A Pretty Spider

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Hi, Mr. Nature here, introducing the spiny orb-weaver spider. They come in all sorts of bright colors, there are many, many different species of them, they’re found in warm climates all over the world–and the very biggest of them are about the size of a quarter, although most are much smaller than that.

They like to stretch out their webs in gardens, where they eat a lot of bugs that would otherwise eat your plants. They’re related to the big, bright Araneus spiders that we have here in New Jersey. All these spiders build big, showy webs, especially impressive when beaded with the morning dew.

Mrs. Nature and I once had an Araneus spider that decided to go on vacation with us, down to the shore, hitching a ride on my car. Every night she built a new web, anchored on the door and side-view mirror. When a fly or a mosquito flew into it, she pounced. When I had to open the car door she got quite upset. So I tried to avoid opening it at night, but we could hardly abbreviate our vacation on account of a spider.

Even so, it was our turn to be upset when, on the next-to-last evening of the vacation, our spider got blown out of her side-view mirror nest, never to be seen again. We were looking forward to her coming back home with us–which, after all, was where she came from in the first place.

God’s handiwork: you can even get to enjoy spiders, if you let your mind open up a little.

Now They Want Segregation

It takes liberals to give a bad name to “justice.” Normally I prefer not even to mention dreck like this on a Sunday, but several people have called my attention to it, so I might as well.

Students–that is, idiots–at the University of Michigan have demanded some kind of “no whites allowed” space for non-whites only “to organize”–sheesh, how Old Left can you get?–and “do social justice work” ( http://www.thecollegefix.com/post/31322/ ). In the words of the head jidrool of Students4Justice (oh, please), “We want a space solely dedicated to community organizing and social justice work specifically for people of color.”

Okay, somebody tell me–how is this moron not a racist? Hey, Sunshine! They used to have lots of space set aside for “people of color” only. It was called segregation–and now you want it back? I mean, have you thought this thing through?

Nah. They’re liberals. They never think anything through.

Again, again I say: America today has too many colleges and universities, they’re too big, there’s way too much money spent on them, way too many left-wing schmuck professors spewing propaganda and in line for lavish pensions, and way too many not-very-bright young people sitting in classrooms “learning” drivel when they should be out there working.

Cut the funding. Cut and cut and cut until the bull**** stops.

The Whole Congregation: ‘He Hideth My Soul’

Does not this hymn cry out to you to sing it? He Hideth My Soul, by Fanny Crosby, published in 1890–sung by the whole congregation at Temple Baptist Church in Tennessee. Turn up the volume, turn it up!

Sanity Break: Dogs & Cats & Babies

This has just gotta be so good for a baby! Well, my doctor says it leads to a stronger immune system, and he should know. But it must be wonderful for a baby, spiritually and emotionally, to love and be loved by some big, warm, cuddly critter.

Be honest, now–if it had been you instead of God creating the world, would you have thought of this?

World’s Coolest Bug

Hi, Mr. Nature here–with a male dobsonfly that has seen better days, but still looks scary.

Legend has it that this insect got its name from a Mrs. Hortense Dobson, who discovered one inside her jump suit and invented several energetic dances while trying to get it out.

When I was 12 years old or so, I found a box on the ground with an enormous dobsonfly in it. You don’t forget that!

Despite their fearsome appearance, these critters are completely harmless and their larvae, called helgrammites, are highly esteemed as fish bait. The larvae look even scarier than the adults.

Isn’t Creation wonderful? God never runs out of ideas.

A Blogger’s Reward

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If you read the comments made on this blog, you will have noticed that some of the readers have been led by the Holy Spirit into deep and fruitful conversations. You may have also noticed that I’ve been mostly staying out of those conversations.

That’s because they’re doing just fine without me, and I don’t want to distract them.

It humbles me that this little blog can serve as a venue for such fruitful interactions. Give God the glory for that! I had no idea He was ever going to use my work in such a way. I can only stand back and admire what He’s done–and keep on working.

He will always use us, if we let Him. And that is our reward.

‘Protesters’ Try to Shout Down Prayer by Yelling ‘Lucifer’

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Again, my purpose in posting dreck like this is to convince you never, never, never again to let Democrats hold power in this country. They are not like us.

At a recent town hall meeting in Louisiana, hosted by Sen. Bill Cassidy, Democrat “protesters”–God only knows what they were protesting; I doubt they knew–tried to shout down the prayer ( http://www.infowars.com/protesters-freak-out-yell-lucifer-after-gop-town-hall-opens-with-a-prayer/ ). When the name of Jesus Christ was spoken, the “protesters” yelled “Lucifer!”

See? Straight from their own mouths, exactly what we’ve been telling you.

They also booed the Pledge of Allegiance.

They must be utterly and finally defeated, and their Democrat Party put out of business forever, never to rise again.

Starbuck’s Does It Again

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Some people just never learn. Of course, rich liberals are used to not having to experience any consequences when they screw up. So they keep on screwing up.

Remember when the grand poobah of Starbuck’s ordered all his employees to say “Let’s talk about racism” to any poor soul who came in to buy a cup of coffee? That policy wound up being smothered in laughter.

Well, Starbuck’s latest folly is an announcement that they’re gonna hire “10,000 Muslim refugees” to show Donald Trump who’s boss ( http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/02/24/starbucks-brand-crashes-after-announcement-of-plan-to-hire-10000-muslim-refugees/ ). Yessir, that’ll learn ‘im. Who does he think he is, trying to prevent terrorist-exporting countries from getting a beachhead in America?

Consequences? “Perception levels of Starbuck’s brand fell by an incredible two thirds” since the January announcement, according to a you.gov poll. That means two thirds of the people who used to say they liked Starbuck’s now say they don’t like it.

I would lose all respect for myself if I paid Starbuck’s prices for a cup of coffee–but shame on me if I knowingly let a single one of my dimes go to support a left-wing enterprise.

Go ahead, Starbuck’s–nag us about Climate Change and transgender rights, too, while you’re at it. Your CEO will still be rich even if the company crashes. And then he can run for U.S. Senate as a Democrat, with a magnificent record of failure snatched from the jaws of success.

Sunday School Favorite: ‘Jesus Calls Us’

Ah, this hymn brings me back! Jesus Calls Us, from 1852. Note they’re giving you nothing but the lyrics and a piano–just exactly like we got in Sunday school. So you’ll have to sing it yourself! Go ahead–try to do it without tearing up. Betcha can’t! But God blesses those tears.

It’s Party Time!

Daffy dogs, prancing ponies, bouncing birds, high-spirited horses, and one mad piglet–watch ’em unwind! Do animals know how to have fun, or what?

I wonder if frogs can do it, too. Maybe they just don’t show it.

Think of all the joy God made sure to include in His creation. It’s all God’s stuff, and it’s good for us.

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