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Boisterous Birds

Parrots are very, very intelligent and very sociable, too. But how do the birds in these videos know the cats won’t hurt them–even when they purposely try to tease the cats? And then there’s the cockatoo teaching himself to play the guitar. If this can ever be done without hands, a bird will do it.

How Cats Can Terrify You into Babbling Idiocy

Y’know that classic ghost story by M.R. James–Oh, Whistle and I’ll Come to You, My Lad? The one in which the sheets on the other bed in the room rise up and start to fold and wrinkle themselves into–well, never mind, I don’t want to spoil it for you. Point is, it’s almost certain that that story was inspired by a cat. And in this video, you’ll see how that was possible.


Meow It Again, Sam

This astonishingly patient woman is trying to play Chopin’s Fantasie Impromptu Op. 66 (otherwise known as “Long Tall Sally,” I believe) on her piano, but her cat has other ideas. I wonder if Chopin has always had this effect on cats. Or is it true, as they say, that Chopin’s own cat, Fuzzy, wrote a good half of Chopin’s music?

Are Cats Part-Octopus?

The octopus is well known for its ability to slip into or out of tight places. It’s not so hard to do, when you don’t have a skeleton.

Cats do have skeletons, or so I’ve heard. Otherwise they’d wind up folded in your wallet or seeping outside under the closed door. Watch the one cat in this video practically pour himself into a glass jar that you’re sure is just too small to hold him.

Why do they do it? Free tin-foil hat to whoever knows.

Cats & Puppies (without Adam Schiff)

My cat Buster would have loved to have a puppy to romp with. He never had much time for the serious side of life–if he even knew that such a thing existed. So, yeah, a playful puppy would have suited him down to the ground.

Some Naughty Cats

When you sternly rebuke your dog, he hangs his head, cringes, and does that weird little frantic tail-wagging.

When you sternly rebuke your cat, he looks at you like you don’t have the foggiest idea what you’re talking about. Of course he shredded the paper towels! You got a problem with that?

Disclaimer: My cats simply don’t do things like that. They just get yelled at for fighting.

More Unusual Pets

I don’t know–maybe for some of you, having a couple of bears for pets might not be unusual. Ditto the skateboarding dog. And that little striped thing, I think, is a baby peccary. I have heard that these close relatives of the pig generally grow up to be fierce and unpredictable. I think you’re better off with giant millipedes.

Your Pet Possums

I say possums definitely have appeal, even if they do get stuck in your garbage can and then pretend they’re dead, totally grossing you out. But the possums in these videos aren’t doing anything like that.

My wife once had a possum for a pet. She gave birth to a whole crowd of baby possums (“she” being the momma possum, not my wife: heaven forbid) and stowed some of them in the silverware drawer. The cats were very careful to give the possum all the space she wanted, and no fights broke out.

I had a half-grown possum in my bedroom once, but my mother saw it and had a bad moment.

Dogs Making Odd Friends

I’m beginning to wonder why I used to be afraid of dogs, when I was little. The baby birds, baby ferret, kittens, hamster, and hedgehog in this video–they’re not afraid at all. How do they know the great big dog won’t just swallow them down in one gulp (hedgehog excepted–there’s no animal that can swallow a hedgehog)?

Bed Bandits

There are dogs that simply wouldn’t let the cat steal their bed–I mean, there have to be. Right? Alas, none of those dogs made it into these videos.

What do you want to bet these cats have beds of their own but would much rather usurp the dog’s bed? It must be fun.

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