‘Solving the Riddles of Ancient History: A Whole New Approach’ (2017)

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I haven’t been the same since I read the remarks of a certain college professor, who said students could acquire deep insights into history without having to learn any facts of history.

And here I thought Professor I.B. Loony was just a satirical buffoon.

Solving the Riddles of Ancient History: A Whole New Approach

I do remember, back in the 1990s (or was it the 80s?), an academic fad for “intuiting” things–that is, not bothering to research a subject, but just making it all up as one went along. I knew professors who actually spoke of “intuiting” as a substitute for factual knowledge.

Our culture rot has deep roots.

My Newswithviews Column, June 24 (‘Mocking the Left’)

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They exalt themselves as The Smartest People In The World.

But they’re really idiots.

Mocking the Left

Forget trying to be “winsome.” These people are the servants of evil. If you take away their awesome power to murder millions of victims, all that’s left is pompous, silly, funny stuff. It deserves to be laughed at.

Sit there just listening, and you’ll wind up in a concentration camp.

Holy Cow–They Really Believe That?

The Dumbest Generation: How the Digital Age Stupefies Young Americans and  Jeopardizes Our Future(Or, Don 't Trust Anyone Under 30): Bauerlein, Mark:  9781585427123: Amazon.com: Books

[Huff-puff! Newswithviews is done! One more blog post, type up a chapter of my new book… and I can crash.]

When I was in college, if I heard this once, I heard it ten thousand times–“Your generation is the best, the smartest, the most with-it generation ever! You are the hope of America!” Etc., etc.

I put this down to manipulation. This was how left-wing professors recruited useful idiots. You could cut the cynicism with a knife.

Professors are still stroking their students with this pap, but there’s a big difference between then and now.

Now they really believe it!

In his book, The Dumbest Generation, Mark Bauerlein cites a multitude of studies that find that professors have actually convinced themselves that their students are inherently wise. Although if that really were the case, why are the students sitting at their desks listening to the prof, when they should be up at the lectern and the profs at the desks, being taught by the students?

And some of them would think that was a good idea.

The fruits of the most costly education system in history are not only rotten, but also poisonous. It’s killing our country by inches.

I’m sure manipulation is still part of the picture, but it’s gone beyond that to pure idiocy.

Defund the universities. Now, before it’s too late.

‘Intellectuals and Society’ Revisited

Guest Commentary: What Thomas Sowell Can Teach Us About Standing Up to the  Mob | Commentaries | courierjournal.net

I reviewed this book 11 years ago–Intellectuals and Society, by Thomas Sowell–and having revisited it recently, I can still recommend it. No one more accurately analyzes the machinations of elitist fatheads than Thomas Sowell.


But he doesn’t get into why Western intellectuals are so feckless, so wrong, and so stupid. It’s easy to explain, though: these people have explicitly rejected God. They’re stuck worshiping themselves, and it leads them into a multitude of errors.

I admire Dr. Sowell. I enjoy listening to him on the radio. I have enjoyed and profited from his books and columns. And I can’t explain why he didn’t examine the intellectuals’ rejection of God. It’s this that makes them so profoundly stupid.

On the whole, though, his analysis of the absurd beliefs of intellectuals, the sheer uselessness of their ideas, their pomposity, and their shallowness–well, you just can’t beat it. Not even after 11 years.

We do need to understand what we are up against. We can get some of that understanding from Thomas Sowell.

‘We Gonna Be Gods!’ (2017)

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Caligula thought of it first!

This book was all the rage, a few years ago–Homo Deus, “Man the God.” Honk if you can imagine a less worthy object of worship.

Why do computer nerds think they can redesign human life? Can they really be that stupid?

‘Fraid so!

We Gonna Be Gods!

Even ex-president *Batteries Not Included sang the praises of this book. Well, he would, wouldn’t he?

St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland, but who’s gonna drive them out of Washington?

Joe Collidge’s Term Paper

What to Do If Your High Schooler Has Failing Grades

Soddenly Our Collidge thay has desided “it” gots tobe moar Riggerice (wattevver That meens!!) and we shood “alll” has “to” rite Termb Paypers!!! Even in Nothing Studdies!!! It is crool,, butt thay say somb Haters in the Stayte Lejaslaychur thay are “goingto” taik A-whay A Lott “Of” our funnding unlest thare “is” moar Eddicaytshun hapening!!!!! That it is wye we has to rite Termb Paypers!!!! To proove the Collidge is knot jist waysting Munny!!!!!!

Wel i nevver rote no Term Payper the hole tyme i Been “in” collidge!! The prefesster she sayed “Jist reite yore Idear”^^ that aynt No helpp!! Idear? I hasnt hadded no Idear sints, like, Evver!!!!!!!!!!

Forchinittly my frend Fottzy, he hadded A Grate Idear and he sayed “Wye doughnt yiu jist rite watt i rite?? Weere all “goingto” rite “The saimb” Thing!!!”! That shoor taiked a lode Offf my “Mined”!” Aslo it is a whay “to” cellerbrayt Dyvercity!!!!

So our Toppick it is “Jo Bydin He Is “The” Re-Carnation of Pressadint Obomma and Pressadint Obomma He “Is” Naow A god!!!!!!!!!!” It is a grate toppick and we whill Awl “get” a A+++!!!

Somb Hater he sayed Jobydin he “is” Oalder thann Pressadint Obomma so he caint possablee be himb and anywhay Pressadint Obomma he “is” still Hear so he caint Be Re-in-carnaytid At All!!!!””!  So we al beet himb Up!!!!

Boy it “Is” Harrd to rite a Termb Payper, thay “are” maikin us rite A Hundrid 100 Werds and itt is Taikin me al Dhay!!!!!!!!

Princeton: ‘Meritocracy Is Baaaaad!’

Life Is A Lottery, And You Need To Roll The Dice | by Tom Stevenson | The  Startup | Medium

When was the last time something that was not retarded came out of Princeton University? P.U., P.U.!

Now, in “Progressing (LOL) America,” Princeton floats the idea that “meritocracy”–the notion that we earn what we get and get what we earn–is not only “demonstrably false,” but also… “bad” (https://press.princeton.edu/ideas/a-belief-in-meritocracy-is-not-only-false-its-bad-for-you).

Yeah, yeah [Yawns cavernously]: “You din’ build dat,” etc. No such thing as deserving to succeed, it’s all just luck. Allow me to take a moment to reply.

Okay, sunshine, let’s say meritocracy really is bad and needs to be replaced. With what? A demeritocracy–give the job to whoever’s the worst at it? Make sure stupidity and incompetence always rise to the top (instead of just often enough to create a lot of problems for the rest of us)?

What’s that you say? Let the Really Smart People–like you!–decide who gets what, who wins and who loses? Let the Government do it, in consultation with collidge perfessers?

No, we’re not reading your mind. That would be no treat! We’re just going by what you always say and what you’ve always said.

Sheesh. You think blind chance sufficed to “evolve” pond scum into Beethoven, but you don’t want it to decide who gets to compose the symphony. You want the government to decide that.

They just never stop working on it, do they?

‘Your Tuition Dollars at Work: Ohio State Teaches Atheists Are Smarter than Christians’ (2014)

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Training tomorrow’s useful idiots

From the “Don’t You Wish!” file:

Remember this? A for-credit quiz given to students at Ohio State “taught” that atheists are more intelligent than Christians. That was the right answer.

Your Tuition Dollars at Work: Ohio State Teaches Atheists are Smarter than Christians

Given that the university is mostly funded by taxes paid by Christians, it seems a bit unfair, to say nothing of ungrateful.

But wait! We must be stupid, to allow this stuff to go on year after year.

The useful idiots are spilling over into real life. That’s what happens when everybody goes to college.images of

‘The Calecktid Wizdumb of Joe Collidge’

Home Cleaning Tips for Cleaning Crayon Off Walls

(When I was in first grade–or was it kindergarten?–I got in huge trouble for drawing with crayons on the tiled wall of the vestibule, where the teacher had confined me for some minuscule transgression. I drew a picture of a bank robber carrying a bag of money out of a bank. I thought it was rather good, but the teacher called the janitor to wipe it off.)

Great News! Fumble House Pulbishers plan to publish The Calecktid Wizdumb of Joe College, if they can find someone to transcribe it after Joe scrawled it in crayon on the wall of the Trotsky Dorm’s second-floor shower room. But let’s let Joe speak for himself.


Hi its me Joe Collidge and i “amb” a Awther!!!! i has writed a Book “to Hellp” awl yiu dum and stoopid ordrinery peeple be Smart-er,, “allmost” as Smart as yiu wood “be” iff yiu wented To Collidge!!!

Wen yiu “are dun” reeding This yiu wil Under-stand that Souper Heeroes thay “are” reel and Trans-ginder it is The Fewtcher and Captiallism it is Bad and Yiu Are Awl no-good stinkin Racists!!!!!! And yiu whil “notbe” Abul To Sleeep “with” “out” a pixture of HILLARY tayped to yore Bedd!!!!!!!!! And other good stuph tooo!

Somb Hater Biggit thay “asskt” me haow cumb i “writed” “it” on the Bath Rhoomb wawl whith “Crayyons” in sted “of” Payper butt “he” jist runned A-whay wen I stratted Skreeming Racist at himb and ye,lling “foar” the Campas Dyvercity Squawd!!!! Thay cumb and give me Play-Doh “to” clam me daown!!!!!

I amb sapozed “to” Get somb Big Munny foar “this” hear Boock butt frist I has to pay themb A Thowzind Dolors butt thats OK thay tolled me “awl” awthers and wrighters thay awlyaws has To “do” That!!!!!!

Stoopid Is Smart!!!!!

Do Memes Make College Students Stupid or Vice Versa? | ScholarshipOwl

Oh themb Biggits “and” Haters!!! Thay alyaws saying Collidge it “is” stoopid and aslo “it” maiks Us Stoodints evin stoopider “then” we all-reddy Are!!!!!

Yeahwell like one “of” my Nothing Studdies prefessers he sayed,, “Stoopid is the Dore Way to Smart”!” Ha ha!!!!!!!!

He eggsplaned “it”,, “Yiu got “to Be” Stoopid befoar yiu “canbe” Smart”” and aslo he Sayed yiu Has got tobe A Ninkumpoop befoar “yiu” canbe a Interllectural!!!! Becose awl “the” Reely Stoopid ones thay are Out Thair whorking and hasing famblies and That “is” wye thair isnt no Socile Jutstus!!!! Like watt cood “be” moar Stoopid than That???

Ordrinary dum peeple thay Think yiu has got “to” knowe Inglish % Histry $ Syints & Masthmaticks @ Littertchure and boy “are” thay Stoopid for “thinkin” That!!!! No Boddy kneeds “to” knoew enny “Of” that stuph BECOSE IT IS ALLL RACIST!!!”! But us Interllecturals heer “At” Collidge we are Pro-tecktid fromb knowing dum and stoopid stuph lyke That!!!! We Know Crickital Race Theery!!!!!! and Fifftie Genders!!!! and that is awl we kneed to knoew!!!!