Funny Animal Friendships

We love to watch animals playing together, don’t we? Some of the combinations in this video, you never would’ve thought of. Bear and tiger rubbing faces–not something you see every day. I guess the closest I’ve come to seeing this in real life was my iguana napping on the bed, cuddled up with his two friends–the schnauzer and the big black cat.

What Do the Schools Have to Do, to Flame You Off?

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This nooze is bad enough without an illustration. Here are some meerkats instead.

Is it even possible, anymore, for public education to come up with an outrage that’ll make parents angry enough to pull their children out? I’m beginning to wonder.

The Madison, Wisconsin, Metro School District is being sued by a group of parents objecting to its new “gender policy”–which is to “affirm” and encourage children to “change their gender” without their parents’ knowledge or consent. The school will “help” kids do that without notifying their parents (

What do they have to do to alienate you, people? Is there any line that you won’t let them cross? Except for those who are suing the school district, are the rest of you just cool with this?

So, yeah, the unionized Far Left teachers will fill the kiddies’ minds with all sorts of commercials for “transgender,” let them change their names, use the funky pronouns–and all with the parents cut out of the loop.

Why in the world is this tolerated? Not only evil, but insane. Boys can not turn into girls. Girls can not turn into boys. It’s all make-believe.

And they’re getting away with it. They’re swinging a wrecking ball at our society, and getting away with it.

Someday it’ll be too late to move the children into Christian schooling or homeschooling, where they’ll be safe from being experimented on by wicked lunatics and off-the-wall revolutionaries. At some point or other, the cultural damage will be irreparable.

How badly do you want to get there?

Themb %$#$@ Russhins Aggen!!!

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Wel i amb reely Up-set!!! Wood yiu “beleave” “It”?? Themb Russhins thay riggeded “the” Last Elecktoin and nhow thay riggeded the Twentytwenty 2020 Elecktoin neckst yeer and we hasnt evin hadded It yett!!!!!! i hered it on TV!!!

Thay has all-reddy ficksed It “so” Donold Trumpt he getts Elecktid aggen!!! its in the news!! This hear it “is” jist Tearable!!!!!

I has a theery that themb Russhins thay “are” alll Ovar “the” Plaice and thay Intrafear whith Evry Thing!!!!!Mite as welll not evin has The Elecktoin!! And aslo thoze Russhins thay busst it “up” Evry Time i Assk somb Czick four a Dayt!!!!!and aslo thay intrafeared whith “my” Examb and maid me Flunck!!!!!!!!

I dont undrastanned it!!! The Russhins thay wher Goood wen thay usedta be Combunits but as sooon as thay gote Ridd “of” the Hamer And Siccle thay wented Bad!!! It “is” jist like In Restling wen al Of “a” suddan a good gye Restler he gose Bad!!!! Yiu cann lern “a lott” bye Waching Restling!!!

Wel “the” Ownle Thing wee Can “do”,, this hear it “is” watt we de-sided tooday “in” the Stodent Soviet,, wee whil jist Has to Has the Twennytwenny 2020 Elecktoin NHOW, this yeer instedd “of” Neckst yeer and then maby themb Russhins thay woont “be” Reddy to Stop Hillery oar Burny oar “the” Otther Goood  Candydaits,, wee cood “Reely” sapprize themb iff we has “the” Elecktoin twomarrow!!!!!! Jist get “up” in the mourning and Has It!!! And aslo let ownle peple whoo is “in” Collidge voat!!!!!!

and iff That dont whork wee shood Nook themb!!!!!!!!!!

What Really Happened?

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Thucydides, perhaps the greatest historian of them all, admitted to his readers that, try as he had tried, he’d found it impossible to learn and report what really happened. And he was talking about the Peloponnesian War, in which he served as a general. He even caught the plague. And after the war he traveled all over Greece, interviewing people who’d participated in the war.

And his conclusion: “I’ve done the best I could.” But people’s memories play tricks on them, people lie and then forget they’re lying–and, well, history is hard.

I’ve read a lot about that last Democrat “debate,” and that’s what brought old Thucydides so vividly to mind.

Here we had a widely televised event. Millions of people saw and heard exactly the same thing. At the same time.

And yet the reporting of the event has run the gamut from “A total disaster for Bloomberg–he’s finished!” to “masterful performance by a great candidate!” And all points in between. Good luck, Thucydides, trying to find out what really happened.

What the various reporters and commentators said had very much to do with what they wanted their audience to think. With what agenda they were pushing. It would be nice if we could rely on our free and independent press for honest, accurate, fair, unbiased news reporting. [Allow three full minutes for a storm of sardonic belly-laughs] But that would be like relying on things to fall up instead of down.

The ones who stayed neutral for a while were waiting for their checks to clear.

One thing we can rely on is the certainty that the Democrats are not our friends. Under no circumstances should we vote for one of them. Ever.

I don’t care how they try to package Bloomberg. He’s got that “D” after his name, and really, that’s all I need to know.


Actually, I Am Here

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Byron, you were supposed to schedule that post for Tuesday morning, not today. I’m sure I gave you very clear instructions. Now you’ve messed up the whole thing.

And what’s this about a prize with no contest? Whoever gave you that idea?

*Sigh* Let’s see what I can salvage of this blogging day…

Lee’s Not Here

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G’day! Byron the Quokka here–and I’m in charge!

Well, at least while Lee takes Peep the Cat to the vet. But they might keep him there for hours–so, come on, let’s do stuff!

Ooooh! If only I was ready! He kinda sprung this on me by surprise. I didn’t have time to think up a new contest or anything.

The prize is a bicycle tour of Rottnest Island, guided by me; but I don’t know what you have to do, to win it. Somebody think of something! It’s gotta be something we haven’t done before, though. I have been warned about too many comment contests.

I’ve got the prize, folks! Has anybody got the contest?

‘When Elisha Saw God’s Army’ (2018)

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Actually, it wasn’t Elisha who needed to see God’s army; he knew it was there. It was the servant who needed to see the fiery chariots (2 Kings 6: 17-18).

What we see today is Far Left Crazy on the attack, everywhere you look–with immensely rich and powerful people trying to set up a global government so they can be even more rich and powerful. And who can stop them?

God will stop him. As our friend “Thewhiterabbit” said, those angels are still on duty.

Even though we can’t see them.

‘Just as I Am, Without One Plea’

I think I might have posted this not so long ago, but its message bears repeating. We worry about being good enough. No need: Christ takes us as we are, and makes us good enough. Just as I Am, Without One Plea, by Charlotte Elliott in 1835; sung by the Antrim Mennonite Choir.

The Cockatoo from Hell (and other offenders)

I don’t say my cats are paragons, but Robbie and Peep would never, ever do any of the things depicted in these videos. We give them cardboard boxes to shred into confetti, and they seem content with that.

But oh! the cups and straws and toilet paper, and mail, and pages from a magazine–all over the place! They’ll be clamoring for free college next…

UK’s National Health: If Your Mind’s Not Right, You Get No Care

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Paging Dr. Lecter, Dr. Lecter to Ward 6…

I wasn’t going to write anything more today, I really need to read The Wind from Heaven and patch up any errors in it–but this I have to write about.

The UK’s National Health System–socialized medicine, idolized by America’s Democrats–has new rules now that allow hospital staff to withhold medical care from patients who are “racist, sexist, or homophobic” (, Sky News has reported.

Supposedly this applies a) only to “non-emergency care” and b) to patients who assault, or threaten to assault, hospital staff. But they give away the game when they reveal that patients’ “remarks” are to be equated with “violence.” So again we have leftids redefining “violence” to cover anything said that they, the leftids, might find objectionable.

So here’s the problem. They–government employees–get to decide which “remarks” are dangerous. They also get to decide what would be “non-emergency” and what wouldn’t.

Is it hard to imagine that some patient, who carelessly lets it slip that he, say, voted for Brexit, who comes into the hospital writhing in pain from a broken leg, will be neglected because Hard Left staff decide a broken leg is “non-emergency” and anyway he deserves it, no-good racist that he is? That’s, like, never gonna happen?

This is why the powers of government must be strictly limited, and government kept O-U-T of matters, like health care, that don’t concern them. But of course when you have socialism, everything concerns the government. That would include medical care, who gets it and who doesn’t, as well as a patient’s personal beliefs.

As sure as night follows day, this sort of thing will happen here if Democrats succeed in importing an NHS-type health care regime to America. These are people who really do believe you ought to suffer if your mind’s not right.

Heaven help us if we fail to crush them in November.

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