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Kitten and Guinea Pig at Play

The kitten really wants the guinea pig to play with him, and he finally gets his wish. If only the hammy humans would stay out of the way, we might learn something.

I’ve never had a guinea pig, but the ones in a certain pet store were always up for petting and tickling. I’ll bet I’d fall in love with it, if I had one.

Sing Along with Kitty

How come Mitch Miller never thought of this?

My cat Henry used to answer me word for word–he was arguing with me, in fact–when I’d tell him to leave my Strat-O-Matic game alone and stop trying to run off with the baserunner tokens. Betcha I could’ve gotten him to sing. But I never thought of that, either.

The Wheelie World of Hamsters

If you’re a hamster, the exercise wheel is where it’s at. Question: How come they don’t get dizzy? You could get dizzy just watching them. Question: Why don’t their legs fall off? Imagine if a human could run so fast, his legs were just a blur. How fast would that be?

Note: A crew of mice infiltrated this video by posing as hamsters. You’d think the long tales would have given them away. Obviously security was not all it could have been.

Bulldog Calls for Backup

So you’re dozing on the nice fluffy rug when this giant cat comes into your house! As yet it’s only in that flat box that the stupid humans put there. But what if it gets out? Too much for one bulldog to handle–so he calls for backup. “Yo, sis! Get down here right away! We’ve got a giant cat down here!” And, voila–she patters down the steps and joins her brother in warning off the cheetah.

Good thing he slept through the part about the hyenas. They’re much nastier than cheetahs.


Some Notable Cats

These cats don’t really have much in common beyond a certain degree of being cool, doing cool things, unfazed by whatever comes along. Go on, dog, just try to bedevil the cat out of his box! You can’t do it: the cat’s too cool.

Animals who Make Themselves at Home–in Your Home

Okay, like maybe you don’t really want a wild monitor lizard straying into your kitchen and then wrecking it, trying to get out. And wait’ll you see what some other guy finds in his living room–you wouldn’t think it would fit. Here are all kinds of animals trying–and mostly succeeding–to exploit an alien environment designed by and for humans. But try telling that to a raccoon.

Everyone’s a Critic!

I sing to my cats and they ignore it. I play the harmonica for them and they run away.

Here are some dogs who really, truly, genuinely don’t like their humans’ singing. In fairness to the dogs, it’s pretty awful singing. A few of these people are lucky they didn’t get bitten.

Kittens: They Do It with Mirrors

I never get tired of watching kittens getting goofy over mirrors. I had an anole once who’d go positively postal if he saw his reflection in a mirror; and I once saw a hamster get very grumpy about it. But kittens seem to be having fun.

It is said that clams are among the very few animals to recognize themselves in a mirror; but they don’t do anything about it.

Krazy Kritters

All our pets have to live in an environment designed for humans, not animals; and because they’re intelligent and adaptable, they learn to cope with it–sometimes in ways we never expected. Like the dog and the deer playing together in someone’s front yard.

Meanwhile, that is one stubborn rat they’ve got there… won’t take No for an answer.

Killer Kittens

There are old kittens and there are bold kittens, but there are no old, bold kittens. In fact, there aren’t any old kittens at all, strictly speaking.

This video focuses on bold kittens. They’ll jump on anything, big or small.

Mr. Nature promises to show us a squeaking caterpillar tomorrow. Stay tuned. How they do it without vocal organs must be a pretty neat trick.

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