By Request, ‘The Old Country Church’

Well, I don’t know what my “gender needs” are, but I do know a good old-fashioned hymn when I hear it. I also know my brain needs a rinse after that last post.

So we have a hymn requested by Erlene, The Old Country Church by the Gaither Vocal Group. Actually it contains bits of several classic hymns–just the kind you’d sing in an old country church.

‘Blessed Be the Name’

I’d never heard this jolly hymn before, but it struck me as a wonderful way to start the day. Performed by Nathan and Lyle, with family and friends–Blessed Be the Name.

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‘All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name’

There’s a little glitch in this video, but I was lucky to find any performance of this hymn in this melody, the one we sang it to in our church, way back when. One of my favorite hymns–All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name, by Shane & Shane–more modern than I’d choose, but still beautiful.

By Request, ‘Until Then’

Requested by Erlene, this is Carroll Roberson singing Until Then.

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‘Crown Him with Many Crowns’

I heard the bells of St. Francis, just across the street from me, playing this the other day–Crown Him With Many Crowns. Here we have it performed by the students at Fountainview Academy, British Columbia.

Just don’t ask me how they got a piano out there by the riverside…

By Request, ‘When We All Get to Heaven’

We have a hymn request from Erlene–When We All Get to Heaven, a good old-fashioned 19th century hymn. I wish I could tell you who was singing her–well, whoever they are, it was very nice. Plus beautiful photos of God’s handiwork.

‘Blessed Assurance’

I hope I haven’t played this hymn too often. It was the first one that popped into my head last night–Blessed Assurance, a classic hymn by Fanny Crosby, sung by the Harpeth Gospel Quartet. Background sets by God the Father, maker of heaven and earth.

By Request, ‘Showers of Blessings’

We have a hymn request from Janet, so here it is–Showers of Blessings, performed by the students of Fountainview Academy. And I know they have umbrellas, but I don’t think this gorgeous British Columbia waterfall is going to let them stay dry.

‘How Firm a Foundation’

In our old Dutch Reformed hymnal, way back when, this hymn was sung to the tune of Adeste Fideles. I haven’t heard it sung that way since.

How Firm a Foundation–an 18th-century classic hymn sung in 18th-century style by Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band.

‘A Mansion Over the Hilltop’

another good old-fashioned hymn I’d never heard before–A Mansion Over the Hilltop, sung by choir and congregation at Southwest Baptist Church, Oklahoma City. There’s something to be said for a whole crowd of Christians singing a hymn together!