Liberals and Perpetual Infancy

Coronavirus: desperate scenes as 10,000 queue for masks at Hong Kong  industrial estate | South China Morning Post

“Unknowable” observes, “It’s as if liberals can’t get enough of authority.”

That’s for sure. I can’t understand that mind-set. It’s like they want to be told what to do. Show me a liberal who isn’t wearing a face mask outdoors, and I’ll show you a cryptozoology specimen. No matter how arbitrary or inane the restriction, the libs lap it up–and stare daggers at you if you don’t.

What? Do they like doing homework? Standing in line? Being sent up to bed when someone else decides it’s time?

The Far Left and authoritarianism go together like H2 and O. You don’t find one without the other.

And here’s something my wife first noticed in the 1960s:

The same teenage rebel who won’t clean her room, and gets into daily screaming fights with her mother… joins a freakin’ commune and tamely does everything the commune big shot tells her to, no matter how unreasonable or degrading. And you wind up with something like the Manson family.

Some pipsqueak like Obama tells ’em, “You’ve got to support gay marriage,” and they fall into line at once, even if it requires a sudden 180-degree turn in their thinking. (I’ve seen it done. It’s rather horrifying, that anyone should be able to jettison his core beliefs so easily.) But let a law come down from God Almighty, and they make a show of breaking it. They rebel against God and kow-tow to the most contemptible and asinine “leaders” that a fallen human race can produce.

Pray for President Trump, standing in the breech against a tide of globalist tyranny. May the God who put him there sustain him.

‘The Ultimate Safe Space’ (2016)

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Where can you go where there’s no one richer, better-looking, smarter, or more talented than you? Where nowhere is heard a discouraging word? Or any word at all, for that matter.

The cemetery is the ultimate safe space!

The Ultimate Safe Space

It’s even better than college, because there’s no pressure to do anything. Well, okay, there are colleges like that, too. They come as close to being a graveyard as you can with the inhabitants still technically alive.

And best of all–even after you’re buried, you can still vote!

‘Would You Kill Yourself if a Celebrity Told You To?’ (2012)

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They must be smart, they’re on TV!

Of course, if we did everything celebrities told us to, we’d be living like 12th-century Scottish peasants and ruled by socialist vampires. But maybe we do do a little bit too much.

Would You Kill Yourself if a Celebrity Told You To?

You will notice when a liberal spouts “Global Warming!” or “COVID!”, he and all his liberal friends get to keep their mansions and can also get together for a fund-raiser–or a riot–with no fear of any virus. The draconian restrictions apply to us, not to them.

Would it be at all surprising if celebs started appearing on TV and exhorting you to kill yourself–all for sustainability, of course? Save The Planet, off yourself now!

We must never let liberals “govern” us. It’s too much like sheep being governed by wolves.

How Do We Walk by Faith?

One Must Be Ordained

I’ve always found it difficult to understand the Bible’s instruction to us to “walk by faith and not by sight.” How do you do that?

In Walking By Faith When We See Only Problems, Mark Rushdoony tackles that hard question.

“Walking by faith” does not mean “be oblivious to what you see.” It means to try to understand what you see in terms of what God is doing. “Our faith in what God is doing,” Mark writes, “must give us perspective and direction.”

Walking just by sight, “we see one mess after another.” That’s for sure. You can’t even talk sports or the weather anymore without igniting a political argument. Statism, as R.J. Rushdoony so often observed, is in its death throes–which means something will have to replace it.

God’s Kingdom is forever, and will replace all worldly kingdoms.

What Are They Doing To Us?

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I just had a most unsettling thought.

What if the whole COVID panic, world-wide, and the stolen election caper here at home, are both part of a coordinated effort by globalists and other super-villains to impose their jive utopia on us?

If you know me, you know I hate conspiracy theories. But look at all the tricks the bad guys pulled in this election. Mountains and mountains of evidence–but you’ve still got the nooze media yapping about “President-elect Biden” and Fascist Fauci telling us all to do what we’re told and the government in Wales telling people they can’t buy books… and transgender, and Drag Queen Story Hour–

What if it’s all part of the same thing? Because all of these various abominations seem to have a hellish synergy. They go together very well!

Oh, but just think of how grateful Satan will be to them for carrying out his plans!

Uh-huh. A spider in a jar has better prospects than anyone who counts on Satan’s gratitude.

‘The Deranged Liberal Quote of the Week’ (2015)

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Would you believe this is how we preserve our civilization?

Wow! Smut, pornography, and f-bombs are indispensible to civilization and freedom! I didn’t know that until some British novelist I never heard of said so in The Telegraph.

The Deranged Liberal Quote of the Week

Stifle the f-bomb, unleash a pogrom. Apparently kids who don’t hear a lot of cursing and don’t see a lot of fornication all grow up to be Nazis. The slightest restriction leads directly to the Third Reich, do not pass Go…

Honk if you don’t think it’s culture rot.

You Know You’re a Ninny If…

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Ooh, sunshine! And rain forecast for tomorrow. So I’d better get out there and write!

But first, let me air a few more of my archaic political beliefs that liberals say I should just shut up about.

Then there’s their beliefs. Those are not exactly farm-fresh. They’re also crazy. Anyhow, you know you’re a nincompoop if you believe:

*Government can create a paradise on earth, if only we give it enough money, worship, and coercive power.

*Human nature can be shaped like modeling clay; and The Smartest People In The World should be allowed to shape the rest.

*There’s probably no God, but we don’t need one because each of us carries an inner divinity. (Sorry, I don’t know how to say that without babbling.)

*Our news media are honest, fair, and accurate.

*There really are dozens of genders!

*College makes you smarter. Note I didn’t say “College makes you smart.” A wasp-sting makes you smart, too.

*A global government would be a really nice thing to have.

Sorry, but if you believe even one of these liberal flapjaws, your brain simply doesn’t work properly.

Yeahbut, yeahbut! Millions of people believe those things!

True–and look at the trouble that has gotten us into.

Sanity Break: Grandma Moses

Folk Artist Grandma Moses

Forget that condescending claptrap about “primitive folk art.” This is Grandma Moses, and America has never produced a greater artist.

Do yourself a favor. Drop the nooze for a while and go online to look at Grandma Moses’ paintings: enjoy a kind of private tour of an art museum devoted to her work.

These are not just pictures. They are doors. They let you into the sane and wholesome world of Grandma Moses. You may even remember similar details from your own life.

Country people fording a little river in their wagon. Sheep grazing in the background. Trees beginning to show their autumn foliage. Oh, yeah, I want some of that!

Maybe it’s because I’m old enough to remember real places like the places in Grandma’s paintings, real people who lived there–and these were wonderful places! Most of them torn down and paved over by now.

But the ones in Grandma Moses’ paintings are beyond the reach of the back hoes and the strip malls and the bent zoning boards. She put them on canvas so we could put them in our hearts.

I kind of think the new Earth, when God restores Creation, will look more like the world of Grandma Moses than–well, who wants to mention any of those people on a Sunday?

How to Achieve Income Equality

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Liberals are still crying crocodile tears over “Income Inequality.” Thanks to Income Inequality, blubbered the New York Times recently, you’ll never be able to drink the great wines.

Well, obviously what they want is “Income Equality“–everybody has the same income. Right then and there you know it’s poop. But if there were such thing as Income Equality, how would society achieve it? Always presuming the whole thing wouldn’t blow up into a war of all against all before the train even left the station. But in the absence of near-instantaneous chaos, how would you achieve Income Equality?

*Take money from The Rich and redistribute it. [Four-minute laugh break] If you think anyone will ever get their hands on any of Al Gore’s, the Clintons’, John Kerry’s, or Hollywood’s money, you are without brain function.

*Ask the super-rich (see above) to give away big chunks of their money to The Poor. Yeah, that’ll work.

When does my income get to equal Nancy Pelosi’s?

*Ooh-ooh! Simply print up lots and lots more money and hand it out to people until everyone’s a millionaire! And watch the price of a six-pack of Hebrew National hot dogs shoot up to $600.

*Let the government set the prices for every good and service known to the economy. So, like, charge a Rich guy $400 for a haircut but a Poor guy would only have to pay $4 for the same haircut. And watch the barber’s business fold. Another empty storefront!

Catch my drift? There is no way of achieving Income Equality. It’s a fantasy. The ways that have actually been tried never came close to working, and always did more harm than good.

And for Joe Biden to be yammering about Income Inequality, when he and his whole family have gotten disgustingly wealthy by selling government favors to foreign interests, some of them more than a little unfriendly to our country–how do we stand it? Is there any limit to our toleration?

Were Giants Ever Real?

Furahan Biology and Allied Matters: The anatomy of giants in 'Game of  Thrones': did they get it right?

Even sitting down, he’s huge…

I’ve been thinking about giants lately. Were they real? Could they ever have been real?

The Bible has giants in it, throughout the Old Testament–lasting into historical times, in places like Gath, Hebron, and Bashan. Greek and Norse mythology is full of giants. And folklore all over the world offers tales of giants.

What is a giant? At 5’11”, Herman Melville was the tallest man aboard a certain whaling vessel. At 7 feet tall and change, Wilt Chamberlain dominated professional basketball. But if it gets much taller than that, you’re probably talking about a glandular or a genetic defect that’s going to keep you from reaching your 70th birthday: thank of Andre the Giant.

The giants in the Bible are truly colossal; and although no one has ever found a giant’s skeleton, or a giant’s weapons or armor, the Near East has several sites where normal-sized men created facsimiles of giants’ footprints, carving them in stone and placing them near public buildings.

Just because people lived a long time ago doesn’t mean they were stupid. So why did so many of them believe in giants, if there was no such thing as a giant? If no one could ever have seen a giant, why did so many different peoples, all over the world, preserve and hand down so many stories about giants?

The mark of the Anunnaki? Meet the GIANT footprints of Ain Dara - RiseEarth

These prints are obviously not real. But why did someone go to the trouble of carving them? Why display them in a busy public area?

Then again, maybe the whole thing was just some kind of advertising.

But how could there have been so many stories about giants, and no giants? Is it possible for a human body to function, beyond a certain size? Or did people in Biblical times use “giants” as a metaphor? Metaphors have probably been around even longer than giants.

We accept the Bible as being always true. But we grant that Bible writers sometimes used figures of speech that are not meant to be taken literally. Nor would Bible writers living 3,000 years ago have needed to explain certain things to their audience–things that only confuse us today. A lot of knowledge can be lost in three millenia.

I add, finally, that even as a little child, I never believed the Jolly Green Giant was real.