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(Worships the creation, not the Creator)

So far, the biggest dope in America today is Michael Moore, who says President Donald Trump has actually caused “the extinction of human life on earth” by signing an executive order to undo some of President *Batteries Not Included’s Climbit Change regulations ( ).

Moore warned darkly that The Planet itself–it seems he views it as a kind of deity–is “paying attention” to current events and will take action on its own to get rid of a species–mankind–that’s “hell-bent on destroying Earth.”

President Trump said his executive order gets rid of bad, unnecessary, job-killing regulations and puts an end to the previous administration’s “war on coal.”

Moore calls upon his fellow left-wing nitwits to “resist.” You know–like Trump’s the Nazis and they’re the French Resistance, bravely singing La Marseilles as they face the SS firing squad… Oh, please.

But don’t worry, Michael. Some other idol-worshiping left-wing pagan is sure to come along and be a bigger dope than you.

‘Glory in the Highest’

This is Glory in the Highest, sung by the combined choirs of four Norther Scottish Episcopal cathedrals. I hope you don’t mind a bit of high church!

Folks, I can’t read your minds, so the only way I’ll know what hymns you want me to post is if you tell me. The hymn shop is always open to requests.

Guess Who’s on the Trampoline

Backyard trampolines aren’t really designed for anything quite this big–but try telling that to this bison. I wonder what he thought it was. Do you want to ask him, or shall I?

Wahoo! Comment Contest Time

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I almost forgot to announce the new comment contest today: nothing like a bit of Swedish feminism to unsettle one’s plans.

Whoever posts Comment No. 13,000 to this blog will win an autographed copy of one of my books–and we’re already at No. 12,800 and change, so we don’t have far to go. The winning comment can be on any subject and may be addressed to any item posted on this blog. Don’t worry, I’ll find it.

Ineligible will be comments abusive to anyone else on this blog, any comments featuring profanity or blasphemy, any that are really just thinly disguised commercials, and any that are really just too inane to bother with. Apart from those, pretty much anything goes. Someone (she knows who she is!) once won one of these contests just by saying “Ugh.” Not that I’m encouraging such brevity.

I’ve lost count of how many of these contests we’ve had, which probably means something good.

A New Phone Scam

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So my wife answered the phone this morning and it was a computer-generated robot voice saying that “The federal government has filed a lawsuit against you…”

Ooh, that sounds scary! Would that be the whole federal government, collectively, suing us, or just some part of it? The robot didn’t say. IRS, Dept. of Defense, Homeland Security, NASA, Dept. of Agriculture–you could spend all day listing them, and still not finish. Oh, the suspense! Which agency of the federal government is gunning for us?

Not to worry, though. The robot said all we had to do was call this number which, as a reasonably moral individual, I will not reproduce here. Yup, just call this here number and everything’ll be hunky-dory, we’ll walk you through it… just as soon as you give us a little information…

How stupid do you have to be, to fall for this? Never mind, don’t tell me.

Somebody just explain to me again why it’s so bad to teach our children the Ten Commandments.

Sweden: Crazier than America

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The country that proudly bills itself as having “the world’s first feminist government” has made it mandatory for students at all its universities to take courses in “men’s violence against women” ( ).

Daft old Sweden, where last winter a new “feminist snow removal” policy left the capital, Stockholm, choked with snow and all but impassable, now has an “equalities minister” in the cabinet and indulges in “state-directed changes to higher education.”

By the way, women initiating violence against men–which Swedish sociologists now say happens more often than the other way around (surprised?)–seems to be okay with the feminist government. At least no one’s mentioning it.

For some reason not accessible to any sane mind, Sweden’s feminist government appears to have no problem at all with the country becoming the rape capital of the Western world. Do you want to guess how that happened? Could it possibly, conceivably, have anything at all to do with the mass importation of young, able-bodied, unemployed Muslim males who think it’s virtuous to rape infidel women? I mean, that’s just my wild guess: certainly the feminist government has turned a blind eye to it.

I wonder why the leaders of Western Europe seem bent on national suicide. You’d swear they hate their own countries and want to scuff them out of existence as soon as possible.

But then they don’t call it the Stockholm Syndrome for nothing, do they?

Now It’s the Sneakers

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You can’t sit down to dinner in a posh restaurant anymore without some Democrat screeching at you, and now you can’t watch a basketball game anymore, either, without getting clubbed over the head with a left-wing political message.

Racist filmmaker Spike Lee, aided and abetted by Nike, has introduced a new line of “anti-Trump sneakers”–does he really need the money?–decorated with the left-wing loon messages “Resist” and “Repel Agent Orange” ( ). Ain’t that clever? And a friend of mine has already seen them worn in one of the March Madness collidge basketball games that I never watch unless I’m in a fancy restaurant paying $18 for a salad.

I don’t think I’ll be buying any Nike products for a while.

Once more it becomes necessary to declare that race hustling, stirring up strife among people who would otherwise be at peace with one another, is a sin. It is also meat and drink to the Democrat Party: without racial animosities, it could not remain in being.

These numbskulls fancy themselves as akin to the French Resistance against the Nazis during World War II. But there is a difference between brave men and women prepared to sacrifice their lives for their country, and a passel of self-important halfwits painting slogans on their sneakers.

I don’t believe it’s possible anymore to be a Christian and a left-winger–if indeed it was ever possible.

CORRECTION: My friend did not see the “Resist” sneaker worn during the game; what she saw was the commercial. She hastens to add that she does not watch March Madness, but is exposed to it. I know the feeling.

P.S.–I’m back to having Facebook problems. Please share one or more of my posts today on Facebook, so I can see what happens if you do. *sigh*


‘Blow, Thou Cleansing Wind from Heaven’

When I saw the title of this hymn, I had to have it! Blow, Thou Cleansing Wind from Heaven–what can we say to that, but “Amen!” Sung by the combined choirs of four Northern Scottish Episcopal cathedrals, this is our beloved Welsh melody, Hyfrydol, with yet another set of lyrics.

If you can’t make out the words as sung, here they are:

Cat Joie de Vivre

This kitten’s name is Pikachu, which is Middle Hittite for “who %$#@#ed with my curtains!?” Seriously, though–well, actually this is not the best opportunity to be serious. Let’s just have fun. Cats know that much!

Now That’s a Question!

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This just popped back into my head after many years’ absence: the most annoying question I’ve ever been asked as a writer.

No, it’s not “How long did it take you to write it?” Everybody asks that. I don’t know why, but they do.

When, after much difficulty, my very first novel was published in 1986, one of my next-door neighbors, with a happy smile on his face, asked me this:

“So when’s it going to be a TV movie?”

Perish the thought that he would buy the book and read it, or even go to see the movie if they made a movie of it. He wanted it on TV. Cheap, cheap, cheap.

One thing I’ve learned over the years: people who see you every day, and talk to you, hardly ever want to read your books. And I don’t know why.

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