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They Never Ask Us

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False religion, then and now

Marlene sent us this link, https://www.endtime.com/articles-endtime-magazine/sustainable-development-world-government/ . It’s a news rehash of the United Nations’ “Rio Plus 20 Green World Order Summit” of 2012, whose stated objected was to “re-make civilization.”

Was it you who asked them to re-make our civilization? I know it wasn’t me! In fact, I don’t think it was anybody–leastways, not anybody normal. Just a few incredibly rich and powerful horses’ asses who want to use “sustainable development” and fear of “climate change” as the foundation for a world government.

Here and there we catch them teaching school children to despise their own country and think of themselves as “global citizens.” Good night. This “citizens of the world” crap was crap in 1930 and it’s still crap today. It’s just old crap.

And we’re supposed to believe these orcs, that they want to protect the environment? Hey, come on over to New Jersey and see how they do that! Maybe they think paving it over and burying it under nail salons is protecting it.

See, they never, never, never ask! Ask permission of a lot of lowly peasants–when we’re The Smartest People In The World? No way!

They own the UN, the Democrat Party, a nice chunk of the GOP, Hollywood, the nooze media, the schools and colleges–and for some reason they still can’t seem to seal the deal. There are still a lot of us who don’t believe them and don’t trust them.

And there is still a God in heaven. He will judge them.

It’s all about controlling people, controlling every nuance of their lives, because We Are So Smart, we’ll be just like gods and probably better at it than God ever was, once we gather all the power–and all the money!–into our hands, and for their own good liquidate anyone stupid and evil enough to oppose us, and then there won’t be any more boring jobs and we can all have unlimited sex with whomever or whatever we want–

He will judge them.

UN: 12 Years Left–then Doomsday!

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Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

We’ve only got 12 years left to Save The Planet from Global Warming, and if we don’t agree to a “rapid and far-reaching” transformation of human civilization, like, now, baby–we’re all toast (https://www.washingtonpost.com/energy-environment/2018/10/08/world-has-only-years-get-climate-change-under-control-un-scientists-say/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.0b1191f65c84).

Remember: whenever liberals say something is a problem, it’s not a problem.

Anyway, that’s the latest draconian prediction from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climbit Change. Dude, we’ve gotta take “unprecedented actions” or we’re all doomed! As one of the escaped mental patients on the panel said, “It’s like a deafening, piercing smoke alarm going off in the kitchen. We have to put out the fire.” Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.

See, explain the assorted schlemozzles, we’ve either gotta find a way to pull all the carbon dioxide out of the air, or else “stop emissions entirely by 2050.” Stop exhaling, people! No more cars, no more air conditioning, no more meat, and no more toilet paper for you plebs! Just think of it as going to Venezuela and having to stay there forever. From time to time you can look up at the sky to see  private jets full of Climbit Change big shots zooming off to Davos for their latest bacchanalia. Maybe if you’re lucky, a tiny scrap of kobe beef will fall out of the plane and land in your hand.

Just twelve years. Mmm! Well, if it’s a choice between being doomed or having to obey a bunch of UN cockroaches– What’s the difference?

‘Flash! Eco-Fascist Prosecutor Backs Down’ (2016)

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Lest we forget! Here’s a story that would have turned out very differently, had Hillary Far Left Crazy Clinton been elected president two years ago.


I fear a lot of Americans have forgotten just how serious Democrats were–and are!–about prosecuting the “crime” of “climate change denial.” They weren’t joking, boys ‘n’ girls: they really do want to pack you off to prison if you don’t believe in Global Warming/Climate Change.

This little flutter by the attorney general in the U.S. Virgin Islands was only their first tentative test of the political waters, to see if they could get away with it. When they ran into more opposition than they bargained for, they backed off.

But don’t think for a minute that they’ve abandoned their dream of jailing people for having wrong opinions.

Please don’t ever give them the opportunity to prove that I was right.

UN: Only 12 Years Till Doomsday!

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Gulp! In just twelve years, we’re all gonna die from Climbit Change unless the governments of the world Do Something to Save The Planet… according to the latest 700-page Nostradamus wannabe from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (https://www.vox.com/2018/10/8/17948832/climate-change-global-warming-un-ipcc-report).

Yep, twelve years–that’s all we’ve got… to “remove carbon dioxide directly from the air,” and accept “massive and unprecedented changes to global energy infrastructure”… because, chimes in one of the seers, “Half a degree matters!”

And don’t you worry about a thing, boys ‘n’ girls! See, Science will be in charge of everything, backed up by the power of the State! So even if it seems a shockingly bad idea to remove carbon dioxide from the air–if you could even do it, at a cost of no one knows how many billions of dollars–ten-to-one they can’t really do it–there’s not a thing that can go wrong, once we’ve given government fantastic new powers to run our lives, and trillions more dollars in taxes, and provided everybody obeys the government and believes every word of Science–

Honk if you find this persuasive. Honk if you approve of corrupt idiots trying to customize the earth’s atmosphere.

The beauty of gloom-and-doom predictions is that, when nothing happens after all, you can always say, “See! We kept bad stuff from happening! But we might not be able to do it again unless you give us more power and money.”

Ask yourself: if these globalist scheisskopfs really, truly, honestly believed in what they’re telling us… would they live in colossal mansions, ride around in stretch limos, zoom off to Davos in private jets, and leave individual carbon footprints bigger than those of certain countries? Do they act like they believe one freakin’ word of what they’re selling us?

I’m getting a sense that the 21st century is trying to tell us something: that our “leaders” need to be a lot more afraid of us than they are.

Victory! for the People of France

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Not this time, Smiley!

Sometimes our ruling elites just don’t pay attention unless you smack them upside the head with a two-by-four. So that’s what the French people did.

Yesterday the government of Save The Planet wacko President Emmanuel Macron surrendered to widespread public protests and suspended the massive fuel tax increase that sparked the rioting (https://www.nytimes.com/2018/12/04/world/europe/france-fuel-tax-yellow-vests.html). Announcing the decision–Macron wasn’t up for doing it himself–the French prime minister acknowledged the “anger” of the people and the “profound injustice” of adding to their already too-heavy tax burden. So the new tax has been put on hold for a minimum of six months.

Protesters say they’ll be ready to hit the streets again if the government tries to bring back the tax six months from now.

France is one of those Western European socialist backwaters that American Democrats insist is a huge success story and a compelling reason to impose socialism on America, too. They ignore the stagnation of the French economy, a standard of living that looks like the sales chart for the Edsel, and fiery public indignation against an elite ruling class who wants to carry out its utopian projects on the people’s backs–“Let’s you and him make sacrifices for my dreams!”

Rioting in Paris, the people were angry enough to damage the Arc de Triomphe; and authorities had to close the Eiffel Tower: must’ve been afraid the people would pull it down.

At least for now, Macron has been defeated and the French people have won.

But they really do need to replace their ruling class. ASAP.

UN Honcho: Human Race Doomed, Unless–

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I know, it reads like a satire. But I can’t help it if liberals say things that satirize themselves.

Today’s self-satire is provided by a Ms. Espinosa, president of the United Nations General Assembly: who, at a UN Climbit Change conference currently being held in Poland (I thought the Poles had more sense than that), warns us that the whole human race is “in danger of disappearing” if Climbit Change is “allowed to progress at its current rate” (https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2018/12/03/u-n-official-issues-warning-mankind-in-danger-of-disappearing/).

Allowed? Did she just say “allowed”? Maybe we should’ve made the climate go stand in a corner.

Stop me if you’ve heard this before. We’re all gonna die unless we give government fantastic new powers to interfere with our lives, blah-blah. In the words of Ms. Espinosa, “We require deep transformations of our economies and societies” to avoid total catastrophe. Who thinks those “deep transformations” would result in more freedom instead of less, and a higher standard of living?

With or without the UN’s permission, “climate” is always changing. That’s because the earth is a living planet in a complicated universe. The UN insists human activity is responsible for “climate change.” Uh, hey–could we get rid of that label? We have lots and lots of different climates scattered all over the world, That’s why Mongolia is not like Oregon. Could we stop talking about some global “climate” that doesn’t exist?

Anyhow, gigantic and very poorly-understood natural forces–the sun’s output, for instance–control what happens to the various climates on the earth. Government can’t stop, control, or manipulate these forces. The best we can ever hope to do is to roll with the punches.

But of course if you’re a non-Christian humanist doofus, you don’t believe in God, you don’t believe He is sovereign over His whole creation, you’re sure everything happens by merest chance unless some all-powerful State advised by all-wise Science controls it, etc., etc.

What bunk.

‘Happy Earth Day…Not!’ (2012)

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“You’re just gonna have to make sacrifices for my vision of the future…”

We’ve told you about those anti-human humanists. Here’s a classic example of it.

Back in 2009, the British Prime Minister’s “scientific advisers” told him Britain would have to reduce its population to 30 million or the country couldn’t be “sustainable.”


Given that the country’s population at the time was 62.3 million, it would’ve been interesting to hear how the “scientific advisers” proposed to get rid of the unwanted 32.3 million people. That information was not forthcoming. Nor did the “scientific advisers” offer themselves for erasure, by way of setting a good example.

If we’re not careful, one of these days, one of these news items is going to mushroom into a full-blown horror story.


‘Government Climate Change Whiz Draws Prison Term for Fraud’ (2016)

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Welcome to the most non-exclusive club in the world–the fraternity of crooks and mountebanks pushing “climate change.” Here’s one they caught in 2016.


This guy, it seems, was chiefly interested in bilking the government: he said it gave him “a rush.” So Uncle Sam rushed him into prison. Well, at least this schmendrick wasn’t trying to con the human race into accepting global government. Mere theft seems almost a virtue by comparison.

But of course we paid for his fun with our tax dollars.

France Torn by Gas Tax Riots

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So how do you like your “centrist” president now, France?

France has been torn all week by riots over a huge gasoline tax increase imposed by President Emmanuel Macron (http://home.bt.com/news/world-news/riot-police-fire-tear-gas-at-fuel-tax-protesters-in-paris-clashes-11364312823193). Lots of fires, roadblocks, tear gas, etc.

The tax was imposed to Save The Planet From Fossil Fuels, and who cares what it does to people who need their cars to get to work and manage their households? That it was a profoundly stupid reason for raising the taxes doesn’t seem to register with the French government.

France’s fake nooze media portrayed Macron as a comfy, cozy centrist and his rival for the presidency, Marine LePen, as a totally crazy right-wing loon. If the French voters had read the British nooze media instead of their own, they might have discovered that Macron isn’t on their side. This is the guy who said there’s not really any such thing as French culture. DeGaulle is turning over in his grave.

Liberals–governing their countries right back into the Middle Ages.

So Who’s the ‘Tribal Bronze Age Mythology’ Guy?

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Baal in bronze

Last night some yoik on my chess page described our religious beliefs as “tribal Bronze Age mythology.” It’s obvious he had no idea what he was talking about–but hey, atheists are always the brightest bulb on the tree, and we ought to consider it an honor to be insulted by them.

“Tribal Bronze Age mythology…” Well, now–that would be, I think, creating something with your own hands, like that bronze statue of Baal in the picture, and then bowing down to it, worshiping it, and thinking it can somehow save you. The Bible describes this in many places. For instance, in Jeremiah 2:27, “Saying to a stock [of wood], Thou art my father; and to a stone, Thou hast brought me forth… Arise, and save us.” Those who worship things carved out of wood are as wooden-headed as their idols.

So, let’s see… worshiping your own creation… Now, who does that? Christians?

Oh, wait! It’s not Christians! Like, what are the biggest man-made idols around, nowadays? That would be Science and the State, right? And who worships these creations, Science and the State? I mean, really–who actually believes in Global Warming, and that Government will save us if only we can make it big and powerful enough?

How about that? Those are secular humanist beliefs, not Christian! All those people who say they’re not superstitious, they’re the ones whose heads are still in the Bronze Age, still worshiping idols.

Idolatry has been around forever. Worshiping that which is created, instead of the Creator. Professing themselves to be wise–and boy, do they ever profess themselves to be wise!–they become fools. (“Yeah, but our idols have microchips! Our idols are smart!” Pathetic, really.)

Welcome to the Dark Ages.

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