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Doggy Daddies

Fatherhood isn’t really much of a big thing with dogs. But when they live with humans, and beget puppies in the humans’ house, male dogs get kind of roped into fatherhood–even with kittens, if no puppies are currently available. They seem to enjoy it, except for the part about a mob of puppies wanting to suckle whichever adult dog is on the scene. It’s not their cup of tea.

Chickens Are Fun

When I was a boy, there were still a few people in my town who kept chickens. Grandpa had a chicken coop, but no more chickens. He had them years ago, and my mother had vivid memories of–well, let’s not talk about that.

I had no idea that chickens have so much personality. Dig the video of the chicken playing with two baby otters. God is giving us a glimpse of something here. I think He really is.

‘Someone to Open Each and Every Door…’

Oh, no, no, it ain’t me, babe (as Bob Dylan once said)… Well of course it ain’t you, mack. It’s cats. Cats open doors. Try to keep track of how many dogs are let in or out as a result of cats opening doors. You can see they understand how a latch works. That’s smart–understanding something that was devised for a totally different species.

Gee, I hope they haven’t figured out combination locks…

A Cavalcade of Critters

What are we to make of a hummingbird who wants to build a nest in some guy’s hair? Or a mayfly who finds a human leg the ideal place to molt? And the chuckwalla (that’s the lizard) who discovers it’s not always a good idea to do what a chuckwalla does best. Anyway, there’s bound to be a few in this video that you really like.

Does Your Bird Own a Cat?

It looks like more and more people are acquiring cats to be companions for their birds. (Hint: Not the cats in my neighborhood! Definitely not to be trusted with birds.) Well, kittens are adaptable. You can see how well they get along with their birds.

Unlike humans, parakeets don’t spend a lot of money on cat toys.

Unexpected Picnic Guests

Everybody loves a picnic–not just people and ants and yellowjackets (wow, do yellowjackets ever love a picnic!), but just about any kind of animal that you can think of. You’ll see ’em in this video.

I had to use it because the iguana in the video looks just exactly like my own iguana, who was my boon companion for 17 years. The only difference is, that if that were my old pal, there wouldn’t be any strawberries left over. He was mad for anything red, especially strawberries and tomatoes.

Cats’ Favorite Feets

Have you ever wondered about the goofy face cats make after they smell something? According to Mr. Nature, cats have a Jacobson’s organ in the roof of the mouth and the funny face is made as they draw the interesting smell up to the top of the mouth so they can process it more fully. It’s hard for us to understand because we don’t have a Jacobson’s organ. Maybe if we did, we’d go around sniffing other people’s feet and making funny faces. We would also get arrested.

Dogs Just Wanna Have Fun

No one does joie de vivre better than a dog. Well, maybe a hamster on a really fast wheel… No, really, check these out. You can get pumped up just watching them. If it weren’t raining, I’d go out and chase a ball around the yard right now.

Cats & Dogs & Babies

Cats and dogs are mammals. They’re smart. It won’t take them long to figure out what a baby is, if they’ve never met one before. That’s when the cuddling starts. The baby will figure it out pretty quickly, too. But that very first time–well, it’s natural to be a little skittish. Or just a bit excited.

Sleeper, Awake–and Eat Cat Food

Ah, the aroma of fine food! The exciting “click!” of a pop-top. For my cat Henry, it was the sound of corn being stripped. They sleep so soundly; and yet if you find the right signal, they’re awake and chewing before you can say Lugalzagizzi. That’s Sumerian for Fancy Feast.

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