Cats Battle Noise Pollution

People don’t particularly like it when cats sing, especially on a warm night in February. They  yell and throw things at the cats.

Well, a lot of cats don’t care for humans singing. They can’t throw things, so they have found other ways to express their displeasure.

My cats like me to sing to them. But if I start playing my harmonica, they run away.

Maskulimity it Has got To go!!!!

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This hear gye he wood “be” Oh-Kay iff he whuz a Wimmin!

Heer at Collidge our Stoodint Soviet we “has maid” A Grate Desission!!! We “are” goingto Out-Law Maskulimity and Ban it tooo!!!!

So fromb nhow On thare woont be enny Maskulimity heer,, all “the” mails thay whil has to ware Dresses and aslo lippstick and wotch chick Flicks al day!!!! and iff we ketch enny gye waring pants unlest It “is” “a” Pants Soot lyke Hilary he whil be In “big” trubble!!!!!! Sicks Munths of Sencertivvaty Traning!! and aslo he wil ottomatickly Flunk al his coarses!!!!

We “are” dooing This four Socile Jutstus!!! We hased one gye his naim it was Steeve and we maid himb chainge “It” to Looseel”!”

We has “lurnt” That al “the” Prombles of The Whorld thay “are” al cawsed by Maskulimity!! Poberty and dizzeez and War and beeing Short it is al The Fawlt of Maskulimity!!!! So iff yiu Get Ridd “of” that then yiu Get Ridd “of” evry-thing!!!!

Thjat it wil be Our Neckst Projjeck–geting Rid Of Evry-Thing!!!!

Gucci’s New Girly Dress for Men

Image result for images of cardinals feeding baby birds

If you want a picture of the travesty described below, click the link. I prefer the image of a father cardinal tending to his babies.

Well, how about that–2020 just got worse.

Gucci is offering a $2,600 girly dress for men. Here’s what Gucci has to say about it.

“This tartan smock in delicate colors reflects the idea of fluidity explored for the Fall Winter 2020 fashion show, disrupting the toxic stereotypes that mold masculine gender identity” (

Why would any woman ever marry a Gucci man? If you can even call him a “man.”

Getting rid of toxic stereotypes by creating new toxic stereotypes–brilliant.

I just remember I was going to write Joe Collidge today. We’ll have to see if I can manage it.


The Update: a Horror Story

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Well, now what do I do?

The computer sez “install new updated version of Firefox.” I didn’t dare try, but Patty did. That was an hour ago. It still doesn’t work. It just sits there “configuring.” It’ll only take a few minutes, she said.

Meanwhile, viewership has imploded and today is shaping up as a right proper rotter. Where did everybody go? Was it something I said? I wonder if other bloggers have experienced this lately.

Yes, I’m typing this on another computer. We have two. The one I use has stopped working. What a great update. As Pyrrhus once said, “Another such victory and I am undone.” I don’t have a victory, but I love using classical quotes. It keeps me from cursing.

So now I guess I’ll go back outside and try to read this big thick book with really small print that I have to review for Chalcedon. It’s all about postmodernism. After that I guess I’ll scream for a while.

‘Social Justice’ Degrades Us

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R.J. Rushdoony was writing about “social justice” decades ago, before most of us had ever heard of it. Here’s one of his essays on the subject, recently re-published. You’ll find it hasn’t aged a bit.

Simply speaking, Rushdoony explained that “social justice” differs from God’s justice because it’s made up by self-anointed intellectuals. It is whatever they say it is, from day to day. It could hardly have helped falling into the arms of postmodernism, which spurns day-to-day reality and goes so far as to say everything is just made up.

But because it’s the product of humanist fat-heads, “social justice” can never be true justice. Only God’s justice can be that. Only God’s law is immutable. Intellectuals’ laws are subject to sudden change. That’s what makes them so hard to live with.

Humanism has a lot to answer for.

A Terribly Cute Baby Bunny

Well, hardly anybody’s here today–might as well go with a baby bunny video, what harm can it do?

‘Some Helpful Hints for Writers’ (2011)

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Rocky Bridges once said there are three things everybody thinks he or she can do: manage a baseball team, run a hotel, and write a book. And I wish I had a nickel for every time I heard someone say, “Oh, I’d write a book, too, only I just don’t have the time!”

Assuming you now have the time, here are a few helpful hints to get your started.

Some Helpful Hints for Writers

It’s all about writing fantasy, which is the kind of fiction I write. I have no idea how to go about writing Serious Mainstream Literature, except to obey the cardinal rule of “Nothing happens.”

I’m still interested in learning what words you most emphatically don’t want to see in any fantasy. I’m sure you can add to my list.

‘Yesterday, Today,and Forever’

With this one I’ll have posted 50 of your favorite hymns (not counting special requests), and we’re coming near the end of the list–time to reload! If you’ve got some favorite hymns you’d like to see posted here, don’t be shy, just let us now.

For now: Yesterday, Today, and Forever, sung by the congregation at Faithful Word Baptist Church.

Pup Has to Live and Learn

Remember the first time this happened to you? There you are with a nice sand castle, or a nice big hole in the sand, and along comes the ocean and ruins it.

Mr. Puppy discovers that he, like King Canute, can’t command the tide not to come in. All he can do is complain to his human.

Our Mail-In Ballots!

You Should Really Sign Up for a Mail-In Ballot. Here's How to Do It

We got Patty’s mail-in ballot today. Wahoo. Just fill it out and send it in. None of that bother with a poll worker checking your signature to make sure you’re you. Nobody watching to see who actually goes into the voting booth. No more of those annoying safeguards to preserve the integrity of the election! Just fill it out and send it in.

All for our own good, of course. To protect us from the Pandemic. But there are always diseases in the environment. Is it going to be mail-in votes from now on?

The only comfort I can find in all this is that Democrats are expending their resources to cheat in states which they’re going to win anyway. Why they bother to cheat in solid Blue States is beyond me. They must have money to burn.

We have opened wide the door to voter fraud and begged it to come in. Democrats will see how many votes they need to win and presto! The ballots will magically appear. If they need half a million more votes, that’s how many they’ll find. All they need is a functional printing press.

This is a shameful day in our history. If our republic can survive, it won’t be because Democrats didn’t try to tear it down.

God help us.