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University Makes Sexual Harassment Impossible

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Rubella State University has instituted a set of new policies that will make sexual harassment “totally impossible,” says the school’s dean of Diversity Enforcement, Dr. Sylvia Jidrool.

Starting in the fall semester this September, Rubella will ban “all forms of interpersonal interaction,” explains the dean. Students will have to wear blindfolds to, from, and during class and will be forbidden to speak to one another. “No looking, no talking, no touching–no communication of any kind!” says the dean. “Like, if you can’t say anything at all, you can’t say anything wrong. We’re kind of surprised no one’s thought of this before.”

The new rules will not apply to anyone who has made a donation of $500 or more to the Democrat Party. That would be 98.9% of university personnel. For a donation of $1,000 or more, no rules of any kind apply.

But for everyone else, says Dr. Jidrool, “interpersonal interactions will be totally forbidden. Mind you, we do expect our students to keep their Sexual Performance Journals up to date! But you have to do it without seeing, speaking, or touching.”

Some limited communication will be permitted in the form of hand-held bicycle horns.

The Dog Park ‘Rape Culture’???

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Sorry, but I can’t spot any rapes in progress. Can you?

It’s getting harder and harder to unpack leftid feminist babble and translate it into English.

Writing for the Portland University Ungendering Research Initiative, whatever the deuce that is, a Ph. D. in Feminist Studies has excoriated city dog parks as places fostering “rape culture and queer performativity” (https://www.thecollegefix.com/post/45648/). She attempts to show how “human companions [people walking their dogs, I think] foster and perpetuate masculinist systems of communal oppression across species” and calls the parks “rape-condoning spaces.”

You’re gonna need a bigger Blather Bingo card.

This is what your collidge tuition dollars buy, folks. Gibberish.

You want your sons and daughters to be “educated” by these kooks because… Fill in the blank and win a prize.

Try to enjoy the hard work you have to do to pay for this.

Spare Us the Lib-Speak

See the source image

I think the word that’s truly worn out its welcome with me is “inclusion,” and its adjective form, “inclusive.”

Uh, where is it written that everything has to be “inclusive”? Like, unless it includes everybody you can possibly imagine, it’s not allowed to include anybody.

This is poop.

“Inclusive” words would have no meaning. You have to exclude lots and lots of meanings for any particular word to have a meaning. And how could any kind of group or organization exist, if it genuinely practiced “inclusion”? There is no such thing as a category which includes bloody everything. “We’ve got real inclusion on our college Play-Doh team! Everybody in the world is in it!” Which they’d have to be, or it would fall short of total inclusion.

In ancient days, God confounded the language of mankind (ooooh! I haven’t included wimmin!) at the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11).

Nowadays, total confusion is a do-it-yourself project.

We take Downe wite men’s Pitchures!

[Editor’s note: And then there were none… except for Uncle Joe.]

Hear at Collidge we has got a “grate idear” to Hellp Minorites by taken downe “alll” pitchures of wite mens!!! and this it whil make Minorites feeel beter abote Them Selfs!!

We got this hear big Collidge Haul it is “full of” pitchures and thay all pitchures of wite men and That Is Racist!!!! We dont cair eny more that theeze guys thay fownded The collidge and invented stufff and Discuvered stufff and aslo rote stuff and doughnated “lots of” dollers to the collidge It dont mater eny more thay are wite so evry Thing thay done It Dosnt Count!!!!

Fromb now “on” only Pitchures of Minorites and Wimmin wil be aloud in Collidge Haul and some Deen he sayed it wasnt rihght so we slashed his car tyres for Socile Jutstus!!! that whil teech himb to “keeep” his mowth shut!! and we aslo mooved the Statchue of pressadint Obamma into the midle “of” The Haul and evry boddy thay has to bough downe to it wenevver thay see “it” or else thay gett Put “intoo” Sensertivitty Traning untill thare Minds are rihght!!! We was gointo throwe them In the oven but it is “not” big ennuohgh! and it is two bad we culdnt becose “thAt” woud reely Hellp Minorites a lott!!

Aslo it makes yiu feeel reel Good abote yore Self wen yiu hellps Minorites and Wimmin!!!

I Has winned A Trofy!!!

Hear at Collidge we alyaws looking “to” raze munny and funds! And our Stodent Soviet we taked over and neckst Thing “yiu” know thay “change The” Mizz Amarica Padgient so thare isnt No “Beuty” in the Beuty Context any moar and so The Soviet we desiddid we “can” has a Mizz Fimbo Collidge Padgient!! And gess waht?? I wone!!!!!

Al i hadd to “do” was Say i Self Idennifyed as a Wimmin and than alll of us whoo was “in it” we hadd to make a Litle Tallk abote wye Socile Jutstus it is so goood and stand aruond In “our” Undies and i sayed Socile Jutstus it is So Good “becose” it is Just!!” and waive my Moth Antenners aroned and this hear Otther Wimmin she sayed “Anny Boddy waht dont like” Socile Jutstus thay is Enemay of the Peple and thay shuld “get Beet Up reel bad” and i whas affrayed she was gointo Whin but gess waaht??? Wee al wone!!

Yes we al wone “And” we al getted trofeys!! and The Padgient it razed lots of dolars tooo, we razed enuhgh to by Plasstick Hand Cuphs and aslo “a” peece of Rubbre Hoze for the Micro Agrecian Rabid Responts Teem!!! Neckts Time somboddy thay says Somthing Racist or Sexist or Hatfull thay “whil” get it but Good!!

Now that I amb Mizz Fimbo Collidge i amb whel on “my whey” to being “A” reel wimmin so i gess al Them Moth Hoarmoans thay are helping “After” alll!!!

Sqare Dantsing it Is Racist!!

Image result for images of square dancing

We had “a” Big Protest last nihght becose Some Racists thay ogranyzed a Sqare Dants and Sqare Dantsing evry boddy “Knows” it is Racist!! It “is” so Wite it “is” Diskusting! All us Interllecturals we say So and yiu has To beleave “us” becose we Are mutch Smarter then yiu!!

Thay shuldof stoppped “that” Dants as soon As we strated our Protest but No! thay jist kep on doingit!! but thenn we fowned out “the” Racist who ogranyzed the Sqare Dants he has got One “of” thoze litle tiny Smartcars so a buntch of us We pickedit Up and we dumped it “in” The pond!! Ha Ha! Splashh! only then Layter that gye he come “Out” of the haull and drived off In “anothre” Smartcar it was blew Insted “of” red so It shure loooks like We dumpted the rong Smartcar in the Pond uh-oh!!! So whe has got to Hyde “For A” wile butt it Is “not” goingto stop Us from pro-testing we wil Keep doingit untill evry Vesatage of Wite Coltcher it is Dissapeered!!!! And then pressadint Obamma he wil “come Bacck” and be our Pressadint agane fourevver!!! and aslo the hole Contry it wil be Rhuled by Us Introlecturals and it wil “Be A” Socilist Yutopier fourevver!!!

And i amb hapy to Ad that our Gender Studies prefesser thay gived “Us” al extry Creddit for dumpting the car In “the” Pond evin thohgh it was the rong Smartcar becose Affterall it Is “the” thawt that cownts!!!!!!

Love Finds Joe Collidge

Image result for images of cartoon robots

We had a Sex Show hear at Collidge yeasterday “and” i was Trying “so” hard to hoock up whith “a” Trans Wommin but My Moth Antenners thay “kep” getting In “the” weighy and it maked me unhapy untill “I” find this Boooth whith a sine on it it sayed “Let Me desine Your Sex Bot”!!! Oboy!

Wel the Delucks Moddle it costed whay too Mutch i culdnt afourd it but the guy in the Boooth “he was” real Smart,, he “is” a Ingineer Stodent and he sayed he “can” bild me a spacial Sex Rowbot out of a “old” Toester Ovin and aslo some Car Parts and its OK that i hasnt got no Munny insted of munny “I” can be his Slayve for a wile!!! it is OK four me “to” bea a Slayve becose i amb Coccasian or somthing!

So he is goingto get to wurk on bilding my “own” Cusstum Maid Sex Rowbot and i jist cantt whaite untill its Done!! I did assk him if “he” culd make it has Artafistule Intellagints and he sayed the Rowbot it wuld “be” at Leest as Smart as me!!! Mayby even Smarter!

Man i thinck I amb in Loove!!!!

Give Evry feemail stodent a A!

Image result for images of bridge falling apart

A small price to pay for straight A’s for every female STEM student

I hate It “when” a collidge Gets “a” reely grate idear And thenn chickins Out!!

This hear prefesser he Had “a treemendace” idear, he Was goingto Up feemail stodents grades a level or two that Means a C it wuld Be a A jist so thay culd All pass his STEM corses (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=10918) and whatt do you know, stopid Unavercity of Akron thay tolled him he culdnt “Do” it!!! I dont know whye thay calll it STEM whenn its jist Sciance but so whatt??

He sayed it “is” prat of a Nacionile Moovmint to get feemails “in to” theese hear STEM corses becose thay amb not Enuhgh feemail stodents in thare and thenn “the” unavercity thay chickined out!!!

Wel hear At our Collidge we got moar Interellecturals then thay “has got” at Akron and our Stodent Soviet we arre goingto take That grate idear All The Whay!! We are goingto to give All Feemail stodents a A in evry Single corse “thay” take, thay wil attomatickly Ace evry Thing!!! Waht a Tryomp for Wimmins Rihghts!!!! and thenn whenn thay Gradureight thay can get Anny Job thay want!! Unles thay dont whant no Jobb becose Work it blows!!

We are aslo Thinking abote pasing “a” Resalution to get The Law changed so “that” it wil be illeagle not to hire a wimmin for anny Job thay whant becose Now thay willl al be Qalifyed for evry jobb becose thay “got” Strait A in collidge!! This it wil meen lots more Feemail Airline Pilates and Hart Sturgeons and evin arkatechts!! Evryboddy wil get “anny job” thay ask four!!!

It soneds like Utopier to me and i Cant weight!!!!!

$70,000 Worth of–What?

Image result for images of student delivers thesis in her underwear

Tuition at Cornell Looniversity is $70,000 and change per year: the high cost of twaddle.

A few days ago, a Cornell student presented her senior thesis in her underwear. (https://townhall.com/columnists/dennisprager/2018/05/15/cornell-student-presents-senior-thesis-in-her-underwear-n2480750)

First she showed up in cutoffs and an old shirt. When a professor ventured to ask whether such attire was appropriate to the occasion, the student went on a babble about “women’s rights” and “systemic oppression”–apparently there is now a “right” to deliver your thesis in your underwear–she stripped down to bra and panties and encouraged her fellow students in the audience to do the same: which 28 of 44 did.

The professors let it pass without taking any action or making any further objection.

I remember the defense of my thesis with some pleasure. No students–just me and some of the top-ranking profs in the Political Science Dept. My topic was “A Systemic Analysis of the Viking Age,” featuring the likes of Harald Bluetooth, Ragnar Hairy-Britches, and Olaf the Peacock: sort of a Norse Mafia. We all had a good time. Someone should’ve brought beer and peanuts.

But I didn’t do it in my underwear. They would’ve kicked me out so fast, my shadow would’ve lost me.

This is Higher Education, 2018. You work your fingers to the bone to send your daughter or your son to college, with the costs going as high as the sky, and this is what you get.

Don’t do it anymore. Please. Our country can’t stand it.

Idiot: ‘Get Baby’s Consent’ to Change Diaper

(Thanks to Susan and Linda for the news tip)

Here’s “relationship expert” Deanne Carson on Australian TV exhorting people to “set up a culture of consent in the home” by getting your baby’s consent to change his diaper.

Do you listen to people with pink hair? I didn’t get where I am today by listening to people with pink hair.

Now, let’s be fair. She’s being razzed because everybody knows a 3-month-old baby can’t answer verbally. She knows that too. She wants you to read the baby’s body language. I promise I am not making this up.

And she takes herself very, very seriously. Her critics, she says, “are negating the voices of those brave survivors of sexual abuse.” Uh-huh.

When I told my wife about this, she said, “Now I think they’re just baiting us. No one is genuinely that stupid.”

I wonder. We have all noticed the blizzard of stupid ideas that swirls around us every day. Play-Doh for college students, borderless countries, gender-neutral pronouns, the list goes on forever. Do the people who clobber us over the head with those inanities honestly believe in them?

If they do, we’re in more trouble than we thought.

But if they don’t, and are only throwing all this crapola around to pull our chains–well, that’s a lot of trouble, too.

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