Face Masks Forever?

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When can we stop wearing the stupid face masks? When the Chinese Communist Doomsday Virus pandemic is over? And when would that be?

Oh, but Far Left Crazy has a great idea! Wear the face masks forever! For the rest of your life! ‘Cause even if COVID-19 goes away (which it won’t!), there’s always gonna be one or two other diseases out there that all-wise, all-powerful Government MUST prevent from making people sick!

It’s ideology, stupid. It goes like this. A. There is no God. B. That’s no problem, because the state can do everything God would do, or should do, if He really existed. Just think of Sammy Davis Jr. singing “The government can!” C. The more power Government gets, and the bigger it grows, the more it can do for us. D. If we keep on feeding it and growing it, the state will eventually be God (or good as) and nothing bad will ever be allowed to happen to anyone ever again.

But, see, for all that wonderful stuff to happen, the state has to control people’s behavior–at least until Science can find a way to control people’s thoughts as well.

This is Satanic ideology. A seduction brewed up in Hell. The devil’s rather proud of it: with it he’s ensnared whole nations.

Isn’t it time we tore the face masks off?

Nashville Bigwigs Cover Up Low COVID-19 Count

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Aw, let’s do some nooze. It’s all bad, of course. Which particular scrap of badness? Eeny, meeny, miny, moe…

Leaked emails between the mayor of Nashville, TN, and his city health department feature their discussions on how to cover up the low number of COVID-19 cases stemming from bars and restaurants (https://fox17.com/news/local/covid-19-emails-from-nashville-mayors-office-show-disturbing-revelation).

Assuring one another that the information was “not for public consumption,” they went on to discuss how to keep the public from finding out how little risk there seemed to be of catching the virus in a bar or restaurant.

You’d think that’d be good news, wouldn’t you? Aha! You’re not thinking like a politician.

See, if the public were ever to find out that you closed down all those businesses, some of them forever, and shoved all those thousands of people out of work on the basis of data that was totally ca-ca for starters, and discredited when the actual numbers became available… Well, folks might just get a little ticked off about that. Best to make sure they never know.

Memo to leaders: No, we do not trust you! What were we thinking when we elected you?

My Newswithviews Column, Sept. 17 (‘Scaring Ourselves Silly’)

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It gives me the cold grue, to see little kids plodding silently along in face masks, arms extended out in front of them–ugh! But if they don’t perform this ritual, King Virus gonna eat ’em up!

Scaring Ourselves Silly

Again I ask: are we going to do this every time some disease is on the loose? Because there are many diseases a lot deadlier than COVID-19, even if it is the Chinese Communist Doomsday Death Virus. Really, you’re only at serious risk if you’re confined to a nursing home and Andrew Cuomo is your governor. Sort of like having Dracula in charge.

I guess they figure that if they can scare us badly enough, we’ll let them impose a global government on us.

Erasing the Brits’ Adulthood

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“Sit still, stupid!”

Oh, boy! Looks like they’re headed for lifelong 24/7 supervision by government needleheads in dear old Britain. Say goodbye to adulthood, cousins!

Now a local government job center has ruled that the owner of a small salon can’t advertise for a part-time “happy, friendly stylist” because… wait for it… that would be “discriminatory” against UNHAPPY people!


No, I did not make this up.

What? Is happiness or unhappiness now an immutable characteristic, like skin color, which must be micro-managed by nimrods in the government? Once you’re unhappy, will you ever be allowed to be happy again? Well, gee, if you can change your flamin’ “gender” anytime you feel like it, you should be able to get some kind of drug or surgical procedure that’ll change your mood.

Is any human transaction too small for the government to interfere with?

Is the salon owner supposed to settle for a “hostile, terribly depressed” stylist? Someone who’ll say to a customer, “Siddown, you ugly cow! You think you’ve got troubles? Hah! My life sucks like you wouldn’t believe!” And then starts sobbing her eyes out.

Yeah. That’d be great for business.

And we consent to be ruled by these people?

We must be crazy, too.

CDC: 9,000 COVID-19 Deaths, Not 180,000

Coronavirus: Retail stores struggle to sustain, bring in customers

Does this look like a prosperous, busy city street to you?

First they told us 2.2 million of us were gonna die unless they shut the country down. Then we found out that prediction was based on a deeply-flawed, worthless computer model. But that didn’t make the Experts change their policies.

Now the Center for Disease Control is saying only 9,000 Americans died of COVID-19. The rest of the 180,000 deaths came to persons who already had a serious disease (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/08/shock-report-week-cdc-quietly-updated-covid-19-numbers-9210-americans-died-covid-19-alone-rest-serious-illnesses/). Covid finished some of them off. For the rest, it was simply one stress too many.

Is this why we had to quarantine healthy people? Is this why we had to let trillions of dollars go up in smoke? Is this why we had to allow Democrat mayors and governors to behave as Mussolini wannabes? This was a reason to destroy thousands of small businesses? This was why we shut down all the schools, too–but I’m not complaining about that. Public education needs to be shut down.

Is this what we’re going to do from now on, every time a disease comes along? There are many diseases more deadly than the Chinese Communist Doomsday Virus. Do we shut down for all of them? We can only enjoy our liberties when the environment is completely free of germs that cause disease?

For this we’ve trashed six months out of our year so far? Democrats were rooting for a recession; so they went out and made one.

This must never be allowed to happen again. Big Science has a lot to answer for.

‘Ezekiel Emanuel: We’re Living Too Long’ (2014)

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What? You wouldn’t trust the government to decide how long you ought to live?

Ezekiel Emanuel: We’re Living Too Long

Well, maybe they can slip something into your drinking water that’ll change your mind. And they can certainly “educate” your kids in public school to adopt a whole new value system devised by, oh, Chuck Schumer or someone like that.

Actually, it’s not that we really are living too long. With so many Democrats in the environment, it only feels like a very long time. Ten minutes of listening to them seems like an hour and ten minutes.

Rest assured that death panels would have only the best of intentions when exhorting you to kill yourself or let their, um, doctor do it.

Have They Finally Gone Too Far?

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They don’t want you to see it, hear it, or talk about it.

School officials in Rutherford County, Tennessee, are trying to forbid parents from monitoring their children’s education (https://tennesseestar.com/2020/08/15/rutherford-county-schools-tell-parents-not-to-monitor-their-childs-virtual-classrooms/). They demand that parents sign a form agreeing not to listen in on their kids’ online “virtual classroom” lessons–or else their children will be kicked out of the class.

Public education never runs out of ways to outrage the public. This is the best one yet.

What kind of miserable excuse for a parent would ever agree to such a thing?

Why aren’t they out there in numbers demanding that every clod who played a part in this be fired?

Parents! You pay for this! You pay these morons’ salaries! Why do you put up with this?

They say it’s to ensure the pupils’ “privacy.” What bunk. It’s so they can poison the kiddies’ minds without interference from the parents. They don’t want you knowing what your children are being “taught.”

If we had the sense God gave a fire hydrant, we’d put an end to public schooling now.


Prof Wants ‘Moral Enhancers’ in Your Drinking Water

What's in Your Drinking Water? | NRDC

Seek and ye shall find. Seeking something to write about for Newswithviews this week, I found this.

A professor of “ethics” at Western Michigan University has called for “moral enhancements” to increase Americans’ “ability to be empathetic or altruistic or cooperative” (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=15488). This is supposed to end the COVID-19 pandemic. And, he added, it can also be used to make people believe in Climate Change.

How quickly can we defund our looniversities? How much time do we have before they bury us in wickedness and stupidity?

We are not told what these “morality enhancements” would be–only that the government could and should add them to our water supply. What kind of “ethics” does this jidrool teach? I mean, he’s talking about some kind of pill to make everybody do whatever it is he wants us to do. He’s not shy about using the word “coercion.”

People pay him to teach this horse-schiff to their children.

God help us.

‘Scientists Say It’s OK to Lie for Climate Change’ (2016)

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Here we had a couple of credentialed scientists, in an official scientific publication, with a peer-reviewed paper that said it’s okay to lie about Climate Change if that’s how you get people to do what you want them to do.

Scientists Say It’s OK to Lie for Climate Change

What do you get when you mix science and politics?


Now, we’re supposed to believe them to the point of gutting our economy and giving up our liberties? Them we’re supposed to believe?

Is there anybody out there who’s not lying to us?

Your Tax Dollars–for Transgendering

The Devil's in the Details Archives | NC Policy Watch

I’m getting burned out, writing about this stuff, and I shouldn’t wonder if a lot of people are getting burned out, reading about it. I do it because I think it’s my duty. I’m a watchman, it’s my job to sound the trumpet. But my lips are getting awful tired.

So let’s see, let’s see, whatta we got today [shuffles papers]… ah. There’s a bill in the California Senate called–get this–the “Transgender Wellness & Equity Fund,” setting aside public moneys for bizarre procedures to turn children into a weird facsimile of some sex other than their own (https://www.christianpost.com/news/sterilizing-children-bill-heads-to-calif-senate-floor-amid-public-outcry-238425/?fbclid=IwAR04-vNzToSTQ9WBs5fdo3vBB6_5LMtX33RuXmL4Gokk8ZdXV0Uu6Xe4Afk). Gotta help people pay for those puberty-blocking drugs and “gender-affirming healthcare services”… Oh, God, I’m gonna be sick.

This is so intensely disturbed parents–even step-parents–can inflict a particularly outre form of child abuse on defenseless children. At least it doesn’t look to me like anyone’s defending them.

Do I even need to mention that this bill is a Democrat Party project?

There, I’ve done my bit, I’ve sounded the trumpet. Those of you who’ve been listening all along will hear it. Most won’t. Millions of people will continue to vote for Democrats and aid and abet them in their crimes.

Yeah, I know, I know! Startin’ to sound like a broken record. “Dude, if all those people don’t care, why should you?” I don’t know how to answer that.

O Lord, please remember that these things are done without our consent, against our will, and over our objections.