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Sanity Break! Cozy & Cuddly

Enough Sturm und Drang already! Here are some dogs and cats with their heads on straight–also, I strongly suspect, a tiny peek into what God intends for us, once He restores and regenerates His creation.

Excuse me, I want to go grab me a cat…

P.S.–Videos of animals sleeping strongly resemble still photos of animals sleeping.

Cats & Dogs & Belly-Laughs

And here I am, remembering to post the video after I select it and load it. But I’d best not brag, just in case I suddenly discover I’ve forgotten something else.

Isn’t it amazing, how gentle most of these dogs are with cats who are just a fraction of their size? You will not I said “most,” not “all.” There really are moments in these relationships when the cat has a duty to assert his dominance.

Candid Cats & Dogs

Hey, this is just our daily sanity break–reaching out for harmless fun after plodding through the news.

Was it Apollonius of Tyana who said it’s tough being the only dog in a bedful of cats?

Pets Are Good for Babies

So many cats and dogs are so good with babies, you’d think anyone who had a baby would rush right out and get a pet. I wish my parents had.

Although the one pug dog, regardless of the delight expressed by the baby, does make me wonder what he intends to do with the child. I hope he doesn’t have a den somewhere…

Bad Dog! Bad!

Dogs will never learn to play poker. Their faces give it all away.

I have it on good authority that the infamous, much-feared Hound of the Baskervilles was, in reality, an extraordinarily badly-behaved little pug dog.

Oh, No, He Lost His Ball!

It’s snowing like mad today, no sign of letting up, and the dogs in the neighborhood are enjoying it no end. Dogs get kind of excited about things.

Watch what happens when this highly-motivated dog attempts to retrieve a snowball.


Dog Teaches Baby to Bounce

Do they make these for adults, too?

Watch the dog teach the baby how to bounce. I’m sure I never saw a dog do that kind of jump before. But the baby gets it!

There are a few things I would rather not have a dog teach my baby, if I had one. Still, you could do worse than have a fuzzy mentor.

The World’s Most Patient Dog

You’re supposed to let sleeping dogs lie, right? Only here’s a cat who never heard that truism. He has an altogether different take on the matter of a sleeping dog. But maybe he already knows this dog will never hurt him. A little peek into Paradise…

Clever Critters

Cats and dogs, goats and birds–they figure things out, they really do. They come up with original ideas for problem-solving. I suspect they’re smarter than whoever was standing there with a camera while the dog jumped up on the counter and fiddled with the microwave.

The Joy of Silliness (per Dogs & Cats)

Here are some dogs and cats without a shred of self-importance. Refreshing, isn’t it? As an added bonus, we also have a hedgehog in a sink, a bush baby in a purse, and a goat in a shopping cart. Let them entertain you.

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