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The Old Shell Game–for Cats & Dogs

All right, how do they do it? Cats and dogs–they’re wizards at the old shell game. If they were ever allowed to play it for money, you could take your pet to New York and make a fortune–until somebody came along and made you disappear.

But really–are our pets that much cleverer than us?

P.S.–We are having an inexplicable plague of flies this evening. And the cats just sit there and watch. This will definitely be considered the next time they ask for a raise.

Love Puts Up with a Lot

This husky, blamelessly trying to enjoy a nap on the couch, deserves applause for being sort of a poster-dog for I Corinthians 13. If love is truly longsuffering, then this is love. And the cat using the dog for a cushion looks startlingly like one of my cats.

There was a husky named Buttons in my neighborhood, back in the Bronze Age, who frequently slipped his chain and ran around biting people. The cat who tried to cozy up to Buttons would not be long for this world.

You’re Not the Only One Who’s Scared of Bugs

We’re used to cats and dogs boldly hunting insects. Our cat Buster used to gobble up these huge nursery web spiders that wandered in from outside: most sickening sight.

But the dogs and cats in this video are made of softer stuff. Then again, really big bugs are kind of scary, aren’t they?

Cats & Dogs Are Fun

You’ve got these two different species living in a home designed for and owned by yet a third species, and somehow it all works out. Well, more or less works out. This video captures some of the not-so-smooth moments. When everybody’s awake.

Wake Up, You Lazy Cat/Dog (Pick One)!

Can’t a body get any sleep around here? If it isn’t some cat jumping on your head, it’s a cuss’t parakeet sticking his beak in your mouth. Or some crazy dog running all over the bed. The only thing missing is some loud-mouth salesman asking for Carl LaFong.

How Smart is This Bulldog?

Think about this. A dog is watching TV. We know he’s watching, and not just looking, because he responds to the plot as it develops. In fact, he responds in a morally upright way: the bad guy’s coming, so the dog tries to warn the unsuspecting, defenseless woman. How does the dog even begin to process all this human-created, human-centered information?

What would dog or cat TV look like, if dogs or cats created it for dogs and cats? Would humans be able to understand it?

They may be more like us than we ever suspected.

Stair Surfing (and Other Doggy Peculiarities)

I don’t want to make a certain reader overly homesick for his cat, so tonight let’s have some funny dogs.

Among the things that domestic cats and dogs have to deal with, which are, like, never found in nature, are stairs. Stairs are at the top of the list. So they go up the stairs backwards, or sideways, or in strange little jumps; and some of them go down by surfing on their bellies.

Actually, that looks kind of fun. I think I’ll try it.

The Fearless Kitten

The dogs just want to sleep. They’re Dalmatians, and were probably putting out fires all night. But the kitten wants to play, so he does everything he can to rouse the dogs.

Now one of these dogs could eat him in just a few bites–and yet they don’t. That’s fascinating. Why do they let this little cat pester them? Why are they so careful not to harm him? Like, just try this with a horned frog or a black iguana and see how quickly you get bitten–but good.

Popular Puppies

Isn’t it shameful, what a headline writer will do for the sake of an alliteration? Oh, well… some bad habits die hard.

Meanwhile, for your edification and enjoyment–puppies enjoying themselves. Much more fun than mud puppies!

Think Big!

You’ve gotta love this little tiny dog who wants a toy twice her own size. She can carry it, though–sort of. And then you wonder: what kind of toy would she want if she were a St. Bernard?

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