You Wanted More Norbert?

Well, okay, here’s a Norbert video I hadn’t posted yet. I hope his growing fame doesn’t make him haughty (and how many times have you seen that word used, lately?). This amazing little dog is loved all over the world.

Hands off, Hollywood!

Norbert Gets a Treat

Sorry–but I’ve had a rotter of a day, and I need some Norbert.

Aaaah! That’s better!

I’ve probably posted this before: there are only so many Norbert videos out there. But it still works for me; and I’ll bet he works for you, too.

Dogs & Balloons

Balloons are fun; that’s a fact. And dogs just love balloons. They don’t seem terribly upset when the balloon explodes–although one of them was very much surprised.

Colossal False Fact: Louis Pasteur was president of Mexico until the French government demanded his return.

Dogs Burdened with Shame

Look how ashamed these dogs are, after doing mischief. Well, okay, they could always not do it; then they wouldn’t have to feel guilty. But the same could be said of us humans, couldn’t it?

We know we shouldn’t tear up toilet paper, and yet we do it anyway…

Your Dog’s Wind-Up Toys

Watch carefully this dog’s facial expressions. You won’t be able to tell what he’s think, but there’s no doubt he’s thinking something. My guess is that he does not approve of these toys–especially the wind-up Mickey Mouse. I’m sure my cats would be afraid of it and would give it a wide berth.

Are any of you afraid of wind-up toys? Real ones, I mean–not the ones in Congress.

Happy Birthday, Norbert!

He’s only a tiny little therapy dog, but thanks to the Internet, Norbert brings joy and “awwwws” to millions of people all over the world.

I say we all need some Norbert in our lives. And kittens, too.

Norbert in Action

I hope I haven’t posted this before; but heck, the world needs more Norbert videos. More Norbert.

This video was originally entitled, “When you drink too much coffee,” but I think it was Norbert practicing the moves he’d use against… oh, Bigfoot. Or something like that.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Dogs, like cats, can fall asleep just about anywhere. Read it as a sign of trust.

Astounding False Fact: In Fimbo County, Maryland, dogs now have the right to vote in school board elections. Cats are outraged.

Dogs Imitating Hockey Pucks

I suppose these dogs could just slow down to a walk, but where’s the fun in that? What’s the point of having a beautifully waxed and polished floor if you can’t slide all over the place?

Dogs have more fun than humans. You know that, don’t you?

Norbert Shows a Blanket Who’s Boss

I hope I haven’t posted this video before, but what the heck, it’s Norbert. I think we all need some Norbert. I know I do.

Watch his three solid pounds of canine fury teach the blanket a lesson it won’t forget.