‘Greater Idaho’ Means ‘Lesser Oregon’

So far, 11 Oregon counties have voted to secede so they can join Idaho… and Democrats are getting nervous.

The chart tells the story.

Even in elections won by Democrats, most counties seem to go Republican. It’s the big cities, with their Democrat machines, that swing the state the other way.

In Portland, Oregon, for instance, violent crime in 2021 shot up 38%. It’s Oregon’s major city, and it’s a mess. Not so long ago, the “Greater Idaho Movement” seemed like a pipe dream. Now, not so much. Who wants to get dragged down by Portland?

And do we need to add that most people truly, deeply don’t like Far Left Oregon school boards’ using the public schools to push “transgender.” And not let parents know about it until it’s way too late.

Democrats seem to be feeling a growing sense of alarm over the prospect of holding only their hollowed-out, high-crime, high-maintenance Blue cities. In a word, they’re afraid. And maybe they should be.

Even a small state like New Jersey has Republican counties whose people are sick and tired of being dragged into costly, foolish policies by the Blue cities and their Democrat bosses. Boy, how great it’d be to get out from under that!

It’s getting to the point where normal people can’t live with insane Democrat policies anymore.

And why should they?

New York Democrat Mayor… Stands Up for God

Public/Screenshot/YouTube — User: NYC Mayor‘s Office

New York Mayor Eric Adams, a former police official, hasn’t been in office long enough for me to speculate on the sincerity of anything he says or does. But I do believe in giving a public figure the benefit of the doubt–at least until the doubt fades away.

So meanwhile, a hat-tip to Mayor Adams! His theology may not be anywhere near mine, but at least we’re on the same game board.

At a recent “interfaith” breakfast, Adams enraged the ACLU and other Far Left Crazies by saying, “Don’t tell me about no separation of church and state… I can’t separate my belief because I’m an elected official” (https://dailycaller.com/2023/03/01/eric-adams-separation-church-state-gop-leaders/). Mayor Adams said he tries (at least!) to govern in a manner pleasing to God.

Yo, Mr. Mayor! Don’t look now, but you’ve got way plenty more people in your corner than you ever dreamed of!

When someone like SloJo or Nancy Pelosi talks like this, we recognize it as pure hypocrisy. But we are prepared to take Eric Adams at face value until he proves himself true or false.

Let’s see if he can make New York City any better. His Democrat predecessor left it in a shambles.

D.C. ‘Please Don’t Kill People’ Campaign Isn’t Working

I know, I know–I was going to lay off nooze today. But this is just too asinine to let pass.

Like every other Democrat city you can think of, Washington, D.C., has an ever-mounting crime problem. That’s because they’ve reduced penalties and turned a lot of criminals loose to prey on normal people, if they can find any.

Well, they needed a solution to the problem of all those people getting shot and stabbed (203 homicides last year)… and so naturally they hit upon a plan, a sure-fire plan to tamp down the murder rate.

Posters. Put up posters all over the city asking people not to kill each other ( https://townhall.com/tipsheet/spencerbrown/2023/01/12/dcs-new-violence-reduction-plan-posters-telling-people-not-to-kill-others-n2618213). They’ve even gone so far as to quote the Bible: “Thou shalt not kill.” Haven’t they said all along that the Bible is pooh-bah and they’re too smart to believe in it?

It used to be just a rhetorical flourish to say “Democrats like crime and criminals.” Now it’s become a statement of demonstrable fact. They really do coddle criminals: their policies say so.

And now they fall back on the Bible, after bashing and mocking it every day for years and years? Maybe they think “Thou shalt not kill” is the only thing the Bible got right.

But even that would be one more thing than they’ve gotten right.

‘Screen Your Teen’–Healthy Kids with Heart Attacks

What’s going on here? Everywhere you look, there are reports of young, apparently healthy people, quite a few of them athletes, suddenly dropping dead. And suddenly you’ve got to “Screen Your Teen” to “Prevent Sudden Cardiac Arrest.” Suddenly, all over the world, kids are having heart attacks.

Let’s see… suppose I was a detective, investigating this as a possible criminal case. I’ve got Bill Gates, a billionaire, and several others like him, going on and on for years about how we’ve got to cut the human population way, way back… and now all these people are unexpectedly dying. Uh, do I have suspects here?

The only thing that changed–practically everywhere–was the COVID-19 panic and the practically universal application of experimental “vaccines”–they called it “vaccine,” but it was more untried “gene therapy”–to many millions of people at same time. BEFORE the vaccines, we did not have all these people dropping dead. SINCE the vaccines, we do. Correlation does not always prove causation–but shouldn’t this at least be rigorously investigated?

Yeah, but you got branded a “terrorist,” and erased from the social media, if you even just wanted to discuss it.

How many people will die in 2023 who normally would have had most of their lives ahead of them?

Gee, I wish I were posting a hymn instead of this… But we can’t just ignore it, can we?

Whose Stupid Idea Was It to Ban Gas Stoves?

The man who refused to freeze to death - BBC Future

“So who needs a gas stove?”

Let’s not shilly-shally: this asinine caper originated with [trumpet fanfare] the World Economic Forum (https://www.worldtribune.com/where-did-the-ban-gas-stoves-idea-originate-world-economic-forum-naturally/)! In partnership with a Far Left Crazy think tank, “Rocky Mountain Institute,” which publishes papers with titles like “The Time for Radical Implementation Is Now.”

Yeah… and The People joyfully gather manure for the fields. If you remember that old Maoist theme song.

Well, of course, once the word got out, and the public got its dander up, the SloJo administration quickly backed off. “Oh, no, we have no plans to ban your gas stove!” And you can keep your doctor, while you’re at it. Why in the world would they expect anyone to believe them?

So, whatthehell, after several generations’ use, suddenly gas stoves are this Big Threat To The Climate and a “hidden” health hazard. Ooh-ooh! Let’s make ’em use electric stoves! And then we can take those away, too!

I’m beginning to wonder: Are these “ideas” coming out of Washington actual ideas, no matter how stupid–or is it just pure mischief and free-floating malice? Who can answer that question?

For the time being, they’re not about to confiscate your gas stove. But if you can name a single Far Left Crazy scheme that was ever permanently cast aside… that’s one more than I can.

[Plan B: Teach humans to hibernate.]

Ketanji Hits the Jackpot

Gold Coins - Stock Motion Graphics | Motion Array

Calloo, callay! She’s been on the Supreme Court less than a year, and, er, Justice Ketanji Brown has already scarfed up her first million smackers–oh, that public service!

Just Ketanji Brown Jackson Lands Major Book Deal for Her Memoir

Yes, it’s the usual book deal–a million dollars for her memoirs. You write your memoirs first and then you live your life. I mean, she’s only been there for months! What’s she got to write memoirs about?

Justices Clarence Thomas, Sonia “the Wise Latina” Sotomayor, and Amy Barrett have also enjoyed million-dollar book deals. Well, they should have enjoyed them. I know I would, if I could get one.

Not that we expect Supreme Court justices to take a vow of poverty–but gee wow, that looks like one sweet job!

Impeach SloJo? Oh, Why Not?

93 Claudia Tenney Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty Images

Rep. Claudia Tenney

Hats off to Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-NY), who wants to impeach “President” SloJo Biden when Republicans take over control of the House of Representatives in a few days (https://freerepublic.com/focus/f-bloggers/4119389/posts). The grounds she offers are “dereliction of duty.” Ya think?

Afghanistan. Shutting down the pipeline and sending energy costs soaring through the roof. Millions of illegals pouring across our so-called border. Sicking the FBI on parents who don’t like their local school boards’ asinine policies. The list goes on and on.

Let the House impeach the doddering crook who’s sold out to the Chicoms six ways from Sunday. Several  Republican reps have now echoed Tenney. It might even be possible to pass an impeachment resolution. (Cut me a break: I write fantasy novels.) But then it would only die in the Senate, where Democrats remain in control after botched and quite possibly tainted midterm elections.

At least it’s a gesture.

But we need more than gestures to get our country turned around. Our leaders currently pursue and promote evil and degrading policies–transgender, abortion, grooming children for sex, letting violent criminals loose on no bail–which will turn us into something unworthy of the name “America.”

And we need to get our own house in order without waiting for a tardy, unreliable, pusillanimous government to do it for us. No more waiting! We can pull our children out of commie teacher unions’ public schools. We can cancel our subscriptions to Netflix, Disney, etc. We can NOT consume “news” ladled out by Big Media. We can (and do–fair is fair) refuse to use their stupid made-up-ten-days-ago pronouns. And whenever they show their faces, we can mock them, boo them, let ’em know what we think of them.

And we can repent sincerely and struggle our way back to God! You think that’s corny? It’s the most important thing of all. Do you think the shabby, wretched “leaders” we have today are anything but a reminder from God that we’d better turn ourselves around before these “leaders” lead us into the tar pit? Our Lord Jesus Christ healed the blind. He can heal the spiritually blind, too.

Next Stop, Newswithviews

16,647 Race Tired Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

Prescriptions, check. Christmas tree, check. First couple blog posts, check. And there’s still a huge pile of chores in front of me.

But I’ve got to write my Newswithviews column today–got to. Only very rarely does one clearly see what the age he’s living in is all about. I think I see that now, the theme of this era in history.

It’s easily expressed: regular ordinary people vs. insane self-anointed elitists who lust for power over them and will do anything to get it.

This is a war without pitched battles. The war in the Ukraine is only an incident. If that war ended tomorrow, we’d still be fighting for our liberty. they’d still be working day and night to take it from us.

May the Judge of all the earth defend us.


‘The Mask Comes Off’ (2018)

The Democratic Party has an age problem | CNN Politics

They fight dirty, and they don’t need guns

In the four years since I wrote this post, Democrats have stopped trying to win us over and now just run roughshod over us. Learning how to steal elections is so marvelously liberating! You don’t have to pretend anymore that you’re not a communist.

The Mask Comes Off

Mark it well: all over the world, self-anointed elites are hunting our souls, working tirelessly to erase our freedoms. They will not be happy until they’ve enslaved those of us they haven’t killed.

Oh, Boy! ‘Non-Binary Screening’!

41 Tsa Screening Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

Never mind the bombs! Have we got the gender right?

(Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip)

The Transgender Security Administration–oops! Make that Transportation Security Admin–is getting set to roll out its new “non-binary screening systems” (https://www.foxnews.com/media/tsa-spends-18-6-million-non-binary-screening-systems-roll-out-january). This is supposed to happen January 1, at a cost of $18.6 million of the public’s money.

[Y’know, I could be sitting outside, smoking a cigar and thinking up plot twists for my book, instead of doing this. But we need to know what we’re up against, and it’s my job to sound the trumpet.]

The money will be included in the Fiscal Year 22 Omnibus Appropriations package, Congress’ annual spending orgy.

See, we gotta have this hardware and software because sometimes “:gender [is] incorrectly assumed” by TSA employees looking for bombs and such… when they should be working on “transgender inclusion”! Who cares if the plane gets blown up, as long as the trannies and the “gays” are pacified?

What’s with this Biden administration, that they just can’t seem to do enough for “transgender”? It makes me very, very nervous that our federal government has this as such a high priority. What do they get out of it?

(They get the extinction of the human species, stupid! Re-read The Screwtape Letters. If we do everything that Democrats say we ought to do, we’re history.)

A world-wide satanic delusion… right before our eyes.