‘Banality of Evil Du Jour: Another Phony Hate Crime’ (2016)

Jussie Smollett will return to acting and activism, friend says

Jussie got 150 days in jail for his caper.

This was a couple of years before the famous Jussie Smollett fake hate crime: manufacturing phony hate crimes was already a cottage industry by 2016.

Banality of Evil Du Jour: Another Phony Hate Crime

It would be just to impose on the hate crime fraudster the same penalties he sought to inflict on his victim.

I can’t remember the last time I saw a nooze story about a “hate crime” that turned out to be anything but a hoax. College English professors seem to be particularly drawn to this sort of thing.

‘Amazing! Good News!’ (2016)

Families / High School Graduation Requirements Parent Workshops

As we head into graduation season, let’s pray more young people follow the example set by the students in East Liverpool High School, Ohio.

Amazing! Good News!

Organized Atheism made its usual threat to sue the school district if anyone dared mention the names of God or Jesus Christ during the graduation ceremony. School officials caved–but the senior class didn’t. As they had done at ELHS for some 70 years, the students sang The Lord’s Prayer. And nobody went to jail.

Who knows what high school graduations will look like after a year of COVID quarantine, only recently lifted?

Pray for pushback.

Why Do They Think This Will Workl?

The Handmaid's Tale: Costume designer Natalie Bronfman on dressing dystopia  | Vogue France

Leftids are beside themselves over the impending Supreme Court ruling to strike down Roe v. Wade. Abortion is a sacrament to them. Killing babies is “a woman’s right to choose.” Etc., etc.

Now they want to protest the ruling, which hasn’t yet been handed down but only leaked. And they think the American people are with them, big-time. They think America wants unrestrained abortion.

So what will they do to persuade the people to vote their way–Democrat, in case you really had to ask–in the midterm elections this year?

Ooh-ooh, I know! (waves hand frantically)

Disrupt the Mother’s Day mass at your nearest Catholic Church! Insult Mom and Jesus at the same time! Oh–and make sure to wear your Hand-Made’s Tail costume when you do it. Everybody loved that movie!

I wish I could ask someone: Do libs really think this will work–or are they just so passionately in love with being angry and hating all the time that they don’t really care if they win or lose the fight, as long as there’s a fight and they can bite somebody?

And I think we can safely assume they’re not exactly high on motherhood.

Today’s School Outrage (Yeah, Another One)

6 Egregiously Insane Things Public Schools Have Done Lately (WTF Is Going  On?) | Thought Catalog | Study tips, Study tips college, School study tips

Your school tax dollars at work!

This actually happened last year, but we’re only finding out about it now.

Last year, for grades pre-K through 3 (!) at the Janney Elementary School in Washington, D.C.,”teachers” exposed children to a “presentation” called the “Anti-Racism Fight Club Fistbook” (https://www.theblaze.com/news/anti-racism-elementary-school-dc).

Laced with violent language (“throat punching,” “curbstomping,” etc.) almost to the point of it being a satire of itself–you have no idea how I wish this really were a satire–the “Fistbook” section asks children if they have any family members with “racist beliefs.” We are not told what they expect the kiddies to do if the answer is yes. Rat them out to the Justice Dept.?

And of course the entire curriculum is heavy salted with the usual we-hate-white-people rhetoric.

This is public schooling. This is what your school tax dollars pay for.

But wait, there’s more!

According to the school’s website (https://www.myschooldc.org/schools/profile/48), 72% of the student body is “non-Hispanic white.” So 72% of the kiddies are automatically bad guys until they can somehow prove otherwise?

God help us. What sort of creatures do they have creeping out of the teachers’ colleges these days?

And what kind of parents knowingly allow their children to be “taught” by these creatures?

‘Dems Seek Still More Control Over Nooze Media’ (2019)

The Copyright Battle that Gave Cinematic Life to Dracula ‹ CrimeReads

Let’s have some fun! Provide a caption for this picture, and we’ll see whose is the best.

Ah, that double standard! What would they ever do without it?

Remember this? Democrats wanted to punish Fox News for not running a story that would’ve made Donald Trump look bad (that Stormy Daniels flap, if you remember that). Not running an unfavorable story is “a contribution in kind,” and against the law.

But so is running a favorable story. So either way, they’ve got you.

Dems Seek Still More Control over Nooze Media

Good grief! Remember how they all suppressed the Hunter Biden laptop story? Didn’t want that to see the light of day, did they?

It’s impossible to ensure that only strictly true news stories get published for strictly honest reasons. So our country’s founders decided to publish ’em all and let the public sort ’em out.

Libs just can’t live with that much freedom. It makes their skin break out. If other people who aren’t liberals have freedom, the libs can’t sleep at night.

No Vax? Double Tax!

Great white sharks, facts and photos

The state is a predator, too

Rhode Island–founded by Roger Williams as a haven of religious liberty–came close to passing a law that would have doubled the income tax on parents of children who have not received COVID “vaccines” (https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2022/04/taxation_based_on_vaccination.html).

And get this: the new law would have also required (don’t Democrats just love that word!) employers to fire unvaccinated employees.

We are not told what moved them to draw back from the brink and not enact this incredible, er, “law.” Can’t you imagine how far they might’ve gone? Double tax on smokers! On people who watch Fox News! Double tax if you haven’t attended at least one gay wedding this year! The possibilities are endless.

Not exactly what you had in mind, was it, Roger?

A whole new mechanism of predatory government is being created, right before our eyes. A whole new theory of crime is taking form: the bigger the crime, the better the chances of getting away with it.

Or, as Michael Bloomberg used to say when he was mayor of New York, punitive taxation is just another kind of behavior mod.

‘I Am Liberalism’ (Newswithviews, 2019)

See the source image

My wife says this is the best Newswithviews piece I’ve ever written; so it seemed good to me to post it again, why not?

I Am Liberalism

It’s appalling, how swiftly these grotesque ideas–liberalism–mutate into even more grotesque ideas. But the key here is to be awake, eyes and ears open: they got away with a lot of this stuff because no one was paying attention.

Bit by bit, piece by piece, leftids turned a reasonably peaceful and prosperous country, Venezuela, into a socialist hell-hole where they eat the zoo animals and can’t buy toilet paper. Didn’t we see that happen? Are we going to let it happen here?

Trust in God and reject the liberals.

‘TV “Science Guy”: Jail the Skeptics’ (2016)

I was only making a rhetorical point, six years ago, when I suggested letting all the real criminals out of jail to make room for Climbit Chainge deniers (they hadn’t yet invented the crime of Misgendering–to say nothing of dead-naming). And then along came King COVID, and guess what the Democrats running our big Blue cities did…

TV ‘Science Guy’: Jail the Skeptics

They do want to throw you in jail for not believing them when they say the sky is falling, and they would do it if they thought they had the power. If Donald Trump hadn’t come along in 2016 and stuck a crowbar in their spokes, they might have pulled it off.

So they have let thousands of convicted felons out of jail, to commit more felonies, and don’t think they’ve given up their dream of jailing you for thought crimes. These are people who passionately admire Red China.

God help us if we fail to wipe them out in this year’s elections.

Woke Mob ‘Hunts’ Conservative Student

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It’s “education”… so they say.

Bear in mind that the University of Buffalo, New York, is a state university that receives public funds–taxpayers’ money.

Recently a mob of Far Left “students,” estimated at 200 strong, chased and terrorized a conservative student who had to hide in a rest room until she was rescued by police (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10707747/Moment-woke-mob-hunts-female-student-invited-black-Republican-speak.html).

Why? Because she, as president of the campus chapter of Young Americans for Freedom, invited former Congressman Allen West–who is black–to speak on how he personally overcame racism. This, according to the mob, was an effort to “silence black people”… by allowing a black man to speak. West had to be escorted off campus by police. The mob, meanwhile, pursued the female student.

As they chased her, the crowd shouted the usual leftist endearments: “No justice, no peace!” (I’d love to know what they mean by “justice.”) And “Get her, get her–the girl in the red dress!”

The student said she feared for her life if they caught her. That was surely a rational fear.

Would things like this still happen at UB if the university lost state funding every time they did? Or are we committed to publicly funding lynch mobs?

They probably can’t identify all the students who took part in this, so the only reasonable alternative is to dock the university’s funds until it can prove it’s not a wokie jungle.

If this is what they’re calling “higher education,” then “higher education” needs to go.

Good News: Bad Guys Lose ‘Diversity’ Lawsuit

9 Best Playpen for Toddler [Dec 2020] | Best Baby Playpen, Best Playard for  Baby

Stay in the playpen until white liberals appoint you to some post or other.

Last year California enacted a “mandate” requiring every privately trading corporation to have a member of an “under-represented minority” on its board of directors (https://justthenews.com/government/courts-law/judge-strikes-down-corporate-board-diversity-law-california). The only qualification, as usual, was that this person be a member of a designated cherished Minority.

Last week a judge ruled the whole thing unconstitutional and struck it down. The suit was brought by Judicial Watch and resulted in a victory for sanity and common sense… and the Constitution. Which the “corporate board diversity law” blatantly violated.

The so-called “law” was, as always, the work of white liberals. Minorities can’t cross the street unless white liberals take them by the hand. This makes white liberals feel virtuous. Best of all, it’s all done at other people’s expense!

You’d think self-respecting men and women would refuse to be pigeon-holed as “Minorities” and resent the tacit message that they can’t achieve anything at all without a leg up from Democrats.

Maybe they do resent it; but white liberals don’t care.