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At Last! Today’s Cat Video!

Duh! I loaded this video onto the mouse and then never got around to posting it. And there I sat, looking at my stats page and wondering why not even one viewer went to the cat video. (There aren’t that many cats in it, but never mind…) Yo, Mr. Genius! That’s because it isn’t there!

So, three hours late, here it is, delivered with a sigh.

Hide and Seek with Dogs and Cats

My cat Henry loved hide and seek. He would hide and then jump out and grab your ankle. Our old family dog, Rags, would play hide and seek by the hour. Peep used to play it, but she has outgrown it.

All the animals in this video seem to have a good time–even the poor little dog who looks like a caterpillar.

Clever Kitties

It seems the only doors cats haven’t figured out how to open are the ones with round knobs that you need hands to turn. And maybe combination locks. It’s always interesting to watch how they so successfully adapt to environments designed by and for human beings. Although maybe by now they’ve come to believe that these are places made for cats: humans are there as guests.

Dogs Who Say No

Say no to baths, say no to those freakin’ collars the humans put on you when you’ve had surgery, say no to whatever they’re sellin’–we are dogs, we are man’s best friend, and we don’t gotta take this guff no more!

The howling huskie illustrates one significant way in which turtles are better pets than dogs, though.

Kitties’ First Snow

The cats and kittens in this video are all having a blast with their first snow.

My cat, Henry, though–when I opened the door to let him out so he could enjoy his first experience with snow, he took just a step or two, then turned around and gave me a look that would have shriveled an asp; and I was glad I couldn’t translate that particular meow.

Some Frisky Critters

A soccer-playing cow, a pole-dancing cat, and a great big possum sleeping on your shoulder–what gives? What, you mean animals aren’t just biological robots programmed to react the same way to the same things, all the time? Like, they just might have some ideas of their own?

You bet!

Cockatiel Cocktail

I’ve never had a pet bird, not even a canary or a parakeet; but I love watching videos of cockatiels. They’ve got personality! And note the cozy relationships between birds and dogs, birds and cats–another little peek into what God has in store for us, way down the road.

Cats & Rats Together

While you’re waiting for the lion and the lamb to lie down together (it’ll happen: God has said so), you might get used to the idea by watching these cats and these rats play and cuddle together. To anyone who’s had pet rats, this won’t be surprising. They’re very affectionate, and smart as paint.

True, one of the rats in this video is obstreperatin’ at the cat’s expense, but it’s nothing that the cat can’t handle.

Bath-Time for Bowser

Isn’t it funny that the same dog who gleefully throws himself into a pond or a swimming pool freaks out when you want to give him a bath?

This video reminds me of the time my sister had to give my iguana a bath. He decided to explore the false ceiling and got lost up there–took him two days to get out, and he came out black instead of green. Alice had to give him a very thorough bath. But he was a good sport about it, she said.

Where the Cats Sleep

Have you ever fallen asleep with your face pressed into somebody’s sneaker? Or into the middle of a bowl of food? Us humans, we’re suck sticks in the mud when in comes to that! It takes a cat to master the art of sleep. We’ll never match them.

As I write this, Robbie is coiled on the back of the sofa, haven’t heard a peep out of her all day. I do wish I could sleep like that!

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