Dogs & Cats on Ice

As long as you don’t land on your head or break something else (like your coccyx!), sliding on the ice is lots of fun. I still enjoy it, and I’m not even a dog or a cat.

You can’t tell me these critters aren’t having fun.

‘Masters in This Hall’

It’s not too often that anyone requests this, but I’m in the mood for another Christmas carol and this is the first one that popped into my head: Masters in This Hall, written around 1860 by William Morris and set to an old French dance tune.

And now I have to get that Newswithviews column written! Deadline draws near.

A Pet Peeve

Old-Fashioned Christmas Candy | Wisconsin Cheeseman

I love classic Christmas candy, both hard and filled–but lotsa luck trying to buy any in the store.

With the exception of candy canes, which may well be made in China and therefor not appealing to me… everything is chocolate! It’s the exact same chocolate I can get on any day of the year. All they do is change the wrappers. Grrr!

I finally found some today in Walgreen’s: Nice! (store brand) Old-Fashioned Mix. But it didn’t say on the package where it was made, so I had to call corporate HQ customer service to find out. After a computer search that proved more extensive than I would have ever expected, the rep discovered that these candies are made right here in the USA. Perfect! I can buy them and enjoy them.

But what’s with all those other stores? Nothing but chocolate? I don’t like all this conformity! And I’ll just betcha all those companies involved have some kind of stupid “diversity officer.” But no diversity on the shelves!

And now I must calm down.

Superman Renounces His American Citizenship

From the Archives: George Reeves, Superman of TV, Kills Himself in His Home - Los Angeles Times

George Reeves: Superman before they had steroids

Wow! This was done all of ten years ago, and somehow I missed it. (

Superman is a figure of transcending unimportance. But there are a lot of us who grew up reading the comic books and watching the TV shows and hearing him pledge himself to “truth, justice, and the American way.”

Now, who sez leftids are practically brain-dead, with no capacity for originality? Well, dig this! Superman is now a citizen of the world. Gee-wow, who would ever have thought of that?

What a load of bull-equity.

I find superheroes boring beyond words, and avoid them as thoroughly as possible. That’s how I missed that Superman story.

Aw, go gargle with kryptonite.

P.S.–Here’s a quote from some blogger that I never heard of: “Superman has always been bigger than the United States.”

We are surrounded by a virtual forest of idiots.

Salvation Army Shifts to ‘Damage Control’

Sorry, guys, but it’s going your logo on it.

When people learned the Salvation Army (say it ain’t so!) had turned hard left and was pushing “woke” doctrine on its personnel, they didn’t like it–not one bit. And so the donations started to dry up–especially with the Army saying white people ought to “lament, repent, and apologize” for being white.

Now they’re trying to wriggle out of it–while at the same time continuing to pursue it (

So the Army says they have “withdrawn”–what does that actually mean?–its controversial “guide” book, Let’s Talk About Racism. (I have a better idea: let’s not!)

Yeah, well, guys, anybody can say “I’ll be good, I’ll be good!” Just saying so is not good enough. You have to show you mean it.

*Fire “General” Peddle, or whatever his name is. This “anti-racist” fiasco was his baby. He’s got to be chucked out with it.

*Fire “instructors” and consultants who were involved in this. Fire anybody who had anything to do with it.

*Publicly disavow and disown any publications paid for by the Salvation Army in aid of promoting the real and ranting racism that goes by the name of “anti-racism.” It’s just a euphemism for hating white people.

*Publicly sever ALL ties with Black Lives Matter. And get rid of any blooming idiot who can’t see that BLM is evil.

*Have new leaders publicly pledge that NO moneys donated to the Army will ever again be used to promote Critical Race Theory or any doctrine related to it.

It goes against a lifetime’s practice: but until those steps are taken, I’ll have to walk right past the Salvation Army kettle without putting any money into it. And no more monthly pledge, either. If they think I’m a racist, then my money’s racist, too.

‘A Modern Miracle’ (2016)

See the source image

Anyone familiar with the third chapter of Daniel will sit up and take notice of this experience recalled by the Antarctic explorer, Ernest Shackleton, over 100 years ago.

A Modern Miracle

As it was with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, so it was with Shackleton and two of his companions, as they toiled desperately to cross South Georgia Island. Historians have mostly passed quickly by this incident, as if it somehow embarassed their secular world-view.

Truth does have a way of doing that.

By Request, ‘For Unto Us a Child Is Born’

We know these words, don’t we? For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder… (Isaiah 9:6) And we also find them here, in Handel’s Messiah.

Requested by Thewhiterabbit, For Unto Us a Child Is Born, performed by the London Symphony Orchestra.

Your Pet… Mink?

I never heard of anybody having a pet mink. Do you have to provide them with an abundance of plastic Easter eggs?

They’re so graceful, such handsome animals! But the one in this video looks like he might be just a bit too high-energy for me to have for a pet.

By Request, The Hallelujah Chorus

Phoebe asked for this one, and indeed it just wouldn’t seem right to have Christmas without the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel’s Messiah. And let’s go first-class, with the Royal Choral Society at the Albert Hall.

And how they manage to put all these elements together into a flawless work of art… well, I can only stand in awe.

Crapola Fest! ‘Racial Trauma Counselor’

Dear Management: Your Communications Suck! – Rethinking Business  Communications Blog

Because the truth is not in them–heck, convincing lies aren’t even in them–leftids keep promoting the Kyle Rittenhouse “Not Guilty” verdict as some kind of cataclysm of “white supremacy.”

And just to show their heart’s in the right place–somewhere out in Commieland–Levi Strauss has hired a “Racial Trauma Specialist” to counsel employees who are experiencing… I don’t know… “racial trauma”? (

Why do corporations play along with the woke mob? What could be more shameful? Levi Strauss, in addition to making blue jeans, now has a [trumpet fanfare] Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer. What kind of salary do you suppose she makes, just for babbling? Does “equity” even mean anything?

Listen to these ninnies. Riots are called “racial justice protests” or “racial justice events.” Anyone–anyone!–who truly feels a need for this is too pathetic for words.

Oh–and they’re gonna urge employees to “advocate for gun control”–so that scumbags who attack you can’t get shot anymore–and even offer them paid “volunteer time.” Were you wondering why your jeans cost so much?

So they’re offering 24/7 “confidential counseling” for all employees who are racially traumatized because Kyle Rittenhouse shot three white thugs who attacked him. You really have to have your whole head full of Equity to be racially traumatized by that.

Really, really, really! This stupid dangerous foolishness has to stop. We, the majority, the sane people of America, have to shut it down. If we devoted a fifth of the energy to our cause as wacko leftids do to theirs, we’d have them wiped out in a week.

P.S.–School boards, universities, companies, etc. are all scrambling to rename their Critical Race Theory “teachings.” Just change the name–gee, we must be awfully easy to deceive.