Kitten vs….Roomba?

Ah! Just what I was looking for! I feel saner already.

There are plenty of videos of cats riding these roomba robots all over the house; but here’s a kitten who’s seeing one for the first time. Check out those moves! The greatest human athlete in the world couldn’t match them.

Kitty’s afraid of this new weird thing at first, but it doesn’t take him long to decide he’s going to get the better of it, or else. He has a noble spirit!

Mr. Nature: the Zebra Jumping Spider

I admit I’m not much for spiders, but I’ve always had a soft spot for these zebra jumping spiders–maybe because I wanted to be a zebra when I grew up, and look how close these little spiders have come to doing that.

Unlike other spiders, jumping spiders can actually see what’s going on around them. While I was writing yesterday, I discovered one of these little guys crawling around on my knee. It was easy to induce him to climb onto my hand and then jump somewhere else. He must’ve liked me because he kept coming back for more. So I played with the spider for a minute or two before finally releasing him onto the ground.

But I insist I’m not eccentric–just enjoying some of God’s stuff. And trying to manage a nooze-free weekend.

‘Politics Without God’

Polybius Stock Photos & Polybius Stock Images - Alamy

Polybius predicted the demise of Rome’s republic.

Something “Unknowable” said the other day got me thinking about this, and I decided it’d be a good time to share an article I wrote about the subject, for Chalcedon, back in 2006–the mindless “political cycle” that fallen humanity gets sucked into when it turns its back on God.

Very simply, here’s the cycle.

Chaos and violence > “strong man” > king or president > tyrant > rebels oust tyrant > aristocracy > oligarchy > people oust oligarchs > democracy > mob rule and chaos >>> and the whole thing repeats itself again and again.

Polybius, a Greek general who lived in Rome as a hostage, praised Rome’s republic as the best effort yet to haul a nation out of the endless political cycle; but as he analyzed Rome with a clear and penetrating eye, he would up predicting that the republic would fail. His prediction came true.

Our own country is in danger of this, especially right now. Our only hope is to place ourselves under God’s protection and obey His word.

Have They Got Us Where They Want Us?

Know the new rules at Walmart, Home Depot and Target - Midland  Reporter-Telegram

I’m late today because I had to go to Walmart to pick up my prescription and they made us wait outside in a big long line.

This is humiliating. And time-wasting.

Look, now there are “scientific experts” telling us that rioting (they call it “mass protest,” wink-wink, nudge-nudge) is an absolutely Essential Activity, indispensable to Social Justice yatta-yatta. You don’t have to wait in line before you can riot. Just rush right in! But if you need your high blood pressure medicine (dig the irony), you’ve got to stand there with your little stupid Badge of Submission face mask until they decide it’s okay for you to go into the store.

Democrats are licking their chops over this as some kind of “new normal” they can keep imposed on the American people until they can finish turning us into perpetual infants who can’t tie their shoes without the Nanny and Big Brother to help them.

I say come November, let’s punish the living daylights out of the creepy leftist Democrat politicians who have subjected us to this–but still think rioting is more important than attending church services.

Yes, they think that–and don’t you forget it.

On Our Way to Utopia!

Most Common Kinds of Vehicle Accidents - Side Car

The Democrat governor of Castrovia (“Our 57th State!”), His Excellency Woody Winkie, has issued an emergency executive order that from now on, motorists in Castrovia must drive on the left side of the road instead of the right.

“I know it’ll be a little confusing for a day or two, and maybe cause a couple of minor fender-benders,” chuckled the governor, “but believe me, what with the White Virus ravaging the world, this is probably our best way to combat systemic racism.”

Changing the driving rules, he added, would also combat income inequality, Climate Change, white privilege, and belly-button lint.

“And if we need to do more, we’ll do more,” Winkie said. “The next step will be to declare the state’s official language to be Austrian.”

To vote for Gov. Winkie’s re-election by mail wherever you are, whoever you are, just send a note to the Castrovia Elections Collective.

A Creepy Place

Abandoned Alabama high school revealed in pictures | Daily Mail Online

Does your town have an abandoned high school slowly sliding into total ruin? Probably not, unless you live in a Democrat city where the whole shebang is sinking into oblivion. But in most small towns, the high school is the single most expensive item on the budget and will only be abandoned if a) the whole town fails or b) they build a new high school and haven’t yet figured out what to do with the old one. My town’s old high school, having been replaced, has been torn down to make room for more condos.

We were listening to a scary story the other night, which featured an abandoned high school. I have to admit high school kind of creeped me out even when it was open for business. Something about this story made it easy to imagine myself wandering around the halls of an abandoned high school… and maybe the place wasn’t quite as deserted as I’d thought.

I did get to thinking, “This is the kind of place that Ysbott the Snake would really like. He could make it his hideout. Abandon all hope, ye who enter hear.”

Look at that hallway. Such waste! Those lockers could have been salvaged. Ditto a lot of the electrical components. That’s money that people had to work for, all gone up in smoke.

These abandoned high schools, though, are emblematic of the whole public “education” enterprise. It produces morally empty buildings disguised as graduates. Big and imposing on the outside, but on the inside, nothing there.

Unless Ysbott’s in there, planning crimes.

‘Memory Lane: At Home with Mommy and the Ironing’ (2017)

See the source image

This little post engendered a wonderful chat. I think most of us must have fond memories like this.

Memory Lane: At Home with Mommy and the Ironing

I would like to mention the sitting-room closet, which held a certain fascination for me. Here the explorer would find my mother’s bowling shoes–truly mystifying!–and her tennis racket, although I don’t remember her ever playing tennis until much, much later in life. The carpet-sweeper was also in there. Do we still have carpet-sweepers?

Ah, the smell of ironing! And the black-and-white TV. And kneeling on the couch by the window, watching the snow come down…

‘Christ Shall Have Dominion’

The first time I ever posted this hymn, someone out there objected: he didn’t want Christ to have dominion.

But we have no king but Jesus Christ.

Sung by the congregation at Grace Community Church, San Antonio, Texas: Christ Shall Have Dominion.

The Whirling Cat

I used to make my cat, Buster, dizzy, because he would always try to pretend he wasn’t. But here’s a cat who makes himself dizzy. Who needs a human to put your cat toy in motion? This cat can get dizzy anytime he pleases.

I wonder if I ought to try a few dozen whirls around the middle of the living room.

Bonus Hymn: ‘Thy Word is a Lamp unto My Feet’

This is a dreary day with high humidity, the nooze is even drearier–and I need another hymn. This is the one I want: Thy Word is a Lamp unto My Feet, by Amy Grant.

Patty and I are not at our best these past few days, health-wise, and any prayers that come our way will be appreciated.

Blog is pretty flat today, though. I guess a lot of people are just worn out.

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