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Beware! High-Level Cuteness

I think God put baby rabbits and a lot of other animals in the world to keep us from going insane. I can just feel my blood pressure going down as I watch this. Thank you, Lord. We wouldn’t have thought of it, but you did.

Mr. Nature: the Basking Shark

Anyone who didn’t know better could be forgiven for freaking out at the sight of a 30-foot shark–especially if you’re in a kayak or a rowboat. But in fact, there’s nothing to fear.

Jambo, everybody, Mr. Nature here, with some more of God’s stuff. The basking shark is the world’s second-largest fish, right behind the much rarer whale shark. Not long ago there was a major basking shark fishery, but that had to be reined in when the sharks started getting scarce.

These enormous sharks eat plankton and tiny crustaceans, not people. Sometimes a dead basking shark will wash up on the beach, and because of the unusual way in which their boneless carcasses decay, they wind up being taken for mysterious sea monsters.

I’m Mr. Nature, I know about basking sharks; but in all honesty, if I were out there in my rowboat and one of these babies came along, I think I’d probably freak out, too.

Eccentric Pets & Other Critters

Actually, the most eccentric characters in this video are the humans who let a bear into their house. It seems very unwise.

But there’s also the dog who feeds bunnies (and a piglet, and a duck) instead of eating them, and a grey goose who feeds his friends–a whole bunch of fish. These are glimpses into the renewal of Creation: when God says, “Behold, I make all things new.”

More Cats & Babies

Well, I’ve had my fill of bad stuff today, including bad stuff that I’d just rather not write about–like enough, already.

So here’s some good stuff instead, God’s stuff. And I’m jealous of that baby who has a cat to hug that’s bigger than he is!

Introducing Seymouria

Image result for images of seymour ia

This little character doesn’t get much ink nowadays, having been upstaged by his more spectacular contemporaries. But back when I was first getting hooked on prehistoric critters as a boy, “Seymouria” was in all the books.

Not everything that comes from Texas is big. Seymouria was only two feet long or so. Its fossils have also been found in Europe. The odd thing about Seymouria was that he seems to have been an amphibian that was able to prosper in a dry climate because some of his features were more like a reptile’s than an amphibian’s. No fossils of its young have been found. I discount reports that Seymouria tadpoles resembled beautiful women.

The Creator is very creative. Seymouria may not look like much, but it was really a very innovative design.

I wonder if it’ll turn up in Obann. It might make a nice pet for somebody.

P.S.–I couldn’t post this as a “Memory Lane” piece. Someone might think I’d seen a Seymouria.

Serenity Break: Seahorses

I think God enjoyed creating seahorses.

Just watch. Let peace wash over you. There will still be seahorses when the Lord regenerates His creation; but there will be a lot of other things for which no place shall anymore be found.

And I don’t think we’ll miss those things.

‘More of God’s Handiwork: the Archer Fish’ (2015)

Image result for images of archer fish

This is another critter I learned about by reading “Mark Trail” in the Sunday color comics: the archer fish.


Is this fish cool, or what? It reminds me of a scene in Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid, in which the mermaid chastises snide comments by spouting a hard stream of water into the commenter’s eye. “That hit me like a blowtorch!” he cries.

Now he knows how the archer fish’s prey feels.

A Mother Hen and Her… What?

You won’t believe this video. And I’d better watch out, or I won’t be able to eat chicken anymore.

This hen has adopted a kitten. She broods it. And the kitten, if removed, crawls back under the chicken. Did you know God put that that much love in His creation, even in its fallen state? Whatever will it be like, once He regenerates it?

The only problem here is that the chicken can’t nurse the kitten. The participating human will have to do that. But someday that’ll make for quite a memory.

A Bedtime Story for Her Cat

This little girl would like to read her cat a bedtime story. She has a nice big book. I don’t think she’s learned to read yet, but for the cat’s benefit, she’s faking it–making up the story as she goes along. And the cat hangs on her every word.

A glimpse into Heaven.

The Giant Lemur

I’m sick of the news by now, I won’t write any more of it today or tomorrow. Instead, let’s hand off to Mr. Nature. ****

Jambo, Mr. Nature here–with the giant lemur of Madagascar, Megaladapis (and if you can pronounce that, go to the head of the class). We can call it “the koala lemur” because it was built like an oversized koala.

This is an animal that probably should still be with us. It only died out some 2,000 years ago–probably because of a combination of environmental stress (droughts and wildfires) and overhunting by newly-arrived humans. There are cryptozoologists who cling to the hope of discovering a live giant lemur somewhere in the island’s shrinking forests, but I’m afraid that’s wishful thinking.

If you’re into such things, take a good look at the jaw muscle attachment areas on the giant lemur’s skull: ideal for munching prodigious quantities of tough vegetation.

I find it hard to imagine an animal more harmless, more un-threatening, than the koala lemur. I grieve their extinction.

But God does have the whole universe at His disposal, it’s His, He created it, and who knows? Maybe he’s found a better place for these benign creatures. All we can do now is to marvel at what they must have been, not so very long ago.

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