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Doggy Delinquents

Dogs crave our approval, and it’s obvious they understand when they’re being rebuked, however mildly. Yes, they’re smart: you’d almost swear they speak English. So then why aren’t they smart enough not to make a shambles of your living room? That’s one for the Durants. Meanwhile, you never have this problem with a pet turtle.

The Baby-Sitter Barks

I hope you’re not getting fed up with videos of dogs and cats playing with human babies. I suspect it gives Gov. Northam fits. And when I see the dog happily and thoroughly licking the baby’s face, with the baby sometimes licking back, I can almost hear the various kinds of noises my mother would make if she could see that. But I understand dogs and cats are great for strengthening a baby’s immune system.

Dogs & Babies

Dogs, like cats, seem to understand they have to be gentle with babies. How do they know that? And how do the babies know not to be afraid of dogs? I was afraid of dogs when I was a little boy. But probably I wouldn’t have been, if we’d had a dog in the house when I was a baby.

But if my mother had ever seen the dog cuddling the baby and licking the baby all over–well, that would’ve been the end of that. Unless she fainted first.


Something distracted me from my routine, this post is two hours late, and consequently must compete with the Stupor Bowl half-assed, er, halftime show… So be it.

Cats and dogs are extremely creative when it comes to falling asleep. Note the dog running in his sleep. When I do that, my wife doesn’t like it.

It’s Fun to be a Dog!

All right, enough of the ponking nooze already! Basta!

Enjoy these dogs having a blast in the snow. The dogs in my neighborhood are kind of blase about snow–not that we’ve had any this year–but the dogs in this video are way up for it. Nobody does joie de vivre better than a dog. Although in all fairness, turtles have an entirely different way of showing it.

Excitable Puppies

Come to think of it, are there puppies that are not excitable? Not counting mud puppies, who have no effective way of showing their emotions. You wouldn’t catch them barking at their reflections in a mirror. But the puppies in this video will bark at anything. You might not want them doing that, once they’re grown up.

Pups & Babies

Here’s a mystery that fascinates me. What actually goes on in the mind of a baby who’s still too young to talk? I mean, they can’t tell us, and yet there’s a complete human brain up there… But it hasn’t yet acquired a vocabulary. How do you think, you can’t talk?

But dogs and cats seem to have a knack for communicating with human babies. Do they have some kind of pre-language communication? Telepathy, maybe?

Puppies Galore

When they’re not helping us get around the social media censors, puppies bring a lot of joy into our lives.

By the way, do any of you fall asleep in the bathtub? When it has water in it, I mean. It’s the sort of thing a puppy would do.

When TV Goes to the Dogs

There are dogs and cats who pay no attention at all to television; but the dogs in this video do. See the brave bulldog try to save the kid in the movie from being grabbed by the monster. See not-so-brave dogs try to save themselves from being grabbed by the monster.

Dogs and Magic Tricks

A disproportionate number of these dogs seem to be huskies. Are huskies particularly credulous, as dog breeds go?

Okay, they did pull the wool over one cat’s eyes, too. He has since been suspended from membership in the cats’ union. And just try the disappearing human trick on any box turtle, and see how far you get.

It is said that The Great Mister Mysto had a pet gopher who never even watched him perform his tricks, but preferred to spend all his time underground.

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