I Amb A Vollintear!!

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One of the things “we” lernt in Collidge is thare is two “menny” books Whith wite Peple in them It is reely discussting!! Espatially Histry Books! Wel our Collidge we Are doing sumthing abote That!!!

Frist al them boocks whith wite peple in themb thay Has “got to” be writ al over Agin butt this tyme With-out wite peple in them!! butt evin that “it” dont go “farr” enuohgh so we aslo thunk of sumthing Elce!!!

Our Collidge Sceints Depotment it has got Sceintits in it and Thay is “workin” on a Meddasin it whil “make yiu” Fourget evry thing yiu has red “that” got wite peple in it!!!! How abote That!? And nhow thay “want To” testt The Meddasin and yiu know what,, I has vollinteared!!

So i willl take “the” Meddasin to-nihght and Iff it works,, then to-marrow I whont be “Abel” to remebmer nothing that “has” got wite peple in it!!!This it whil make “me” feel cleen and libbarated and Inter-sexianol!!!

Some dop he Is a christin or somthing he sayed “butt waht abote Side Affects??” He is so stopid, i tolled him thare “Is nothin rwong whith” my sides and i tolled our Micro Grecian Rabid Responts Team waht he sayed “And” thay are Going “to” putt him Into Sensartivity Traning un-till his mind it “is”rihght!!!

I cant Hardlie whait four to-nihght!! It has got “my” Moth Antenners spining aruond like crazy!!

Priest Punished for Calling on Pro-Aborts to Repent

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Why does the Catholic Church–and they’re not the only ones who do this–sometimes act like it disapproves of Catholic teachings?

Ireland recently voted to end pro-life protection for unborn babies and legalize abortion. If you voted for this wicked measure, a priest in Dublin told his congregation, you need to come to confession and repent. So the diocese yanked him out of his parish and assigned him to another post where he won’t be allowed to preach (http://www.lifenews.com/2018/07/18/catholic-priest-punished-after-he-told-pro-abortion-catholics-to-go-to-confession/).

Don’t sneer at Ireland. Here in America, Catholic colleges and looniversities routinely flout church teaching and get away with it. Are the bishops all in hibernation? What would it take to wake them up?

Some years ago Cardinal Raymond Burke, who withheld communion from Catholic politicians (Democrats all) who vote for abortion, was transferred out of his diocese, then kicked upstairs to the Vatican, and then kicked back downstairs again: I’ve lost track of where he is now. Cardinal Burke’s trouble is, he just won’t shut up. Something gave him the idea that a Catholic clergyman ought to stand for Catholic doctrine. The church acts like people who do that are a problem.

There are plenty of Protestant denominations who do the same–enough to make me doubt the Christianity of the institutional church.

When the Son of Man returns, will He find faith on the earth?

Depends on where you look, Lord. Depends on where you look.

Why Atheist De-Conversion Stories Fail

From SJ Thomason’s “Christian Apologist” blog: I found this very interesting, and you will, too.     –LD

Christian Apologist

To persuade people, one should use the tools Aristotle suggested of ethos (establish credibility), pathos (appeal to people’s emotions) and logos (apply logic). I have encountered many atheists who have applied Aristotle’s formulations to construct their “de-conversion” from Christianity stories. This intention of this blog is to deconstruct their stories based on a higher level understanding of the same three formulations.

Just as we have witnessed in some sitcoms and news broadcasts, most of the atheist de-conversion stories I have heard are rather predictable: they begin with the atheist claiming to have been a devout, sometimes fundamentalist Christian in an attempt to establish credibility with Christians (ethos). They follow with a tale of the pain they’ve unfairly endured based on a horrific event in their lives. This event is often tragic and worthy of much empathy, especially when it involves a death in the family. Through this event, they call…

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‘The World’s Oldest Music’ (2015)

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A lot of “ifs” went into this, but if all the ifs are right, we can listen to a piece of music from 1,400 B.C.


We have musical instruments from ancient Chinese tombs, which don’t work anymore because they’re just too old, and some rusted-up pieces from Greece and Rome: but this one example just might be real.

If all the ifs are right.

It’s a pretty nice piece of music, by the way. Listen and enjoy it.

By Request, ‘Holy Are You, Lord’

Erlene’s son came home from the hospital last night (thank you, Lord: you hear our prayers), and she has requested this worship song: Holy Are You, Lord by Terry MacAlmon–taken from the Book of Revelation.

Sloths and Heavy Machinery

Well, all right, only one sloth in this compilation is trying to operate sophisticated machinery. As you can see, moving extremely slowly minimizes the risk of getting into serious trouble.

The ones with the masks are three-toed sloths; the others are two-toed.

Prayer Request: Erlene

Please pray for Eric, son of our dear sister in Christ, Erlene, who was rushed to the hospital last night for emergency medical procedures. Erlene has been unable to make the trip to the hospital, several hours away, to see him.

O Lord our God! We are your people, the sheep of your pasture: and Erlene’s son, Eric, needs his shepherd. Please, Lord, have mercy on your servant and deliver him from danger, as we know you can. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Some Good News, For a Change

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2017: Hundreds of thousands gather in Kiev to praise Jesus Christ Our Lord

(Thanks to Susan for the news tip)

This happened last fall, and somehow we missed it. Not that the mainstream nooze media in the West made anything like a big deal over it.

The president of the Ukraine signed an order recognizing the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, and in the streets of Kiev, hundreds of thousands of people gathered to praise Our Lord Jesus Christ and the gospel (http://www1.cbn.com/cbnnews/cwn/2017/september/hundreds-of-thousands-gather-in-the-streets-of-ukraine-to-praise-the-name-of-jesus).

Not long ago in my own lifetime, the Ukraine was a slave state of the Soviet Union, site of Josef Stalin’s man-made famine that killed millions in the 1930s. The official religion was atheism. Until the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991.

Ukraine has had its troubles since gaining independence. Russia has seized Crimea and occupied Ukrainian territory on its borders. Russian troops are still there.

But even that couldn’t depress the spirit of the Ukrainian people, who turned out in vast numbers to celebrate the one and only king whose right it is to rule: Jesus Christ, the Son of God. And there were surely many in those crowds who remembered a time when such a celebration would have gotten them all shot or packed off to the gulags in Siberia.

We here in America would do well to remember it, too.

UK Demands Control of Books’ Content Before They’re Written

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This is what I feared the Supreme Court would do to our country in the “wedding cake case.” Thank you, God, they didn’t.

But they’re getting ready to do it in Britain: dictate to writers the content of their books before the books are written.

A government-funded Far Left idiot group, the Center for Literacy in Primary Education, has demanded that children’s books “across all genres… place non-white characters in roles which are central to the narrative” (https://www.breitbart.com/london/2018/07/18/british-childrens-books-white/). They’re telling you what to put in your book before you write it.

This is because there just ain’t enough BAME characters in children’s books. Dig the new acronym. It means “black, Asian, and minority ethnic.”

The nooze media hop aboard the bandwagon. Complains The Guardian, British publishing is “still hideously… white.”

Who cares? Ask me if I care. Who’s stopping BAME writers from writing about BAME characters? The solution is to force all writers to write a certain way?

But leftists can’t do anything without coercion. It’s mother’s milk to them.

I think I might just shrivel up and die if some pressure group, or some government, had the power to tell me what to write and how to write it.

Has the UK lost all regard for freedom? Does Britain aspire to be the deathbed of liberty? Will its own liberals succeed–if they haven’t succeeded already–in turning it into a Third World basket case?

The Magna Carta was born here.

But it looks like liberty is dying here.


‘Give Me Taxes or Give Me Death’ (2013)

Image result for images of global warming cities under water

Easily preventable by raising taxes!

The Left is never going to give up on Global Warming/Climbit Change. Here they are five years ago, yapping about how “millions will die” unless we let them hit us with a carbon tax.


Please, never let another Democrat get into the White House.

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