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A Distressing Day in the Classroom

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I may have told this story once before, but I want to tell it again.

One day, over 20 years ago, I was substitute-teaching in a public high school classroom. The students had an in-class assignment to work on, there wasn’t much for me to do, so I asked them if they’d mind if I read some of the papers they’d handed in earlier. With their permission, I went ahead.

It was a U.S. history class, and the papers were about the Mexican War. I must have read at least a dozen of them before I stopped. I stopped because I was surprised that every single paper that I read expressed exactly the same opinion: the war was unjust, it was all America’s fault, we had not even a trace of right on our side, boo, hiss, etc. So I spoke to the class about it.

“This must be something new in history,” I said. “The vast resources of the state–in this case, the school building and its personnel, textbooks, computers, teachers–have been used to convince a generation of students that their own country is unworthy of their loyalty. Their country is a bad country. The state is subverting itself. I can’t believe that this can possibly turn out well.” And then the bell rang.

A month or so later, I was in the hall between classes when one of the girls from that history class came up to me with something that she felt she had to say. “I can’t stop thinking about what you said to our class, the last time you were there. I just can’t stop thinking about it.”

I thanked her for that. To know that I actually helped to kick a mind into gear was, in addition to being a surprise, rewarding–personally. I wasn’t wasting my time! Because of something I said, someone was thinking!

Between then and now, though, the public schools and Far Left teachers’ unions have doubled down on their campaign to alienate young people from their country.

So I can’t stop thinking about it, either.

America must really be great, to have survived two decades of this perverse “educational” enterprise. A lesser country would have folded.

But even as we speak, Far Left Crazy is still working on our children’s hearts and minds.

‘Feds Rule “Don’t Tread on Me” Is Racist’ (2016)

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It’s racist because some jerk says so!

That last presidential administration fomented racial strife right up to the day *Batteries Not Included left office. This was one of its gaudiest displays.


What a doctrine! Everything is racist. All it takes is for someone to say so.

This will pick up right where it left off, the dead another Democrat president is inaugurated.

Pray and work to make sure that never happens.

‘Special Tactical Agents’ Sent to ‘Sanctuary Cities’

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“Sanctuary” is such a nice-sounding word; but when libs use it, they’re talking about making America’s cities law-free zones for illegal aliens–many of them criminals.

So President Donald Trump is doing something about it: deploying 100 “special tactical agents” from the U.S. Border Patrol to “sanctuary cities” to help enforce our country’s immigration laws in the face of open and boisterous defiance on the part of city officials (https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/02/14/report-trump-deploying-elite-tactical-agents-to-10-sanctuary-cities/). At the same time, Attorney General William Barr has filed lawsuits against these cities for attempting to nullify federal immigration laws.

The goal is to increase the number of arrests by 35 percent.

Wailing and gnashing of teeth by Democrats.

Why is enforcing our country’s immigration laws controversial? These are laws duly enacted by Congress over the years. They have not been repealed.

But leftids see illegal aliens as a source of illegal votes, to help them get back into power and keep power indefinitely. It’s part of that “fundamental transformation of America” that they’re so high on. Transformation into what, you don’t want to know. Pray we never find out.

The president is doing the best he can to defend our laws and our borders, which is his duty. He’s also trying to keep the campaign promises that got him elected in 2016.

“Open borders” is a prescription for the destruction of our country.  Democrats don’t care if they destroy it, as long as they can rule it.

Crush them in November. All of them.

‘Fighting for America’s Soul: How Sweeping Change Threatens Our Nation’ (2009)

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Robert Knight has been a kind of mentor to me. He played a pivotal role in getting me started in the work I do now.

Fighting for America’s Soul is one of several books Bob wrote while he was with Coral Ridge Ministries. It was an urgent book in 2009. It still is, today.


By 2009 we were into the Obama regime and Far Left Crazy was working furiously to “re-make America” in its own perverted image. And that was before they came up with the transgender revolution. The author wondered if it was too much change, too fast, and whether the American people would wake up in time to save their liberties and way of life.

Did we wake up in time, by electing Donald Trump? We don’t know. But I think we do know that we need to re-elect him; and then, four years later, we’ll have to fight the battle all over again, keeping Far Left Crazy from seizing control of the government and picking up where they left off in 2016–only this time with a ferocious vengeance. Heaven forbid we should have to see it.


School’s Flag Ban Fails

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“Against the rules”? Really?

An “administrator” at Franklin County High School in Virginia this week told students they couldn’t fly the American flag from their pickup truck because the flag is “potentially offensive and disruptive” (https://www.lawenforcementtoday.com/school-tells-students-told-to-remove-american-flags-from-their-trucks-its-offensive/).

“Offensive” to whom? A bunch of citizen-of-the-world wannabes posing as “educators”? Who else in America is offended by the American flag?

So the next day the students staged a whole “caravan” of pickups flying the American flag–and the school backed down. You know: like they always do, whenever the public shows a little backbone. That night the school principal called the student to apologize for “a big misunderstanding.” Oh, so that’s what it was? Not just another case of commie creeps running a public school against the best interests of the public?

The only thing “public” about public education is that the undefended public has to pay for it. We pay, we pay, and then we pay some more. But we have no say in who gets to teach at these schools that we pay for, or what gets taught. All we do is pay.

One of the all-time sucker deals.

They’re Still Trying to Sink the Electoral College

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The Virginia General Assembly this week has defeated a State Senate bill to award all of Virginia’s electoral votes, in a presidential election, to whichever candidate wins the national popular vote (https://www.wtkr.com/news/bill-that-would-award-electoral-votes-to-popular-vote-winner-fails-in-virginia-general-assembly).

Democrats, relying on their numerical advantage in California and New York, are seriously trying to get rid of the Electoral College. This effort is called the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, and here’s how it would work.

Say everyone in Virginia votes for Donald Trump for president. Ordinarily, Virginia’s electoral votes would go to Donald Trump. But say Hillary Clinton, having won California, New York, and Illinois, wins the national popular vote. Under the terms of the “compact,” all of Virginia’s electoral votes would go to Clinton. Even though no one in Virginia voted for her.

Does that strike you as fair to the voters in Virginia?

Our country’s founders created the Electoral College as a protection for the smaller states from being dominated by a few of the most populous states. Without it, California, New York, and Illinois, along with just a few other states, would dominate the country. There would be no need for presidential candidates to court the votes of most of the states. Just win the few biggest ones, and you’re in.

The legal issues involved in this are very far from being untangled, and I won’t try to explain them here. The political issue is that most of the American people do not understand the Electoral College or its purpose and think it would be “more democratic” to have only the popular vote in play.

Stock up on illegal aliens, give them drivers’ licenses, turn a blind eye when they vote illegally–and there you go, your state gets to decide who becomes president.

So far only “blue” Democrat states have joined the “compact.” Don’t tell me that you wonder why.

The Electoral College protects America from being eaten alive by a handful of large states.

We need to keep it.

My Newswithviews Column, Feb. 13 (‘That Crazy Party’)

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Democrats have totally flipped their lids; and if they can win the next election, it won’t be funny.

Here’s some evidence that they’re crazy.

That Crazy Party

And I didn’t even mention the Green New Deal! Or the appointment of judges who believe the accusation is the evidence and don’t need no stinkin’ trial to reach a verdict.

No, it won’t be funny at all.

We’re in Deep Trouble

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(Thanks to Marlene for the nooze tip)

Let’s put it simply: a republic whose free elections may be overturned and undone, by persons who have neither the right nor the authority to do so, is in mortal danger.

That’s us.

We’ve got scandals popping up all over, more characters involved than in The Lord of the Rings. This latest one, billed as a “DC cover-up as big as Spygate,” involves officers of the Justice Dept., major nooze media honchos, and U.S. Senators in a coordinated effort to undo the 2016 presidential election and remove the elected president, Donald Trump, from office (https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2020/02/11/the-dc-cover-up-thats-as-big-as-spygate/).

This month eight shady wheeler-dealers got indicted for funneling foreign money–illegal!–to practically every prominent Democrat in America. The whole world now knows that rogue schemers within the FBI lied to a judge, and presented phony manufactured evidence, to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign.

And there was that whole Mueller probe fishing expedition, which after three years came up with exactly nothing, and the House Democrats’ travesty of an impeachment. Not to mention all the other Dems wetting their beaks in the lucrative pools of Ukrainian corruption. Even a few Republicans there.

I am a political scientist, and have intensively studied history. I’m here to tell you that there’s only so much of this that a republic can take before it collapses. This is what happened to the Roman Republic: subverted and destroyed from within, by ambitious men who didn’t care what happened to their country, as long as they came out on top. You wind up getting ruled by Caligula and Nero.

It’s alarming that not one of these conspirators has yet been packed off to jail. Instead, they get to send other people to prison. Mostly for the crime of having known or worked for Trump at one time or another.

They do it for money, although they’re already rich. They do it to gain more and more power, although they’re already alarmingly powerful. When it comes to wealth and power, they are insatiable.

Unless they’re stopped, unless someone puts the fear of God into them, these self-anointed rulers of ours will destroy our republic. They will wipe out our freedom–probably with the excuse of doing it To Save The Planet. But any excuse will do.

This is not right-wing wacko. These are real people, rich and powerful, people in government, people in media, celebrities, people in the legal system, who have taken it upon themselves to decide who can be president and who can’t, which elections shall stand and which shall not, and we should all just shut up and pay our taxes.

For our American republic it is very much a case of win or die.

8 Indicted for Funneling Illegal Foreign Funds to Dems

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When’s it going to be his turn to be impeached?

(Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip)

Dirty money! Where would our politics be without it?

The U.S. Attorney General has indicted eight persons for cooking up schemes to funnel foreign money–it’s illegal–to a very long list of high-profile Democrats (Adam Schiff, Hillary Clinton of course, Cory Booker, et al) and “almost every Democratic state organization and many super PACs” (https://washingtondailynews.today/bill-barr-indicts-8-for-illegally-funneling-foreign-money-to-adam-schiff-and-multiple-dem-senators/).

Is that what they mean when they babble about being “citizens of the world”?

Does pouring in illegal foreign money count as “tampering with the election”?

To what degree have these foreign donors bought the Democrat Party? To what degree do they own it?

Watch closely. This isn’t a story that our free and independent nooze media are going to shout from the housetops.

The Impeechmint It was Riggded!!!

Image result for images of boris and natasha

Themb dam Russhins thay done “it” “to” us aggen!!!

Yiu know i culd hardlie whait “for” that Impeechmint so we cood “get rid Of” that Donold Trumpt and maik Hillery the pressadint or even “has” Pressadint Obamma “back” so he canbe pressadint aggen,, “this” time for 20twenny yeers or evin moar and i was whaiting and Whaiting for tooday so thay cood “has” “the” Impeechmint

and thenn i fineded Out it was “the” Other Day, Toozeday or somthing!! AND IT DIDNT WHORK!!!!!!!!!! Thay toled me it didnt Whork!!!!

Whell i coodnt beleave it,, it was like In The Bag,, how culd It possablie Not Whork???? i was So up-setted,,, i coodnt evin Eat my Jim sox!!!!

Butt nhow i Know whatt Hapened!! “Yes” nhow “the” Trooth it comed Out!!!

Maxxeen Wauters ((she was Misss Amairicka oncet] she sayed Wat Hapened was, The Russhins, they tamponed whith The Tryall and riggded it so That “it” woodnt Whork!!! Jist like they done whith “the” Elecksion in 2017!!!!! Thay fixed It “and” thay Riggded it!!!!! and that Is whye Trumpt he is goingto “sel” themb Allasker,, Attum Shift he fowned “that” Out!!! He whil selll It “cheep” tooo!!!! and Trumpt he wil Probbly sel themb haffa duzzin Other Stayts “too”!!!!

We was goingto has A Nood Pro-Test tooday but it “is” too Coled!!! and that is Becose Of “globble Wharming” and Climbit Chainge!!! witch is al Trumpts fallt too!!!

I jist “cant” beleave It!!!!!!!!!!

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