Dogs and Snow and Lovin’ It!

Dogs have a gift for joy: they really do. And it’s a cheering thing, to watch them playing in the snow. There’s even a dog in here who knows how to operate a toboggan. That’s more than can be said for some people.

Bonus Video: Norbert, Action Hero

All right, that duckling video was awfully short. So here’s an even shorter Norbert video. I think Norbert is auditioning for a role in The Equalizer 3 as Denzel Washington’s ferocious sidekick.

A Bulldog’s New Bed

It must be so gratifying to give someone a gift that he just loves like crazy. Here’s a bulldog puppy who’s just been given a brand-new bed–and he can’t contain his joy. I wish I could give my cats something that they’d like so much.

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More Norbert

I don’t know about you, but I can really use some Norbert this evening. I don’t know what they’re giving him as a treat, but he really likes it. I had a baby iguana who felt like that about mealworms or bits of boiled ham… but he wouldn’t do high-fives.

Parakeet Plays Doggy Dentist

Parakeets are bold. One might even say rash. This little bird insists on picking at the dog’s teeth. How does he know he isn’t going to be eaten in a single gulp? The dog could easily do it.

But it’s not nice to bite your dentist!

Do Your Pets Like Popcorn?

These videos were all supposed to be about dogs and cats and popcorn. Some of them contain no popcorn at all. If Tiberius were still emperor, heads would roll for this.

Norbert Conquers the Wrapping Paper

Not to go overboard with Norbert; but a great big killer bird tells me a lot of us need cheering up, and I know I do, so here it is–Norbert’s showdown, Norbert’s steel cage match, Norbert’s mano-a-mano with leftover wrapping paper. Three pounds of fuzzy fury. Konjadinga!

Norbert’s Home Movies

Well, I think they’re Norbert’s home movies. I’m not sure I understand what’s going on here. But it’s Norbert, and how wrong can you be if you post a Norbert video?

It will be noticed that he sometimes barks at his dog food. It’s important to keep your food from getting ideas of its own.

Beagle Un-Decorates Christmas Tree

Cute little girl and excitable dog sharing a Christmas tree–what could go wrong? I can’t tell if the tree has been purposely decorated with dog toys for the dog to pull off: but then he declares a vendetta against the little girl’s stuffed snowman. The child doesn’t seem to mind. Maybe she’ll grow up with odd notions.

Cats and Dogs Agree: Snow Is Magical

When you see this much joie de vivre, you’ve just gotta join in. Whether it’s the dog body-surfing down a snowy hill, or the cat trying to pounce on one particular snowflake in a storm, it’s all a lot of fun.

Fascinating False Fact: The last time it snowed in Djibouti, a cat was blamed.