Did Pfizer Purposely Mutate the COVID Virus?

This 9-minute video is turbulent and confusing, but important:

Project Veritas reporter James O’Keefe confronts Pfizer director Jordan Walker to ask him about statements he’d made–recorded by O’Keefe–to the effect that Pfizer was “directing the evolution” of the COVID virus. O’Keefe is seeking either a confirmation or a denial: “He [Walker] is on tape talking about mutating the COVID virus.” Walker’s excuse: “I thought I was on a date.” Oh. Yeah, you spout a lot of poobah to impress your date.

The discussion breaks into a scuffle as Walker tries to grab O’Keefe’s iPad and attack the cameraman. He also calls the police. O’Keefe rescues his damaged equipment and departs before the police can get there.

So what’s the story? Did Pfizer commit (I do not use this phrase lightly: it’s from the Nuremberg trials) “crimes against humanity”? Or was this just some idiot trying to impress his date by boasting about things he didn’t actually do? Seems a strange thing to boast about, to me.

Let’s see how the, ahem!, nooze media cover the story.

They’re A-OK with THIS Racism

Texas Horned Lizard (Phrynosoma cornutum)

A lizard is a lizard no matter who’s looking at it, black or white. And that goes for the rest of reality.

Didn’t we used to believe that it’s not who you are, but what you can do, that counts? Didn’t we separate from Europe because we didn’t want “who you are,” anymore, to be the trump card? We wanted “what have you earned” to be more important than any accident of birth.

Totally out of keeping with values that for centuries defined the New World, a taxpayer-funded theater in Ottawa (but of course), Canada, will feature a “Black Out Night” in which only persons who “identify as Black” (their capital B, not mine) will be allowed in to see the performance (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/01/black-taxpayer-funded-canadian-theater-announces-black-performances/). That’s the National Arts Center, by the way. When it’s not the National Blacks-Only Arts Center.

How is this okay?

Can I get in if I “identify as Black”?

Why would anybody want to see this claptrap in the first place?

Yeahbut, yeahbut! If there’s only Black POCs in the audience… oh, man, they can talk to each other! They can share their Black experience!

This caper has “White Liberal Idiot” written all over it. You know they’d never allow a whites-only night. Sheesh! Like you can’t talk with someone if their skin color’s not the same as yours?

If we don’t save our culture, the Wokies will destroy it.

We Win a Culture War Skirmish

An image of the M&Ms ‘spokescandies’ after they rebranded. Green M&M for example, is no longer wearing her signature “sexy” outfit because she’s a “feminist” now.

This is what you get when corporate Woke types who have no sense of humor try to be amusing.

Somehow I missed the whole Woke M&Ms gambit, probably because I don’t watch TV. I’m glad I missed it. I mean, yeesh! You can’t grab a little snack without some plastic-headed wokies shoving their stupid politics down your throat?

So there was a huuuge backlash against lesbian and “fat-accepting” M&M “spokescandies” and the corporation had to back down, announcing that the annoying, preachy spokescandies are to be replaced by “the beloved Maya Rudolph.” Beloved by whom? I never heard of her. It seems she was on Saturday Night Live for a while. I don’t feel any the poorer for not knowing who she is.

Now of course the Far Left Crazy never admits they’ve been defeated; so the most we could get out of the corporation was an announcement that the Woke Spokescandies campaign would be subjected to “an indefinite pause.” Sort of like when a public school teacher is “suspended indefinitely” after mooning his 3rd-grade class. “Indefinitely” means he’ll be back when it all blows over.

I call it a skirmish instead of a battle, because for us normal people the stakes, while important enough in their own right, were relatively small: we could always just not buy M&Ms. We need bigger culture war victories than these–but a lot of small victories could add up to a big one. We probably can’t get the teachers’ unions or the American Library Assn. to repudiate “transgender.” But by putting our kids into homeschooling and voting down school and library budgets every year… well, wait a minute. Why should we ever stop doing that? If it make ’em groan, keep doing it.

Stupid! How to Jack Up Your Crime Rate

Get Out Of Jail Free Art - Pixels

A man in Texas was charged with assault and kidnaping–choked his girlfriend and put her in fear of her life–and the judge set bail at $2 (!), one dollar for each count (https://dailycaller.com/2023/01/23/kidnapper-released-charged-again/).

Win a tin-foil hat if you can’t guess what happened next!

Yeah, that’s right: a few days later the bad guy did it again, attacked the same woman, and had to be arrested again. This time somebody noticed he had, oh, eight prior convictions… so they set his bail at $60,000. He’s waiting for some prominent Democrat to come along and pay it for him.

What’s next? Well, that’s obvious, isn’t it? By and by they won’t bother with the arrest at all!

At which point our country will collapse, drowned in its own crime rate.

It is difficult, if not impossible, to believe that this is not what “progressives” actually intend.

The Davos Doom-Fest

The World Economic Forum is shifting into gear at their annual Davos pow-wow.

First it’s Al Gore going completely cuckoo for cocoa puffs over “boiling oceans.” And “rain bombs.” He warns that we will see “the end of self-governance”… unless we give him and his playmates unlimited power.

Then it’s Klaus Schwab gabbling about how they’re gonna “master the future.” Oh, yeah. “You will own nothing, and you will be happy,” is his pitch. We’ll own nothing, they’ll own everything.

And then John Kerry! Did you know he’s one of “a select group of human beings”? God help us–who made that selection?

Tucker Carlson is right. These people could easily pass for comic-book super-villains; but they are also puffed-up buffoons. That’s a deadly combination.

If you conscientiously bred ninnies for 100 generations, this bunch is what you’d get.

Globalist Brew: It’s Poison

The Dark, Magical and Mysterious Power of Poison | WNYC News | WNYC

[I’m thinking of expanding this into next week’s Newswithviews piece.]

Later this month the globalist coven will gather at Davos for their annual wingding, brewing up misery for the normal people of this fallen world.

They add the ingredients one at a time; and if you add ’em all up, it’s poison.

They want to take things from us. Things like gas stoves, privately-owned cars, privately-owned homes, our means of self-defense… and anything else they happen to think of. “You will own nothing–and you’ll be happy.” That’s their pitch. If it appeals to you, there’s something wrong with you.

They mean to take our children and erase our families. Public education now consists of stocking school libraries with pornography, presenting drag queens as children’s entertainment, selling transgender for all they’re worth–“What makes you so sure you’re a boy? Wouldn’t you be happier as a girl? We can make it happen!”

If this package is not satanic, what is?

There are those who are fighting back. They need and deserve our full support.

Appeal to the righteous Judge of all the earth–and resist.

Don’t be on the wrong side when the saints go marching in.

‘Climate Change Crazies: They’re Gonna Force Us to Obey?’ (2019)

See the source image

Do they truly think they’re scaring us?

Globalist fat-heads, just a few years ago, were talking about sending in United Nations goon squads to force supposedly sovereign nations–well, heck, they thought they were sovereign!–at gunpoint to obey their globalist fat-head “climate change mandates.”

The main intended target, everybody knew, was the United States.

Climate Change Crazies: They’re Gonna Force Us to Obey?

But of course ridiculous B.S. like that was never going to get anywhere with Donald Trump in the White House.

We should definitely take warning from it, though. They want a global government so bad, they can taste it. Run by themselves. That sound you hear in the background is Chinese communists and Muslim throat-slitters laughing hysterically.

And please do remember that those ultra-repressive “mandates” are for Them to dream up and for you to endure… if you can.

My Newswithviews Column, Dec. 22 (‘Yes, It’s World War III’)

Now is the time for a 'great reset' of capitalism | World Economic Forum

They’ll swallow us whole…

My wife thinks this is one of my best columns ever. I don’t know. I thought it over for several days before I tried to write it.

World War III is already with us… but except for incidents like Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it’s not a shooting war.

That’s what makes it so dangerous.

Yes, It’s World War III

Doesn’t it seem to you that all these Far Left brilliant ideas, radical policies, and incomprehensible agendas add up to one thing–the extinction of the human race?

Don’t think that notion doesn’t turn them on.

WEF Honcho: ‘Let’s Be Like China!’

Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder and President of the World Economic Forum, listens during the "For Hope" session of the 32nd Annual Meeting of the...

The bad guy looks like this.

Klaus Schwab is the No. 1 Non-elected D***-head of the World Economic Forum, a gang of pharaohs in search of an Egypt. Appearing on Chinese national TV recently, Mr. Swab said, “The Chinese model is certainly a very attractive model” for world governance (https://freerepublic.com/focus/f-bloggers/4111376/posts).

Yowsah. China’s “a role model for many countries.” A role model for “the systematic transformation of the world.” The WEF says so!

Which part of that model does he like best? Slave labor? A “social credit system” peering over everybody’s shoulder? Forcible organ harvesting? The drive to exterminate the Uighurs? I mean, it’s just so great! You’d certainly want to do everything they do!

God help the human race–the predators are running wild.

Kerry: ‘Create Demand’ for Stuff the Plebs Don’t Want

13 Controversial Photos That Ended or Threatened Political Careers

Wind-surfing his way into your wallet

While we’re waiting (and waiting and waiting…) to find out how last week’s election turned out, and how much of our country the Democrats stole this time, a former presidential candidate, Odious John Kerry, has been huddling with his globalist pals to find more ways to stick it to normal people.

His idea, which he let slip out the other day, is to “create demand signals in the market where they don’t exist” (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/11/john-kerry-spills-beans-u-n-s-cop27-meeting-want-replace-capitalism-new-economic-system/).

That is to say, manipulate people into thinking they want such goodies as electric cars costing more than your house, fake meat grown in labs, biscuits and cookies made from powdered crickets, etc., etc.

We are governed by people who despise us and hate us, and John Kerry’s one of them.