Be Thankful for a Good Neighbor

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We have just come back from taking Patty’s car to a body shop: major repairs required. Don’t blame me for not being on my game today. Robbie was sick this morning but seems all right now.

But the focus of this post is our neighbor, Josh. He’s a car guy, really knows his stuff, and has gone way out of his way to help us. I don’t know what we’d do without him. It’s his friend’s body shop and Josh is sure they’ll do a good job.

We’ve been here 46 years and never had a better neighbor. (He’s also a security guard, and he keeps an eye on things around here. Don’t even think about going into our parking lot for mischief.) I thanked him today the best I could, but all he said was, “It’s no big deal, my father taught me to respect my elders.” I’m not in the habit of thinking of myself as an elder, but heck–this man’s worth his weight in gold. It was a good day for us when he moved in next door.

Josh, your daddy taught you well. And your little daughter is blessed to have you for her father.

Robbie Report

robbie picture

Hooray! Huzzah! I’ve never been so happy in all my life to see a bunch of cat poop in the litter box. Robbie managed it this morning. Now if we could just get her to eat more, we should be home free. Thank you, Jesus! And thanks, everyone, for your prayers.

Yes, I’m running late. We had to go grocery shopping and then pick up Patty’s car, which now has a new transmission. It still needs some body work, but now at least it won’t fall apart if she drives it.

I also took advantage of the sunny weather to write another little bit of Ozias, Prince Enthroned. I doubt it’s possible to finish it this year, so I’ll just go as far as I can until the winter shuts me down. After all, I have two earlier books awaiting publication–Oceans of Time, and Ozias, Prince in Peril.

So far, today is just the kind of good day we’ve been needing.

I hope yours is, too.

Robbie Report

robbie picture

Robbie as a young cat

I was at the vet’s for two hours yesterday while they tested this and tested that. This vet has been Robbie’s doctor for several years, so she should know what’s what.

Well, she didn’t think our cat was all that sick. Coulda fooled us! We were afraid she was dying. A bit of pain killer will supposedly do the trick. We are left wondering what the hell is going on.

I don’t feel like I’m heading into this day with a full tank of gas…

By Request, ‘How Great Thou Art’

Requested by Erlene, and sung by Alan Jackson: How Great Thou Art.

I love this hymn! My mother and my aunts used to sing it as they went about their housework. How it brings them back to me! And so many dear and precious times.

Every good thing we have ever known comes to us from God.

‘I Need Thee Every Hour’

When I was a little boy, my mother and my aunts used to sing this hymn while they went about their housework: I Need Thee Every Hour, sung here by the Mennonite Hour Singers. Background sets by God the Father.

Can We Get Back to Normal Now?

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Move over, Mr. Turtle… I need some of that log.

Yesterday evening the guys who were supposed to show up at 5:30 to reconnect the stove arrived at 6:30 and took at least half an hour to put the door back on the oven. They finally finished up at around 7:30.


We still are a ways from normalcy, we have to have Patty’s car and it’ll be in the shop for weeks yet; but at least we can bring sanity back to our food supply. We lost so much stored food when the old fridge died! It distresses our spirits to waste food.

I see now it has begun to rain. I’ve got to get a Newswithviews column written. And what do we do about supper?

The Refrigerator Saga: Halfway There

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“Hi, there! Wanna see me make mincemeat of your day?”

Okay, we’ve got our new refrigerator; and wonder of wonders, it fits in our kitchen and we can open its door! (Meanwhile, the blasted computer won’t let me post illustrations!)

Now what we have to do is get the stove reconnected and put back in the kitchen. So we are sitting around waiting.

(Why can’t I post pictures? This happened suddenly today.)

We do not know when the stove will be reconnected. Can’t cook a supper without it.

Y’know, we take these things for granted–stoves, refrigerators, computers–but when we’re suddenly deprived of them, it’s a Three Stooges pie-fight.

(I want my freakin’ pictures!)

And Now It’s Raining…

What Is Torrential Rain and How Forceful Is it?

Well, now it’s raining. Cats and dogs. That just about tears it.

No, I can’t relax with a cigar. I can’t empty the water out of the cooler, unless I want to get soaked while I’m doing it. I stepped on the cat.

Lord, could we have normal back? We bought a new refrigerator. We’ll have a three-ring circus (or a Three Stooges pie-fight) here on Tuesday when they re-deliver the refrigerator and see if it fits in our kitchen. A grave issue with the fridge door looms.

I’m tired. Bad dreams all night.

Patty’s idea is to watch some Laurel & Hardy this afternoon. Well, hey, I’m okay with that.

For the time being, let’s go see what the Queen of Suspense is up to.

Josh to the Rescue

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(I’ll try to get back to doing nooze sometime today. I don’t know when.)

As our car crisis lurches its way toward disaster, we have one high card left to play–our neighbor, Joshua. We have some mighty good neighbors around here, and he’s one of them. Moreover, he’s a car guy. He knows cars.

Yesterday he went to the body shop and took pictures of Patty’s car, and today he means to scout around and try to find someplace where they’ll do the job. He is going very far out of his way to help us, and we won’t forget it.

So yesterday the message was “Too much work, ain’t worth doin’,” and today it’s “Your car won’t run in reverse” (although I had no trouble backing it out from where it had been pushed–but they didn’t believe me). We don’t know what’s happening with this body shop, and maybe Josh can find a better one.

Please keep praying for us, folks.

‘How Great Thou Art’

Well, here’s another day, let’s pray it goes well…

How Great Thou Art–my grandma, my mother, and my aunts used to sing this, usually as they went about their housework. Here we have it from Alan Jackson. Sweet memories…