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Dogs & Babies: Peek-a-Boo

If you can get past the little baby hiding from the dog by wearing someone’s shirt over his head while he crawls around and giggles, you’ll find some more cute clips waiting for you. Hey, what is it about dogs that makes human babies laugh so hard? If babies could only tell us what they’re thinking–!

Dogs in Unusual Situations

Why can’t dogs figure out how to carry a long stick through a not-wide-enough opening? Parrots easily solve this problem, and cats simply won’t bother with it.

And what is it about thick, black, slimy mud that draws dogs like iron filings to a magnet? You’ll never find a lizard getting up that such tricks.

But we love them anyway.

Accommodating Critters

Cats can’t help chuckling and shaking their heads at the way dogs try to accommodate us humans. Dogs can’t help it–they aim to please. Cats aim to be pleased. But before we write them off, watch what happens with the kitten who falls into a gravel pit. Valiant is as valiant does!

Where the Bones Are

Dogs know where the bodies are buried–because they buried ’em. Well, okay, not whole bodies. Just bones. They have a powerful urge to bury their bones so that some other dog doesn’t steal them. For indoor dogs, that means burying the bones in beds or sofas. It also means that sooner or later a hapless human is going to lie down right on top of a bone.

They Cuddle Like Cats & Dogs

The cool thing about mammals is, they’re smart enough to adapt their behavior to different situations. So cats and dogs in the same household can become very close friends instead of mortal enemies.

We never had a cat and a dog at the same time. Our iguana and our dog instantly became friends, but I think that lizard thought he was a mammal. Animal interactions are always fascinating.

Anyway, it’s a cold, dreary, rainy evening–perfect for cuddling your cat. Even if you’re a dog.

Dogs Daunted by Stairs

Have any of you ever belly-flopped your way down the stairs? I’d try it, only the front door is so close to the foot of the stairs, I’d probably bang my head against it.

You’d think dogs would figure out stairs just by watching humans and other dogs using them. I mean, it’s not rocket science for dogs, is it? But try telling that to some of these guys.

Muddy Mutts

This is horrible. Why do dogs do this? And then they want to come back into the house–!

I once got into a mud fight with another kid, but we had to stop because we were laughing too hard. My mother did not laugh when I got home. But it’s easier to clean off a boy than to clean off a dog. Unless the boy has fur, of course.

Water Dogs

What’s the best dog toy ever? That’s easy! Water!

Still water, running water, swirling, spraying, spritzing water–dogs just can’t get enough of it. Dig the joie de vivre. That’s French for bow-wow.

Bedtime for Bowser

Does anybody actually name their dog Bowser anymore? Rover? Fido? I once didn’t know somebody whose dog was named Francis Williams.

Anyway, here is a selection of dogs who are having what look to be exciting dreams. You wonder if they can run this fast when they’re awake.

Do Dogs Get Stairs?

I never had a dog who had any trouble going up or down stairs. But this video suggests that a lot of dogs do. Some can only go up if they do it backwards. Some belly-flop down the stairs on purpose. Others, not on purpose. Maybe they should all watch that video of the hamster climbing up a flight of stairs. Might learn something.

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