Video Treat: Cats & Stairs

Betcha never knew there were so many different ways of climbing up or down a flight of stairs.

Cats know all of them!

‘For Your Name is Holy’

Does anyone mind another worship song today? This is For Your Name is Holy, sung by Paul Wilbur, suggested my Linda.

The accompanying video is from a 2000 film, The Apocalypse (also presented as The Book of Revelation), starring Richard Harris as St. John the Evangelist.

Some Christians don’t approve of movies based on Scripture. That’s no idle objection: it’s so very easy for a movie to get it wrong, and that’s something you don’t want to do with the truth of God’s word.

But there’s also something to be said for a work of art that moves the viewer to see Revelation as if for the first time, and to feel something of what the old apostle must have experienced, alone and exiled to a tiny island, when he was given such a vision of Christ’s glory. Even more of a vision than the one received by the prophet in Isaiah 6. These are things very, very hard to capture in words alone–and do we not greatly desire to capture them?

Reed My Boock Insted of His!

Now yiu Cant sea My Moth antenners!

I am so sick of that stopid lee and his stopid books! so i amb going to rite a boock my self! I amb going to rite a novvle and yiu shuld reed my boock insted of his!

My novvle it startts “out with” a Gay Marridge and then Mike and Geffry thay Transitoin and Change thare Gender “so” thay now wimmins insted of mans and then “thay” go on a Honey Moon and on thare Honey Moon “thay” Diskover a grate Lost City in the Junggle i think its In Cambodyer but may be i “wil” change that “to” som Place “in” Africka.

and in This Lost City thare lives Noboddy “but” all Socail Justis Wariers only and thay Is “al” Gay and thay “has” a hole lott of diffrint Genders and aslo Evry Boddy thay al “in” Collidge bein Interllecturals and thay Dont no boddy has to Work becose thare “is” Freee Tution thare!!! And The Rich thay has got to “pay” for Evry thing and aslo thay is “not” aloud to make No Proffit ever!!!

And “thay has” Got no God neether becose thay al Too Smart to beleave in God and that “is” Wye this hear Place it is a Parridice! But then some christins thay “come” alongg and thay “trie” to reck it but thay Cant becose them christins thay is jist stopid Biggits and “thay” Dont kno how To doo nothing and al them Trans Gender peple thay jist alyaws Out Smarts the stopid christins and Finely thay puts them Al into Sensativvity Traning and that makes Thare Minds rihgjt so Thay dont “beleave” in God no more neether and so “that” it bringes us to A Hapy ending!!!

And my prefesser He sayes My Boock it is “sure” to be whatya cal a Classtic and oncet its Poblished thay “wil” make it Reckwired Reeding hear at Collidge and than No one thay wil “reed” That stopid lees boocks no more! Ha Ha!

‘Draw Me Nearer’

This is the first hymn that popped into my head today, this old Fanny Crosby classic. Hearing it played like this on a piano, just the piano–boy, does that ever take me back to Sunday school!

Sanity Break: Loquacious Kittens

Enough of the crummy news already–how about something to kiss and cuddle instead?

One of my friends accuses me of spoiling my cats. Well, that’s what they’re for.

What the Devil is This?

Image result for images of crooked hillary

Hillary Clinton has given a speech in which she denounced some newly-discovered “alt-right” conspiracy masterminded by Alex Jones, Breitbart, and, for all I know, Vincenzo Anthony Pinocchio ( ).

No one seemed to know what she was talking about, at the time. But one thing I do know: Hillary Clinton is a criminal.

And here’s another thing I know. If they think I’m going to use their new term that they just dreamed up, they can stick it in their gravitas.

Here is a crook who used her office as Secretary of State to rake in fabulous amounts of money for her alleged “charity,” the Clinton Foundation: the biggest pay-for-play scam in U.S. history. Anyone else would have been tossed into the slammer so fast, it would’ve made her head spin.

But Loretta Lunch–er, Lynch–waved her magic wand and made the indictments go away.

Hillary Clinton is a criminal.

That’s all we need to know.

Princeton: You Can’t Say ‘Man’ Anymore

Merciful heavens, I was writing about this poop in the early 1970s, and now it’s back. The gray ponytail crowd has brought it back.

The Human Resources Dept. at Princeton University has issued a new diktat against ever uttering the word “man”–because, of course, it ain’t “inclusive.” (  Literally, you can’t say “man and wife,” or “man-made,” or “workmanlike.” They have provided no guidance as to what you ought to say if you live in Manhattan or come from the Isle of Man.

This stuff was supposed to be over, gone, kaput, decades ago. They’ve brought it back. Collidge has brought it all back.

It’s like a bad dream, a recurring nightmare. It’s like getting lost in the Hall of Mirrors on the  boardwalk. There, at least, the guy can come in and get you out. The Hall of Mirrors that our culture has been turned into has no guy to lead you back outside.

My hope is in the Lord which made the heavens and the earth (Psalm 121:2). He and no one else will take away the Hall of Mirrors.

He’s laughing at us now. When He’s done laughing, watch out.

‘Come, O Thou Traveler Unknown’

This is by Charles Wesley in the 18th century–Come, O Thou Traveler Unknown, sung by Maddy Prior and played, old-style, by the Carnival Band: a hymn about Jacob wrestling with the angel. Not the kind of thing we hear much of, these days.

May the music of God’s word fortify our spirits for the day.

College Course Title: ‘Stop White People’

Image result for images of white people as political prisoners

So you want to send your kids to college? Hey! How about you send ’em to State University of New York (SUNY) at Binghamton? Then they can get involved in a little kampus kaper called “Stop White People” ( ).

Wow. They’re actually admitting whites are people. Had me worried, for a moment there.

We are told not to worry, this isn’t really tied in with racial hatred–although it sure as hell would be if it were called “Stop Black People”–they just thought it’d be cool to use such a catchy title. I think they got that from Lame Excuses 101.

At what point, people, do you decide enough’s enough? At what point do you stop forking over money to these collidges–to say nothing of turning your kids’ minds over to them? Or do you simply never reach that point–although why that should be is more than I can imagine.

Meanwhile, please bear in mind that sowing racial animosity is a sin. To make people hate each other, who otherwise wouldn’t, is indeed a sin.

How to Cuddle Your Owl

I don’t think I can manage any more bad news today–so this, instead.

My cats put me to sleep when they cuddle me. But an owl? I had no idea. Looks like it would be pretty easy to cork off, cuddling your owl. Looks like the owl enjoys it, too.

God’s stuff always works, and is always full of surprises for us. For which we give thanks!


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