The Voice of Reason–Hillary???

Hillary Clinton joins the 'Trump resistance' - BBC News

“You’re not listening to me…!”

You know you’re in dire straits when the voice of reason turns out to be Hillary Clinton.

Mrs. Clinton has warned her Democrat Party that getting all hung up on transgender mania, and banning J.K. Rowling, is going to lose them the election in 2024 ( They gotta be out there solving real problems that real people care about, she says–like inflation, insane gas prices, and high crime rates–instead of dancing to the tune of a micro-minority.

Now hold on there! I am not suggesting that Hillary is all better now. She still babbles about “losing our democracy”–doesn’t that phrase make you gnash your teeth?–and the whole country turning into The Handmaid’s Tale if Democrats don’t win. The point is that when even a nut-job like Hillary can read the writing on the wall, it’s probably time to read the writing on the wall.

Using stupidities like “persons who menstruate” and “pregnant people” as euphemisms for “women,” as if any kind of euphemism were actually necessary, is turning people off the Progressive Express, Hillary warns. She may be the world’s most unpopular woman–she has a great deal of competition for that title, but never mind–but apparently she does know BS when she sees it.

Psst! Democrats! Nominate Hillary for president in 2024 (come on, who else ya got?) and then get into a big fight with her over how hard the party’s gotta push transgender.

Guaranteed to work! I’ve got a degree in Political Science, and I endorse this caper.

D.C. Diplomacy: Amateur Night

Saudis trolled as embassy in Washington now on 'Jamal Khashoggi Way' |  South China Morning Post

(Who’s the dindle with the mask?)

In 2018 a Saudi Arabian journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, was murdered in Istanbul by men said to be Saudi agents acting on orders from the crown prince.

Briefly world opinion was scandalized. How dare they kill a journalist? But the heat died down when other journalists began to turn up information on Khashoggi’s “long and complicated” friendship with terrorist kingpin Osama bin Laden.

The Washington D.C. city council has raked it all up again by renaming the street upon which the Saudi Embassy is located. Its new name is “Jamal Khashoggi Way” (

This just a month before SloJo Biden plans to go to Saudi Arabia and beg our supposed allies to pump more gas (because, you will remember, he shut down the freakin’ pipeline!) and would they please let us be dependent on them for our energy supply?

So let’s provoke them!

Most people believe the Saudis had Khashoggi killed, however much the crown prince denies it. Some of us think Khashoggi played a dangerous game and it caught up with him.

Now I am not privy to the details of Khashoggi’s career, nor do I approve of murder. History tells me that sometimes you have to hit the bad guys before they hit you.

But I think I do know that a bunch of amateurs who don’t know any more about this business than I do are only virtue-signalling so they can grin at their reflections in the mirror. And we wouldn’t need Saudi oil at all if we had kept the Keystone Pipeline open.

Democrats did that to us.

Free Special Bonus Joke!

We hear Hunter Biden’s ex-wife is writing a tell-all book.

Really? How many volumes? [dissolve into hilarious laughter]

‘A Drag Queen in Every School’–Really?

Small, Blue Butterflies (Family Lycaenidae) | Field Station | Butterfly  family, Butterfly photos, Blue butterfly

No way I’m posting a picture of this wretched woman. Here’s a nice butterfly instead.

Complete the sentence and win a tin-foil hat! “I send my children to public school to be ‘educated’ by nut-jobs because __________.”

Now it’s Michigan… where the state attorney general (!) says she’d like to see “a drag queen in every school” ( Why? Because “drag queens are fun,” she sez. And because “drag queens make everything better,” she sez.

Really? Everything?

How do we end up getting governed by these freaks?

I’m beginning to think the end game of all this is the extinction of the human race, brought about by Satan and his tools and patsies. I would like to be wrong about that, but I’m afraid I’m not.

Meanwhile–for sanity’s sake, if nothing else, pull your children OUT of public school!

My Newswithviews Column, June 16 (‘I Wanna Be in the Deep State When I Grow Up!)

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I remember being scared of Cardinal Richelieu in Three Musketeers movies. He had all this power and he only moved in the shadows, pulling strings from a distance, condemning persons to death who never heard of him and had no idea what they’d done wrong.

Sort of an early avatar of our own Deep State.

‘I Wanna Be in the Deep State When I Grow Up!’

Sometimes in a fallen world the state, authorized by God to protect its people from those who would harm them, has to resort to secrecy to carry out its mission. I don’t know how this moral distinction puzzles them: It’s okay to spy on the Chicoms. It’s not okay to spy on Americans at school board meetings.

Do we need a state to protect us from the state?

‘Argentina’s Secretary of Thought’ (2014)


Just makin’ sure your mind is right…

I wonder how this caper turned out. I can’t find any newer information than what I had eight years ago.

To give the full title, “Secretary of Strategic Coordination of National Thought”–uh, does that sound just a little bit crazy to you? Sort of like “Disinformation Governance Board”…

Argentina’s Secretary of Thought (ROFL)

Anyway, it was pretty lively times in Argentina back then, and I guess the Secretary of Thought just got lost in the shuffle. All those presidential corruption scandals, very messy, plus a 25% inflation rate… things get lost, don’tcha know.

I wonder if we already have a Secretary of Thought and don’t know it.

‘So What Are They Gonna Do About It?’ (2017)

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I like to run this piece around graduation time each year, as proof that normal people can win if they stand up to the crazies.

So What Are They Gonna Do About It?

“School officials” at Beaver High School, Pennsylvania, forbade the valedictorian from invoking the name of Jesus Christ. (“It’s against the law!” Oh, please: what law?) She praised Him anyway, and the audience gave her a long round of applause.

As it turned out, there was nothing the idiot “school officials” could do about it.

They want to throw you in jail for using “incorrect pronouns.”

They are evil. They are despicable. And if we ever found the courage to stand up to them, we’d wonder how we ever permitted these fools to frighten us.

Public School Outrage: ‘Don’t Notify the Parents’

Parents: Keep Out!: Moses, Brian: 9780330483476: Books

The superintendent of schools in Harrisonburg, VA, can’t understand what all the fuss is about. Why the heck are those people suing his school district? Heck, we’re only following the model gender ID inclusion policy drawn up by the Dept. of Education last year before the Democrats got blown out of office.

The schools are supposed to ask the kiddies what pronouns they want everybody to use, and what names–that is, the names and pronouns they’ve chosen for themselves–and then the schools will enforce that.

The part people don’t like is, oh, just a little thing.

School officials and teachers are not permitted to notify parents if a child decides to adopt a gender delusion.

In the words of the lawsuit (Alliance Defense Fund representing parents and objecting teachers), the district “compels the staff to mislead and deceive parents.”

It’s expected the arguments in the lawsuit will revolve around what exactly constitutes a “religious belief” protected by the First Amendment. We must ask: Why quibble about that? You already know where these educators’ heads are at. Why would you ever trust them with your children?

The one and only argument the “educators” will understand–and maybe I’m being overly charitable here–would be the removal of tens of millions of children from the public schools. People, public education is broken and will not be fixed! Not by teachers’ unions, not by teachers’ colleges, not by school boards, not by anyone who has anything to do with it.

This Stupid Story Has Everything!

World ends; women, minorities hardest hit — Christopher Fountain

It used to be a joke. Now it’s a reality.

Early this morning I wondered what we’d think if we saw a corny old joke acted out in real life. Well, here’s a corny old joke acted out in real life… by the government.

There’s an old joke by Mort Sahl that goes, “New York Times Headline, World Ends: Women and Minorities Hardest Hit.

It seems to have been the inspiration for the creation of a brand-new government bureaucracy, another bottomless pit into which to fling tax dollars: [raspberry fanfare] The Office of Environmental Justice! Hot dog. Part of Health & Human Services. Part of an executive order by senile SloJo himself. (*Note: This not to be confused with the Disinformation Governance Board. One is nonsense and the other is bilge.)

Best of all, informed by a 2007 study on “environmental racism” (what?) commissioned by none other than that high temple of Far Left crazyness, the UCC, United Church of Christ. Pioneers of gay-womanist-Bible-aint-God’s-word theology.

Oh! And that guy who calls himself “Rachel,” the fat guy with the wig and nail polish–he’s gonna be involved in this, too. Maybe as the mascot.

Yes! Climbit Chains disproportionately drops its load on “the poor,” and “marginalized” (by whom?), and–of course–People Of Color (POCs)! The bigwigs at the new bureaucracy have already hailed Ol’ SloJo as the perpetrator of “the most ambitious Environmental Justice agenda in history.” Well, yeah, it sure does put Julius Caesar’s environmental justice agenda in the shade.

Have we left out any left-wing blather? Any Far Left cliches this story doesn’t touch on? I think this story might be in line for an award. Most Thorough-going Piece of Shagwah Ever. Or at least for 2022.

WHO Loves ‘Pride’ Parades

Critter Babies | Iguana | Iguana verde, Iguanas, Reptiles y anfibios

Absolutely no freakin’ way I’m gonna post a picture of a “pride” parade. Here’s a nice baby iguana instead.

The World Health Organization has its priorities.

Faced with outbreaks of the dreaded “monkeypox” which no one ever heard of until a couple of weeks ago (when Democrats needed a new pandemic), WHO authorities say it’s “important” that Gay Pride parades go on, despite the threat of monkeypox (

Gee, just in time for the midterm elections. How about that?

Whatever the case, the Pride parades must go on as scheduled! Because that’s what’s “important.”

A global government would take away all our liberties except the “right” to fornicate. And kill any babies that might be in the picture.

And now we know that the Biden gang wants to sign over America’s sovereignty to the WHO–so they can shut down our economy whenever they please.

It’s going to take extraordinary efforts–and God’s blessing!–to preserve our republic.

‘Why I Don’t Believe in Global Warming’ (2014)

Real Snow | Outside My Window

Once upon a time I wrote this on a cold and snowy winter’s day.

Why I Don’t Believe in Global Warming

I thought you might be interested in revisiting this post, which comes with a lively discussion. Even now, eight years later, there are still persons who believe in Global Warming, although now they prefer to call it “Climate Change” because that covers absolutely everything.

How do you communicate with these alarmists? They trust Science! Ain’t no politics in Science! Oh, save us, they trust Democrat politicians! They are more than willing to give vast new powers to the government, sign away our rights… oh, oh, oh! They believe in the wisdom of John Kerry, the sincerity of *Batteries Not Included, the integrity of… sheesh! Elizabeth Warren.

No one in America will ever be safe in his person or his property until the Democrat Party is annihilated as a factor in our politics.