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Oh, for Shame!

Prince Dadian

Nineteenth-century Russian princes could do things that only big-name Democrats and politically-approved scientists can do today. That is, cheat like mad and get away with it. Even in chess.

Enter Prince Dadian of Mingrelia, who published 38 games he played against some of the top players in the world, winning every single one of them. Modern chess historians smell a rat.

Dadian is believed to have composed chess games that were never actually played, or to have had them composed by others, and then published them as brilliant victories. Chess players in the 19th century, as a class, were usually short of money (“The fame I have. It’s money that I need!” said Wilhelm Steinitz). The prince helped them out, it is strongly suspected, by paying them to lose games to him–even going so far as to write their moves for them in advance. He would also pull strings–again, not proved, but very strongly suspected–to have uncooperative chess stars kicked out of resorts like Monte Carlo.

He would fit right in today. He’d probably be hawking Climate Change instead of chess; there’s more money in it. Or else he’d be president of a teachers’ union.

We didn’t invent cheating in our era. We just made it more lucrative.

Are You Getting Angry Yet?

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How about it, America? Are you getting mad yet? Mad at the Washington establishment, I mean–the Deep State. The Swamp.

They’ve been trying to overturn the 2016 presidential election since Election Night. Our votes don’t count, it seems. We were supposed to elect their candidate, Crooked Hillary. We didn’t, and so it’s been one damned thing after another–the Russian Collusion hoax, the Ukraine hoax, the impeachment that’s not an impeachment: not one day has passed without them trying to nullify our vote.

They refuse to enforce our borders.

They treat our money, that we worked for, like it was their money, which they didn’t.

While they shop around for bigger, better mansions, they want to Save The Planet by taking away the amenities we have.

They purposely foment racial strife, just to serve their own political ends.

They want to, and work to, “transform America” into God knows what–and pray we never find out.

And not one of them has been carted off to jail! Not one. They’re all strutting around as free as the wind. As free as Hunter Biden.

Elizabeth Warren thinks we need to pay “reparations.” Strike off more of that money that you worked for, but she didn’t. They’re so good at giving away other people’s money.

I don’t know about you, but it makes me mad to see them partying 24/7 at our expense. I don’t like to be governed by crooks and mountebanks.

They’re having a great time, and we’re paying for it. That really ought to make us mad.

What Are We Getting Out of This?

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I cover culture rot, which seems to be in inexhaustible supply. Poor America: we’re drowning in it. The colleges, the schools, Hollywood, the publishing industry, and a vast multitude of politicians–they’re pouring it on, day in, day out, with no time off for good behavior. Or even bad behavior.

It’s for our own good, they say. It’s “justice”–social justice, racial justice, economic justice, this kind of justice and that kind of justice. We’ll thank them for it someday.

But I don’t understand what we’re supposed to be getting out of it.

Where is the benefit, to the American people, in turning girls into fake boys and boys into fake girls? In trashing our country’s history, and trying to convince us it’s a hell-hole of oppression? In blaming white people for everything that goes wrong in anybody’s life? In convincing children, and adults who might as well be children, that thanks to capitalism, the world is gonna end in just 12 years? In herding everybody under 30 into grossly overfunded colleges and universities to get degrees in Stupid Studies, mountains of debt, and no meaningful employment prospects? But it would take all day just to list these inanities.

We are yelled at, we are protested at, we are denounced as “haters” and mocked as unsophisticated boors–and why are we expected to lap it up and beg for more? Where is our profit in it?

Worse, we pay for it. With our taxes, our tuition money, and our freedoms. We are expected to pay for it, and like it. And no matter how much of our money–that we worked for–that they get, they still despise us. They live off us, but don’t respect us.

Really, why do we put up with it?


The Beginning of Folly

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The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, the Bible teaches us (Proverbs 9:10). But leftists don’t believe in God–don’t believe them if they say they do–so what is that supreme thing that they think should be feared?

Well, they fear made-up stuff: monsters under the bed. Boogiemen. Image result for images of boogie man from babes in toyland Like this. Not real.

And the idea is, they want you to be terrified of these monsters and turn to them for protection–which they will happily provide, in return for all your money and all your liberties.

Currently the two biggest monsters under the Democrat bed are:

*”Climate Change,” just twelve more years and the world’s gonna end, we’re all gonna die, s***, if you were a 14-year-old kid, you’d freakin’ know this…! What–you’ve still got electricity? Waddaya tryin’ to do, kill us all? Dash it all, what’s the point of our leaders and rulers and masters being better than us, if they aren’t going to live better? Let them have those nice things that they forbid to us! Yawanna Save The Planet, dontcha?

*”White Supremacists”–what? All two dozen of ’em? But Democrats would have you believe–especially if you are A Person Of Color–that behind every pleasant white face there’s a snarling Fascist. Like they even know what a “fascist” is. Joe Biden said, “They want to put y’all back in chains.” Someday we pray this will stop working. In the meantime, You Are A Victim and there are probably 18 or 19 white supremacists hiding under your bed.

Fear of these things, which aren’t real, is the beginning of folly.

And the end of it is worse.

Donald Trump’s Place in History

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President Donald Trump has become a key figure in our nation’s history–not so much for anything he’s done, but for what he is: a lightning rod. A focus for hate that can’t conceal itself.

Because of Donald Trump, we have learned for certain that a Deep State does indeed exist, with its own agenda, stealing the sovereignty of the American people, with its claws sunk into everything. To them, our votes in an election are an empty exercise: they, not us, are to rule America.

Because their rage against Trump has overcome their caution, and moved them to cast away the mask of sanity, we have now been able to see how deeply corrupted are so many of our public institutions, pursuing ends inimical to the American people’s interests. From global government to the propagation of transgenderism, we’ve now seen enough to make it impossible to deny we have a problem.

Had Hillary Clinton been elected, as the elites desired, we would by now have lost all control over our country, all ownership of our republic. And most of us wouldn’t even know it. But Donald Trump’s presidency has brought all the madness out into the open.

What we’re up against is evil, dark, and fearsome.

May the Lord our God fight for us.

‘Crossword Puzzles Go Toxic’ (2012)

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So this is “adult,” is it? Really?

Things haven’t gotten better, culturally, since I wrote this in 2012.


The thing I don’t see at all is, what are we supposed to be getting out of all this sexual anarchy and moral meltdown–when even the crossword puzzles aren’t safe from corruption? What’s this supposed to do for us?

And we hadn’t even thought of any “Drag Queen Story Hour” yet.

My Newswithviews Column, Oct. 31 (‘You Guessed It’)

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Last week featured a bumper crop of crazy nooze.

You Guessed It, Its Getting Worse

A question that springs to mind is: Why? Why all the craziness? Crazy Congress, crazy pope, crazy celebrities. And what are we supposed to get out of turning boys into fake girls and girls into fake boys?

Not that many civilizations have ever tried it; maybe no one’s tried it. But something tells me that basing a whole way of life on pure delusion is not going to turn out well.

‘How Libs Want You to Celebrate Halloween’ (2014)

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I think I first understood the relationship between liberals and fun during one Thanksgiving dinner, when a virtue-signalling liberal stood over our table and shook his head ponderously, and remarked, “You know, people in Africa are starving…”


You wonder: unless it results in an STD, liberals don’t want you to celebrate it?

Their fun is to spoil your fun. It’s that simple.

‘Terrible TV… and Public Policy’ (2014)

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Much easier to avoid than Obamacare

Really bad TV and bad public policy have a lot in common.


Both are produced by highly-paid people who are supposed to know what they’re doing. Both cost heaps of money.

But there’s one important difference.

Bad TV gets canceled, but bad public policy goes on forever.

Things That Ought to Bug Us

Image result for images of wealthy congressmen

There are things that ought to bug us more than they do: that ought to be questioned, for which real answers, not just a lot of double-talk, ought to be demanded. Here are two of them.

We ought to be bothered by the fact that you go into Congress with a salary of $174,000 a year and come out a multi-millionaire. Our country’s founders never imagined public office to be so flaming lucrative. Look at Bernie Sanders: never did a lick of work outside of politics, and he’s got four houses. How do they do it? How do they get so fabulously rich at our expense?

And then there are the public schools. Why don’t the people who pay for the schools, the taxpayers living in the district, get to decide who teaches in those schools and who doesn’t, and what gets taught and what doesn’t? That was the way we used to do it; and Alexis de Tocqueville, visiting from France early in our country’s history, marveled at the overall literacy of Americans. But now, trillions of dollars later, our illiteracy is a cause for wonder. What would happen if people could vote on, say, whether unionized teachers ought to teach our children that America is a racist hell-hole and a boiling cauldron of injustice? How many districts do you think would vote for that?

Have we lost even the possibility of questioning such things, and demanding answers? Is the way it is the way it truly has to be? Heaven forbid.

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