‘Are These People Quite All There?’ (2016)

Global government personified!

Back in 2016 globalist schmendricks like John Kerry were already touting a “borderless world.” Which is what Climate Change and King COVID are all about, in case you hadn’t noticed.

Are These People Quite All There?

Please understand this. If you get rid of all the little governments that we know as “countries,” and replace them with one big huge government that will govern the entire world… the results will be horrific. Unimagineably bad.

But then, of course, it’ll be too late to do anything about it.

Anyone who wants to give that kind of power to the likes of John Kerry has got more than a few bats in his belfry.

‘Another Global Warming Prophecy Bites the Dust’ (2018)

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Nothin’ here but Global Warmin’!

Where did all these fascists come from? Have we begotten them?

Another Global Warming Prophecy Bites the Dust

They want to lock you up for not believing in their precious Man-Made Climate Change, which used to be called Global Warming.

And we put them back in power???

Well, in point of fact, we didn’t. The power that they have today, they stole.

And now they’re cranking up Climbit Change again. God defend us.

Let the Government Choose Your Livelihood!

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I’m so excited by Secretary of State Whatsisname’s promise! “We’ll provide our fellow Americans with pathways to new, sustainable livelihoods.” Pure genius!

See, it’s gotta be done Because Climbit Change. We’re all gonna need new jobs: after all, we can’t all be rioters. We can’t even all write cowboy poetry.

But we can all lug big stones around and pile them into heaps. Someday you’ll be able to get a Ph. D. in that. And certainly we can all spy on each other and report every discouraging, disloyal, demoralizing word to the government. And we’ll need a lot more prison guards.

First you’ll have to go to college–universal free tuition, of course: and don’t worry about the cost, they can just print more money–and then you can go on to a sustainable career of swabbing out bathtubs or raking the lawns of Really Important People. You might even wind up working for a social media influencer!

People will also be compensated for standing in line all day, which is a very sustainable activity, and you can make extra cash for attending Biden rallies, even when The Big Guy himself forgets to show up.

And you won’t need to earn much money because, as might be expected, Climbit Change will make it obsolete to live in houses that you own, drive cars, stay up after sundown, or say things the government thinks you shouldn’t say. Hey, how much money can it cost to live in a cardboard crate? And think how close you’ll feel to Mother Gaea!

And once Climbit Change is over, and there are no more germs in the environment, they’ll give us all our freedoms back!

But only if you still want them.

End O’ the World: Minorities ‘Hardest Hit’

Climate Change Is a Global Health Catastrophe | Opinion

Doomed! We’re doomed, I tell you!

Let’s see… I’ve finished writing my Newswithviews piece, how long will it take me to find another news item that’s simply appalling?

No time at all.

So we’ve got the stolen-election secretary of state, some guy named Blinken, babbling about Climbit Change and how “black and brown” people will be the “hardest hit” by its catastrophic floods and storms and droughts, etc., etc (https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2021/04/20/antony-blinken-addressing-climate-change-a-powerful-tool-against-systemic-racism/) Doesn’t this turkey realize he’s borrowing a line intended as a satire?

But see, he sez, “addressing the issue” of Climbit Change will be “one of the most powerful tools we have to fight inequity and systemic racism.”

Great Scott–what is that garbage supposed to mean? “Systemic racism” is mostly imaginary, which makes it an ideal add-on to Man-Made Climbit Change, which is also largely imaginary. Who can count the times its proponents have been caught lying and cheating? Which makes it a natural for a government that came to power by lying and cheating.

Let us depart with another alarming quote from this porch-climber:

Climbit Change gonna be a bitch to deal with, but “We’ll provide–” We’ll provide!–“our fellow Americans with pathways to new, sustainable livelihoods…”

Like what? Writing symphonies? Moving sand piles back and forth? “The government will find a job for you.” And that doesn’t make you afraid?

That 2020 election was like opening Pandora’s box, and all the ills and freaks and monsters came out of it–in this case, to impose themselves on us as a government.

O Lord our God, deliver us.

‘Hollywood Airhead Blames Hurricane Irma on Trump Voters’ (2017)

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Leftids really, really, really don’t like being disobeyed! They hate it even more when you simply don’t believe them. I guess that’s why the Far Left Crazy governor of Oregon wants to “eradicate” us–her word, not mine.

But she might not have to, if Mother Nature is invested in wiping out everyone who doesn’t believe in Climbit Change and choose-your-gender. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s a Hollywood airhead making it all perfectly clear.

Hollywood Airhead Blames Hurricane Irma on Trump Voters

Have you noticed there are never any hurricanes, diseases, riots, famines, poverty, or blind dates that turn out badly… in countries ruled by leftids?

Oh? You haven’t?

‘A Democrat Ditty’ (2016)

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Here’s something they’ll still allow you to sing. They might even make you sing it.

A Democrat Ditty

Yes, they’re always looking to outlaw and silence any opinions that diverge from theirs. Especially now that they’ve got the perfect formula for imposing global government–COVID ‘n’ Climate Change.

If they can’t wipe out our freedom now, they might as well stop trying.

COVID ‘n’ Climbit Change (Perfect Together!)

Grinning Kim Jong-un sits yards away from party officials after emerging  from hiding amid coronavirus pandemic

Meet Mr. Government!

My wife yesterday took a You.gov survey in which the questions persistently stapled together the Climate Change gotterdammerung and the COVID apocalypse, as if they were the same thing, or a package deal. I wish I could reproduce it for you, but the survey disappears as soon as you submit the answers, and it is not reproduced on the You.gov website.

Apparently King COVID is supposed to teach us to love and trust Big Brother, aka the all-devouring state. Otherwise we’re all gonna die. If de germ don’t get us, de climbit change will–only de guvvamint can save us, can you gimme hallelujah!

The questions were weird. Like, as a result of the COVID pandemic, what actions do you think the government should take to deal with Climate Change? Now that we’ve had COVID, what will you do to reduce your carbon footprint?

Oh, the Great Reset globalist varmints would love to link King COVID with Climate Change, nee Global Warming, which always sounds ridiculous with large portions of the country freezing their kiesters off! They really thought Climate Change would be the magic carpet upon which they would ride to total power over everyone–but they kept getting caught lying and cheating, and they could never seal the deal. But then along comes COVID, and this time we really honest-to-pete ARE gonna die, or at least untold millions of us, we really are gonna die unless we OBEY all the government’s mandates–! [Pause to hyperventilate]

So they’re telling us “America is closing in on half a million COVID deaths!” and no one, not a soul (if they have souls), among our Free & Independent Nooze Media Inc. ever calls ’em out on it! “Dr. Fauci, can you prove that 500,000 Americans have actually died of COVID, and not of a wide assortment of other serious causes, like heart disease–in which the COVID was just the last bit of poison icing on the cake? Can you prove that, sir?”

In a pig’s eye he can.

So You.gov joins the parade, marching behind King COVID with a little pooper-scooper–destination, world government. Try it, you’ll like it! Honest, we’ll give you your freedom back the moment you ask for it.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

‘Jail for “Climate Change Deniers”–the Ball’s Already Rolling’ (2016)

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Back in 2016, seventeen state attorneys general, all Democrats, were campaigning to have it declared a crime to disbelieve in Man-Made Climbit Change.

Jail for ‘Climate Change Deniers’–the Ball’s Already Rolling

Along came Donald Trump to poop their party; but now that the entire ruling class has finally taken him down, now that they’ve stolen our country out from under us–look for this movement to be started up again. They want to make it a crime to hold a particular opinion. If that doesn’t sexually excite liberals, nothing will.

Our leaders, our institutions, and our very laws have failed us. We have nothing left but our prayers, and no one left to defend us but our God.

Keep praying… and see what He does.

‘Saudi Scientists “Admit”… What?’ (2017)

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How refreshing! Scientists candidly admitting they’re ashamed of the state of science today, especially in their own countries–but of course these were Saudi Arabian scientists, not American or British.

Saudi Scientists ‘Admit’… What?

At least these Saudi scientists know they’re just whistlin’ Dixie. Here in America, our scientists hop into bed with Democrats as soon as you wag a dollar bill at them.

Question: What do you get when you mix science and politics?

Answer: Politics!

See? We Told You They’re Crazy

Image result for images of ezra klein

A “god” of… what?

Ooh-ooh! We can turn off Global Warming!

All we’ve got to do is dim the sun!

Drawing a paycheck from the New York Times gives you a license to babble. So we have the Times’ Ezra Klein–no known expertise in anything–babbling about how we’ve got to “dim the bleeping sun” and face up to the risks of God knows what catastrophe… to stave off Climate Change, blah-blah (https://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/business/joseph-vazquez/2021/02/10/insanity-ny-timess-klein-ponders-having-dim-sun-fight).

What does he mean, “dim the sun”?

This idea has been floating around for a few years. They want to fill the atmosphere with tiny particles (allegedly harmless calcium carbonate) to reflect sunlight before it can heat the surface of the planet.

All sorts of people are pleading that this not be done–because no one knows what the effects will be. Proponents are talking about screwing around with enormous natural forces, infinitely complicated, that no one fully understands. What could possibly go wrong?

Klein quotes another birdbrain: “We are as gods, and might as well get good at it.” Yowsah. We’ve been pretty shabby gods so far. Gotta improve. And we will, we will! Because these plans are being hatched by “very, very smart people.”

And guess what! Bill Gates is on board with dimming the sun! You know, Bill Gates–the billionaire who says there are too many people in the world and the population has to be cut way back. It seems a wise policy to be against anything Bill Gates is for.

Mr. Klein and his playmates think they’re cut out to be gods.

But they should stick to what they’re really good at–being fools.