Pup Has to Live and Learn

Remember the first time this happened to you? There you are with a nice sand castle, or a nice big hole in the sand, and along comes the ocean and ruins it.

Mr. Puppy discovers that he, like King Canute, can’t command the tide not to come in. All he can do is complain to his human.

Cats & Their Exotic Friends

Short but very sweet–cats being friends with monkeys, a horse, an owl, and a baby gorilla.

Our cat Henry used to sit and watch our painted turtle by the hour–I’m sure I don’t know why. The turtle used to go into his “Feed me!” routine, fully confident that Henry would oblige him. It was an odd little friendship.

Cats & Ducks

What’s going on here? What does it feel like to get out-wrestled by a duck? A few of these cats know. I’ll bet it feels embarrassing.

But they’re not all bad encounters. And when you see the tiny kitten chasing the duck that’s eight times his size, you’ll know that kitten is cut out for great things.

Cats Don’t Like Thunder

Thunder and lightning? Uh-uh! You can have it, humans! We’re outta here.

My cats don’t panic when a thunderstorm hits. They seem to know it’s coming half an hour before it gets here, and they walk (don’t run) to their customary hiding places. When they come out again, we know the storm is really over and isn’t coming back.

A Terribly Cute Little Dog

His name is Norbert and he only weighs three pounds. That is, he’s a little bigger than a hamster. But who can resist a face like that?

Here he is playing a game with his blanket, with someone’s hand under it. Our cat Buster absolutely loved that game. But if he got carried away, your hand would be the loser for it.

The Incredible Jumping Cat

Can this cat jump! My, oh, my–who needs wings when you can jump like that? Some of these leaps, you won’t believe.

I do think the cat ought not to be encouraged to jump into the microwave, though.

Kittens Who Can Read and Write

Please excuse the headline. I don’t know what came over me.

My cats have outgrown running around with puffy tails and scaring imaginary rivals by hopping around sideways. I miss the puffy tail bit. But then a hog-nosed snake, after you’ve had it for a while, will refuse to inflate himself and play dead.

Assertive Cats

I’ve probably posted this once, some time ago; but it made me laugh the second time around, so you might get a chuckle out of it.

Anyway, who needs expensive cat toys when you’ve got a strip of peeling wallpaper, or jars and bottles on a shelf just begging to be knocked off? And if you want to film your workout–well ha, ha, ha on you.

A Puzzle for Your Dog

I once saw a video of an octopus solving a puzzle very similar to this, but how many people have a pet octopus? I can’t imagine either of my cats being as determined as this dog is to solve the puzzle. I didn’t know you could get a dog interested in a puzzle. A couple of my turtles might’ve stuck with it, if there was a food reward inside; but you just can’t get turtles worked up over squeaky toys.

Cutest Baby Bunny Ever?

Well, he just might be, at that. He’s so fluffy and fuzzy, though, that I can’t tell whether his eyes are open yet–are bunnies born with their eyes closed?–and I can’t tell whether he’s grooming himself of just licking something that he’s got in his paw.

I’m sorry if the video’s a little short–you were expecting King Lear?