By Request, ‘Majestic Sweetness Sits Enthroned’

I’ve heard this hymn played on the bells of St. Francis, across the street from my home, for years. Only now have I found out what it’s called: Majestic Sweetness Sits Enthroned.

We thank our friend SlimJim for requesting it. I don’t know who it is, doing the singing, but it’s beautiful.

We have no king but Jesus Christ!


Every denomination, it seems has its own set of lyrics to go with this hymn. But here we have the original Hyfrydol, sung in Welsh by a Welsh choir. I can’t translate a word of it, but I don’t think I have to: the music speaks for itself.

‘He Who Would Valiant Be’ (with Train Ride)

I am so late today! But I can’t help it. By the time the weekend comes around, I’m shot.

John Bunyan’s hymn, He Who Would Valiant Be–also known as To Be a Pilgrim–was inspired by a dream he had after reading Hebrews 11.

I do wish I could have a seat on this train! The North York Moors Railway wends its leisurely way through Goathland, Yorkshire.

I wonder if there’s a train that takes us to Heaven.

‘Praise to the Lord, the Almighty’

This was the first hymn that popped up on the screen this morning, so here it is–Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, by the Altar of Praise Men’s Chorale.

The hymn shop’s open for your requests.

By Request, ‘In the Sweet By and By’

Requested by Joshua: In the Sweet By and By, sung by Simon Khorolskiy. We didn’t know he could sing American country music style! Thank you, Joshua.

‘Jesus Saves’

I heard this melody played at a Civil War battlefield and never forgot it, although it was years before I found out its name. Jesus Saves–as sung at the United Reformed Church’s 2012 Synod at Nyack, New York. And that’s the beautiful Hudson River in the picture.

‘Burdens Are Lifted At Calvary’

It’s another grey and dreary morning here, but there’s sunshine in this hymn, and plenty of it–Burdens Are Lifted at Calvary, sung by the Voice of Eden choir.

Now if I can just stop typing “cavalry” for “Calvary”–!

By Request, ‘Rock of Ages’

We have a hymn request from Erlene, something to wash out the acrid aftertaste of nooze–Rock of Ages, sung with gusto by the students at Fountainview Academy.

You’d be hard-put to find a church where this is never sung.

‘I Will Sing the Wondrous Story’

We have a rainy morning here, but there’s sunshine in this hymn–I Will Sing the Wondrous Story, by Francis Rowley (1886), sung by the Antrim Mennonite Choir.

We’re wide-open to hymn requests, so if you’ve got one, let us know.

By Request, ‘Are You Washed in the Blood of the Lamb?’

Requested by Phoebe, Are You Washed in the Blood of the Lamb? This rousing rendition is by the Antrim Mennonite Choir. The hymn’s from 1878 and still going strong.

Hey out there! Some of you have never yet requested a hymn. Well, what’re you waiting for? There’ll never be a better time to do it. It’s not like they can do much more damage to my search engine ranking than they’ve done already.