Fromb Pass “and’ Fale to Jist Pass!!!

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It taked somb yeers Butt we “fynoly” done It!!!!!

Frist we hadded Graides! Well evry-boddy thay knows “that” Graides thay “Are” Racist!!!!!! Thenn “it” whent To Pass & Fale! But evry-boddy thay knows that Pass-/Fale it is Abel-ist!!!!!

Now its Jist Pass, evry boddy thay Passes!!!!! No moar hurted Feeelings!!!!!! Butt “thare” is Still One Moar Steppe “togo”!”!”

Afftur foar (4!) yeers “In” Collidge,, Evry-boddy thay gets “the” Onners Deegree “of” Thair Choysse!!!!!!! I amb goingto Get a Deegree “In” Fizzicks,, i lyke fizzy Soder!!!! Thiss heer it is Haow Amairacka it is the Bestist-Eddicaytid Nashin “in” “The” Whirld!!!! This whil keeep Going “un-till” evry-boddy “inthe” U.SA has a addvants’d Deegree!!!!!! No othor Cuountrie cann Mach It!!!!!!!!

Naow yiu Are probbly aksing yore Selph “Haow comb he Putt “up” pixture Of Ameba Sissturs???”? Wal ghess waht!!? Themb too (2!) Ameba Systurs thay Wur “the” frist stodents to Get onners Deegrees “in” Past Lyves Of Souper Heeroes”!~” Awl yiu has to doo Is Show Up!!!!!!!!!!

Heer ‘Is” Waht We Reely Neeed!!!

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Yiu “are” nhow loooking At “a” pixture of the New Dorm we jist bilt heer At Collidge!!! We has figgred Out “waht” we reely neeed heer Is “moar” oh dam this it “is” Hard to spel!!! OK i got it= “Indagent-I-Zayshin”!”!

Yiu Are probbly aksing yore Self “Whel waht dose That “meen”?”?” I whil tel yiu! It meens maiking evry Thing jist lyke it wuz wen it was jist Indignant Peeople livving heer!!!!! Naytiff Amairakans!!!!! and no boddy Ellse!!!

Somb Hater she sayed ‘Waht iff” no boddy “wants to live In T.P.s insted of billdigns witch has Air Cundissioning and Sentril Heeting?”?”? but yiu Cant say “things” “lyke” that arowned Heer so six “Of” us we beet her Up!!!! She puled Out “one Of” my moth antcenners tho And “that” reely hert!!!!!

Fromb nhow On evry boddy thay has to Live “in” T.P.s becose That “is” “haow” It wuz befour Wyte peeple caime “And” ruinded Evry Thing!!!!!! Lookit Elizzabith Worrin!! Yiu can be Shure she is goingto Get Ridd “of” her stopid “Houwse” and live In “a” T.P. fromb nhow On!!!!! Heer At Collidge we “are” Tryying to has as mutch Intagratty as her!!!!!

Butt it whil Still “be” OK for reely impotant Peeple to live In Houwses!!!!

“‘Activist Wanted'” (2018)

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I wonder how many of these wastes of space they hired at UCal, at $4,000 per quarter. How much would you pay for a “community change maker”? (They don’t specify that any change ought to be for the better.) Well, they can always up tuition, can’t they?

‘Activist Wanted’

Our colleges are killing us. Indeed, our whole public education system is killing us.

Look at that picture. If that’s our future, we don’t have a future.

Cleaning Up Mess Is… ‘Violence’ (?)

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Ooh-ooh! Violence!

In the bizarre World of Woke–gee, you could almost turn it into a theme park for ninnies: WokeWorld–things that would normally be considered good are denounced as bad. More often than not, the denouncing is done by dopes representing a college.

Take this scenario ( *Homeless take over city park in New Haven, CT–home of Yale University, bastion of applied stupidity. *City orders police to evict them. *After they’re evicted, students from Yale volunteer to clean up the mess left behind. *University calls this cleanup “violence” and terminates its relationship with the Dept. of Parks and Trees.

Leftids call it “violence” if you say or do anything they disapprove of, or fail to say or do anything they want you to do. It’s all “violence.” Silence is violence. Cleaning up after the homeless is violence.

Of what value can it possibly be, to be “educated” by fools like that?

‘UCLA Hires “Diversity Peer Leaders”‘ (2018)

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Here’s one of the Peer Leaders now!

Remember when you could get through life without ever having to bother, or even take notice of, silly, petty schiff like tfhis?

UCLA Hires ‘Diversity Peer Leaders’

At 13 bucks an hour, UCLA has these jidrools running around the campus trying to root out “toxic masculinity.” You’d need a cryptozoologist to find any kind of masculinity at all there. The, ahem, “leaders” will also be on the lookout for “microaggressions.”

A better world has none of this stuff in it.

We Neeed Parsons Of Culler Theem Haouses!!!

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This heer “is” waht It whil Loock lyke wen we get It ficksed Up!!!

We gotta bild moar billdings “heer” At Collidge so we Can has Parsons Of Culler Theem Housses lyke they has “At” Burklee!! ( It “wil” caust a Lot butt that doughnt mater”becose” Pressadint Jobydin he says we hasnt Got “to” Pay Offf our Stoodint lones!!!!!! How grate is that??

Soe far thares ownly One Billding we can use and it hases to be ficksed Up. This heer is waht it looocks lyke nhow!

1000+ Abandoned House Pictures | Download Free Images on ...

We nead “to” Do this so Parsons Of Culler can avoyd Wite peeple!!!!!! No wites cant cumb in To theeze billdings!!!! And aslo fambly Memmbres thay cant cumb In neether!!!! Parsons Of Culler shood Not has no conntack with Wite peple!!!!! Some Hater he caulled this Saygragaysion so sicks of Us beet himb Up!!!!!! We Are Sirius aboat Socile Jutstus!!!!!!!!!!

This it “Is” “the” combing Thing in Yoonavarsity and Collidge lyfe!!!! This it “Is” “the” ownly whay Parsons Of Culler thay “can” Avoyd Wyte Vylints and Presents!!!! Waht thay wood Evver Do with-Out us to Proteck themb I doughnt Know!!!!!

Wen we Are Dun whith This then we wil bild Moar Billdings for Gay Trans stoodints so they Can Avoyd awl peple whoo Are Not themb!!!!!!!

Wye Dint Thay Jist Ban ‘The’ Bybul???

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This heer it is Our lyberry!!!

A dredfull Thing “it” has hapenned!!! Jist daown “the” Rode from our collidge, a buntch of Crischin Gnationalites thay got them selfs Eelecktid to the Skool Bored and voated to taik Awl The Gay and Trans boocks Ouat “of” “the” skool liberry!! This heer it is cleerly Aginst “The” Law and we whant The FBBI to comb and throe themb In Jale!!!!! for beeing Domestick Terrawrists!!!

Thay aslo Banned “the Byble”” and that was good,, exept hear At Collidge we allreddy done That yeers ago!!! Thay shood of jist Banned t”he” Byble for beeing hat speach!! and then brung In “a” hole lot moar Gay Boocks and Trans Boocks and Anty-Racist Boocks untill thare “was” Nothing Left but thoase!!!!!!! As yiu can “sea” fromb the pixture,, that “is” waht we done With our Liberry at Collidge!!!!! Nhow it “is” Saif to use!!

Thare is nhow a Lot of Haters and Racist out thare trying to stop Woake,, butt we whill Win becose we warship Pressadint Obamma and Pressadint Jobydin he “is” “on” Our Syde!!!!!! Jist lassed weak we voated At The Stoodint Soviet to maik Pressadint Obamma a god!!!!!!

We whill aslo Win becuose “we” Are Smart and we are Introllecturals,, themb dum pheasants hasnt Got “a” Chanze!!!!!!!!!!

Freee Speach It Is Racist Speach Exept Wen We Do It!!!!!

Face Young Man Without Mouth Censorship Stock Photo 671586052 | Shutterstock

The Tyme it has cumb!!! to shut “down” freee speach!!! becose It “is” Racist!! wen peeple do “it” who Arint us!!!!!!

Us hear at “the” Stoodint Soviet we has Sended “a” litter to Jobydin telling himb We supoart himb rading evry boddy’s hoam who Is Not Behined The Pogramb!!!!! and we “are” Glad! he storted Whith Donold Trumpts haouse!!!!

Ferthurmoar,, the tyme it has cumb to preform a Mowth-Ektamy on evry boddy that Says rong Things that “arint” Woak enuoupght!! Freee Speach it Must “be” rezwerved for peple that say Rihght Things!!!! We has tryed lotsa Diffrint “whays” to sylints themb butt thay jist woont Shut Up!!

So “the” ownly allternatiff it is to Cut Thare Raicist Mowths Off!!! Lets sea waht thayv Got “to” Say wen thay hasnt Got “no” Mowths no moar!!!!!

Fynelee the guvvermin It “is” taiking Actoin!!!! Iff thay Do it rhihght,, then thare woont be no Racists voating “in the” Neckst Elecxion!!!! becose thay whil Awl Be In Jale!!!!!! and thay woont Be abul to heer no Repubican speaches becuase A) themb racists woont be aloud To Run foar Orffis and B)  thay Cant give speaches whith “thare” Mowths cut off!!!!!!!

Fynely the Fuddnamintal Trans-Foar-mayshin “Of” Amairicka!!!!!!!!!!

‘Princeton: You Can’t Say “Man” Anymore’ (2016)

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“Words fry introsectional socio-pupa my thrymbut–right?”

I’ve been writing about this crapola for ten years or so. Are we any better off for having indulged it that long?

Princeton: You Can’t Say ‘Man’ Anymore

Now it can be told: College makes you stupid. If you don’t come out of there a flaming idiot, it won’t be because they haven’t tried to make you one.

Of course words are “exclusive,” you driveling morons. If they weren’t, communication would be impossible. But then you’re halfway there already, aren’t you.

Can Our Universities Be Saved? (Hint: No)

Che Guevara: The face that launched a thousand...

Pop the college balloon–don’t go.

I just read a piece in Chronicles, by Paul Gottfriend, entitled “The Difficult Task to ‘Dewoke’ American Universities” (, in which he and other academics try to imagine reforms that will get our universities back on the right track.

Dudes, you’re overthinking it. Big-time.

You are not going to get Far Left dindles to stop being Far Left dindles, and firing them all is out of the question. If you want the nation’s universities to stop being black holes of cultural and political Marxism…

Don’t go. And don’t send your kids there, either.

How badly does anybody need a degree in Superhero Studies? It would take all week just to list the ridiculous, useless, and very often intellectually stultifying nonsense trotted out as “education.” And college costs a lot. Some grads will spend the rest of their lives trying to pay off their student loans.

“Everybody has to go to college! You can’t get anywhere in life unless you go to college!”

This assumption is just plain wrong. If everybody goes to college, the whole business gets watered down, the universities bloat up with silly courses and meaningless, worthless degrees, and the effect is the same as having no college at all.

Don’t go. Earn money instead of wasting money. At the very least, you’ll be spared endless hours of getting nagged and bored by Che Guevara wannabes.

If America’s commitment to the colleges were to be cut back by 50%–or even more!–who would ever notice? Besides professors and administrators who suddenly had to look for honest work. I doubt they’d find it. But the rest of the country would get by just fine without them.

You don’t need a university to learn the things you need to learn. Stay in college long enough, and you might never learn them.