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Animals in Overdrive

Everything’s in this video! A parrot who does card tricks. Ricocheting cats. An emu who trips over the sidewalk. And a pair of parrots who sing a duet. Well, all right, it comes up short on the axolotl front–but then so does Ye Olde Shoppe of Curious Curios in Scurveyshire.

Eccentric Dog & Killjoy Cats

These four or five cats will not let the neighbors’ dog come onto their property. The dog is convinced it’s a game; you can tell that by his body language. And maybe it is–note how careful the cats are never to actually catch him. I’m sure they could, if they really wanted to. Yes, I think it is a game. These critters are a lot more sophisticated than we give them credit for.

P.S.–You can’t get fence lizards to do things like this.

Do Dogs Get Stairs?

I never had a dog who had any trouble going up or down stairs. But this video suggests that a lot of dogs do. Some can only go up if they do it backwards. Some belly-flop down the stairs on purpose. Others, not on purpose. Maybe they should all watch that video of the hamster climbing up a flight of stairs. Might learn something.

Doggone Ice Cube!

Don’t you wish you could have this much fun? It’s only an ice cube, but these puppies make like it’s a living thing that needs a major attitude adjustment. I mean, really–why bark at an ice cube?

Unusual Critters

Well, I’ll be a turtle on a skateboard! Uh, wait, check that–they’ve already got one of those in this video.

As for the bulldog co-piloting the helicopter: think there’s a possible sitcom in that?

Misadventurin’ Cats

Here are some examples of behaviors which explain why cats don’t rule the world. I know, you’re gonna tell me you had a cousin who got his head stuck in the couch while looking for lost change. But cats really do put themselves into some rather dodgy places. Like the time Peep–somehow, I don’t know how–got onto the top of the refrigerator and wormed her way into a bag containing my ice cream-making machine… which she caused to fall off the refrigerator and onto the floor with a crash that was like the crack of doom. And emerged unscathed (although that was the end of my ice cream-making).

The Edmund Hillary of Hamsters

Admit it–if you were a hamster’s size, you’d never get up this flight of stairs, not if your life depended on it. I knew someone once who was as small as a hamster, and he just couldn’t manage stairs.

But watch this little guy! He doesn’t just climb ’em; he climbs ’em fast.

Dogs Doing Inexplicable Things

It’s a total mystery to me why dogs can’t carry long sticks through narrow openings. I’ve seen parrots and parakeets solve this problem easily, but dogs can’t even come close. Maybe Lassie could’ve been trained to do it, but I doubt she would’ve figured out the solution for herself.

If only our pets could tell us what they think they’re doing.

Now I’ve Seen Everything (Cats & Birds)

Another little peek at what the restored Creation will look like, when the Creator is finished with it.

Cat napping with one, two,three… four parakeets.

A crow patiently feeding a cat and a dog, morsel by morsel. I know crows are smart, but holy moly–!

And a cockatiel guarding a sleeping cat.

Why Cats Make Nice Pets

What–nicer than wolf spiders? Well, yeah–even nicer than wolf spiders.

No excitement, no comedy here. Just some of those moments that make us love our cats. If you don’t have one, think about the things that make you love your dog, your hamster, your iguana, or whoever. Every animal brings something special to us humans.

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