Fearsome Scary Norbert

I know it’s a short video, but Norbert’s the cutest dog in the world and I’ll take what I can get. Warning: Do not watch this video if you have a preternaturally weak heart and are terrified of fluffy little dogs.

It Takes Practice to Be a Dog

Do you think poetry in motion grows on trees? (I’d like to see you beat that mixed metaphor!) No, no–even if you’re a dog, doing graceful doggy athletic things takes practice. The dogs in this video need more practice.

Formidable False Fact: The residents of Pyongyang, Illinois, communicate exclusively by means of rock lyrics.

This Simple Trick Will Make Your Dog a Superstar!

(Don’t mind the headline. It’s an experiment.)

Some dogs get terribly excited if they see dogs on TV. I wonder–can dogs ever learn to understand that what they see on the screen is not real? After all, they look out of windows all the time; a TV screen must seem like just another window.

If only we could get into their minds!

Norbert vs. Godzilla

I guess I ought to change that headline, because I don’t Godzilla’s going to show up. So Norbert will do a few little tricks for us instead.

After a long day of sloshing around in the nooze, Norbert’s just the ticket.

It Shouldn’t Happen to a Dog

Y’know, you’re nicely cuddled up inside a blanket, on the bed, giving offense to no one–when this hokey human comes along and verbally entices you. And you’re a dog so you just can’t help it, you’ve got to respond… and this happens. Oh, fap.


The Singing Chihuahua?

I must have missed something. I could’ve sworn the little dog was just… well, howling. But at least he understood when he was supposed to howl. That’s something.

Singing dogs have a long history. In 692 B.C. a man named Tuttle presented King Choppu IX of Assyria with a dog that sang the Philistine national anthem. Mr. Tuttle was not heard from again, but the dog learned to sing “Down Home With the Hittites.”


Bonus Video: Norbert Be-Ribboned

They really can’t keep up with the demand for Norbert videos, so here’s one from six years ago.

Who would’ve thought you could take a great fierce dog like that and wrap him in a ribbon? Well, it keeps him from playing with Godzilla…

Norbert on the Rampage

I hate to use up Norbert videos, but this one I couldn’t resist.

This video is from six years ago, when Norbert was wild, fierce, and unpredictable. Then he went to bed.

The dirty socks didn’t even have a chance.

Not-So-Dignified Dogs

Be honest: you can’t imagine Henry Kissinger doing any of the things the dogs in this video do. Dogs have never let image or prestige get in the way of having fun.

Celebrity Norbert!

I do wish this video were longer, but a minute of Norbert is a minute of joy. He hasn’t yet graduated to feature-length movies. A proposal to remake Gone With the Wind with Norbert in the role of Admiral Halsey fell through when they couldn’t find an aircraft carrier.