Parrots & Dogs: Partners in Crime

This is just a small sample of what’d happen to us if animals ever learned how to work together. We’d run out of dog treats, for starters.

I knew a cat who used to open the refrigerator for the dog and the other cat. My iguana was pretty good friends with him, but didn’t like cold chicken. Humans came home from work to find they didn’t have any supper.

Overthrown by… Your Dog

Cats have the fame for tripping up the bipeds (that’s us); but when a dog takes you out, he takes you out but good.

I think cats are deadlier on flights of stairs; but for open-field tackling, give me dogs every time.

Dog Makes Like a Trampoline

I don’t suppose it’d be so bad if goats didn’t have hooves… But the sleeping dog who gets jumped on by these baby goats doesn’t seem to mind. I’ve never had a baby goat jump onto me. Maybe it doesn’t hurt.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Don’t worry, I’m not going to wake any of them up. I just wonder what they’re dreaming. Do dogs dream, like we do? What do they dream about? I sometimes dream I have to drive my car without my glasses. I hope the dogs can do better.

Dogs & Babies: The Whatchamacallit

(Sorry, couldn’t think of a catchy headline.)

Ever since Romulus and Remus were suckled by a wolf, dogs have been taking care of human babies. Think how different it would’ve all turned out, had they been raised by newts.

Oh, Those Dog Videos!

Scary dog Stock Photos, Royalty Free Scary dog Images | Depositphotos

Maybe it’s a good thing there are so few viewers here today. I wouldn’t want to touch off a global panic.

I just noticed a line in my “Tags” that reads destroying America dog videos. Yipes! I don’t remember posting any dog videos that could destroy America! I tend to post dog videos that are humorous or cozy, or both.

I, of course, know all about not taking Tags too seriously. But how many college students would feel Unsafe after viewing that line in the Tags?

Maybe I should just dismiss it from my mind and go on outside to write. There won’t be too many of these warm sunny days left on the calendar.

Dog & Parakeet Pecking Order

I think the dog would like to take a nap. The parakeet won’t let him. Yeesh, he even sticks his head inside the dog’s mouth! Would you do that, if you were a bird?

A human breaks it up–guess she got a little nervous.

Expand Your Dog’s Horizons

It’s good for dogs to have their social horizons expanded to include other animals–all kinds of animals. Even harmless little baby animals that wind up chasing dogs. I’d be worried that a dog or a cat might decide to eat my duckling–but apparently that doesn’t worry ducklings.

Parakeet & Dog Share Walkies

Honest, I’m not getting hung up on parakeets. It’s just that they have so much go to them.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen a dog being taken for a walk without venturing outside the house. The bird insists on walking with him. Never saw a parakeet taken for a walk, either. Maybe it’ll set a trend.

Mismatched Dogs

The big dog wants to take a nap on the floor. The miniscule tiny chihuahua puppy wants to play. He seems to have no fear of being swallowed whole. Does he think he’ll grow up to be just like his friend?