Idle Paws… (A Hound With Not Much to Do)

I guess no one’s escaped from the local chain gang lately, because here’s a bloodhound with nothing to do. In an attempt to occupy himself constructively, he unrolls toilet paper and tries to operate appliances.

But never mind him–what gives with the guy who’s filming all this naughtiness?

Parakeet’s Life Plan: Bother the Dog

How’s this for a life plan? “I think I’ll go up to a carnivorous animal many times my own size and see if I can drive him crazy!”

You’ve got to admire parakeets. They have a lot of go to ’em.

Another Way to Confuse Your Dog

Dogs and cats have enough trouble with their reflections in a mirror–and those are only two-dimensional. What if the images they saw were three-dimensional?

We’ve all seen cats and dogs freak out over, say, a realistic plush tiger. But a statue of your dog himself?

I wonder how I’d react to a statue of me…

‘Can Bowser Come Out and Play?’

I have a couple of next-door neighbors whose dogs really like each other. If the dog from House A is outside, he’ll go over to House B and bark at the door because he wants his buddies to come out and play. (I have never noticed this behavior in lizards.) In fact, all the dogs in this neighborhood–and I can name nine or ten of them–enjoy each other’s company.


When it comes to dogs and baths, there’s no “Yeah, well, why not?” It’s either “Oh, boy, whoopee–a bath!” or “No way you’re gettin’ me into that water! Do I have to bite you to get my point across?” The latter seems to be the majority opinion.

I wonder when was the last time I used the term, “the latter”…

P.S.–My sister once had to give my iguana a bath; and she still remembers it, all these years later, “because he was so good about it.”

Dogs React to Bugs

Really, what’s the point of barking at a moth? Insects can’t understand : heaven only knows what a beetle thinks of a dog.

It’s hard to tell whether the dogs in this video are afraid of bugs or just making a game of it. Well, a lot of people are afraid of dogs. Why should their dogs be any different?

Lazy Dogs

You know how it is. There are some days when you just don’t want to get out of bed.

Dogs have days like that. What they don’t have is a pesky conscience nagging them to get up and get to work.

You’ll never have this problem with pet tree frogs… presuming you’d ever put them in your bed in the first place.

‘I Thought You Said “Chicken Magnet”!’

It’s not easy to become a chick magnet. Especially when you think you heard “chicken.”

My question for the chicken who’s so determinedly chasing the dog: What would you do if you caught him?

Now I’ve Seen Everything: Dog & Guinea Pig

Betcha you’ve never seen this before.

The nice lady in the video is taking her dog for a walk. And her guinea pig, too. The dog has a leash. The guinea pig doesn’t. The neighborhood features some really fancy buildings. Maybe palaces.

I never heard of taking your guinea pig for a walk. Then again, my iguana almost did a dog food commercial…

Giant Spider Steals Dog’s Ball

Gee, that headline sounds like one of those glorious 1950s horror movies…

I don’t believe it’s possible that the dog genuinely doesn’t realize this enormous spider is not a living thing. I think the dog is playing along with the gag and having fun. Animals are a lot smarter than they get credit for (although my iguana did sometimes try to eat pictures of fruit painted on his plate–but he simply couldn’t resist anything red, like tomato or watermelon).