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Faith of the Faithless

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Since I mentioned it in posting this morning’s hymn, I can’t stop thinking of something Charlton Heston’s astronaut character said in the original Planet of the Apes movie, in 1968. Soured on his own world, the astronaut has embarked on a one-way trip into the unknown because he’s sure that somewhere out there, “There must be something better!” Better than earth, he means.

Well, doesn’t that just speak volumes? Our whole benighted age in just five words!

But of course, what the oracles of this age say sounds completely different: “Sooner or later, we’ll have all the answers! Science will provide those answers. No more sickness, no more war, no more crime or poverty. Just give us the power, give us the money, obey us in all things–and the earthly paradise will be yours! Minus the heavenly paradise, though, because there’s no such thing…”

We have to listen a bit more carefully. What do they praise? Massive, all-powerful government. Homosexuality. Transgenderism. Sexual promiscuity. Abortion. Assisted suicide. “Open borders”–not that there’s ever been any such thing, but throughout history, the closer a country comes to it, the closer it comes to destruction.

Their earthly paradise is full of behaviors which, if pursued to their natural ends, result in death–even extinction, if everybody does what humanists say we ought to do.

So in their own way, they are proposing to leave the earth behind–if not by means of a starship, then by means of death. First everybody else’s; and then, like it or not, their own. All they that hate God’s wisdom love death (Proverbs 8:36).

But the earth is the Lord’s–and so are we. And so are we.

Fame’s Not So Famous Anymore

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Once upon a time you wouldn’t need a caption to tell you this was Valentino.

Reporting on her blog today on Valentino’s cursed ring (https://bookemjanoblog.wordpress.com/2018/10/14/ghosts-the-curse-of-valentinos-ring/), our friend “Janowrite” had to add that she meant the actor Rudolph Valentino, not some fashion magnate that I never heard of.

Rudolph Valentino died before talkies were invented, but he was the big silent movie star and international heart-throb, and during the days of my own childhood, many years afterward, there was no need to explain to anyone who Valentino was. I knew, and I was just a little kid playing with Crazy Ikes.

Jose Raul Capablanca, the world chess champion who once went eight years (!) without losing a game, also died before I was born. But I knew he was the world’s greatest chess player well before I began to learn how to play chess at the age of ten. Y’know those little fillers they used to have in newspapers, to plug in when the article didn’t quite reach to the bottom of the column? Some of those were about Capablanca. He–and Valentino, too–also used to turn up in anecdotes told by Bennett Cerf in his daily feature, Try and Stop Me (remember that?). I learned about a lot of famous people, reading Bennett Cerf.

But heck, racehorses then were more famous than a lot of celebrities are now.

It’s strange, when you think of it. In the 1950s we had only a few TV channels, no Internet, no social media–and yet the people who were famous, back then, were really famous! You didn’t have to be a chess player to know who Capablanca was. You didn’t have to watch silent movies to know who Valentino was. You didn’t have to hang out at the racetrack to know who Sea Biscuit was.

We’ve done something to shrink our pop culture giants. I can’t explain it, but I can see it. Like, Capablanca was a giant–but how many of you even know that Magnus Carlson, of Norway, is the world chess champion today? Crikey, I’m not even sure I spelled his name right.

Where Science Ends and Fantasy Begins

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The Iceman–a murder victim

Once upon a time–feminist wimmin scientists say this, so it must be true–Europe was inhabited by peaceful, gentle, farming communities, supervised by women, goddess-worshiping, who knew neither warfare nor violence. But then along came Mr. Man with his violent, warlike, patriarchal Indo-European nastiness and screwed the whole thing up. Eventually the gentle, peaceful goddess-worshipers were reduced to little pockets of non-Indo-European groups like Basques, Etruscans, and several others. Only a few have survived to this day.

That lost utopia is now called “Old Europe” and serves as a kind of feminist Golden Age.

What bunk.

Hey, remember the Ice Man? The guy who died some 5,300 years ago and wound up frozen in a glacier in the Alps, to be dug up and studied in modern times. The Ice Man is the genuine well-preserved dead body of a person who actually lived in Old Europe. In fact, his is the only well-preserved body left to us from that age.

And guess what: it’s the body of a murder victim. Yup–“Otzi” died from a hard blow to the head and an arrow that pierced one of his arteries (https://www.livescience.com/37311-otzi-iceman-death-clues.html). So, 100% of the bodies we have recovered from Old Europe are those of murder victims. Does that mean theirs was an incredibly violent society, wherein the No. 1 cause of death was murder?

Maybe poor Otzi was iced by transphobes who snuck in from Indo-European country. Or by time-traveling Republicans.

Meanwhile, the whole potentially fascinating study of “Old Europe” has been deeply tainted by feminist fantasy, maybe beyond repair. Guess I’ll just have to study something… well, real.

A Lesson from a Troll

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Unless you were here very early today, you won’t have seen the plethora of comments left by a surly transgender fan. I have, of course, deleted them. You can’t be nice to leftids. You allow them into your cyber-living room, and all they do is pee on the carpet.

Anyhow, this jidrool accused me of “violence,” “rape,” “beatings,” and a few other misdeeds. Now, if I had actually done any of those things, I would be a criminal. And of course I haven’t done them. But–!

Now, for the Left, “violence” or “hate” constitutes any failure to join with them in whatever delusion they’re embracing at the moment. It’s also “violence” for Christians to believe in the Bible. We are supposed to agree with leftids, we are Haters if we don’t, that the Bible is “only just a bunch of two-thousand-year-old stories” which we must immediately jettison in favor of whatever the left is selling.

Note that it’s not “hate” or “violence” for them to insult, vilify, and mock anyone who isn’t them.

Quite simply, and as we so abundantly saw throughout the Kavanagh hearings, objective truth does not exist for leftids.

But it is an objective truth that there is no such thing as “transgender.” There are only really messed-up people who say they are “trans” and demand that we say it, too.

They’re killing our culture, and we musn’t let them do it.


If We Did Everything the Left Thinks is Good…

Image result for images of running off a cliff

I received this insight a couple of days ago, and I just can’t let it go. I think it bears repeating. Then I’ll shut up about it.

What if everybody did everything that the Left says is good?

We would go extinct as a species.

Homosexuality and transgenderism–forget about “Be fruitful and multiply.” These pastimes are no way to give us a next generation.

Assisted suicide–do you really need to ask?

Abortion–guess what happens if every baby is aborted.

You can see it all builds toward human extinction. And who can possibly be for that, but Satan? And, of course, really Smart people who are completely deluded. For a refresher course along those lines, see That Hideous Strength by C.S. Lewis. It tells you everything you need to know about where those Real Smart People are at.

I do believe we ought to be stressing this: too many people don’t seem to be getting it.

‘Another Red-Hot Sex Book for Me not to Review’ (2015)

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I don’t know what publicists must think of me. They’re always inviting me to review books that might give you a disease if you handled them. Here’s one from three years ago.


I bring it up again because its formula seems to foreshadow the #MeToo movement, delivering a weird mixed message of unbridled sexual acting-out with the most severe consequences if anyone complains. Talk about a divided heart!

Pornography has been with us for thousands of years, but it doesn’t come in a plain brown wrapper anymore.

Grown Men Acting Like 5-Year-Olds

Image result for images of inside the yankees by ed linn

Whoever first said “Sports build character” was the all-time champ for not knowing what the dickens he was talking about–and getting away with it.

This little gem of a paperback from 1978, Inside the Yankees by Ed Linn, goes behind the scenes of the Yankees’ 1977 championship season.

I’m not presenting it to you as a baseball book. Forget the baseball. Inside the Yankees is a soap opera.

From top to bottom, from team owner George Steinbrenner, manager Billy Martin, and superstar Reggie Jackson–er, wait a minute: there is no bottom. They’re all trying to be the one on top, and they will stop just short of murder to get there. Anyway, you wouldn’t believe grown men could behave like this and not get locked up somewhere. Like, was there anyone in or around baseball whom Billy Martin didn’t punch out?

My favorite scene is the one in which several of the team’s prima donnas, individually and without prior consultation, each makes his way up to Steinbrenner’s hotel room to complain about his team-mates–and as each arrives, George has to hide the previous petitioner somewhere in the suite. Did they take that from a Danny Kaye movie?

This is long before Colin Koprolite got rich and famous for whining about how much he hates mean old America.

I’m afraid professional athletes have always been d*****bags. I’m sure Rome’s gladiators and charioteers always used to carp and backbite each other–although gladiators did sometimes get the opportunity to settle their grudges permanently. Give Reggie and Billy a crack at that, and you’d see sparks fly!

Another fantastic book along the same lines is Glory Days With the Dodgers by their catcher, John Roseboro. Roseboro looked back at his own life in sports, starting with his days in grade school, and had a lot of unsentimental things to say about it.

No, sports do not build character. Amazing that anybody ever thought they did.

‘Libs and the Unjust Lottery of Life’ (2015)

Image result for images of lottery drawing

This has got to be the favorite image used by liberals to illustrate their view of life: an unjust lottery.


They don’t believe in a righteous God, in prayer, in the value of hard work or the rewards of innovation–so they have nothing left but Government. And the government, really, is them. The wise, the Experts, our betters. They will do all the things God should have done, but didn’t because He doesn’t exist. They will correct the injustices perpetrated by a random, chance-driven universe! Just give ’em all the power, all your money, and watch them create Utopia right before your eyes.

If we could just skip the part about the camps and the mass graves…

What It’s All About

Image result for images of transgender protesters

Another week of following the nooze, of watching Western civilization go black around the edges, as it dies–well, it’s not much fun, watching your world be slowly poisoned. Leftism is to the human race as Round-Up is to plants.

But what is most strongly impressed on my mind is that all of these leftist “movements,” from “transgender rights” to “open borders,” all of them, are all aimed at the same goal–

To create a weird mix of moral and social chaos held down by the brute force of an all-powerful central government.

The insight is not original with me. R.J. Rushdoony hit that bull’s-eye several decades ago. It took me all this time to understand what he was telling us.

Leftist utopias, as pioneered by Stalin and updated every year by his successors in the Western Left, all aim at a world government with everything–everything!–removed that might stand between the individual and the world state.

This is war. It’s a spiritual war, but none the less a war. “Progressives” make war against our way of life. They seek to destroy the family. You can’t have stable families, in any meaningful sense of the word, if everyone is screwing everyone else. They seek to destroy the Christian religion. You can’t have Christianity, in any meaningful sense of the word, if you revolt against God’s word: even against something so basic as “Male and female created He them.” They replace science with politics, reason with politics, education with politics, always with the same end in mind–total power for themselves, total slavery for us. They break down the borders of the nations to strip us of the power to protect ourselves: to create social and economic chaos by which they mean to benefit, to acquire more power over us.

It’s war. Leftism is satanic in its origin and inspiration, satanic in its goals. They take “Ye shall be as gods” literally and seriously. The leftids’ master and mentor, Satan, drives them on. They never rest. They never stop.

God has not yet commanded us to leave off praying for our country–so pray every day, and pray hard. Someday, He already has it marked on His calendar, He will crush His enemies, He will break them with a rod of iron and dash them in pieces like a potter’s vessel, and set Christ’s throne upon the earth. Forever. He will cast out sin and death; and Satan and friends will be tossed into the lake of fire. Forever.

Give us courage, O God. Strengthen our faith. Show us what you want us to do, and give us the power to do it. Remind us that our weapons are spiritual: prayer, and truth, and love. Faith, and hope, and charity. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


‘Another Vanished Civilization’ (2015)

Image result for images of norte chico civilization

Here’s yet another ancient civilization that has so thoroughly passed into oblivion as to leave behind not one name of a single person who was part of it–the Norte Chico civilization on the coast of Peru. Older than the hills.


Okay, successor civilizations were still using the quipu record-keeping system invented by the Norte Chico people five or six thousand years earlier. But what did these people call themselves? Who were their kings, their gods, their heroes? Not a trace of them remains.

Think that could happen to our global humanist stupid civilization?

Oh, I do.

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