‘Social Justice’ Degrades Us

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R.J. Rushdoony was writing about “social justice” decades ago, before most of us had ever heard of it. Here’s one of his essays on the subject, recently re-published. You’ll find it hasn’t aged a bit.


Simply speaking, Rushdoony explained that “social justice” differs from God’s justice because it’s made up by self-anointed intellectuals. It is whatever they say it is, from day to day. It could hardly have helped falling into the arms of postmodernism, which spurns day-to-day reality and goes so far as to say everything is just made up.

But because it’s the product of humanist fat-heads, “social justice” can never be true justice. Only God’s justice can be that. Only God’s law is immutable. Intellectuals’ laws are subject to sudden change. That’s what makes them so hard to live with.

Humanism has a lot to answer for.

Bonus, ‘The Last Rose of Summer’

Summer’s over, fall is here. A summer without baseball, without a vacation, without a backyard cookout with the neighbors: without a lot of things. But we did have birds and butterflies, and flowers, and God’s blue sky, green grass, and shining sun.

Thomas Moore wrote poems that bring a tear to the eye; The Last Rose of Summer is one of them. Andre Rieu and his orchestra perform it here.

Without Christ, the losses would be unbearable; but He said, “Behold, I make all things new” (Rev. 21:5) And we believe Him.

Name the Monster, Win a Prize

The Importance of 'Godzilla' Cannot Be Overstated

Welcome to the Incredible Shrinking Blog, where the viewership numbers go down every day and I can’t figure out why. I feel like I’ve tried everything.

But we received a comment from “Unknowable” last night, which seemed to point, like a compass needle, in a certain direction.

He cited “incredibly huge forces at work” making a mess of our world. I don’t know: Satan is always with us. So is original sin. And there are a lot of things going haywire, he observed–just like this blog. He put it down to 1) the restrictions imposed on us all, in the name of protecting us from the Chinese Death Virus; 2) the constant spectacle of riots all over the place–which I say has got to get people thinking, “When’s this going to happen here, where I live?” ; and the unending “political soap opera” (great word for it!), which has begun to resemble an un-funny Roadrunner cartoon.

I would add that we also have a multitude of very rich, very powerful, exceedingly wicked people hard at work doing bad things. They are trying to impose some kind of totalitarian regime on us. I don’t know why. What does that do for them? They’re already rich beyond ordinary people’s wildest fantasies: they can get anything they want. It’s very rare for any of them to suffer untoward consequences for the evil that they do: if Jeffrey Epstein had only been just a little more careful and circumspect in his dealings, he’d probably still be sitting fat and sassy on Pedophile Island.

What do these people want that they don’t already have? Why do they have such a lust to bring us under–like they can’t sleep at night, knowing that we still have some freedom that they haven’t wrested away from us yet? What do they crave in a Joe Biden parody of a presidency, that they’re willing to tear down the whole country to get it?

I can’t even begin to understand what makes them tick.

And because most of us want to live our normal lives of family, work, religion, and such fun as we can find… we’ve let these slimy evil people take over our institutions and turn them against us–with our own tax dollars that we worked for, no less! Even now, many people don’t realize how dangerous a time this is, how desperate the leftids are to erase our republic. Millions of people who are not evil, but who knows what they use for brains, will vote for Democrats in this looming election.

And those who have sensed the lion at the water-hole–well, the suspense is killing us.

So, yeah, American life is very badly unsettled just now.

As for the people whom we’re up against: Don’t try to understand them; just defeat them. Beat them down so small, they’ll never be heard from again.

The Truth Is Not in Them

Do Atheists Simply Repress Their Knowledge of God? : Strange Notions

Here it is, only halfway through the morning, and I’ve already learned two new things!

One. There’s no such thing as organized pedophilia, or pedophile rings. Why, that’s just a cwazy wepublican conspiracy theory! And to say that President Trump is an intelligent man who’s trying to stop worldwide sex trafficking–well, that’s just crazy, too. Dammit! The social media shoulda started censoring all this stuff years ago, before it got so big. Maybe they were too busy trying to stamp out Climbit Change Denial.

Two. There is no “liberal fascism” anywhere, and certainly, certainly not in college! Our universities are temples of free speech. (Good grief–there are people who actually believe that?) They never, never, never punish students for taking a dissenting view of anything! And so what if some 90% of the teaching staff is left-wing? So is all the rest of America! Really! People just aren’t conservatives!

Which leads me to another blog post altogether…

Is the Lord Trying to Tell Me Something?

Extinct hoofed animals looked like gorilla-horse | Earth Archives

Knuckle-bear and calf, Lintum Forest

I am so not ready to go back to writing about the Chinese Communist Wuhan Death Virus, riots, soulless white liberals, and all that other schiff that everybody else is writing about. I am so not up for it, it isn’t funny.

That’s not like me. Usually on Monday I’m ready to wade back into the hurly-burly. So why am I thinking that today I’d like to work on my new book and put up a few blog posts that have nothing to do with Far Left Crazy trying to murder our country? I mean, we have to fight them, and we have to win.

But is God telling me, “I will fight them, boy. You go write your book”?

Yeahbut, yeahbut–Lord, what about my Newswithviews column?

“You don’t even know what you want to write for that. If I told you to sit down and write it today, you’d be stuck. So don’t worry about it.”

Tomorrow, then. I’ll get back into the melee tomorrow. I guess.



Cato the Elder… on Statues

Patrizio Torlonia.jpg

Cato the Elder: not the cheeriest guy in Rome, but one of the wisest

Marcus Porcius Cato, Cato the Elder, was the arch-conservative of Rome’s republic and used his considerable powers to preserve it, very likely gaining for it an extra hundred years. His great-grandson, Cato the Younger, gave his life trying to protect it from Caesar.

Cato the Elder had too much opposition ever to become an idol of the masses; and once upon a time, according to Plutarch, someone asked him why such a famous and important man as Cato didn’t have a statue in the Forum.

Cato’s answer: “I would rather people asked why I didn’t have a statue, than why I did.”

If you haven’t read Plutarch’s Lives, and would like a nice, thick book jam-packed with history, philosophy, and character study that’ll probably carry you through an entire year of fascinating reading–well, what are you waiting for?

I Have Bummed Myself Out

Sirius is Dog Star and brightest star | Astronomy Essentials ...

They haven’t yet succeeded in corrupting the stars of heaven.

I should be writing nooze just now, but in scanning items to find some I ought to mention here, I succeeded only in flattening my own morale.

Is America really going to be taken over by the same socialist wackos who’ve turned our cities into manure heaps? Are the worst people in the country really going to get voted into power this November? Can it be that none of the bad guys who plotted to overthrow our president is going spend so much as five minutes in jail?

Are we going to wind up with beheadings in the streets?

We have prayed, and will pray, that God will intervene to spare us this: that He will tread down His enemies so that they can’t rise up again. We have prayed that He will equip us for service to Christ’s Kingdom.

But that is an awfully high mountain up in front of us, cloaked in black clouds.

If we believed the nooze, we’d think we were licked already.

But never, never, never, never give in. Never.

‘Dracula Revisited’ (2015)

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The late, great, Christopher Lee

I haven’t looked at any nooze yet today, I keep putting it off. Somehow I doubt anything got better overnight. Instead, let’s visit Dracula.

Dracula Revisited

The great thing about a monster like Dracula is that even though he scares you, at the end of the book, he’s toast. But the headlines just go on and on, endless horror. Even if you could get rid of Pelosi, someone just as awful would take her place in a nanosecond.

It’s a great relief to escape from a horrific situation, even if it’s only by shutting the book.

If only we could shut the book on Far Left Crazy.

P.S.–Only one comment so far today? One?

Somebody tell me what sort of stuff you’d like to see posted here today.

‘Politics Without God’

Polybius Stock Photos & Polybius Stock Images - Alamy

Polybius predicted the demise of Rome’s republic.

Something “Unknowable” said the other day got me thinking about this, and I decided it’d be a good time to share an article I wrote about the subject, for Chalcedon, back in 2006–the mindless “political cycle” that fallen humanity gets sucked into when it turns its back on God.


Very simply, here’s the cycle.

Chaos and violence > “strong man” > king or president > tyrant > rebels oust tyrant > aristocracy > oligarchy > people oust oligarchs > democracy > mob rule and chaos >>> and the whole thing repeats itself again and again.

Polybius, a Greek general who lived in Rome as a hostage, praised Rome’s republic as the best effort yet to haul a nation out of the endless political cycle; but as he analyzed Rome with a clear and penetrating eye, he would up predicting that the republic would fail. His prediction came true.

Our own country is in danger of this, especially right now. Our only hope is to place ourselves under God’s protection and obey His word.

A Creepy Place

Abandoned Alabama high school revealed in pictures | Daily Mail Online

Does your town have an abandoned high school slowly sliding into total ruin? Probably not, unless you live in a Democrat city where the whole shebang is sinking into oblivion. But in most small towns, the high school is the single most expensive item on the budget and will only be abandoned if a) the whole town fails or b) they build a new high school and haven’t yet figured out what to do with the old one. My town’s old high school, having been replaced, has been torn down to make room for more condos.

We were listening to a scary story the other night, which featured an abandoned high school. I have to admit high school kind of creeped me out even when it was open for business. Something about this story made it easy to imagine myself wandering around the halls of an abandoned high school… and maybe the place wasn’t quite as deserted as I’d thought.

I did get to thinking, “This is the kind of place that Ysbott the Snake would really like. He could make it his hideout. Abandon all hope, ye who enter hear.”

Look at that hallway. Such waste! Those lockers could have been salvaged. Ditto a lot of the electrical components. That’s money that people had to work for, all gone up in smoke.

These abandoned high schools, though, are emblematic of the whole public “education” enterprise. It produces morally empty buildings disguised as graduates. Big and imposing on the outside, but on the inside, nothing there.

Unless Ysbott’s in there, planning crimes.