We Really Do Need to Rescue Our Culture

Brawl breaks out at Wal-Mart over line cutting | (video) New York Post

Just another day at Walmart…

I saw four videos yesterday that made me fear for the long-term survival of our culture. Count ’em–four.

*The man who’s supposed to be our president babbling incoherently about a man in the moon and aliens.

*A rash of brawls, stabbings, and shootings at various Walmart stores throughout the land. Crashing one’s car through the storefront seems to be growing more popular.

*In broad daylight, various cruise ships and cargo vessels, presumably with the captain and officers awake and aided by electronic navigation equipment, crashing into the dock or into other ships. This really should not happen.

*A horrible set of serial murders centered around our Yosemite National Park–singularly savage and heartless crimes.

Maybe that has something to do with why I slept poorly last night and felt so tired and  crabby all morning.

Really, this stuff has to be stopped. Our civilization won’t stand it.

But like I say, kill the culture and it’ll kill you back. I honestly don’t remember the nooze being anywhere near so awful when I was a boy.

A Book for Our Time

The Twelve Caesars: Suetonius, Kline, A. S.: 9781505260922: Amazon.com:  Books

Reading nooze reports of Joe Biden’s erratic carryings-on, I found myself wondering, “Is this a chapter from Suetonius?”

It is to the early Roman historian Suetonius that we owe our picture of the Roman emperors as corrupt, bloodthirsty, hopelessly mad, silly, and a disgrace to their country. Maybe you never read Suetonius and don’t know anyone who has; but most of those juicy imperial scandals came down to us through him. Caligula claiming to be a god, Nero fiddling while Rome burns, Tiberius’ island of total debauchery, Livia poisoning practically everyone–all first recorded by Suetonius.

You can easily get a translation of his book, The Twelve Caesars. It makes for very lively reading! It’s impressive that Rome managed to survive these first dozen emperors, most of whom had more than a few screws loose.

Boy, is it easy to imagine Suetonius writing about Joe Biden! The Dodderer-in-Chief would fit right in. He and Claudius could have a woolgathering contest.

Note: If you’ve ever watched and enjoyed the PBS series, I, Claudius, know that most of the characterization and dialogue there comes from Suetonius more than Robert Graves.

God help us, our country is living out a chapter from Suetonius…

Is This a … President?


Gee! Look at all those invisible Biden voters disguised as empty seats!

You’d think a nation would be mortally ashamed even to suggest that such a wreck as Joe Biden could be president.

So the other night Biden had a “town hall”–a euphemism for a totally contrived event choreographed by biased nooze media–with CNN. They had to jam everybody into the first couple rows to hide fact that the auditorium was 90% empty.

And then the man who calls himself our president got down to some serious babbling and fumfering. He is not the man he was: and the man he was was nothing to write home about. (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/07/biden-flirts-mans-wife-rambles-man-moon-aliens-asked-vaccine-hesitancy-black-community-video/)

His rambling, disconnected takeoff on an audience member’s question featured cameo appearances by “a man on the moon” and “aliens.” It is hard to see how they fit in.

It is unfair to say Biden was flirting with the man’s wife. We know that when he flirts, he gropes. No–this was just some ham-handed pleasantry put forth as wit.

The real stuff here is the incoherent babbling.

Once upon a time long ago–I will not say “in a galaxy far, far away”–Biden was a practiced, professional politician who knew how to talk to people, knew how to warm them up, knew how to pass himself off as one of them. He has lost those gifts. His public appearances are pitiable.

And this represents our country to the world.

But then the other national leaders, with just a few notable exceptions, aren’t so hot, either.

My Newswithviews Column, July 15 (‘Are You An “Extremist”?’)

See the source image

Nope, no extremists here!

Some of you have received these Facebook “extremist” warnings. Honk if you think “extremist” means Antifa or BLM.

Not to Facebook, it doesn’t.

Are You an “Extremist”?

And note the continuing efforts by leftids worldwide to train people to rat each other out. Do you know someone “at risk of becoming an extremist?”

Well, yeah, it happens that I do! Her name is Nancy Pelosi and she’s really gone off the deep end, I think she might be crazy. Isn’t it about time you guys carted her off?

They are out to erase our liberties, and they don’t mean maybe.

Yes, They Really Do Mean to Enslave Us

Facebook Prods Users Who've Been Exposed to 'Extremist Content' to Get Help  | PCMag

Before the doddering dolt announced he was going to send goons door to door to make sure we’ve all been injected with an experimental drug–indeed, just two days before the Fourth of July, called “Independence Day” without a conscious irony–Facebook started issuing “extremism” and “extremist content” warnings.

Honk if you’ve ever heard them define “extremist.”

Check out those messages. “Are you concerned that someone you know is becoming an extremist?” My cousin voted for John Kerry once; that concerned me. “You may have been exposed to harmful extremist content recently” and it’ll make your ass glow in the dark or something. If either of these warnings applies to you, you can click “Get Support.” They’ll send someone over to write it all down when you rat out your brother-in-law.

The only extremists I ever come into contact with are the Far Left Crazies running our country into the ground. I am not impressed by imaginary “threats” posed by “white supremacists,” a dozen hillbillies with a 1970 pickup truck and a shotgun that sometimes goes off.

I’ll tell you what’s an extremist threat. Critical Race Theory.

Let’s see Facebook warn you about that.

This age is morphing into a mass frontal assault against what’s left of our freedom and dignity.

May the Lord our God defend us.

Door to Door… for Vaccination?

227 Stranger At Door Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

Unspecified “volunteers” will be “literally knocking on doors” to get people vaccinated for King COVID, according to the man who claims to be our president (https://www.usnews.com/news/health-news/articles/2021-07-06/biden-federal-covid-19-vaccination-effort-will-go-door-to-door-to-get-people-shots).

Who are these people who’ll be knocking on our doors? We don’t know, do we? Someone “from the government”? Criminals looking for likely houses to rob? Left-wing fanatics who’ll harass us? Assorted “volunteers” from “community groups” we never heard of?

The potential for abuse is toweringly high.

And there will be doors that you’d be well-advised to leave alone, if you knew who’d answer your knock.

Why are we treating this as the most deadly and scariest disease in history, fully justifying all kinds of draconian measures? I mean, gee, we practically shut down our economy last year! Both the government and the nooze media did their level best to scare the schiff out of us.

What is the explanation for this, and why have we never heard it?

But going door to door… this might be the worst idea they’ve had yet.

Facebook Bites America’s Ankles

Anti-fascist demonstrators gathered in protest at an alt-right rally in Portland, Ore., last year.

But these, of course, are not “extremists…”

Even as we celebrate our freedoms on Independence Day, Big Tech oligarchs are trying to erase them.

Lately Facebook has featured pop-up warnings: like, “You may have been exposed to harmful extremism” (like it was DDT or something), or “Are you concerned that someone you know is becoming an extremist?” (https://www.foxnews.com/media/facebook-warns-users-have-been-exposed-harmful-extremists)

Well… yeah! You guys, for starters. I’m plenty worried about you.

Facebook urges users to “get advice from people who escaped violent extremist groups” and offers a link to a bunch of leftids called “Life After Hate,” who claim “to help people leave far-right groups.” Sheesh.

Let me get off a letter to Facebook while I think of it–because it so happens I do know somebody who seems to be becoming an extremist.

“Dear Facebook–I am very concerned for my friend Joe Biden, who has spent an awful lot of time with Chinese Communist Party members–and we all know who’s the most violent gang of extremists on the planet, don’t we? Yup, that would be the CCP, the most prolific mass murderers in all of human history. But Joe thinks they’re swell! And contacting Life After Hate won’t help because they think communism’s groovy, too.

“How can I get Joe back onto the path of sanity? Please advise!”

But I won’t hold my breath waiting for an answer.

‘Have They All Gone Mad?’ (2016)

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Look back on how bad it was in 2016. I wonder now if our country could have survived without Donald Trump interrupting the madness for four years.

But now the inmates are back in charge of the asylum.

Have They All Gone Mad?

Ooh-ooh! I wasn’t allowed to say that, was I? After all, Democrats have shut down most of the mental hospitals and kicked out the patients who needed to be there. “Asylum” is not a dirty word. I means a refuge, a place of safety.

Yeahbut-yeahbut! You can’t say mad! What we have here is simply an alternative route to sanity.

I wonder if we’ll make it to November 2022 with anything of our republic still intact.

Guatemala to Harris: ‘Go Home!’

Guatemala protesters tell Kamala Harris 'Trump won'

So “vice president” Kamala Harris got off the plane in Guatemala City the other day and found waiting for her… a Trump rally (https://nypost.com/2021/06/07/guatemala-protesters-tell-kamala-harris-trump-won/?utm_campaign=iphone_nyp&utm_source=pasteboard_app)!

Some of the signs displayed by protesters: “Trump Won!” “Kamala, Go Home!” “Guatemala is Pro-life!” (The Biden administration is avidly pro-abortion.) “Kamala, Mind Your Own Business”

And the president of Guatemala blamed Biden for the border crisis, accusing The Regime of “luring” Guatemalans north with all sorts of promises of free stuff–and an easy “path to citizenship.”

Meanwhile, 23 states have now sued The Regime for shutting off the Keystone Pipeline. You know whom to thank for those soaring gas prices.

There are still many people, worldwide, who aren’t buying what our Free & Independent Nooze Media are selling. In fact, never mind selling–they can’t give it away.


‘Entering the Danger Zone’ (2016)

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One of the weirdest and most unsettling things about our Free & Independent Nooze Media Inc. is the way it just wipes the pieces off the board and expects us to forget that they were ever there. Like, all of a sudden, spoil-sport Republicans invented this thing called Questioning the Election and aren’t they just awful–!

Back up to the 2016 election.

Entering the Danger Zone

From the moment it became clear that Crooked Hillary wasn’t going to be president, after all, every Far Left rotter in the country went full-throttle trying to get Donald Trump kicked out of office–before he was even inaugurated! And they kept it up every hour of every day for the whole four years of his term–longest-running tantrum in all of recorded history.

Well, sunshine, we don’t forget. And we don’t believe you anymore, so why don’t you just take a long walk off a short pier?