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My Newswithviews Column, June 6 (‘Immortality for Dummies’)

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Older than the Boston Light!

True, I’ve already discussed this, here on the blog, but it seemed worthy of a fuller treatment. Besides, it fricasees my brains to come up with a Newswithviews column every week.

Immortality For Dummies

So you’re a Big Tech billionaire, and you want to live forever. Why? Yeah, I keep asking “Why?” today, and never get an answer. Like, how rich would Jeff Bezos be, by the time he’s 375 years old? And won’t it breed, I dunno, maybe just a wee touch of resentment, if we all have to die by the 1 percent of the 1 percent get to live forever?

They haven’t thought this through, have they?

‘What Elephant?’

Sorry, I just had to run this again! Somehow the mention of “socialism” and “stupid” in the same breath brought it to mind.

In a matter of seconds, classic comedian Jimmy Durante reveals the essence of left-wing thought and discourse. This is all they’ve got behind the curtain.

Way to go, Jimmy!


On Stupidity

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Ignorance can be fixed: we’re all born ignorant. But stupid is forever.

What is stupidity, though? What are its salient characteristics? How do we distinguish its effects from those of disease or injury?

*Stupid was always there. It didn’t start as a hard knock to the head.

*Stupid can’t learn from experience. If fact, stupid people can’t learn at all, mostly because they think they already know everything. Stupid does the same thing again and again, even when it always turns out badly. People who are not stupid can learn from the experience of others, even if that experience is only recorded in a book. But stupid can’t.

*If you’re not stupid, you can look at various factors in play and, by dint of common sense and ordinary prudence, add them up into the most likely outcome. Like, you see cracked ice with water on it, you probably conclude that it would be unwise to try to walk across it. But if you’re stupid, you either never add things up at all, or else come to a completely wrong conclusion for entirely wrong reasons. Like, “I can walk out there because the ice is already cracked so it won’t crack again.”

*Stupid is always drawn to stupid. If you are a jidrool, other jidrools will strike you as really smart and cool people whose company you want to cultivate. You will also think that demonstrably stupid ideas, like socialism, are smart. And genuinely stupid individuals never even suspect that they themselves are stupid. They think they’re wise.

No one has ever devised a way to fix stupidity. What we are good at is spreading it around. Public education, “entertainment,” and our politics ensure an inexhaustible supply of stupid.

If only there were a sure-fire way to undo the damage…

Where Are the Gas Stations?

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Something screwy’s going on here in central New Jersey.

In my home town, all the gas stations, all at just about the same time, have gone out of business except for the two most expensive ones. Some of these had been selling gas since I was a little boy.

Venturing out of town, you can see the rot setting in wherever you look: gas station after gas station, out of business.

Uh, is somebody doing the Green New Deal here without asking us? Well, all right, true–they never ask us, they just do it. There are plenty of people driving our streets, a lot more than I would like–and hardly any gas stations. Are they thinking, “They’ll have to give up their cars, those peasants, if they can’t get any gas for them!”? This is a Democrat town in a Democrat county in a Democrat state, so there’s no one to defend us from the arrogance of rulers. Louis XIV said, “L’etat, c’est moi” (“The state, it’s me!”). He would’ve fit right in.

I don’t like being ruled. It’s not American. It doesn’t belong here.

We need to do something about it.

‘Agatha Christie’s Deprived Childhood’ (2013)

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Agatha Christie at the age of five

It’s hard to imagine the horror of a childhood without gender-coaching, video games, or public schooling–but that’s what poor Agatha Christie had to overcome.


This is what happens in a country where the teachers’ unions don’t bankroll a major political party. Kids like little Agatha slip through the cracks. They wind up spending altogether too much time with their parents and knowing hardly anything about the joys of socialism.

Really, it’s just too dreadful–!

Bonus: ‘Long, Long Ago’

This song wouldn’t leave me this morning, so I thought I might as well post it–Long, Long Ago. This version is by Jo Stafford and Gordon MacRae–from back when, I don’t know. And it took me quite a while to find it. Everybody else on Youtube wanted to jazz it up. Yech.

I’m supposed to write Newswithviews today or tomorrow. I have no ideas for it. Not one.

Please everybody, pray for my wife, she isn’t getting any better and that kind of weighs on me. I’m not exactly a tower of strength, these days.

There’s a lot of long ago that I want back.

Revolutionary New Idea: Majority Rights

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I know we have to be careful with this, or otherwise, as R.J. Rushdoony used to say, we wind up with a “democracy” that consists of two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner. But then we don’t have a democracy, but a republic.

We always hear a lot about Minority Rights, seemingly the supreme public value. Whatever a cherished minority wants, a cherished minority gets. Or so it seems, especially in recent years.

But what if the majority had rights, too? I see the Democrats in the audience staring at me like I’d just sprouted mammoth tusks while whistling “Tiptoe Through the Tulips.” They’ve never heard of such a thing. The whole concept of majority rights strikes them as bizarre.

But what if we could, like, have a Christmas parade even if the atheists objected? What if any one of us, for reasons of conscience, could refuse to have any part in a “gay wedding”? What if we could say anything we jolly well pleased, just like cherished minorities do, without having to fight off the thought police?

And what if freakin’ Congress stopped taking our hard-earned money and doling it out to Planned Parenthood and colleges and looniversities, to be used against us? What if our elected representatives actually started representing us?

There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth…

My Newswithviews Column, May 16 (‘A Nation of Stoners’)

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She shoulda got high…?

It is getting hard to crank these out every week, but I can only persevere. If enough of us do it, we just might get somewhere!

A Nation Of Stoners

The answer to the boredom epidemic–pot! Just get too high to notice how bored you are. And don’t forget to vote Democrat when your community organizer comes around to harvest votes. Actually, you can forget–he’ll do it for you.

‘Why Do I Read Bad “Christian” Novels?’ (2016)

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It’s important to reclaim cultural ground for Christ’s Kingdom: to our shame, we’ve surely surrendered enough of it. That’s why I read “Christian” novels that would otherwise be considered inferior product.


We have to do better! I mean, really, look at us! If we can’t do better than we’re doing now, we might as well just pack it in.

‘Irrational Humanism’ Explained

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I’ve been waiting eagerly to share this with you!


Why is the Far Left Crazy so crazy? Why are we confronted with so much sheer loopiness–“transgender,” “open borders,” “everything is racist,” and so on, endlessly–which, far from landing its proponents in the madhouse where they belong, are offered to us as genuine public policy options? Options that we’d seize in a New York minute, if we weren’t racists and biggits etc.

Mark Rushdoony explains it clearly and convincingly. It’s their ideology that makes them so patently irrational. In their Darwin-inspired world view, chaos and revolution equal “progress,” and it’s always a good thing to tear down the old to make place for the new–never mind their relative merits, new is always better!

There is a method in their madness.

That’s why they must be utterly defeated. May God equip us for that righteous task!

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