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I’ve just been informed that my blog is using “an old, retired theme” that’s falling apart bit by bit and losing function and will therefor have to be replaced. First I lost my reblog function, now I can’t access my own older posts.

So Jill at Chalcedon HQ is going to design and install a new theme, and heaven help me if it doesn’t work. Everything will probably look different. And if it works differently… well, that’s all I need. I’ll go right round the bend.

In July we lost three weeks’ worth of Internet access, and now the blog has sprung several leaks which must be addressed before the whole thing capsizes like the island of Guam if they put any more Marines on it.

I pray I’ll see you all tomorrow.

Mushrooms on Our Lawn

Mushrooms in the Yard: To Eat or Not to Eat has been a Common ...

Yesterday there were a few little white mushrooms on our lawn, a few steps from my writing chair. I wasn’t surprised: we’ve gotten a lot of heavy rain lately, and wet weather often brings out mushrooms.

But when I looked out the window this morning, one of those mushrooms was as big as a softball and the others were hurrying to catch up.

Are they edible? Is Russian roulette safe to play? Is ignorance a reliable protection from naturally occurring poisons?

I suppose I ought to remove them, just to be on the safe side. I wouldn’t want any animals eating these. But they do look attractive against the bright green backdrop of the grass. I wonder if deer or foxes or unsupervised dogs would eat them. I’d hate to pull them up if they can’t do any harm.

Gee, It’s Hot!

See the source image

We are under another heat advisory today, and I doubt I’ll have the opportunity to lie down in a nest of ice cubes. I could try, I suppose.

But the business at hand is to proceed with writing Behold! The Lord hasn’t yet shown me where this story’s headed–just a few tantalizing hints. What’s going to happen with those strange ships off the coast of Durmurot? Ebed the spy, who’s maybe eleven years old, is the only one who can find out…

Am I writing this so I don’t have to go outside?

Grab the pen, legal pad, and cigar–and go to work!

J&J, ‘I’ll Fly Away’

This is a bonus hymn, an instrumental by our esteemed colleagues, Joshua and Jeremy: I’ll Fly Away. These two guys are very thoroughly loved around here. With young people like these (and others–you know who you are!), you just have to have hope for the future.

Home of the Brave? Not Anymore

The Girl Hiding Under the Stock Footage Video (100% Royalty-free ...

In case you missed it last month, a national survey by the Cato Institute found that 62% of all Americans are afraid to say what they believe.


Some 52% of Democrats, 59% of independents, and a whopping 77% of Republicans are afraid to let their opinions be known, for fear that they’ll lose their jobs, lose promotion, lose their friends, get sued, etc., etc.

The only group not afraid to air their political opinions is “strong liberals” (58%). Well, why should they be afraid? What university, what bank, what nooze media, what social media is going to chide you for being Far Left Crazy?

Fifty percent of libs say persons who donate to President Donald Trump should be fired from their jobs. Thirty-six percent of conservatives say Biden donors should be canned. Personally, I think Biden donors should at least have their heads examined, and maybe get an exorcism while they’re at it. But it seems not only unjust but even outre to strip someone of his livelihood because you don’t agree with his politics.

We know the Democrats are out to get us, out to erase every freedom but the freedom to fornicate, out to throw you into jail for such inanities as “misgendering” or “climate change denial.” It looks like their extremism is getting contagious. Well, that’s not so surprising, is it?

This could get a lot worse before it gets better.

Kids’ Troll Doll Made ‘Sex Sounds’

​Hasbro Pulls ‘Trolls’ Toy That Makes ‘Sex Sounds’ And Has ‘Inappropriate’ Button Between It’s Legs

Who was the genius who thought of this?

The doll has one button on its belly. Push it, and the doll laughs. But it has another farther down, a button right between its legs. Push that, say some 300,000 people who signed an online petition to remove the toy from the market, and you get “sex sounds.” Including “gasping” or heavy breathing.


The Hasbro toy company admits the placement of the button was probably not the smartest thing they ever did, and is pulling the doll from the market.

But people are wondering whether there’s an organized effort to sexualize little children and prepare them to be sexually abused by adults. Only because there is a zillion-dollar sex trafficking industry worldwide. And a lot of academic kooks at Temple University who’ve been campaigning for years to legitimize the sexual abuse of small children (“adult-child consensual sex,” is their euphemism for it). So, yes, it is reasonable to fear that–probably as the next big “sexual liberation” jihad, now that they’ve got same-sex pseudomarriage and transgender.

It’s hard to pray to God to save us when you know the sorts of things we do. But–

Please, Lord! Remember that these things are done against our will, without our consent, and over our objections.

‘Gwyneth’s Little Shop of Horrors’ (2017)

See the source image

When you throw out Christianity, this is what you get.

Gwyneth’s Little Shop of Horrors

Yep, once you’re “there,” there’s no more there: anything goes, as long as it’s not the Bible. “Alchemized sex dust.” And “vampire repellant.” Name your mumbo, and Jumbo’s got it.

A lot of us think people are getting crazier, day by day.

Honk if that would surprise you.

‘Faith of Our Fathers’

Your Favorite Hymns continues with Faith of Our Fathers, sung by students from Fountainview Academy on their European tour.

If you’d like to see any of your favorite hymns posted here, just leave a reply anywhere and we’ll add them to the list.

Cats & Dogs & Whose Bed Is It, Anyway?

I think it’s so funny when a cat steals a dog’s bed and then completely ignores the dog’s best efforts to get it back. I’m sure they do that just to drive the poor dogs crazy.

But there are still a few dogs smart enough to figure out that if they sit on the cat, the cat’ll go away.

Yes, We Can!

Why These Four Presidents? (U.S. National Park Service)

George Washington, the Father of Our Country–what do you suppose he would think of his children today?

Had enough bad nooze today? Democrat cities torn and trashed by riots, teacher unions trying to run parents out of their children’s education… It’s not pretty. How can we possibly clean up this mess?

Who in his right mind ever thought that George Washington’s volunteer army would succeed in chasing the British Empire out of its 13 colonies in North America? We had the French Navy on our side–but when did they ever beat the British? And the British Navy had us cut off from the rest of the world. And sho dared imagine victory from the frozen vantage point of Valley Forge?

Nevertheless, we won. God ordained it.

And we can win again, because we must. We must. Why would we ever surrender to a lot of college professors and their brainwashed students? To lying, ignorant noozies? To race hustlers and rioters? To a political party that nominates a nearly brain-dead cellar-dweller for president? Surrender to them? Never.

We’ll have to do the work. We’ll have to create new institutions–a new free press, a new system of education that isn’t owned by the government–to replace the old ones that refuse to serve us anymore. And we’ll have to persevere in spite of setbacks, and learn how not to listen to all that howling from the Left. But is there really any doubt that we can do this? As Japan’s Admiral Yamamoto said after Pearl Harbor, “We have wakened a slumbering giant and filled him with a terrible resolve.”

It’s time to find that resolve and put it to work.

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