By Request, ‘The Millenium Prayer’

This ought to liven things up around here.

Requested by Susan: The Millenium Prayer, by Cliff Richard. You know and love the melody; here’s a set of new lyrics to go with it.

Any Christmas carol requests out there today?

By Request, ‘I Surrender All’

We have a hymn request from Erlene (if I receive them at night, I hold them over to the morning)–I Surrender All, by Carroll Roberson.

The ol’ hymn shop’s open for business, everybody.

By Request, ‘The Lighthouse’

I get a fair number of requests for this one. Today’s comes from Erlene–for The Lighthouse, by John Starnes.

I’ve been to the top of Barnegat Light–fantastic view from up there–but of course they shut the museum and turn on the light at night-time, and that’s when visitors are not allowed. I wonder how far out to sea its light shines.

The light of Jesus Christ has to shine around the world.

By Request, ‘All My Ways Are Known to You’

Requested by SlimJim–and hey! This is a good one! All My Ways Are Known to You, by City Alight–and they’re lyrics that will do us good. We always need reminding that God loves us and cares for us.

By Request, ‘Because He Lives’

Sorry I’m running so late–wanted to work on my book today, but along came the rain.

Requested by Erlene: Because He Lives, performed by Guy Penrod with the Gaither Vocal Band.

And now it’s time to play catch-up!

By Request, ‘Always Only Jesus’

Requested by Susan (I missed it somehow, when it came in a few days ago)–Always Only Jesus, by MercyMe.

Look, the hymn shop’s open, everything’s open… We still don’t know who’s going to control the Senate… We still have to pray.

For Erlene: ‘Take My Hand,Precious Lord’

We haven’t seen Erlene around here for a couple days, and that’s so unusual, we can’t help worrying. Please, everybody, pray for her safety.

Then again, maybe her computer just conked out.

Whatever the case, this one’s for you, Erlene: your favorite songster, Carroll Roberson, and Take My Hand, Precious Lord.

(That crystal-clear brook really does it for me!)

By Request, ‘Adam, Where Are You?’

Elder Mike requested this one–Adam, Where Are You? by Don Francisco… a song of Adam’s fall, and loss of his place in Eden.

We have another hymn queued (did I spell that right?) for later. The hymn shop’s open, feel free to come on in.

By Request, ‘Save This Heart of Stone’

Grocery list’s not ready yet, so let’s do this–

Phoebe wants to share this hymn, Save This Heart of Stone, by Buddy Davis. God knows our hearts are hard, and that we need saving. We count on Him to do it.

‘Our God Is an Awesome God’

You won’t get a crowd any more pumped up than they are for this–Our God Is an Awesome God, by Michael W. Smith. I’m also thinking about posting a hall full of Marines singing Days of Elijah. What do you think?