‘Can Britain’s Idols Save Her?’ (2017)

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What would it take for a government to admit its own policies were disastrously wrong?

We’re still waiting to find out.

Can Britain’s Idols Save Her?

But how about us, here in America? Have we put our trust in idols–the works of our own hands?

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How Crazy Do They Want to Make Us?

A Succinct Timeline of Roman Emperors—400 Years of Power Condensed |  Ancient Origins

So my wife sat down to take a You.Gov survey; and the first question on it was:

“Do you identify as [choose one] a) male  b) female  c) non-binary  d) other?”

She didn’t bother to take the survey. Why? Because that was a profoundly stupid question, that’s why! On a par with “Which Roman emperor do you identify as?”

If I say I “identify as” Marcus Aurelius, does that mean I am Marcus Aurelius–and most be addressed as such? If I say I “identify as” a freakin’ centaur, does that mean I am a centaur and that unless you pretend to believe it, and act accordingly, the government must punish you?

This schiff has to stop.

I refuse to believe that anyone is so deluded as to sincerely believe that a man who says he’s a woman really is a woman, and vice versa. This is crap. This is madness. Anyone who plays along with it has either been scared silly or is just plain silly.

Stop it now.

Teacher Defies the Far Left

We put up a post about this yesterday–a public school teacher publicly standing up against the insane and evil racialist indoctrination that’s going in in public schools all over the country.

Jonathan Koeppel is his name, and America needs more like him.

We do not need a bunch of slimy wackos “teaching” our children that America is a con game that “makes life easier for white people” and “oppresses” everybody else.

REMEMBER: Leftists/Democrats need for us to hate each other! And do everything in their power to foment and stoke that hate.

Don’t let them get away with it!

Parent Demands Schools Cut Links to BLM

Hammer Sickle Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

Well, gee whiz! I mean, just because they’re a bunch of communists and race hustlers who teach kids to hate themselves, each other, and their country, does that really mean the public schools shouldn’t be in bed with “Black Lives Matter”?

A parent in Palm Beach County, Florida, has hired a lawyer to demand that his local school district cut the links between BLM’s website and its own (https://www.bizpacreview.com/2021/05/25/parent-puts-palm-beach-co-school-board-on-legal-warning-to-remove-blm-from-district-website-1078863/).

Parents with kids in Palm Beach County schools are already up in arms over a school board “mission statement” to purge “white advantage.”

Gov. DeSantis has pledged an end to “critical race theory” in Florida’s public schools. “CRT” teaches that America is an evil racist no-good stinkin’ country and all white people are evil no-good stinkin’ racists. The governor thinks that’s an insult to the taxpayers.

Pushback has to begin somewhere, and lately it’s popped up in many places throughout the country.

It’s probably very unlikely that the Palm Beach County schools will stop abusing the taxpayers. After all, they already think BLM’s foaming-at-the-mouth racial hatred is a good thing; and no one forced them to adopt their “mission statement.” These are evil people purposely doing evil things. It’s a very, very bad idea to allow them any access to anyone’s children.

People, if you can’t take the racists out of the school board, take your children out of the schools.

The Crazy Thinking Behind Our Crazy Public Schools

Arne Duncan's new book How Schools Work: An Inside Account

It was nice of him to answer my question–but his ideas were truly out to lunch.

Back in 2010 I interviewed America’s Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan. He shared with me his vision of year-round school, 14 hours a day… and virtually a total ownership of the people by the government.


“Community centers that address the needs of children…” What kind of needs would those be?

A Washington Post columnist gushed over the benefits to her children of their year-round school: “My second-grade daughter… made potions in her Harry Potter class.” Did they work?

Too many Christians totally don’t appreciate just how crazy public “educators” are. I’m talking howling-at-the-moon crazy.

Homeschool, Christian school… while you still can!

America is “educating” herself to death.

Washington Schools: All ‘Race,’ All the Time

Ireland's first-ever dinosaurs discovered - BBC Science Focus Magazine

Dinosaurs achieved extinction without resorting to Critical Race Theory.

We are governed by some of the stupidest and most evil people on earth. Especially along our Pacific coast.

The governor of Washington has signed into “law” (LOL) a bill Mandating–everything is mandated, these days–training in “Critical Race Theory” for all public school teachers, grades K-12 (https://www.ntd.com/washington-governor-signs-bill-mandating-critical-race-training-in-public-schools_610411.html). It’s for “dismantling institutional racism,” say the same dirtballs who run those institutions and who therefore must be the biggest racists around, but somehow they get around that charge and it’s stapled across the backs of the rest of us. So the teachers are to be “trained” to see and teach everything in terms of “racial struggle.” All race, all the time. The supremely relevant aspect of any human being’s existence is the color of his skin. Everything else is secondary.

This “theory”–and it’s not any kind of theory, but only neo-Marxist crapola–teaches children to hate and fear each other, hate themselves, hate their country, hate their family, and hate their God. It teaches that all white persons are born guilty of “systemic racism” and everything’s their fault, blah-blah-blah. It would take a mighty effort indeed to come up with a program more self-destructive than this.

But of course the white liberals running the state of Washington don’t care what harm they do. To them it’s just more virtue signalling, and it makes them feel really good about themselves.

I do find it hard to believe that the people of Washington are base enough to deserve this.

The Regime: ‘Too Much Free Speech!’

Cone of Silence (Get Smart) - Wikipedia

The Regime’s new assistant secretary of education, Ima Thugg, has complained about the “free speech zones” found on many college campuses.

“It don’t matter how small they are!” said Ms. Thugg, who has half a doctorate in Gender Studies that she got when she was a woman, and another half she got as a “man.” “I don’t care if it ain’t no bigger than a postage stamp! Because guess what! The sound carries outside the free speech zone! It defeats the whole porpoise of the thing!”

Ah! But there is an answer to the problem. “I seen this on TV,” said Dr. Thugg, “it was in a education show called Get Smart. They had this thing called The Cone of Silence that came down on top of them when they wanted to talk in private and didn’t want no one to hear what they said.

“So if you was to go into the free speech zone and this here plastic cone came down on top of you so that nobody could hear you, then even if you said Hate Speech or something it wouldn’t matter because you’d be in the Cone of Silence and nobody would hear anything you said! And that takes care of any stupid First Amendment problems!”

The Dept. of Education will now seek approval from the Chinese Communist Party to spend $355 billion on cones of silence.

‘New Career Path! Get Paid for Not Committing Crimes’

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Another experiment on wacko societal engineering–I wonder how it turned out.

What happens when the criminals threaten–hmm, this is getting to sound a little crazy–to go back to work unless they’re paid more money?

New Career Path! Get Paid for Not Committing Crimes

Really,I don’t think they’ve thought this out. Any time going back to work constitutes a strike, we’re doin’ it backwards.

But if you inserted a progressive’s brain into a bird bath, it would spill all the water.


More Lib Mischief: Letting Children Vote

PRESCHOOL FAMILY 4120 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto - Palo Alto Adult School

I hope that book is not a voting guide for two-year-olds.

We’ve heard Squeaker of the House Nancy Pelosi call for the voting age to be lowered to 16; but Howard County, Maryland, has lowered it to… ten!

Yes, a 10-year-old can vote in Howard County–in the school board election (https://publicinterestlegal.org/blog/pilf-client-demands-end-to-howard-county-md-school-boards-election-scheme-that-lets-children-vote-for-school-board/). The kiddies can elect a “student member” who can vote on policy with the adults.

Of course a lawsuit has been filed over this. But meanwhile, if you want to be eligible to vote for the student member of the board, you’ve got to be at least in 6th grade, up to 11th, and attending a public school. If you attend a religious school, you don’t get a vote–although your family still has to pay the taxes that fund the public schools that they don’t use.

There are eight members on the board: two elected at large, five to represent residential districts, and the student member.

See if you can follow this. If you’re an ordinary adult resident, you are represented by three board members: the two elected at large, and the one from your own neighborhood. But if you are a 12-year-old living next door, you are represented by four members, the student member being added to the other three. Not quite fair, says the lawsuit; and not constitutional, either: violates the 14th Amendment.

Now, Democrats want incarcerated felons and illegal aliens voting. Of course they want the kiddies voting, too! Kids in public school are being indoctrinated by Far Left Crazy teacher unions every day–of course Democrats want them voting!

The plan is to turn ordinary Americans into a powerless minority in their own country.

And so far it’s working.

Cure for COVID? Sure–Hypocrisy!

Coronavirus: Dr. Fauci on why 'television baseball' could work - Los  Angeles Times

He must be lying, his lips are moving

That slippery character “Doctor” Fauci is having the time of his life, he’s the whole world’s pandemic big shot; and he was in rare form in a recent “paper” (https://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3943498/posts).

“Living in harmony with nature,” he sez, “will require changes in human behavior.” (“And us folks in the gubmint just can’t wait to lay them changes on you!”) And see, we gotta change because Climate Change. And “globalization in general.”

Fauci’s house has five bathrooms in it. Think he’ll give it up for the sake of harmony with nature?

And he goes on to natter about “rebuilding the infrastructure of human existence,” blah-blah. Wait a minute! Are those warmup pitches for the Green New Deal?

But of course if we do all these things, sez Fauci, we’ll probably wind up “ending global poverty”–just like the Chinese Communists ended it by forcing people to live in cities. More o’ that harmony with nature!

I have never seen a plot of nature’s ground that some Democrat couldn’t wait to pave over. Trusting these guys to pursue “harmony with nature” is like trusting a fox to enjoy harmony with chickens.

How in the world did we ever wind up with slugs like this for our rulers?