Sanity Break: Dog Finds New Dad

Portrait of black labrador resting head on man's leg, cropped black Stock  Photo - Alamy

This is a true story my wife heard yesterday from her friend, Carol.

An elderly couple died, and were survived by two daughters and a dog. The daughters decided to put their parents’ house up for sale, and they sold it quickly, to an older couple. The husband reminded them of their father.

The buyers came by to see the house again, and meet the sellers, and this time the dog was there, too. Everybody sat down.

And the dog walked up and rested his head on the man’s leg. Spontaneously. As if the man reminded him, too, of the daddy who’d passed on. Really, why else?

“Has this dog got a home?” the man asked.

“Well, he was our parents’ dog and we don’t really know what we’re going to do with him.”

“I’ll take him! Yes, I’d be glad to take him!” said the man.

So the dog not only got to keep living in the home he knew, but got a new daddy and mommy in the bargain.

Dogs know things, you know: things about people. As this story goes to show.

Luna Moth vs. High Wind

I’ve always wanted to see one of these beautiful creatures, but I never have. The guidebook says they live in my area, but I’ve never seen one. I wonder if I ever will. Last summer I saw a hummingbird for the first time in my life.

This moth is having some trouble with a high wind. They look too fragile for that, don’t they? But don’t worry–she doesn’t get blown apart.

God’s Stuff: Red Efts

If you’re noozed out, welcome to the club. Have some of God’s stuff instead.

Today we have red efts, which will grow up into green newts someday. That bright vermilion color sends a message: “Don’t even think about eating me–you’ll be sorry if you do!” Even so, red efts are among the most beautiful little animals you will ever see. And I’ve seen them redder than the ones in this video. Like so:

A Red Eft Crawls On The Forest Floor Photograph - A Red Eft Crawls On The  Forest Floor Fine Art Print | Amphibians, Reptiles pet, Reptiles and  amphibians

This is not a color you get to see a lot in nature, especially on land. The adult newts will spend most of their time in the water, but the red efts live on land.

The beauty of Creation tells us… God is nigh.

Cat Goes Fox-Hunting

We’re told this wild animal, a fox, and this pet, a cat, are playing a game together. I believe it: these are highly intelligent animals and good at adapting, even innovating, to unfamiliar situations. So the cat chases the fox, never quite catching him, and the fox is not running flat-out… and we’re enjoying it. A little taste of what God has in store for His creation, once it gets renovated.

Norbert’s Commercial

How about some Norbert? I just can’t take any more nooze today.

All right, I know it’s a commercial, but it’s the only new Norbert video I could find. Anyway, it’s nice to know his health is being seen to. This is a world that needs a Norbert. Norbert’s one of the ways God has of showing us it’s His world and He has not forgotten us.

Listen to God’s Sentinels

Boy, howdy, that last post left a foul taste in my mouth!

Well, here’s a tiny watchman on the wall–a little pika chirping out a warning. These small relatives of rabbits live among the rocky slopes of mountains, and they let each other know when danger’s coming.

How often have God’s watchmen sounded the trumpet from the walls! It would have been good for us to listen.

We’ve Got Our Tulips Back

Red Tulips High Res Stock Images | Shutterstock

Last year the squirrels ate all the flowers as soon as they bloomed. This year, deer stopped by and ate the buds. But they missed two of them, and so we put a tomato cage over the two remaining buds; and as they grew, we put bricks under the cage to give them room to grow. So now we have two gorgeous bright-red tulips growing by our front door.

It’s such a treat to see them again. I love the deer, but really, they shouldn’t eat our tulips! But the cage has stymied both them and the squirrels.

Flowers are one of the ways God has of telling us that He’s never farther than a prayer away.

When Your Lamb Says, ‘Pet Me’

I believe the only animal mentioned in the Bible as a pet is the ewe lamb in Nathan’s parable to David (2 Samuel 12:1-4).

If a lamb did this with me, he or she would be my lamb forever.

What we’re getting here is a little glimpse of paradise. God has good things in store for us.

God’s Stuff: Chameleon Zapping Flies

How does such a slow-moving animal as a chameleon–and believe me, they are really slow!–catch something as fast as a fly? We move much faster than chameleons, and half the time the flies escape the fly-swatter.

The chameleon is designed by God to be a world-class fly and bug catcher–as this pet chameleon demonstrates. As a pet, he’s perfectly content to ride on his owner’s hand and be brought near the flies–but not too near: and he’ll do the rest.

There are times in the summer when I really wish we had a chameleon in the house.

A Frog with… Antifreeze

Jambo! Mr. Nature here; and today our safari takes us to Alaska… in search of frogs!

What? Frogs in Alaska? Isn’t it too cold for them?

Not for the wood frog, it isn’t. These handsome brown frogs, with their black masks like raccoons, are able to live in these chilly climes because their bodies produce a kind of natural antifreeze. They go into suspended animation and wake up again in the spring.

God’s stuff–wow!