FDA Official Calls for Forced Vaccines

How do people like this wind up in our government?


Project Veritas interviewed FDA economist Taylor Lee–who favors forced vaccinations (no consent asked or given!), a government registry of unvaccinated persons… and overcoming African-Americans’ “mistrust” by shooting them with a blowdart.

I’m willing to believe that this is not a serious person, just a doofus showing off his imagined wit to an interviewer; but that’s the most charitable interpretation. Besides which, we seem to have more than a few out-and-out fascists in our government.

We pay their salaries. They despise us.

Who do these people think they are? And how do we get rid of them?


Will the Government Confiscate Your Retirement Account?

Is the Federal Government Eyeing Your 401K?

People are getting paranoid about the government; and these days, it’s hard to blame them.

From time to time I hear someone say he’s afraid the government has a plan to “confiscate” everybody’s 401K or IRA. Or at least start taxing it to death. Hey, those multi-trillion-dollar “infrastructure” follies have to be paid for somehow. Can’t just keep on printing funny money.

But before anything like confiscation or new punishing taxes can happen, our current laws would have to be changed. And who knows what the Supreme Court would have to say about it?

Some financial experts call this “baseless speculation” about a draconian scheme that has never actually been proposed (https://www.irahelp.com/slottreport/government-not-planning-confiscate-your-ira). But we are getting used to government way overstepping its bounds–like, just three years ago, who ever heard of lockdowns? So there are people who are just one step removed from pulling all their money out of the bank and hiding it under the mattress.

Laws do get changed. “Mandates” are a dime a dozen now. Executive orders routinely sidestep laws. So yeah, people are afraid. Government’s erratic–one might even say “weird”–responses to the COVID scare have led to an erosion of trust. In fact, a lot of things have led to an erosion of trust in government. You can name as many as I can.

The only way we can even hope to be safe is to vote Democrats out of power and keep an exceedingly sharp eye upon Republicans.

Because in the long run this is a political issue, and the way it pans out will be directed by political maneuverings. And those depend entirely on how much power the people are willing to allow the government.

Lawsuit Filed Against California Schools Teaching Worship of Aztec Gods

There is no such thing as 'Human Sacrifice'”

This is what they’re “teaching” kids in California schools.

I wish this were a satire, but it isn’t.

Earlier this year, the state school board of California (where else?) unanimously adopted an “ethnic studies curriculum” teaching the worship of Aztec gods–a pagan religion infamous for its massive human sacrifices: and the Thomas More Society this month has filed a lawsuit to stop it (https://www.catholicworldreport.com/2021/09/07/california-ethnic-studies-pushes-in-school-pagan-prayers-to-aztec-gods/).

The curriculum, says the lawsuit, displays “an animus toward Christianity,” which is putting it mildly. “Crazed vitriolic hatred” would be more accurate.

This bilge is to be taught to 6 million children in over 10,000 public schools.

The suit argues that this “curriculum” is a blatantly unconstitutional establishment of religion. And oh–they’re also going to teach the kiddies to pray and chant to the “divine force” of the Yoruba religion.

The school board has offered no comment on the lawsuit.

I can’t get into all the insane details of this lunatic policy. We are surely “educating” ourselves to death, and it has to stop. Meanwhile, what are parents thinking, allowing this garbage to be pumped into children’s heads? Why haven’t they pulled their children out of these schools?

We really must be crazy.

Australia: More COVID Madness, More Tyranny

South Australia Police on Twitter: "Today, South Australia Police welcomes  26 new Probationary Constables, as Course 42 graduates from the Police  Academy at Taperoo. View the full story here: https://t.co/jz75qVEb5F…  https://t.co/NsjQdWH1wx"

See? Who says you can’t have a nice police state?

Oh, boy. Nooze.

Australia continues its nose-dive into tyranny. The state of South Australia has a new plan to keep tabs on citizens through their cell phones. Citizens–maybe we should call them “subjects”–will be forced to “download an app that combines facial recognition and geolocation” so that the government can make “random checks” to make sure people are where they’re supposed to be (https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/you-have-15-minutes-to-take-a-picture-of-your-face-and-text-the-government/).

If you’re notified that your whereabouts are being checked, you’ll have 15 minutes “to take a picture of your face and text the government.” If you don’t make the deadline, police will be sent out to track you down.


And they’re bragging about it! Says the state’s premier, “I think every South Australian should feel pretty proud that we are the national pilot for the home-based quarantine app.”

Yeah, they must be popping their buttons over this. Is it an exaggeration to say that people living in the Soviet Union had more freedom than South Australians do now?

What if you don’t have a cell phone, and don’t want one? Too bad. This is now the collar that they place around your neck.

But don’t worry–you can all have your freedom back as soon as the government can guarantee a germ-free environment.

AMA Wants to Do Away with “Sex”

Crazy doctor stock image. Image of confident, crazy, doctor - 12924009

One of the things that makes me so flaming tired is having to write about other people’s delusions.

The American Medical Assn. is calling for “sex” to be removed from birth certificates and other official documents. Why? I mean, they’re doctors, aren’t they? So they know perfectly well that every human being, with only rare exceptions, is either male or female; but they don’t want to know that. Because… “it can lead to discrimination” (https://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/news/20210616/remove-sex-from-public-birth-certificates-ama-says). Unspecified kinds of discrimination, of course. Noting a person’s sex is also “actively deleterious to their health.” How? Shut up, you hater.

This is the AMA. It’s not supposed to be some bulls**t group that sways this way and that with every change of the political winds. But that’s what you get when you mix “science” with politics. You get politics.

So now it’s a career risk to say a man is a man and a woman is a woman. They know they’re spouting nonsense, they know they’re telling lies, but keep on doing it. They know they’re poisoning our culture in ways that haven’t even been guessed at yet. They know and they don’t care. Go along to get along. And who’s so bold as to disobey the LGBTQ machine?

Integrity… It’s a thing that people used to have.

Australia to Seize and Vaccinate 24,000 Children

A long line of people on the street. All are wearing winter clothes and face masks.

Everybody into the stadium! And don’t expect popcorn.

I don’t want to report this, but I think I have to.

The Australian government has announced a plan to seize 24,000 children and “vaccinate” them with an experimental COVID medicine. This is to be done at a stadium in Melbourne, where a “quarantine camp” has been set up. Incredibly, parents will not be permitted to attend and will be subject to an “on-the-spot” $5,000 fine for non-compliance (https://nationalfile.com/australian-government-to-seize-24000-children-vaccinate-them-without-parents-present-in-massive-stadium/).

In 2018 Australia enacted harsh compulsory vaccination laws–so, as shocking as it is, this is nothing new.

There is a report, which I have not been able to confirm, that three children “collapsed” immediately upon receiving the shot.

Freedom’s just another word for something they don’t seem to have in Australia anymore.

Has this world gone completely barking mad? Is this how we want to live from now on–herded like livestock by the government every time a germ pops up?

We don’t know what effect the experimental vaccines will have on people years ahead of now. It’s all new, there hasn’t been time to find out. “Oops! Ten years later, you’re sterile. Who knew?”

Do we expect a Biden regime to defend our civil liberties?


COVID Panic Locks Down New Zealand

Person Trapped Bubble Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from Dreamstime

“Please keep to your bubble!”

One man–repeat, one–has tested positive for COVID-19 in New Zealand.

So the whole country is going back into lockdown (https://dailycaller.com/2021/08/17/dont-talk-neighbors-new-zealand-reimposes-lockdowns-covid19-case-jacinda-ardern/).

And the prime minister says, “Don’t talk to your neighbors. Please keep to your bubble.”

Is this what “living” is to consist of in New Zealand?

Since 2020, 26 people in New Zealand have died of COVID–and only one person since February of 2021.

How many people in New Zealand die of cancer, in a given year? In traffic accidents? Of heart disease? Are the amenities of human life to be cut off every time a germ pops up?

This is COVID panic on a monumental scale.

Are we going to let this happen here?

Holy Smoke! CDC Mulls COVID ‘Camps’

Secrets of the GermanPrisoner of War Camps by Roy Kilminster

(I don’t want to believe this! I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything quite so crazy in my life. I just want some rest, I’ve got the eye doctor tomorrow and I don’t know how I’m going to keep my work going. But this–!   LD)

A Center for Disease Control document, last updated July 25, 2020, reveals CDC plans to quarantine Americans in their bedrooms, move others to “camps and camp-like settings”–complete with communal latrines and bathing facilities–and force people to “swap houses” until the virus crisis is over: for “at least six months” (https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/global-covid-19/shielding-approach-humanitarian.html).

And if you are ever allowed to go back home… in what condition will you find it?

I cannot imagine the Senate allowing anything like this, and God help us if they do. I doubt–I pray–that nothing like this will ever be attempted–in the words of the CDC, this would be “an ambitious approach which may prove effective…”

May? Like, it just might work?

If you think we’re ever getting our freedom back after a statist catastrophe like this, think again! “Oh, well, yeah, we know we said six months; but the germ is still around and we guess we’ll need maybe six more months. Or twelve. Honest, we have your best interests at heart.”

May the Judge of all the earth intervene to save us.

From our government! Because now we know what they have in mind for us.

Now You See It, Now You Don’t–Again

Virginia school accused of indoctrinating kids with 'Woke Kindergarten' video

Does your local school district need a “Woke Kindergarten” video that features a child saying, “I feel save when there are no police”? (https://www.themix.net/2021/08/virginia-elementary-schools-woke-kindergarten-video-infers-children-should-fear-cops/)

“Educators” keep letting these things slip into the open. Then when the public gets upset, they delete them from their websites.

An elementary school in Fairfax County, Virginia, got into hot water recently for posting “Woke Kindergarten” in its website–along with Hypocritical Race Theory “teaching,” Black Lives Matter propaganda, and “news articles critical of white parents.”

Oh, well! “School officials” said the posting was “by mistake”–ya think?–and was deleted as soon as they realized it was there.

If you want your kids schooled by these racist crackpots, there’s something very wrong with you.

Public education has far outlived its usefulness and needs to be abolished.

School Board Members Rip Parents Who Elected Them

School Board Mocks Parents Who Support Reopening: 'They Want Their Babysitters Back' – Reason.com

They despise you coast to coast–and say so, when they think the mike’s not on.

Some of us have, for twenty years or even longer, been warning you that the public school establishment is not your friend.

Case in point: Ludlow, Massachusetts.

When parents finally found out that “a cross-dressing school librarian” was stocking the middle school library with lurid pornographic books, they objected; and the Board of Education responded by attacking them as “homophobic wackos” with “sick ravings” (https://www.massresistance.org/docs/gen4/21b/Ludlow-MA-middle-school/Supt-and-Board-attack-parents/index.html).

God help us. We pay for these schools–buildings, textbooks, salaries and pensions–everything! But that’s all we get to do. Pay. We elect these wicked morons to the school board and they turn on us. They hate us and despise our core beliefs. They want to turn our children into strangers.

Now they attack us on the social media. Now they attack our very homes, claiming that the public schools are “the only safe space” for our children. We should just shut up.

The time has come to abolish public education. Break up the teachers’ unions. Sell school property and apply it to local property tax cuts.

Once upon a time, if you paid for something, you owned it. We pay for those public schools, but it’s more like they own us! Or at least they own our children.

It has to stop. Public education has outlived whatever contributions to the general welfare that it might have made. We don’t need it anymore. It hurts our country, and it’s time it went away.