Wow! Free Money Made Them Happy!

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So you’re, like, poor…and someone comes along and gives you $10,000 which you won’t have to pay back. Does that make you… happy?

Well–yeah! You bet! According to a $2 million study by a research team at the University of British Columbia (

Of course nobody came back after the money was all spent and asked, “Now how happy are you?” Was the money spent wisely, to lasting good effect? Or was it frittered away on lottery tickets and beer parties? Anyway, the study says “transferring money from rich people to poor people can increase the level of happiness reported by the poor people who receive the money.”

You don’t say! Well blow me down!

Ooh-ooh! Is that a government policy I hear, trickling down from the mountaintop? What if we just kept on giving free money to the poor? Wouldn’t they be happy all the time? And God forbid that such a government should ever fail to be re-elected! That’d be hell to pay.

Two million bucks they pay to find out people like it when you give them free money.

Let’s build more universities!


‘Four Outrageous Fantasies’ (2011)

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I write fantasy novels. Everything that’s in them, I made up.

Then there are the fantasies that our politicians make up.

Four Outrageous Fantasies

Yes, their little minds are always cooking up more devilment. I guess the latest one is SloJo’s claim that everybody in America except the jidrools who follow him is a semifascist hater white supremacist threat to democracy.

What are your favorite fantasies disguised as rational discourse about government?

My Newswithviews Column, Oct. 20 (‘When Lawlessness Is Law’)

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It failed in Russia, so they’re trying to bring it here.

Freedom is on the verge of becoming an endangered species. Cops in Britain are making up new laws as they go along; and here at home, our medical establishment wants our “Justice” Dept. to prosecute parents for breaking laws that don’t exist.

When Lawlessness Is Law

These people would eat us if they could. They’re doing everything in their power to destroy free countries and replace them with an authoritarian global government. As we see, they don’t care for the niceties of law: they think they are the law.

Folks, it’s them or us. They will not let you keep your freedom.

Virginia Bill Would Criminalize… Parents!

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Bad enough I have to write about this garbage. I don’t have to illustrate it, too. Here’s a nice lizard instead.

What’s that? You won’t go along with your 6-year-old son’s sudden desire to, er, “be a girl instead”?

We-hell-hell! Are you in trouble! Or rather, you will  be if we can get this bill passed (

Those who use the public schools to groom children for sex are not giving up easily. Why should they? They’ve got the Democrat Party and the teachers’ unions solidly behind them.

So a Democrat legislator in Virginia has introduced a bill to criminalize and punish parents who oppose their child’s “choice” to undergo “gender reassignment therapy.” Either “affirm” your child’s so-called “choice”… or go to jail!

And meanwhile, some “journalist” in Virginia has taken it upon himself to melt down the phone system at Child Protective Services because some woman he was talking to forgot she was supposed to hate our country.

Where do we get these wretched people? It’s like something nasty crawls out from under a rotten log and gets to govern us. And “educate” our children. (Sorry for all the quotation marks! But I find them necessary when quoting idiots and examining what they like to call their “ideas.”) How do they wind up running the show?

Think about this hypothetically. Your 12-year-old daughter wants to be a pole dancer at a “men’s club” because she learned in school that this was a really cool thing to do, and her, uh, “teacher” told her she could make a lot of money. You, the parents, say “No, Trixie, you can’t be a pole dancer at the men’s club…” Well, under the proposed new law, your decision would be…ta-dah! Child abuse!

This is your Democrat Party at work. Why it still exists is a mystery to me.

Our Medical Establishment Dives Off the Cliff

Do Lemmings Really Commit Mass Suicide? | Britannica

[Thanks to “Ohio Chess Fan” for the nooze tip]

I have found it hard to bring myself to write about this; it’s very distressing news. But we have to know what we’re up against.

The American Medical Assn., the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the Children’s Hospital Foundation have asked the, ahem, “Justice” Dept. to prosecute critics who question radical gender (oh God) “medicine,” etc. ( Right up the Biden DOJ’s street, that is. They have called for “swift action” to be taken.

It’s gotten so that whoever owns the keys to the jailhouse also owns the, uh, “science.”

This is just horrendous. Our medical establishment has turned into a horde of lemmings stampeding off a cliff to drown in the ocean. Or some raving lunatic driving his electric car off the cliff.

Is it really necessary to assert that this “medicine,” this gender voodoo, if practiced assiduously, would result in human extinction? Gender “medicine” makes you sterile! And that’s just the least of your worries, bunky.

Is this whole “gender” madness God’s judgment against wicked fools who have made war on His creation?

Please, Lord, remember! These things are done without our consent, against our will, and over our objections.


Soft Genocide

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Evidence is mounting that The Jab can make you sterile.

World Economic Forum honchos refer to regular people as “useless eaters.” Too many of us, they say.

“Gender reassignment” will assuredly make you sterile. Lopping off healthy body parts and shooting the victim full of drugs and hormones will do that.

World leaders, teachers’ unions, Hollywood, nooze media–they’re all passionately advocating policies and programs which, if thoroughly pursued, would depopulate the earth. Which some of them admit that’s what they want to do. How few years it took for “transgender” to take off like a rocket! It’s even more effective than “Stop Having Babies Or You’ll Destroy The Planet!”

This is the poison they feed us; and how many millions have already swallowed it?

The Bible sums it all up in just a few words, by the personified Wisdom of God: “All they that hate me love death” (Proverbs 8:36).

We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against spiritual wickedness in high places (Ephesians 6:12).

Higher even than the White House. Or should that be “lower”?


They’re All Insane

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Pardon the picture of a painted turtle basking on a log. If you want pictures that are grotesque and bizarre, you’ll find them in the link to the New York Post article. I will not display them.

Virgin Atlantic Airlines is going for “non-gendered uniforms” for all staff, complete with pronoun badges ( The badges are supposedly optional, if you can believe that. I don’t. Passengers can also request them.

God help us–this is what we’re going to hand down to our posterity? Always assuming that we have posterity. This shame, this disgrace, this flaming idiocy? When do we get to wake from this nightmare?

I can’t even imagine an explanation for this mania. And I’m a fantasy writer.

Democrats Strike Again! Votes for Non-Citizens

How do Democrats get away with stunts like this? Do we just not care?

All the Dems–repeat, all of them–on the House Judiciary Committee have voted unanimously to give voting rights to non-citizens (

The Constitution is vague on who can or can’t vote, our founders having left the matter for the states to decide. Several states’ constitutions reserve the vote to citizens only. Earlier this year, for instance, the New York Supreme Court struck down the New York City Council’s attempt to extend the vote to non-citizens.

Crikey! Do you even need to live in this country anymore, to vote in our national elections? Is that why we don’t have an enforced border anymore?

Whether this folly will actually make it to the floor of the House for a vote, who knows? And then it’ll have to pass the Senate. Will they try to slide it into law just before the midterm elections? What’s going to be left of our country by 2024?

If the Dems have their way–nothing. Just a name on a map.

‘You Can’t Defy Reality Forever’ (2019)

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Scott’s polar party: they all died.

Certain episodes of history teach moral lessons. We are fools if we ignore them.

Like this one, for instance:

You Can’t Defy Reality Forever

In 1912, racing to be first to the South Pole, Capt. R.F. Scott did everything wrong: any one of his wrong decisions could have turned out to be fatal. With so many wrong decisions, his party had no chance of coming back alive.

It was as if Scott were trying to wish his way to the pole.

Our world leaders–and their followers!–are guilty of the same. “No more gender! No more inequality! No more hate!” Blah-blah-blah! As if they can shape the world!

No, sunshine, you can’t. You’re not big enough. You’re not wise enough. All you know how to do is screw it up.

Because heck, after all, wow! Anything is better than submitting to God! And obeying His laws.

Or so they think.


My (Yes, My!) Newswithviews Column, Sept. 8 (‘Symbols of Idiocy’)

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A slip-up in the production room credited this week’s Newswithviews column to someone else. This blogging day is not off to a good start.

Symbols of Idiocy

The more I think of it, the more I’m convinced we ought to have a postage stamp–or even a 50-cent piece–commemorating the coal miners pushing the out-of-juice electric car. What symbol could speak more tellingly of The SloJo Biden Era?

They want to take our cars away, anyhow. The ability to go somewhere really ought to be reserved to Our Beloved Leaders, don’t you think?