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Sanity Break: Nice Little Animals

I finally got my latest chapter set typed up today, with this renewed, revamped, topsy-turvy computer system fighting me every step of the way. But as I watched this assortment of micro-pups, with a baby donkey and a contemplative hamster thrown in, I could feel my blood pressure going down.

Your Pets Are Watching You

Cats and dogs and birds–they’ve got their eyes on you. Don’t even think about getting away with anything. If other people watched us this intently, we’d get nervous about it. But I guess these little fuzzy fellows only do it ’cause they have inquiring minds or something.

A Unique Dog-Walking Service

Too tired to walk your dog? Tough day at work, late getting home, you’ve had it–but Rover still has to go for his walk.

Hey, no problem! Relax–and let the cat do it. As you can see by the video, Mr. Fluffy’s dog-walking service will bring Rover up the stairs and right back to your door.

Now, if we could only get the dog to change the cat’s litter box…

Cats & Dogs Who Understand Technology

Here are some cats and dogs (and one bird) who have come to terms with machines and doo-dads designed by and for humans. You’d swear they fully understand what a telephone is for. My cat Henry used to scold me if I didn’t promptly answer the phone when it rang. It’s amazing how well our pets adapt to a human-centered world–better than some of us, eh?

Dog Rejects TV Stardom

Please don’t tell me Rin Tin Tin or Lassie ever acted up like this. I thought border collies had more smarts. Our family’s border collie, Pepper, could just about read and write.

So here’s a border collie who sees himself on TV, and instead of donning sunglasses, smoking fancy cigarettes, hiring an agent, and calling everybody “dahling,” he just… well, barks. Doesn’t like to watch himself on television.

Alas, the gift of celebrity is sometimes wasted on those who make no use of it!

Puppies’ First Howl

If this doesn’t give you a feel for the advantages of turtles and newts as pets, I don’t know what will. You should see my cat’s reaction to this video.

Older dogs, humans, and cockatoos can teach puppies to howl and yowl. Why you would want to teach them that, who knows?

All aboard for Baskerville Hall…

Rated “R”… for Dogs

They say dogs don’t understand what they see on TV. Well, that could be said of more than a few humans, too. So here is somebody’s bulldog attentively watching TV. In fact, he’s watching Cujo, the Stephen King horror movie about a rabid… well, dog. You won’t be left in any doubt of what the bulldog thinks of that!

Cats & Dogs Acting Human

I won’t say I’ve ever caught Robbie or Peep lighting up one of my cigars–mostly because they don’t have opposable thumbs. But I will say you can’t really understand cats or dogs until you realize that these are not toys but actual personalities–persons, if you will–that are apart from yours; that a cat or dog has his own agenda which is not necessarily or even likely yours; and that if they love you, they’re sincere.

But they can also use hammocks or tuck themselves into bed.

Pup Takes on Ferocious Carrot

Imagine you’re a little white puppy confronted by a fierce, untamed carrot. Would you be up to the challenge? Would you be able to show that carrot who’s boss? As humans, we can always threaten the carrot with boiling or shredding; but a puppy doesn’t have those options. All he can do is–well, you’ll see.

Sleepy Kittens & Pups

Let’s see, kittens and puppies who are just so sleepy, they can’t help toppling over… Gee, I wonder what would happen if you were real, real tired when you played this video, getting kind of groggy, and you sat there and watched these babiesssss……zzzzzzzzz

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