A Dog and a Horse and Fun

I never thought of a horse as a playful animal. But I don’t know much about horses. So when I see a horse and a dog romping together, I can’t help wondering, “Who put them up to this?” And you can’t get either of ’em to play poker.

Corgi Want a Cracker?

You had a cracker in your mouth, you silly dog, and then you spat it out so you could perform this weird ritual around it. Then you spat it out again before finally eating it and getting crumbs all over the rug. What was that about?

Cats & Bubbles

I never thought of doing this with any of my cats (who, confronted by the unusual, mostly ran under the bed). It must be tantalizing for them: the bubble disappears as soon as you capture it.

Doggy Phobias

Dogs have some funny fears. Orange peels. Climbing the stairs. Shadows. I’m especially intrigued by the dog who has to climb the stairs backwards. Why does he feel he has to do that? And what’s with the orange peel?

Priceless! Baby and Bloodhound Duet

Neither of them can sing, but this is a duo made in Heaven. Have you ever seen a cuter baby? Back and forth they go, the baby and the dog. I wonder which one of them will give up first.

It’s More Than Just ‘Meow’

Birds (and humans) elicit some odd vocalizations from cats. I wonder what they mean.

I’ve heard there’s a cat that can do Minnie Minoso imitations, but I don’t believe it. Then again, who would ever tell such a hopeless lie?

A Rather Rude Dog

Rumor has it that dachshunds have been genetically modified to pull your pants off. You know the kinds of stuff the Pentagon gets up to.

So far it works best against babies. If our country ever has to fight an army of babies, we’ll be ready.

Cats and Catnip

My father used to say he didn’t like cats. Our cat, Henry–who was really very choosy about people–didn’t believe him.

I was surprised when I gave Henry some catnip and my father objected. He’d never seen a cat perform such antics; and I think Henry got under his skin, sitting on his lap and purring. He didn’t do that for everybody.

Is This Dog Ready to Kitten-Sit?

Great big German shepherd, little tiny kitten–will they be good together? Looks like it!

I was terrified of these big dogs when I was a little boy. I was sure they ate people–the result of a “Little Red Riding Hood” story book rather more lavishly illustrated than it had to be.

Furry Babes in the Woods

One toy, three puppies: can’t exactly share it, can they? So two of the pups will have to find something else to play with. Their choice turned out to be just the thing I would’ve chosen to play with. Y’know, guys, you might find a salamander under there…