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Just a Little Question

A Monster In The Bed | Monster under the bed, Cute monsters ...

According to the Narrative put out by our free & independent nooze media, Joe Biden is our next president, Donald Trump is toast, we’re all just dying for a tax increase, and America is a racist hell-hole that needs to be completely torn down and paved over, etc.

How true is this? Maybe it’s just a boogie man under the bed.

Oh, they’ve got polls!

But is it true?

It’s hard for us to answer that question because just about all we hear about what’s going on out there is served up by the noozies, and all we’ve got to stack against it is what we see with our own eyes and hear with our own ears. That’s always dismissed as “anecdotal evidence.”

So let’s play it safe. Let’s fight the Democrats like our country’s life–and our own lives, too–depend on it. Leave no work undone. Leave no truth unspoken. Leave no prayer unprayed.

And if it turns out they’re nowhere near as strong as the in-the-bag nooze makes them out to be, we can celebrate a landslide victory.

Princeton: Racist Hell-Hole?

Four faculty members recognized for outstanding teaching

While their KKK robes were at the laundry

If you want idiocy, you’ll find it growing wild and free on any college campus. Princeton, for instance.

Two hundred Princeton faculty members have signed a petition demanding that university authorities confess/admit/acknowledge that “Racism thrives on campus” (https://diverseeducation.com/article/183161/).

What? The place is Racist even with you 200 jidrools running loose, in charge of educating da yout’? Doesn’t say much for your instruction, does it? I mean, really, with 200 of you yapping about “racial justice,” how come Princeton doesn’t have racial justice? Fell down on the job, did you?

One of the things Princeton can do to achieve Racial Justice, sez the petition, is “remove questions about misdemeanors and felony convictions from admissions applications,” because of course you should only be in jail for misgendering or climate change denial and locking you up for armed robbery or aggravated assault–well, that’s just Racist, and predatory policing.

Do they think they can’t fill their desired quota of Persons Of Color unless they bring in thugs and criminals, because there aren’t that many Persons Of Color who aren’t violent criminals? Dude! What about your own racism? I mean, your shockingly low expectations of Persons Of Color doesn’t suggest a terribly high opinion of them, does it?

Our colleges and universities grow more useless–and more toxic!–by the day.

Cut off the grants. Cut off the funds. We can’t afford them anymore. Cut off the money and let them die.

My Newswithviews Column, July 9 (‘The Enemy Is Here’)

See the source image

No, they don’t mean well. Not a bit.

What Hitler and Tojo couldn’t do to us with all their fleets and armies, the home-grown Far Left is doing with rioting and lies.

The Enemy Is Here

They mean to take down our country, they’re serious about it, and we’d better get serious about defending it. History shows me that it’s really not that hard to wreck a country. Building it up, that’s hard. Tearing it down, that’s easy.

Even college-educated idiots can do it.

The Courage of Old Age

Solon | Atlantis: The Lost Empire Wiki | Fandom

The Athenian lawgiver, Solon, lived to see his laws broken and his city fall into the hands of a tyrant named Pisistratus. Solon came out of retirement and took every opportunity to criticize Pisistratus, tear into his policies, and oppose him in every way he could.

Horrified, his friends asked him what gave him the courage to oppose the tyrant.

“My old age!” said Solon.

He was right, you know. And we who are today’s elderly ought to look to his example.

We’ve already lived most of our lives, so they can’t take that away from us.

We may not be physically up to marching in a demonstration, but we’re not too weak to say “Get lost!”

We may not be strong enough to fight it out on the streets; but we can absolutely refuse to say the things they want us to say, believe the things they try to force us to believe, and worship the idols they demand we worship. We have read the Bible. We remember Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.

If they can’t make us, in our old age and our weakness, bow down to them, how will they control our sons and daughters?

And we can pray, and God will hear us. He can shut this bad stuff down whenever He pleases: the date for that is already on His calendar.

We say with Winston Churchill, “Never, never, never, never give in.”

An Even Bigger ‘Mandate’ Coming?

Image: Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden removes his jacket before speaking to families who have benefited from the Affordable Care Act during an event at the Lancaster Recreation Center

Maybe he could rob a 7-11 on his way to the White House

Government never gets big or powerful or intrusive enough for Democrats.

Presidential candidate Joe Biden and Squeaker of the House Nancy Pelosi have both called for a “federal mandate” compelling all Americans to wear face masks in public (https://www.cnbc.com/2020/06/28/nancy-pelosi-calls-for-cdc-to-mandate-americans-wear-masks-amid-surge-in-coronavirus-cases.html).

The “mandate” would be imposed by the Center for Disease Control.

So much for government by our elected representatives, with public hearings, debate, voting, and all that old stuff. Last I looked, no one at the CDC had been voted into office by anyone.

Biden said that he, if he were president, would “require” all Americans to wear the masks. Did you know a president could do that? I certainly didn’t.

We are told by the fake nooze scribes at CNBC that face masks sure as shootin’ hamstring the old COVID-19 and anyway you ought to wear them to show that you… “care.” About something other than your personal liberties. CNBC is in the bag for this.

But of course you don’t need to wear a mask or practice “social distancing” if you’re doing something really “essential,” like rioting to “protest” imaginary systemic racism. The Death Virus will know your heart is in the right place and won’t bother you.

It’s what the lib crowd calls “Science,” these days.

How Much of This Do We Believe?

People Wearing Mask Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

I see the same employees at the supermarket every time I go, which is twice a week at least. They’re always there.

Now, we’ve been told the Wuhan Chicom Death Virus is a major pestilence that’s gonna wipe out hundreds of thousands of us, if not millions–yeah, let’s make it millions. And there are all these “spikes” in states that have made the mistake of letting people out of house arrest and allowing some of the economy to come back on line. We are never told just how sick these people in the “spike” are getting.

Anyway, if all this alarmist stuff were true… wouldn’t we all know people who’ve caught COVID-19 and died of it?

I’ve taken to asking my friends at the supermarket, “Do you know anyone who’s had COVID-19?” The answer is always no. Always.

I asked my wife, who reads the news intently, “Is it just me, or is there more and more skepticism about The Virus?”

Well, it’s not just me. There is now a lot of skepticism. I mean, if The Virus was everything “they” said it was, wouldn’t it be impossible to deny it? Would there be any room for skepticism? But people are now calling it “the Plan-demic” and depicting it as another insidious plot by globalists to take over the world and devour everybody’s freedom.

Is it not obvious that Democrats want this agony to go on for as long as possible–right up to Election Day, if they can swing it–so they can blame Trump and get weird demented corrupt Joe Biden elected president? How many times has this ploy worked–make a big fat mess and then blame it on the other guy?

One thing I know: Americans have shown an unexpected spinelessness, a whole new willingness to be controlled and cossetted. We are not the same sort of people who threw the tea into Boston harbor.

This is to our shame.

Because They Say So???

See the source image

On the radio this morning I heard a discussion along the lines of “Oh, well, we didn’t need those statues, did we?… And it looks like The Star-Spangled Banner has to be kicked to the curb, a lot of people don’t like it…”

What? We erase our history, we turn our culture inside-out, we submit to all kinds of arbitrary changes–because some left-wing losers say so?

No freakin’ way.

Have we no character? Have we no backbone? Are we the same nation that dumped the blanking tea into the harbor because we wouldn’t pay the tax?

When those schmendricks on the left demand that we do something, we should make a point of doing exactly the opposite, saying “No!” as loud and clearly as we can.

What happens when you find a snapping turtle and wag your finger in his face?

Your new nickname is “Stumpy.”

It’s time we got these creeps out of our face. One way or another.



The Democrat Con Game

Sleazy Guy High Resolution Stock Photography and Images - Alamy

I don’t do conspiracy theories, but I do consider theories that appear to fit the facts. Like this one.

Scan today’s headlines for a few minutes, then tell me if I’m wrong.

Democrat Party, personified as a con man, to the American voting public:

“See the chaos that you get with Donald Trump in the White House? Whole country’s falling apart! And it’ll keep falling apart if you re-elect him! But if you put my guys in charge, all that chaos… it’ll go away.”

That’s what he’s selling us. He doesn’t mention that the riots, the mobs pulling down the monuments, the incessant flow of insane demands, “defund the police,” and so on–are all happening in cites and on college campuses controlled, lock, stock, and barrel, by Democrats. Encouraged by Democrat mayors and governors.

Honk if you’ve seen this game before: create a crisis, or just take advantage of a crisis that’s already there, and then blame it on the other guy and promise to clean up the mess he’s made. Which is the mess you made, but you can trust the in-the-bag nooze media not to mention that.

This is supposed to fool us.

We had the Chicom Virus panic, the frustration of The Great Quarantine, and the hardship of shutting down the national economy: so a lot of people were already mad and getting madder. So when a racial incident happened in the Democrat-ruled city of Minneapolis, Far Left snatched it up and used it–blowing it up and up and up.

The chaos is very much a Democrat project. As columnist Kurt Schlichter says, just look out your window. And if you don’t live in a Democrat city, you probably won’t see the country falling apart.

The stumbling block is: Democrats can’t control this. All over the country, Far Left lunatics are taking their cue from what they’re seeing on the TV nooze each night. They want to get in on the act. Dems think they can stop it, once they take over the government. But can they? What if they find themselves caught between a rock and a hard place? Either put down the useful idiots who got you back in power–and then maybe they’ll turn on you–or just let them carry on as they please with all their craziness. Either way, you just might wind up presiding over the destruction of the country.

Get to the polls in November if you have to crawl there, and vote for Donald Trump. Some sleazy Republicans might get elected as well, but the time to deal with them is after the Democrats are out of business.

Biden: Christians are ‘Like Terrorists’

Joe Biden Stuns 'The View' With “Corona Cure Will Make Problem ...

Here’s a story that I missed last year. It wasn’t hard to miss it: the Big Nooze Media didn’t exactly shout it from the housetops, did they?

Joe Biden said he wants a national “registry”–sorta like a terrorist watch list–of all “religious organizations”–he means Christian churches, nobody else–who oppose any aspect of Organized Sodomy’s social/political agenda (https://thewashingtonsentinel.com/joe-biden-wants-christians-on-terror-list-for-opposing-radical-agenda/).

Christians in Biblically orthodox churches, he said–this was at an “LGBT town hall” hosted by CNN in 2019–are “like terrorist groups, they’re similar.”

This is the man the Democrats want to put in the White House.

He calls himself a Catholic. No fear of the Red Pope excommunicating him! It just goes to show you anyone can call himself a Catholic.

This is what he said in 2019. No one’s going to ask him about it in 2020. A terror watch list for churches is one of those things Democrats would enjoy springing on us by surprise.

If they win this election, we’re finished. Really, it’s not that hard to wreck a country. Any fool can do it. And Democrats are evil fools.

‘Selective Depravity’

How Did Moses Part the Red Sea? | The bible movie, Parting the red ...

We’re not there yet, but we seem to be getting there.

This new essay by Mark Rushdoony examines the insane turbulence of the era of history we’ve blundered into lately.


First they leave God’s laws behind; then they decide that they might as well be God, and dream up some new “laws,” new ways of deciding who’s good and who’s totally depraved and must be punished–by the state, of course.

All the rage in the streets, the confusion of justice with vengeance–it’s all part of “the death throes of humanism.” The beast is dying. It knows it’s dying, and it lashes out to hurt whoever it can.

Stand together, brethren.

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