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My Newswithviews Column, Sept. 19 (‘Dumbed-Down Kids for Leftist Folly’)

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Whoopee! Tomorrow is the Youth Climate Strike!

Having turned them into zombies, it only remains to order them to march. They protest what they’ve been told to protest. It’s both pathetic and appalling.

Dumbed-Down Kids for Leftist Folly

How many times do we have to say this? The Far Left, the Democrats, will do absolutely anything to acquire power: tell any lie, cook any election, destroy anyone who stands in the way. “Climate change” is their biggest lie to date, and the reason that they cling to it is because they view it as their best chance to create a global government with themselves in charge.

These people are not your friends.

And sending your children to be “educated” at schools run by Far Left teacher unions borders on the suicidal.

‘Fire Chief Fired for Having Christian View on Marriage’ (2015)

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They couldn’t put it out–but who cares, as long as the fire chief supports gay marraige?

If you’re not on board for “gay marriage,” you shouldn’t be allowed to earn a living–right? I mean, this is America, its whole reason for existing is to promote gay-ness…

So the mayor of Atlanta fires the city’s fire chief because the guy publicly asserted (in a book he co-authored) that marriage consists of a man and a woman.


Now it consists of a couple of Buttagigs. A couple of anything. And don’t you dare say it doesn’t, or the Loving Left will sacrifice you to their god, Satan.

Let me say it for the record: “Gay marriage” is a satanic enterprise and a spiritual pollution for which nations that practice it will suffer. It is an evil innovation that has come along only in my own lifetime and which would be horrifying and totally incomprehensible to the human beings inhabiting thousands of years of history.

But if the choice is between a fire chief who can put out fires, and one who can’t, but is on fire for “gay marriage”–well, having your house burn down seems a small enough sacrifice to make, doesn’t it?

Beyond Putrid: Dem Books for the Kiddies

(Photo originally from National Review)

Coming soon to the children’s section of your local public library, and paid for with the tax money that you worked for–

The ABCs of AOC: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from A to Z

She Persisted: 13 American Women Who Changed the World by the eminent historian, Chelsea Clinton

Nevertheless, She Persisted by Elizabeth Warren

I Dissent: Ruth Bader Ginsberg Makes Her Mark

Muslim Girls Rise, featuring Ilhan Omar

These and others like them will soon be crowding less awful books off the shelves (https://www.nationalreview.com/corner/childrens-books-heavy-handed-politics/). And let’s not forget their 2016 forerunner, Hillary Rodham Clinton: Some Girls Are Born to Lead.

Nominating people for sainthood while they’re still alive is, well, tacky, don’t you think? And nominating live politicians for sainthood is grotesque. But the libs are coming for your children’s minds, and to them there’s no such thing as “too early for this s***.”

How did it turn out that just about everything that has the word “public” in its title is actually hostile to the public, contemptuous of the public, and working to undermine the public’s best interests? This includes, sadly, our public libraries. The people who run them despise us. They want to saddle us with left-wing tyrants.

I think I need a barf bag.

Hillary Mocks America

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The moment any Democrat sets foot on foreign soil, he or she disses America. It’s in their DNA; they can’t control it. I don’t mind that they travel a lot. I just mind that they come back.

The latest is Hillary Clinton, who’s been mocking America from the safety of Venice, Italy (https://tammybruce.com/2019/09/sad-story-hillary-sits-at-mock-resolute-desk-reading-her-emails-at-venice-art-exhibit.html). As part of some kind of art exhibit, she sits at a fake Resolute Desk in a fake Oval Office, reading her leaked e-mails–60,000 pages worth.

This supposedly demonstrates that there was nothing in any of her Secretary of State e-mails that was at all sensitive, secret, dangerous, or simply not to be revealed. Smirking, the most corrupt woman in the northern hemisphere riffles the stack of papers and says, “They’re just so boring!”

Oh–are they? If they are, then why did you go to such extraordinary lengths to delete them or destroy them? You even had some of your goons smashing hard drives with hammers. Plus it’s a felony, for which others have had to go to prison, to handle classified material negligently–to say nothing of with a total disregard for anything even suggestive of security.

Anyway, there she is in a foreign country, laughing at America and yukking it up over the way she’s gotten away with one crime after another. Haw, haw.

Can’t we find some lawful way to banish her?

‘Race-Baiting Is a Sin’ (2016)

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Since I posted this three years ago, Democrats have never taken a single day off race-baiting–morning, noon, and night they’re at it. In this they sin.


Goading and manipulating people to hate each other, for the sole reason that it helps you politically, is a gross and serious sin. Not that there’s ever a good reason to stir up strife where people would otherwise be at peace with one another. But I have learned that there’s just about nothing Democrats won’t do to grab power. And I mean that quite literally.

Are we so immoral and foolish ourselves, that we would ever allow this party to have power over our country?

Please thank about that!

When Clinton Tried to ‘Neutralize Talk Radio’

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No one noticed it when it was happening in 1996. Certainly no one reported on it. But now it’s turned up in documents kept in the Clinton Presidential Library. Rather foolish of them to hold on to these.

With the support of the Bill Clinton presidential administration, the Democrat National Committee embarked on a secret program to train 4,000 operatives to “inundate talk radio” with Democrat talking points (https://www.redstate.com/alexparker/2019/09/11/report-the-dnc-launched-an-initiative-to-infiltrate-talk-radio-are-their-instructions-still-being-followed/). Its purpose was to “neutralize” talk radio going into the 1996 election. They called it “the Talk Radio Initiative.”

Ops received a three-hour training session in which they learned what to say and how to say it, how to deceive the host, how to deceive the audience, etc. But it wasn’t long before talk show hosts noticed “the same language on the same subjects and the same arguments.”

How much did this cost, and who paid for it?

I think I can safely say Republicans never would have thought of this; and even if they did, they’ve be afraid to try it. Afraid of being called “racists.” And if somehow they found the nerve to try it, they surely would have blundered and been caught–like, right away. But Democrats kept their little scheme a secret for almost 25 years.

Why do Democrats work so hard to get political power? There’s almost nothing they won’t do to obtain it, no lie they won’t tell, no career they won’t destroy. Why? Is it just because political power means money–and plenty of it? Or does their lust for power over other people have a deeper, darker source?

They really do have to be put out of business. For good.

Another New Low for the New York Times

Image result for images of rogue airplanes taking aim at world trade center

All the nooze that’s fit to line the bottom of your bird cage

The journalistic dumpster fire that is the New York Times topped itself again yesterday, with this gem posted on Twitter, on the anniversary of 9/11:

“Eighteen years have passed since airplanes took aim and brought down the World Trade Center.” (https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2019/sep/11/new-york-times-now-deleted-tweet-marking-911-claim/)

The airplanes? The airplanes “took aim”?

Can you imagine how little respect the Times has for its readers, that it would ever publish such a thing, even on Twitter?

They also got the death toll wrong, saying it was “2,000” when in fact it was very nearly 3,000.  But heck, who’s counting? They were only useless Americans wiped out by two rogue airplanes.

Readers didn’t much care for this insult to their intelligence, so the Times deleted the stupid tweet and put up one that was somewhat less stupid. This time the culprit was not killer airplanes but “terrorist attacks”–apparently by persons unknown, or by no one in particular: the Times didn’t see fit to identify the enemy. The accurate term is “Muslim terrorists from Arab countries.”

Do you find it a bit grim that the American people, increasingly, are having to do without reliable sources of news? As citizens of a republic, exercising sovereignty at the polls, we need reliable information. Our mainstream nooze media refuse to give us any.

Here’s praying they get replaced by news outlets that will do their level best to give us honest news. I used to work for a newspaper like that, so I know it can be done. The New York Times doesn’t want to do it, that’s all.

‘Our Evil, Mindless Government’ (2014)

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Was it really only eight years? It felt a lot longer than that!

People have short memories. How many have forgotten how truly awful the Obama presidency was?


It was a festival of lawlessness. It was a celebration of all things perverse, insane, and wrong. We are blessed that our republic somehow managed to survive. But enough harm was done so that the next Democrat regime might finish us.

Use the power of the IRS to punish citizens for their politics? Oh, yeah!

But don’t let them catch you holding any bake sales…

Can They Tell You When to Speak and What to Say?

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Government: they always want you to worship their golden image

Laws used to mostly tell you what you couldn’t do. Now, increasingly, they tell you what you must do: including what to say and when to say it.

The state of Minnesota threatened a husband-and-wife videography team with fines and a jail term if they persisted in not filming same-sex “weddings,” which they would not do because it would violate their Christian religious beliefs. The couple sued the state, a court dismissed it–but now a federal appeals court has revived the couple’s lawsuit and ruled for it to go forward (https://www.saukvalley.com/2019/08/23/federal-appeals-court-rules-for-st-cloud-couple-seeking-to-deny-same-sex-wedding-film-services/aieyc6y/).

It is, of course, a First Amendment issue. Where is religious liberty, as guaranteed by our Constitution, if one can be forced to say and do things that are against one’s religion? Like, you have to obey the homosexual or else wind up in jail? What kind of country is that?

To the Far Left Crazy, homosexuality and other kinds of sexual aberration are sacred, holy, never to be questioned, and everyone must “affirm” and “celebrate” these abominable things or else be punished by the all-powerful State.

We reject this vision. We reject this false religion. We pray that the Minnesota couple’s lawsuit will succeed; but if not–

“O Nebuchadnezzar… If it be so, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace, and He will deliver us out of thine hand, O king. But if not, be it known unto thee, O king, that we will not serve thy gods, nor worship the golden image which thou has set up.” (Daniel 3:16-18)

‘The Hatchery of Stalinism’ (2014)

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Since I wrote this little essay, we’ve had five years to fix this problem; and we haven’t so much as lifted a finger to do it.


Our, ahem, colleges and universities are being used against us, purposely used to alienate young people from their country, to turn them into willing, brainless tools for would-be tyrants. And we let them do it.

Freedom is not natural to fallen man. It is rarely achieved and only maintained with difficulty.

Defund the colleges–before they put freedom out of business.

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