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Cats & Thunder

WARNING: Not for the faint-hearted. Some of these thunderclaps jolted me, and I’m only watching the videos. You might want to keep the volume turned down a little.

Our cats have always been scared of thunder: under the bed or under the bookcase, and stay there till it’s over. My heart went out to the cat who was cuddling with the bunny when the sky went boom.

Animals know better than to act like violent weather isn’t happening.

The Dogs’ Hall of Shame

What’s with these dogs? Fie and for shame! Getting chased around by cats half your size. How are you ever going to manage a paper boy, if this is what a cat can do to you?

My iguana used to chase a certain cat whenever she came into my room. That’s because she pooed on people’s beds. He was not about to let that happen. The other cat was allowed in, the big black cat: he and the lizard were friends.

Aiding and Abetting Cat Delinquency

All right, Einstein, you’ve got your cat on Youtube, all he had to do was open your refrigerator while you filmed it. Next question: what if Kitty does this while you’re not home? Or in the middle of the night when the whole family’s asleep and won’t be up for hours. Do you expect a cat to close the fridge after he raids it? Did you explain to him about electric bills?

“Oh, anything to get my video on Youtube!”

Bad idea, sunshine. Bad idea.

Can You Sleep Inside a Piano?

Phoebe discovered this unusual cat video. If you can’t sleep inside a piano while someone else is playing it, that’s probably because you’re only human. Here, pianist Thay Minh’s cat demonstrates the art of sleeping inside a piano while someone else is playing it.

There was a country house in Scurveyshire where they had guinea pigs nesting in the harpsichord, but no one made a big deal over it.

Sleeping in Style (Cat Style, That Is)

It’s a gift. Cats can sleep practically anywhere, in just about any position you can imagine–and some you can’t. It’s like they don’t have bones.

Our cat Peep likes to sleep face-down on the sofa. For the life of me, I can’t tell how she breathes. You’ll see what I mean if you try it yourself.

Cats & Tots: Beyond the Galaxy

I blame Byron the Quokka for that headline. I didn’t mean to write it. He distracted me.

Anyway, check out these infants and toddlers having fun with their families’ cats. Some young children take cats very seriously. Once, in a spirit of jest, I suggested to my granddaughter that I might tell our cat, Henry, about her latest lapse in judgment. She cried out, “No, no! Not Henry! Don’t tell Henry!” So of course I didn’t.

Pizza Thieves

Boy, was there a lot of nooze I didn’t cover today; and I’m not gonna, either. Instead, turn we unto a cat video, as Sir Thomas Malory would say. Or would have, had they had any cat videos in 1483.

What did cats do before pizza was invented? The cats in this video are crazy for pizza. And the humans want to be on Youtube, so they encourage the cats to steal food. You be the judge of which species is the more intelligent.

Cats Chasing Shadows

I have it from a thoroughly unreliable source that the song “Me and My Shadow” was originally written for a cat named Xerxes.

Cats will chase shadows–yours or their own, it makes no difference to them. Problems only crop up when they catch one.

My cats have not the slightest interest in shadows. But oh, do they love bugs!

Dogs Acting Guilty (Again)

You know you’ve got a problem when you have to ask, “Who killed the rat and brought it inside?”

Poor dogs. They’re so ashamed when you upbraid them for doing something wrong. It’d be nice if “educators” had that capacity. The thing with dogs, though, is that they only know it was wrong after they’ve done it. But then it’s too late.

It’s not that a dog has no conscience. It’s that he has a tardy conscience–always one key step behind.

Amuse a Cat Today

Admit it–when you watch a cat playing, don’t you wish that you could move like that?

The cat in this video is amused by balls, the more, the merrier. He gathers them up, but he’s too excited to keep them all in one place. My cats don’t give a hang for balls. The thing that really turns them on is bugs, and one is naturally averse to bringing too many of those into one’s home. I wish I could get them to play with fuzzy balls. The cats, that is; not the bugs.

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