Beware the Kitten!

If King Kong was a kitten, he’d be this one. He’s got all the moves, forward, backward, and sideways. One feels a compulsion to hide in the cedar chest… although that could turn out badly. Hey, we’ll understand if you can’t watch the whole thing!

Idle Paws… (A Hound With Not Much to Do)

I guess no one’s escaped from the local chain gang lately, because here’s a bloodhound with nothing to do. In an attempt to occupy himself constructively, he unrolls toilet paper and tries to operate appliances.

But never mind him–what gives with the guy who’s filming all this naughtiness?

‘Synchronized Cats’

Here are two cats who do everything together. We never had that with our cats. Ours just fight a lot.

I wonder if these two practice.

A Cat’s Fishy Friends

There’s something sweet and peaceful about this video: just a cat interacting with a pondful of huge gorgeous koi (giant goldfish, to most of us).

Our turtle lived in hope that our cat, Henry, would someday feed him; but all Henry wanted to do was sit by the turtle tank and watch him swim around. The turtle was always fed by hand, so his expectation wasn’t unreasonable.

I always fed my goldfish by hand, too.

Pet Rats? Of Course!

This video reminds me of our pet rats. They were smart, affectionate, and playful–really nice pets. Very well behaved in the car, too.

They had only one flaw. When you turned out the lights for bedtime, you would hear from the rats’ tank Whack-whack-whack-thump-thud–SQUEEEEEAK! So you turn the light back on and they’re both just sitting there, totally innocent: they’d whistle nonchalantly, if they could. Then you turn out the light again and they’d fight again. Sibling rivalry. Cats have it, too. *sigh*

Cat, Dog–and Lamb: Playmates

See? This is why your house should have a yard–so your pets can play in it.

Domestication does some funny things to animals. Some good things, too. The friendship enjoyed by these three–cat, dog, lamb–would not exist in nature.

Just another little peek into Paradise.

A Tumbly Kitten

Here’s a question which has tantalized sages and philosophers for heaven only knows how long:

Why do people who have their own cats watch videos of other people’s cats? Is it because our cats mostly sleep? That doesn’t make for good video.

I don’t know the answer to that question.

A Disgruntled Puppy

I’ve never seen a puppy act up like this. None of my lizards ever did, either.

But wait–maybe there’s a reason for this foodophobia. Maybe this dry dog chow doesn’t taste good. Maybe the pup had been led to believe he’d be getting something else.

Parakeet’s Life Plan: Bother the Dog

How’s this for a life plan? “I think I’ll go up to a carnivorous animal many times my own size and see if I can drive him crazy!”

You’ve got to admire parakeets. They have a lot of go to ’em.

You’re Getting Sleepy… Very Sleeeeepy…

This little kitten wants to stay awake–to watch Bonanza, maybe?–but it’s just so hard to do! I saw a kid fall asleep in high school Spanish class, and at the end of the period, the teacher made us tip-toe out of the room to see how long he’d sleep if we didn’t wake him. I wonder if this kitten would’ve done better if he’d had a desk.