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‘This Blog Is a-Changin” (2016)

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These changes I made three years ago brought me increased readership. Not so much, the past two days; but the overall trend has been upward.


But the point is, we really do need to buck each other up and not be cast down by the evils of this present age–which, it must be admitted, are bizarre and spectacular. People have always had to deal with robbers; but our robbers today want to rob us of our souls.

God’s watching you, Goliath. Brag while you can: the stone is prepared in the sling.

‘A Meditation’ (2013)

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The thing that most appalls me about the nooze, these days, is the torrent of pure evil washing over our nation and the world. It may be God’s plan for the masks to come off. It didn’t used to be so easy to see who was on the Lord’s side and who isn’t.


Somehow this happened in the 1960s; but don’t ask me how. I was there, and I don’t know how it happened. All I know is the world took a very wrong turn back then and has come a long way down the wrong road.

Trust in the Lord. There’s no one else.

Culture Killers: ‘Grunge Rock’

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The “grunge rock” of the 1990s is pretty much past its sell-by date, but its stink remains in the air. It also illustrates, abundantly, what I mean when I talk about killing the culture.

Here’s what the “Rock My World” website has to say about the history of grunge rock.

“Nothing epitomizes the disillusionment, apathy, and general sense of things all being ‘useless’ than grunge music. The genre captures the essence of Generation X malaise and turns it into music. In doing so, grunge music captured the attention of a generation and became the soundtrack for a youth that had no hope of a decent future” (https://www.rockmyworld.com/the-history-of-grunge/).

Can you give me hallelujah?

On top of grunge music we have heaped “Everything is racist!”, “The world is gonna end in just 12 years!”, the Drag Queen Story Hour, and a perpetual celebration of violence, corruption, and sin.

And then we wonder what’s happened to our culture? Really?

This is what you get when you turn away from God. This is that wonderful post-Christian era we keep hearing about. When we all get all sorts of free stuff and get to do anything we want, as long as some liberal approves of it.

They didn’t want the real God, or his moral laws.

Lots of luck with the false ones.

Teaching Teens to be Louts

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I’ve been remembering an incident from my school-teaching days: not a nice incident.

In P_____ High School they had closed-circuit TV in every classroom, and in the morning those TVs were all tuned to the same public school channel. The programming came with ads, and one of these stood out. We’re talking maybe 20 years ago, so I don’t remember what product the ad was meant to sell. But it was certainly meant to be viewed by captive audiences in high school home rooms.

The protagonist of this charming commercial was a teenage boy with his baseball cap on backwards and hair over his eyes. During the commercial he was shown slamming a door in an old lady’s face, kicking over garbage cans, and pushing people around.

This was the public education channel actively teaching young people that it was desirable, praiseworthy, and cool to be an antisocial misfit. And I’m here to tell you that a lot of the kids in that high school took those lessons to heart.

Since I last saw that ad, our society has generated an innumerable host of video games, movies, TV shows, music videos, and social media messages celebrating and glorifying behavior that once would have been strongly condemned and usually punished. The consumption of those messages as “entertainment” is a passive, ongoing, and powerful form of self-education.

And our culture is showing its effects.

Kill the culture, and it will kill you back.

Why Is Everyone So Angry?

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Last week it was a chair-throwing brawl aboard a luxury cruise ship. This weekend, someone shot up the California Garlic Festival.

Why are so many people so angry?

Well, what happens when you enjoy a lifetime of praise and pampering, and then have to go out into the real world where no one takes you seriously and no one thinks you’re the cat’s meow? If you’re coming from a background of participation trophies, “Good job!”, everybody gets a diploma just for showing up, and extravagant praise for even the most miniscule achievements, real life might be shocking enough to make you angry. As in, “How dare they! Don’t they know who I am?”

Well, they don’t know and they don’t care. Grrrrr!

Kids used to have plenty of ordinary competition. It was called “playing.” If you were good at a game, you usually won. But no matter how good you were, sometimes you lost. It’s a normal part of life. Indeed, it’s very hard to learn anything, very hard to grow, if you never have to deal with failure.

But what if you never had any competition? What if your parents and your teachers spent your whole childhood telling you how fantastic you are?

And meanwhile you watch the nooze, you know what people do if anyone gets in their way, if anyone gets between them and what they want… You can see it a dozen times a day if you want to. Perpetual protest. Antifa riots. “Racist, racist! Biggit, biggit!” Senators throwing tantrums.

The anger feeds on itself. The more you see other people blowing their stacks, the more apt you’ll be to blow yours. That’s why manners were invented! But it’s just not cool anymore to have good manners. That’s no way to become a Youtube phenomenon.

I keep telling them, and they keep not listening, that you can’t just kill the culture without the culture killing you back. Honest.

Space Aliens Have Taken Over My Town

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This won’t be easy to explain, but I’m going to try.

In a movie I was watching last night, a character had occasion to pass by his local American Legion hall. That reminded me that my town’s American Legion hall, with its front yard adorned with real howitzers carefully modified so as not to shoot, is no more. Gone. Vanished. Torn down, paved over, not a trace of it left.

It has joined our Italian-American Club, our woodland, our spring of cool, pure, delicious water, our local farms, our Dairy Queen, and so much else, more than I can bear to list, in oblivion.

Now, you can’t just take away all these amenities from a small town without turning it into some kind of gulag. All the buildings that have replaced the real places are tall, featureless cubes.

This is why I think the powers that be in my home town are from another world. Because they can only imitate human life without having any feeling for it. That’s why the yards are so small on all the new houses, and no one ever comes outdoors.

To replace what they’ve torn down and paved over, our reigning space aliens plug in things and events they think ought to be part of small-town life, periodically blocking off Main Street so they can have a Classic Car Night or a Winter Solstice Festival or some other kind of celebration of something that you never heard of. These would be all right, I suppose, if they had grown here over time. But these are just plugged in. It’s not the same as a farm whose owners, once upon a time,  fought in our War for Independence. It doesn’t make up for the little field of wild tulips they’ve destroyed.

So overnight these artsy Special Events spring up out of nowhere, because entities from Mars or Diomega Orionis IV think this is what a small town in America ought to look like.

At best they mean well, and are trying to install homey touches to replace what they’ve bulldozed away. At worst it’s entertainment for them. They watch us and go tee-hee.

Those old places were real; they belonged here.

The new ones aren’t, and don’t.

‘A Potboiler with a Vision’ (2013)

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Bob Abbett’s covers were my favorites.

I love the “Barsoom” novels of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Not just because they’re fantastic escape reading, and no end of fun–but sometimes he also came out with something wise and prescient.


Synthetic Men of Mars is one of those books that gets smarter as you grow older. If you haven’t read it since you were a teenager, read it again now. It’ll blow you away.

The image of the uncontrollably expanding shapeless mass in Vat Room #4 will stay with you for a long time to come.

My Newswithviews Column, July 19 (‘What if the Past Judged Us?’)

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I wonder if he’d pray for us.

We’re always judging the people of the past, always finding them guilty–always virtue-signalling for 2019.

But what if the people of the past could judge our era, as we have judged theirs? Do you think we’d get off easy?

What if the Past Judged Us?

Meanwhile, I’m trying to understand why we ever let some communist paint a mural of George Washington’s life, and paid him out of the treasury. Why were we doing so much of that while FDR was president?

What goes around comes around.

Running Scared


Can we count the ways in which all sorts of people are trying to scare us?

The world’s gonna end (that scares everybody), therefore: you gotta grow the government, gotta pay more and more taxes, elect more Democrats, donate to more Democrats, donate to Planned Parenthood, give up your car, eat bugs…

The U.N. is always trying to get normal people in Western countries to eat bugs. I find it rather sinister.

Conservatives want to scare us. Poll shows Beto 99 points ahead of Trump! Fantastic turnout at Elizabeth Warren rally! 17 million illegals set to vote Democrat! Liberals play the same kind of tune to their people, but I won’t get into that because liberals are scary in and of themselves. They’re probably raising funds by telling their people that Trump is 99 points ahead in the Schlabotnik Poll.

Pharmaceutical companies want to scare us. Insurance companies want to scare us. Teacher unions try to scare us, too–“more money for teachers, or your kids will grow up stupid!” Although it’s cheaper having them grow up stupid without teachers than with teachers.

I’m so scared, I could actually run off a cliff and not know it till I looked down.

Are all these scare tactics a good thing for our country? I remember Joe Biden telling a black audience, in reference to Milquetoast Mitt Romney and Pitiful Paul Ryan, “They wanna put y’all back in chains!” I hope we are not expected to respect people who believed this. I even dare hope that no one did. I believe in daring big.

What won’t they do to get us to give them money?

We’re nowhere near to finding out.

‘Libs and the Unjust Lottery of Life’ (2015)

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Honestly, has there ever been a folly that’s done more harm than this–“There is no God, but never mind: we are here to do everything He ought to have done if He’d existed”?


Inhabiting as they do–or rather, think they do–a random, chance-driven universe, secular utopians take upon themselves the task of putting it right. That’s where all those fundamental transformations come from.

The truth of the matter is that even blind chance does a better job than they do.

Liberals. First they tell you life’s a lottery, and then they try to rig the lottery.

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