Bravo, Bravo Ms. Meloni!

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Italy’s new prime minister, Giorgia Meloni

Globalist big shots and their toadies in the nooze media are crying rivers over the election of Giorgia Meloni as Italy’s prime minister. Her Brothers of Italy Party pummeled a coalition of leftids, 43% to 26% (with another 31% wandering aimlessly in a political limbo).

I’m already jealous of Italy; but they’ve done something about their problems, and I wish them well.

Dig this excerpt from her victory speech! I quote at length.

Why is the family an enemy? Why is the family so frightening? There is a single answer to all these questions. Because it defines us. Because it is our identity. Because everything that defines us is now an enemy for those who would like us to no longer have an identity and to simply be perfect consumer slaves.

And so they attack national identity, they attack religious identity, they attack gender identity, they attack family identity. I can’t define myself as: Italian, Christian, woman, mother. No. I must be citizen x, gender x, parent 1, parent 2. I must be a number.

Because when I am only a number, when I no longer have identity or roots, then I will be the perfect slave at the mercy of financial speculators. The perfect consumer.

Excuse me while I stand up and cheer! The noozies are all smearing her as “far right.” Shee-yit, they don’t even know anybody on the “far right.” They just freak out whenever they encounter anyone who’s not them.

God help us, we’ve got SloJo in the White House.

Yo, Italy! Can we borrow Ms. Meloni when she’s finished her work over there?

You STILL Support Public Education?

LGBTQIA2S+ Safe Educator Badge — Gender Inclusive Schools

Yowsah, yowsah! Make sure your child’s “teacher” wears an “Affirming Educator” Badge… which “sends the message to your [the teacher’s] school community that you are a total moral imbecile–oops: that should read ‘trusted educator and ally’.” And hey! Isn’t that the Gay Pride/Trans Pride flag?

They’re not mandatory yet (!), so teachers have to buy ’em, at $5.40 to $9.00 each. Affirm every sexual aberration you can think of! And probably some you haven’t thought of yet.

Aw, hell, they don’t really have to be mandatory, do they? The teachers who wear ’em will make life intolerable for those who don’t. Remember! It isn’t bullying or harrassment when Social Justice warriors do it!

So… do you jump into this tar pit with the teachers’ unions? Or just toss your children to them? Any which way you choose, you’re still paying for these schools–teacher pensions and all.

Has our whole civilization gone positively senile? Is there any hope for us to snap out of this insanity?

Pray hard. Then pray harder.



‘Deplorable People Have Too Many Babies’ (2016)

Graphene Shield Shows Promise in Blocking Mosquito Bites - NIH-funded  project shows graphene could provide alternative to chemicals in insect  repellant and protective clothing.

Mosquitoes suck our blood. Leftids suck away our posterity.

Go ahead, ask any Climbit-Change-spouting liberal–do regular, normal people have too many babies? Betcha you can guess what they’ll say.

Deplorable People Have Too Many Babies!

With the way the Far Left Crazy has been pushing abortion, puberty blockers, transgender surgical mutilation, it’s a wonder we have any babies at all. What are they going to do when there are no more normal people’s children left for them to propagandize and parasitize?

But then most parasites wind up killing the host, don’t they?

Irish Teacher Jailed (!) for ‘Wrong Pronouns’

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Remember when you had to commit a crime, to go to prison? Rob a store in New York or San Francisco, nothing happens.

But in Ireland now, if you won’t knuckle under and use the “right” pronoun–the transgender-affirming pronoun–for that you’ll go to prison. Which is where teacher Enoch Burke is now (

Not calling a boy a girl, or a girl a boy, because they demand it; using “he” or “she” for the gender-neutral and totally ungrammatical and stupid impersonal “they”–these got Mr. Burke jail time. He also said, “I will not give up my Christian beliefs.” What? You refuse to sacrifice to the Emperor? To the Colosseum with you! (Yeah, we’ve been here before.)

Is this really how we want to live? Really? Is there any reason we should? Say what they demand you say, or go to prison! Who honestly and truly wants this? Besides Democrats and trannies, I mean.

It’s in Ireland now. It’d be here this afternoon if the Biden Regime had its way. “Lock ’em all up! Everyone but us! Lock ’em up and take their stuff!”

Who wants this?

You Ol’ Racist, You!

Comedian Terrence Williams decided to launch a new brand of pancake mix–with his picture on the package. Well! This is Racism, dontcha know! And it has earned him a 90-day suspension from Facebook (

Does he look like a white supremacist to you?

He isn’t taking it lying down. The suspension, he says, “has everything to do with me being MAGA.” Well, heck–supporting Donald Trump? As SloJo Biden has said, if you do that, “You ain’t black.”

I feel a sudden desire to buy Cousin T’s Pancake Mix.

Lawsuit Challenges Anti-White Teachers’ Contract

Scenes from the frontlines of the Minneapolis teachers ...

“The Heart of the Community”… God forbid

Well, that didn’t take long, did it? Minneapolis signs a flagrantly racist teachers’ contract–white teachers fired first, re-hired last, “Educators of Color” get all the breaks–and now it’s going to court (

Why did the school board sign that contract? Because the “teachers” went on strike and wouldn’t come back to work unless the board caved in to their demands. Someday some school district ought to just let the teachers strike and be damned.

Now, if this policy is not boisterously, overtly, in-your-face racist, then what is? If the same thing were done in favor of white teachers, the libs and noozies would be screaming bloody murder and calling for prosecutions. But “Educators Of Color” have to be coddled and protected, don’tcha know.

Why? Well obviously to punish Whitey for things done by other people in the past. And to make white liberals feel righteous. Many people have to pay so that libs can look in a mirror and smirk.

Quick question: Do I still get fired first and re-hired last if I identify as an Educator Of Color? And if they refuse to Affirm my identity, that makes them Haters–right? And I get several million dollars–right? (What? You’ve hard all this before?)

This is probably on its way to the Supreme Court.

‘The World the Libs Would Build’ (2017)

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Five years have passed since I wrote this; and the danger has grown greater, not less. The world’s self-proclaimed elites are out to enslave us, and if they half to kill us all to do it, that’s okay with them.

The World The Libs Would Build

Look what they did to us in the “pandemic”–and they’re just getting started! What wonderful new powers will vote-by-mail give them? They’re already calling most of us “useless eaters,” fit only to be sedated by drugs and video games.

Call upon the almighty Lord of Hosts: He can cut them down.

Minneapolis ‘Teachers’: Race Hustlers

Scenes from the frontlines of the Minneapolis teachers strike: From parents  who picket to teachers who won't | MinnPost

“Heart of the community”–unless you’re white

So they had a two-week teacher strike back in March, but now they’ve kissed and made up and the Minnesota Federation of Teachers and the Minneapolis school district are about to sign a contract.

A blatantly racist contract.

For years and years, pretty much everywhere, whenever a district had to lay off teachers, it went according to seniority: last in, first out.

This contract will call for laying off white teachers first and re-hiring them last. Because they’re white. ( And because it’s so important to punish somebody, anybody, for something done by other people some time ago!

Attorneys have warned the district and the, uh, “teachers” that the proposed contract violates both the U.S. and the Minnesota constitutions. No one’s listening. It’s flagrant racial discrimination, but no one cares. It’s white liberals exercising virtue that other people have to pay for. They call it “Educators of Color protections.”

This is what they “teach”? This is the example they’re going to set for the children in their classrooms?

Why do we put children into their hands? Would someone please explain that?

Prayer Request: Our Country (2017)

Biblical prayer for healing of body and soul

Jeremiah at prayer

Going into 2020, America was humming like a finely-tuned machine. Now look at us. Didn’t take Democrats long to plunge us into the tar pit, did it?

We needed to pray five years ago. We need it more now.

Prayer Request: Our Country

The Swamp, the corruptocrats, the nooze media, and our (aaaak!) so-called schools and colleges work night and day, every night and every day, to destroy our country and debase the entire human race. If not wipe it out.

But “greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world” (1 John 4:4): God Almighty, Jesus Christ our King, will overcome the evil ranged against us.

Pray, and work, and dare to speak the truth–for God is with us, and not with them.

Oh, No! We’re Eating Too Much Protein!

Heavy Gauge Aluminum "Outhouse" Bathroom, Outhouse Novelty Sign - FREE  SHIPPING | eBay

Remember these? What do you want to bet the WEF will try to bring them back? For us, of course–not for them.

Here come da Science! Here come da Science!

So dash it all, we’re eating too much protein, Scientific American says (, and we’d better stop because our pee has too much nitrogen in it and it’s polluting our water and there’s too many of us eatin’ too much protein… [Pause for hyperventilation]

We thought they just wanted us to settle for bug-burgers and cricket loaf, but it turns out that bugs and lentils etc. also contain protein and we’re peeing out too much nitrogen… but not to worry! We’ve got options.

1) Stop peeing.

2) Just don’t eat protein. Well, hardly any. Candy’s just as good for you as beef, according to Scientists.

3) Kill off half the human race. World Economic Forum describes most of us as “useless eaters.”

Whichever option we choose, growing the government into an all-powerful behemoth is an indispensable part of the plan. “Resistance is futile” has to be more than just a slogan!

And anyone who disagrees with Science should be beaten senseless.