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Cats & Dogs Together

I’ve never had dogs and cats at the same time. It looks like fun. I did once have a large land crab and a small tortoise in the same cage, but all we got out of that was the world’s slowest romance. The crab had not the slightest interest in being caught by the tortoise. I think you need dogs and cats to get truly humorous moments.

Still More Cozy Critters

If the lion and the lamb can lie down together, then so can the gecko and the French bulldog. And the dog and the parakeet. And the kitten and the chicken.

If the human race has done nothing else right, at least we’ve created conditions whereby animals can love each other–even if we haven’t yet quite mastered it.

Cats vs. Robots

You’d think cats would be pretty quick to catch on that these are not living things. But then inanimate objects aren’t supposed to move, so maybe they are alive, after all…

They do the best they can, adapting to a whole world mismanaged by humans.

Cuddly Critters

Do you love it when your pets show affection for each other? Although the parrot and the dog in this video are not so much friends as they are partners in crime.

I once lived in a house where the cat learned how to open the refrigerator and push stuff out for the dog to eat. Cuddling is one thing; stealing the humans’ suppers is another.


Real Pets vs. Fake Pets

You’d think a dog, a cat, a parakeet, or an iguana could tell these toy animals, regardless of how realistic, aren’t real. But all of them react as if they were.

The only creature my iguana ever attacked was a cat whose intention was to climb onto my bed and poo on it. As it was his bed, too, he was not about to let her do that. With all other cats and dogs, he was ready to make friends.

I wonder what my cats would do if I brought in one of those big stuffed tigers…

Cats vs…. Cats

Cats don’t always play nice together. In fact, some of their interactions, as viewed by this human, are downright inscrutable. What’s going on? Only the cats know for sure.

I apologize for the music. It seems gremlins are providing music tracks for a lot of Youtube videos, these days.

Thinking Dog Thoughts

If you’re a dog or a cat–well, okay, if you were, you wouldn’t be reading this–you have to adapt to a whole environment designed by and for a totally different species–humans. A world of glass doors, mirrors, television, sprinkler systems… and those confounded narrow openings through which the stick you’re carrying simply will not fit.

Keeps them on their toes, though, doesn’t it?

The Feline Gourmet

Really, you never know what your cats are going to eat, or what’s going to make them say “It’s poop!” We try to give ours food that’s good for them and enjoyable to eat. Lots o’ luck with that. Your pet turtle will gobble up just about anything you give him. But cats, as the whole world knows, are picky.

Pay close attention to the cat that steals a whole plate of food.

Dogs & Their Toys

Please excuse the almost indescribably awful music that accompanies these otherwise amusing videos.

Some of these toys seem to have been purposely designed to agitate dogs. A few dogs refuse to be agitated. And don’t miss the dog who firmly locks himself into his crate to escape the annoying rubber chicken.

Real Pets… and Machines

For the most part, animals don’t like Things That Should Not Be. So they smack down the robots, or run away from them. And we all know how cats feel about printers, don’t we?

The one little owl, though, seems to have reached an accommodation with the electronic pony…

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