100% Guaranteed X-ray Glasses!

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Remember these? “See through skin, see through clothes…!” They were one of many truly schlocky items advertised in the back pages of comic books.

Did you ever send away for any of those? My brother and I got these glasses once, and were greatly incensed when they turned out to be just these cardboard things that didn’t do anything at all, let alone see through anybody’s clothes.

I marvel that most of our government’s activities aren’t advertised in the back pages of 1950s comic books.

Sanity Break: Bush Baby

What–you thought that was Master Yoda, from Star Wars? Good heavens, no! Master Yoda’s just a know-it-all; this is a bush baby.

My wife has always wanted to cuddle a bush baby, but they seem to be in short supply around these parts.

Have We Hit Bottom Yet?

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(I had to take my blood pressure before I wrote about this.)

There’s unedifying, then disgusting, revolting, appalling… and then there’s this.

Southside With You, threatening to come soon to a theater near you, is a movie about Barack and Michelle Obama’s first date and ensuing romance (ack! ugh! ia! Cthulhu fhthagn!), a film that “reimagines the first couple…” (http://ijr.com/2016/05/597917-a-movie-about-the-obamas-first-date-is-coming-to-theaters-soon-but-the-trailer-is-out-now/ )

Do you know what “reimagine” means? It means you’ve come up with enough lies to bury Asia. You “reimagine” this pair of–well, a man who never did a nickel’s worth of honest work in his life, and a woman with a hair-trigger temper–crikey, I can’t say it! I literally can’t repeat, or even paraphrase, the bilge that’s in the press release. Has anybody seen my barf bag?

So I guess they won’t be showing Michelle picking Barack up and tucking him under one arm as she strolls over to the stall where they sell the $5,000 sneakers, or show him playing golf while our people in Benghazi get murdered in the streets. They will stretch artistic license till it screams for mercy, depicting President *Batteries Not Included as having a brain and being able to talk without a teleprompter.

Are we truly grown so servile? These people rob us blind, ravage our republican institutions, corrupt our courts, wipe the floor with our Constitution, and insult us every day–and we idolize them? We sit and watch sappy movies about them? Merciful heavens, have we truly come to this?

Say it ain’t so, Joe… say it ain’t so.

Pinocchio: Fact, Not Fiction!

The crack investigative team at Stunata News Service has stopped investigating cracks and pulled off the journalistic coup of the millenium.

They have tracked down the real Pinocchio!

“Everybody thinks Pinocchio is a kids’ story, a Disney cartoon,” said cracked reporter Harry Hootch, “but Mr. Pinocchio was–and is!–a real person!”

The famous wooden puppet who was magically turned into a flesh-and-blood boy has, for the past 67 years, been living as Mr. Vincenzo Anthony Pinocchio at Apt. 3-H in a tenement in The Bronx, New York. Mr. Hootch and his Eyewitless News team tracked him down last week for an exclusive interview.

But wouldn’t Pinocchio now be almost 150 years old?

“He doesn’t age like we do,” said Mr. Hootch, who conducted the interview, along with a specialist to translate questions and answers into Esperanto. “It seems that from time to time the magic wears off, and then for a while he’s a wooden puppet again, until the Blue Fairy can turn him back into a human. During those times, of course, he doesn’t age at all.”

The Blue Fairy was not available for comment.

The videotaped interview with the real Pinocchio will be aired next Tuesday in Harry Hootch’s living room.

“Mr. Pinocchio says the thing that causes him to turn back into a puppet is Climate Change,” said the eminent journalist. “That’s what makes his nose grow, too. He used to think his nose got longer every time he told a lie, and that’s what they put in the Disney movie. But now he says it shoots out another inch or two whenever he tries to warn people about Climate Change.”

Up Next: Our crack investigative team investigates Carlo Collodi’s claim that Pinocchio murdered Jiminy Cricket. They will then go back to investigating cracks.

Something Different: ‘Pat-a-Pan’ in August

You don’t hear many Christmas carols in August. I stumbled over this one this morning, and  couldn’t resist posting it–the old Burgundian carol, Pat-a-Pan, performed by David Archuleta… with the first verse sung in the original Burgundian French. How often do you get to hear that?

When I played this, it stirred my soul. Not that I call for every day to be Christmas: that would quickly ruin it. But it’s a good thing to remember, every day, that Jesus Christ Our Savior, Jesus Christ Our King, has indeed come in the flesh, come right into this fallen world of ours–and will surely come again.

In fact, He is already here with us, every day.

Video Treat: Non-Kissy Cats

Watch what happens to the one poor guy when he tries to kiss his cat. Some cats just aren’t having any.

I am happy to say that our cats here at Chez Leester are of the kissable variety.

More Memory Lane: ‘Fury’

(Thanks to Linda for reminding me of this great old TV show.)

It’s almost inconceivable that a kids’ TV show like Fury would be made today: the story of a troubled orphaned boy and a wild, untameable horse–and how the boy and the horse bring love and healing to each other.

This show, starring a young and not-yet-famous Peter Graves ( Mission: Impossible), took off in 1955 and ran until the child star, Bobby Diamond, started shaving. Looking in my box of toy animals, I find I have an awful lot of horses, especially shiny black ones: Fury surrogates, one and all.

Go ahead, tell me the kids’ stuff that we’ve got now is better.

I won’t believe you.

‘The Silver Trumpet’: Halfway (Maybe)

The Temple (Bell Mountain Series #8) (English Edition) di [Duigon, Lee]

Bell Mountain No. 8, “The Temple.” No. 9, “The Throne,” is still in production.

Look at this, it’s almost Labor Day. Where does the time go?

Since April I’ve been chipping away on writing “Bell Mountain No. 10,” The Silver Trumpet. I started by describing a certain event which I did not understand, and by now I reckon I’m about halfway to the finish line.

New characters and new places that weren’t in my mind when I started have since come into the story. It’s so cool, the way that happens. I never know what to expect from these stories. As for the original event that kicked off the story, it still retains more than a little mystery: I have yet to get to the bottom of it.

Every working day I ask the Lord to give me the story that He wants me to tell, and bit by bit He gives it. How it winds up being a coherent novel is more than I can explain. But it’s worked nine times so far, and looks to me, and to my editors, that it’s still working just fine.

As Fnaa, the king’s double, would say, “What else did you expect?”

German Gov’t to People: ‘Defend Yourselves’ ; People to Gov’t: ‘With What?’

Image result for images of germany being overrun by muslims

A report issued by the German Interior Minister warns of “existence-threatening developments in the future”–without saying what those might be–and warns the German people to stockpile food supplies and be prepared to defend themselves ( http://yournewswire.com/germany-on-the-brink-government-urges-citizens-to-stockpile-up/ ).

Uh, dude! Like, man, you took away our guns and said we couldn’t have ’em anymore… and, like, my kung-fu was never all that great…

One can hardly help suspecting that this might be in some way related to the German government’s obstinate insistence on bringing millions of Muslim “refugees” into the country–persons who come from an alien and violent culture, who have boldly made known their intention to destroy the host country’s way of life, and have already subjected the nation to a crime wave unprecedented in most Germans’ lifetimes. The Merkel regime has declared that nothing, but nothing, will cause it to waver from this course. Apparently Ms. Merkel seeks to atone personally and single-handedly for the crimes of the Third Reich. By making everybody else atone.

So now they want you to defend yourselves–with harsh language? rude hand gestures?–and stockpile at least ten days’ worth of food. And if you’re living in a wee bed-sitter with no room for a stockpile of anything, or if your electricity conks out and all your food goes bad–well, hey, that’s a small price to pay for making Ms. Angela feel righteous.

The chief responsibility of government is to protect its people from harm. If it cannot or will not perform that function, it has no reason for existing. This would include refraining from insane policies that expose the people to harm.

The Merkel Reich refuses to fulfill its basic duty.

It has no business running Germany.

Encore, ‘A Soldier of the Cross’

I’m posting this hymn again because the times cry out for it: Am I a Soldier of the Cross, words by Isaac Watts, sung by Andy Kenway.

Listen to the lyrics. I’ll bear the sword, endure the pain, supported by Thy word. We need this spirit now, in the church. It is with us now as it was in the days of Arthur.

May God revive His people’s martial spirit.


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