A Hideous Torture

It’s 5 a.m. and you’re asleep. Well, you were asleep–until your cat decided that was enough sleep for you. And what cruel and ingenious, but very simple, method has he concocted, to force you out of bed? Is there no limit to the torments a feline mind can conceive?

Oh, yes, they have minds, all right. Never, never doubt it.

Memory Lane: A Sound of Summer, 1960

This was one of those things that just pop into my head for no reason: the old Ballantine Beer jingle, vintage 1960–from an ad on the Jean Shepherd show, no less.

I was too young to stay up and listen to Jean Shepherd. For us kids, “Hey, getcha cold beer!” meant New York Yankees baseball broadcasts. The Giants and Dodgers had deserted us, and there were no Mets yet, so it was Yankees all summer long. Brought to you by Gillette Razor Blades (“You’ll look sharp, and you’ll feel sharp, too!”) and Ballantine, brewed right here in New Jersey. Mel Allen in the broadcast booth, saying “How about that!” And it was mostly day games, back them.

And also in the daytime, the crack of the bat from the athletic field next door, where some of the guys on the high school baseball team would get together for a pick-up game. On rare occasions, they would allow some of us 11-year-olds to play with them. Oh, paradise! I hit a home run once, in one of those games: I’ll never forget it.

I wasn’t old enough to drink beer, but for some reason I really dug those Ballantine commercials. No school, play all day long, clip baseball cards to our bikes so they’d rub against the spokes and sound like a motor–yeah: it was good.

Another Sleazy Book I Won’t Review

Image result for images of self-worship

All week long I’m peppered by publicists with invitations to review their clients’ latest books. And some of them–oy, have they got a wrong number!

This week’s offer is a novel about polygamy, touted as “Fifty Shades of Grey for men.” In case you missed it, that aforementioned book was a celebration of sadomasochism. I don’t propose to give the title or the name of the author of this current book–no free publicity for you, sunshine. Besides, it’s only one example plucked out of a multitude.

The publicist enthused about “the protagonist’s quest for the holy grail of sexual fulfillment”–translation: fornication with a lot of different women whenever he pleases–and  called it “an enchanting tale of personal development and fulfillment.” They’re big on fulfillment. I think it means gratification of lust.

Does this sound like narcissistic self-worship to you? Sure does to me.

Why do I even mention it?

Because “entertainment” in all its forms, including dirty novels, is self-education, with the popular culture as the classroom. And nothing we can accomplish in politics or economics will be of any use to us as long as we continue to let our culture disintegrate into pure moral imbecility. A degenerate people will not produce decent leaders or decent public policy.

Kill the culture, and the culture will kill you back.

The Galloping Felon Party

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My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth. (Psalm 121:2)

Our help had better come from the Lord: this job is way too big for us.

Robert Knight has written a brief expose of the ACLU’s efforts to swing local elections (with Philadelphia being Ground Zero for the project) by harnessing convicted felons to canvass for Democrat votes ( https://townhall.com/columnists/robertknight/2017/05/23/the-aclus-excon-army-n2330448). Must be nice to have a convicted murderer ringing your doorbell on behalf of some left-wing candidate for prosecutor.

Money is pouring in from George Soros (of course). And get this. They call it the “Campaign for Smart Justice.” There are two words you should be afraid of when liberals invoke them, and they are both in that title: “smart” and “justice.” Trust liberals to give “justice” a bad name.

You’d think Democrats would be ashamed for their party to become known as the galloping felon party; but liberals are incapable of feeling shame. They are eager to mobilize an army of ex-cons: and, as one observer remarked, although it would clearly be against the law to do so, not much would stop them from wheeling the voting machines into the prison and allowing jailed felons to cast ballots.

The corruption is as deep as the sea and as high as the Himalayas. It wells out from the sinful human heart, stirred up by Satan. With its ceaseless promises of free stuff, social justice (whatever that is), and lots of fornication and never any adverse consequences, humanist liberalism is the welcome mat on the doorstep of Hell.

Only the sovereign power of God can and will defeat it: Our Lord Jesus Christ, on the cross, already has defeated it.

But it has pleased God to invite us to serve Him. We must not let the darkness overwhelm us: just about impossible, on our own; but the Lord will give us strength and courage, if we ask Him for it.

How Religious Reprobates Defend Abortion

Source: How Religious Reprobates Defend Abortion

‘Light of the World’ (We Need You, Jesus!)

Swirling darkness and confusion, corruption as deep and as wide as the ocean, folly heaped on folly, delusion hailed as truth and wisdom, wickedness enthroned–

But the light of Jesus Christ is the light they can’t put out. And this is the only true light, the only light for us to see by.

Light of the World–written by Charles Wesley, performed by Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band.

Cat Trains Humans

This video never quite gets to where it wants to go, but it’s still a rather sweet ride. Watch the cat train the humans to play with him in the snow whenever he wants. Their reward is a lot of affection! Man, the only way I could ever get either Peep or Robbie to sleep in my lap would be if I had a lapful of scallops… which would be a bit messy.

All Aboard for Obann!

Image result for images of phorusrhacos

My wretched sinuses have gone back to sleep, and today I finally was able to start typing up the first six chapters of my new book, The Temptation (No. 11 of my Bell Mountain series). Two chapters now in the can!

Will it have giant flightless birds in it (see above)? You bet! It will also have heroes and villains, courage and cowardice, the whole shootin’ match. Not to mention a couple of new characters who have just recently shown up at my door.

Meanwhile, there’s a comment contest going. Whoever posts Comment No. 15,000 wins an autographed book. There are about 300 comments to go, so don’t say I didn’t give you notice. Anyone can play, and all comments are eligible except for comments abusive to anybody else on this site, or containing profanity or blasphemy, commercials thinly disguised as comments, or remarks simply too inane to be considered.

I will try to arrange a gaudier prize–say a six-week Caribbean cruise aboard the luxury liner Patna, much refurbished since Lord Jim abandoned it–but of course I can’t promise to pull it off.

They Want *You* to Sacrifice for *Their* Beliefs

Image result for images of lawn sign no home for hate

Rich liberals in my rich liberal home town are putting up yard signs, I guess because they lost an election and can’t take victory for granted anymore.

Hate Has No Home Here is the most common sign, with Science Is Real in second place.

The slogan is repeated in Arabic and Spanish to make sure jihadists and gangsters get the message.

While Muslim terrorists slaughter innocent people throughout the world, rich liberals in rich liberal neighborhoods think it would be hateful to keep Muslim “asylum seekers” out of not-so-rich and not-so-liberal neighborhoods in other towns. Other states, if possible. Ignoring the carnage–the jihad blew up 20-plus people at a concert in Manchester, just hours ago–the libs seek to demonstrate their righteousness and their generosity without paying any kind of price: because they always succeed in arranging for other people to pay the price for them.

Those who seek to wipe out our nation’s borders are the accomplices of Islamic jihad, Latino street gangs, and drug lords.

And it’s all so they can feel so good about themselves! No price is too high for you to pay for them to feel righteous.

I do understand that there are Muslims who only wish to live at peace with their neighbors, and are surely no threat to anyone. May we never, never lump them in with the murderers.

And I hope they understand that some of us are getting mighty tired of liberals and their suicidal policies getting innocent people blown to Kingdom Come.

P.S.–I think it’s righteous to hate murderers and try to stop them if we can, and punish them with death if we can catch them. We are in serious trouble if that kind of “hate” has no home here anymore.

Liberals sincerely do not care how many of you get killed in the course of their little demographic and cultural experiments.

The Logic of Identity Politics

Image result for images of amelia earhart

Nothing floats liberalism like identity politics. Nobody’s an individual: we are significant only in terms of our membership in an identifiable group. If we want to prosper, we must arrange to be included in a group identified as victims. Then we are entitled to other people’s stuff.

Anyhow, here’s how identity politics works. See if you can follow the simple logic in this example:

*Amelia Earhart was a woman.

*Amelia Earhart was an aviation pioneer.

*I, Reesha Plopkin, am a woman.

*Therefore I, Reesha Plopkin, am an aviation pioneer.

In Lesson Two, we shall see that all Ms. Plopkin has to do is self-identify as a jet pilot–and that makes her one. Hand her the keys to the jump jet!

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