‘Progressivism Made Simple’ (2013)

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They did it–and they expect us to surrender.

Now that they’ve learned how to steal elections so that our votes don’t matter at all, expect the Far Left Crazy, aka “progressives,” to really go to town in turning America into a broken basket case.

What makes these horrible people tick? Here are seven hints to help you understand where their worthless ideas come from.

Progressivism Made Simple

Getting them out of office is going to be amazingly difficult, now that they’ve made our votes irrelevant.

We want our country back. They aren’t going to give it back. We’ll have to take it.

‘Educational Disaster, and the Racial Grievance Industry’ (2017)

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I suppose they’re going to accuse Walter Williams of being a White Supremacist for pointing out the deficiencies–one might call them intentional crimes–of our overprice, over-funded public education system.

Educational Disaster, and the Racial Grievance Industry

And he doesn’t even get into the cultural aspect of that education system–the purposeful campaign to turn young Americans against their country and all it stands for.

Now, Democrats having stolen a presidential election, we are an inch away from losing our republic. “Education” has played a major role in putting us into jeopardy.

We’d have been better off with no public schools at all.

MSNBC Unloads on Thanksgiving

Who Was at the First Thanksgiving? - HISTORY

And we’re supposed to believe the American people voted for this, and more of it–eh?

MSNBC smeared the Thanksgiving holiday last weekend, calling it “Colonizer Christmas” and accusing the Pilgrims of cannibalism (https://www.westernjournal.com/msnbc-panel-declares-thanksgiving-colonizer-christmas-links-cannibalism/). I don’t know who was the bigger ninny–the host, or the expert guest who said, “At one point Christmas was a time for rich people to open up their houses for people to come in and get stuff.”

Have you ever heard anything more crassly stupid in your life?

But of course these are liberals and liberals always hate their own country, especially if it’s America. (We voted ’em in, eh? No fraud–really?)

There was some starvation and situational cannibalism at the Jamestown Colony in Virginia, when they ran out of food during the winter. Evidence for this was not discovered until this century. But of course the motormouths on MSNBC tried to blend the Plymouth Rock and Jamestown settlements into one mass exercise of white mischief.

You can say schiff like that on TV if you and your guest are “Black” and no one would dare accuse you of racism, let alone ignorance or bald dishonesty.

They’re liberals and they want to Fundamentally Transform our country into a socialist hell-hole, they hate us, they hate our religion, they hate our culture, and they mean to sweep it all away.

And we’re supposed to have voted for that? No lie?

But of course it’s a lie. They’re Democrats.


Commie Thugs Threaten President: ‘Concede or Else’

I don’t know how much credence to give to a “report” by someone who introduces it by trying to sell you a Genuine Israeli Army Gas Mask (!)–c’mon, no home should be without one–but this is 2020 and a lot of weird schiff happens. Like, for instance, we are asked to believe–or rather, told we must believe–that the American people have honest-to-pete elected a doddering fool to be their president. Is that any easier to believe than this “report”?

Anyhow, this guy offers up some Tweets by one “Adam Rahuba” in which the “Antifa leader” warns President Donald Trump that he’d better concede the election toot-sweet or else the Democrat blackshirts will invade “conservative areas” and burn down people’s homes, etc. (https://www.youtube.com/embed/fXnJ5IpmCpQ). Is it so hard to believe that a Democrat would say this?

But then we are also told that Rahuba is “a performance artist” and the whole thing was a prank to fool us silly conservatives (https://www.dailydot.com/debug/adam-rahuba-antifa-prank/). That isn’t especially hard to believe, either.

I’ll never understand why the government didn’t smash Antifa as soon as it first appeared. Maybe some of those crooks in the FBI and elsewhere in the Deep State were protecting them. That’s not hard to believe, either. While nobody did anything about it, the Democrat Party enjoyed several years in which to craft its new doctrine of mob rule and violence.

May God deliver us out of their ungodly hands, and give President Trump victory over all his enemies.

Biden Bragged About Dems’ Voter Fraud Operation

Just in case you missed it the first time, here’s Dodderer-Elect Joe Biden bragging about his Democrat Party having “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud operation in the history of American politics.”

Everybody says it was a slip of the tongue–but was it? Watch his eyes. He’s reading something, isn’t he? He looks at it intently and then opens his mouth, and you’ve heard what came out.

The evidence of fraud in the 2020 presidential election is overwhelming, in spite of what our corrupt and stupid noozies say. Its fraudulent result must be overturned.

Some of you have pointed out that there are times when God chastises us–putting it mildly!–in order to get our attention, because we have a very bad habit of not listening. One of the ways he chastises us is by saddling us with wicked or moronic leaders, blind guides who lead us into the ditch.

We pray nevertheless. We beg the Lord to abate His righteous anger, and to save us from what not only will be an exceedingly dangerous situation–our country governed by fools and thieves with a dotard at the helm–but also an exceedingly shameful one.

We are sinners. We have sinned greatly. It’s how we’ve wound up in this wretched predicament in the first place. But we plead with you, O God, to save us: not for our sake, but for your own great name’s sake: so that the world will see what you do, and that all the world will know that you are God. In Jesus’ name and by the power of Jesus’ name, Amen.

‘They Don’t Like Our Flag, either’ (2016)

Image result for images of students burn american flag

For four whole years leftids have spat curses at normal people, abused us, hated us, and mocked the things that we hold sacred–every day for four whole years.

And now they’ve stolen an election, stolen our country out from under us. At least they think they have.

They Don’t Like Our Flag, Either

They don’t like us and they don’t like our country, and now they’ve got software to change people’s votes. Now they think they’ve got us where they want us.

We pray the Lord will cut them down.


Global Government… by Stealth

Supercomputer Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

So now we know, due to the work of lawyer Sidney Powell, that computers equipped with Dominion software–originally invented to allow Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez to ensure that elections would turn out the way he wanted–can flip an election anywhere in the world. We believe it was used to impose Joe Biden on America; but it can be, and has been, used to control the outcome of elections elsewhere.

Suddenly we have a de facto global government. Now they don’t need to set one up where everyone can see it. Now all the globalist elite has to do is make sure all the key countries are–ahem!–“governed” by their friends and clients. Why fight wars of subjugation, when modern technology can allow you to conquer countries without firing a shot?

“Dominion” is an apt name for it, don’t you think?

Far Left Crazy and its nooze media henchmen are enthused. Now they can control elections.

President Donald Trump’s legal team is fighting a last-ditch battle–or rather, a war–to preserve American independence. The chips are down; and to hear the noozies tell it, Far Left has already won, shut up and be… “governed.” By them.

But now we know what we’re up against. The curtain has been torn away.

With the help of Almighty God we will overcome the tyrants.

Pray often. Pray hard. And spread the word.

‘Idiot of the Year’ (2016)

Terry McAuliffe

Would you buy a used country from this man?

America loses 93 million people a day to gun violence. An idiot said so.

Idiot of the Year

Which idiot was that? Why, Terry McAwful! Sorry, that should be “McAuliffe.” One-time Clinton family bag man, former governor of Virginia, aspired to be the Democat presidential nominee for 2020 but lost out to the not-quite-sentient Joe Biden.

What is it with Democrats and numbers? Remember Biden’s plan to put “700 million women” back to work? McAwful didn’t have any trouble adding high numbers when he was schnorring for the Clintons or romancing the Chicoms. Anyhow, his presidential hopes dried up long before this year’s primaries.

Not that any of the others were any better.

‘Wreaths Across America’–Saved

DVIDS - Images - Wreaths Across America Day in Arlington National Cemetery  [Image 21 of 23]

And so, because of COVID-19, the virus that justifies every cheap, petty tyranny imagined by tinpot bureaucrats, the secretary of national cemeteries cancelled the annual “Wreaths Across America” event at Arlington National Cemetery.

But the next day President Donald Trump, through the secretary of the Army, reinstated it (https://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/army-secretary-directs-arlington-national-cemetery-to-go-forward-with-wreaths-across-america/2478370/).

The celebration, held every year on Dec. 19, pays homage to America’s war dead as volunteers lay wreaths on the graves.

Well, damn, that didn’t work! But we can still make a mess of Thanksgiving, can’t we? Hey, let’s forbid family gatherings and then zip off to Hawaii on our private jets for beaucoup fun! And then we’ll see what we can do about cancelling Christmas.

And we are asked to believe the American people voted for this!

America needs the destruction of the Democrat Party. Sen. Che Schumer says if they can just win those last couple of Senate seats, “We can change America!” Change it into what, he doesn’t say. But now that they’ve stolen a national election, they think they can do anything they please.

Cut them down, O Lord. Cut them down in their pride and arrogance. Cut them down in their hubris. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

GA Senate Hopeful: US Must Repent ‘Worship of Whiteness’

Warnock: 'The Senate could use a pastor' | Ga Fl News |  valdostadailytimes.com

I don’t get it. Why would you want to be a senator of some country you think really stinks of racism and assorted other isms?

Well, one of the Democrats running for senator from Georgia, Rev. Raphael Warnock–who once said you can’t serve God and be in the military–said America must “repent for its worship of whiteness.” Actually he said it in 2016, in a sermon (https://nypost.com/2020/11/16/rev-raphael-warnock-us-must-repent-for-whiteness-worship/).

From what I’ve read of the sermon, the rev and I seem to agree on some of its most salient points. “Of one blood” God made all the peoples of the earth. The Tower of Babel was a symbol of world government by unrighteous human beings. But it’s the rev’s party, not mine, and he, not me, who’s playing racial politics.

He will face Republican Kelly Loeffler in a Jan. 5 runoff, unless she’s withdrawn to some secluded place to repent any worship of whiteness she might have once indulged in.

If “whiteness” is so bad, what about all that “Black” stuff the Left is so high on lately? Oh–that’s good? Well, I admitted I don’t get it.

Democrats think voter fraud has bagged them the presidency. Now they hope it’ll win them the Senate. And then, in Sen. “Che” Schumer’s words, we can “really change America.”

Confound them, O Lord.