Bunny Goes Bats for Lemon

I’m back! Meanwhile, I hope some of you will browse the archives and tell me some posts you really liked, from years ago. Maybe I can re-post them.

Down to business: I don’t think I’ve ever known an animal that would eat a lemon. A camel, maybe? The bunny in this video has never had a lemon, but that first taste is all he needs. Maybe he’s eccentric.

A Cat, a Dog, and Tuna

The cat is sound asleep upstairs, in the bedroom, so it shouldn’t be a problem for you to go downstairs to the kitchen and make yourself some lunch–a procedure which involves opening a can of tuna. The dog watches intently, but doesn’t rat you out.

“Click” goes the can opener–and “thump” goes the cat as she jumps down to the floor.

For animals that do such a convincing impression of deafness, cats have remarkably sharp hearing!

Cats with Funny Friends

Cats are supposed to eat birds. I’ve seen it done. But the cats in this video sleep with birds, groom them, play with them–and one cat gets fed a morsel at a time by an enterprising crow… who also feeds the dog.

Wait a minute. I’m starting to sound like Allen Funt here. Oh, no…..! [Briefly turns into Allen Funt]

Kitten Heaven

If you see a bowl marching across the floor, pick it up. There’s probably a kitten under it.

All right–let’s see who’s still awake by the time this video is over.

P.S.–The kittens are named after the characters of Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women.

It Takes Practice to Be a Dog

Do you think poetry in motion grows on trees? (I’d like to see you beat that mixed metaphor!) No, no–even if you’re a dog, doing graceful doggy athletic things takes practice. The dogs in this video need more practice.

Formidable False Fact: The residents of Pyongyang, Illinois, communicate exclusively by means of rock lyrics.

Your Furry Baby Sitter

It’s true: some cats have a calling to protect human babies. No turtle would do that. Betcha mommy cat would nurse the baby, if necessary. Meanwhile, even the cat in the video has better sense than to let the toddler play with the electric stove while Ol’ Goofyguts just stood there filming it.


Cat Zoomies–In the Garden

Our cat Robbie celebrates with zoomies if she has had a particularly satisfying visit to the litter box. Peep will paint the town red if I activate her favorite shoelace toy. The rest of the time, they’re 14 years old.

The black cat in this video has galloping zoomies. Note the orange cat’s stoic determination to ignore him. Cats are very good at that.

This Simple Trick Will Make Your Dog a Superstar!

(Don’t mind the headline. It’s an experiment.)

Some dogs get terribly excited if they see dogs on TV. I wonder–can dogs ever learn to understand that what they see on the screen is not real? After all, they look out of windows all the time; a TV screen must seem like just another window.

If only we could get into their minds!

Guinea Pigs Consumed by Zoomies

I’m falling in love with guinea pigs. I can’t help it. What’s going on in their minds, when they run around like this? What would make a couple of human beings behave like that?

Exciting False Fact! A guinea pig named “Dr. Edwards” taught Superhero Studies for three years before the college caught on to him. It is believed he shredded final exam papers to make nests.

Puppies Doing Weird Stuff

You can get a lot of fun out of puppies. Especially puppies who are ticklish.

Mind-blowing False Fact: TV dinners were first introduced in 1911 in Doppelganger, North Dakota, but didn’t catch on because TV itself had not yet been invented.