Mr. Nature: Do Fish Sleep?

Curious Kids: how do fish sleep?

“How the dickens should I know?” growls an irritable Mr. Nature. He’s been working on this blog, too, and it has made him cranky. In a few minutes he calms down.

The answer to the question is, “Well, they sort of sleep, but not like we do.” That is, they rest. They might find a cranny in a coral reef, or an old tin can, and hole up there for a while–where they can breathe more slowly and not have to exert themselves. The hard part of being a fish is there’s always something or someone trying to eat you. So just floating around or lying on the bottom fast asleep is a pretty sure way to wind up out of the saga.

Watch your goldfish carefully and see if they have down time. That’s them sleeping. Sort of.

‘A Mystery: Fiji Island Iguanas’ (2017)

Image result for fiji island iguana

You can’t get much farther away from the Caribbean than Fiji Island in the South Pacific. Like, they’re only separated by the widest ocean in the world.

So how does Fiji wind up with two iguana species?

A Mystery: Fiji Island Iguanas

These lizards have gotten kind of rare, so the Fiji government protects them.

You’d think there’d be some iguanas living on islands between Central America and Fiji, but no one’s ever seen any.

Just another mystery of Creation.

Take That, Bugs!

I love the little American anoles, often called “chameleons,” which they’re not. They don’t have the magic tongues. They’ve got to sneak up on insects and quickly grab ’em before the bug can assess the danger.

All it takes is keen eyesight, patience, and superb muscular coordination.

Note: I passed up video of a savannah monitor lizard eating a rattlesnake. I had a savannah monitor once and I wouldn’t dream of feeding her rattlesnakes.

The best lizards to feed are iguanas. They can eat whatever you’re having for supper. Polish off a bowl of raspberries in seconds flat.

I wonder how many anoles you’d need to patrol your house and keep it bug-free.

God’s Stuff: The Goldfinch

203 Female And Male Goldfinch Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images  - iStock

Our state bird of New Jersey, the goldfinch, isn’t seen too often. But when I looked out my upstairs window at the start of this day, there they were–a pair of them, visiting the sunflowers next door. The male’s bright yellow plumage immediately caught my eye.

It can’t be a bad day when it starts like this!

No, I didn’t take it as an omen or a sign: just a welcome display of God’s creation. Thank you for that, Lord. It was much appreciated.

Click Beetle Mania! (It Cures Ritual Baldness)

Summer-time is click beetle time! Any child, cat, or dog could tell you that. My cat Buster could be entertained by a click beetle all day. Boing! Another click beetle springs into the air.

I am often asked if it’s possible for a human to learn how to spring high into the air from a prone position, like a click beetle. To get an answer to this question, send a check for $50 and a self-addressed stamped envelope… (that’ll be enough of that!).

Help Me Out With No Nooze!

To protect my sanity and yours, I try to steer clear of nooze on the weekend. I thought, “Maybe some nice dinosaurs, instead. Yeah, that’s the ticket–big dinosaurs!” What hath God wrought?

Well, the dinosaurs in this video are supposed to be among the biggest–but how could we know? There’s nothing here to give it scale! We need cars, buses, buildings. Is this brachiosaur bigger than a Lincoln Continental? What if we were to see it standing only just a little taller than someone’s boot? Either the dinosaur is about the size of a housecat, or the person wearing the boot is really, really big.

Nevertheless, even with all these conceptual difficulties, the dinosaurs are still more entertaining, and much more edifying, than highly-paid, high-prestige numbskulls who say they don’t know what a woman is.

I wonder if that kind of insane stupidity finished off the dinosaurs.

By Request, ‘In His Time’

All those butterflies and flowers! God’s hand formed them all… and then pronounced it good.

Requested by Erlene–In His Time, performed by Maranatha! It makes me want to go outside and drink in the beauty of the Lord’s creation.

‘Fun Stuff God Has Done: The Diplocaulus’ (2017)

I recently heard about this anphibian named Diplocaulus and I think it's  pretty cool. Btw, sorry for the bad quality. : r/badassanimals

Come home with this in your pail, and you’ll be famous!

Some fossils look so weird as to be not of this earth. The ancient amphibian Diplocaulus, with its boomerang-shaped head, is one of them.

Fun Stuff God Has Done: the Diplocaulus

Why did Diplocaulus have such a funny-shaped head? To discourage predators from swallowing him head-first? We really can’t know unless we find some live ones somewhere and observe how they live. But that’s always hard to do unless you’re in a movie.


Mr. Nature: Baby Iguanas

A Handful Of Baby Iguanas Stock Photo - Download Image Now - iStock

Yes, they get an awful lot bigger than this!

Most animals are lot more complicated than we think! They are very, very far from being just “biological machines.”

Check out this article about the social lives of baby iguanas. You’ll be surprised, I guarantee it.

Now I already knew or suspected much of this because I had my iguana for 17 years and he most certainly did not just sit around like a paperweight. No! Because of the way he was raised, he thought he was a mammal and acted accordingly. Other pet iguanas I knew, treated like inanimate objects that had to eat once in a while, became sulky and dull. As you would, under like circumstances.

These are social animals. In the wild, baby iguanas socialize with and learn from each other–not like a solitary animal stuck in a cage. A pet iguana, if raised and treated as a pet, will be a pet. (Note: You’ve got to get them young.) Raised with dogs and cats, it will make friends with dogs and cats. When I was teaching, I sometimes brought him to school with me because the kids were crazy about him.

Animals have the same maker we have; and God took pleasure in them and pronounced them good.

We have that in common with them.

Mr. Nature: Flying Fish Flying

Posting a still photo of a flying fish made me want to see video of flying fish.

Jambo, Mr. Nature here. Flying fish are abundant and spectacular; but having never been to sea, I’ve never seen them. I used to be fascinated, reading Kon-Tiki, by these edible little fish who used to launch themselves out of the water and wind up in the frying pan.

God’s stuff–always a treat to see it.

P.S.–Stay tuned! When I get back from the bank and the supermarket, etc., I will have a huuuuge nooze item for you (another nice mess blown up in the bad guys’ faces).