And Now It’s Cold, Too!

When Earth was a Snowball | CNRS News

See? Totally covered by ice! Would MIT ever lie to you?

It’s September 30 and it’s raining again, and if I want to go out, I have to wear my winter coat–and I can see my breath. In September.

It’s all because of Climbit Change! But you knew that already, didn’t you? Yowsah, yowsah–it’s that warming that makes it so cold!

It’s scientific!

MIT warns us that “Snowball Earth”–universal glaciation–can come on in a hurry (,complex%2C%20multicellular%20life%20on%20Earth.)–especially with us plebs doing stuff, like cooking food on gas stoves, that will suddenly bring the world to an end, blah-blah.

It’s scientific! They’ve got computer models for it! If you don’t believe computer models, you’re Anti-Science! (That’s like being Antichrist, only reel!) Dept. of Justice gonna get you if you don’t watch out! We can’t allow all that misinformation to float around.

Science Says: All power to the State! The State guided by Science. Can you gimme hallelujah?

Londoners Strike Back Against Big Brother

Let’s say you bought a new car two years ago–and suddenly you’re not allowed to drive it because the not-quite-British mayor of London has decided that you live in an “Ultra Low Emissions Zone” and you’ll incur a fine every time their shiny new cameras catch you doing it. The only kind of car they’ll let you drive is a new electric car you can’t afford.

One of these zones is a 56 square-mile swathe of suburban London, Sydenham; and here residents have vandalized or removed the spy cameras–156 out of 185 of them, some 90 percent (

Yes, this latest scheme to Save The Planet From Imaginary Man-Made Climbit Chainge has run into an obstacle.

Who was the Mensa candidate who decided to put up a sign with each camera, identifying it as a “traffic enforcement camera”? Well, now they know which cameras they’ll want to disable, don’t they? Which they do by cutting wires, pasting stickers over the lenses, or just plain stealing them.

They’re not only Climbit Chainge bullies ruling London; they’re stupid bullies. Why is that not the least bit surprising?

We don’t ordinarily hold with disobeying laws and destroying government property. But haven’t we been told that unjust, stupid, oppressive laws deserve civil disobedience? Didn’t we go to war against Great Britain, once upon a time, to get out from under a tyrannical government?

London’s Global Warming stooges have no one but themselves to blame for this.

Who’s Wrecking Disney?

Disney #death #dead mice #Mickey Mouse

Confound that Climate Change! Look what it did!

Once upon a time you could blame it on the bossa nova. Now…?

Disney Corp cranks out ten or 11 movies in a row that are box-office disasters, losing around a billion dollars. Their new “Snow White” movie, not even due to be released until next year, has become a daily food fight. Subscribers are canceling their subscriptions.

And–gasp!–attendance at the Disney theme parks has “dropped substantially” (

So what’s the problem? What’s to blame? Don’t worry, they already know the answer. Why aren’t people coming to the theme parks? Drum roll, please–


Aw, c’mon–you knew that, didn’t you? Never mind the content of those movies, which would make a hyena turn up its nose and run away. This is Disney, it’s gotta be right–Americans want their kids groomed for sex! But don’t take their word for it–ask any drag queen.

Once they get the climate fixed–world government, draconian new Rules that cover everything, anyone who doesn’t like it disappears, and bob’s your uncle–the plebs will come flocking back to Disney’s parks, eager to get their five-year-olds primed for sexual adventure. Think of it as icing on the cake made by the public schools.

Every bite of which is poison.

‘No, New York Has Not Become Daytona Beach’ (2015)

HD wallpaper: Lonely palm tree, tropical, beach, coast, sea ...

New York in 2015… according to “Science”

The 2024 presidential election season seems far away just now; but it’ll be here before you know it. We have only a little time to guess what kind of disaster the Democrats will invoke to swing the election their way. They can’t go back to COVID-19, can they?

No, New York Has Not Become Daytona Beach

They seem to be pumping up “Climate Change” as the next boogieman that’ll require us to vote by mail, etc. The fact that “Global Warming” predictions have always been sheer ca-ca is never mentioned. 

Governed by idiots and crooks who hate us, despise us, and want to drink our blood and our liberty…

Screwing Around With Creation

The earth is the LORD’s, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein…   –Psalm 24:1

Check out this tweet from Dr. Mercola.

What we have here is a lot of self-anointed ninnies, with way more power than is good for them, attempting to stop “Climate Change” by blocking sunlight from reaching the earth. President SloJo says he’s “open to the idea,” and Bill Gates and some other zillionaires are dumping money into it. What could possibly go wrong?

Yeahbut, yeahbut! We shall be as gods!

(Oops! We started another Ice Age and suddenly the Northern Hemisphere is uninhabitable. Sorry about that!)

I mean, really–is the rest of the world supposed to just sit there grinning while we sod around with the atmosphere? Like, it’s their atmosphere, too, isn’t it?

To say nothing of the inherent blasphemy of the whole idea.

Dr. Mercola says they’ve been doing this for 70 years at least, trying to control the weather. Sooner or later they’re bound to stumble into a disaster.

Again we pray: confound them, O Lord!

Memory Lane: Hot, Hot, Hot!

Cute Chihuahua in a Hammock Outside in the Sun on a Hot ...

Now that “Pride” seems to be wearing out its welcome, and assorted boycotts are taking effect, it looks like Woke Inc. will try to take advantage of our current heat wave and hoist Global Warming/Climbit Chainge back to the top of their doomsday list.

They want you to be astounded and terrified of hot weather in July.

I remember lounging in the hammock in my grammy’s back yard, drinking root beer and reading Archie comics, as the temperature crept over 100 and stayed there–all week. Just a few years ago, trying to write outside and giving up when the temperature hit 112. And oh! Those hot summers of my childhood! Which was before anyone had home air conditioning. We couldn’t have survived without wading pools.

There have always been heat waves in the summer, there always will be, and no amount of ferocious taxation and truly daft restrictions on our day-to-day activities will ever change it. It’s only Democrats and globalists looking to put a leash on us, looking to control our lives. Because they have a perverted lust for it.

Remember the New Ice Age that they were all gaga about in the 1970s?

Could we have a new government, please? One that does not refuse to recognize its limits?

‘Bill Nye, the Death Guy’ (2017)

Bill Nye, The FOOD Science Guy! «

One man’s “science” is another man’s snake oil.

Hey, wouldn’t it be great if all us old folks just fell off our perch and left behind a world full of defenseless young minds for the likes of Bill Nye to play with?

Actually we haven’t seen much of him lately, have we? Has he gotten what he wished on others?

Bill Nye the Death Guy

There is no one as anti-human as a humanist. We do we flood our airwaves with ’em? Why does anybody care what Bill Nye says?

(Note: I see that now that COVID has subsided, they’re piling back onto the Climbit Chainge Express.)

Jane Fonda: Jail White Males for Climbit Change!!!

Witch Looking Angry -

“White males, eh? You need to buy some poisoned apples, Janey!”

Q: How do you tell a leftist has gone senile?

A: What do you mean, “gone”? I thought they were born that way.

Jane Fonda, who used to be somebody, got the troops stirred up at the Cannes Film Festival the other day by blaming “white males” for a supposed “climate crisis” and calling for them all to be arrested and imprisoned (

It’s the end o’ the world, it’s white males’ fault–Women, Minorities Hardest Hit–and, by the way, “there would be no climate crisis if there were no racism,” because, ya see, “it’s all connected…”

Did I just feel the earth move under my feet?

We’ve only got seven or eight more years to escape Doom, Fonda the Sage drivels. “They’re all white men behind this.” But not white women. Anyway, it’s sort of a Unified Field Theory of Far Left bellyaching–climate, race, homophobia, transphobia, phobophobia, income inequality, finding hairs in your soup–

Enough, already. Someone lead this old nag out to pasture.

Kerry Babbles: There’s Too Much Food Being Produced!

John Kerry says US farmers must radically transform food production to meet 'net zero' emissions goals by 2030

A mummy in search of a pyramid

Gee, remember “world hunger”? John Kerry doesn’t. No: the ambulatory mummy, now SloJo”s “Climate Czar,” sez we gotta “radically transform food production” if we’re ever gonna hit the goal of Net Zero ( I think Net Zero was in a Japanese monster movie, but don’t quote me.

Yowsah, yowsah, forget about “Climate Change”–we’ve got a Climate Crisis, Kerry babbles. And we’d better solve it pronto, because… “15 million people a year are dying” from Global Warming/Climbit Chainge. What crap.

His solution: us plebs had better get used to doing without household amenities like gas stoves and eating s*** grown in the lab… and bugs! Lots of bugs. While he shambles into his private jet and takes off for Davos for another bowl of nightingale tongues.

Man, I was in high school when this gork started pissing on our country. He’s been at it ever since. Democrats keep giving him high posts in the government. They only do it because they hate us.

Yeah, yeah, hum baby! Let’s cut back on the world’s food supply! We can make it up with bugs and grass and tree bark. But again, that’s only for us common people.

When do we get to boot this evil shyster out of America forever?

Kerry: Confiscate Farms

Too bad it wasn’t a vacuum cleaner.

How to capture, in words, the hypocritical vileness that is John Kerry? I’m not sure I can; but maybe his own words can.

This America-hating Far Left fossil, who was almost president once, says the federal government just might have to confiscate farmlands and put the farmers out of business… To Save The Planet From Climate Change, of course (

Nope, confiscating farms is definitely “Not off the table,” the crawling worm said at the ongoing “Climate Summit.” Under one scenario he entertained, farmers would either have to sell their land to the government or be removed by force.

This is why we have the Second Amendment, our God-given right to bear arms. Take the land from my cold, dead fingers, Lurch!

Oh, but they’ll sic the military on us!

And maybe the military, rather than make war on their families and neighbors, might just turn around and bite The Government in the ass.

Listen, Lurch. I don’t care what they do in Holland or anywhere else in Europe. We have a Constitution that says you cannot do that here. What you need is a damned good flogging, confiscation of all your assets in America, and perpetual banishment–if you come back, we shoot you.

St. Patrick drove the snakes from Ireland.

Who will drive them out of Washington?

[P.S.–Yes, I know the equation: No farms = No food= Human race dies out. That’s probably not off the table, either.]