Get Ridd ‘Of” ‘The” Constertuition!!!!!

133 Words or Less: You're Shredding the Constitution | Michael Maharrey

Tooday we hadded “a” meating Of “the” Stoodint Soviet and we done Somb-thing it whil maik Hisstery!!!!! We voated “to” abollix that no-good US Consittusion!!!!!!!!!!

That thare dum thing it was wrote “in” like “the” 13th Sentry and it “Is” jist not good for Nothing heer in this heer 20th Sentry!!!!! It “is” like toatilly Out-of Daite!!!

And wood yiu Beleave it???? Nott one singul Trans-ginder Non-bynairy Person hadded any Thing todo whith It!!!!! Thay was Oxcloodid!!!! Aslo this stinkin Countree of Ours it never-never-nevver gotted that thare Consperussion APPROOVED “by” The UN!!!!! Can yiu beet that?????

We kneed “a” brandnoow Constiracion that is only wrote by Peeple Of Culler!!!! And aslo by Peeple in Oather Countrees too!!! Wye diddnt noboddy in Indea or Soodan or Boilivier evver get to wrote anyy “of” “The” Consatushin??? Whas that fare???

We kneed “a” hole niew Cunskaration that whil throe wyte peeple In Jale for hasing Wyte Privlidge and Racist thawts!!!!! If it whas Up “to” Me i wood lock Up Evry-boddy axsept Mynahrities and aslo peple who Are “at” Collidge!!!! And aslo I wood maik it “a” law that Dunkin Donuts thay has to be Free fromb nhow on!!!!!!

So wee “Are” goingto Send a Leter “to” Jobydin assking himb to get ridd Of “the” Conscetrusion so we Can has Femminists in Sawdy Araybier “write” a New one foar us!!!!!!

I Never Taught Sex Ed

10 Sex Education Books For Kids of All Ages -

A little over 20 years ago, I did a great deal of substitute teaching at a certain suburban high school  in my county. I was in there practically every day, teaching all kinds of classes.

Except for “sex education.” No substitute was allowed to teach sex ed. If the teacher was absent, a vice principal would have to take the class.

And get this! The textbooks were never allowed to be taken out of the classroom. They were handed out to the kids when they came in and taken back when the class was over. The books never made it to a student’s locker. No parent was allowed to see them.

If anything good came out of the COVID panic, it’s this: Closing the schools and requiring “remote learning” at home finally clued parents in to what their kids were being “taught” in public school. Yeah–that scheme to have parents sign pledges not to listen in on their kids’ instruction, that went nowhere fast.

Today more parents than ever now know about the teachers’ unions’ penchant for “teaching” such abominations as critical race theory, “comprehensive sex education”, and indoctrination into socialism if not outright Marxism.

If your kids are still in public school after all this… Why?

Mayor to School Board: ‘Resign or Be Charged’

Closed Classroom Door Stock Vector (Royalty Free) 482787919

What goes on behind closed classroom doors?

The mayor of Hudson, Ohio, has told the town’s school board members they must either resign or be charged with distributing child pornography–under the guise of educational material (

“I’ve spoken to the judge,” said Mayor Craig Shubert.

At issue is a book of “writing prompts” called 643 Things to Write About–including, for instance, an instruction to “write a sex scene you wouldn’t show your mom.” I don’t think my parents would have been amused. But that was way back when the public used to have some say about the public schools that they, and no one else, paid for.

The Superintendent of Schools admitted there was “inappropriate material” in the textbook–but, he said, it was never used and “we collected the books.” And, like, sorry about that! He also admitted “We didn’t do due diligence” in selecting course materials.

We mustn’t be so hung up on tyrannical, unconstitutional COVID “mandates” that we lose sight of all the rest of the serious mischief being done to our country. Leftids have set fires in numerous places, all of which have to be put out. When we rush to extinguish a fire in the closet, they start one in the kitchen; and when we run to the kitchen, they start a fire in the garage.

If indeed the board can show that the book of “writing prompts” was taken away before any students had a chance to see it, the defense might have a case.

But in any event, our “educators” must be reined in. They’ve done too much damage already.

By Special Request, ‘The Hallelujah Chorus’

Phoebe has requested The Hallelujah Chorus, from Handel’s Messiah, even though it isn’t Christmas time; and I am glad to post it. This is the Royal Chorale Society, at the Royal Albert Hall.

We proclaim the Lordship of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, King of kings and Lord of lords: we proclaim his kingship over heaven and earth: to whom every knee must bow, and every tongue confess Him Lord.

We have no king but Christ!

‘Climbit Change Mob Goes Rabid’ (2017)

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Useless people, useful idiots

This is the lesson of the 21st century, its contribution to political theory:

Scare the daylights out of ’em, and you can do anything you want.

They thought the boogie-man of Climate Change was going to give them absolute power over us, but somehow they could never seal the deal. That drove them crazy.

Climbit Change Mob Goes Rabid

Well, before they could somehow impose the death penalty for “Climate Change Denialism,” along came King COVID and gave them everything they ever lusted for. In less than two years, freedom has almost been erased from the world. America is still relatively free, at least compared to others–but wit you well, Democrats do not intend for it to stay that way.

‘The Son of God Goes Forth to War’

I loaded this hymn last night–The Son of God Goes Forth to War, sung by choir and congregation at Christ Church, Moscow, Idaho. It is war, and this hymn has some hard truths to tell us. It’s not just skipping through the tulips with a hippie named Jesus.

The Puzzle That Stumps Dogs

Every blue moon you see a video of a dog who figures out how to get a wide stick through a narrow opening. But not on this video. These poor dogs just can’t solve the puzzle! Stumps ’em every time. If we could ever understand why, we’d probably discover something tremendously important.

Fascinating False Fact! Theodore Bunjy of Pokemon Township, New Jersey, can’t figure out how to get a wide stick through a narrow opening, either. And he’s been trying to for 48 years.

It Can’t ALL Go Wrong

Reading Hollowed Out, by Jeremy Adams, I was getting the very strong impression that everything is going wrong. Everything! But then a strange thing happened to me. I found myself singing the old Car 54 theme song.

There’s a holdup in the Bronx, Brooklyn’s broken out in fights,

There’s a traffic jam in Harlem that’s backed up to Jackson Heights.

There’s a scout troop short a child, Khrushchev’s due at Idlewild–

Car 54, where are you?

And the thought came to me: Everything can’t go wrong. It sure looks like it–but what’s that, that the Bible tells us again and again, about how we should walk by faith and not by sight? I mean, is God still up there on His throne, or not? Do we have His promises, or not? Is Christ risen, and our sins forgiven, or not?

The answer is not “Not.”

I don’t understand the details of what God is doing with this fallen world of ours. Maybe He thought we need a wake-up call. Maybe even a trip to the woodshed. But the end of it all, according to God’s own enscriptured word, is salvation. Regeneration. Christ shall reign forever.

This is what we must believe. God is pleased to let us into His labors with Him, to accept us as His servants: there is no higher calling. So buckle down and work, no matter what we see, no matter what we suffer.

Because He has a new heaven and a new earth waiting for us, and eternal life with which to enjoy it.

‘Don’t Take the Bait, Part Dos’ (What to Do About a Stolen Election)

(Thanks to Susan for the tip)

Brilliant political analysis by Doug Wilson! What happens next, if the Arizona ballot audit reveals that President Donald Trump actually won the state, only to “lose” it to election fraud?

Rage and wrath “won’t fix anything,” he warns–and will give the forces of coercion the excuse they need to clamp down on the American people. They would just love another “Jan. 6 Insurrection” that they could blow up into a reason for keeping their ill-gotten gains.

No, says Wilson, don’t do that. We should be patient… and “pour ourselves into the mid-term elections” in 2022, with the goal of taking back the House and the Senate.

If that’s achieved, the next step–presuming the Arizona audit reveals clear evidence of cheating–the new Congress can then impeach Biden and Harris for the high crime of stealing the election. It doesn’t matter what happened in any other states: it’s still a high crime. It doesn’t even matter if it worked our not! “Attempting to steal the presidency is right up there with actually doing so,” Wilson says.

With Republicans having captured Congress, Nancy Pelosi would no longer be Speaker of the House, no longer be third in line for the presidency. In fact, the Constitution allows the House to elect anyone it wants as speaker.

Even Donald Trump–who would then become president again after Biden and Harris are impeached.

Every step of this process, Wilson argues, is strictly Constitutional. No violence, no revolution. And it solves the problem, heals the wound.

And, I would pray, puts the Democrat Party out of business forever.

Chalcedon Marches On

The Sanctuary Choir at First Methodist Church, Houston

You can’t always see what a ministry is doing; and sometimes what a minister of the gospel does will take years to show up on the radar.

In “Rushdoony’s Future Impact,” Mark Rushdoony predicts R.J. Rushdoony’s impact on the church and on the culture will only grow more telling–“because he addresses issues which the church has refused to address, but will be forced to at some point.”

Many readers of Rushdoony’s works show surprise when they learn the book was first published in the 1960s or 70s, yet seems still more applicable two decades into the 21st century (Rushdoony died in 2001). No one even had a keener insight into church and culture: you’d almost swear he had a crystal ball.

So Chalcedon’s mission includes keeping Rushdoony’s books in print–after all, some of these fields have yet to yield their fruit.

Reader Input Wanted: Can you think of any pressing issues which the church in America has ducked so far, but will some day have to be addressed?