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Dogs Making Odd Friends

I’m beginning to wonder why I used to be afraid of dogs, when I was little. The baby birds, baby ferret, kittens, hamster, and hedgehog in this video–they’re not afraid at all. How do they know the great big dog won’t just swallow them down in one gulp (hedgehog excepted–there’s no animal that can swallow a hedgehog)?

Chasing Their Shadows

Okay, I’m beginning to wonder–do dogs have trouble distinguishing two dimensions from three? Or do they just chase their own shadows for fun?

My iguana used to try to eat pictures of fruit or vegetables painted on the plate, so those dimensions must’ve confused him, too. I wonder if we can find any video of dogs trying to eat pictures.

(P.S.–Still sick, but able to eat supper and post this video. Experience tells me this’ll be over sometime tomorrow. So far it’s been all day today. *Sigh*)

A Daffy Dog

This is still one of my all-time favorite animal videos, probably because I haven’t got the foggiest idea of what’s going on in that dog’s mind. The cat is puzzled, too.  Is there a sage, somewhere out there, who can explain it?

How Our Dogs Protect Us from Space Aliens

You’d almost think this video was produced by dogs, under a title like “Funny Humans.” I mean, really–we bring these weird little robots into the home, and what’s a dog supposed to make of it? They know those things are unnatural. They know they have to protect the humans from the consequences of their ill-considered actions. These confounded things move around and make creepy noises. Of course the dog is going to bark! And maybe bite, too.

It’s a full-time job, looking after humans.

Dogs Take TV Too Seriously

Some dogs understand that television isn’t real, which is more than can be said for humans who watch CNN. But the dogs in these videos haven’t attained that level of sophistication.

It’s fun to watch how high they can jump up and down, trying to get a better look at what’s inside the funny box; but it would be nice to clue them in. Thinking what you see on TV is real must be a heavy burden.

Ducks & Doggies

We know dogs love to play, but do ducks? In a few of these videos, it sure looks it. And we also have clips of ducks grooming dogs. Who knew that could happen? And in some of the other videos it looks like a dog gets the what-for if he annoys a duck.

Is it possible that domestication runs deeper than we thought?

Snow Dogs

Never outdone in the quest for fun! C’mon, dogs! Let’s go out there and show those cats how to really have fun in the snow–especially when it’s slippery!

I wonder now–are there any videos of hamsters making merry in the snow?

Dogs & Babies: Peek-a-Boo

If you can get past the little baby hiding from the dog by wearing someone’s shirt over his head while he crawls around and giggles, you’ll find some more cute clips waiting for you. Hey, what is it about dogs that makes human babies laugh so hard? If babies could only tell us what they’re thinking–!

Dogs in Unusual Situations

Why can’t dogs figure out how to carry a long stick through a not-wide-enough opening? Parrots easily solve this problem, and cats simply won’t bother with it.

And what is it about thick, black, slimy mud that draws dogs like iron filings to a magnet? You’ll never find a lizard getting up that such tricks.

But we love them anyway.

Accommodating Critters

Cats can’t help chuckling and shaking their heads at the way dogs try to accommodate us humans. Dogs can’t help it–they aim to please. Cats aim to be pleased. But before we write them off, watch what happens with the kitten who falls into a gravel pit. Valiant is as valiant does!

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