Haow To Get Reely Inkloosieve!!!!

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Oman, watt a lexture we hadded In Nothing Studies “this” moaning!!!! This tyme we Reely lernt “somb-Thing!”!”

Our prefesser she teeched us That A Mairaca it cant “Be” trooly Inkloosieve unlest “we” stop hasing Naimes!!!!! Becuase Naimes thay “Are” nott Inkloosieve at all in facked thay are Ex-Kloosieve!!!! and the ownlie Thing to doo “abuote” It is foar Evry Boddy to get ridd “of” thare Naimes!!!!!! and fromb naow On No Boddy whill has Naimes it whill awl “be” jist “Hay Yiu” oar somb-Thing lyke “that!!””

This heer it is Somb-thing foar “The” Guvvermin to gett “to whork” On rite aweaigh!!! So we sended a leter To the Pressadint Jobydin!!! Deer Pressadint yore Hynist Jobydin,, “we wood lyke “yiu” to maik A Man Date to get ridd of Evry Boddy’s name (Axcept yores and Hillery’s of coarse!!!!) so that A Mairica it whillbe trooly “Inkloosieve”!”!”! And we awl sined it!!!!

Axcept then we reelized “that” we jist putt awl Our “Naimes” on a patishin to a-bollix awl Naimes!!!! So we hadded “to” cross owt Alll themb Naimes and just put Xes thare insted!!!!!

Now we “are” wating for himb “to doo” a Man Date,, i hoap “He” is nott tooo bizzy!!!!

We Has to Roon Thancks-Giving!!!

How to Avoid a Food Fight This Thanksgiving

Thancks-Giving it shood “Not” be aloud no moar!!!!!

Heer “at” the Stoodint Soviet we has cumpozed a Ee-male and sended It to awl “the” famblies arowned The Collidge to oardur themb “to” Dee-Collinize thare stopid Thancks-Giving dinnor!!! Becose Thancks-Giving it “is” No-Good stinkin holladay that’s awl abuote Shooting Peeple Of Culler!!!!!

Wen the Pillgrimbs thay kame heer fromb Itally or sombplaice thay shooted awl the Indains who come heer Fromb Indier!!!!!! Then thay starrtid Capatolizm!!!! and aslo brung in Religgin!!!! Thay rooned evry-Thing!!!!!!!!!!

So we sayed In our Ee-male “”Haow dair yiu cellarbrate this Badness!?!? Yiu are jist No-Good durty Capatolist Collownolists!!””! We “are” Glaad we done it becose we fouwned Out that awl the skools in Warshingtin DeC thay done “it” too! And thay has got a Equitty Teemb to teech famblies how To Be Mizrable on Thancks-Giving insted “of” hapy!!!!! We shood has “one Of” thoase too!!!

And we thanck Jobydin the Pressadint for maiking this stopid holladay Cost “so” mutch!!! We woont be hapy “un-till” al themb famblies Thay “are” Un-Hapy!!!!!

Becose “thats” Socile Jutstus!!!!!!!!!

Daown “Whith” Thancks Giving!!!!

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I jist soddenly fownded ouat “That” tamorro it “Is” Thancks-Giving!! it is a Very Bad Day infented “by” Wyte Struprembacysts!!!!!!!!!! and it shood not be aloud!!

So we hadded a Merjintsy Meting of “the” Stoodent Soviet to Ban Thancks-Giving heer at Collidge!!!! and the voat was 17-1 but we kicked that one Voat owt of the Soviet and then we Beet himb Up!!!!!!

Enny boddy whoo Gets cawt eeting Terky tamorro thay wil get a F! and has to go “To” Censortivity Traning!!!!! and iff thay are Wyte then thay has to go Twicet “and” thay cant be Wyte enny moar!!! Our gole is a 110 Persent% Non-Wyte Kampiss!!!!!!

Insted of Thancks-Giving tamorrow we “are” goingto Cellarbrate a noo hollerday it is cawled “T”hancks Foar Nothing!”!” Day!! and evry boddy heer thay has to Cellarbrate “oar Elss!””” Yiu cant has Dyvercity unlest evry boddy thay al do and Thinck and Say “the” saim Thing “At” tHe Saim Tymbe!!!!

p.s..–I jist heered “that” Jobydin he is comming heer tamorrow to maik a Speach abuot Hapy Eester!!!! He is The Smartist “Man” In The Whorld!!!!!!!!

You Can’t Call Children “Children” Anymore?


Leftid morons are playing havoc with our language. Well, of course: they don’t want us able to communicate with one another.

Some college pinhead yesterday said we shouldn’t call children “children” anymore, it’s something-ist, we should call them “little people.” I thought that meant leprechauns. Or have dwarfs claimed that label for themselves?

And of course we’re not supposed to say “boys and girls” anymore because that is definitely Trans-Phobic and Binary and will make hair grow on your palms. Reality is just so IST!

This is what we’re getting for our “higher education” dollars.

Is it worth it, do you think?

McBeth Fore Evry Boddy Who Thay “Are” Not Wyte!!

Racial segregation in the United States - Wikipedia

We fowneded Out “that” Harvord U. thay hased a spatial Play that “ownly” yiu werr aloud “To” see Iff yiu Idennafyed as Black whith “a” capatol B!!!! It is a Excloosiff Safe Spaice For not beeing wyte!!!!!

Well we “can” “do” that Tooo!!!!!!!! The Play thay shode “At” Harvord it is cauled McBeth it is abuot a sails man who dyes!!!!! I forgett whoo wroted it! Soopy Sails I “thinck”!! This sails man he dyes from Sistembick Racism!!!!! and his Livver it fawls on the Flooor!!

Yiu can ownly “sea” this heer Play iff yiu Idennafye as Black!!!! And we maid “It” better then Harvord,, peeple who Idennafye as Wyte thay has to pay “yore” “whaiy” “In”!”!

Then Somb boddy thay sayed C”an’t Enny Boddy jist SAY thay” Idennafye “as Black and gett owt of “paying” foar The tickit?”?”? Can”t” Somb boddy whoo Is wyte jist SAY thay “are” Black?”?” Affter we beet himb up we Hadded to thinck “abote” that Foar a wile!!!!!

We hadded a Brillyint Idear!!!!! that is becose Collidge it “maiks” yiu Smart!! We desided thare wood “be” a Seacrit Pass Wurd and no One Butt “Blax” wood be allowed to know “whatt” it Was!!!! It took howers to thinck “Of” one but we finely desided the Pass Wuird it wood be Jimby Crack Corn and ownly Blacks wood Know “it”.!

It is wunndrafull to do Socile Jutstus!!!!!!!!!!


Far Left Idiots Rally to Crazed Rutgers Prof

Gray Treefrog Fact Sheet - Signs of the Seasons: A New England Phenology Program - University of Maine Cooperative Extension

No, I’m not going to post a picture of this jerk. I’m not even going to mention her name. Here are some nice tree frogs instead.

I’m getting tired of covering the nooze. It’s so dreary! But I keep thinking we do have to know what we’re up against.

Here are some recent comments by a tenured professor at Rutgers University. Wait’ll the next time they phone me and ask for money.

“White people are committed to being villains.”

“White people showed up being raggedy (?) and violent and trying to take everything from everybody.”

“Black and brown people happily co-existed and sailed around the world (?) until whites came along and destroyed the world with violence.”

Chatter like this cheesed a lot of people off–state university, New Jersey taxpayers’ money, and this is what they get?–so naturally various “faculty groups” have rallied to support this spewing moron: AAF, AFT, and other groups even sillier. Any criticism of her, they say, is only “racism.” (Yeah, she’s black.)

I say this as a Rutgers alumnus: Defund Rutgers University. If this is how it wants to spend its time and our money, we ought to remove our money from the equation.

How much of this are we expected to put up with? Why should we have to put up with it at all? If you’ve got an answer to those questions, I’d just love to hear it! Or maybe I wouldn’t: it’s probably a profoundly stupid answer.

If you’re sending your kids to Rutgers, this is what they’re being “taught.” And if you’re okay with that, there’s something wrong with you.

[Editor’s note: I have not provided a link to the news story because I don’t want this evil idiot’s name or picture to appear on my blog.]

I Amb Drackuler!!!

Dracul: See the haunting cover for the Dracula prequel | EW.com

Oman! To-morro “it” is Hallaween and I amb all “set!”! I amb goingto “be” Cownt Drackuler!!!! and i has a reel Scairy cosstomb for it too!

[Editor’s Note: Someone has asked me why Joe Collidge thinks Halloween is tomorrow, when it was last week. The answer to that question is “Because he’s an idiot.”]

Somb of yiu probbly doughnt know “abote” Drackuler! He was a Vampire!!! Thay cawl themb that becose a Vampire he wares “a” Black sute like a Umpire in a bawlgame!! The reel Drackuler he livved long Ago “in” whatt “is” nhow Nibrasker but it was cawled Trancilvainyer back Then!!!!! He hadded a cassle And “cood” tern hisself Into A Batt!!!! How cool “is” that???

Thare is lotts “Of” mooveys abuot Drackuler, i think i seen one once,, he Was “in a” Car or sombthing!!! Then he drincked somb blood!!!!! He hased theeze big teeths and i bett he wares “one” “of” themb MAGGA hats too but i amb hear At collidge and i coodnt fyned no MAGGA had and I woodnt “whare” one annyhow!!!!! Like thare Is “a” limmit!!!

So to-morro i whill Put “on” “my” cosstomb and Scaire peeple so thay wil Give “me” Candy!!!! Woodnt “that” “be” grate iff thay Thawt i reely amb Drackuler!!!! Mayby thay wood give me muney tooo!!!!!!

‘More College Crapola’ (2017)

See the source image

Shuffling through the archives, I find I have several posts with the headline above, “More College Crapola.” It seems our colleges and universities do a spectacular job of generating crapola.

More College Crapola

In this instance, the pinheads at San Diego State dreamed up a new way to “teach” students to hate and fear America. Like all those millions of people come here illegally because they want to be Oppressed!

What in the world are we supposed to gain from an, er, “education” system that spends morning, noon, and night preaching that our country is the worst thing that ever happened in the world?

And why in the world should we have to pay them to do it?

Guvermint Thay Wil Maik Me Ritch!!!!!

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I jist fowned Out that the guvvermint thay whil Pay “yiu” a Milyin Dolors or sumbthing for crosing “the” Boarder!!!!! So sumb of us hear “At” Collidge we whil go daown thare and Cros “the” Boarder!!!!! and then we whil Be ritch!!!!!! heck it shoodnit be tooo Hard “to” Sneek into Mecksaco!!!!!!!!!

But frist it is Hallaweeen to-morroh and i got “to Gett” “a” Cosstomb so i can “go” Trick Oar Treeting!!!!! Sumb idjit thay seen my Moth Antenners “and” sayed “Yiu awlreddy got a Cosstomb” and that maid me Pheel Bad so i hadded “to go To” the Saif Spaice for a wile and do Play-Doh!!

I has de-sided to putt my Hed incide “a” Punkin and pree-tenned to be a Jacko Lantrin!!!! That whay no boddy thay whil “see My” Antenners!!! Then I whil get Candy!!!!! Ownly wen I whent Lassed Yeer somb Laydy “she” gived me theese heer Toooth Payst cookys,,, and thay maid Me Sick!!!!!

Sumb-day i wood lyke “to” has “a” Cittazin Of The Whirld Cosstomb and “get” A jobb in “the” Guvvermint!!!!

No, You Can’t Have Any of My Money

Divide and Rule

Have a swig of Critical Race Theory while you’re here!

What do you get when you donate money to your ol’ alma mater? Well, let me tell you what I’d get, if I ever shelled out to Rutgers University.

An associate professor of women’s, gender, and “Africana” studies at Rutgers, making a six-figure salary (yeesh! what do they pay a full professor?), recently launched into a frothing-at-the-mouth rant against white people: “We gotta take these M[censored]s out!” she declared. ‘Cause white people “are committed to being villains” (https://www.campusreform.org/article?id=18318).

A Word of Caution: The Democrat Party wants whites and blacks to hate and fear each other. That way they get to divide and rule. It also pleasures their corrupted souls. We must resist the extremely powerful temptation to answer this very highly-paid associate professor in kind.

But we don’t ever again have to contribute one red cent to any college. Certainly not to Rutgers. (They used to phone me pretty often, begging for bucks, but they haven’t done it in a while. Maybe some of my answers discouraged them.) Nor do we have to send our children there to have their minds warped by rabid racial hate artists like this associate professor with her six-figure salary.

Remember! The Democrat Party does not want us living in peace and harmony and good will with one another. They do everything in their power to subvert it.

No more money for the universities. It’s time for them to go.