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Gop Scare Tactics–Enough, Already

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Every day, without fail, I get emails from this or that Republican fund-raising group warning me that unless I send them money, the Democrat Blue Wave will swamp America, we’re all doomed. Not that they’re building an Ark or anything. They just want my money and are afraid to compose an honest message that says “We want your money.”

See, I don’t believe in the Blue Wave. Anyone with half an eye can see it’s a fiction brewed from wishful thinking by the nooze media, polls that way oversample Democrats, and GOP scare tactics as a fund raiser. The emails come from GOP Establishment types, bow ties and all, who never lifted a finger to help Donald Trump and would probably be more comfortable with Hillary the Stalinist.

I resent them thinking I can be made to believe just by mere repetition. It’s the political equivalent of Climbit Change. It’s fake. It’s poop.

As incredible as it seems, politics is actually growing more dishonest than it’s been. Every time you think it’s bottomed out, it drops another level.

I think this is because God is mad at us. And who can blame Him?

Blue Wave? What Blue Wave?

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The whole nooze media is chirping about this Great Blue Wave that’s going to sweep over the country in the midterms and sweep the Democrat Party back into power.

I can’t understand why they’re so confident. Is the science of voter fraud that far advanced? I mean, what items in the Democrat goody bag are going to beguile the same electorate that put Donald Trump in the White House? What do they have to offer that we want?

California’s tent cities?

Open borders, sanctuary states?

Public funding for abortion?

Repealing the Second Amendment?

Throwing people into prison for Climate Change Denial? (Don’t sneer–it was on their 2016 platform.)

“Gays” deciding what artistic content you can’t create, or must create? (Supreme Court ruling pending)

Government promotion of the Transgender movement?

Which of these does any normal person look at and say, “Yeah, I want that”?

Or have Democrats simply charmed us with their behavior? The foul language–they sound like Linda Blair in The Exorcist–and the rioting, the attacks, sometimes physical, on anyone who dares to disagree with them, the threats, the masks, the vandals tearing down statues: is this what’s won us over? Or could it be Nancy Pelosi babbling, or Chuck Schumer saying that if we won’t elect Democrats, they’ll bring in people who will? Were those the magic words? Or is it the 24/7 college jihad against white Americans? Do we, the voters, actually enjoy being demonized and hated, and blamed for everything? Does racism appeal to us, when liberals do it?

How does any or all of this translate into some Blue Wave?

Never forgetting that the nooze media might be lying…

Twitter CEO Wants Civil War?

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“California is the future!”

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, leaves no doubt as to whose side he’s on. This weekend he went on record touting an article in “Medium” that called for a “bloodless civil war” for the total triumph of the Left in America (http://dailycaller.com/2018/04/07/twitter-jack-dorsey-second-civil-war-trump/).

Dorsey has already been accused of stacking Twitter’s deck against conservatives.

So what is it that Mr. Dorsey calls “great”? The article he liked so much calls for “a civil war that can be won without firing a shot” (efficient use of voter fraud, maybe?) and proclaims that “California is the future.” “The way forward is the path California blazed.” And conservatives, that is, Republicans–these dull lads think all Republicans are conservatives–have to be totally put out of business, at least until there’s no conservative thinking going on anymore.

To be fair, I have a similar belief: nothing much good can happen in America unless and until the Democrat Party is extinguished forever. I hate what they stand for, I hate what they do. And they’re getting less and less bashful about hiding what they stand for, and what they want to do.

The difference is, I don’t control Twitter. Unlike Mr. Dorsey, I have no ability to silence dissent from my views.

But, dude, keep it up. Eventually someone’s going to come along with a decent alternative to Twitter and you’re gonna lose tens of millions of your customers. You might not even be able to hold onto Twitter, if you’ve got a board of directors who resent losing that much business.

The Left is always trying to shut us out of the decision-making process. ‘Cause they know best and we should just shut up.

But we are the majority–and you ignore us at your peril.

‘Why Do I Write This Stuff?’ (2016)

Just because I think I know the answer doesn’t mean I stop asking the question.

And this goes for you, too, faithful commenters: we never know who might be reading what we write. We might be doing good that we’ll never see.


China: Back to the Future

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Maybe they were feeling nostalgic for the good old days of Mao Tse-Tung, the most prolific mass murderer in human history, greatly admired by American Democrats. All but five of almost 3,000 National People’s [sic] Congress delegates voted to remove term limits so that President Xi Jinping can stay in power for as long as he likes (https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-03-11/china-ties-future-to-xi-as-congress-scraps-president-term-limits).

Says the Bloomberg news report, “dissenting lawmakers were not immediately identified.” Well, heck, that’s easy. Just identify the severed heads.

American leftids are always praising Red China and holding it up as a role model. How they would have loved to get rid of term limits when one of their guys was in office! The New York Times’ Tom Friedman, who has not one but two swimming pools on his palatial estate, has invoked China’s example for dealing with Climbit Change–never mind all that messy Constitutional procedure: just do it. And anyone who doesn’t like it–oh, out to the cornfield with ’em!

Oh, how they’d love to do that here!

Repeal This Amendment!

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As usual, leftids and noozies are clamoring for the repeal of the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms. They want only criminals and the government to be armed, and normal people to be defenseless.

Forget about it. The amendment most in need of repeal is now, as it has been ever since it was adopted in 1913, the Seventeeth Amendment.

Originally the Constitution provided for each state’s two U.S. senators to be selected by their respective states’ legislatures. That was because their job was to represent their states.

But in 1913 this was changed so that from then on, senators would be elected by popular vote. This has been an inexhaustible source of mischief and corruption.

Now, instead of representing their states, U.S. senators represent national and even global special interests. Every time a lobbyist buys a senator, he becomes the proud owner of 1% of the total vote. And you’d better believe the senators are for sale. And it’s really hard to get rid of them. If you’re a senator and the National Education Assn. is supporting you, that means virtually unlimited funds for your re-election campaign.

Out-of-state money and even foreign money pours into key elections, with the people of those states at best a minor consideration. It’s become a disgusting spectacle.

You can talk about draining the swamp from now till Doomsday: but the popularly-elected U.S. Senate is the very heart of the swamp. The Senate is the Swamp. If it were returned to its original, pre-17th Amendment form, the swamp would find it hard to stay in business.

Another Leftid Sulk

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Democrats seem convinced they’re going to sweep this year’s elections, having pouted and tantrummed their way into our hearts. So they keep looking for ways to attack President Donald Trump; and today it’s through Mrs. Trump’s TV viewing habits.

It is revealed that Melania Trump’s favorite TV show is a mystery series, How to Get Away With Murder (https://www.aol.com/article/entertainment/2017/12/27/melania-trumps-favorite-tv-show-is-a-murder-show/23318163/). All right, so what?

Nothing, really. It’s just another opportunity for the nooze media to attack the president. We are told “The creatives [writers, cast, etc.],,, have been very outspoken against President Trump,” calling him a “hypocrite” for failing to kow-tow to a lot of pampered zillionaire football players protesting “racial justice issues” [insert raspberry] by showing disrespect for the National Anthem.

“The creatives”? What butchery of the English language. Yo, stupid! “Creative” is an adjective, not a noun. And now they’re asking themselves, “A ajjitive? What’s a ajjitive? We dint get no ajjitives in collidge!”

They’re still mad at us for electing him, when they told us to elect their anointed goddess of corruption, Hillary Clinton, and they’re still mad at him for winning the election.

If we ever again allow these people to take power in our country, we’ll deserve what happens to us.

‘Yet Another Outrage’ (2015)

When I wrote this post in 2015, I had no idea Donald Trump was going to come along and throw a yuuuuge monkey wrench into the works. He’s really making it hard for leftids to Transform America, and oh, brother, how they hate it!

Thank you for that, O Lord!


The Bimbo Eruption Squad Changes Its Tune

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We are now asked to believe that the Bimbo Eruption Party, aka Democrats, has completely changed its spots and has become the party of absolutely defending all women against harassment and victimization by powerful men. Do you believe that? I don’t.

If you’re not old enough to remember “bimbo eruptions,” this is what Team Clinton called it when women complained about Billy-boy preying on them sexually. Worst Lady Hillary led a squad of slimeballs whose job it was to slime those women. You could look it up.

If you can’t assassinate your political opponent, assassinate his character. Not only do you avoid being charged with murder; you may also win an election. All it takes is a raft of unsubstantiated accusations of sexual misconduct, and the nooze media piling on the hapless defendant 24/7. The charges don’t have to be true. How does the guy prove that something never happened?

Sexual harassment is real. It’s one of those things that happens in a fallen world. It is sin. But what we’re going to see happen very soon–well, it’s happening already–is the political weaponization of sexual harassment charges. And besides destroying the lives and  careers of men who may well be innocent, it will eventually lead to such charges being viewed with cynicism, boredom, or just being ignored. Which will make it easier to perform acts of sexual harassment.

With Judge Roy Moore now out of the way, President Donald Trump will be the next target. It would seem incredible that the party of Bill Clinton should have the gall to accuse anyone of sexual harassment–but as long as it can win elections for them, they’ll keep on doing it.

Immoral people behave immorally. Our political class has, for years, portrayed Christian morality as old-fashioned, oppressive, mean, and wrong. In this they have been outdone by our entertainment industry, nooze media, and public educators.

And we are to blame for letting them do it.


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Somebody said, over Thanksgiving dinner, “Well, gee, if you kicked all the perverts and sex fiends out of Congress, you wouldn’t have much left…”

Ooh-ooh! Wait a minute! What a good idea!

I mean, where is it written that our country must be governed by creeps who, when they are not collecting money from lobbyists and betraying the interests of the wider public, spend most of their time chasing girls and women up and down the halls of the Capitol Building, or anywhere else?

Like, could we at least, uh, try being governed by sane and decent people instead of perverts, thieves, liars, idiots, and loons? What could it hurt, just to try it for a little while? We could always go back to a pervocracy, if we felt we really had to.

The American people, by electing Donald Trump, made it clear that they want people in office who will drain the Swamp–that is, Washington, D.C. Drain the Swamp, clean out the corruption.

Only of course the Swamp does not want to be drained. The Swamp resembles the Great Grimpen Mire in The Hound of the Baskervilles: one false step by man, pony, or dog, and it’s death–sucked all the way down to the bottom. I’m getting a sense that Washington does that to the people that we send there.

There’s something to be said for keeping all the crooks in Washington. It’s easier to keep on eye on them. Except nobody does seem to keep an eye on them, and they keep on wasting our money, mismanaging the country, and chasing girls and women up and down the halls. One close look at D.C., and you’ll be convinced John Calvin was right about Total Depravity and Original Sin.

Term limits might help, if you could ever get Congress to vote to put themselves out of business. Don’t hold your breath for that.

If I knew what to do, I’d tell the world; but I don’t. The Swamp will fight to stay alive and groping. The Swamp is rich, strong, and totally unfettered by any moral scruples.

Put our trust in God, and do our best.

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