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‘The Fantasy (Or Should I Say Hallucination) of Universal College’ (2012)

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Do you believe it? Six years go by, we change presidents… and libs are still squawking for “free college” for everyone, courtesy of the defenseless taxpayer. It sounded then exactly as it sounds now.


Somehow burdening ourselves with several million more angry, ignorant, unemployable, bunco victims with useless degrees in Gender Studies, Beyonce Studies, and Oakum Picking is supposed to give our country “the world’s smartest work force” (translation: See that guy sweeping the floor? He has a master’s degree in Superhero Studies!) and make us “more competitive” with the other countries. What would we be competing for? A national bankruptcy award?

City Asserts Man’s ‘Right’ to Spend Night in Women’s Shelter

Interior of Homeless Shelter : Stock Photo

If your town or city has anything like an “equal rights commission,” your town or city has too much money and needs its budget cut so that it can’t get into any more mischief like this.

The Anchorage Equal Rights Commission is trying to punish a women’s shelter for not allowing a drunken man, who insisted he is a woman, to sleep overnight in the shelter with the other women, many of whom are there to escape abuse and sexual assault: but at least they’ve dropped their charges against the shelter’s lawyer, who had the temerity to defend his client (http://mustreadalaska.com/anchorage-equal-rights-commission-drops-charges-against-lawyer/).

How much more of this do we have to take? How do you even talk to these deluded left-wing cretins?

Don’t bother trying to talk to them. Just shut them down.

This insanity has to stop.

And that’s all the news I can stand to cover today.

My Newswithviews Column, Oct. 11 (‘Do We Want to be “Transformed”?’)

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I won’t forget the image of those Democrat wack-jobs clawing at the doors of the Supreme Court while Brett Kavanagh was being sworn in, and neither should you. What would they have done, if they could have broken down the doors?

Welcome to a fundamentally transformed America!


Really, we must not allow this to continue.

UN Wackos Call for $240/Gallon Gas Tax

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“Plenty of Climbit Change where I come from!”

Hey, *S*A*V*I*N*G  T*H*E  *P*L*A*N*E*T  from Global Warming/ Climbit Change is an expensive proposition!

This weekend, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change called for a mammoth carbon tax, equivalent to a gas tax of $240 per gallon here in America–said tax to be accompanied by “societal changes that are unprecedented in scale” (http://www.climatedepot.com/2018/10/08/a-240-per-gallon-gas-tax-to-fight-global-warming-new-un-report-suggests-carbon-pricing/).

Uh, no thanks.

How crazy are these people? What have they been smoking or ingesting that prompts, even in their wildest dreams, such fantasies?

Be very, very thankful that Donald Trump’s our president. Obama would sell us out to the UN in a New York minute. So would any other Democrat.

Do not ever let liberals take power in America. Never again.

We Has to Got open Boarders!!

Image result for images of horde of migrants in europe

I gode to a sembinar Last “nihght” it was abote Open Boarders and This it reely is a Grate Idear!!!

The prefesser he gived Three Reezins to has Open Boarders of this no-good countrie It wasnt never That grate!!!

Reezin 1, iff we gets a Billyin imbagrints like reel fasst “and” puts them all On Wellfair thare wont be No Mor Repubickens ealected never agin!!!

Reezin Nu. 2, whith all them peeple comming in from Thrid Whorld we can finely ferget abote “that” stopid old Consatutchian it was writ “bye” Evel Wite Hetrosexule Mails anyhow and whith alll them peple comming hear The Guvramint it whill jist has to growe Biggger and biggger and biggger!! to take care of all them imbagrints and we can ferget abote stuph like Voting and laws and Tryals and the Guvramint it willl jist has to do What Ever “it” got to do to Keep “the” hole plaice From faling Apart!!!

Reezin Numb. 3,, we can aslo ferget alll abote Inglish and stopid Racist Americken cultchure it whil be jist This “hole” Gient Swarmb of peple whith “a” Thusand Diffrint Lingages al at once,, that whil Be “the End” of peeple has Jobs and thare own Howses and Cars but so waht the Guvramint it wil jist has to “Pack” them al into Staydeums and plaices like that!!!

This it wil all Work “reely Grate” becose us Intrallecturals we whil be In Charge of evry Thing!!! Immajin how “wunderfull” it @ willl “be” if us who got Gender Studdies deegrees we findly get “to” Rule the hole “cuontry”!”

Aslo thare woont be “no moar” Meaet to Eat but i dont care,, i amb hongry now for Somb nice Taystee jim sox!!!

“Make America Mexico Again” (2016)

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Democrats are betting the house that they can convince America’s voters that illegal immigration is a good thing and the more of it, the better, and that a country’s best borders are no borders at all. This message is supposed to sweep them back into power. God help us.

In light of present political rhetoric, and a week of sheer frenzy by the Left and their little playmates in the nooze media, this brief post from 2016 seems more relevant now than it did then.


“I think it would be super-great to destroy my country because ___________.” Fill in the blank and earn a chance to be the Democrats’ next candidate for president.

A Human Sacrifice to ‘Diversity’

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Yet another bit of the Obama legacy has to be plucked up by the roots and cast away–before it starts killing people.

Incredibly, the Obama Transportation Dept. and Federal Aviation Agency scrapped the rigorous testing regime that for long had governed the hiring of air traffic controllers–and replaced it with an easier test to “prioritize diversity” (https://fellowshipoftheminds.com/2018/06/04/faa-endangers-public-safety-by-emphasizing-diversity-over-competence-in-selection-of-air-traffic-controllers/). Because somehow the great idol of “diversity,” at least to the libs who worship it, is so much more important than getting airplanes safely from the air to the tarmac.

The new test gives applicants a bonus of 10 points if they say their worst subject in school was science (!), and another 10 if they can say they haven’t been working lately.

It’s backed by a union with a big purse for political campaign contributions.

Getting the planes up and down without crashing, especially in the crowded skies over the airports, is an exceedingly difficult job requiring the highest competence. It has nothing whatsoever to do with any kind of “diversity.” Slacking off on smarts and skills is playing with people’s lives.

Please remember stuff like this the next time you have the opportunity to vote. Never, never, never allow Democrats back into power. And pray the Trump administration is able to put a lid on this folly before any of these new diverse air traffic controllers who stink at science can find their way to a control tower.

My Newswithviewscolumn, May 31 (UK’s Political Prisoner)

I rack my brain about it, but there’s just no way I can understand Western Europe’s immigration policies. And in order to shield their own insane policy from hostile questions, Britain’s rulers are protecting pedophiles.


Governments are supposed to protect the governed–not offer them up as appeasement offerings to those who want to destroy them.

Their actions are inexplicable.

Britain’s Political Prisoner: World-Wide Protests

Image result for images of tommy robinson protest at downing street

One of the protests that They say aren’t happening

Remember when political prisoners were only found in communist hellholes–certainly not in civilized, freedom-loving Western countries?

Well, we can kiss that goodbye.

Protest demonstrations have broken out all over the world on behalf of Tommy Robinson, jailed for 13 months last week for attempting to cover the trial of a ring of pedophiles in Leeds. Now the UK has a political prisoner. Just like North Korea! Just like the old Soviet Union! (https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-05-29/britons-rage-over-robinson-arrest-mass-protests-break-out-worldwide)

They’ve tried to keep the lid on it in Briton, making it a criminal offense to report on Robinson’s arrest. Betcha didn’t think any country in the Free World would ever do that! But the British public knows about it anyway, because the Ruling Class just doesn’t have the power that they once had to stifle information. Thousands of Britons have demonstrated against Robinson’s imprisonment. These are, of course, described as “hundreds.” That is, when they are described at all.

There’s a good chance Robinson will be murdered in prison–so if you plan to protest, do it now. See, the defendants in that pedophile trial he was trying to report on, well, they’re all Muslims–and it makes the Ruling Class’s insane immigration policy kind of look bad. Britain’s prisons being populated by a disproportionate number of Muslims, some are calling his 13 months a death sentence. One wonders if that was precisely what the judge intended.

We need godly men and women in government, to preserve and protect our institutions, our culture, and our freedom.

But we don’t have them.

California Free Speech Killing Bill: On Hold for Now

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Freedom and dignity are not natural to the inhabitants of a fallen world burdened with Original Sin. The California State Senate keeps trying to prove it.

Hence Senate Bill 1424, introduced by Stalinist wannabe Richard Pan, a bill to make “fake news” or “false information” published anywhere on the Internet a crime, punishable by imprisonment: you could go to jail for “questioning science” and voicing doubt about vaccines, Climbit Change, whatever (https://www.naturalhealth365.com/vaccines-fake-news-2536.html). You could even be jailed for questioning the dogma of Evolution.

After the details of this monstrosity were reported last month, raising a rather loud public outcry against it, the senate has rushed through several major amendments, the overall effect of which will be to “study” it all and kick it down the road to sometime next year. Wait till the heat dies down, then try again.

This bill was a beauty. Every Internet site–I guess that would include blogs, like this one–would be required to “verify” all news stories–the term “news story” is left undefined–before publication. Then, if designated “fact checkers” find any “false information,” up the river you go. No distinction is made between, say, maliciously fabricated mischief or an honest mistake. And we can only guess who would get to be the fact checkers. Oh–and who gets to decide what the “facts” are? Nancy Pelosi? Michael Moore?

This is a remarkable production by people whose academic position is that there is no such thing as truth, there are no facts, there are only psychological or social “constructs”–like your sex, for instance: which they insist is whatever you say it is from moment to moment–who yammer endlessly about “your truth” and “my truth,” only somehow their truth always wins and you get packed off to sensitivity training if you don’t agree–

But what are we thinking? Now they want to pack you off to jail.

How did our country’s political class ever produce such a pack of totalitarians as these?

It’s enough to give fascism a bad name.

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