Not-So-Dignified Dogs

Be honest: you can’t imagine Henry Kissinger doing any of the things the dogs in this video do. Dogs have never let image or prestige get in the way of having fun.

More Pushback!

A Loudoun school board meeting erupted in chaos as parents, educators condemned decision to put teacher Tanner Cross on leave.

“Critical Race Theory,” the doctrine that all white people are born guilty of racism, blah-blah, has awakened public anger all across America–even in leftid bastions like Loudon County, Virginia.

At a recent school board meeting, some 200 parents showed up to protest CRT–passionately. The board cut the meeting off and two parents, one of whom was black, were arrested (

Guess what? White and blacks both hate CRT! We can build on that.

The Superintendent of Schools swears CRT is not in Loudon’s school curriculum and that there are “no plans” to put it in.

Honk if you trust him.

I knew a high school where the “sex education” textbooks were not allowed to be brought out of the classroom, lest a parent should find out what was being taught. So I know that “school officials” like to slip bad stuff under the door when no one’s looking.

P.S.–Note Newsweek’s attempt to sell readers a bland and totally misleading definition of CRT. Hey, sunshine! It’s all about hate. CRT teaches children to hate themselves, hate each other, hate their families, and hate their country.

That’s why fervent opposition to it is very nearly universal.

I hope Democrats keep trying to defend it. It’ll look great on the Party’s tombstone.

Colorado Mayor Bans Pledge of Allegiance

Silverton, Colorado, population 550, has made the national nooze this week! Surely for the first time in its history.

The mayor of the small town decided, all on his own with no input from the town council (they call them “trustees”), to “suspend”–meaning “ban”–the saying of the Pledge of Allegiance at public meetings (

Where does he think he is? And who does he think he is?

A group of citizens, including one of the trustees, stood up and recited the pledge regardless. The mayor said he’d have them kicked out of the meeting if they did it again. ‘Cause they have a “one-strike policy.” Sounds like a substitute for thinking.

Why did the mayor ban the pledge?

Well, he said it was “divisive,” and cited various unnamed and undescribed “threats” inspired by the recitation of the pledge. That sounds like tommyrot to me. Does that sound like tommyrot to you?

Why should America be the host of parasites that hate her and want to bring her down? And say so! What other country does that? Some of these leftids ought to shuffle off to Pakistan and try their tricks out there.

Hating America should automatically bar you from governing as much as a square inch of America.

We Have a Winner!

Quokkas are the cutest animals ever! | Cute animals, Happy animals, Quokka

Well, we couldn’t quite do it by midnight last night–Lee made a mess of it–but a few minutes after midnight, Beverly came along to win the common contest–and we now have over 75,000 comments here!

As you can see from the picture, all of us here on Rottnest Island are celebrating.

G’day! Byron the Quokka here: and the business at hand is to congratulate Beverly and find out which prize she wants–the autographed book or the T-shirt that says “If they have to kill us, they’ve lost –Lee Duigon.” (Note: We’re out of Vol. 1, Bell Mountain, so don’t ask for that one.) We’ll also need your mailing address, Beverly. You can email that to Lee if you’d rather not put it up here for everyone to see. Not that “everyone” reads this blog… *sigh*

Thank you, one and all, for your comments–going back ten years now–and for sticking with us even as Big Tech tries to cut us off from our audience.

And there’ll be another comment contest–and maybe even other kinds of contests–in the future. So please keep clicking this site!

And no, I am not going to scold anybody to click the Like button. Waddaya think this is–YouTube?


My Newswithviews Column, June 24 (‘Mocking the Left’)

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They exalt themselves as The Smartest People In The World.

But they’re really idiots.

Mocking the Left

Forget trying to be “winsome.” These people are the servants of evil. If you take away their awesome power to murder millions of victims, all that’s left is pompous, silly, funny stuff. It deserves to be laughed at.

Sit there just listening, and you’ll wind up in a concentration camp.

‘The Most Equal and Inclusive High School in America’ (2016)

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They’re always aimed right at pure nihilism, aren’t they?

The Most Equal and Inclusive High School in America

I wrote this as a satire, but now I wonder how long it’ll take Our Betters to strip us of our personal names. And everything else that makes us human.

As the personified wisdom of God says, “All them that hate me love death” (Proverbs 8: 36).


‘O, God, Our Help in Ages Past’

Would you believe it? We used to sing this hymn in high school, in assembly, before the Supreme Court decided we needed to be protected from Jesus.

O God, Our Help in Ages Past, written by Isaac Watts in 1719 and still going strong, sung here by the Sharon Mennonite Bible Singers. Background sets by God the Father.

Comment Contest Winner?

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Oh, fap. I seem to have won my own comment contest. It seems the comments stopped coming, oh, seven hours ago and we only got up to 74,999. And then Mr. Stupid forgot and added a comment himself.

I disqualify myself from winning the contest.

Forty minutes to midnight. Anybody out there, in one of those time zones where it’s, like, already tomorrow morning, or still this evening?

Come on–one more comment. You’ll win a prize.

Cats ‘n’ Candles

Smoky the Bear should’ve been a cat. As you can see, cats have a compulsion to put out fires. And they do it bare-handed, too. I have learned how to do it without knocking the candle over. Maybe it’ll come in handy someday.

Holy Cow–They Really Believe That?

The Dumbest Generation: How the Digital Age Stupefies Young Americans and  Jeopardizes Our Future(Or, Don 't Trust Anyone Under 30): Bauerlein, Mark:  9781585427123: Books

[Huff-puff! Newswithviews is done! One more blog post, type up a chapter of my new book… and I can crash.]

When I was in college, if I heard this once, I heard it ten thousand times–“Your generation is the best, the smartest, the most with-it generation ever! You are the hope of America!” Etc., etc.

I put this down to manipulation. This was how left-wing professors recruited useful idiots. You could cut the cynicism with a knife.

Professors are still stroking their students with this pap, but there’s a big difference between then and now.

Now they really believe it!

In his book, The Dumbest Generation, Mark Bauerlein cites a multitude of studies that find that professors have actually convinced themselves that their students are inherently wise. Although if that really were the case, why are the students sitting at their desks listening to the prof, when they should be up at the lectern and the profs at the desks, being taught by the students?

And some of them would think that was a good idea.

The fruits of the most costly education system in history are not only rotten, but also poisonous. It’s killing our country by inches.

I’m sure manipulation is still part of the picture, but it’s gone beyond that to pure idiocy.

Defund the universities. Now, before it’s too late.