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Dogs & Babies: Peek-a-Boo

If you can get past the little baby hiding from the dog by wearing someone’s shirt over his head while he crawls around and giggles, you’ll find some more cute clips waiting for you. Hey, what is it about dogs that makes human babies laugh so hard? If babies could only tell us what they’re thinking–!

The Cat’s in the Bag

The dumbest thing cats do–otherwise intelligent animals–is to get themselves stuck in plastic bags. I’ll never forget the night my poor Missy got herself involved with a plastic bag. I had a hard time catching her to take it off. She really was terrified; but some of the cats in these videos seem more like they’re playing.

Cats get stuck in plastic bags, and humans take out student loans.

Sort of Like a Giant Guinea Pig

Betcha never saw one of these kept as a pet before. The capybara, whose closest relative is the guinea pig, is the world’s largest living rodent. It can grow to four feet long and weight anywhere from 60 to 170 pounds, depending on its sex.

In the Amazon rain forest, the capybara is usually dinner, although some of the native people sometimes keep them as pets. As long as you don’t eat your pet, I guess it’s all right.

Rodents are smart and adaptable, so, if you’ve got the room for it, there’s no reason a capybara wouldn’t make a suitable pet. Just don’t expect to be able to walk into Pet Smart and buy one.

Some Cool Critters

You’ve got to be Dr. Doolittle to figure out what some of these little characters are doing. I’d understand that parrot’s display if he were a lizard, but he isn’t, so I don’t. And then there’s the cat who discovers he can fly. And the household where the pets are a bunny and… I think it’s a fox.

Slippery Critters

You’d think having four legs instead of just two would be an advantage on the ice. But you’d be wrong.

And what about that dog trying to run up the iced sliding board? Was he serious, or just having fun?

Learn from cats and dogs. If there’s any fun at hand, go for it.

High-Energy Kittens

When we brought our two kittens home, it wasn’t long before we were asking each other, “Are you sure there are only two of them?” They had enough energy for half a dozen cats–especially once they got old enough to figure out how to puff their tails and run sideways. Alas, the novelty of that wore off, by and by. But it was fun to watch.

Dogs in Unusual Situations

Why can’t dogs figure out how to carry a long stick through a not-wide-enough opening? Parrots easily solve this problem, and cats simply won’t bother with it.

And what is it about thick, black, slimy mud that draws dogs like iron filings to a magnet? You’ll never find a lizard getting up that such tricks.

But we love them anyway.

Masters of Disaster: Cats

I am ecstatic that I’m able to say that my cats NEVER attempt to climb our Christmas tree (which does not go up until the 24th). They do love to nestle under the tree, but that’s okay, it only makes them look like furry Christmas presents. Occasionally they succumb to the urge to bat a low-hanging ornament. But by and large, they’re good girls. They don’t make our tree fall down.

Not so, with the little fuzzy villains in these videos. But given that their humans subject them to the embarrassment of wearing unwanted Santa hats, reindeer antlers, and the like–well, some folks deserve to have their trees pulled down.

Cats & Toys: the Reckoning

Oh joy of joys, it’s cats and toys! Calloo, callay, it’s time to play!

Seriously, though, what do you think? Are cats genuinely bamboozled by these toys, or are they just in the spirit of the thing, playing along because it’s fun?

And consider how quickly that one cat caught on to the general idea of a pool table. If only he could hold a cue!

Cats Who Won’t Share

We have two cats. So when we feed them, it’s two plates with the same kind and amount of food on each plate. And if you think that works, I’ve got a used Kellogg-Briand Pact I can sell you, cheap.

Shake your head and sigh for the disgraceful behavior of the cats and kittens in this video. By the way, I don’t approve of stupid humans bugging cats as they eat. Some people will do anything to be on Youtube.

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