Into The Pit

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Unashamed of Jesus

Then the king gave orders, and Daniel was brought in and cast into the lions’ den. The king spoke and said to Daniel, “Your God whom you constantly serve will Himself deliver you.” Daniel 6:16

Usually when we think about the story of Daniel and The Lions Den , we think about it literally. However what if we thought about it symbolically relating to ourselves. I’m sure there has been a time in your life, when you were thrown into the pit of despair (lions den) surrounded by demons (lions) who were looking to torment and devour you

Be of sober spirit, be on the alert. Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. 1 Peter 5:8

The apostle Peter describes Satan and his demons as lions looking to devour us. So think of yourself as a symbolic Daniel under attack by Satan himself…

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If You Can Read This…

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Here is a sample of writing from the Indus Valley Civilization, on what is presumed to be a businessman’s or a government official’s seal, or maybe it’s some kind of coupon. Because the language is unknown, the script has never been deciphered.

But who knows? Maybe you can translate it! Maybe you can find the key that unlocks a whole lost world.

A fantastic prize will be yours, if you can.

Snow Bunnies

All right, that last video was awfully short, so here’s another one. Check out these two indoor bunnies playing in the snow. What exactly are they digging for? Anybody here know how a rabbit’s mind works?

Oh, No, He Lost His Ball!

It’s snowing like mad today, no sign of letting up, and the dogs in the neighborhood are enjoying it no end. Dogs get kind of excited about things.

Watch what happens when this highly-motivated dog attempts to retrieve a snowball.


By Request, ‘My Savior’s Love’

Erlene (I pray she’s feeling better) suggested this hymn: My Savior’s Love. I hope you like this rendition by the Kingdom Quartet. And I don’t know about you, but I find these beautiful nature photos very moving. God’s handiwork reminds us, every day, that God is nigh.

Crime! Teaching Dog to be a Nazi

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But can he goose-step?

A man in Scotland, loosely described as a “YouTube comedian,” has been convicted of a hate crime… for allegedly teaching his girlfriend’s little pug dog to make a Nazi salute ( The, er, authorities called it “grossly offensive,” and have set April 23 as his sentencing date.

“Achtung, Sturmbannfuhrer Bowser! Where are those tanks I ordered?”


How ridiculous is this? Ooh! It’s a violation of the Communications Act! Government must approve all communications!

It ought to lead to some intriguing conversations among inmates of the Big House.

“So what are you in for?” asks the armed robber.

“Teaching my girlfriend’s dog to be a Nazi.”

Who are the fascists here, anyway?

The guy says it was just a joke. In poor taste, yes. But if they’re going to start jailing everybody who tells a joke that’s in poor taste, well–!

A trivial story, you might say. But crazed government grows not by leaps and bounds, but by one tiny little step after another.

Obama Legacy: War on Cigars

The thought that somewhere, somehow, someone might be happy is a real downer for anyone in government. So on his way out the door, President *Batteries Not Included had his Food and Drug Administration cook up a few hundred regulations against high-end cigars. No legislation was involved. I mean, really, legislation is so passe

As cigar magnate Rocky Patel told Tucker Carlson, “You don’t see kids sitting around the schoolyard chain-smoking premium cigars.” Brother, you don’t see me smoking premium cigars! Likening them to fine wine or single-malt scotch gives you an idea what these cigars are all about. I had a box of Don Diegos once, many years ago. Rocky’s telling it like it is.

And these stupid regulations threaten the whole industry. Maybe a lawsuit can save it. Maybe President Trump can wipe out these stupid regulation as he’s wiped out others. Maybe even Congress might venture a tiny bit of legislation–dare we hope?

Well, excuse me for the nonce (another hinky word I felt like using today). I’m going to stand out in the snow and have a cigar.


‘Where’s God?’ (2012)

All “entertainment” is a form of self-education. We soak up lessons from the TV screen. We “know” certain things because we saw them in a movie or read them in a spy novel.

One of the things I have tried to do in my Bell Mountain books is depict a world in which “religion” is real and a part of everybody’s life, one way or another. The world inhabited by television characters is about 99% uninhabited by God or by people who believe in Him.

No such world has ever existed in real life; but our secular Culture-Killers are doing their damnedest to create one.

We can call it Hell.

‘This Is My Father’s World’

This sweet old classic hymn is for everyone this morning, but especially for Phoebe, Linda, and Erlene, our sisters and fellowsoldiers: This Is My Father’s World, sung here by Fernando Ortega. Plus lovely pictures of God’s handiwork. Reminds me of the last snowy night we had, when we looked out the window to see two deer looking in.

Here We Go Again!

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We’re having another Global Warming snowstorm today, with dreadful forecasts that have closed schools, doctors’ offices, and businesses well in advance. But I ran out of dry cat food so I had to get to the supermarket as soon as I got dressed this morning.

But I missed both the dhow and the felucca, owing to my palanquin being out of service, and so had to settle for standing room on the caique. (What’s he doing? He’s using funny words because he’s feeling puckish. I mean, how often do you get to use those words all in the same sentence?)

And of course my wife looks at the cat food I bought and says it’s got the wrong ingredients. Betcha anything the whole supermarket didn’t have a single bag of cat food with the right ingredients.

Anyway, I’m back, so let’s get started…

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