visit Page 623 of my forum.

By Request, ‘Our Father Who Art in Heaven’

This hymn request just in from Linda, Our Father Who Art in Heaven, by Don Moen (I’m racing to get this in before my computer goes kablooey). We’re so glad to have Linda back with us!

‘God of Concrete, God of Steel’

Speaking only for myself, one of the things that I tend to forget is that “Lord of all” really means Lord of all–or, as the hymn puts it, “Lord of science, Lord of art, Lord of map and graph and chart.” This unusual and beautiful hymn was discovered for us by Susan: God of Concrete, God of Steel.

We can even ennoble such mundane things as construction and transportation–if we do them for the glory of the Lord, and as His servants.

Slapping myself on the forehead, hard….

By Request, ‘Alpha and Omega’

Joshua requested this–Alpha and Omega by the Gaither Vocal Band. Lots of brio in this worship song! I especially like the intro, words of Revelation set to music.

P.S.–Our Esteemed Colleague Joshua has just started his own blog, so let’s see how many views and comments we can give him, to get it launched.

‘All My Sins Have Been Forgiven’

I’m  vegetating at the eye doctor’s office this morning, but WordPress’ cutting-edge technology permits me to bring you this hymn, suggested by Susan–All My Sins Have Been Forgiven, performed by Church Folk.

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