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Dogs with Odd Ways

Why should a pit bull get so worked up over a pineapple? It seems like there ought to be a punchline there.

Thing is, dogs are intelligent enough to have minds of their own–and some of those minds are a little hard to figure out. But that’s what makes them fun.

Chillin’ Cats and Dogs (with Bears)

Who doesn’t love a hammock? Never mind if you’re a bulldog or a bear and you can’t quite figure out how it works: most dogs and cats instinctively grasp the art of relaxing on a hammock. This is Evolution at work! Yes, 75 billion years ago, dogs and cats began to relax on “natural hammocks” formed by rather creative spiders [Transmission interrupted. “Hey, who let that guy in here?”] [Normal service resumed]

Winter Sports for Dogs

Dogs are giving up pulling sleds and taking up riding them. Correct me if I’m wrong, but is one of those dogs actually steering the sled? A few of these pups seem to have sleds down pat.

And then there’s the ever-popular canine sport of wiping out a snowman…

Doggy Merriment

Yet another cold, grey, rainy day around here… Ah, to be a dog in snow! Don’t you find their merriment infectious? Dig the creative way one dog finds to get down a flight of chilly, icy stairs. Not to mention the dog who volunteers to shovel the walk.

Snow Puppies

No, they’re not related to mud puppies. These are fuzzier, and don’t have gills.

Dogs and puppies love snow–well, the ones in this video do. Reminds me of how deliriously happy it used to make me when it snowed a lot and school was called off for the day.

Goofy Pups

Endearingly goofy, I should add–dogs just don’t take themselves seriously. They make rude noises to Lassie behind her back. They work themselves up over things that’d hardly make a cat bat an eye. They’re a perfect remedy, after a day like this one turned out to be.

Cats vs. Puppies

When was the last time you got swarmed by a whole litter of puppies? Wasn’t that fun? I think the cat in this video will learn to like it. Eventually.

I think puppies are good for cats–keep ’em from taking themselves too seriously.

Cat & Puppy Kiss Time

You have to admire pets like cats, dogs, and rabbits, adapting so successfully to what is, for them, a strange environment–the human home. They do not behave under our roofs as they would if they lived outdoors in a state of nature.

Domestication never would’ve worked if animals were as dumb as we are.

Bunnies & Dogs

All right, they can’t play Clue, or Parcheesi, or Mad-Libs; but rabbits and dogs do like to play, and they’ll play with each other. Who says the dogs always eat the bunnies?

I think these unexpected animal friendships are a peek into what’s in store for us when God finishes His work of reclaiming and restoring His creation.

Some Rather Naughty Dogs

What makes dogs do this? After millenia of domestication and selective breeding, are they still wild animals at heart? I mean, gee, to walk into your living room and find it ankle-deep in feathers from your eviscerated cushions–that’s gotta be tribulation.

Some cats do this, too. Buster was a devil when it came to furniture. But Robbie and Peep haven’t harmed any of our furniture–too busy fighting with each other.

I hear goldfish are pretty good with furniture.

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