‘Entering the Age of Fictional News’ (2015)

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I run this post every couple years or so as a reminder that the globalist devil never, never sleeps–and won’t be happy till he’s devoured all our freedoms. Global Warming/Climate Change is his most powerful scam.

Entering the Age of Fictional News

Yes, they’re still at it today, every day. Acquiring wealth and power for themselves [notice I did not say “themself”] is their whole reason for living.

And oh! how the world’s nooze media are behind it, pushing for all they’re worth!

May the Lord deliver us out of their hands.

‘Has Berkeley Killed the First Amendment?’ (2017)

Berkeley: a history of disobedience - in pictures | US news | The Guardian

Have they ever known what they were talking about?

When I was in college, “Berkeley” and “free speech” were synonymous. Boy, how that’s changed!

Has Berkeley Killed the First Amendment?

Democrats, liberals, radicals, commies–all the same thing, really–believe in free speech fore themselves–as long as it conforms 100% to The Party’s ideology–and shut the hell up or else for the rest of the human race.

If we can keep our civil liberties, it’ll be no thanks to them.

[Back from the eye doctor, sorry for the delay. He dilated my eyes so I can’t see what I’m typing. Please take that into account.]

‘Globalist Fat Cats Want Us to Eat Weeds’ (2020)

Beware This Plant - SNJ Today

Inkberries! Oh, boy! Do you feel lucky today?

Not content with exhorting us plebs to eat bugs, the World Economic Forum now wants us to eat weeds, too. This has the added advantage of exposing us to mortal danger: some weeds are deadly poisonous.

Globalist Fat Cats Want Us to Eat Weeds

Dear Lord, look at this world! Short of an all-out world war, have You ever seen such a mess? The ungodly are running wild, having the time of their lives.

We pray for You to intervene.

‘Affirming Care’ Bill Covers Everything

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Coming soon, to your state: “Affirming everything!

Gov. Gavin Noisome and the California legislature are working to craft an “affirming care” law that will require all parents to “affirm” their children’s life and career plans–and if they don’t, a court will remove the child from the family and arrange for it (?) to be raised by apes.

“It’s really quite simple,” explains Rep. Hugh Betcha. “Say your five-year-old wants to be a cowboy, and therefor requires the parents to provide him with a horse and a six-gun. Well, the law says they’ll have to ‘affirm that’ by carrying out the child’s wishes. And if they don’t…” He snickered knowingly.

A panel of public school teachers, appointed by teachers’ union bosses, will meet regularly to decide which of their students’ parents are fit to continue being parents. If they don’t make the grade, said Betcha, “Well, you just won’t see them around anymore.”

With a twinkle in his eye, the governor laughed off efforts to stop the bill in committee.

“Once you’ve got the voting machines under control,” he chuckled, “you can do whatever you want!”

‘Erasing Our Whole Way of Life’ (My Newswithviews Column, Sept. 21)

Free Demon Devil vector and picture

Surely he doesn’t look like this… but you know who I mean.

One of the honchos at the World Economic Fund calls us plebs “useless eaters,” fit only to be distracted with drugs and video games while they try to decide what to do with us. And there’ll be a lot less for us to eat, once they get going.

Democrats to Abolish Meat, Dairy Products and Private Car Ownership

What I want to know is, Why do they act like they know, somehow, that they can actually do these things to us? It’s like they know we’ll make no serious effort to stop them. Today Phoenix, tomorrow the world.

I’d like to get inside their heads and find out why… But it’s damnably dark in there. Might not be able to see much.

‘EU Honcho: Time to “Regulate” Media’ (2018)

Image result for images of keith olbermann

Come on–if you can’t trust a guy in jacket and tie… and dungarees (!), who the devil can you trust?

I don’t see how your maimstream (ahem!) nooze media could be made any more subservient to the government than they already are; but apparently the EU was not yet satisfied, a few years back.

EU Honcho: Time to ‘Regulate’ Media

I wonder how far along they’ve come on their “smart media” project. Now they’ve got AI–Artificial Intelligence. It goes with Natural-born Stupid.

May the righteous God utterly and thoroughly confound them. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

What Else Will They Take from Us?

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Let’s see… gas stoves, gas-powered cars, ceiling fans, beer and wine… What else does The Regime intend to take from us?

Really, how far do they mean to go? Children aren’t allowed to drive, or purchase alcoholic beverages, and probably they ought to be kept from operating stoves or ceiling fans. Those are adult things. Are we, as adults, to be forced back into childhood?

Meanwhile, the global government crowd wants to take our meat and make us eat bugs, and live in “15-minute cities” where you can’t drive anything but an electric car that you can’t afford.

And it’s all for our own good, right? Government knows best! We love Big Brother!

Massive, overwhelming, uncompromising civil disobedience–is that where we have to go, if we want to keep our liberty? Our very adulthood?

Early in the 18th century, about the only place in the world where individual liberty survived was on board a pirate vessel. By the end of that century, and by dint of fearless sacrifice, that changed. The United States was born, the Declaration of Independence enshrined, the Constitution ratified.

Let’s not give up on freedom now. It won’t be easy to get it back.

What’s This Load of ****, Now?

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You’d swear they were actively trying to erase our species.

So here’s a new one: no more breast-feeding, because somehow that’s hateful or bad or something; from now on, we are to say “chestfeeding.” Because that’s inclusive. We wouldn’t want anyone thinking there are men and there are women. But everybody has a chest! (C.S. Lewis was wrong about that.)

We are expected to keep up. Every crumb of idiocy that falls from the academic table, we are expected to swallow down before it hits the floor.

Something about women seems to rub them the wrong way. Did they hate their mothers? They want to replace women with surgically mutilated men who say they’re women.

And replace the human race with… what? Artificial Intelligence?

It’s all so hard to believe; but the hardest thing to believe in is their sincerity.

It’s garbage, top to bottom.

My Newswithviews Column, Aug. 24 (‘Who’s Afraid of Bloomberg?’)

Mr. Mayor, Grin and Bear It - Slide Show - NYTimes.com

Bloomberg on Groundhog Day–back before every day was Groundhog Day.

I, for one, am afraid of Michael Bloomberg. He’s always up to mischief, and doesn’t care–really doesn’t care–how much money he has to spend to get what he wants. And as a multi-billionaire, he has plenty of money to spend.

Who’s Afraid of Bloomberg?

Bloomberg’s international “climate group” aims at banning meat, dairy, and private car ownership by 203o. Wonderful! It’s as if there is no Bill of Rights at all, and never was! They can just do anything to us that they please.

But it’s all for our own good! We don’t know what our own good us, but we don’t have to: liberal geniuses will do all our knowing for us.

God defend us.

PCUSA ‘Minister’ Stumps for Abortion

Baby Wolf Spider: Facts & Unbelievable Pictures! - AZ Animals

I haven’t the heart to post this woman’s picture. Even a mother spider (above) takes care of the babies that God gives her.

“Blessed are those who end pregnancies,” bleats a Presbyterian Church USA minister who has just been elected vice president of the Society of Christian Ethics (https://protestia.com/2023/08/18/pcusa-pastor-says-jesus-would-have-been-an-abortion-doula-blessed-are-those-end-their-pregnancies/).

Yeah, we’re in trouble, all right.

If Our Lord Jesus Christ were here today, she asserts, he would surely be “an abortion doula,” helping “oppressed and stigmatized” women kill their babies. She herself has had two abortions. Hip, hip, hooray.

She also treats us to the usual drivel about “the feminine face of Christ.” How do these people sleep at night?

She’s sort of a big wheel in the PCUSA, so we can only conclude that her pro-abort crusade has the denomination’s full approval. They certainly haven’t discouraged her from representing them in pro-abortion demonstrations.

Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin…