Chinese Protest–Without Words

Vigil commemorating victims of a fire in Urumqi, in Beijing

Can’t censor blank sheets of paper, can you, comrade?

In what the Reuters news agency called a “widespread outpouring” of public protest, Chinese objecting to perpetual lockdowns–a feature of China’s “zero COVID” policy–are displaying blank sheets of paper (

“The white paper represent(s) everything we want to say but cannot say,” a protester told Western reporters. The protests have been especially “widespread” in major cities like Beijing and Nanjing. The blank sheets of paper, of course, are an attempt to defeat censorship and repression.

The images of the protests bring to mind those we saw during the collapse of the Soviet Union. It would be a good thing for the whole world if China’s communist tyranny drowned in its own COVID policies and was replaced by… liberty! That was Sun Yat-sen’s dream, over 100 years ago. We pray in Jesus’ name that at long last the people of China gain their liberty.

WEF Honcho: ‘Let’s Be Like China!’

Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder and President of the World Economic Forum, listens during the "For Hope" session of the 32nd Annual Meeting of the...

The bad guy looks like this.

Klaus Schwab is the No. 1 Non-elected D***-head of the World Economic Forum, a gang of pharaohs in search of an Egypt. Appearing on Chinese national TV recently, Mr. Swab said, “The Chinese model is certainly a very attractive model” for world governance (

Yowsah. China’s “a role model for many countries.” A role model for “the systematic transformation of the world.” The WEF says so!

Which part of that model does he like best? Slave labor? A “social credit system” peering over everybody’s shoulder? Forcible organ harvesting? The drive to exterminate the Uighurs? I mean, it’s just so great! You’d certainly want to do everything they do!

God help the human race–the predators are running wild.

Kerry: ‘Create Demand’ for Stuff the Plebs Don’t Want

13 Controversial Photos That Ended or Threatened Political Careers

Wind-surfing his way into your wallet

While we’re waiting (and waiting and waiting…) to find out how last week’s election turned out, and how much of our country the Democrats stole this time, a former presidential candidate, Odious John Kerry, has been huddling with his globalist pals to find more ways to stick it to normal people.

His idea, which he let slip out the other day, is to “create demand signals in the market where they don’t exist” (

That is to say, manipulate people into thinking they want such goodies as electric cars costing more than your house, fake meat grown in labs, biscuits and cookies made from powdered crickets, etc., etc.

We are governed by people who despise us and hate us, and John Kerry’s one of them.

A Lesson from Proverbs 1

Did God Drown the Egyptian Army?

Pharaoh’s army will not make it to dry land.

My Bible-reading has again brought me around to Proverbs–which turned out, yesterday, to be exactly what my spirit needed. Let me share these verses with you (Chapter 1: 29-33).

“For that they hated knowledge, and did not choose the fear of the Lord: they would none of my counsel; they despised all my reproof. Therefore shall they eat of the fruit of their own way, and be filled with their own devices. For the turning away of the simple shall slay them, and the prosperity of fools shall destroy them.

“But whoso harkeneth unto me shall dwell safely, and shall be quiet from fear of evil.”

What with our midterm elections coming up, and the whole world knowing that the Democrats will cheat, with exceedingly wicked and ungodly persons in positions of vast wealth and power looking to impose their wickedness on all the nations… we do need some assurance that God will only let them go so far before He intervenes to save us.

O Lord! Deal with your enemies as you dealt with Pharaoh’s armies at the Red Sea; and let our eyes and souls see the work of your hands. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

FCC Chief: Ban TikTok

Reacting to Gen Z Communists and Socialists on TikTok - YouTube

Honk if you’re one of the few people who does not know that “TikTok” has direct links to the Chinese Communist Party. It goes like this:

TikTok >> “Byte Dance” >> Chinese Communist Party.

Brendan Carr, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, says TikTok is being used to harvest personal information on users in America–information that’s sent on to the CCP for… well, we don’t know what for. Nothing good, that’s for sure. But the FCC chairman says we have no rules, no mechanism, that can protect “millions” of TikTok users’ personal data. The only protection, he says, is to ban TikTok. “It’s impossible to come up with a sufficient protection” otherwise, he says.

Well! That won’t go down at all with the Biden mob! After all, both the White House and TikTok are subsidiaries of the CCP. The Big Guy (that’s SloJo, in case you missed all those Hunter Biden laptop stories) won’t bite the hand that feeds him.

“‘Our Conservative Movement’ (LOL)” (2015)

What with the midterm elections just eight days away, we’re getting inundated with emails from politicians schnorring for contributions. Out-of-state money seems to be their favorite dish… but it leaves a bad aftertaste.

‘Our Conservative Movement,’ LOL

I love these characters who pass themselves off as “conservatives” when they haven’t conserved, or even tried to conserve, a cotton-pickin’ thing. C’mon, Karl Rove! You can’t believe you’re fooling anybody.

Well, ignore the emails, disregard the polls, and vote for every Republican on the ballot. Yes, some of those are wastes of space; but Job One is to chase the Democrats out of office before they can do our country any more harm. We can deal with the RINOs next time out.

Look around. If you see anything being conserved, please let me know.

‘What Are We Getting Out of This?’ (2018)

See the source image

Two years into an insane excuse for a “presidency,” I ask again: What in the world are we getting out of this?

Not much!

What Are We Getting Out of This?

Our country is supposed to be a republic, and we’re supposed to be citizens, not slaves. We own this country and its institutions. We pay for it! How, then, do we wind up with non-existent borders, a nooze media that pukes on our shoes, and an FBI spying on parents for objecting to non-stop race-baiting as their local school board’s go-to policy? Just to name a few…

I really, truly don’t understand how we ever wound up in Woke-land.

Somehow we need to make it stop.


‘Even Better Than Women in Combat’ (2013)

100+ Video Game Pictures [HD] | Download Free Images on Unsplash

Look at that. Ten years ago, and we already had serious problems with social-engineering liberals using our armed forces as a laboratory. It was not good then; but it’s way worse now.

Even Better Than Women in Combat

Look at the Russian army, bogged down in Ukraine, getting counter-punched quite badly, totally unable to seal the deal. That could be our army–too deeply decayed to fight and win a war.

Donald Trump wasn’t in office long enough to stop the rot, get rid of all the wackos among the top brass, and repair the damage.

God help us if we have to go to war with this bunch of jidrools in charge.

My Newswithviews Column, Sept. 22 (‘Governed by People Who Hate Us’

327,107 Democratic Party Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty Images

These are not our friends. They don’t like us, not a bit.

Can you imagine the reaction of our Free & Independent News Media if Donald Trump got up in front of the cameras and said “tens of millions of dangerous Democrats” are “a threat to our republic”? Their heads would explode.

Governed by People Who Hate Us

The No. 1 problem we have in America is that we’re governed by people who hate us. I mean really hate us. From the so-called “president” on down, they really have it in for everyone who isn’t them.

How do we get these monkeys off our backs? I don’t know about you, but they’re really starting to scare me.

Trudeau Overcome by Grief!

Some say we shouldn’t mock these dindles because it makes us seem mean-spirited. Well! They insist they have a right to rule us because they’re so much “smarter” than we are, so much more urbane and sauve and in the know, so much cooler…

Like, for instance, Canadian P.M. Justin Trudeau. Here he is in London for Queen Elizabeth’s funeral… stewed to the gills. In a T-shirt. Singing Bohemian Rhapsody.

Let’s see who sings it better–Trudeau or a rubber chicken squeaky toy.

Call me a peasant, but I would like the members of the global ruling class to have at least as much dignity as a rubber chicken squeaky toy. Trudeau gets liquored up for the queen’s funeral. Is he any better than a rubber chicken? Any fitter than a squeaky toy to rule over anybody?

Vote here.