Be Careful What You Vote For!

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Grannie Clampet–always head of the curve!

[NOTE: I would have to be on my blinkin’ death-bed to let this one go by!]

It’s taken them seven years to figure out that their state has given them a a license to loot and pillage to their hearts’ content, but California’s criminals have found their way to Beverley Hills.

In 2014 the addled California voters approved a ballot initiative allowing bad guys to steal up to $950 worth of stuff without being charged with a felony. Don’t ask me why anyone in his right mind would ever vote “yes” for this.

So finally the new non-felons are coming after sweet pickin’s in Beverley Hills, and the rich folks who live there are shocked, shocked that such a thing could ever happen! Suddenly there’s a record number of applications for permits to carry guns. Suddenly those home security systems don’t seem so secure anymore. And defunding the police now seems like a suicidally bad idea.

Blue States–you asked for it! And now you’re getting it.

So You Want A ‘Universal World Order’?

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This is Henry Kissinger’s dream (98 years old and still dreamin’)–“a universal world order.”

We have never had a universal world order, or a global government. But we’ve had plenty of the next worse thing–multinational empires, whose builders swallowed up as much of the world as they could. Romans, Assyrians, Mongols, Russians–scads of them.

They all had one thing in common: they ruled by brute force. The ruling nation governed all the subject peoples; and anyone who stepped out of line would soon be hearing from the legions. Violence was the only way to keep all these subject nations on the same page. Genghis Khan could tell you that.

For anyone to assert that now, today, a global government could rule by consent of the governed, instead of by knocking heads together, is delusional.

God defend us from this folly.

Who Says There’s No Justice?

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[Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip]

A U.S. senator from Illinois and a Congresswoman from Maryland this week were carjacked–both of them Democrats who have worked to “defund the police” and turn the streets over to criminals (

For their names, click the link. I’ve forgotten them already.

Yes, they think nothing of turning multitudes of felons out of jail so they can prey on us. Only in this instance, the felons preyed on them. (Not a dry eye in the house!)

It’s so rare to see a wicked politician stung by her own asinine policies that she imposes on the rest of us–what can one do but stand up and cheer?

We are grateful for any justice we might see.

‘The Hit Man’s Restaurant’ (2014)

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So much nicer than a prison sentence!

So you commit four murders–that’s right: four murders–you confess to them, you took four lives… and what does the government do?

Oh, well, it’s obvious! They set you up in a nice little business at the public’s expense!

The Hit Man’s Restaurant

They don’t expect you to spoil everything by pistol-whipping your customers; but old habit die hard, don’t they?

I dunno, I’m not an expert. It just seems unjust, somehow, to make the taxpayers pay to have a multiple murderer set up in his own nice restaurant. If he’d killed more people, would the feds have bought him an apartment building?

What? No $450,000 Payment to Border-Jumpers?

The Story of Daily Fantasy's Burning Money GIF | The Action Network

Well, the Biden gang got caught “negotiating” with the Far Left ACLU a scheme to pay illegal aliens $450,000 each, so now it’s not going to happen (

Got your barf bag handy? The payments, says the ACLU, were to be compensation to “little children abused by our government,” boo-hoo. Like, this hardship was totally super-easy to avoid! Just don’t bother dragging kids across our border illegally.

Once the whole country knew what these villains in Washington were contemplating, the scheme fell apart politically. I don’t know about you, but I sure could use an extra $450,000! Quick–what law would I have to break to get it?

Oh? I don’t get it. This is money sucked out of the incomes of American taxpayers to pay off foreigners who knowingly violated our laws? Ah, now I understand.

This is what happens when Democrats run things. Stolen elections have consequences.

‘UK Doctors Ordered to Rat Out Patients Who Gain Weight’ (2014)

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This is another one of those nooze stories that never had an ending: we don’t know what happened after the National Health Service ordered doctors to snitch on patients who gained weight.

UK Doctors Ordered to Rat Out Patients Who Gain Weight

After a couple generations of socialism, I wonder if Britain is going to be good at anything beyond just taking up space on the map.

Government will make you good!

Government will make you healthy!

Back to the cradle, everybody.

And someday there’ll be no one left to rock it.

South Korea: ‘Remove Human Contact’

Don't Live Your Life In a Bubble – AIER

(Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip.)

Something very bad is brewing in South Korea: a scheme “to cut human interaction to build an ‘untact’ society”–that is, to “remove human contact” from ordinary transactions in everyday life (

Starting in 2020, South Korea began “removing layers of human interaction” by using robots to sterilize library books (!) and setting up “unmanned shops” staffed by machines, not people. It’s supposed to protect your anonymity–as if Big Tech doesn’t already track everything you do on your computer.

A few misgivings have been voiced, but only a few. Hey! Other people carry germs! Cut out the human contact, and no one will get sick.

I like the checkout clerks in our supermarket and the other shops we visit regularly. I present small Christmas gifts to our laundress and to the lady who owns and works very hard at our Chinese restaurant. They deserve to feel appreciated. I like exchanging greetings and chit-chat with them. You can’t do that with a robot unless there’s something wrong with you.

I thought I’d better mention this nooze, if only to alert people to fight against it if the “untact” movement comes to America–disguised as a means to keep us… “safe”–a word which is beginning to have somewhat sinister connotations–and guarantee us good service at our stores.

The last thing anybody needs is to be living in a bubble. This has got to be among the most toxic ideas I’ve ever heard.

My Newswithviews Column, Dec. 2 (‘Hostile Government’)

Our government doesn’t like us much. In fact, it despises us.

Which explains a lot of the nooze we see today.

Hostile Government

It’s as if a foreign power conquered us, and ground us down under their alien “woke” ideology. And anyone who rises up against it will be sorry!

I do remember when the people on the school board were your friends and neighbors.

Now it’s more like a bunch of comissars imported via time machine from the Soviet Union, circa 1950.

And the rest of the government’s worse.

Yes, They Think We’re Stupid

Parents' disconnect on critical race theory has enflamed elections

No, the parents (who pay for these schools!) don’t like it.

American parents detest “Critical Race Theory,” and well they should. It “teaches” school children that everything that’s ever been wrong with America is white people’s fault, all whites are born racists, America is a racist hell-hole, and non-whites are merely hapless victims who can’t do anything for themselves. And so parents naturally want to get it chucked out of the public schools they pay for.

Democrats, instead of listening to the people, are now denying that there’s even such a thing as CRT and that it certainly isn’t being taught in schools–even though it’s listed as “an important resource” on the official website of the Virginia Dept. of Education. They say there’s no such thing. In the words of lame-duck Gov. Ralph Northam–who posed in blackface for his college yearbook–CRT is only “a dog whistle that the Republicans are using to frighten people.” And they’ve got the Biden Justice Dept. branding parents as “domestic terrorists.”

And so, to deceive the people–whom they think are profoundly stupid–they have simply given CRT another name. Now it’s “DEI,” standing for “diversity, equity, and inclusion” ( And gee whiz, you can’t be against those! That’d be like being against “liberty, equality, and fraternity”–those cute French Revolution buzzwords that sent a lot of people to the guillotine.

This crapola has deep roots. Years ago, when I was on hall duty in a certain high school, I heard a white teacher tell his roomful of black students that “All white authority is illegitimate.” If that’s so, sunshine, what are you doing up in front of the class when you should be sitting in the back–your authority being illegitimate?

And all it is is Democrats demogoguing people to hate and fear each other based on race, so they can divide and rule. Could anything be more evil? Honk if you don’t think so.

We’ll have a big fight on our hands, normal people against Far Left teachers’ unions and wacky “educators,” to get this evil nonsense thrown out of our schools. They will not listen to us. They have no respect for us.

The only meaningful and effective recourse we have is to pull our children out of public schools and either school them ourselves at home or send them to Christian schools–not all of which are as advertised.

Let them demogogue to empty classrooms… and see how long that lasts.

Pfizer to Kids: Become a Superhero!

[Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip.]

This truly disgusting, this Pfizer ad. Truly loathsome:

PURE EVIL: Disturbing Pfizer Ad Tells Kids They’ll Get Superpowers from COVID Jab (VIDEO)

Yowsah: Taking our “jab” (I really hate that word) will make you a superhero. You will have the qualities of a superhero–one of which is “trying new things.” Like that’s always a good idea!

It’s pitched to young children who have not yet acquired the ability to think critically. “All of us want to be superheroes!” babbles a little girl. Then a bunch of different kids show off their Jim Bob’s Black Belt Karate School karate moves.

This is just one of many aspects of the COVID Jihad that I find sinister. There is no compelling reason to drag children into it. There’s not even a not-so-silly reason. But leftids don’t feel they’re really trying unless they exploit children to get us to do what they want. See any teachers’ strike.

We do not know what the so-called “vaccines” will do to patients, say ten years down the road. They are experimental drugs. There are no long-term studies.

And scream and rail against anyone who shows ordinary common-sense prudence. Anti-vaxxer! Racist! Terrorist! Anti-science! Enemy of The People!

Big Science + Big Government = Big Tyranny.

P.S.–If you want to see the video from here, click “The Gateway Pundit” and then click their post, which contains the video.