Video Treat: Cats Bothering Dogs

Clearly none of these cats has ever heard, “Let sleeping dogs lie.”

Isn’t it amazing, what dogs will put up with?

I Gett A Nise Supprise!

Image result for images of man getting dizzy

Wel thare i was cellabratin Hillery she “is” eleckted Pressadint and i Was spinnin my selff al aruond evan thohg it make My antenners on my four head kind of sore and my prefesser he come along and he sayes I bean dum and stopid becose “the” Elecktion it is nott untill Novvembre!!

And i sayed “So” whatt??? novvembre its onely next month! and He sayed “now yuo” bean reely stopid, lo0kit this hear colander, thare “is stil” threee months to go befour its novvembre and he poyntid to them one two three, Auggest sepptembre and aslo Octrober, and that it make me madd so i was thinkin of fyling a Complate aginst he doin a Micro Gresion on me,

So I sayed “so what” aggain, “watt abuot” Alice who Used to be Biff, he havent evan got “his” wee-wee choped off and he sayes he “is” now a wimmin and “we al got” To say he reely is a Wimmin! or elsse we just be biggits makin hat speeech, “So how come” it “is” not novvembre Iff i say its novvembre, huh???”

And then Yiu know “waht”? my prefesser he smyled at me and he sayed “i am” so prowed of yiu! becose now yiu begining to unnerstand waht yuor Eddicatoin it is alll abuot!!! “and” so I am goin to gifve yiu Exter Creddit for that!!! becose yiu reely on yuor weigh now to bein a Reel Interllectural!

Wel yiu culd of nocked me Over “with” A fetther i was so hapy becose i kneeded that Exter Creddit for my Gender Studdies becose my greyds thay wasnt so hot. Aslo he give “me” a nise pare of Jim Sox to eet for my lunch! and aftar he “lefft” i was stil so hapy that i spinned my self Aruond “and” aruond some Moar, it make me Dizzy witch is a lot like “gettin” High onely it is cheeper!!!

Sneak Preview: ‘The Throne’

No. 8, The Temple

Okay, I have permission; so here’s the cover blurb for The Throne, Book No. 9 of my Bell Mountain series. Most of the editing is finished, we’re waiting for the cover art by Kirk DouPonce, and I hope we can get it published in time for Christmas. But first, the blurb:

The Thunder King has been destroyed–or has he actually reappeared in Obann’s greatest city, to claim it as his prey?

In city and in forest, the boy king’s loyal servants struggle to preserve his throne. But it will be a long journey home for King Ryons and his army, while ambitious and unfaithful men scheme to take away his kingdom.

Nothing in the city of Obann is what it seems to be. Evil masquerades as good, while good must hide behind a semblance of evil. The king’s chief spy poses as the usurper’s trusted adviser–but will he be able to find the help he needs to mount a successful resistance?

For God has chosen Ryons to be king, and Ryons’ people must find friends in unexpected places.

Join the heroes of Bell Mountain as they fight for Ryons’ kingdom!

So there you have it, and I hope it makes you want to read the book when it comes out. And if you’re interested, but haven’t read any of these books yet, start with No. 1, Bell Mountain.


‘Yes, I Know’

Here’s a wonderful old hymn I’d never heard before today: Yes, I Know.

Nathan and Lyle and family members–I’d love to give their names, but I haven’t yet been able to find them–perform this in a rather complicated arrangement: and it’s great!

Special Treat: A Slightly Weird Commercial

For those of you who missed out on 1950s TV because you weren’t born yet, Wagon Train was one of the hit series of the era. And here are the three stars of the show, still in character, doing a car commercial (Ward Bond, Frank McGrath, Terry Wilson).

I find something pleasantly weird about this commercial, although I’ll be dashed if I can tell you what it is.

Sanity Break: Your Cats’ Jobs

All right, I’ve had enough of the news today. Time for a cat video. These help to keep my head from exploding.

Here are some of the useful things your cats do around the home. It should be added that cats are also masters of the art of making things disappear. Like pens, chessmen, or anything else small enough to bat under the bookcase where you’ll never see it again.

The Clintons’ Wonderful Marriage (Are They Kidding?)

Image result for images of bill clinton chasing women

As if it were not preposterous enough for our–ugh!–president to call Hillary Clinton “the most qualified person” ever to run for president…

As if it weren’t enough of a whopper to describe the former chief of the Bimbo Eruption team as the protector and champion of sexually harassed women (except, of course, for the ones her husband harassed: they had to be destroyed)…

At least Bill Cosby never had a wife who ran interference for him.

Now the kooks at Cosmopolitan magazine have described Bill and Hillary Clinton as “good marriage role models.” ( )


Do they think we’ve all been in hibernation for the past 20 years? Bill Clinton has cheated on Hillary–and gotten caught doing it!–innumerable times. And she has turned a blind eye to it because he is the basis of her political ambitions. Nor have we forgotten her efforts to trash the women that her husband cheated with, or simply pursued whether they wished it or not: more than a few of those.

What would possess anyone to call this aging satyr and his power-hungry, money-hungry mate “good marriage role models”?

I pray every day that the Lord in His mercy will not let my country fall into Hillary Clinton’s hot little hands.

A Creationist Cleans House

Image result for images of evolution chart

A famous image–but none the less false for all that

Dr. Jonathan Sarfati is a Ph.D. in chemistry and a former chess champion of New Zealand. But he’s got to be just a big dope because he doesn’t believe in Evilution–right?

Read this article he wrote on the practical feasibility of Noah’s Ark, and then go on to read all the comments below it ( ). With all the Darwin crowd nipping at his ankles, watch him slice and dice them till there’s nothing left of their position–all without any name-calling.

Sarfati dusts off one of them so thoroughly that the poor schlub is reduced to demanding to know if Sarfati believes a sorceress should be put to death, as prescribed in the Old Testament. What bearing that has on a discussion over whether Evilution is fact or fantasy is anybody’s guess. But it usually crops up as a sign of desperation.

P.S.–Yes, I do know how to spell “evolution.” But as politics masquerading as science, I think “evilution” more appropriate.

Another Thing of Beauty Bites the Dust

Image result for images of big old tree with ivy

We had a bad storm a few nights ago, and a huge branch fell off a tree and crushed the roof of a car in the parking lot next door.

So they sawed the whole thing down yesterday. Not a trace of it remains.

Why do branches fall off trees that are still alive and healthy? Because they keep growing until they’re too big, and too heavy, and growing at a disadvantageous angle, to resist the pull of gravity. This happens naturally. We don’t want our cars or ourselves to be crushed under a 700-pound branch that suddenly comes crashing down, so it behooves us to take care of the trees around us.

They could have sawed off the big branches most likely to break off, but they got rid of the entire tree.

I grieve for that! This was a venerable, ancient tree, still going strong, and had a great trunk (like the tree in the picture above) that looked like a number of smaller trunks had been marvelously welded together. It wore necklaces of ivy and a soft gown of moss. It was beautiful, there was no other tree like it around here, and now it’s gone as if it had never been. As if we’d dreamed it.

Libs ‘n’ progs never stop yakking about “respecting the environment” and Saving The Planet by taking away your air conditioner. Well, I live in a town that has been uninterruptedly ruled by the likes of them since Watergate, and for all their lip service to the environment, they have waged constant war against the natural world. They have trashed this town but good! They want to pave over everything and put up housing projects.

Please! When Democrats shed crocodile tears for the natural world, and blather on about how more restrictions need to be imposed on the common people (but not themselves) in order to Protect The Environment–please, please don’t believe them!

Because they do not mean a single word of it. And if you don’t believe me, drive through New Jersey sometime and see what they’ve done to it.

What! A quiet little cove where horseshoe crabs gather to mate under the light of the full moon, as they’ve doing since the dawn of time? Aaarght! Fill it in! Pave it over!

And so on.

By Request, ‘Revelation Song’

Wow, Linda! Thanks for requesting this one. I think we want to turn up the volume on Revelation Song.

But I’m not the only one feels this song. See this comment from the youtube page:

“I’m an Atheist but this song makes me think, ’cause this one tugs something inside me.”

Let’s pray for this guy to come on board and be our brother. The Holy Spirit has stretched out His hand to him.


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