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Incredible Cats & Dogs

You’re gonna see at least one clip in this video that you won’t believe. No, I won’t tell you what it is: you’ll have to watch.

Cats and dogs not only can learn to be friends; they can also learn to cooperate in doing things they shouldn’t do. These are highly intelligent animals! Much more so than we give them credit for. But I suspect that applies to most animals–don’t you?


Some people think dogs have been around humans too long. Like, what’s with that big dog and the tiny black thing on the floor? Is that a bug? Did that dog flip out and eat a bug? And there’s the only one who has to go up the stairs backwards. What’s up with that? Betcha he picked it up from some dotty human in the household.

It Depends on How You Look at It (if you’re a dog)

I have actually tried this–tilting your head to one side or another to try to understand something better. I can’t say it’s done much for me; it might work better if I had a squeaky toy. A lot of lizards and a few cats do this, too, so there must be something to it. Watch the video closely to pick up helpful pointers.

Cats & Dogs Defend Us… from Toys

Anyone who tries to use radio-controlled toys to take over the world had better take our cats and dogs into his calculations–’cause they ain’t gonna let you do it, sunshine!

I’ve never had an RC toy. I suspect that if I did, my cats would wind up under the bed again. Unfamiliar things just freak them out.

Two Dotty Doggies

Is there some unwritten law that says a dog just isn’t allowed to use his own bed in peace? I mean, someone’s always stealing it on him. As you’ll see in this video.

My father had a Scottie when he was a boy. His name was Twigs. Although I was mostly afraid of dogs when I was little, I always thought I would’ve been friends with Twigs, and it made me wistful to look at pictures of him.

P.S.–The crab cakes got here and they were goooooooood!

The Battle for the Bed

Here we go again–the cat has hijacked the dog’s bed. We have seen great big dogs, ten times  bigger than the usurping cat, stymied over this: so how’s a poor puppy, who’s not even as big as the cat, to go about recovering the use of his bed?

Don’t be too hard on the cat. He was very careful not to hurt the puppy.

An iguana could have gotten a cat out of his bed, and quick: I’ve seen it done.

Daffy Dogs

I guess domestication has encouraged dogs to shed some of the inhibitions they must have had as wild animals. Now they feel free to behavior in ways that are… well, inexplicable. What in the world are they doing? Why keep trying to sit on the other dog’s head? And of course there’s always “Oh, boy–dark, soupy mud! Why don’t I wallow in it, and then go home and jump up onto the sofa?”

It passeth human understanding.

Big Dogs, Tiny Kittens

How do the dogs know not to eat the tiny kittens? Some of these kittens are only just learning how to walk. It seems the dogs want to play, cuddle, or both–except for that one dog who’s afraid of kittens. Go figure that one out.

My family includes a tiny kitten who was raised by a big dog. Here’s proof.


Daffy Dogs

What happens when the punching dummy punches you back? A little fuzzy dog finds out the hard way.

Dogs have learned to excel at having misadventures. They have not learned how to carry long sticks through narrow doorways. Parrots laugh at them for that.

Pets’ Passive Resistance

Cats and dogs know a lot of ways to undermine human authority without, say, biting us or scratching us or chasing us into the bathroom. Dogs rub it in by sometimes pretending to feel guilty about it.

Shredding a roll of paper towels or eviscerating a cushion–that’s not subtle. But packing oneself into a goldfish bowl–that deserves a merit badge of something.

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