Dog Stops Tornado In Its Tracks

Who knew this was even possible? Granted, it’s a small tornado, it’s not likely to dump your house into Oz. But it’s a small dog, too. If you had a bigger tornado, you’d need a bigger dog to put it out.

What Lurks Within the Pet Carrier?

No doubt of it: something is in that carrier, hidden in a blanket. The dachshund wants to find out what it is–if he can do that without getting bitten or clawed.

Of course the solution would be to grab hold of the blanket and drag it out of the carrier… but then who knows what kind of terror we might be unloosing in the world?

Let’s see who’s stronger: the dog or his curiosity.

The Big Strong Dog Is Afraid of…What?

Note that it’s only the big dog, the German shepherd, that’s afraid of the Christmas tree. The two little dogs don’t mind it at all. I’ll bet if you could somehow get the tree to wave a couple of its branches, this big baby would wind up stuck to the ceiling.

Partners in Crime (Dogs & Parrots)

I once lived in a house where the cat figured out how to open the refrigerator, climb inside–without the door swinging shut after him! That would’ve been bad–and shovel out food for the dog waiting patiently on the floor below. One of my roommates lost quite a few suppers that way.

Here we have some very naughty birds doing the same thing.

It’s so easy to corrupt the morals of a dog.

Snow, Ice, and Dogs

Are dogs better than we are at enjoying things? Then again, who ever heard of a dog attending a seance? Or reading Henry James. As the Cat in the Hat (or was it Arthur Treacher?) once said, “It’s fun to have fun, but you’ve got to know how.” Dogs know how.

Dog Hates Snowmen

The dog dives into snowbanks. Clearly, her problem is not with snow itself. It’s with snow that has been shaped into snowmen, large, small, and in-between.

Why does she attack snowmen? The answer might shed light on certain unsolved mysteries that we don’t know anything about!

Dog Can’t Get on Bunny’s Good Side

You’ve got to feel for this little dog. She tries every trick she knows to get the bunny to play with her–“I’ll chase you, then you chase me”–and she might as well be trying to sell insurance over the phone. Bunny’s just not interested.

Maybe she just needed a different bunny?

Why Dogs Can’t Be CEO’s

Look how easily these dogs slip and fall into water. Is that a quality you’d want in the person who runs your company?

It’s also a bad idea to entrust dogs with the management of money. Never lend your dog your credit card.

Serenading the Dog

Why is the cockatiel singing to the dog while the dog eats? Does anybody recognize the tune?

Our family dog used to pretend to be asleep so that birds would come down to nibble at his dog food. He would then catch them and eat them.

Domestication certainly changes things!

Kitten Won’t Be Buffaloed By Dog

(That just might be the worst headline I’ve ever written.)

The dog, 25 times the size of the kitten, is jealous. He’s excited. But if he thinks this tiny kitten is going to take any guff from him, he’s sadly mistaken. Daddy has his hands full, keeping the dog’s head on straight.