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Antifa Law Prof Canned

We toldja it was stupid to have an anarchist teaching law at a law school.

Remember this bozo from last week? Sure–he went on Tucker Carlson to say “the violence is justified,” blah-blah.

Well, this weekend he got caught tweeting about what “a privilege” it was for him “to be teaching future dead cops,” and the John Jay College of Criminal Justice suspended him. See, the prof believes the police are, like, the oppressors, so it would be okay for “the people” to rise up and kill them, etc.

Piling on, New York City Mayor Warren Wilhelm Jr., dba Bill De Blasio (he never uses his real name if he can help it), tore into the anarchist prof who has ties to Antifa (Thugs ‘R’ Us) storm troopers. Funny! Wilhelm aka De Blasio, a former Sandinista wannabe, has made his contempt for New York City police quite clear, and the patrolmen’s union has returned the favor, big-time. Maybe Warren aka Bill is trying to mend his fences with the cops. Lotsa luck with that, sunshine.

Meanwhile, we have persons who by definition don’t believe in law teaching law and playing footsie with an organization given to street violence, Weimar Republic style. Is anyone surprised it’s turning out like this?

Pretty Boy Prez of France Spends +$30G on Hair & Makeup

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They just had to have this guy Macron to be their president–just had to have him! And now the French are miffed because Pretty Boy has, in three months, spend some 26,000 Euros on his hair and makeup (http://www.politico.eu/article/emmanuel-macron-spent-e26000-on-makeup-in-three-months/). That’s over $30,000 in U.S. money.

Okay, compared to what Ol’ *Batteries Not Included and his wife spent on decorating and amusing themselves, Macron spends peanuts. But the U.S. is a richer country than France.

I wonder how much money DeGaulle spent on hair and makeup.

It turns out Macron’s immediate predecessors spent almost as much money primping and preening. Meanwhile, Macron’s sky-high popularity is down to under 40%. And that’s with the French media giving him a leg up.

Well, mes enfants, you could’ve had Marine LePen: she’s more of a man than any of the others. But the media kept telling you Macron was a “centrist,” a nice and comfy centrist, and LePen was an “extremist” for wanting to keep France French–and it seems that now you’ve got what you deserve: a president who ponces around in front of a mirror singing I Feel Pretty.

It’ll take a miracle to save Western Europe from itself.

And I don’t know why God should grant them one.

P.S.–“So where’s the picture?” you ask. Well, today the computer is not letting me post any pictures. I don’t know why. Someone ought to invent a computer that can feel pain. And fear. Then maybe we’d get some cooperation. P.P.S.–If I try it on the laptop, then it works. I don’t know why.

Nooze Media Does It Again

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Want to know what got me so mad yesterday?

It was our pestilent phony nooze media’s handling of the so-called “race riot” in Virginia this weekend. Hand in glove, as usual, with sleazy Democrats, the media spun it as “white nationalists” or “white supremacists” viciously and wantonly attacking nice little people, blah-blah.

By “white supremacists” they mean pretty much everybody. These were people who were there, legitimately, with a permit, to object to the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee. Don’t you love the way leftids make war on the dead? One of their endearing traits…

Those who were “attacked”–by “attack,” the media mean the totally indefensible practice by white people of inhabiting a public space–were leftid storm troopers who showed up armed with clubs and looking for trouble. They call themselves “antifa,” short for “anti-fascists.” By “fascist” they mean anybody who’s not them.

And as usual, the Democrat bosses ordered the police to stand down, and not keep the peace, because Gov. Terry “Bacteria” McAuliffe wanted a nice little riot he could blame on “white supremacists.”

But it was the noozies who most got my dander up, because they have utterly corrupted themselves to serve a political narrative rather than the truth. And I’m sure there are thoughtless people out there who believe them.

Robert E. Lee on his worst day was worth 20,000 noozies on their best.

Poland Recognizes Jesus Christ as King

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This news, last year, was kept from us. I only happened upon it yesterday because President Trump has visited Poland, and it was mentioned in the coverage.

Did you know–I didn’t!–that in 2016, church leaders and high government officials of Poland gathered in Krakow to formally, and in the sight of all, consecrate Our Lord Jesus Christ as King of Poland: to “rule over the Polish nation, its people, and its government” (https://www.thenewamerican.com/world-news/europe/item/24875-poland-officially-recognizes-jesus-christ-as-king)?

Oh, Poland, how we envy you! God will surely bless you for this act of public repentance, contrition, and confession: He will bless you among the nations.

If we ever attempted anything like this in America, the devil’s legions would be out in force, and Democrat politicians would lead them.

Let’s do it anyway!

We can’t speak for the nation, but we can speak for ourselves. Jesus Christ is recognized in Poland as the only King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Each of us can recognize him as such: who could stop us?

I declare–in solidarity with the nation who gave birth to the Solidarity movement, and dealt European communism its death blow–that in my heart and in my mind, for I can only speak for myself, Jesus Christ the Son of God is indeed the only King of Kings and Lord of Lords, whose right it is to rule all nations: and I pray for the day when that will come to pass. In Jesus’ name, amen!

And may that day come when we in America are able to do as Poland has done.

Why Do Leftids Claim to be Christians?

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Okay–here’s a public figure who publicly supports abortion, publicly says the Bible is dead wrong in calling homosexuality a sin, continually sides with atheists in their efforts to drive Christianity out of public life, insists “it’s against the law” to exercise one’s Christian beliefs except in strictest privacy, sympathizes passionately with Islam, and wants the government to “investigate Climate Change Denial.” Of course this person is a Democrat. But he or she also claims, loudly and often, to be a Christian.

“Watchman” asked a good question the other day. Why do so many leftists claim to be Christian, when their actions say otherwise? Why do Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, and all the rest of ’em all claim to be Christians–when their religion is obviously secular humanism? Why do they do it? What do they get out of it?

I think the answer consists of several parts.

First, these are politicians, and the vast majority of voters in America are at least nominally Christian. I dare anybody to run for office as an atheist. He might get elected in some of the bluest of the Blue States, but nowhere else. What could be easier than to say “I’m a Christian?” It doesn’t have to be true.

Second, the church in our time has been extensively corrupted by the secular world. There are whole denominations matching the description of the fake Christian politician in our opening paragraph. You can practically perform human sacrifices to the Devil, and there will be a flatline Protestant or crazed liberal Catholic church that’ll be glad to have you.

Third, never underestimate the power of ignorance. There are a lot of “Christians” who have never read the Bible, never heard sound preaching, never received sound teaching, whose entire so-called understanding of the faith comes from movies, TV, celebrities, and plastic-banana big shots with their megachurches. The “seeker-friendly church” is the blind leading the blind.

[W]hen the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?  —Luke 18:8

Depends on where you look, O Lord. It depends on where you look.

Dem Jihad Fizzles Again

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Despite pouring $30 million into the most expensive House campaign in U.S. history, the Democrats’ “Trump Slayer” John Ossoff has lost, 53%-47%, to Republican Karen Handel. ( http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/republican-handel-wins-georgia-house-seat-in-key-contest/ar-BBCW1Pb?li=BBnb7Kz&OCID=ansmsnnews11)  That’s four special elections in a row won by Republicans since Donald Trump’s election as president. 4-0, GOP.

Our unreliable confidential sources have told us that “all that dough from Hollywood just went up in smoke” and that the Democrats’ new campaign slogan–“Vote for our guy or we’ll kill you!”–doesn’t seem to have quite caught on with most Americans.

“We were very careful about framing our slogan,” said the source. “We rejected a couple of what we thought were really good ones. ‘Submit or Die.’ ‘Only We Can Save the Planet.’ We didn’t even use ‘We Were With Her.’ And dammit, that one rhymed!”

Something about the perpetual Democrat tantrum just isn’t working, the source admitted. “I don’t think we’re scaring people enough,” he said. “Maybe we should’ve gone with ‘Vote Democrat or the Boogie Man Will Get You.'”

The next step, he suggested, might be to “torch the house and car of anyone who might be tempted to run as a Republican. We have a federal judge somewhere who says it would be legal for us to do that.”

NJ Dem: Hunt Republicans!

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So, you think Democrats aren’t serious about resorting to murder and insurrection to get their power back? Check this guy out–and what he’s been saying since one Democrat a few days ago shot up a group of Republican Congressmen.

This “strategist”–no one has elected him to anything–has Twitter thingies, #HuntRepublicans and #HuntRepublicanCongressmen (http://newjersey.news12.com/story/35685172/democratic-consultant-unapologetic-for-hunt-republican-posts). Yes, he really digs the hunting metaphor.

And it’s okay to kill your political opponents, says he, because “we are at war with selfish, foolish, and narcissistic rich people.” As opposed to selfish, foolish, and narcissistic rich people like Obama, Pelosi, Kerry, the Clintons, and a host of others. But then liberalism is all about projection, isn’t it?

If you didn’t see this coming, you haven’t been paying attention. If you don’t see where this is headed, it’s time you had an eye exam.

Nothing good can happen to America as long as the Democrat Party remains viable.

An Embarrassment of Poverty

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By now you’ve all heard that a bunch of Republican Congressmen were shot at while holding a baseball practice this morning. One of them is seriously injured. The suspect has been arrested, but we have not been told anything about him… other than a report that, before he started shooting, he first asked if the players were Republicans or Democrats.

I didn’t want to write about that because everybody else will be writing about it, so let’s move on to the Global Warming front. The latest Global Warming study has had to be canceled due to too much ice (http://www.nowtheendbegins.com/canadian-global-warming-study-cancelled-unprecedented-ice-formations/).

Or I could write about the loathsome Democrats’ non-stop campaign, in the total absence of any supporting evidence, to convince America that “the Russians stole the election” from Hillary Clinton our once and future president, blah-blah.

Or Duke University shutting down free speech to protect free speech, which is to remain free as long as you say the right things.

This is an embarrassment of poverty. More bad news than anyone can write about and still stay sane.

God help us.

A Salute to the Nooze Media

To: All staff and personnel at The New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, and other assorted nooze media

Re: James Comey hearings

In which it becomes apparent even to you–well, maybe not to you, but surely to everybody else–that President Trump is not, and has not been, under investigation, and that neither Comey nor anyone else has found any evidence that “the Russians stole the election from Hillary.”

You have been telling lies.

And here is your reward.

Candidate Body-Slams Noozie–and Wins Election

Still no actual video, but here’s the audio…

Okay, 70% of the vote had already been cast when Republican candidate Greg Gianforte ran out of patience with a reporter from the British left-wing newspaper, The Guardian, and allegedly body-slammed him (http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/montana-gianforte-body-slammed-reporter-late-night-1007995). I haven’t found any video of the incident.

In Montana’s special Congressional election, Gianforte won with 50% of the vote, the Democrat getting only 43%. It would have been an even bigger blowout if not for a Libertarian joke candidate siphoning off another 5%.

Gianforte has been charged with a misdemeanor assault. Meanwhile, noozies and late-night “comics” have been beating their breasts over the incident and trying to blame it all on Donald Trump in particular and Republicans in general. They need to get out more. Try walking across the Berkeley campus with a Trump button on your lapel and see if you can make it.

They’re also flummoxed by the public’s sudden (as they see it) lack of love, honor, and respect for their profession, laughingly known as “journalism.” They should watch British TV shows and movies. If you can find one, just one, example of “journalists” being portrayed as anything better than a swarm of noisy buzzing blowflies, then you’ve found something rare indeed.

Yes, noozies–we regular people distrust you, find you annoying, consider you profoundly dishonest, and, on the whole, despise you. We know you’re hand in glove with left-wing politicians who hate us, consider us “deplorables,” and want to pull the country out from under us. We know what you’re up to!

And if you really, truly expect us to be upset because someone body-slammed one of you, you’ve got more screws loose than we thought.

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