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‘Who Do You Work For?’ (2012)

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Now that we’ve got assorted Democrats calling for us to shower coronavirus bailout money on people who are here illegally, it seemed a fit time to revisit this post.


Back in 2012 the average welfare household was raking in more than $60,000 a year–quite a bit more than I was making, working full-time.

And then there are public employee pensions.

Government gives them all chunks of my money. Now they want to shower it on illegals, too.

Is there anyone out there we’re not working for?

They’ve Got the Answers!

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Yesterday alone, the world’s smartest people came up with three sure-fire solutions to the coronavirus pandemic.

Solution No. 1: Jihad. I forget exactly who said this, but the idea is, if you’re out there killing the infidels, you won’t catch the virus. Of course, if the infidels kill you back, you definitely won’t catch the virus.

Solution No. 2: Abolish Capitalism. This from Hollywood, from actress and sage Fran Drescher, who was on TV as “The Nanny.” Amazing, what a difference a single vowel can make. She should’ve been “The Ninny.”

And now for the most awesome solution of them all: Solution No. 3: Global Government. This from Gordon Brown, Labour Party, who was prime minister of the UK from 2007-2010.

Yup! We need a global government! Haven’t they been telling us that all along? And it hardly needs to be said that it’ll be only “temporary.” But let’s let Mr. Brown throw the sales pitch.

“Hello, you poor sods! Our global government will also include a special international task force to coordinate our battle with the virus, and we want the United Nations in on it, too! And we’ve got a whole gang of spare world leaders to run the show! Barack Obama! John Kerry! Theresa May! Kofi Annan! Bill and Hillary Clinton! Michael Bloomberg! And Bernie Sanders, too, if he’s doing nothing else. Bring ’em all back to solve the problem! And I’ll pitch in, too.

“Now don’t worry! It’s only gonna be temporary. Once we solve the problem and get everything back on an even keel, we’ll give you back your countries. Honest! We’ll just go away and let you run your lives again! Heh-heh!”

There you have it–straight from the horse’s… mouth.

Lessons to be Learned… if We Can

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As we all sit around stalemated by the Wuhan Chinese Communist flu, it’s to be hoped that we at least learn some lessons from it. Like for instance:

Relying on Red China is folly. Everything we get from them has a sting in it. They are not our friends. Buy from civilized people, not from communists.

“Open Borders” is an idea whose time has never come and which is now totally gone. Just imagine what would happen to us, disease-wise, if we had a government that stubbornly refused to close our nation’s borders.

We don’t actually need all those colleges and have been wasting our money on them. We can more than get by without Gender Studies. The whole idea that everyone should go to college was ridiculous from the git-go.

We also get a lot less value from our public schools than we ever realized. Just how badly to we need teachers’ unions and gender counselors, anyway? I’m guessing not at all.

A ruling class of globalist elite schiff-heads is not smarter than us. If anything, it’s even dumber. They did a lot to make this mess.

Come to think of it, our own professional governing class is something less than a national asset. Maybe it’s time to re-think the whole business of who gets to run the country.

Actively and loudly rooting for the stock market to tank, rooting for the plague, because they think these disasters will destroy President Trump and boost them back into power, Democrats have shown that they are America’s enemies. They do not wish us well. C’mon, people! That mask slipped off more than a year ago. Wake up.

If we can learn these lessons, we will be a stronger country than we were six months ago.

My Newswithviews Column, March 20 (‘An Interview with Western Civilization’)

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Somebody must have wondered yesterday, “What happened to Lee’s Newswithviews piece? Where did it go?” Please tell me somebody, somewhere, noticed.

Well, it fell through the cracks–I wonder if that ever happened to William F. Buckley–but here it is now.

An Interview with Western Civilization

Yes, it started life as one of last week’s blog posts. Don’t blame me. It was “TheWhiteRabbit’s” idea. I just thought it was a good one. And my wife thinks this is one of the best things I’ve written, so there.

Leftism is a mortal threat to any civilization.

A Few Pesky Questions

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Back in the early Fifties, Froggy the Gremlin used to cut windbags down to size by interrupting them with pesky questions.

Here are a few questions that need to be asked today.

As they contribute to a solution to the Wuhan virus crisis by calling everyone a Racist who mentions that the Chinese flu actually originated in China–in a bio-warfare lab, no less–does our nooze media still serve any constructive purpose?

Is the idea that everyone has to go to college the most inane idea ever?

How well will America get by without a hundred universities awarding degrees in Gender Studies and other equally jejune pursuits?

Is it really such a hot idea to fight the virus by not enforcing the law and letting criminals plunder our cities at will? (Philadelphia’s all set to try it.)

Does the United Nations have any good reason for continuing to exist?

Do we really want our era of history remembered as the one that invented “transgender”?

And you can probably think of dozens more with no help from me.

They Really Are Insane

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I really didn’t want to write about coronavirus today, but this is too much.

As reported by Larry O’Connor today on townhall.com ( https://townhall.com/columnists/larryoconnor/2020/03/17/5-big-government-americadestroying-schemes-democrats-proposed-during-covid19-crisis-n2565105), among other follies being proposed by Democrats, are these:

Let all the convicts out of prison, a scheme touted by the lunatic Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her playmates on “the Squad.” Just let ’em out. Somehow they’ll be safer, running around the streets, than they’d be in jail. We won’t be safer, but who cares about that?

And stop arresting criminals! This from a Philadelphia district attorney. Don’t enforce the laws. Don’t bother with “nonviolent crimes.” He didn’t explain what he means by “nonviolent.” But we know New York State’s new list of “nonviolent crimes” includes vehicular homicide–running people over with your car on purpose, to kill them.

Democrats are feverishly rooting for the virus to produce so much chaos and suffering in America that the people, in desperation, will vote them back into power. So they’re coming up with all sorts of ways to make the crisis worse. Flooding America with unrestricted crime is definitely on their menu. The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Dept. has already decided to empty out the jails and stop arresting criminals  (https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2020-03-16/la-jail-population-arrests-down-amid-coronavirus). Well, heck, they’ll need all that prison space for persons guilty of misgendering.

Do you want to vote for these creeps? Really?

They must never be allowed back into power. Never.

‘We Can Live with Joe’? Really?

The Democrat establishment flexed its muscles on Super Tuesday and pushed Joe Biden ahead of Bernie Sanders in the race for the party’s presidential nomination.

That they were able to do this was not surprising. What is surprising, and distressing, is the emergence of “conservative” commentators who are so happy to be rid of Bernie, they wouldn’t mind a Biden presidency. A business-as-usual presidency, with a moderate at the helm.

What kind of happy-juice have they been drinking?

First, watch this video again. It’s only one of many. If you really, truly believe this man is fit to be president, you’re as loopy as he is.

Since when is Joe a “moderate”? Open borders, transgender, Green New Deal, more and more abortion, more and more restrictions on the Second Amendment, government control of healthcare–these are lunatic public policies, and he’s on record as supporting every single one of them. These are extremist policies, and he supports them all.

What do these bogus conservative numbskulls mean when they say they “can live with Biden”? Better him than Bernie–’cause Bernie’s an out-and-out Bolshevik who publicly praises communist dictatorships? But in terms of policy recommendations, there’s hardly anything at all advocated by Sanders that hasn’t also been advocated by Biden. And all the rest of the departed Democrat candidates, we might add.

They’re all crazy. And so-called Republicans who think the republic can actually survive another Democrat regime are off their chumps.

Whether they can push and pull the doddering Biden all the way to Election Day remains to be seen. Heaven only knows what other bombs are going to drop from his mouth between then and now.

But all we need to know is No Democrats–never again.

My Newswithviews Column, Feb. 27 (‘The News You Won’t Believe’)

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What piece of the government is this one in charge of?

The nooze we hear every day is getting to be hard to believe. Really! We don’t want to believe that powerful people who run our institutions are as crazy as bedbugs. But that may be unfair to bedbugs.

The News You Won’t Believe

So here are three of the most bizarre stories that the nooze cycle spat up last week; and they’re only a sample. You can surely think of more.

Why Do We Let This Happen?

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This story is too revolting to be illustrated in the usual way. Here’s a scarlet tanager instead.

The Madison, Wisconsin, Metro School District is in the nooze again!

This time it’s their teachers’ union, which has demanded that children share bathrooms with “transgender educators” (https://www.dailysignal.com/2020/02/21/teachers-union-demands-kids-share-bathrooms-with-transgender-educators/). They claim it as a right.

I’m sorry–did you say “right”? As in Constitutional rights?

Well, yeah, I did: only this is another new “right,” only recently discovered. The right “to exercise their individually identified expression.” Whatever the devil that means.

Why do we allow our children to be “taught” by such people? Why do we, who pay for the whole forsaken mess that’s public education, have no say in who teaches and who doesn’t? We do we, who bear the whole expense, have no say in what gets taught and what doesn’t?

Why aren’t people angry about this? Why do they let it continue?

If you pay for something, you should own it. The schools should belong to us–not to Far Left Crazy teachers’ unions and lunatic “education” theorists who use the schools to experiment on our children. Not their children. Our children.

This really does have to stop. It is unjust, unfair, unreasonable, and unwholesome. It is not sane.

We have to go back to not allowing teachers to have unions. Those unions are all bad, all the time. There has to be a way to strip them of their power. There has to be a way to beat them.

Because as things stand now, they’re beating us.

My Newswithviews Column, Feb. 20 (‘Warning! Shipwreck Ahead’)

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More and more, I’m coming to believe that the crazy public policies imposed on us by Far Left Crazy politicians are purposely intended to bring the country down.

Warning! Shipwreck Ahead

I mean, they totally ignore all warnings, all hazards, don’t they? No matter how insane it is, just bring it on!

Why would they want to collapse our civilization? Two reasons I can think of.

To rebuild some half-assed utopia on the ruins.

To give themselves an excuse to “restore order” by setting up a totalitarian state with themselves in charge.

Those are evil reasons, and we are living in an evil age.

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