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Babies & Dogs: Who Copies Whom?

Do babies learn from dogs, or dogs from babies? Here we see dogs imitating babies, and babies imitating dogs. Well, dogs are way better role models than some of the ones we pick up later in life: maybe babies are born with good sense. It would be so cool if they could talk to us! So many things I’d love to ask a baby… or a dog.

Cats ‘n’ Dogs ‘n’ Hamsters

Okay–who’s having the most fun in this video? I think it’s the hamsters. They’re certainly burning the most calories. This from a man who just had White Castles for supper. Anyway, we humans can have fun watching our pets have fun.

Sanity Break: Enterprising Critters

Okay, I think I’ve got it figured out. Cats will attempt to do the improbable, and sometimes succeed. Dogs will attempt to do the impossible, and seem not to care whether they succeed or not. And birds like to show off.

You’ve gotta love the God who created thee. (Gee, I meant to write “these,” but somehow it comes out better as “thee.”)

Jolly Dogs and Babies

Look how good and how careful these dogs are with these babies. Kind of makes you think maybe Romulus and Remus really could’ve been adopted by a mother wolf. Only nobody had video cameras in those days, so who can tell?

‘Cursed Be Him Who Moves My Bones’

That’s what it says on Shakespeare’s tombstone; but he forgot that dogs can’t read.

Here are some dogs very busy moving bones to safe places, to be enjoyed later. All these places are indoors, which makes digging holes a problem. Watch how the dogs attempt to solve it.

Ever wonder what dogs or cats might do, if only they had hands? Maybe we’re better off not knowing.

If a Cat Answers, Hang Up

All the animals in this video are as smart as paint, but my favorite is the cat who hears a phone ring and promptly tries to answer it. “Hello! This is the call-back you requested [Editor’s note: a lie] after viewing our TV commercial for our patented Acme Nose Hair remover!” Answer: “Meow.”

Pugs in the Doghouse

Little pug dogs look guilty. They can’t help it. But sometimes they really are guilty.

But they’re really cute when they belong to someone else. Sort of like grandchildren.

The Great Stone Cat

If ignoring people ever got recognized as a martial art, this cat would have a black belt.

Poor puppy! He wants to play and can’t get the slightest response from the cat. It might as well be a statue of a cat. In fact, we happen to have a stone cat in our living room, and I think our real cats have been taking lessons from it.

Sneaky Cats & Dogs

This video is a few minutes longer than usual, so if you’re scheduled for heart surgery, you might want to watch it later.

Look, if you’re gonna be a predator, you gotta be sneaky–right? Cats and dogs are predators, and the ones in this video are sneaky. Also exceedingly funny.

Not Much Room, But Plenty of Cozy

Patty wanted me to share this with you. It’s a mother dog with puppies and a mother cat with kittens all cuddled up together inside one little house. Or is it just a carrier? Anyway, they seem happy enough with it. And note the little tiny kitten-face peering out from the pile of puppies.

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