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My Newswithviews Column, Jan. 16 (‘Yes, It’s True, They’re Crazy’)

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Look at that–I almost forgot I had a Newswithviews column for you.

Yes, It’s True, They’re Crazy

I wrote this and sent it in before I learned that a Facebook glitch had revealed that Scold O’ the World Greta Thunberg’s Facebook posts are written by her father and some “climate activist” in India.

No surprise: libs love to hide behind children.

Just like they like to hide their global government plans behind the Climate Change scam.

True, there are poor fools out there who believe the sky is falling.

But the ones who shout the loudest believe it least. They’re the ones who get the private jets and the mansions on the water. And Greta is their tool.

Is Greta a Sock Puppet?

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Last week a “bug” in Facebook’s system revealed that Greta Thunberg’s Facebook posts had been written by her father, Svante, and a “climate activist” named Adarsh Prathap, who lives in India and works for the United Nations Climate Change organization (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/01/facebook-glitch-reveals-greta-thunbergs-posts-are-written-by-her-father-report/).

Is there anything at all about “Climate Change” that’s not phony? Like, Ol’ *Batteries Not Included yaps on and on about rising sea levels, then buys a mansion a few yards above the high-tide mark on Martha’s Vineyard. Do these people ever tell the truth? (Hint: No.)

So we have adults hiding behind a troubled 16-year-old girl who’s been anointed Time’s Person of the Year and Scold O’ the World, pretending that these jewels of wisdom are coming straight from her–isn’t that shameful? But we see this tactic every time there’s a teachers’ strike, or anything else the Left wants to put over.

You’re not allowed to verbally smack down a child, so these Global Government wannabes hide behind a child. What heroes.

And they wonder why we don’t believe them.

Movie Guy: ‘We’re Doomed!’ (2017)

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All because we didn’t pay a carbon tax!

Actually, I seem to have even less patience with Hollywood motormouth fat-heads than I had when I first posted this.


Now I find myself ashamed of liking the first two Terminator movies because the guy who made them, James Cameron, is such a doofus.

Quick, quick, everybody! Get your gender reassigned before it’s the end o’ the world! Give government fantastic sweeping powers! Holy Mother Gaea demands it!

False gods always demand more of us than the real God ever has.

Biden: ‘We’re All Dead!’

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So this is the Democrat front-runner, the dithering doofus for whom millions of [plug in charitable word for “gavones”] are going to vote for president. Joe Biden.

At a rally in New Hampshire this weekend, Joe doddered his way back to the imaginary Climate Change Crisis and a person in the audience began to ask, “If we don’t stop using fossil fuels–”

“We’re all dead!” the candidate interrupted (http://xf.timebomb2000.com/xf/index.php?threads/biden-says-were-all-dead-if-dont-stop-using-fossil-fuels.565944/).

Again I ask, do leftists actually believe the s*** they say, or do they only say it because they think you will believe it? I mean, name a Climate Change big shot who doesn’t have a mansion, another mansion on the beach somewhere, a limo, and a private jet.

Does Biden even know or understand that the electricity he uses cannot be produced without burning some kind of fossil fuel? Where’s he gonna get a solar-powered private jet? But don’t hold your breath expecting any of these Far Left titans to give up even the most casual of their luxuries. All that giving up stuff is to be done by you, the undefended public.

Joe also said he’d go after oil company executives: “Put them in jail,” he said. “I’m not joking about this.”

Job One for 2020 is to keep all Democrats from gaining any kind of public office. Which is the bigger threat–their lunacy or their hypocrisy? Doesn’t really matter, does it?

Will the American people vote to disable their economy, abridge their own freedoms, and subject themselves to being governed by persons who despise them?

Democrats, noozies, and globalists intend to make it happen.

‘Young Conservatives’ Want Climate Tax? Tell Us Another!

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“I are too a young conservative!”

This hooter comes from Reuters, a former news agency, not to be confused with Roto-Rooter, which serves a useful purpose.

Reuters asks us to believe that “Young Conservatives for Carbon Dividends”–keep that barf bag handy–at “more than two dozen” looniversities are calling for a wopping big carbon tax on all fossil fuels (https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-climate-politics-trfn/young-u-s-republicans-defy-party-to-fight-climate-change-idUSKBN1YG00J).

How freakin’ stupid do they think we are? What “conservatives” are these–the Soros conservatives? Reuters says the Republican Party ought to listen to them because a former Republican Senator, Trent Lott, supports them. You remember him. It was rumored that there were four or even five days in the year when he didn’t suck up to  Bill Clinton. Big conservative, him.

Get a load of this golden Reuters crapola. Republicans have got to leap aboard the Global Warming bandwagon “especially in swing states where hurricanes and flooding have grown more extreme due to global warming.” Good grief. They’re calling this a news story, written by a “journalist”?

I mean, really, this is just flat-out shameful, even for the nooze media. This is running around with no pants on, eating mud pies and claiming to be James Buchanan.

How many people do you suppose they expect to believe this?

‘Our Immoral and Unrighteous Government’ (2014)

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The Climate Change Twins, 2014. Sort of like the Certs Twins, only infinitely more dangerous and costly.

When I posted this in 2014, Donald Trump had yet to become president (or even a serious candidate) and tear the curtain off the Deep State for everyone to see. And so a reader admonished me to “limit your crusade to religion and morality” and leave Bent Science alone.


The problem nowadays, though, is that you can’t separate crooked science from crooked government. The whole purpose of the Climate Change scam is to grow the government at the people’s expense.

I mean, really, it’s so flaming obvious. They subject us to all sorts of humiliating limitations on our freedom, grab the money that we worked for, and then, when nothing happens with the “climate,” they proudly proclaim, “See? We saved the planet, didn’t we?”

There’s no excuse for falling for such clumsy tricks.

Climate Change Crazies: They’re Gonna Force Us to Obey?

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“So we invade America, see, and conquer it, and then we take all their stuff…”

As the U.N. gets ready for another Climate Change OMGwe’reallgonnadie conference, a Danish academic warns the world that if the nations don’t knuckle under soon and hop aboard the Climate Change bandwagon, the U.N. might decide to compel compliance by the use of military force (https://www.breitbart.com/environment/2019/12/03/danish-academic-u-n-might-use-military-to-enforce-climate-agenda/).

“The U.N. Security Council could, in principle, tomorrow decide that climate change is a threat to international peace and security,” he said–and “it can justify problematic means” of enforcing obedience.

At the same time, the international gang of thieves is mulling “taxes on developed countries… to transfer wealth” to tin-pot dictatorships who strangle their own countries’ economic progress.

Gee, the United States has a seat on the Security Council, with veto power. Think we’ll vote for World War III just to please the climate crazies? Think we’ll vote to transfer America’s wealth to Tyrannistan?

And this guy is a professor of international relations? From what correspondence school did he get his degree?

Do you ever get a little unnerved when you see the world being run by lunatics, liars, hypocrites, and dolts? Like, isn’t Original Sin bad enough, that they have to season it with stupidity?

Just for the record: There is no man-made climate change that can be controlled by rich and powerful idiots. The earth is a living planet, and as a result of vast and as yet poorly understood natural forces–the sun’s energy output, continental drift, etc.–earth’s many climates (there isn’t just one!) are constantly changing. And what climate change honcho actually lives like he believes a single word of the hogwash he’s trying to sell us? Private jets, colossal mansions, limousines, overpriced drinks at Davos–those amenities are just for them. The rest of us will have to live like 11th century Scottish peasants.

They want to be our gods.

Sorry, chuckles, we already have a God. And He doesn’t like competition.

‘Ignorance and Superstition, in My Own Hometown’ (2014)

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Repeat the chant–Oh-wah, ta-goo, Siam!

This post was blessed with some thoughtful comments when I ran it before; maybe it can spark some more.


Here in Stupidville, NJ, we let atheists take away our 100-year-old Christmas parade–now it’s a “winter festival”: what could be more shameful?–and we make sure we consult our animal spirit guides for any important decisions we might have to make.

I think the Soros Climbit Change gang in the town next door has faded away. People may be more gullible than they used to be; but they’re not so gullible as to believe in that.

Godziller He Is Reel!!!

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[Editor’s Note: I was resolved not to allow Joe Collidge to appear today, but he snuck in while I wasn’t looking.]

Thancksgiven Daye it is to-marrow butt i amb not goingto cellarbrate it “becose” America “it” blows and anny how my fambly “thay” woont lett me “in” The house no moar!!

I whant to caul Atentchin to alll themb dum doaps that say Thare isnt no Climbit Chainge or Globble War Ming can yiu beleave How stopid thay “are”??? and thay aslo are sayying Godziller he “Is” not Reel!! Wel if he is “Not” Reel then how comb thares so Manny moovies abote himb?? Lets “see” themb Anser thatt!!!!!

Scyantits thay now know “that” it is Climbit Chainge what cawses all themb Monsters in Jappan!! It is ownly natcheral!!! Globble War Ming it whakes themb up “And” maiks themb crazy!!! and yiu Can axpect To see moar and moar Godziller atacks as the Climbit it chainges moar and moar!! This hear it is Donold Trumpt’s fawult!!!!!! Evry Boddy but himb and al thoze captillist Racists thay reelize we ownly has got tend (10) oar twelf (12) yeers leffted till The “end” “of” The Whorld unlest al the cristchins thay get putt In jale and thare isnt no moar facile fuols!!! Godziller atacks thay “are” jist the Tipp “of” the Iceburger!!!!

Now evry Interllectural in Evry Collidge thay know this but Trumpt he whants to maik the Whorld end and evry boddy dye jist so’s he “Can” Maik a Prophit!!!! That is wye he must got to Be “impeechted” befour he Can “do” it!!! And iff yiu stopid dum peple thinck I amb rawng whell yiu Can “jist” checke whith The U N and thay whil telll yiu evry Thing i sayed it is rihght!!!! Go a “head” and Ask themb i dayre yiu!!!!!!!!!!

Stopid Amarica yiu better “do” what us interllecturals say oar “the” neckst Monstar fromb Monstar Iland it whil be Comming “yore” whay!!!!!


How Climate Alarmists Lie and Cheat

Check out this 12-minute video by Tony Heller of realclimatescience.com. It tells precisely how the Climate Change gang manipulates data to create a bogus “climate crisis” requiring the abolition of our freedom and a forcible reduction of our standard of living.

It’s not science. It’s politics. Raw politics: more power and wealth for them, subservience and poverty for us.

Cheating with the statistics is absurdly simple, once you know how. “When you want to mislead people with your statistics,” says Heller, “picking your starting date is very important.” For instance, if you start from the 1980s, forest fires are increasing. But if your numbers go back to the 1930s, you see a dramatic decrease in forest fires. This same pattern holds true for any “climate change indicator” you can think of.

So they give this carefully cherry-picked “data” to policy makers and our free and independent press. Ah, journalism. And the journalists parrot back whatever they’ve been spoon-fed. They never ask a question like, “How come the graph only starts in 1983? What was happening before 1983?” It would be hate speech or something, to ask that.

“Most climate scientists,” says Heller, don’t dare speak up against the fraud. They know it’s being pushed by powerful political actors–bad actors, at that–who wouldn’t think twice about crushing them like bugs. They don’t want to find Antifa thugs at their door. See yesterday’s post about the climate science conference in Germany that had to be moved all around because of threats of violence (https://leeduigon.com/2019/11/22/germanys-new-storm-troopers/).

These are liars, these are thieves, and these are thugs. They want our world.

Oppose them with everything we’ve got.

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