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So Who Gets to Live in Your House?

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This fantastic example of government overreach was a story I covered for Chalcedon’s magazine back in 2010.


A local government “fair housing” agency in Michigan cut loose on a woman for advertising, on her church’s bulletin board, for a Christian roommate to live with her in the house that she owned. This was construed as some kind of hate crime.

But the case turned out to be a hot potato, much too hot to handle. The state civil rights agency tossed it to the federal government and the federal government quickly tossed it out the window–because they were getting phone calls, letters, and blog posts in a storm of public protest that they couldn’t stand.

Imagine that–some puffed-up local tinpot bureaucrat trying to dictate to you who you can or can’t have living in your own house. All in the interests of “diversity,” of course–you’ll thank us for it later on.

Thankfully it was way too big a bite for the state or the feds to chew; they very nearly choked on it.

But to this day the local Mussolinis who started it still aren’t talking.

‘Loopy Lib: Use Baby Parts for Dog Food’ (2015)

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Dontcha love it when these people let the mask slip? Here’s Geraldo Rivera caught with his moral imbecility in plain sight.


Remember… “Soylent Green is people.”

‘School Blasts Mom for Giving Daughter Oreos’ (2015)

Just remember this, folks: if you send your kids to public school, you’re volunteering to be treated like an idiot. Might as well wear a great big “Kick Me” sign.


And now the bally computer wants to do updates. Be back soon… maybe.

That’s Entertainment? ‘Brain-Controlled Movie’

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Remember this, from “A Clockwork Orange”? Are we tuning up for this?

The sages at the University of Nottingham have developed a special movie that can change its story line as you’re watching it, depending on how you feel (https://www.nottinghampost.com/news/local-news/check-out-brain-controlled-film-1610430)–sort of like you can change your gender from day to day, I guess.

They hook you up to an EEG machine that monitors your brain waves or something and changes the story in response to your readings. Y’mean, like, I’m watching Picnic at Hanging Rock and it’s boring the tar out of me because they keep throwing these little mysteries at you but never solve or explain them, and all the characters are just talking through their hats–the EEG will read this, and into the story, suddenly, comes the Blind Samurai who’s gonna stop the Velociraptors from eating everybody? Or better yet, they all do get eaten?

Well, no, it can’t go quite that far. They’ve made an experimental movie with three different story lines and the machine can go from one to another and back again, etc., depending on how the viewer’s brain responds.

The movie is called The Moment, and it’s a dystopian scary movie about a “brain-controlled society” and–gasp!–the “rise of far-right ideologies.” Hooo, boys ‘n’ girls, that’s Scary with a capital S! What will the machine do if some leftid commits suicide while watching this film? Maybe they ought to hand out free duct tape with the electrodes, in case the viewer’s head explodes. Damn that social media–giving a voice to people who are not liberals! Government should never have allowed that!

I wonder how much more they can charge for a movie ticket.

‘Education Nabob Rails Against “White Suburban Moms”‘ (2013)

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Just a little reminder of the kind of bullet we dodged on Election Day, 2016.


We really do have to get out of the habit of allowing people who hate us to govern us. Libs like former Education Secretary Arne Duncan despise normal people but want to have absolute power over them.

Please. Never again.

New York Times: Teens Not Having Sex Is ‘Anti-Science’

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Well, now I’ve heard everything.

The New York Times, once the cheerleader for Stalin, says it’s “anti-science” to encourage teenagers not to have sex until they’ve finished school and are emotionally ready for a long-term commitment ( http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/05/07/new-york-times-teaching-children-delay-sex-anti-science/). The Times editors say that “defies all common sense.”

They wouldn’t know common sense if it ran up and bit them in the butt.

The Times excoriates the Trump administration for backing efforts to promote abstinence as pregnancy prevention and a sure way to avoid sexually transmitted diseases.

Gee, you mean it isn’t? Like, how are you supposed to get pregnant or get an STD if you don’t have sex?

Maybe by reading the New York Times.

‘The Loving Left’ (2013)

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Barbara Bush, one of the least annoying First Ladies in my lifetime, died the other day. Almost instantaneously, a–er, ahem!–college professor at Cal State Fresno proclaimed her glee that the “witch” and “racist” and “mother of a war criminal” had died: so over the top, even the college was embarrassed (http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2018/04/18/barbara-bush-fresno-state-racist-professor/).

But that’s what leftids always do, isn’t it?


If you think you’re the only one who’s noticed that some leftids sound like they’re demon-possessed… you’re not.

My Newswithviews Column, April 19 (‘Lovers of Death’)

Leftids the world over are sounding more and more like a death cult–and I’ve only scratched the surface of it.


I think the Book of Proverbs got it right: “All they that hate me love death.”

Another Abomination, from Another Liberal

Some readers think I’m too hard on leftids. See what you think, after you read this. As townhall.com columnist Matt Vespa asks, “Who thinks like this?” (https://townhall.com/tipsheet/mattvespa/2018/04/12/liberal-writer-donations-to-hockey-team-crash-victims-are-high-because-of-white-n2470230)

On April 4 in Saskatchewan, Canada, a Junior Hockey League bus crashed into a truck and 16 people were killed. Someone set up a GoFundMe page to aid the victims’ families, and raised $4 million in two days.

This seems to have offended one Nora Loreto, a self-described “activist” and “happy socialist.” Here is her quote, verbatim.

“I’m trying not to get cynical about what is a totally devastating tragedy but the maleness, the youthfulness and the whiteness of the victims are, of course, playing a significant role.” It doesn’t appear she’s trying very hard, does it?

In other words, people only contributed to this fund because the victims were young white males and no one but our happy socialist would have cared if it was a junior hockey team consisting of, oh, undocumented migrants or some other Cherished Minority. ‘Cause everybody who’s not her is a racist.

Uh, who’s the racist here? Who’s race-obsessed? Who’s heartless, asinine, and can’t relate to other human beings unless they cohabit with her in the padded cell of her leftid mind?

And these people want to rule us.

‘The Tolerance Fuhrer’ (2013)

It doesn’t matter what country you’re in: everything that leftids say is an exercise in projection. They accuse you of hate, when they’re the biggest hate-mongers around. They call you a racist, when they’re the most rabid racists of all.

And in the name of Tolerance, they’re always the most intolerant brick-heads of them all.


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