Weird! Biden’s Rented Cars… Explode

A tow truck pulls away one of the vehicles rented by the Secret Service to protect President Biden in Nantucket.

Your tax dollars at work

How weird is this?

The Biden family rents five cars–all from Hertz, but all different models–for its posh Thanksgiving vacation on Nantucket, parks ’em in the airport parking lot… and ka-boom! They all go up in smoke and flame. All at the same time (

The White House says the cause of the explosions is unknown.

I’m assuming–sources don’t say, so I have no evidence for this–that all five were electric cars. Hmmm… Haven’t we heard that the batteries in electric cars, in addition to being insanely expensive, can also be, well, dangerous? Prone to explode suddenly, for instance.

Did someone arrange for those cars to blow up? Just askin’.

Meanwhile, electric scooters have been exploding and bursting into flames all over the world ( The cause of those explosions is believed to involve lithium-ion batteries made in China.

Maybe it was a bolt from Above.

Editor’s Note: See? We’ve been here before, with the exploding hoverboards ( Lithium batteries turned out to be the culprit. Just like the batteries in electric cars. P.S.–And don’t forget those mysteriously exploding U.S. Mail trucks from a few years ago.

Christians Now a Minority in England, Wales

Weep for Britain: she has lost her soul.

If that’s too much, well, sorry! It’s the mother country. As an American, I’ll always feel an attachment to Britain–even if they were the bad guys in 1812.

This year, for the first time ever, the Office for National Statistics reported Christians in the minority in England and Wales–46.2 percent, down 13.1 percent from 2011 ( That’s an awful lot of ground to lose, in just ten years between surveys.

Cradle of saints! David, Aaron, Julius, Kentigern, Bede, Augustine of Canterbury–it would take all day to list them all.

Even the massive importation of Muslims can’t fully account for the numbers.

Second on the list, the No. 2 spot, went to “No Religion,” at 37.2 percent. In fact, all “religions” increased their numbers except for Christianity.

There are reasons for this change. There have to be reasons for it. Meanwhile, although they bear the title “Defender of the Faith,” British royals have left us in doubt as to what faith they mean to defend, if any.

It’s an evil age in a fallen world; and we pray, “God defend us!”

Disney Satan ‘Joke’ Falls Flat

Disney Corp is saying it was just a joke… but the public isn’t laughing.

In an alleged “Christmas special”–somebody really ought to be struck by lightning–called “The Santa Clauses,” children hold up letters that spell out “We love you, Satan” (

They say it was their little joke, kids were supposed to say “Santa” but they got it wrong, tee-hee.

Hey, groomers–coming from you, it isn’t funny. Coming from you, we have a hard time believing it’s a joke.

No, these people aren’t funny.

‘”Science” and “Diversity”–Oh, Boy!’

See the source image

Happy little robots all!

By cracky, they’ll preach “diversity” at you till the cows come home; but heaven forbid they ever practice it.

‘Science’ and ‘Diversity’–Oh, Boy!

I mean, their motto ought to be “To think is to group-think.” You’ll find more individuality in an ant-hill. And they’re supposed to be “science” willies. I don’t know what they mean by “science.” Maybe it’s “whatever everybody thinks” at the moment.

Just try to inject some “diversity” into any academic milieu and see what happens. Be prepared to duck.

By Request, ‘Adeste Fideles’ (Pavarotti)

Would you believe I learned this hymn in school? In third grade. In Latin, no less!

Requested by Phoebe: Adeste Fideles, sung by Luciano Pavarotti in 1978 at Notre Dame Cathedral, Montreal. Watch close: you may catch him fighting off a tear.

By Request, ‘Adeste Fideles’ (Nat King Cole)

Ina, you asked for Adeste Fideles by Nat King Cole, and here it is! We know there were prombles with O Come All Ye Faithful yesterday. Hopefully this video can be viewed in Scotland at the Philippines.

(I’d love to hear that whole album…)

Whose Chair Is It, Anyway?

Two guinea pigs, one cat, and one comfy chair with room for all three of them–and watch the one guinea pig set about bothering the cat. The other’s not interested.

Is this a guinea pig death-wish? Nah. It’s just domestication. Just a peaceable kingdom in your living room.

Global Contest: ‘Name The Virus’

A Biden Moment - The New York Times

If they can’t call it monkey pox, how about “Biden Pox”?

They may not be able to cure it, they may not be able to stop its spread; but boy howdy, they’re scrambling all over to find a new name for monkey pox (

The current name for the virus, frantic liberals say, is “steeped in racism” and “discriminatory and stigmatizing” to… to “ethnic people.” (Honk if you know any people who are not ethnic.) They want to “avoid causing offense” to anyone, anywhere.

This is a golden opportunity to bring the world together in a “Name the Virus” contest!

Anyone can enter–and you can do it here, while we’re waiting for the World Health Organization to set up a website and decide on what kind of prize to offer. (How about a bicycle?) All you have to do is invent a catchy name that won’t offend anyone on the planet.

No f-bombs, please. I’ll have to delete those.

Chinese Protest–Without Words

Vigil commemorating victims of a fire in Urumqi, in Beijing

Can’t censor blank sheets of paper, can you, comrade?

In what the Reuters news agency called a “widespread outpouring” of public protest, Chinese objecting to perpetual lockdowns–a feature of China’s “zero COVID” policy–are displaying blank sheets of paper (

“The white paper represent(s) everything we want to say but cannot say,” a protester told Western reporters. The protests have been especially “widespread” in major cities like Beijing and Nanjing. The blank sheets of paper, of course, are an attempt to defeat censorship and repression.

The images of the protests bring to mind those we saw during the collapse of the Soviet Union. It would be a good thing for the whole world if China’s communist tyranny drowned in its own COVID policies and was replaced by… liberty! That was Sun Yat-sen’s dream, over 100 years ago. We pray in Jesus’ name that at long last the people of China gain their liberty.

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

David Horowitz, once upon a time a rug-chewing leftid, but now sane, has compiled a list of “The 20 Dumbest Hollywood Hatemongers.” You can probably guess who’s on the list. Hint: the No. 1 Babbling Idiot is Robert DeNiro.

One little thing jumped out at me. Except for only two, everybody on the list is over 60. One’s in his 50s and the other’s 49 (Alyssa Milano).

Isn’t that odd? Why are these Far Left crackpots so old? Aren’t you supposed to grow out of this stupid stuff as you grow older?

The authors have provided an abundance of quotes from Hollywood leftids. Life is too short to reproduce them here. Suffice it to say that these rich, elite dindles are unable to express themselves without profanity and childish threats of violence aimed at everyone who doesn’t bow down and worship them.

Gee, where are the 25-year-old airheads, the next generation of Far Left Crazy? Oh–public education’s not yet done creating them?

I do watch a lot of movies, but I have to say I’ve seen almost none of them mentioned in this booklet, the product of the 20 nitwits who starred in them. Is that why they’re so bitter (and that’s way understating it)? Is that why they hate us, and hate America, so scorchingly? There’s a lot of crazy talk among the oldsters who populate this book.

You can obtain a copy for $3 from , or phone 800-752-6562.

Warning: It might put you off movies.