By Request, ‘Do You Know My Jesus?’

A hymn request from Phoebe–Do You Know My Jesus? I chose this rendition by four students at Fountainview Academy.

We live in a dark age; but there will always be light in Our Lord Jesus Christ.

‘Parental Rights’? Not in New Mexico Schools

The Teachers' “Red for Ed” Movement Is Far From Dead

They’ve got your children where they want ’em, folks.

It only takes a few minutes for me to find a new public education outrage to report. Here’s one from New Mexico.

Attorney Andrew Sanchez, who “trains teachers and school boards,” has recently declared, “Parental rights end when you send your kids to public schools” ( And that’s the way he likes it. He says it’s the job of public schools to “replace values” that the kids have learned at home.

Go ahead, “educators,” spit in our faces once again. No one’s stopping you.

How many times must we say this? The only meaningful and effective response to the schools’ Marxist indoctrination of our children is to take them out of those schools and educate them at home. See what happens when 50 million Christian children are pulled out of public schools.

It’s been a long time since local school boards actually represented the people who elect them and pay the exorbitant school taxes. The Far Left teachers’ unions have America by the throat and won’t let go.


Now It’s a ‘Mayan Rite of Mass’

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“What? No human sacrifice?”

“Chill out, amigo. Chichen Itza wasn’t built in a day.”

This isn’t the first time a church establishment has brought horn-blowing, drum-thumping paganism into the church, and it probably won’t be the last. But it is the one we’re confronted with today: kind of like waking up to discover you’re still in the Old Testament and the king has just installed another idol in the Temple.

Yowsah, yowsah! The Roman Catholic Church has another “indigenous” rite to celebrate–a “Mayan Rite of Mass,” celebrating (I balk at saying this, but it must be said) “relationship with sister mother earth” and prayers to “the four directions,” whatever the dickens they mean by that.

They call it “interculturation.” Queen Athaliah never thought to call it that, when she brought Baal worship back into the Temple (see 2 Kings). Back then it was just called paganism and idolatry.

You may remember a year or two ago, Pope Francis was all cranked up for “Pachamama”–an idol worshiped by folks living along the Amazon–to be installed in the Vatican.

It seems Mexican bishops have displayed a penchant for getting giddy with theology. Pope Benedict XVI had occasion to rebuke them for it once or twice. But Francis seems to be a fan. Has he ever met a pagan practice that he didn’t like?

My heart goes out to Catholics who are seeing their church hijacked. Brothers and sisters, it happens to us Protestants, too. All the time. Let us stand united… at least in this.

Will I Be Here Tomorrow?

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We have to take Patty to the hospital tomorrow morning for pre-operation testing, then go out and buy our weekend’s groceries. It’s been my experience with hospitals that the prevailing philosophy is “Show up on time and then wait three hours, do not pass Go,” etc.

I used to have a function here that let me post tomorrow stuff I wrote today for tomorrow… but it looks like WordPress has taken that away. So I have NO IDEA when I will be back here tomorrow.

Well, you could always come here and enjoy a stroll around the Archives. I promise you it’ll be more fun than sitting in a waiting room. Especially if they have “The View” on their television.


My Newswithviews Column, March 23 (‘When “Dissent” Was a Thing’)

Howdy Doody toy marionette | National Museum of American History

Can the puppet “dissent” from those who pull its strings?

When I was in college in the Sixties (of course), it was hammered into us day after day, every day, “Dissent is the highest civic virtue! Dissent is where it’s at! You’re here for no other reason but to dissent.”

Just don’t you dare dissent from us.

When ‘Dissent’ Was a Thing

“Free and open inquiry.” That was a buzz word, back then. Today the dissenters-turned-muftis would choke on it.

This is what we have allowed our “education” system to become. And given time, it will destroy us.

‘You Can’t Argue With a Kool-Ade Drinker’ (2019)

See the source image

Go ahead–try and have a discussion with some dindle who rejects facts, has no store of information that could possibly apply to the topic at hand, is convinced up front that any deviation from his or her point of view is totally wrong and probably prompted by White Supremacy or some such thing… and gets really, really made if he encounters any disagreement from anyone.

You Can’t Argue with a Kool-Ade Drinker

A liberal is someone who feels entitled to come into your house uninvited and pee on your couch in the living room. And you’re supposed to thank him for it.

Take your kids out of public school. Kill public education, and Far Left Crazy dies.

‘Jesus Saves’

No requests received this morning, so I’m on my own and this is the hymn I want to hear today–Jesus Saves, sung at Reformed Synod 2012, held at Nyack, New York, on the mighty Hudson River. I don’t know a hymn more beautiful than this.

Pestering the Cat

Sorry, but this is another one of my all-time favorite videos, so I post it now and then. I am mysteriously drawn to it.

Watch the poor cat try to take a nap while the guinea pigs want to play. Reminds me of W.C. Fields in It’s a Gift.

How Do I Prove My ‘Commitment to Diversity’?

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Boy howdy! I want to be a janitor at East Washington University–but there’s a catch. They want me to submit a “Diversity Statement” and prove my commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Well, here’s my proof.

*I have Jane Fonda pinups all over my apartment.

*Somewhere I’ve got a bunch of Pete Seeger record albums.

*I have a Master’s degree in Nothing Studies.

*I was in a Black Lives Matter demonstration and threw a brick through a store window.

*My dog is named Che.

*I can wear a dress, if that’s what it takes to show my commitment to Transgender Rights.

*I once sent money to Planned Parenthood.

Well, East Washington? Do you want somebody whose mind is right sweeping the floors of your classrooms, or some MAGA White Supremacist Biggit? The choice is yours–and I am Pro-Choice, big-time!

[Disclaimer: I don’t know who wrote this, but he’s obviously on the right track.]

No ‘Commitment to Diversity’? No Job!

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What we’ll be when they get through with us

At Ohio State Looniversity, if you seek a job in computer engineering, architecture, or nuclear (!) engineering, you won’t be hired unless you submit a “diversity statement” that the looniversity finds acceptable (

Oh, but that ain’t nothin’! At East Washington U., wherever that is, you’ve got to submit a Diversity Statement (yes, let’s use capital letters!) if you’re applying for one of the school’s “custodial positions.” You can’t even be a freakin’ janitor unless your politics is right!

In addition to your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement, they also want you to “please provide specific examples” of your commitment to Far Left shibboleths. I wonder if they check to make sure you’re not lying. Stalin would have.

So… The electrical system shorts out and the whole place burns down… the computer system goes mad and makes all the money disappear… and there’s a slight cock-up on the nuclear engineering front and a mushroom cloud over Ohio… Yeahbut, yeahbut! We’re all right! We’ve got the Diversity Statements!

How is this even remotely permissible under the First Amendment? How is this not “compelled speech”? Where are the lawsuits, people? You need to bring this to a crashing halt!

Will we let these twerps devour our liberties? Will our own stupid colleges and looniversities do to us what the Wehrmacht and the Imperial Japanese Navy couldn’ do?

We really ought to be ashamed of tolerating this.