One Crazy Lizard

Here’s a little green anole (you might know them as “dime-store chameleons”) who’s found his niche in the suburbs–

As an aviator.

The maker of this video tells us the lizard is on the air conditioner almost every day. Why? It looks dangerous.

By the end of the video, I think you’ll have an answer to the question.

P.S.–These are very good little lizards and can make nice pets.

We Sended ‘A’ Leter To Jobydin!!!

14 hilariously honest notes written by children

We Stoodint Soviet has wroted “A” leter To Pressadint Jobydin!!! That thare leter Up Thare it is not “the” one we sented “to” “The” Wite Hause,, i doughnt know “waht” it is dooing Up Thare!!!! But it doughnt mater! Jobydin he wil Give It “to” the Toooth Fary neckst time “he” seize her!!!!

We writed to congrajerlate himb for beeing Abel to maik a new Supreem Corte Jutstus and it wil Be a Blackk Wimmyn!!!!!!!!!! But we aslo whant to Cheeer himb on to “go” sevril steppes Farthor!!!

In adicion to Beeing a Black Wimmin,, the New Jutstus she shood aslo be a Trans Wimmin whoo Is “heer” illeagly and aslo Dis-abbled and she doughnt Speke Inglish!!!!! It is Impotent to get “as” menny Cattagorys as yiu Can “into” one parson!!!!!! Becoause thares Ownly ate (8) jujjes and Evry “Mynoritty” “t”hay mussed “be” reprezenttid”!”!”

Woodint “it be” Grate iff thare was All Mynorittys up thare and aslo evvry ware Ellse?? Nothing butt Mynorittys??? Us Interllecturals we “can” maik Shure thay sickseed In “evvry-Thing” thay doo!!!!!!!

‘Some Quick Thoughts on the Authority of Christ’ (Christian Bloggers)


Here’s a short but filling theological lunch prepared by our friend SlimJim, of the Domain for Truth blog.

Quick Thoughts on the authority of Christ in book of Matthew

What, exactly, is Christ’s authority? Who gave it to Him? How does He exercise it? And how are we to respond to it? It’s amazing how many clear answers to those questions can be found in just the Book of Matthew.

I try to promote the work of my fellow Christian bloggers. Big Tech tries to keep us down, so we need to help each other. If you have a Christian blog and would like me to display some of your work here, please let me know.

Schumer Warns GOP to Go Easy on Biden Court Pick

DACA, Dreamers and Little Chuckie Schumer - Victory Girls Blog

Go ahead… tell me this is not a pretentious clown.

I read this nooze story yesterday, after I’d stopped posting for the day–and waddaya know? The story is nowhere to be found today.

I think in journalism class the lesson is called Burying News That Makes Democrats Look Like Swine.

So… Steverino Breyer is retiring from the Supreme Court (it seems they made that decision for him) and SloJo gets to nominate his replacement. And Sen. Chuck Schumer, head of the horses’ ass committee, has warned Republican senators to go easy on Biden’s nominee, or else.

Good grief. This raises hypocrisy to a whole new level, higher (or lower!) than anyone would have imagined possible.

Remember, uh, Brett Kavanagh–one of Donald Trump’s nominees? Remember what the Senate Democrats did to him? “He raped me at a party somewhere, I think it was forty years ago, I don’t remember where…” They only stopped short of shooting him. Accused of everything but cattle-rustling. As he took the oath of office, leftist wackos hammered on the door, trying to break in.

Schumer’s stooges, all of them.

We have already been told, by the (oh, boy) “president,” that the new Supreme Court justice must be, above any and every other consideration, a black woman. (I don’t capitalize the B-word because I try not to be a suck-up.) Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t pick Supreme Court justices on the basis of skin-deep external characteristics? And maybe it’s just me thinking so… but how is this not demeaning to black women–to say nothing of making appointment to SCOTUS an exercise in frivolity?

But what the heck, the story’s gone, they made it disappear, they can easily deny it.

And they will.

Justice and Poobah Don’t Mix

Top 10 Songs About Imaginary Creatures

Imaginary monster! Like Gun Violence

As the violent crime rate shoots through the ceiling in one Democrat city after another, the politicians–was it always such a shameful thing to be?–are beating the drum about “Gun Violence.” Gotta do somethin’ about Gun Violence!

This is ca-ca. There is no such real thing as Gun Violence. Gun Violence is an abstraction. The only reason to speak of it as a real thing is to try to deceive whoever might be listening.

No one has ever been or ever will be killed by Gun Violence. No: you get killed by violent criminals who use guns to commit crimes. The criminals are not abstractions; they are real. And they’re having a high old time lately because Democrat politicians, who run the blue cities and the blue states, turn them loose on little or no bail–just as if they hadn’t a care in the world about these villains committing more crimes, hurting innocent people.

We do not know why Democrat officials do this. By some weird political alchemy, they transmute a three-time rapist into a… “victim.”

What do you suppose would happen to the crime rate if murderers and rapists were promptly put to death, after conviction, and other felons got thrown into prison for a very long time? Not that Democrat politicians would ever allow it. They have to be smashed first before we can effectively protect ourselves from predators.

‘Dems Say the Darnedest Things’ (2015)

Woman Riding Circus Elephant, Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus,  Chicago

So Mary and Joseph were Democrats. We know that because they rode a donkey into Jerusalem. If they’d been Republicans, they would have rented an elephant.

That was the argument in 2015.

Dems Say the Darnedest Things

Don’t you love it when leftids bloviate about Christianity? But it’s not just politicians (they’re hopeless). You can hear this twaddle in any liberal church.

By Request, ‘In the Sweet By and By’

There are so many lovely versions of this hymn: here’s one by Nat King Cole, backed up by the First Church of Deliverance choir.

Requested by Erlene, In the Sweet By and By.

(And the hymn shop is now open.)

Stranded Kitty

You’d think if the cat could climb up to the highest shelf, she could also get down.

Peep and Robbie, when they were kittens, by some unwitnessed magic used to climb up to the top of the refrigerator. We never saw how they did it. And of course Peep was almost killed when she got inside the box with my ice cream machine and brought it crashing to the floor. She emerged unscathed.

By Request, ‘On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand’

Wow, this is beautiful! Thanks to SlimJim for requesting it–On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand, performed a capella by the Allen Family.

I try to post all your hymn requests, so keep ’em coming. I can always hold one or two of them for the next day.

Our Borders? What Borders?

Biden secretly flying underage migrants into NY in dead of night

Midnight jetliner flights that you pay for–in more ways than one.

Driving home from the vet’s, listening to the radio: gee, somebody has leaked footage of the Biden mob secretly transporting illegal alien invaders all over the country–first via “secret charter flights,” and then by bus (

Yeah, it’s true. *Sigh* Some two million of ’em so far.

What we don’t know is why they’re doing this to us. They wouldn’t be doing it secretly unless they knew it was wrong and that the American people would be angered by it. Meanwhile, they’re out there rattling the sabers–like, after Afghanistan, anyone is gonna be afraid of us–over Russian threats to violate Ukraine’s borders. Ask Putin if we scare him.

But why do they want our borders violated? And it’s all paid for with our tax dollars.

I’m beginning to wonder if Joe Biden has ever in his life been involved in anything that isn’t crooked.