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‘Another Incident to Shame America’ (2015)

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Forbidden! Quick, somebody call the cops!

It’s instructive to visit the archives of this blog, just stroll around and see what was happening a few years ago. For instance:

Another Incident to Shame America

One of the things we learn from these casual examinations is that America was getting pretty wifty well before any COVID virus came along. What? An unsupervised child shooting hoops? You really have to wonder–was any official involved in this quite sane? I mean, this is really crazy schiff.

I am so glad my childhood was spent in the 50s and 60s rather than today.

There’s an awful lot of stupid stuff we have to stop doing as a nation. Before it does us in.


Poets to the Rescue!

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I’ve been told I shouldn’t write satire because there’s always going to be somebody out there who takes it seriously and acts on it.

J. Henry Fuzzybottom, an unofficial member of the Minneapolis City Council, has picked up on a wee satirical flourish that after the city abolishes its police force, it can rely on poets to pick up the slack.

“We should have thought of that!” he exclaimed. “People worry about what’ll happen to them if somebody robs or assault them and there’s no police force. Well! Who better than a poet to defuse a dangerous situation? How many crimes would never be committed if only the offender could hear some exfoliating lines of poetry? He’d stop right in the middle of a mugging! Imagine a couple of lovable youths robbing a liquor store and suddenly confronted by a poet. It’s simply impossible to engage in violently antisocial behavior while listening to poetry!”

But what if Minneapolis doesn’t have enough poets to keep the city safe from crime?

“First of all, there’s no such thing as crime!” Mr. Fuzzybottom said. “If you just stop calling certain actions ‘crime,’ your crime rate plummets toward zero.

“I think we probably have more poets than we realize. But if we do run short–well, we can back them up with folk singers! Would you commit fraud if someone was sweetly singing to you? Would you steal a car if someone was standing next to you playing bongo drums?”

Mr. Fuzzybottom said he has already sounded out most of the official council members “and they’re gonna go for it! Minneapolis will be the first crime-free city in the world!”

More Anti-Police Madness

George Floyd death: 19 powerful images of nationwide protests - Insider

Are you absolutely, positively sure you want this, America?

Nine out of 13 members of the Minneapolis City Council say they will vote to defund and disband their city’s police department. What could go wrong?

But that’s not enough for Far Left Crazy. According to The Federalist, The Washington Post, among “several media outlets,” has also called for the abolition of police procedural TV shows (https://thefederalist.com/2020/06/08/dont-abolish-the-police-procedural-entertainment/). ‘Cause the shows are “unrealistic,” they say–like all the other TV shows are? Oh, please.

This feels like being on a bus where the driver has snorted angel dust and gone completely crazy, with a fatal accident looming as inevitable.

Minneapolis thinks social workers and, for all I know, poets, can do the job of the police. So if some creep breaks into your home in the middle of the night, you can call a social worker.

Criminals must be thinking that they’ve died and gone to heaven.

This and other suicidal follies is the end product of out-there Democrat ideology, and our country will be hard-put to survive it. They just can’t wait to get into the White House and do to the whole country what they plan to do to Minneapolis.

And look at all the people drinking all the Kool-Aid.

Where is our resistance? Why are we not pushing back against this madness with all our might? The people who are leading this charge belong in straitjackets. And so does anyone who votes for them.

God defend us.

Minneapolis to ‘Disband’ Police?

Minnesota activating 1,000 additional soldiers to contain ...

Well, the crazy bastards look like they’re really going to go ahead and do it: abolish their city’s police department and replace the officers with assorted “experts” (http://www.citypages.com/news/minneapolis-city-council-members-consider-disbanding-the-police/570993291). So the next time someone in Minneapolis runs amok with a machete… call a social worker.

Yes, the Minneapolis City Council, apparently oblivious to the riots tearing apart their city, has actually agreed to get to work on replacing armed police officers with unarmed “experts” and programs “that stop crimes from happening in the first place.” Oh, boy, programs! People commit crimes because they need more programs!

Honk if you’ve heard this before. Anyway, say the city councilors, “the Police Dept. is not reformable.”

They get on their Twitter pages posing in their stupid face masks. And none of them has entertained the question of when and under what circumstances would there be a rather urgent need for the use of force.

This is crazy-nitwit liberal ideology from way back. Libs have spent years calling for the abolition of police. In January of this year, Seattle Democrat politicians called for the abolition of police. In 2018 “Chelsea” Manning ran for the U.S. Senate on a platform of abolishing prisons and police. In 2014, in the New York City Thanksgiving Day parade, marchers carried signs calling for the abolition of police. So this is something that liberals have been dreaming about for years; and now, they think, it’s time for them to make it happen.

No one mentioned that bad cops are energetically defended and kept on the job by the public employees’ union representing the police. Getting rid of the union would solve a lot of problems: but don’t hold your breath waiting for anyone in Minneapolis even to suggest that.

All of these urban hell-holes are governed and fed upon by Democrats. In most of them there has been no meaningful Republican presence for years.

And now, having turned their cities into schiff, they want a crack at governing the country.

Any vote for any Democrat is a vote against America.

So What’s the Mask for, Again?

Office Workers Wearing Face Masks Stock Pictures, Royalty-free ...

“To hear is to obey, O Master!”

High-profile Democrat pipsqueaks have begun to separate the wearin’ o’ the facemask from any demonstrable medical benefit and instead are touting it as a “symbol” of assorted peachy things (https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/05/27/democrat-governors-wearing-masks-is-cool-and-signifies-strength/).

Wearing the mask is “officially cool,” babbled New York Gov. Andrew “Terror of the Nursing Homes” Cuomo. It “signifies strength [and] compassion for others,” hoots the Democrat running North Carolina, Roy Cooper. Even medical oracle Dr. Anthony Fauci says the mask is “a symbol” of what we ought to do for others–even if, he grants, it’s something less than 100% useful. And for weird Joe Biden it’s a “symbol of leadership.” He said more, but I don’t like to pick on senile people. Although with the likes of Andrew Cuomo on the loose, you can’t blame him for not checking himself into a nursing home.

Sorry! Was that harsh? Well, it’s not as harsh as what the Democrats are doing to this country–not to mention unleashing their tame nooze media to see that Red China gets a free pass for loosing a plague upon the world. Now that was really harsh!

So now wearing the stupid mask and breathing your own recycled CO2 is “cool” and “compassionate” and if you don’t do it you’re an Enemy of the People, blah-blah. It’s part of “the new normal,” “the new world”! And can we please have our socialism now, Nanny?

Shame on America, shame on us for consenting to be lorded over by such people.

P.S.–If the masks are admittedly only a “symbol” now, how is it not a flagrant violation of the First Amendment to order people to wear them? What kind of freedom do we have, if they can tell us what to say?

‘What Other Country is Your Home State a Part Of?’ (2014)

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(Hmm… Hardly anybody here again today. Wish I knew why.)

It was six years ago that the then-governor of California, Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown, called his state “the other Mexico” and invited everyone in Mexico to come on up and live there, plenty of welfare for all.

What Other Country is Your Home State a Part Of?

Now California’s current governor, Gavin Noisome, is pleading for the Red States to bail him out because otherwise California’s insane policy of encouraging illegal immigration is going to bankrupt the state.

Did anyone need a crystal ball to see that coming?

California’s Looming Bankruptcy

Tesla is Burning Cash At The Rate Of $8000 A Minute - Could Run ...

The state of California’s in a heap of trouble, financially; and according to Forbes Magazine, one of the chief reasons for it is more than 340,000 government employees each earning more than $100,000 a year–plus a trillion-dollar unfunded pension liability. These employees cost the state some $45 billion a year, the major part of a $54 billion budget deficit (http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-chat/3846870/posts). Holy moly.

Faced with the consequences of its prodigal spending, California officials would like the rest of the country to bail them out.

My own state of New Jersey is deeply in hock to the teachers’ union. I remember, some twenty years ago, when NJ got its first $100,000-a-year public school teacher. Now every school district has a bunch of them.

But it keeps the public employees voting for Democrats, and keeps the unions able to contribute largess to Democrat candidates’ campaigns, so what the heck? Keep those sweetheart deals coming.

In return for all this money, we get “teachers” teaching our kids that you can be a boy one day and a girl the next, depending on how you feel. And the United States is a racist slave-holding hell-hole. And so on.

Somehow “public servants” turned into the public’s masters. We need to re-think the whole idea of allowing public employees to unionize. This is more of that stupid stuff that we need to stop doing. And soon.

‘NYC: 31 Genders (and No Brains)’ (2018)

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This was what New York City was preoccupied with, before the coronavirus–forcing people to recognize BS fake “genders” that some ninny made up.


Really–when the crisis is over, are we going to go right back to this? Pick it up where we left off? “Well, let’s see, now… today’s new pronoun is fhtaagn–and you’d better use it if you know what’s good for you!”

Heaven forbid.

‘Wall Street Journal Says “Erase America”‘ (2012)

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God protect us from fools puffed up with a conviction of their own virtue.

We forget it goes that far back: eight years ago, wicked fools were yammering for “open borders.”


We can only hope and pray that the coronavirus crisis has permanently put an end to this inane idea–if it has enough depth to be an idea, even a toweringly bad one.

Mexico will do better, and our mutual border will be easier to enforce, if we take some of our industry out of Red China and relocate it in Mexico (minus the critical industries that must be brought back home). Jobs for Mexico, just desserts for China.

And for the Wall Street Journal editorial board:

New York Mayor Astounded that Criminals Commit Crimes

Sculpture of Magician Merlin with crystal ball Stock Photo ...

Where was Merlin when we needed him?

New York Mayor “Bill DeBlasio” (real name, Warren Wilhelm Jr.: I don’t know why he uses an alias) expressed “shock” and disappointment that some of the convicted felons recently let out of jail… have already gone back to committing crimes (https://legalinsurrection.com/2020/04/nyc-mayor-bill-de-blasio-shocked-that-inmates-freed-early-are-committing-crimes-again/).

Wow. You coulda knocked him over with a feather. I mean, really, who would’ve thought it–criminals committing crimes? You show them mercy, laments the mayor, and they just go out and do it again. At least 50 out of the first 1,500 released have already been arrested for more crimes–and some of them have already been released again.

You’d almost think they were trying to get back into jail! Well, sorry, guys, but we’re gonna need those cells for crimes that bother liberals–Climate Change denial, mis-gendering, failing to affirm gay marriage, cultural appropriation, and showing insufficient deference to liberals. We can’t be bothered with silly little things like armed robbery, attempted murder, or running someone over with your car on purpose.

Still… Heck, you’d have needed Merlin and Nostradamus together to predict a thing like this: criminals committing crimes.

This is supposed to be a sure-fire technique to protect jailbirds from getting the coronavirus. But in fact, Democrats were already talking about emptying out the prisons months before anyone ever heard of coronavirus. Leftids have a natural affinity for criminals: go ahead, tell me I’m wrong.

Well, you can’t blame an honest Sandinista wannabe like “Bill DeBlasio” for failing to foresee something as far beyond the bounds of likelihood as this. We’re sure that, once the crisis is past, they’ll all come tamely back to finish their interrupted prison sentences.

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