‘A Parable for Our Time’ (2014)

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This was sickeningly true in 2014, and even more so now.

A Parable for Our Time

Yes–you point to the shambles, the disaster, that you created… and say, “Look what happened.” As if it happened without you!

People, you can’t treat your country like Democrats have been treating America. You’ll kill it. You’ll destroy it.

But I’m afraid that’s exactly what they mean to do.

Tiny White Flowers… vs. Globalists

Tiny White Wild Flowers In Grass In Spring Close Up Stock Photo - Download  Image Now - iStock

This has been a bountiful spring so far. Today I noticed some new wildflowers in the lawn–little tiny white ones. We also have bright purple and bright yellow flowers. The lawnmower cuts them down, but they always come back. I see them as a sign that God is nigh.

Meanwhile in the fallen world, the Great Lockdown has given globalists a taste of absolute power… and they really like it–shutting down churches and interrupting services, forbidding family gatherings, forcing us all to wear masks and stay six feet away from one another, forcing us to receive experimental drugs as vaccines, and censoring us all over the social media: which was set up to give us all a voice, but now they want that voice silenced. Unless, of course, we use it to praise them. That, we’re still allowed to say.

They want their global government, headed by themselves, with the rest of us enjoying only little tastes of freedom doled out sparingly by our overlords.

They appear to have all the power that they need, to do anything they please. And if they can proclaim Critical Race Theory in our schools, our universities, they can teach us to hate and fear each other–which will make it hard to organize any opposition. Everything they do is meant to keep us from getting back together.

But they can’t get rid of all the flowers, can they? Anymore than they can get rid of the God who creates the flowers and gives them life.

He is still here. He is watching. He is the Judge of all the earth, all-powerful, all-wise, all-righteous: even the globalists, these little frauds who want to set themselves on His throne, have only the being that He gives them.

God loves to use the weak to overcome the strong, the foolishness of preaching to overpower the false wisdom of the world, and things that are despised, and things that are not, “to bring to nought things that are” (1 Corinthians 1: 25-28).

The house of the ungodly is founded on unstable sand, and great will be the fall of it.

‘Hawking: “Only World Government Can Save Us”‘ (2017)

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As we enter the weekend set aside to celebrate Jesus Christ, His atoning death on the cross and then His resurrection, we might want to spare a prayer for the spiritually impoverished. They may be rich and famous, basking in the glow of fawning publicity: but they are poorer than a beggar. Like, for instance, world-renowned Scientist, Stephen Hawking.

Hawking: Only World Government Can Save Us

His argument goes: we humans are bad, bad, bad and that’s our nature–we’re with you there, dude; only we call it Original Sin–so what we must have, if we’re to survive, is an all-powerful world government to rein us in.

Uh-huh. And who’s gonna be in the world government? More of them bad, bad humans! Only now they’ll be in a state of perpetual temptation by unrestrained power over others. Or as our country’s founders put it, the bigger the government, the bigger its abuses.

They’ll eat us alive, Steve-o.

We’re Short of Heroes

Super Hero Squad: Infinity Sword Quest | ComicReaders

We’ve got superheroes out the wazoo, thanks to our, ahem, “entertainment” industry. Superheroes for every conceivable occasion.

But not for real life. We did have one hero, President Donald Trump, but the global ruling class ran him right over. Took ’em four years to do it, but they did it. And now the good guys are powerless and there’s no one to stop the bad guys from running on all fours into Hell, as St. Gildas once put it.

We don’t need superheroes. We need real heroes–like, for instance, Fanny Crosby. Blinded by an incompetent doctor shortly after she was born, Fanny wrote some 8,000 hymns, many of which are still well-loved today. That’s a hero. Never mind the silly costumes.

Fanny Crosby: America's Hymn Queen   Fanny Crosby

And I’ll bet we could find these heroes, if we looked. Find them, celebrate them, and follow their examples. Most of the good people have been driven out of politics–out of most of our institutions, I daresay. So we won’t look there. They’ll turn up in unexpected places.

But one thing we’re fabulously rich in, and that’s anti-heroes. Bad guys. Huge bad guys like George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, and whoever’s pulling the strings for Joe Biden. And lots and lots of little villains who riot when BLM says riot and think they’re fighting fascism because fascists have told them so. And the medium-sized villains who train and instruct the multitude of useful idiots. Not to mention the bad guys in China, Russia, and Iran.

We pray the Lord our God will turn the ungodly against each other, as He has done so many times in history. When good guys are in short supply, He can use bad guys to tear and rend the other bad guys. Sennacherib, king of Assyria–invincible, the big cheese, proud enough to mock God–first he lost his army to the plague, and when he got back home, his own sons murdered him.

Liu Shao Chi, president of Red China: a devout communist, but the only man in China that had the courage to call Mao out for the Great Leap Forward–an experiment in mass murder that cost some tens of millions of innocent lives. Mao had Liu murdered by his doctors, but not before Liu stopped the killing spree.

God will find persons who will do His will. They will commit crimes against criminals, as did the sons of Sennacherib, or suddenly find themselves moved, like Liu, to stand for the right no matter what the cost.

Be uneasy on your thrones, you self-dubbed masters of the universe. The only God has taken your names, and judgment is coming.

‘How C.S. Lewis Predicted the Woke Nightmare’

246 C.S. Lewis Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty Images

C.S. Lewis–he knew which way the wind was blowing.

[Thanks to Susan for the tip.]

We should listen to great writers, even fantasy writers, when they warn us off doing stupid stuff that will make bad things happen. They are very often right. But we hardly ever listen, do we?

Check out this essay by Jared Whitley in townhall.com, March 27: “How C.S. Lewis Predicted the Woke Nightmare” (https://townhall.com/columnists/jaredwhitley/2021/03/27/how-cs-lewis-predicted-woke-education-could-turn-democracy-into-dictatorship-n2586801). These predictions are to be found in “Screwtape Proposes a Toast,” an addendum to Lewis’ famous The Screwtape Letters. If you haven’t read that yet, you really should.

Lewis realized that “the term democracy can be warped into destroying excellence, first in the halls of education and then to society at large, to make sure everyone stays ‘equal’.” Bingo! Bullseye!

And how do you water down excellence? Pass/Fail courses. Dumb down the curriculum. Meaningless stupid courses that stultify the brain. And, indispensably, “all, or nearly all, citizens can go to universities”–because if practically everybody has one of those watered-down college degrees, what’s the degree worth?

“Corruption of language” is also important. Suddenly words mean anything you, personally, want them to mean–and no one can understand what anyone else is talking about.

It’s always easier to build down than to build up. We’ll never find a way to make everybody smart, but we can certainly make a lot of people stupid. Our whole system of public education is living proof of that.

The university was once the repository of humanity’s collective wisdom and experience.

Now it’s a moron factory.

Why does that make me think of another cautionary tale–The Island of Dr. Moreau, by H.G. Wells? Whose books, by the way, were a lot wiser than he was.


A Movie That Should Open Your Eyes

To the Ends of the Earth (1948)

Here’s a movie that’s older than I am, and yet amazingly, maybe even shockingly, pertinent to today.

To the Ends of the Earth (1948) stars Dick Powell as a U.S. Treasury agent trying to bust up an international drug ring. Set in 1935, it might as well be now.

This film gave me an insight I’d never had before: the drug trade and human trafficking feed on one another: you don’t have one without the other. Agent Barrows gets one look at the human trafficking aspect of the crime–and I ought to warn you, it’s an intense scene–and devotes himself to bringing the criminals to justice.

To do that, he has to travel all over the world–to China, Egypt, Lebanon, Cuba, and then back to New York. Wherever he goes, he has to liaise with his local counterparts–men of all different countries, all working together to protect the world from organized evil. Here we cross over into fantasy-land, because all these guys are brave, unselfish, cooperative, and pure… instead of being unspeakably corrupt themselves.

But the idealism behind the film does come through, and I found it rather affecting. If only things could really be that way!

Alas: how could organized crime exist without criminals in government?

Nowadays we’re dealing with Mexican drug cartels, international bad guys in China and Iran and Russia helping them along, and massive human trafficking across our ruptured southern border. These are evils countenanced by the Democrat Party, whose leaders work hard to block reform. Whether they’re getting paid off by Communist China or just acting out of pure perversity depends on the individual.

We still have the problems dealt with in this film; but the idealism is now in short supply.

An Old Phone Scam, Tried Again

Latest Phone Call Scams: How to Stop & Report Them

So the phone rang a few minutes ago, and I thought my editor was calling me… but it wasn’t.

“Hi, Grandpa.”

“Who is this?”

“Your grandson.”

I don’t have a grandson, so I hung up. It’s been years since we got this scam tried on us. I’m your grandson (name never volunteered), and I need bail money/need to pay off a loan/gimme yo’ money, whatever.

Obviously what they’re trying to do is get hold of some hopelessly senile Joe Biden types and swindle them out of their money. Isn’t this shameful? It’s like the whole Western world sinks to a new low every day. They hope their victim doesn’t even remember whether he has a grandson or not.

Preying on the helpless. What kind of subhuman parasite does that?

I’ll bet we get nine or ten scam phone calls every day.

And then there’s Congress…

Pipsqueaks in Power

Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.

He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the LORD shall have them in derision.  –Psalm 2: 1-4

Do you like knowing there are self-anointed philosopher-kings, would-be rulers of the world, walking around out there with way more power than is good for them–and certainly more than is good for us!: to whom we are, at best, ignorant peasants who must be “managed” for our own good: managed by them, God help us?

And consider them well. Mark Zuckerberg’s a twerp. George Soros is a living fossil. Bill Gates has things wrong with him. Xi Jin Ping is just a villain. We are to be ruled by… these? God forbid.

Now they’re paying court to King COVID, who is to give them undreamed-of power over an undefended public. COVID ‘n’ Climate Change give them license to do anything they please.

This is a thing we should not have forgotten: only God, and only God’s law, can make us free. Rulers who have not placed themselves under God are only predators. They are no better than termites, eating up the house that shelters them.

Turn to God, and He will turn to us.

But we have gone very, very far astray…

We’re Driving Our Dogs Crazy, Too

Scared Dog HD Stock Images | Shutterstock

After a year of Mandates and restrictions and fear porn on the nightly nooze, a lot of people have grown a bit paranoid. They get all kinds of weird if they see someone without a mask, and shy away from… well, everybody. Must preserve Social Distancing, you know. And can we double up on those face masks?

Well, guess what! Having made ourselves crazy, now we’re working on our dogs. See the article on Dr. Becker’s veterinary site, https://healthypets.mercola.com/sites/healthypets/archive/2021/03/14/canine-fear-and-anxiety.aspx?ui=a26451ca60f77065e240c7fb026545a41b6fb38badaf00b35456684a9778d9bd&sd=20080201&cid_source=petsnl&cid_medium=email&cid_content=art1HL&cid=20210314Z1&mid=DM823320&rid=1106568324 .

No joke: researchers report “canine fears and anxiety” have built up to a record high, here in America and probably elsewhere, too. Its most common expression is “noise sensitivity,” but “fearfulness toward humans” is high on the list.

Well… duh! Facial expressions are very important to dogs. Dogs read humans’ facial expressions. Now everybody’s wearing a mask.  Dogs are in tune with their owners: our uneasiness, our fearfulness, rubs off on them. If you’re habitually nervous, your dog will be, too. Happy people have happy dogs. Miserable people have miserable dogs.

And there’s also other stuff we do, apart from King COVID’s rule, to mess up our dogs’ minds.

We overbreed them like crazy. Everybody’s gotta have a pedigreed dog. Nobody wants just a dog dog anymore. Overbreeding leads to inborn neurotic behavior in dogs.

And then there’s that fad for keeping the poor dog penned up in a crate every day for hours at a time. If you don’t think that would contribute to an overall affliction of canine fearfulness, you’re just not thinking. But people do that because it’s convenient for them, not the dog.

And all of this, every jot and tittle of it, has been brought to you by Government Science and The Smartest People In The World.

‘Left-Wing Noozie Denounces “Bygone Era”‘ (2018)

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I just realized I’ve made a tautology. All noozies are left-wing noozies. They don’t let you out of “journalism” school, otherwise.

Left-wing Noozie Denounces ‘Bygone Era’

Yessireebob, all that stuff that we hold dear, that’s just part of a bygone era–including church, family, and our country. Leftids are here to replace it all with… what? What do they have that anybody but a villain or a moron wants?

But they’ve got possession of our culture, and they’re killing it dead.

Save us, O God.