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‘To Believe or Not to Believe’ (2014)

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Our “light dusting” of snow yesterday turned into four or five inches, and with record low temperatures across the Deep South–well, you don’t think that’s going to shake any pagan’s belief in Global Warming/Climbit Change, do you?


Really, it’s just too good a gig to give up, and part of the Open Borders/Climate Change/Transgender De Luxe Fun-Pack on sale at Democrats “R” Us, world-wide. Saving The Planet is the unbeatable excuse for every brutal insanity the wannabe masters of the world can think of–

So they don’t wanna hear it’s cold outside!

‘Curses, Foiled Again! No Sea Level Rise for New York, Washington, D.C.’ (2016)

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We should be so lucky…

Sometimes, as Mr. T. might say, we pity the fools in the Climbit Change crowd–none of their predictions ever come true. Like, sea levels gonna rise at New York and D.C. and we’re all gonna die, gasp-gasp! And instead the sea levels… well, they went down.


We were just watching a video about the illnesses that afflicted King Henry VIII, and how they “treated” him with highly toxic doses of mercury. Back in the 1500s, that was Settled Science. Had Loretta Lunch–er, Lynch–been Henry VIII’s attorney general (and that would’ve been a great fit!), she would have had anybody drawn and quartered for questioning the benefits of mercury.

‘The People’s Climate March (Can I Wake Up Now, Please?)’ (2014)

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If you could ever overlook their penchant for killing and jailing and terrorizing people millions at a time, communists would be hilarious. I mean, read some of this bilge, count the cliches, and just try not to laugh.


Sure, this was four years ago: but leftids will never give up Global Warming/Climbit Change. They still think it’s a persuasive argument, “Give us all your money and fantastic arbitrary powers, or you’re all gonna die!” And then when nothing freakin’ happens, they can say, “See? It worked! We saved you! Nothin’ freakin’ happened!”

Thank God a lot of people got a lot smarter in 2016.

Alec Baldwin: ‘We Need to Overthrow the Government’

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Remember when he called for Henry Hyde and his family to be stoned to death? What a sweetheart.

Oh, fap, the news again–! I hate the news today.

Speaking to an audience of fabulously wealthy Democrat donors–regular people, it seems, don’t send money to the Party anymore–leftid Alec Baldwin said, “We need to overthrow the government” (https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/alec-baldwin-overthrow-the-government_us_5bc4171fe4b0bd9ed55b87e6)–peacefully, of course. By voting. Line up the dead, the illegals, and the multiple voters to put Democrats back in charge of the country.

Why is it that when Democrats say “peacefully,” that one can’t help thinking of Antifa riots, left-wing harpies chasing Republicans out of restaurants, and Far Left Crazy Democrat stooges pounding and clawing at the doors of the Supreme Court while Brett Kavanagh was taking his oath of office? Is that what they call “peaceful”?

Why, pray tell, do we “need to overthrow the government”?

Because, babbled Baldwin, Republicans “cash NRA checks”–Dem-speak for the crime of upholding the Second Amendment–and “spit in the faces of the global community” rather than conform our public policies to the Climbit Change Myth. Oh, and they also hate women. According to Baldwin.

Uh, what “global community” is that, Einstein? Is that the one that wants to abolish our nation-states and impose a global government? President Donald Trump is definitely not on board for that. So he’s gotta go.

Well, if you want to go ahead and vote for the party whose leaders call normal people “deplorables” and “the dregs of society”–you have an awful lot to be ashamed of.

I Think These Clods are Scaring Me

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I can’t stop thinking about the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climbit Change telling us what we’re gonna have to let them do, to Save The Planet. See, we’re all toast, burnt up by Global Warming, unless we give them the power to subject us to “societal changes that are unprecedented in scale” (https://leeduigon.com/2018/10/09/un-wackos-call-for-240-gallon-gas-tax/).

I lie awake o’nights wondering what particular “societal changes” they have in mind. You, too, can join the Insomnia Derby! Just imagine your life in the hands of the UN.

But what do they actually want to do to us? Compulsory homosexuality? Hospice grabs you the day you turn 40? Electricity reserved for Party members only? Compulsory singing of “We Are the World”? No more private home ownership?

Plus whatever they wind up doing to us, they mean for it to be “unprecedented in scale.” Y’know, there are some precedents in societal change that really shouldn’t be exceeded in scale: World War I and World War II, for instance. Or Mao’s Great Leap Forward.

Again, be thankful that we now have a president who has no interest whatsoever in sucking up to the UN Dictators’ Club. And the sooner he gets our country and our money out of the UN, the better.

UN Wackos Call for $240/Gallon Gas Tax

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“Plenty of Climbit Change where I come from!”

Hey, *S*A*V*I*N*G  T*H*E  *P*L*A*N*E*T  from Global Warming/ Climbit Change is an expensive proposition!

This weekend, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change called for a mammoth carbon tax, equivalent to a gas tax of $240 per gallon here in America–said tax to be accompanied by “societal changes that are unprecedented in scale” (http://www.climatedepot.com/2018/10/08/a-240-per-gallon-gas-tax-to-fight-global-warming-new-un-report-suggests-carbon-pricing/).

Uh, no thanks.

How crazy are these people? What have they been smoking or ingesting that prompts, even in their wildest dreams, such fantasies?

Be very, very thankful that Donald Trump’s our president. Obama would sell us out to the UN in a New York minute. So would any other Democrat.

Do not ever let liberals take power in America. Never again.

‘Acting Guilty’ (2014)

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Climbit Change alarmists were acting guilty four years ago, and they’re still acting guilty today. Saving The Planet is just too good an excuse for acquiring and wielding absolute power–the straw to stir global government’s drink.


I’ll always remember how joyful I was when, literally within 60 seconds of his inauguration, President Trump’s administration removed all references to Global Warming from his White House website.

Oh–and by 2015 New York City was supposed to have the climate of Daytona Beach, Florida. Al Gore said so.

We has Got it Now!!

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See that thare Piture?? That “is” a Carbin Mollycule and Carbin it is very very Bad!!

Wel hear at Collidge we is done somthing Abote it!! We haved a meting of the Stodent Soviet last “nihght” and we desided that Fromb Now On we are going “to” has A Carbin-Free Campas!!!!!

This it has bin thunk up “by” our Smartist Interllecturals!

Yes thare woont be no more Carbin aruond hear and thare whil be Punishmint for anny boddy Who brings anny Carbin onto The Campas!! Carbin it causses Globble Warming and Climbit Change! Evry stodent who sees a Carbin Mollycule on the sidewaulk or “on” the grass yiu has to Pick “it Up” and get ridd of it!! and we willl has Socile Jutstus Teems going alll aruond to Make “sure” yiu do!!!

This hear IT ‘IS’ THE VERY FRIST STEP TO HAS A CARBIN-FREE WHORLD!!! Only of coarse if Hillery she was pressadint like she shood be only Trumpt and the Russins thay coluted, wel we wood all reddy has a Carbin-Free “Americka”!!

We are reel exytid becose our Party Chair Wimmin she sayed probly The UN it whil quick pick “up” on this and set up Carbin-free Zoans evry ware!!!!! and we wil probbly get golden meddles or statchues of us!

So iff yiu “see” any “of” them Carbin Mollycule anny ware yiu bettar deestroy themb or else!!! Ore Socile Jutstus Teems thay meen bisniss!!!

Dont make us hert yiu!!

My Newswithviews Column, Sept. 20 (‘The News is Full of Crazy Talk’)

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Here’s the trouble with trying to cover all the crazy **** that’s happening, these days–you just can’t keep up. After I wrote this little essay and submitted it to Newswithviews, any number of equally daft or even crazier stories came along.


*Sigh* I just want to get back outside, back to work on my book. I’m hurtling toward a climax, but I don’t know what that climax is! Going on past experience, the Lord will show me when I’m not expecting it.

‘Global Warming Wacko: “Terminate Industrial Civilization”‘ (2015)

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Humanist utopia

The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God (Ps. 14:1); but there be lots ‘n’ lots of Global Warming.

Not to worry, said a “scientist,” a few years ago: not to worry a bit! All we gotta do to Save The Planet is, like, kill ourselves.


No one hates the human race like a humanist.

If you insist on trying to see any point to Saving The Planet by wiping out humanity, that probably makes you a biggit. You are not intersectional! Chances are you are also dendritic. Or whatever.

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