Dog Disapproves of Junk Mail

Is this little dog quite all there? Really: why so much passion? It’s only mail.

Can it be that the dog objects (strenuously!) to the content of the mail? We got a flyer for a “Marital Arts” school once. Maybe that’s the kind of thing he doesn’t like.

Sweet! Bulldogs & Babies

I never saw a real bulldog until I was grown up. I just saw the bulldogs in cartoons, where they always appeared to be ferocious and at least as dangerous as starving alligators. Turns out cartoons aren’t such a good intro to reality.

Oh… what you just heard offstage was my mother plotzing over the baby and the bulldog taking turns chewing on the rubber ball. There are things, Igor, which no human being ought to see…


Whirling Dervish Doggies

Why do dogs do this? Irrepressible joie de vivre? Ants in the pants? (Never mind: no pants). Or are they just plain crazy? Also: how can it be possible that they don’t seem to make themselves helplessly dizzy? Let me know if any of you humans can spin like that without getting dizzy.

Crazy Dogs… and Mail

If you think cats are bad with mail, dogs put them in the shade. Here are dogs who go absolutely bonkers when mail comes through the slot. You’d better hope it’s not one of those “Or Else” messages from the IRS. And never tell a dog, “You’ve got mail.”

Are Dogs Becoming More Like Humans?

How can it be that a dog responds to television? The images are two-dimensional, and the action flits from place to place. And yet some dogs bark at the screen when something bad is happening, and sit there solemnly through something sad.

I wonder if dogs bark at The View.

Dogs Who Beat the Heat

Ready for a bit of joie de vivre?

Dogs and children know what to do on a a really hot day. Play with the sprinkler! It can’t fail to cool you off. (Kids, though, you might want to change into a bathing suit first. It cuts down on the misunderstandings.)

Pup Has Paper Bag-O-Phobia

Does your dog have paper bag-o-phobia? It makes cats snicker, to see dogs in dread of paper bags. I mean, what’s not to like? What could be more fun than playing with a paper bag?

Well, there is a way, with patience and kindness, to cure your pup of paper bag-o-phobia. But be careful: it can be contagious.

Doggy Dreams

If only they could tell us what was going through their minds! They can’t–so we can only guess, based on what they do while they’re supposed to be asleep. Then it becomes obvious that they’re dreaming.

I wonder if iguanas dream. Now that’d be really something.

Funny Corgis

In the summer of 1926, marauding packs of Corgis nearly depopulated upstate New York. Or was it something else that did that?

There are two fierce bad Corgis in this video, more than enough to throw a scare into anyone. You might want to leave the lights on tonight.

All Aboard! (Cats & Dogs)

None of our cats ever got used to riding in a car. Just couldn’t stand it. Dogs bear up better, I guess, because they want to be like their humans. Just try selling that idea to a cat and see where it gets you.

Our rats were perfect little angels when I had to take them to the vet: sat peacefully on my shoulder the whole time.