No, It’s Not a Satire… It’s All Too Real

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson speaks during a press conference at City Hall, Wednesday Aug. 2, 2023. (Antonio Perez/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty Images)

You asked for him, folks… And now you’ve got him.

The mayor of Marlboro used to asked me, “Can’t you write stories about good government in action?” And I’d answer, “Sorry! Can’t find any.”

But check this out. It’s happening now.

Overrun with illegal border-jumpers (excuse the tautology), the Far Left Democrat mayor of Chicago decreed the construction of a vast new “tent city”–for which he’s being sued by mostly black residents of Brighton Park, ground zero for the tent city ( Sort of a NIMBY thing–“Not In My Back Yard.”

But before the suit could be heard, the state stepped in and shut down the project–because it turns out they were building it on top of a toxic landfill!

“The soil is safe as long as you don’t eat it,” said somebody in charge.

(Oh, boy, when things go wrong–!)

Really, you ought to win some sort of prize for that much corruption and incompetence. If only we could find some practical use for it!

John Kerry’s Own ‘Emissions’

Best known for spouting tommyrot out his mouth, John “Lurch” Kerry brought his other end into play recently, cutting a hefty slab of cheese while pontificating on a panel of globalist yang-yangs.

(“Fart-like noise” is putting it disingenuously.)

So there he is, demanding some kind of global government that’d be “taking away those things that are killing people day by day”–like air conditioning, affordable cars, refrigerators, etc.

And then… Pop goes the weasel.

Can you believe that this morlock was almost president once? He’s got a private jet, a limo, a yacht, and mansion–and he wants to take away your gas stove! God defend us, who do these people think they are?

If he had everything his way, there’d be no more middle class. Just multitudes of downtrodden peasants, with a teeny-tiny Far Left ruling class up on top of the pyramid running the concentration camps.

‘The Global Warming Fantasy Factory’ (2014)

Snow airport hi-res stock photography and images - Alamy

“Doesn’t look like we’ll be flyin’ today, boss…”

As we speak, half the airports in Europe are frozen over, and more than half of the planes grounded… due to freezing temperatures and lots and lots of snow! And just when they wanted to jet off to Qatar to yabber about Global Warming and Climbit Change, too!

The Global Warming Fantasy Factory

Qatar, jutting out into the Persian Gulf, is one of the hottest places on earth. Meeting there makes it kind of easier to believe in fairies–I mean Climbit Change, sorry.

I have another Climbit Change story coming up. Wait’ll you get a load of that one.

By Request, ‘O Holy Night’

Another entry in our carol contest: O Holy Night, sung by John Berry; requested by Ohiochessfan.

I’m acting on the principle that you can never have too many Christmas hymns; so if you’ve got one you’d like to share, just say so.

By Request, ‘We Three Kings’

Let’s enjoy these Christmas carols! That’s why we have a carol contest. Let’s put our hearts into Christmas.

Requested by Eldermike: Hugh Jackman and friends sing We Three Kings. It’s my favorite among many nice renditions of this hymn.

Why Isn’t This Parakeet Scared?

Does this bird have a death wish–or does he know, somehow, that the cat won’t hurt him? Try this outdoors and it’s bye-bye birdie. But in the human home… animals learn to be more than they thought they could be.

New ‘Dr. Who’ a Sodomite?

Best Eastern Slow Worm Royalty-Free Images, Stock Photos ...

Don’t ask me to illustrate this garbage. Here’s a nice slowworm instead.

Dr. Who, time-traveler, has been on the BBC since 1963, has gone through 14 actors in the title role, and has now hopped into bed with Disney Corp. and will introduce a 15th Dr. Who… this time with a twist.

It is suggested that he’s “gay” (

Oh–and Sir Isaac Newton will now be Indian instead of English. And “hot.” History schmistory.

Where Disney Corp. goes, Woke follows. Get these jidrools involved in anything and it comes out perverted. Disney now co-produces Dr. Who with the BBC. The few minutes of this show that I’ve seen over the years looked very like low-budget, low-IQ, cheap TV science fiction (Star Trek come back, all is forgiven); but somehow it’s hung in there for 60 years. Sheesh. Longer than Kiner’s Corner.

So culture rot marches on. We do have the option not to watch this bilge; they haven’t yet made it compulsory viewing. But who knows what’ll happen next in Britain?

Does Disney ever produce anything that’s decent? The Babylon Bee quipped “They’re turning out more bombs than Lockheed.” How the dickens do they stay in business? When was the last time any of their movies turned a profit? And they act like they don’t care.

For sale, cheap: Western civilization. A fixer-upper, needs some TLC.

Michigan Leftists vs. Catholic School

Legal scholar Neil Richards on the First Amendment in the ...

If Congress isn’t allowed to do it, then neither is Michigan.

A Catholic school in Michigan is asking the appeals court to affirm its right to offer a Catholic education without including anti-Christian transgender ideology–despite the state attorney general’s efforts to force them to include it ( In the words of the Gateway Pundit headline, “Leftist politicians demand Catholic school teach transgender ideology.”

St. Joseph Parish School, founded in 1924, is up against a drive by the AG and other leftists “to penalize religious objectors” and force the school to abandon its Catholic beliefs. For this the AG calls school officials “bigots.”

Becket Legal has taken the school’s case. Their quotable quote: “Constitutional rights don’t come with permission slips.”

This is clearly a First Amendment issue, and it’s difficult to imagine the Supreme Court declining to uphold the school’s First Amendment rights. Somehow a lower court dismissed the school’s lawsuit; that’s why it’s been sent on to the appeals court.

How can it be a Catholic school and still hop onto the transgender bandwagon?

Our country is in deep, deep trouble. Now Far Left Crazy has the Catholic schools in the cross-hairs.

Who’s next?

‘Entering the Age of Fictional News’ (2015)

330+ Lie At Anchor Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free ...

I run this post every couple years or so as a reminder that the globalist devil never, never sleeps–and won’t be happy till he’s devoured all our freedoms. Global Warming/Climate Change is his most powerful scam.

Entering the Age of Fictional News

Yes, they’re still at it today, every day. Acquiring wealth and power for themselves [notice I did not say “themself”] is their whole reason for living.

And oh! how the world’s nooze media are behind it, pushing for all they’re worth!

May the Lord deliver us out of their hands.

By Request, ‘Christmas Is Always’

And here’s the next one–Christmas Is Always, by Carroll and Donna Roberson, requested by Erlene.

The leading carol from Day One is still in front, although it was almost overtaken yesterday by The Holly and the Ivy.