Canceling Dr. Suess

Vintage Revell Dr. Suess Zoo Norval the Bashful Blinket Mode Toy

Last week it was Mr. Potato Head. Whose turn is it this week, to be cancelled?

Dr. Suess!

I have discovered that the only fun that wokies and liberals know how to have is to spoil other people’s fun. Your unhappiness is the only thing that makes them happy.

See, back in the 1940s, a few of Dr. Suess’ books had “images” in them that reflected racial stereotypes widely accepted at the time. But you’re not allowed to be the 1940s! History begins with the revolution, comrades! Before that, nothing! For anyone to see these pictures would be… “hurtful.”

Some observers–Steve Turley and Mark Simone, just to name two I heard yesterday–seem to think the Cancel Culture will ultimately cancel itself out of existence. Talk about a thing that we can do without!

But moving on–what will they cancel for us next week? Gotta keep goin’ or you lose momentum! Gotta keep canceling, even when all that’s left to cancel is each other.

The sooner they get around to that, the better.

One could almost forgive them, if they found a way to cancel the Democrats…

They Mean to Control Us–and That’s No Joke The Tyranny of Big Tech (9781684512393): Hawley, Josh: Books

Senator Hawley’s caught on to them, too.

It’s a dynamic of history in a fallen world that there’s always some crazy fool, or a mad nation, or an international gang of megalomaniacs who want to rule the whole thing–or at least a much bigger piece of it than they’re entitled to. Today’s would-be tyrants may be found among the oligarchs of Big Tech.

I want to share with you a quote from an article by Allum Bokhari, senior technology  correspondent at Breitbart News, published in Vol. 50, No. 1, January 2021, of Imprimus. The author was interviewing a Facebook “source,” and this is what the source said.

“We have thousands of people on the platform who have gone from far right to center in the past year, so we can build a model from those people and try to make everyone else on the right follow the same path.

Wait a minute–did he say “make them“? As in adults making their children go to bed? Why, yes, he did–he said “make them.”

Dude! Who are you to make anybody do anything? Do you Big Tech willies actually aspire to make us think a certain way, and say and believe and do certain things?

We are up against an oligarchy that aims to control our thoughts and our behavior. They really think they can do it. After all, they stole a national election. What can’t they do?

Our system of government is fantastically corrupt, the corruption is global in scope, the politicians are in bed with Big Tech, and they mean to take away our liberty–take away our very souls, if they can swing it. They don’t believe in souls, anyway. They’ll settle for being our slave-masters.

We have no defense left but our prayers; but the God to whom we pray is all-righteous, all-powerful–and He doesn’t like obnoxious little hipsters who want to take His job.

Deliver us out of their hands, O Lord our God! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

‘Kids Too Weak to Grip Pencils?’ (2018)

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Didn’t we used to pick this up by watching others do it?

A few years ago, a study done in Britain found a lot of young children were too weak to grip a pencil and lacked the motor skills to write or draw with it.

Kids Too Weak to Grip Pencils?

Seriously–do you ever get the impression that The Smartest People In The World are trying to lead the human race into extinction? I don’t think they want us around.

The gifts they give us are all designed to do us harm.

My Newswithviews Column, Feb. 25 (‘The Public’s Masters’)

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If things keep going the way they’re going, our ruling class is going to wind up eating us.

The Public’s Masters

They already despise us, already think of us as livestock that have to be herded, managed, and culled.

How did this happen? How did the public’s servants become the public’s masters? I mean, I do understand that tyranny and slavery are the natural state of fallen man and that our nation’s founders, prayerfully and humbly, tried to spare us this by creating our nation as a constitutional republic.

Not much left of that, is there?

Yes, Dems Are the Evil Party

Image result for images of baby in womb

We call it a baby. Democrats call it “pretend life.”

Someday we might come to understand the Democrat Party’s animus toward unborn babies. But that day has not yet come.

This Wednesday the South Carolina Legislature overwhelmingly passed a “heartbeat bill,” making it unlawful to abort a baby after his or her heart starts beating. On Thursday the governor signed it.

Democrats opposed the bill and walked out on the debate, calling any baby in the womb “pretend life” ( They said “science says” the pre-born baby is not alive. Not human.

Dare we call this anything but evil? If these people are not evil, then what are they? This goes far beyond just being wrong.

May God have mercy on us and strip them of their power. Forever.

‘The World Happiness Council… No Joke’ (2018)

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This monstrosity was officially launched at a World Government Forum held in Qatar–believe me, those sheiks in Qatar are happy all the time–three years ago.

Government’s job, they declare, is to make you…. happy.

The World Happiness Council… No Joke

They skated over the fact that different things make different people happy. Things that make some people happy make others very sad. Like, a liberal is never so happy as when his country is losing a war.

So how are these Global Government willies going to make everybody happy?

Pray the Lord we never find out.

My Newswithviews Column, Feb. 4 (‘How Crazy Is It Going to Get?’)

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Once you understand the ideology, everything makes sense.

The Smartest People In The World can solve absolutely any problem, overcome any obstacle, as long as we give them enough power to micro-manage our lives. That’s all there is to that ideology. Hyper-humanism in a nutshell.

How Crazy Is It Going to Get?

This is the ideology behind all those crazy things that happen. This is how public servants become the public’s masters.

May God’s justice swiftly overtake them.

‘Consensus? What Consensus?’ (2018)

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I’m looking out my window at over a foot of Global Warming snow.

“There’s a consensus!” That civilization causes Global Warming/Climbit Change/Whatever. Yeah, right.

Consensus? What Consensus?

Here’s 485 published scientific papers that say your consensus is all wet.

But Climbit Change treaties and mandates (not legislation–why go to all that trouble?) are a big part of putting us peasants in our place. Our job in this world is to be ruled, herded, ordered about, picked on, terrorized, bullied, and robbed. “Their” job is to do it.

Duct Tape Will Save Us from COVID!

Silver Duct Tape Adult Cloth Face Mask |

Plaguemeister Anthony Fauci, who was a doctor once upon a time, before he was a statist shill, thinks it’d be super if we’d all wear two face masks instead of just one (

But the untold story is–according to an altogether unreliable source–that he had to be physically restrained from going on the air to demand “duct tape over everybody’s nose and mouth! It’s the only way!”

“He’s crazy,” said a public health official who asked not to be identified by name, “barking, howling crazy! He’s never tried going through a day with two effing masks on! Just try breathing! But as usual, these rules are for you peasants out there–not for the big shots in their private jets.”

Sources also suggest Fauci had to be stopped from calling for Bill Gates to be named King O’ the World. “It took three of us to hold him back from salaaming to Gates’ picture on the wall,” said a possibly fictitious source. “You shoulda seen him! Why, he bit two of us!”

When he’s not “weirding off,” according to another source, Dr. Fauci likes to play a new kind of poker with the other inmates, in which all 52 cards in the deck are wild. “But they’re not as wild as he is,” said the source.


‘Please Tell Me They Were Kidding…’ (2018)

How do they get them so stupid?

It’s the same old delusion: the perfectibility of man, achieved by Government and Science exercising total control over other people’s lives–every aspect of them.

Please Tell Me They Were Kidding…

So we have this speech from 1997 by Rob “Meat-Head” Reiner, proclaiming that there will be no more “criminal brains” if Government and Science completely take over the business of child-rearing from the moment the baby somehow manages to slip past the abortionist. Now it’s 24 years later (!), and they’re working day and night to make it a reality.

Has he ever thought about what a mess his own brain is?