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Is This True?

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Europe’s neglected churches are being filled again–by new Christians who have converted out of Islam, according to a recent report by Fox News ( http://www.foxnews.com/world/2017/03/21/muslim-converts-breathe-new-life-into-europe-s-struggling-christian-churches.html ).

This is exceedingly good news–but is it true? You know Muslim authorities aren’t going to talk about it: ditto secular humanist noozies who are embarrassed by religion in general and Christianity in particular.

In recent years organizations like Voice of the Martyrs have reported more and more conversions to Christianity inside Muslim countries, where to do so usually means persecution or even death. Anyone who leaves Islam is considered fair game to be killed.

Nevertheless, they leave. And in what numbers, and for how long, and with what effect–well, who knows?

So is it true? Behind all the grim stories of rape and violence, does the Muslim invasion of the West have a key element that hardly anyone has noticed? Is God using this to advance the Kingdom of Our Lord Jesus Christ?

It just might be, you know. It just might be. He does love to work in unexpected ways.

And if the stories are true, our family in Christ is getting bigger–and we have some fatted calves to kill.

Say It Ain’t So!

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I’ve been having a lot of strange and unpleasant dreams lately, and I dearly hoped that this was one of them. But it isn’t.

Michelle Obama for President. 2020. (http://www.cbsnews.com/news/the-internet-really-wants-michelle-obama-to-run-for-president-in-2020/)

Both Obamas deny this is in the works. Because they are Democrats, and totally unable to speak the truth on purpose, that means they’re already working on it.

And it’s already big on Twitter and Facebook. Or so they say. It’s not like it’s the hardest thing in the world to create a fake social media buzz. They’ve got one tweet that says of Mrs. O running for president, “This would be the most iconic thing to ever happen in history.” I am so glad I didn’t say that.

So what is this? The Democrats are now the Wife Party, or what? Being related to a national leader qualifies you to be the next national leader?

It’s got to  be a dream. It’s just got to.

Jesu defend us.


Saudi Scientists ‘Admit’… What?

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You bet the headline floating around on Facebook caught my eye: “Saudi Science Panel Admits Women Are Mammals.” Gee, really? But it has turned out to be a hoax ( http://hoax-alert.leadstories.com/707062-panel-of-scientists-in-saudi-arabia-did-not-admit-women-are-mammals.html ).

In fact, what the panel really admitted was “the embarrassing state of Arab science” today. (http://english.alarabiya.net/en/perspective/features/2016/02/09/Embarrassing-state-of-Arab-science-probed-at-Al-Arabiya-English-WGS-panel.html) Well, they’re honest about that, at least: we can’t say as much for some of our own scientists here in the West, where Science is an idol. Our scientists ought to be embarrassed by their continual hopping into bed with politicians to push their Save The Planet from Man-Made Climbit Change hoax.

The panel was part of a World Government Summit–devilment afoot, you can depend upon it–at Dubai.

At the summit, United Arab Emirates scientists revealed their plans to send a mission to Mars by 2020. They can afford to hire top scientists to carry out the project.

In fairness, the problem with Arab scientists is that they flee to Western countries where they don’t have to worry about some mullahs stoning them for being scientists. Read science news, and you’ll encounter Arab names. They just don’t live and work in Arab countries anymore.

Meanwhile, it’s refreshing to hear a panel of experts admit their science sucks. You’ll never hear Richard Dawkins admit he’s a boring dunderhead blinded by his fanatical atheism, any more than you’ll ever hear the Global Warming mob admit they’re shysters. We salute the panelists’ honesty!

Sweden: Crazier than America

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The country that proudly bills itself as having “the world’s first feminist government” has made it mandatory for students at all its universities to take courses in “men’s violence against women” ( http://www.breitbart.com/london/2017/03/28/sweden-male-violence-women-university/ ).

Daft old Sweden, where last winter a new “feminist snow removal” policy left the capital, Stockholm, choked with snow and all but impassable, now has an “equalities minister” in the cabinet and indulges in “state-directed changes to higher education.”

By the way, women initiating violence against men–which Swedish sociologists now say happens more often than the other way around (surprised?)–seems to be okay with the feminist government. At least no one’s mentioning it.

For some reason not accessible to any sane mind, Sweden’s feminist government appears to have no problem at all with the country becoming the rape capital of the Western world. Do you want to guess how that happened? Could it possibly, conceivably, have anything at all to do with the mass importation of young, able-bodied, unemployed Muslim males who think it’s virtuous to rape infidel women? I mean, that’s just my wild guess: certainly the feminist government has turned a blind eye to it.

I wonder why the leaders of Western Europe seem bent on national suicide. You’d swear they hate their own countries and want to scuff them out of existence as soon as possible.

But then they don’t call it the Stockholm Syndrome for nothing, do they?

Gore: Global Warming Caused Brexit

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Former Vice President Al Gore, who washed out of divinity school, has no more scientific background than your cat, and refuses to debate, now says Global Warming aka Man-Made Climate Change aka B.S. caused both Brexit and the Syrian civil war ( http://www.breitbart.com/video/2017/03/23/al-gore-global-warming-principal-cause-syrian-civil-war-brexit/ ).

Global Warming also caused Wanda Schlumpf to grow a mustache and Jasper Facehead to misplace his riding mower owner’s manual.

Gore, whose alarmist campaign has made him a gazillionaire, says the only way we can survive–or, sometimes, the only way to Save The Planet–is to set up a world government and give it absolute power over even the most minute and intimate details of our lives. Oh, and we should also give it all our money. Otherwise we’re all gonna die.

Brexit couldn’t possibly have been caused by lots of people in Britain resenting the European Union’s high-handed rules and regulations and the London elite’s obsession with becoming Citizens Of The World. Heavens no. Nor could the Syrian civil war have had anything to do with an inherently unstable, artificially constructed state finally cracking up because competing groups of homicidal maniacs couldn’t decide which of them ought to have the right to massacre the others. And certainly the imbecility of EU satraps inviting hordes of Muslim “refugees”–almost all of them able-bodied men of military age–into their countries to raise cane has nothing whatever to do with it, so help me Gore…

Nope–it’s all just some kind of global climatic determinism–

Wait, stop, I’m getting sick. I can’t stand much more of this. When this bag of crap explodes, watch out!


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By now you’ve heard there’s been another terrorist strike in London today. The bad guy drove his car onto the sidewalk on Westminster Bridge, in sight of the Houses of Parliament, mowing people down, killing some and badly injuring many. Guess who’s M.O. that is.

Then he got out of the car and stabbed a police officer–whereupon they shot him.

I’m not here to function as a reporter of the incident; besides which, the details are still coming in and we haven’t got the whole story yet. But one thing I did read caught my eye.

To set the scene: this bad guy, having just wreaked havoc on the bridge, gets out of his car and, in front of a whole crowd of witnesses, plus TV cameras, he stabs a police officer. At which point, finally, he gets shot.

And the nooze report puts it like so: “a man, believed to be the suspect…”

What? You mean he isn’t? Like maybe he’s just some innocent passerby that the police shot down because they didn’t have anything else to do at the moment?

I’m thinking maybe I ought to be thankful that the noozies didn’t label the killer “a Trump supporter.”

As a vehicle for transmitting accurate, reliable information, the nooze media have become increasingly inadequate. They’re either too careful when there’s surely no reason to be, or else totally reckless: it all depends on what political spin they want to put on the story.

If you can’t believe the “news,” you might as well not have any.

Feminists ‘Abort’ Baby Jesus

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NOTE: I’ve decided to provide no link to this news item. There are some images that I simply will not publish here, and I couldn’t find a news story without one of those images. If you search for it yourself, it’ll be easy to find. But I wouldn’t recommend it.

International Women’s Day in Argentina–a band of feminists set up outside a Roman Catholic church and perform a mock abortion on the Virgin Mary, bloodily murdering the Savior of the world. That was the show they chose to put on, maybe thinking it would win hearts and minds to their cause. The abortion performers wore the now-famous “pink pussy” hats. The feminist playing Mary wore blue. And that’s as far as I want to describe this disgusting scene.

Could their message be any clearer?

God’s message is the same He wrote on the King of Babylon’s wall: Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin. “God hath numbered thy kingdom, and finished it… Thou art weighed in the balances, and found wanting…” (Daniel 5:26-27)

Once upon a time, the claims of feminism were reasonable and just. That time has passed. I confess I don’t know what the hell they want, anymore. And I have used the h-word on purpose, because that’s where this stuff comes from and that’s where it’s going.

Turkey Boss Calls Nazi Victims ‘Nazis’

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Y’know how, if you say or do or believe anything a liberal doesn’t like, that makes you “a nazi”? Well, that fad has gone international: Turkish big shot Biff (or whatever his name is) Erdogan has called the people of the Netherlands “nazis” and their country “the capital of fascism” because they won’t let him use their country as a base for his political rallies ( https://www.yahoo.com/news/erdogan-warns-netherlands-ministers-expulsion-002144705.html ).

Quick history quiz. 1) During 1940, which country’s defenseless cities did the Luftwaffe bomb into smoking ruins, Holland’s or Turkey’s? 2) During World War II, which country openly sympathized with the Third Reich, the Netherlands or Turkey? I realize this will be very difficult for recent college graduates, but I can’t help that.

They’re gonna have a vote, next month, on a new constitution in Turkey, and Turkish citizens living in Europe will be allowed to vote in this election. Erdogan’s government wants to organize political rallies on European soil, and the Dutch don’t want him doing it in their country. That makes them “nazis.” You know–followers of Adolf Hitler, tried to murder all the Jews in Europe, invaded Russia, etc.

Ol’ Biff has developed a real penchant for trying to involve himself in the internal workings of European countries. Biff, you gotta wait until they actually surrender to Turkey before you can do that. Can’t you bide your time for just a few more years?

John Sobieski, we need you now…

Liberal Logic 101

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Welcome to Introduction to Left-Wing Logic. Here you will learn at least 90% of what you will eventually say.

Today’s lesson: an example.

Conservatives turn people against us by reminding them that Democrats booed God at their 2012 national convention, and have lately booed and heckled both  the opening prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance at smaller meetings. How do we counter that?


Step One: Deny. Employ such sharp ripostes as “Never happened!” “That’s a lie!” “That video was edited!” “The Russians hacked the video!” Remember, there is no such thing as “truth,” or “a fact.” There is only whatever helps us to gain power, and whatever doesn’t help.

Step Two: Personal attack. You must discredit the speaker. Employ such unanswerable epithets as “Racist!” “Knotsy!” “Fascist!” “Biggit!” “Hater!” There are many you can use. Many conservatives will give up and slink away. Most Republicans will. They just can’t stand up to our rage.

But, in case neither Step One nor Step Two, or both of them together, suffice to win the argument…

Step Three: Riot. You are entitled to injure the persons and destroy the property of anyone who dares to disagree with you. This is how democracy gets done in America.

This set of procedures should be adequate for any disagreement you might conceivably encounter.

And if all else fails, Step Four: Reach for the Play-Doh.

Oh, No! More Jobs!

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There’s wailing and gnashing of teeth in Democratland: the new ADP jobs report shows that in Donald Trump’s first full month as president, the U.S. economy has added some 298,000 jobs ( http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4293622/Trump-s-month-brings-massive-employment-boom.html ).

Because leftids in office are unable to do it, this is supposed to be impossible. And so, if it’s not too late to make a prediction, here’s what I think the lib ‘n’ prog response will be.

First they’ll deny it. The jobs report simply can’t be true. The Russians must have hacked it.

When that doesn’t work, they’ll call names. We don’t care what any report says! They’re all a bunch of fascists and knotsies! And this-or-that-o-phobes!

And if that doesn’t work, there’s always riots.

How predictable they have become in less than two short months.

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