Biden Plan: Vax 28 Million American Children

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If you think the flap over forcing kids to wear masks in school is a big deal, wait’ll this kicks in.

Joe Biden’s “presidential administration” has a plan to “vaccinate” 28 million children aged 5-11 (

Is this going to be another one of those like-it-or-not “mandates” handed down from The Big Guy in the White House? Will parents have any say in whether their kids get shot up with this experimental gene therapy?

Y’know, for two cents I’d post that old number by Napoleon XIV from 1966, They’re Coming to Take Me Away, and offer it up as music for our time.

Like I said, it seems they’re taking away big chunks of our freedom in hopes that they’ll only have to give little chunks of it back.

God grant we survive this full-scale assault on our republic. “Long may our land be bright with freedom’s holy light: protect us by thy might, Great God our King.”

Looks Bad, Smells Bad… Is Bad

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I hate conspiracy theories. Criminal masterminds hatch a secret plot and next thing you know, Joe Blow on the internet knows all about it! I’d really rather not hear it.

But all this COVID stuff–I’m sorry, but it’s looking less and less like a medical crisis and more and more like a dress rehearsal for a global government. All those mandates! A “mandate” is not a law, voted on by our elected representatives: it is a command handed down from on high. You will not find “mandate” in our Constitution.

This business looks bad and smells bad. It’s like they’re thinking, “If we can temporarily take away a lot of their freedom, maybe we can get away with giving only some of it back! And if we can keep the pandemic going long enough, maybe they’ll get used to being cattle-prodded by the government. Maybe they’ll even get to like it!”

I’m not privy to any conversations among the global government crowd. I don’t have any secret sources. I’m just telling you what it looks like to me.

History tells me freedom is fragile, there’s always, always, always someone out there who wants to take it away from us–usually so they can take everything else, too. The COVID panic was a gift-wrapped golden opportunity for the enemies of liberty.  They weren’t about to waste it.

Medicine does not insist on exactly the same treatment for each and every one of tens of thousands of patients. Medicine does not threaten people’s livelihoods if they don’t obey. Medicine does not make end-runs around the normal processes of self-government.

When I see the behavior of our COVID establishment, I don’t see medicine. I see politics.

Southwest Airlines Buckles, Won’t Fire Unvaccinated Employees

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Isn’t that the same as “unpaid leave”?

Dishonest Journalist Alert: Don’t you love those headlines that say “Supreme Court blocks” this or that challenge to The Mandate–and then you read the story and find out it was a hearing with just a single justice, not the 9-judge court. So if it’s one of the Far Left judges, you’re going to get a Far Left ruling. But the noozies–now a “protected class” on Facebook–are always trying to deceive the public. Anyone who ever told the truth on a CNN broadcast would probably spontaneously combust.

Meanwhile, Southwest Airlines has abandoned its plan to fire all employees who haven’t been “vaccinated” by Dec. 8.

(Why did you put “vaccinated” in quotes? Because it’s more dishonesty! Those COVID “vaccines” are not vaccines in the sense we’ve always understood the word. They are more a kind of gene therapy–and no one knows what the long-term results might be.)

Is everyone a liar anymore? “Not fired, Caesar! We have put them on unpaid leave.” Like there’s a difference?

United Airlines wanted to can everybody who didn’t consent to receive the gene therapy shot, but a federal judge put a stop to it.

And the airline pilots’ union (I didn’t know they had one!) has also come out against the so-called vaccine.

So… the Mandate Mob isn’t finding America a pushover like Australia: we’re not going to let them treat us like convicts. We probably were wrong to allow them to do “lockdowns” in the first place; but that’s because we erred in taking the government’s good intentions for granted. :Patrick Henry would have warned us against ever making that mistake.

Maybe–God willing and helping!–America can lead the world back to freedom.

But first we’ve got to replace our, uh… leaders.

‘UN Calls for “Unprecedented Societal Change”‘ (2018)

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Citizens of the world, one and all!

The corrupt dictators’ club that is the United Nations, a couple of years ago, highlighted The Supreme Struggle Against Climbit Chainge by suggested that part of it would have to take the form of Unprecedented Societal Change. They never explained exactly what they had in mind, so it was left up to satirists to speculate.

UN Calls For ‘Unprecedented Societal Change’

There are ideas as bad as world government–that whole transgender thing, for one–but there are certainly no ideas that are worse. The would-be masters of the world want global government so bad, they can taste it. Climbite Chainge couldn’t quite do it for them, but now they’ve got King COVID working for them.

O Lord of hosts, smite them…

Navy Officer, Wife, Arrested for Espionage

Diana Toebbe Wiki, Age, Career, Jonathan Toebbe Wife Bio -

Jonathan and Diana Toebbe–busted

There are always traitors, and always will be.

A US Navy nuclear engineer has been arrested by the FBI for selling military secrets to an FBI agent, thinking the agent was working for an unspecified “foreign power” (we’re guessing China); and his wife’s been busted, too (

Jonathan and Diana Toebbe have been charged with espionage.

Diana Toebbe’s social media pages, says the FBI, are chock-full of “Black Lives Matter” propaganda, over-the-top feminism, and anti-Trump rants. Typical. Note to aspiring master criminals: if you really want to succeed as a spy, it’s probably a bad idea to plaster your wackiness all over the Internet.

Betcha anything both these jidrools thought they were doing something wonderful for America–helping “the resistance,” probably.

How many liberals, with the opportunity to betray our country to its enemies, would do the same?

Hunter Biden’s Art Really Sells!

Opinion | Sneak Preview! Paintings from the Hunter Biden Art Show. - The  Washington Post

Eat your heart out, Van Gogh.

Incredibly gifted artist Hunter Biden, son of, um, “President” Joe Biden, recently sold five paintings at a Los Angeles art show for $75,000 each ( And if you think that wasn’t really all that much–well, those paintings were only reproductions! The originals are on sale for up to half a million smackers each.

No one at the show wore face masks, because King COVID knows better than to molest his most loyal fans. Hunter was there in person, although he always says he doesn’t know who buys his paintings. Honk if you believe him.

This is so hopelessly corrupt, it’s almost funny. The son of a sitting president, best known for being a degenerate crack-head who’s gotten rich by a long series of shady deals with shady people, can peddle off his daubs at five and six-figure prices–and the buyers will never ask The Big Guy for any favors in return. Don’t honk if you believe that. I do not want to think anyone believes that.

Arizona Ballot Audit Smells Worse and Worse

Arizona 2020 Election Review: Risks for Republicans and Democracy - The New  York Times

More results from the Arizona ballot audit of the 2020 presidential election (

*23,000 mail-in votes from persons no longer living at that address

*17,000 duplicate ballots received after the election

*2,300 ballots received from persons who’d moved out of Maricopa County

*2,000 received from persons who’d moved out of Arizona

*74,000 mail-in votes from persons to whom ballots had never been sent in the first place

*168,000 damaged ballots were counted.

What more do we need to hear?

The big question is, Will Arizona recall its electors? Our Free & Independent Democrat Nooze Media are working hard to prevent it.

Stay tuned.

Will It Hit the Fan Today in Arizona?

In just another hour and a half, Pacific Time, the Arizona Senate will open a hearing on a full forensic audit of the 2020 election in that state.

What will happen? Alleged leaks run the gamut of “Massive Fraud, Beyond a Reasonable Doubt!” to “Nope, nothin’ wrong here–pure as the driven snow.”

By far the easiest thing would be to whitewash the whole business and pretend it never happened. I will not be terribly surprised if that’s what they do. And then we can all sit on our hands for three more years and watch this doddering swigg in the White House do as much damage as he can, as fast as he can. Maybe the country will survive to the 2022 elections. But that’s only a maybe.

But what if they do find fraud, and prove it? Then what?

I think my wife came close to a bullseye when she said, “If they call fraud, you’re going to see more lawyering than you ever saw before.” Having stolen the country, Democrats are hardly likely to walk away from it. They’ll fight to keep it.

But a cascade of lawyering just might save the country! If Dems are kept busy running back and forth to court, and finding persons to blame for everything, they might not have time to do all the mischief they’ve planned.

And then there’s our Free & Independent Nooze Media. At the moment they’re downplaying Arizona. Count on them to do anything and everything that helps the Democrat Party. If the Dems go down the drain, the noozies might go with them. Maybe the threat of that can be used against them.

I have to wait till 4 p.m. Eastern Time for the hearing to begin. Again, I have no high hopes. I don’t dare have any.

But the Judge of all the earth will surely do right.

Editor’s Note: You may be wondering why I’ve decorated this post with that video of a very annoying squeaky toy. It is intended to preview the reaction of the nooze media if fraud is proved in Arizona. Just think of it as a CNN made of rubber.

Arizona Audit: Do or Die

Wendy Rogers - Ballotpedia

AZ State Sen. Wendy Rogers: “It’s done.”

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that the Arizona ballot audit, a full forensic audit of the 2020 election in that state, with emphasis on Maricopa County, is to be made public tomorrow ( I’m not going to bother to link to anything spat out by Our Free & Independent Nooze Media Inc. The Associated Press in particular is in full Peking Review mode.

Democrats did everything they could to stop this audit. They certainly never acted like persons who had nothing to hide. But at long last the audit report is ready for a public hearing.

Did Joe Biden really win Arizona, or was it only massive fraud that got him there? And if there was fraud, will the Arizona legislature decertify the election?

We don’t know. It will take enormous courage to stand before the nation and say “Yes, our election was crooked.” So much easier just to whitewash the whole thing and hope America can survive three more years of this incredibly destructive regime. I don’t think we can.

I admit I don’t have high hopes for this. I don’t know where that much courage can be found, unless the Lord Himself sees fit to provide it. I hope and pray I’m wrong.

By the way, it really doesn’t matter what any other state does. Corrupting one election in one state, if proved, is a high crime demanding impeachment. Democrats spent several years turning the impeachment process into a kids’ game. But the survival of our constitutional republic is no game.

Pray for these legislators to do the right thing.

I know, I know–rob a gas station, and you go to jail; but rob Fort Knox and you’re a genius, you’ll get away with it because the crime is too big and too serious to punish: much easier just to pretend it never happened.

May the Judge of all the earth defend our country.

‘100 Bucks If You Let Us Jab You!’

Everything You Need to Know About the New $100 Bill - E! Online

I heard a troubling thing on the car radio the other day:

“We’ll give you $100 if you come in and get your vaccination!”

You know–don’t you?–that ordinary flu is much more likely to kill you than COVID is. But do they try to make you take a flu shot? Do they threaten you with second-class citizenship if you don’t? Do highly-paid, albeit asinine, TV noozies come onto the air prattling about how “anti-vaxxers” shouldn’t be allowed to buy groceries, or earn a living?

And who would ever offer you $100 to get a flu shot?

This is all crazy behavior that I’ve never seen before, and I don’t like seeing it now. Have the tyrants found, in COVID, the magic rod that’ll make everybody in the world obey them?

I mean, whose $100 is it, or was it, that they propose to give away? By what authority do they do this? A little while ago they were offering donuts to any so-called adult who could prove he’d had a COVID shot. I guess some people will do anything for a free donut.

Why are we doing all these things that we’ve never done before? Why did we have to shut down the whole country for a disease whose survival rate is better than 99%? Why, all of a sudden, are “mandates” raining down on us like burning hailstones?

All this stuff demands an explanation. And so far we’re not getting one.