Had Enough Yet?

Guidelines issued by Peel Health instructing parents to keep kids with no symptoms isolated from the rest of their family if they are sent home from school because a classmate tests positive for COVID-19.

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The Peel Region schools (covering three suburbs of Toronto) have issued “guidelines” for subjecting children to solitary confinement if someone in their class tested positive for COVID-19 (https://torontosun.com/news/provincial/experts-call-peel-guidelines-to-place-children-in-solitary-quarantine-cruel-punishment).

We still have not been told why this is being treated as if it were the deadliest disease in history; but meanwhile, get a load of this.

If one child in your child’s class tests positive, your child must “self-isolate” for 14 days. He or she must stay in the same room for 14 days and never come out, use a separate bathroom if possible, “and isolate from the rest of the family” for the whole 14 days–voila! Solitary confinement! I wonder if you’re supposed to slide the kid’s meals to him through a slot under the door. And the other children in the family can’t go out for 14 days.

Parents will be fined $5,000 if they make the mistake of treating their children like human beings.

This is not truly outlandish child abuse because __________. Fill in the blank and win a tin foil hat.

Any number of experts have denounced this policy as cruel, harmful, and bizarre, but the Peel Region schools aren’t backing down. “They’re our peasants and we’ll step on them whenever we want!”

Yo, Fauci & Co.! Yeah, you–the scientific establishment! Tell us why we have to put up with all this schiff! Anyone would think you were simply using scare tactics to increase your power over us. And get rich.

Fourteen days in solitary. What’ll they advise us to do if a really serious disease comes along–put our children down? Put ourselves down?

Who do we tolerate this?

Buffalo Public Schools: ‘Failure Factory’

Teacher shouting at kids Stock Photo - Alamy

Ready for another belt of bad news? Sorry, but we have to know what we’re up against.

The city of Buffalo’s public schools have gone full-throttle on an America-hating, race-hustling curriculum–at all grade levels–which Christopher Rufo has called, in his report, a “Failure Factory” (https://www.city-journal.org/buffalo-public-schools-critical-race-theory-curriculum).

Paid for by the undefended public!

You name the abuse, and they’ve got it–all orchestrated by a “diversity czar.” It’s based on an overarching condemnation of all “white people”–whom, the kids are told, “all play a part in perpetuating systemic racism.” They want to start on this when the kids are four years old.

Teacher training, as described by a teacher who wishes to remain anonymous: “A series of scoldings, guilt trips, and demands to demean themselves.” And that’s just the good part.

Meanwhile, only 18% of the students here are proficient in math and only 20% in English. But that doesn’t matter because everything is the fault of evil racist white people and their no-good racist country, the United States.

And this will turn out well for us… how?

Our public education system, the costliest ever devised by human beings, is too far gone to be repaired. It must be abandoned. It must be replaced. How can I even find the words for how important this is? We have entrusted our children’s education to people who hate us and want to ruin our country. Why in the world should we keep doing that?

Once upon a time the people who paid for the schools owned them, and decided who should teach and what should be taught. For the sake of our country’s very survival, we have to return to such a time.

If the things these unionized “teachers” say to white children were ever said to black children, the government would come down on them like a hammer. Because it would be racism! Why in the world do we allow this?

At the moment, with our whole government in the hands of Democrats, absolutely the only thing we can do is to pull our children out of those schools and pray the system will die from lack of nourishment. Homeschool the children, or put them in a Christian school. Parents can also get together to form homeschooling co-ops.

What we have now will prove deadly to us as a nation.

‘Save the Planet by Laundering Your Toilet Paper’ (2016)

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Use it again and again!

Now that we’re going to be put under house arrest every time a germ pops up in the environment, we’re going to be strapped for things to do. But as always, government has the answer!

Save the Planet by Laundering Your Toilet Paper

Go ahead, tell me it’s just not possible that even the most off-the-wall Democrat regime would ever afflict the American people with a crazy thing like this.

Nothing is off the table, with this crowd.

Herod’s Men: UK Police

Merseyside Police apologise over incorrect 'offensive' claim - BBC News

You think our police are mindless servants of the power structure? They’ve got nothing on the cops in Britain! These guys are Herod’s men, right down to the cellular level.

Merseyside police have come under criticism (imagine that!) for their newest “hate speech awareness campaign” (https://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3936773/posts). As you know, “hate speech” is anything the Far Left Crazy doesn’t agree with.

So, upon receiving a nod and a push from the LGBT “community,” the Merseyside cops created a mobile billboard to cart their new slogan around town: “Being offensive is an offense!” And it’s got the Organized Sodomy rainbow flag, too.

In fact, there is no such law. Someone’s going to be offended no matter what you say or do. You can’t have a law against “being offensive” because then everybody would be guilty and would all have to be locked up. On second thought, that’s just the kind of scenario that titillates a leftist.

Anyway, the public is more than a little upset by this campaign, likening the Merseyside cops to the North Korean state police… So let’s see how long it lasts.

Trashing the U.S. Navy

Image result for images of sinking warship

Last year while no one was looking, leftid weirdos in the United States Navy formed something called Task Force 1 Navy, whose purpose, if it has one, remains obscure. But they did manage to concoct a “TF1N Pledge” that you have to take if you want to be in it.

Here are some quotes from this spasm of mental illness.

“As a key member of Task Force 1 Navy I will invest the time, attention and empathy required to analyze and evaluate Navywide issues related to racism, sexism, ableism–” What?–“and other structural and interpersonal biases…

“I pledge to advocate for and acknowledge all lived experiences and intersectional identities of every Sailor in the Navy…

“I pledge to engage in ongoing self-reflection, education and knowledge sharing to better myself and my communities.”

There’s more, but it’s too much Far Left word salad for me to stomach. You can find it here (https://townhall.com/columnists/derekhunter/2021/02/18/democrats-are-trying-to-ruin-the-military-n2584886).

Is this a towering mountain of crapola, or what?

It’s what Democrats are doing to our military. God help us if we ever have to fight a war.

The consequences of putting these lunatics in power are terrible.

The CDC: They’re Kidding–We Hope

Image result for images of robber with stocking mask

This just in. I don’t want it to be true.

It seems the Center for Disease Control, confronting evidence that making everybody wear face masks hasn’t and will not do a lick of good, are pondering whether they should recommend we all wear–undies! panty hose!–across our faces, on top of two or three masks (https://en-volve.com/2021/02/12/not-satire-cdc-now-recommending-we-wear-pantyhose-on-our-faces-along-with-facemasks/).

They’ve done “experiments on mannequins in a lab”–no testing on humans yet–and admit, grudgingly, that “double masking might impede breathing or obstruct peripheral vision.” Ya think? And so, they say, we might try “placing a sleeve made of sheer nylon hosing material around the neck and pulling it up over either cloth or medical procedure mask”… with “knots and tuckings” to make it tight.

I’m sure I’ve heard of bank robbers doing this.

They’ve gone completely loopy.

Folks, we need a new government–stat!


Duct Tape Will Save Us from COVID!

Silver Duct Tape Adult Cloth Face Mask | Zazzle.com

Plaguemeister Anthony Fauci, who was a doctor once upon a time, before he was a statist shill, thinks it’d be super if we’d all wear two face masks instead of just one (https://news.yahoo.com/fauci-said-common-sense-wear-151827794.html).

But the untold story is–according to an altogether unreliable source–that he had to be physically restrained from going on the air to demand “duct tape over everybody’s nose and mouth! It’s the only way!”

“He’s crazy,” said a public health official who asked not to be identified by name, “barking, howling crazy! He’s never tried going through a day with two effing masks on! Just try breathing! But as usual, these rules are for you peasants out there–not for the big shots in their private jets.”

Sources also suggest Fauci had to be stopped from calling for Bill Gates to be named King O’ the World. “It took three of us to hold him back from salaaming to Gates’ picture on the wall,” said a possibly fictitious source. “You shoulda seen him! Why, he bit two of us!”

When he’s not “weirding off,” according to another source, Dr. Fauci likes to play a new kind of poker with the other inmates, in which all 52 cards in the deck are wild. “But they’re not as wild as he is,” said the source.


‘Win a Free Collidge Eddication!’ (2018)

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Washme Hall

Unless my crystal ball has stopped working, we’re soon going to hear a lot of talk about “free college education for all.” What a fabulous idea! But Fimbo College is two years ahead of the curve.

Win a Free Collidge Eddication!

This higher education is practically a guaranteed ticket to a lifetime’s unemployment! And all in return for just a thousand cereal boxtops! That and an official college degree in Gender Studies–what more could you possibly ask?

‘The Government Has No Money’ (2018)

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Why is this so hard for so many people? Government creates no wealth. Government has no money of its own. It only has what it can tear from our paychecks.

The Government Has No Money

Now, thanks to a fraudulent election, we have a government in place that’s promised everything to everybody. They’re either going to have to break those promises or strangle the economy.

Tough choice! They’re both so appealing to a Democrat.

‘Please Tell Me They Were Kidding…’ (2018)

How do they get them so stupid?

It’s the same old delusion: the perfectibility of man, achieved by Government and Science exercising total control over other people’s lives–every aspect of them.

Please Tell Me They Were Kidding…

So we have this speech from 1997 by Rob “Meat-Head” Reiner, proclaiming that there will be no more “criminal brains” if Government and Science completely take over the business of child-rearing from the moment the baby somehow manages to slip past the abortionist. Now it’s 24 years later (!), and they’re working day and night to make it a reality.

Has he ever thought about what a mess his own brain is?