When You Just Can’t Stay Awake…

So you’re sitting at your computer–you’re a cat, by the way: I want to make that clear–and oh! All those lovely birds outside! Separated from you only by a window. But you are just so terribly sleepy… sleepy… sleepy… klunk! Lights out. But you’re a cat, and anyone can see your ears are still awake.

Dogs Do It, Too

It’s not only cats that chase their tails; dogs are every bit as committed to it.

Hamsters don’t bother to try.

Can you count how many times these dogs spin around? If you can, maybe you’d better re-assess your priorities.

When’s the Cat Going to Eat the Parakeet?

It took me a while to figure out what’s going on here, but I think I’ve got it now.

The cat is auditioning for a position as a Buckingham Palace guard; and the parakeet is playing the part of an unruly tourist trying to get a rise out of him.

Alternate theories will be entertained.

Cats’ Vendetta with Toilet Paper

As the poor yink who’d have to clean it up if it ever happened here, I view these videos of cats and toilet paper with something akin to horror. I wonder if H.P. Lovecraft was able to keep his cats away from the toilet paper. Betcha he couldn’t.

I’m happy to say that none of our cats ever got into the habit of shredding toilet paper and turning our apartment into an indoor celebration of Mischief Night.

Cats Discover Water Beds

The cats in this video are astoundingly well-behaved.

I remember someone who had a water bed in her upstairs bedroom, and also a guinea pig–who got out of his cage, discovered the water bed, and decided to gnaw a couple of holes in it. None of us noticed anything wrong until suppertime, when the ceiling over the dining area started to give way.

Let us draw the curtain on that painful scene…

Jumping Cats!

I once did two weeks of cat-sitting for a neighbor who had half a dozen cats in his apartment. He also had a plethora of hanging plants, some of them affixed to the ceiling. For almost the whole time, the cats ignored the plants: but then they went into full Tarzan mode. Oh, what a mess! Hanging from the overhead light fixtures, too. It was as if they had suddenly discovered how to fly and were making the most of it.

Sort of like the cats in this video.

Dog Goes Nuts for Stairs

I dassn’t post more videos of cats and dogs frolicking in the snow. I admit I wasn’t frolicking this morning when I chipped the ice off my car. So… we shall remain indoors.

Does your dog or cat enjoy romping up and down the stairs? Our cats don’t do it much anymore, although Robbie will tear up the stairs to celebrate a more than usually satisfying visit to the litter box. I wish I could do that (running full-tilt up the stairs, I mean).

Cats Go Nuts for Snow

Oh, to have the fun these cats are having! We’ve got heaps and heaps of snow–why am I not out there sledding? Making snowmen? I don’t know how this happened, but the sledding hill at Tommy’s Pond has gotten a lot smaller since I was a boy. Sleds have gotten smaller, too.

The Dog Won’t Risk It

Why is the dog afraid of the laundry basket? Actually, there are two dogs in this video: the other one is not afraid of a laundry basket. So why one and not the other?

Your answer will count toward half your grade for this marking period.

Norbert Strikes Back

For those of you who insist on something fuzzy in a critter video, turn we unto Norbert, all three pounds of him. I don’t know what he strikes back against, but I’m sure he’s taken care of it by now.

I don’t know about you, but this little guy never fails to make me smile.