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Bonus: Sweetest Cat Video You Ever Saw

Patty found this on Facebook this morning, and I couldn’t wait till evening to share it with you.

Do you sing to your cat? I do. “Walk like a peep, talk like a peep” I sing to Peep the cat. This cat’s name is Bailey, and the little girl is Abby; and the song she sings is You Are My Sunshine. My father used to sing that to me if he had to walk the floor with me at night because I had gas or collywobbles–one of my very earliest memories, and one of the sweetest.

Abby, you are a glimpse into Heaven.

By Request, ‘Bringing in the Sheaves’

I love this hymn, and I’m so glad Erlene requested it–Bringing in the Sheaves, sung by the unforgettable Tennessee Ernie Ford. Patty heard me playing it and did a little dance: first time she’d done that in a while.

Her ear has begun to fill with fluid again,  but the doctor said not to worry about that: now that he’s made the hole, it’ll drain out. Eventually it will all drain out. Meanwhile, she’s happy she can talk on the phone while holding it to her left ear–couldn’t do that while the ear wasn’t working.

I went to the supermarket after that, it’s only 84 degrees today but it feels hotter than that, and then had a cigar and wrote another chapter of The Wind From Heaven. For some reason I now feel exceedingly tired.

Thank you all for your prayers, and please keep them coming. We need ’em.

Hurray for Patty’s Ear Doctor!

Image result for images of fox with huge ears

Well, one problem’s been solved!

Patty’s left ear hasn’t worked for several months, I had to communicate with her by yelling, which doesn’t come natural to me and I don’t like it–but it wasn’t wax buildup. It was fluid behind the eardrum.

This morning the guy went in there with a needle and drained as much of the fluid as he could. Voila! She can hear again! I can stop yelling. Wow, something actually worked!

Everything else is still up in the air, but at least this page has been turned. Thank you all for your prayers–and we still need them. There’s still a long way to go, lots of doctoring left…

Hallelujah! Answered Prayers

See the source image

Roll out the barrel, strike up the band, let’s celebrate!

On Monday my wife got an inhaler. Now it’s Friday, and she’s on Cloud 9 because her most pressing problem, chronic shortness of breath, has been dramatically alleviated. She has other medical difficulties that need seeing to, but this was the worst of them and it’s getting better. As an experiment, she went grocery-shopping with me today and sailed right through it.

Are we ever happy about that!

Thank you all for your prayers on our behalf: and thank the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost for hearing them and coming to our aid (I made sure to ask all Three!–although I haven’t forgotten that they’re One).

‘I Need Thee Every Hour’

I can’t hear this hymn without remembering my mother singing it as she did her housework: I Need Thee Every Hour. This rendition is by Fernando Ortega.

I can’t say my parents were holy joes; but there was always a Bible in view (living room, their room, our room), always a picture of Jesus on the wall, and hymns sung or hummed or whistled as part of daily life.

I am glad we lived that way!

We’re Not Here

See the source image

We’re back to the hospital now, so Patty can have a mammogram. Then there’s the ear guy, the pulmonary doctor, and then back to the first doctor… This had better work.

I spent so much time in waiting rooms yesterday, had so much TV nooze chattered at me, that I went just about stir-crazy. I can’t imagine the psychological landscape of someone who watches TV all the time.

I pray this all works…


See the source image

All right! I’ve ground out this week’s Newswithviews column, I still have that monster of a Chalcedon novel to write (on social media/Internet censorship), I can forget about working on my book today, and in a little while we’ll have to dash off to the hospital and sit around and wait for heaven knows how long for Patty to get a scan the doctor ordered. Where suppertime fits into all this is one for Gyro Gearloose.

Pardon me, please, if I don’t get around to any nooze posts today.

Thank you all for your prayers–we need ’em!

Quick Doctoring Update

See the source image

(These have nothing to do with the content of this post.)

Patty met her new doctor this afternoon and took to him. He’s part of a new medical setup called MDVIP: each doctor in the plan has only a limited number of patients so that he can devote more time and concentration to caring for them. You pay a yearly fee that covers everything.

The next time she sees him, in another week or so, he will spend an hour consulting with her and doing whatever else he proposes to do in an hour. I know that if she feels better, I will, too.

All healing is the gift of God, whether He accomplishes it through a doctor or any other means. Please pray for us in Jesus’ name.

Another Day, Another Doctor

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At 10:00 in the morning, already I feel like this?

Patty has to see the doctor later this morning, so please, everybody, pray for us. She couldn’t even get a diagnosis from the last guy, let alone any treatment.

I have to rush out to buy our weekend’s groceries, and of course it’s raining again, it always rains, the last day it didn’t rain was Saturday. So much to do! With so little accomplished.

And I’ve got to get in touch with Kirk DouPonce to talk about a cover for His Mercy Endureth Forever…

I’ll Be Late Tomorrow

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Patty has found another doctor and we’ve got to go see him tomorrow morning, so a gap may appear in this blog’s service. It will be resumed as soon as possible.

Advice to the self-employed: Don’t get sick, it ain’t worth it. Miss a day and you’ll find it hard to catch up. Even if you run as fast as the Collared Lizard pictured above.

I’ll try to get up early enough at least to post the hymn and the day’s “Best Of” selection.

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