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Cats and Technology

Be fair: what is a cat supposed to make of this exceedingly strange creature that looks and smells like an inanimate object, and then suddenly makes a funny noise and reaches out with some weird, flat appendage?

They have to protect themselves, their homes, and their stupid helpless humans from these alien beings.

Cozy Cats

See? Cats aren’t aloof and snooty. How did that canard ever get started?

True, they would rather you didn’t read or write. Not when you could be paying attention to them instead. But I’m glad my cats don’t walk on the keyboard while I’m typing.

Rats Can Be Sweet

A lot of people don’t know this, but rats can be wonderful pets. They’re intelligent and affectionate–a good combination. Playful, too. And not hard to care for. What’s not to like?

When I had to bring one of our rats to the vet, she would ride on my shoulder and never jump off. People in the waiting room shied away at first, some with horrified expressions on their faces; but those sessions usually culminated in those very same people petting the rat and saying “kitchy-koo!” and other witticisms.

Be careful! They’ll win you over if you give them half a chance.

Not-so-Guilty Cats

Any dog, confronted with evidence of such misdeeds on his part, would be consumed with shame–not that that would ever stop him from doing them in the first place. The cats in this video are billed as “guilty,” but to me their expression much more seems to say, “What are you talking about, you ridiculous biped?” They don’t do shame very well.

Eccentric Cats

Have you ever wondered how many cats it takes to corral a single jumping spider? I mean, like, most people do… Anyway, find out in this video.

Cats: they live in our world, and make it theirs.

Cats and Water Beds

Really, I don’t know what to say about cats and water beds. I’m on a lot firmer ground when it comes to guinea pigs and water beds. There’s nothing quite like sitting there eating supper, in your dining area, and happening to glance up and see the ceiling just about to explode because someone let her guinea pig run around loose in her room with the water bed just begging to get some holes chewed into it.

Cats, I’m sure, would never do such a thing.

Puzzled Pups

Have you ever thought of how confusing it must be, sometimes, being a dog? You live in an environment totally designed for human beings, full of weird sounds and objects whose purpose not even the wisest old schnauzer can explain. You just have to do your best. Maybe if you tilt your head just the right way, you’ll figure something out.

Cats Gone Fishin’

Some of the aquarium fish in this video think the cat is going to feed them. If you’ve ever had fish in a tank, you know how they come to recognize you as the food guy, and when they see you coming, they try their best to meet you. Apparently they can’t appreciate the difference between cats and humans. Trust a cat to take advantage of them.

But there are a couple of fish who refuse to be taken lightly…

The Mysterious Power of the Cat

What is the mysterious power cats have, to intimidate dogs several times their size and take their dog beds? Well, okay, they intimidate little dogs, too. And why do dogs put up with it?

Secret cat wisdom: “Confidence is everything!”

Jealous Cats

“What? You’re petting someone else!? Human varlet! What were you thinking?”

My cats Buster and Missy used to fight over space on Daddy’s lap–they were too big for both of them to fit–but only seldom lapsed into spasms of real jealousy. Buster was one of those casual cats who always managed to get yelled at for doing something he shouldn’t. But, oh! how happy he was, whenever Missy got yelled at. He just about turned cartwheels.

Active jealousy, though? Nah–that’s just the cats in this video.

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