Dog Trains for Air Defense

The French didn’t have an air force in 1799; but if they’d had, it would’ve been balloons because that’s all that was flying at the time. And if Napoleon had sent his all-balloon air force to attack America… well, here’s a dog who would’ve been ready for him!

Big Dog & Little Kittens

Isn’t domestication wonderful? Four little kittens want to explore the great big German shepherd. Well, why not? The big dog has a kindly face. I think we’re witnessing the start of a beautiful friendship.

Pup, Meet Your Squeaky Toy

I’m a huge fan of squeaky toys. They indicate a preposterously high level of civilization.

Here’s a puppy with his very first squeaky toy. Doesn’t that make you want to hop and flop all over the living room, playing with your squeaky toy? I thought so!

Dog & Possum: Is It Love?

I have a feeling that this little dog came very close to being bitten by the possum. My wife had a pet possum once, and has fond memories. The possum got along all right with dogs and cats. Still… I think I’d ask this dog, “Do you feel lucky today?”

Dogs Doing Cute Things

I really wanted a video of dogs launching bottle rockets, but I just couldn’t find it anywhere. Please let me know if you have one. Meanwhile, we must be content with mere canine cuteness.

Mutts with a Mission

Dogs take their role as house-guards very seriously. It always works against people. An irritable moose, an alligator, or four cats who definitely don’t want to play… not so much. We humans run away. The extremely large monitor lizard in this video… doesn’t.

Dogs Just Want to Help

One or two of these vignettes was surely set up by humans; but you can’t deny that dogs want to help. If Eric the Red had had a more helpful dog, he wouldn’t have wound up in Greenland

Little Dog Zoomies

The little fluffy dog next door had a blast, doing zoomies, today. No fear: he was on a long leash. You should’ve seen him go!

Why don’t human beings do zoomies? Or does the thought of John Kerry zooming around your living room just freak you out?

Hold That Dogfight

We are told this is a fight between two corgis. Are you afraid of these dogs? It must be allowed that they are more aggressive than tree-stumps. The ancient Egyptians used these dogs as shock troops… to panic the Hittites.

Dogs ‘n’ Doorstops

Not since Andy Devine said “Plunk your magic twanger, Froggy!” has anything twangy been such a hit as those springy doorstops. Dogs and cats love ’em!

They had to ban them in Scurveyshire, though. People were taking it all much too seriously.