‘UK Doctors Ordered to Rat Out Patients Who Gain Weight’ (2014)

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Mommy! Johnny gained two pounds!

This is another one of those stories that rises to the surface, makes a loud pop, and then disappears. But regardless of how this eventually turned out… when was it ever any of the government’s business what you eat and how much?

UK Doctors Ordered to Rat Out Patients Who Gain Weight

For cryin’ out loud! You subject a nation to socialism, and then you’re astounded when the people act like children? If you’re going to turn them into perpetual infants, that’s a lot of diapers to change.

Do you ever get the impression that for some people, there are no imaginable limits to government?

Our Criptical Drag Kween Shortidge!!!

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“Take” a goood loook at this hear em-tee Class Roomb!!! This is waht hapens wen yiu has Got “a” Drag Kween Stoary Hoar and no Drag Kween showes Up!!!!

And Wye, yiu deemanned, wasnt There “no” Drag Kween???

Becawse thare “issnt enuough” Drag Kweens to go araound!!!! Becawse thay’se all gawn To alimentary skools and loacle Liebaries!!!!! And “thare” aint enuough Lefft to has Drag Kween Stoary Hoar heer “at” Collidge!!!!!!

Our hole contry it has got “a” Drag Kween shoartidge!!! And I doant Cair “waht” yiu Say,, us stoodints heer At Collidge we “dezerv” our Drag Kween Storie Hower tooo!!!!! Iff we didd, that thare Class Roomb it wood “be” full!!

Wye dint “the” Guvvermint provyde Moar Drag Kweens?? (Sumb Boddy sed thay shiped a lott “Of” themb to Youkrane butt i doughnt beleave It!) Haow cood This “shortidge” Ockur??? O shur,, the dee-mand it “is” Very Hi!@! Butt iff we caint fyned enuough Drag Kweens to mete “The” dee-mand,, waht dose That “say” abuout Amairicka?? Eh???

We nead The Guvvermint “to” sine Up moar Drag Kweens!!! Prinnt sumb moar Munny and pay themb to go to awl The collidges!!!!!!

‘Unembraceable You’ (My Newswithviews Column, Nov. 30)

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Yet another grievance group joins the throng of protected classes.

“Celebrate” is turning into a bad word. As in “celebrate LGBTQ,” “celebrate Diversity,” “celebrate Internet censorship,” etc. If it’s bad, we’re supposed to celebrate it. Don’t want to be accused of Hate Speech.

Unembraceable You

Whatever they say we should do, we shouldn’t do. No, being monstrously fat is nothing to be celebrated. Ditto male athletes calling themselves women so they can compete against real woman and win prizes.

It would be greatly to our credit if we stopped embracing every wacky and perverted notion that came oozing down the pike.

They Beheaded Their Teacher

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Where do you even begin, with some of this stuff?

Six French teenagers will go on trial this week for helping an older kid–who, they say, had become “radicalized” (ya think?)–ambush and murder one of their teachers (https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/six-teens-trial-paris-beheading-french-teacher-rcna126923). Then he cut off the teacher’s head. Then the cops shot him. And they rounded up these other kids who helped him carry out the murder: they’re being charged with criminal conspiracy.

Well, heck, the teacher taught a lesson about the infamous “Mohammed cartoons” that sparked some killings back in 2015. Those incidents should have been a tell: “Your immigration policies aren’t working, France.”

Anything like that ever happen when you were in school (I am so tempted to spell it “skool” from now on)? How many of your teachers got beheaded by a student? Heck, we didn’t even have any stabbings in my high school. But of course that was such a long time ago.

Well, it’s taken six years to bring this case to trial, and the young teens are now old teens or young adults; and the original killer was an import. Muslim, of course.

History teaches us that the only way you can have a country full of groups of people who violently hate each other… is if the central government is so powerful and so ruthless that the groups of subjects just can’t get any traction. Like the Roman Empire, for instance: mess with us and we’ll wipe you out without a second thought. And even then the Roman legions were kept busy putting down rebellions all over the fringes of the empire.

Yo, Europe–you shouldn’t’ve colonized all those Third World Countries. Now they are colonizing you! And people are getting killed because of it.

What are you going to do now?

Living in Stupidworld: New Episode

Councilman Shaun Abreu

Another goofy thing for us to “celebrate”!

Calloo, callay, O frabjous day! New York City has made it against the law, a criminal offense, to “discriminate” against anyone on the basis of height or… weight (https://nypost.com/2023/11/26/metro/nyc-law-banning-discrimination-based-on-height-weight-goes-takes-effect/).

So fat is in! Obesity joins the throng of protected classes. “Vegan” Mayor Eric Adams took time out from beating his head against the wall of the city’s illegal alien crisis to sign this booshwa into effect. He doesn’t think there’s any connection between your weight and your general state of health. Then he imposes “plant-based” dreary prison meals on New York City schoolchildren and brags about losing 35 pounds. The guy is all over the place.

Now they’re hinting that if you go to, say, a community college and you’re too fat to fit behind any of the desks… whee-ha! You can sue the school! And the school can rush out and buy a couple hundred XXXL desks, just to accommodate you. Who knows? The next person through the door might be too tall for the desks they have. Better buy a few hundred more.

Why is it like we’re governed by escaped mental patients? Oops! Betcha I broke a “law” there, saying that. Let me rephrase it: “governed by babbling kooks.”

Can we afford their vision of Utopia? Where no one, ever–except for Christians, white men who like women, conservatives, and people who eat meat–will feel the desperate wretchedness of not getting what they want. We’re gonna need more lawyers to handle all the lawsuits. “Just because I’m four-foot-nine, they won’t let me play pro basketball!” “I can’t fit into this car! Recall 30 million of ’em and redesign ’em Plus-Size!”

According to the Center for Disease Control–an agency of the federal government, but we’re going to listen to it anyway–42 percent of Americans are “obese.” (We are not sure how they define the term.)

But it can’t have any effect on your health. Just ask the mayor.



Govt. Idiots: 8-Week-Old Baby a ‘Suspected Domestic Terrorist’

Read it for yourself. INFT means “Infant.” SSSS means “Suspected Domestic Terrorist.”

We really do have to start asking some very serious questions about the caliber and quality of some of the jidrools who claim authority to govern us.

You’re not going to believe this, but it’s true: the Transportation Safety Authority has listed an 8-week-old baby as a “suspected domestic terrorist” (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/11/8-week-old-infant-son-january-6th-defendant/).

Is this how they defend our country? How many 8-week-old infants masterminded 9/11? (“Yeahbut, yeahbut! The baby’s father is a Jan. 6 Insurrectionist! A threat to our democracy!”) Do they think the baby is plotting revenge?

It used to be possible to believe the government was mostly sane and decent people who occasionally made an honest mistake, resulting in bad policy.

I don’t believe that anymore. Government is infested with wicked fools who want to control our lives. Because they think they’re entitled to.

“‘Diversity” Kills’ (2017)

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Speak for yourself, fatso

How many innocent people have our–ahem!–leaders killed off with insane public policies?

In 2017 eight Americans died. Cause of death: government policy.

‘Diversity’ Kills

See, the thing is, I think they really don’t care about the consequences of their action. They certainly don’t care about the rest of us. They want more “diversity”! So they’ll manufacture it. And then we can live–or die!–with the results.

The “Diversity Visa Lottery”–a killer won, and eight of us lost.

What’s With the New Army Recruitment Ad?

Army recruitment is down 25%. Don’t be surprised: the U.S. Army for the past three years has been dragged head-first through the Woke/Climate Change swamp. Remember the “two moms” ad? That’s the kind of garbage they’ve been playing with.

So suddenly we have an ad showing paratroopers in action–and they’re all white men. Conservatives think this sudden course correction means the Pentagon has war jitters: suddenly an all-Woke DEI military doesn’t seem like such a hot idea. And leftids are screaming bloody murder about the ad’s lack of Diversity. Where are the gay wimmin intersectional non-binary drag queen paratroopers?

Let’s backtrack some nine years and watch a video of a religious service for U.S. Marines in their mess hall. Not an ad. Something real.

See that? They’re all here–whites, blacks, Hispanics. All together.

But that’s not some half-baked manufactured “diversity.”

That’s unity.

And our “leaders” have come dangerously close to frittering it away.


‘Hippos and Trannies’ (My Newswithviews Column, Nov. 9)

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Coming soon! To a wetland near you!

They say they’re fighting for women’s rights, but it sure doesn’t look that way. I think the “transgender” movement is all about erasing women.

And men, too.

So we wind up with ridiculosities like this: “judo matches” featuring men calling themselves women, vs. real women.

Hippos and Trannies

Yeah, it was foolishly done to bring hippos to Venezuela and letting them breed in the wild. But at least hippos are a real species, albeit an invasive one. “Trans women” are equally invasive but not real at all.

Had enough yet, America?

Suicidal Idiocy as Policy

Latest news on Gaza and Israel-Hamas conflict

Hamas started it.

There’s this new way of making war, see. Instead of having your armies march up to the enemy, flags flying, etc., etc., you don’t do any of that stuff: no. You just have “migrants” wander into the stupid target country that allows it; and when you’ve got enough of them in strategic places, you give the hi sign and all hell breaks loose. The victim country can’t turn back your invading forces because they’re already across the border.

Keep this in mind, because Democrats, inspired by the murderous chaos in Israel, launched from Gaza, want America to take in thousands of “Gaza refugees” (https://nypost.com/2023/10/14/progressives-call-for-us-to-take-refugees-from-gaza/). How’s that for an idea!

Senators Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton, Marco Rubio, and Tim Scott have already blocked this dunderheaded scheme in the Senate. They’re all Republicans. I promise to go out and do a hand stand if even a single Democrat says, or whispers, “Uh, maybe we shouldn’t?”

Oh! But let’s trot out the tear-jerking photos of innocent children trapped in Gaza’s hell-hole! And of course, of course, we promise not to let any bad guys from Hamas find sanctuary here in America. If you’re with Hamas, you definitely or almost definitely do not get a free cell phone!

Maybe if we let enough “Gaza refugees” into our country, we can turn around one day and see it’s now our turn to be butchered in our beds by terrorists.

You really have to wonder, don’t you?