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You Can’t Defy Reality Forever

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Every last one of them died.

In our mania for “change” and “transformation,” we’ve come up with many ways to defy reality–all in the interests, of course, of creating “equality” and a utopia on earth. Imperfect sinful stupid human beings creating a perfect world: uh-huh.

So the BBC is going to run a series called “No More Boys and Girls: Can Our Kids Be Gender Free?” Because, again, doing away with the male/female distinction will create “equality” and a paradise on earth. To this end, an “expert” has been given a free hand for six weeks at a school, where he means to wipe out all visible signs of difference between boys and girls.

Male and female created He them, chuckles.

Reality is real and you can’t cheat it forever. Sooner or later it will eat you. Let me offer an analogy from history.

On January 17, 1912, a party of five British explorers led by Captain R.F. Scott reached the South Pole–a month after Scott’s rival, Amundsen, got there. On the way back to base, all five of the British died. All five. The Norwegians got back to their base all safe and sound with everybody healthy.

For “reality” read “Antarctica.”

The icy continent has its own unique conditions which brook no compromise, no negotiation. You either do things Antarctica’s way, or you don’t do them. Amundsen’s expedition was consciously made to conform to Antarctic conditions. Scott ignored those conditions. Here are some of the disastrous decisions he made–all of which had nothing to do with how to survive in Antarctica.

He passed over his strongest, fittest men and took those who were much less fit. He took one man from the Army because he decided the Army had to be represented. Sort of a token, you see. The Army man died. But then so did all the others. He also took an older man who’d already been weakened by earlier adventures in the killing cold, because the man was his friend and supporter. No one who was fit for the journey was picked.

Although the polar party was provisioned for four men, at the last minute Scott decided to take five. The fifth man didn’t have skis.

For transport of supplies he relied on ponies. The Antarctic is no place for herbivores: nothing for them to eat. The ponies failed and died.

Failing to account for weather and climate conditions, Scott didn’t keep accurate track of  the location of his supply dumps. His party lost considerable time finding them again.

Wishing to salvage some good public relations after losing the race to Amundsen, Scott chose to have his freezing, starving men haul loads of fossil-bearing rocks back to base instead of leaving them somewhere to be picked up later.

And on and on. Did Scott think he could make it to the South Pole and back just because he wanted to?

It remains to be seen whether Western society can make it back alive from its expedition to Transgender Land.


‘Change?’ What Change? ‘Action?’ What Action?

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At the first noozepaper I ever worked at, the editor was straight out of journalism school. I didn’t know, at that time, that J-school softens your brain.

Every week he wrote his column, and every week he called for “change.” America has got to “change.” This has gotta change, that has gotta change. And although he proudly said he was a socialist, he never did get around to saying how anything ought to change or what, precisely, kind of change was needed. To read his columns, you’d think America was just this pretty awful place, nothing good about it. He had a good job, a nice apartment, a new car–not bad for someone just out of college. But that was many years before college made you unemployable.

It’s not such a terrible place and it does not need any of those “fundamental transformations” so dear to leftids’ hearts… if they have hearts.

But the word this week was not “change,” but “ACTION,” preferably in all caps. ACTION must be taken! Mostly on “Climate Change.” (Again, I apologize for all the quotation marks. When writing about 100% pure crapola, their use is unavoidable.)

Well, what ACTION do they mean? What ACTION will control the sun’s energy output and activity, the movements of tectonic plates, and other vast natural forces that determine “climate,” many of which are yet to be discovered, let alone understood? How will government stripping us of our liberties and taking away our toilet paper stop the “climate” of a living planet from constantly changing? I put “climate” in quotes because there’s no such thing as a global climate, unless you’re on the moon or some other dead world. Hmm… That couldn’t be what they’re after in the long run, could it? A dead world? But C.S. Lewis thought so.

Does it matter if it does any good or not, as long as it’s ACTION? But then failure has never been a reason for leftids not to embrace a policy or philosophy. The more socialism fails, the more intensely they believe in it. The more communism fails, the more passionately they desire it. So any ACTION that hurts people will probably be okay with them.

But no action, no change, would benefit us half as much as the extinction of the Democrat Party.


A Window into Another World

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Charles R. Knight was always one of my favorite artists. He is best known for the paintings he executed for our country’s great museums–paintings that make prehistoric ages come alive.

This is one of his renditions of Uintatherium, a walking fortress that exists no more. Well, naturally I’m going to groove on the prehistoric animals. But lately it’s been another aspect of Knight’s paintings that has captured my imagination.

His backgrounds.

Look closely. Take your time. Ignore the creature and study the landscape. I don’t know about you, but I would just about swear that Knight’s prehistoric landscapes were real places that he’d visited.

I know about that. I dream of places that are only real when I dream them. In fact, that’s how Bell Mountain started.

I know nothing of Charles R. Knight’s religious beliefs. But I believe that if the Holy Spirit wants to use you, He will, regardless of what you believe. If we approach Knight’s possibly real, possibly imaginary places in the right frame of mind, the Spirit might touch us, too.

God created the world and all living things, and pronounced them good. If He has Uintatherium safely tucked away in some unguessed-at corner of His universe, I wouldn’t be surprised if it were in a place just like the one Knight painted.

And who would be more surprised to discover that than Charles Knight himself?

Do They Want to be 6 Years Old Forever?

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On his radio show yesterday, Sean Hanity played some interviews with current college students. I was in my car on the Parkway, so I couldn’t take notes. But what I heard was–well, pathetic. Shameful.

The topic was “The Appeal of Socialism,” and it certainly seemed to appeal, big-time, to these overgrown babies. Free college. Free healthcare. Free housing. Guaranteed income, in case you just don’t want to work. One and all, these college students aspired to a life of “being taken care of” by the government. Just as if they were to be little children all their lives. Have they no shame? Have they no morals? Yes, folks–it’s immoral to be a parasite, with the government forcing other people to pay your way.

What do these people even want to do with their lives? There’s a poll that says most of them want “to be famous.” But famous for what? They don’t know. Swallowing Tide pods?

They also have no idea how all this free stuff is going to be paid for. No idea at all. Their guiding light, Congresscreature Alexandria O’Crazy-O Cortez, says all we’ve got to do is print more money. Yeah, that’ll work.

But here’s another thing they don’t know. Apart from the money, what will all this free stuff cost those who receive it? What will they have to give in return? “Their unqualified obedience” would be my guess. Right down to the most minute details of their lives. And if that means they kill and eat you after your 30th birthday–

Well, you asked for it, comrades.


‘When It Feels So Good to be Offended’ (2016)

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She just saw a white guy eating Chinese food…

If some of these college jidrools ever had to go a day without being offended, they’d feel like they’d had no day at all.


Some of it’s our fault, though: we’re the sad sacks who fund those colleges. We’re paying for the students to learn how to be addle-pated, snarling, upside-down nonentities. Not just in the exorbitant tuition fees we cough up without a murmur of protest; public money, our taxes that we worked for, comes pouring into colleges and looniversities.

I was going to say we deserve a better product than they’re giving us. But do we? Do we?

The Stuff I Didn’t Cover This Week

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There were nooze stories I suppose I should’ve reported this week, but didn’t. I just couldn’t bear to write them up. Mutants and monsters are taking over our world, and it’s getting not only demoralizing, but downright scary.

Arlington, Virginia, school district goes whole-hog for transgender–starting in kindergarten.

Sixty-something woman serves as surrogate mother… for her son… so he can have a baby with his… oh, God, get us out of this… husband.

“Scholar” from Sweden says we ought to practice cannibalism. It’ll help stop Climate Change, dontcha know.

What this world needs, sez presidential wannabe Crazy Bernie Sanders, is a heckuva lot more abortions. It’ll help stop Climate Change, dontcha know.

David Hogg the steaming idiot is back. Discussing the Wounded Knee massacre, he says the victims were “predominantly men, women, and children.” His high school teachers should be humanely drowned.

And so on and so on. Our civilization’s in deep, deep trouble. Any civilization that can produce such an innumerable host of imbeciles has got to be in trouble. Can you imagine a country actually run by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her playmates? I wake up screaming.

All of this rot set in during my own lifetime. It happened right in front of me, and yet I don’t know know how it happened. Where was the Church? Where were our fathers? What were we doing, that we couldn’t spare the time to fight this?

Questions and questions… and the answers are in short supply.

‘The Hatchery of Stalinism’ (2014)

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Since I wrote this little essay, we’ve had five years to fix this problem; and we haven’t so much as lifted a finger to do it.


Our, ahem, colleges and universities are being used against us, purposely used to alienate young people from their country, to turn them into willing, brainless tools for would-be tyrants. And we let them do it.

Freedom is not natural to fallen man. It is rarely achieved and only maintained with difficulty.

Defund the colleges–before they put freedom out of business.

My Newswithviews Column, Sept. 5 (‘Why are We Losing Our Patience?’)

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There are people out there trying, on purpose, to freak us out. And doing a pretty good job of it, too.

Why Are We Losing Our Patience?

Why? It gets votes. It gets TV ratings, social media views, or even fame. It raises funds. And it creates favorable conditions for further mischief. I think I’ve put my finger on it there.

It’s very hard to maintain a peaceful, orderly society when the slightest opposition to our plans for the moment drives us violently crazy.

Kill the culture, and it’ll kill you back.

‘My Grandfather’s House is… Gone’ (2015)

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Why do we do this to ourselves–tear down the places of our lives, family places, and replace them with soul-less, lifeless, meaningless nail salons, trendy restaurants that won’t stay in business for six months, and condos that people will live in for just a year or two before they move on?


It’s bound to make money for somebody. I suppose.

Virtually all the places of my childhood are gone, wiped out, not even left as history. Places we loved in our first years of marriage, they’re gone, too.

I can’t imagine how this can possibly be good for us.

Are We Losing Our Patience?

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In a survey of 2,000 adults in Britain, the Bic company found that most people nowadays quickly run out of patience if forced to wait for something (https://www.studyfinds.org/hurry-up-modern-patience-thresholds-lower-than-ever-before-survey-finds/).

People reported themselves “frustrated” if a webpage takes 16 second to load, or a traffic signal takes 25 seconds to change–and only 22 seconds to start cursing their computer or TV “if a show or movie doesn’t immediately start streaming correctly.” Seventy-five percent of those surveyed blamed “digital technology” for their loss of patience.

I don’t have a lot of digital doodads, but I can certainly admit that my computer often drives me crazy. If computers were human employees, they’d be fired. If a computer can’t drive you up the wall, what can?

The survey didn’t get into this, but I think that chronic impatience, if it’s truly on the rise, has a lot to do with children being praised and rewarded for even the most minuscule achievements, given trophies just for showing up, given high school and college diplomas without having learned anything, and generally being hailed and lauded just for existing–and all the while being made to wait and wait and wait some more, being ignored, being treated as irritating nobodies instead of valued customers, etc. Workmen who show up late or not at all, inferior slop served up by our “entertainment” media as if we deserved nothing better, politicians calling us racists, self-proclaimed intellectuals calling us dopes–there’s a lot of insult out there, more than enough to go around. Selfishness seems to be winning out over good manners.

It’s what we get for permitting the coarsening of our culture.

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