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U. of Cal: Saying You’re Not a Racist Means You’re a Racist

(Thanks to Linda for the news tip)

I keep forgetting, so tell me again: you send your sons and daughters to these looniversities because__________ (fill in the blank).

According to a “Guide” published by the University of California, saying you’re not a racist is a sure sign that you are a racist (http://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/university-of-california-guide-saying-im-not-racist-is-racist_03142018).

It’s one of those “microaggressions,” you see, that instantly tips people off that you’re a no-good Racist even if it’s “unintentional” on your part. Whatever you say, whatever you do, proves that you’re a Racist. So is whatever you don’t say, whatever you don’t do.

It’s also a microaggression, according to this great institution of higher education, if you’re “using the term ‘politically correct’ as a pejorative…” Oh, how base! Oh, how despicable! Actually to use the term “politically correct” as a pejorative–it makes you want to sit down and cry!

The only rational response to this bilge–other than saving your money and just not going to these stupid colleges at all–is not to care. Just don’t care. Feel free to answer with a lustily-blown raspberry.


More of Your Tuition Dollars at Work

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A pair of cardinals caring for their babies–and each other. Without benefit of college.

Okay, tell us again: “We send our sons and daughters to these colleges because _______.”

Student Life, the campus newspaper at Washington University, St. Louis, has just published its annual “sex issue,” featuring nude photos of “dozens” of students, according to the College Fix (http://www.thecollegefix.com/post/42613/). “Several struck sexually charged poses.” The issue also offered “useful sexual advice,” including “very specific moves during oral sex,” and “celebrates intersectional feminism,” whatever the hell that is.

Higher education. Hot dog.

I’m not going to open the link to the issue. Being a cultural watchman does not entail being a voyeur. Besides, I’m not a college student anymore.

As for a picture to illustrate this post, I think I’ll opt for a picture that doesn’t illustrate it. And just so you know, it’s not always easy to find a decent picture. You have to traverse a minefield of pornographic images which seem to be thrown into the mix for no reason at all.

Our colleges and looniversities are killing our culture; and one of these days, it’s going to kill us back.

Unless we first de-fund them. The sooner, the better.

Woodrow Wilson’s Favorite Novel

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My grandpa loathed Woodrow Wilson. He had good reason to.

We can learn a lot about what made President Wilson tick by examining his favorite novel, the 1911 literary gem by Edward M. House, Philip Dru: Administrator: A Story of Tomorrow, 1920-1935. In fact, he liked House so much, he made him his top advisor on foreign affairs.

So what’s this colon-rich masterpiece about? It’s about this guy who stages an armed coup and makes himself dictator of the United States–for the country’s own good, of course. Rescues it from the bad guys. And then applies Science, glorious Science, to “cure bad thoughts” and make it, like, impossible for people to be bad anymore. Science, applied by Really Smart leaders with absolute power over our lives, is our salvation. Later on he conquers Mexico and rewrites their Constitution, too. And once they see how great it all turns out, everybody’s really happy.

Now do you see why I call leftid ideology stale, archaic, old hat, trite, cliche-ridden, done to death, moldy, obsolete, and antiquated? Wilson is one of those few old-time Democrats who’d fit right in today. In fact, he’d be indistinguishable from a modern-day globalist leftid. And we can’t say much for his taste in literature, either.

We can’t we get rid of these hoary, cobwebby old statist platitudes?

Because leftism is fruit produced by Original Sin. Only Jesus Christ can root it out.

And someday He will.

You Still Support Public Education???

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Right! Back into the nooze. Hip-deep in muck.

Thanks to an insane Obama policy, public school teachers have become sitting ducks for violent students: and all efforts to remedy the situation are being vigorously opposed by–would you believe the teachers’ unions? (http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/03/02/teacher-coalition-seeks-to-end-obama-school-discipline-policy-a-lot-of-fear-in-schools/)

Last week we told you about the PROMISE Act, by which the federal government rewarded local police departments and school districts for ignoring certain kinds of crimes and thus making the crime rate appear to go down. That was the carrot–and now for the stick.

In 2014 the administration of President *Batteries Not Included sent out a “Dear Colleague” guidance letter (why does “guidance” seem such a threatening word, when leftids use it?) to school districts warning them that the Dept. of Justice–“justice”!–and the Dept. of Education might “investigate” districts where school discipline seems to be applied “disproportionately” to “minority” students.

Well, waddya know! In the wake of government pressure to ignore infractions like disruption, fighting, assaults on teachers, etc., student violence against teachers increased dramatically throughout the public schools. In desperation, in 2016 the Minnesota legislature passed a Teacher Protection Act to remove aggressive students from the classroom and to warn teachers about students who’d shown themselves to be a physical threat.

So of course the American Federation of Teachers gets in on the act–opposing measures to protect teachers from violence! Hey, that’s some union you’ve got there, teachers! The AFT is joined by the usual crowd on the Loony Left–the ACLU, the NAACP, and the Southern Poverty Law Center (taking time out from censoring conservatives on YouTube).

Predictably, the leftids insist that any attempts to rein in “minority” students from violence are… racist! They believe in this thing they call “the school-to-prison pipeline,” it’s systemic racism, to punish juvenile delinquents. To combat “racism,” we have to let certain students physically attack their teachers–not to mention other students. Again, we make the crime rate go down by ignoring it, especially when it’s crime committed by a “minority” criminal.

Hello, normal people! Wake up! These left-wing crazies are wrecking your country and you’re letting them do it! If it goes on much longer, there won’t be anything left to wake up to.

YouTube Admits ‘Mistake’ in Censorship

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Some of you have been complaining about YouTube censoring conservative content, especially that which defends the Second Amendment, guaranteeing our right to bear arms.

Well, you were right. YouTube has admitted doing this. But, they insist, it was only, er, “a mistake” (http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2018/03/01/removal-some-pro-gun-content-was-mistake-youtube-says.html). That means they got caught, and fear the consequences.

According to YouTube, the censorship was an error by a “new team of content managers,” thousands of whom were hired this year. These “newer members may misapply some of our policies resulting in mistaken removals” of non-leftid videos. “We’ll reinstate any videos that were removed in error,” they promise. After all, they were only looking to remove “harmful and dangerous content” posted by “fringe commentators.” Some videos, they add, have already been reinstated.

Oops, sorry, we slipped up–but it was only a mistake, and we’re putting it right, heh-heh.

Meanwhile (thanks to Altie for the news tip), the Health Ranger and others are preparing to launch alternatives to YouTube. Let me see if I can get the link to work: (https://www.naturalnews.com/2018-02-27-health-ranger-to-launch-youtube-alternative-that-protects-free-speech.html).

This story slid past me because I don’t use the social media all that much. Mostly I use YouTube for hymns and cat videos, not politics.

Please, never forget this: The Left does not believe in either the First Amendment or the Second, and will erase them if they can.

Please, never again allow Democrats to take power in our country. The only freedom they believe in is the freedom to fornicate.

‘PROMISE Act’ Shields Criminals

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As hard as I try, I can’t keep track of all the mischief done to my country by liberals in government. Here’s one I hadn’t heard of until today: President *Batteries Not Included’s 2014 PROMISE Act–which massaged crime statistics by rewarding local police departments and school districts for not reporting certain crimes: mostly misdemeanors, but also some lesser felonies (https://www.rushlimbaugh.com/daily/2018/02/27/promise-program-exposed-by-this-show/).

Well, that’ll make the crime rate go down–simply not arresting or charging offenders.

It also makes a joke of background checks on persons, especially young people, seeking to buy firearms. The vendor checks the background of a chronic offender and, behold–there’s nothing there.

So, if you want to get federal grants, via the unspeakably corrupt Dept. of Justice, for your local police department or school district, you just turn the other way and don’t write it down, don’t take any action, when certain crimes are committed by certain people. It’s supposed to be for “racial justice” or something.

It reminds me of a friend I had in high school. On the dashboard of his aging car, the oil light kept flashing. So he taped a piece of paper over it. Problem solved! Until, of course, the car went belly-up and died.

Could we, like, repeal the PROMISE Act? And please never, ever again allow Democrats to run the country? I mean, just because they really and truly don’t care who gets hurt, who gets killed, by them putting their crazy ideology to work…

Oh, Boy! Free Money!

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Two Morlocks with their lunch…

Gee, wouldn’t it be great if Uncle Sam sent you a check every month, just for being you? Just for existing? They could call it a “Universal Basic Income,” you’d get it with no strings attached, whether you worked or not. And a lot of Real Smart People say this would get rid of “inequality” (studio audience boos, hisses) and replace it with “equality” (studio audience wildly applauds).

Ten years ago, before Obama, 12% of Americans supported this immoral proposal.

Now, after eight years of Obama, a new poll by Northwestern University and Gallup finds that 48% think it’s a swell idea (https://www.cnbc.com/2018/02/26/roughly-half-of-americans-now-support-universal-basic-income.html).

You will surely be surprised to learn that “universal basic income” enjoys its widest support among Democrats (65%!) and “young people,” aka slackers whose worthless collidge educations keep them from getting decent jobs. What’s that? You’re not surprised at all?

Proponents of this scheme pooh-pooh the notion that doling out free money will encourage people to be lazy welfare bums; it will, instead, they say, motivate people to work harder (studio audience explodes with laughter).

Yeah, but we gotta do it because of “rising inequality”! Uh-huh. What do these guys mean by “equality”? Do we all get to have, each and every one of us, his own Clinton Foundation? Do we all get movie star money?

Does anybody really need to have it explained to him why this is such a wicked and asinine idea?

How would you feel about hauling yourself off to work every day while the jidrool next door lolls around at home playing video games–supported in his slothfulness by your tax dollars which you worked to earn? Gee, that would sort of make that gink your master, wouldn’t it? And you his slave.

Why are rich, powerful liberals trying to sell us this? Are they aiming to turn us into Eloi–so that they, the Morlocks, can eat us? Is that all it’s about–cannibalism?

You just never know with leftids.

So You Told the Cops About This Nut and Nothing Happened

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A few days ago, a woman in Winchester, Massachusetts, not far from Boston, went to her local public library. And a nut jumped out and stabbed her to death with a hunting knife. He also stabbed a 77-year-old man who tried to help her. She died. The Good Samaritan is in the hospital.

And it turns out the nut’s neighbors were afraid of him, reported him to the police numerous times… and nothing happened (https://www.nbcconnecticut.com/news/local/Winchester-Massachusetts-Stabbing-Winchester-Public-Library-475047473.html).

Uh, why do we need our right to bear arms?

You’re menaced by the bad guy, and either the police simply can’t get there in time to save you, or they just ignore the situation until someone gets killed. Maybe they’re busy investigating some really important hate speech incident. Too bad someone on the scene didn’t have a hand gun. But you can’t have a hand gun for self-defense in Massachusetts.

Yes, the neighbors knew this guy was trouble. He kept trying to break into other people’s homes. He kept damaging other people’s property. All we get from “the authorities” is that he was “known to the police.” Hot dog.

Now a young woman is dead and an old man is in the hospital because he tried to save her. The man is a hero, but the woman is dead–because no one there had the means to stop the killer before he could finish off his victim.

But apparently that’s OK with liberals.

The Square Root of Panic

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Just a few days after the latest school shooting in Florida, police in Louisiana swung into action in response to a possible “terrorist threat” involving the mathematical symbol for the square root (https://fellowshipoftheminds.com/2018/02/23/insanity-police-called-to-louisiana-high-school-because-of-square-root-symbol/). And no, I will not bother to explain what a square root is. It troubles me that reports of this story in the Big Media all seem to find it necessary to do that.

Anyway, some high school kid was doing his math assignment, in which square roots were involved, and some other kid looked over his shoulder and observed that the square root symbol “looked like a gun.” Then some other student “said something” that spooked the school officials, who called police, who searched the student’s home, and at the end of the day it was all a lot of nothing.

OK, it was just a couple of days after a major calamity and people–especially school administrators and police–were jumpy. I can’t blame them for that. Only there are hundreds, if not thousands, of examples of police descending on schools because they were called by wacko school officials reacting to trivia or nonsense. Here in New Jersey a couple years ago, we had the State Police swooping down on a school because some little kid called a brownie “a brownie.” Racial incident, you know. Call the cops. School officials are idiots for over-reacting and the cops are fools for not arresting said idiots and charging them with wasting police time.

Meanwhile, liberals keep on trying to stampede America into some easy solution–like, for instance, disarming all law-abiding people–to the massive cultural disaster they have inflicted on our nation. “School shootings,” now a commonplace noun, were unheard-of before the Left really sank its teeth into America during the Sixties.

Kill the culture, and the culture will kill you back.

And chasing down supposed pictures of guns–uh, Officer, have you ever seen a modern video game, or gone to the movies lately?–only makes you look like ninnies.

‘University’s War on Reality’ (2015)

Have they really been at war with “binary pronouns”–that is, ordinary human speech–for three whole years? In all that time, how is it that we have failed to defund the colleges and looniversities?

We really need to get busy doing that!


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