How Our Pets Get Through the Day

You’d think animals as smart as cats and parrots would have no trouble figuring out that their reflection in the mirror is only a reflection–but I guess if there’s no one else around who wants to play, your reflection is the next best thing. These and other video clips display a common approach to getting through the slack part of the day: by acting goofy. And the goofier, the better.

The Mask Comes Off

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This week a Democrat Congressman, Ted Lieu of California (where else?), said, publicly, “I would love to be able to regulate the content of speech, but the First Amendment stops me” ( This was said in the context of a Congressional hearing on the social media giants, Google and Facebook, and their censorship of conservatives.

Lieu added that “over the long run, it’s better the government does not regulate the content of speech.”

Oh, please. The government doesn’t have to do it, if Google and Facebook do it for them! Let the social media monopolies do the dirty work. They’ve been doing a a fine job of it, so far.

And before we heave a sigh of relief over the First Amendment, just imagine how this would play out with a Supreme Court packed by, say, Hillary Clinton–or any other Democrat. What do you want to bet that those judges, citing “the living Constitution” that has replaced that crummy old original, would quickly discover all sorts of “nuances” that would restrict free speech to the Far Left Crazy, to the exclusion of the rest of us? Free speech for liberals, censorship for everybody else.

Sort of like the way they do it on college campuses, these days.

If we entrust the Democrat Party with any role in governance, we’ll suffer for it. But good.

The Contest So Far

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Some of you have questions about our first annual Christmas Carol Contest. Fair enough: I’ve never sponsored one of these before, there were bound to be a few bugs in the system.

The first few leaders were: Mary, Did You Know?, Nov. 23, 16 views; then Away in a Manger, Nov. 25, with 17; What Child Is This?, Nov. 27, 22 views; and on Dec. 3, O Holy Night, still in the lead with 25 views. If the contest were to end today , O Holy Night would be the winner.

My idea was to generate excitement by making it possible for the lead to change hands very often. But that hasn’t happened since Dec. 3.

Two points to remember:

You can request any hymn, even one that’s already been entered by someone else. We’re not going to run out of Christmas music. Or you can ask for the same hymn by a different artist.

However, your request can’t win the contest (although it does win in other ways, just by being there: the business at hand is to proclaim the birth of Christ) unless a lot of readers view it on the day it was posted. I’m going with the assumption that you want to hear these songs no matter who winds up winning.

We still have 12 days to go, plenty of time for anyone’s candidate to get a lot of views.

And if you already have all the Bell Mountain books published so far, your prize will be the next book, No. 11, The Temptation, when it becomes available.

Please feel free to ask any questions you might have. Think of it as a way of training me how to administer a contest.

By Request, ‘Do You Have Room for Jesus?’

Requested by Erlene: Do You Have Room for Jesus?, sung by Carroll Roberson. And a personal note to Erlene: Please feel better soon, you and your son are in our prayers.

By Request, Two Hymns for One

From The Little Drummer Boy, Guy Penrod segues right into We Three Kings: requested by Jeremy. We’re getting our carol contest back on track!

By Request, ‘Hark! The Herald Angels Sing’

This rates a Wow, don’t you think? Hark! The Herald Angels Sing, performed by Amy Grant: requested by SlimJim. You don’t want to skip this one! Turn up the volume–Christ is born in Bethlehem!

‘Today’s Big News!’ (2013)

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“Now: did you, or did you not, when you were 11 years old, say such-and-such…?”

Actually, this has gotten much worse since this incident from five years ago.

Now they can–and do–go back over everything you’ve ever said since you were a toddler and dig up a “homophobic slur,” whatever that may be, that you made on the playground when you were ten years old. And this disqualifies you from, well, everything. Certainly from any kind of role in public life: and you can forget about holding any job more exalted than latrine attendant.

We now treat abominable things as sacred, and holy things as abominable.

Does anybody know how this came to be?

‘Good Christian Men, Rejoice’

If God has granted my prayers and lifted my illness, I’m just now on my way to Christmas shopping and you’re listening to this–Good Christian Men, Rejoice, sung by the Robert Shaw Chorale.

I’m Still Here, I Think

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Well, I still feel like roadkill, but at least I’m still here. In fact, I’m going to try to do a spot of Christmas shopping, courtesy of five hours’ sleep instead of no hours. And today my teeth fit back together.

Thank you all for your prayers. I feel like I’ve passed a crisis point and will start to get better now.

Sorry about no Newswithviews column this week, but I just couldn’t manage it.

What Happened to the Carol Contest?

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Our first annual Christmas Carol Contest started off with a bang, but there hasn’t been a new leader since Dec. 3, when O Holy Night got 25 views. No entries today.

All right, I’ll up the ante. The winner will get an autographed copy of The Temptation, hot off the press, when it comes out. I don’t know exactly when that’ll be, but everything seems to be just about ready.

How do you win? If the Christmas hymn that you request on a given day winds up with the most views on a day, that’s how you win. Somehow this was exciting when we started it.

But anyhow, if we’re proclaiming the birth of Christ in song, we’re all winning.

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