Bonus Video: Armadillo Bath

This ought to settle the question, Do armadillos bathe?

So if you have a pet armadillo, be sure to provide him with bathing facilities.

When Your Cat Wants You on a Diet

There are a number of things your cat won’t let you do. Read. Write. Sleep. Operate your printer. And sometimes kitty won’t let you eat, either.

It’s all for your own good. Cats know what’s best for you. Trust me on that.

‘Everybody Does It’–Really?

My neighbor is frustrated because the people she works with all seem to be backing Hillary Clinton for president and she can’t understand why. “When I ask them, ‘What about all her lying and cheating,’ they always answer, ‘So what? Everybody does it!'”

This brings us back to the days of Bill Clinton’s impeachment, when his supporters rallied to the excuse, “It’s only extramarital sex, and everybody does it!”

Confronting this in the YMCA locker room, I say, “Everybody does it, eh? Well, I don’t know your name, so I can’t rat you out and there’s no reason for you not to answer this question honestly: How many of you have committed adultery.”

Only one hand went up, out of some twenty men present.

Everybody doesn’t do it, and saying that they do is mere hypocrisy.

Remember that. I do.

P.S.: My wife asks, “How come they don’t say ‘Everybody does it’ when you’re talking about Anthony Wiener?”

If he were the Democrat candidate for president… they would.

Memory Lane: Miller Dinosaurs

Remember these? They’re some of the glorious wax dinosaurs produced in the 1950s by the Miller Company.

These have always been among my all-time favorite toys. Dinosaurs and long-lost giant mammals have always fascinated me, and I think these Miller toys from my childhood had a lot to do with that.

Amazingly, I still have a couple of them–a large Stegosaurs (left, in the picture) and a small one. It’s amazing because these toys were incredibly fragile. The sabertooth tiger’s tail, the Triceratops’ horns, the mammoth’s tusks–these would break off if you just looked at them too hard. The Brontosaur’s head had a penchant for snapping off, but you could always tape it back on with black electrical tape–and in any position you wanted, too.

Miller also produced wonderful Space Aliens, which I’ll visit some other time: I liked those, too.

Dinosaurs and mammoths and the like are not here anymore. All I know is that the God who created them pronounced them good and has the whole universe at His disposal.

Maybe someday He’ll show us where He’s put them. These are among the most radically cool examples of all God’s stuff, and I’d just love to see them.

Bonus Hymn, ‘Trust and Obey’

Tradition has it that John Sammis was inspired to write this hymn, in 1887, by something he heard at one of Dwight L. Moody’s revival meetings. Someone raised his hand and said (I paraphrase), “I’m not sure about what some of this means, but I will trust and obey.”

If this hymn doesn’t move you, I don’t know what will.

Thank you, Erlene, for suggesting it.


‘Come Thou Long-Expected Jesus/ Hyfrydol’

Stepping out the door on this beautifully crisp, cool September morn, this is the first thing I heard: the choir at St. Francis’ RC Church across the street singing th3e classic old Welsh hymn, Hyfrydol.

I love this hymn, and there are almost as many different sets of lyrics for it as there are churches. These lyrics, Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus, are by Charles Wesley, sung here by the choir at First Presbyterian Church, Pittsfield.

I love it because it reminds me that I love Jesus Christ my King and Savior.

Share it with a friend or family member today!

Sanity Break: Pups & Babies

I know there are people out there who would freak out if a dog ever licked their baby’s face: but they’re missing out on something good.

Germs, schmerms–a happy baby is a healthy baby.

If any of you think I’m going overboard with these cat and dog and baby videos, think about all the bilge I have to write about all day; and then think about some of the bilge I haven’t written about.

There’s a reason I call these Sanity Breaks.

Urgent Prayer Request: Pat

We have prayed before for Pat and her husband, Waymon, who was hospitalized following a seizure; but we need to pray again. There has been no improvement, and the situation is not good, not good at all. Please join in prayer.

Father in Heaven, all healing comes from you, both of the body and of the spirit. Please, Lord, heal Pat and Waymon in both the body and the spirit, because they are greatly troubled. Hear us, O God, and help them speedily. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

The Grate Pressadental Debait!

Dont she turn you on!

Hear at Collidge wee “are” al pumped up for the Debait “on” Mondy Nihgt! and Hillery she is Sure to whin!!! Then wehn She “is” Pressadint she can sick Loreta Lunch on al them De-plorrible peple waht vooted for Donold trump!

Wee are Mad becose thay tryin to fix it “so” Hillery she looks bad and that “is” wye thay not givving Her “a” coffin brake even thohg she is “in” prefect Hellth al she “had” it was jist a Little new-moania! thay trying to Make us “think” She too sick to Be pressadint!

Well Ha Ha waht abuot Trumpe’s hellth, huh, huh? My prefesser He heared that Trump he has got lepracy!!! Thats “rihgt” thare is peeces of Him “is” faling offf al the tyme “and” has got to be glooed back On!! Aslo Trumpe he is Crazy and he goin to strat a Nuculer War and we al get Killled “if” He is ellected!

Thay aslo is not Givvin Hillery a Stoul to stand “on” so she dont “look” so short, wel so waht??? It “is onely” deplorrible stopid peple whoo thay not Goin to voote “four” Her becose thay are hatful biggits but Yiu got to voote for Her Becose She “is” a wimmin!!

Wel Ha Ha she goin to whin The debait annyhow jist weight and seee! And wehn She “is” Pressadint She wil lissen to Us Interllecturals and put al them hatful biggits In Jale!!!

Deplorable People Have Too Many Babies!

Image result for images of foolish intellectuals

Do you have to be moral, to be a “moral philosophy professor”? Nah.

One of these intellectual ginks at Johns Hopkins University has written a book in which he declares we gotta fight Climate Change by having way fewer babies ( ). Yup: too many people on the Plaaaanet, poor ol’ Gaia, blah-blah-blah.

Government–and interllecturals–he reluctantly concludes, will find it necessary “to pressure families” to stop making babies: because modern people just will not “give up their toys” and scale themselves back to an 11th-century lifestyle. By “toys” he means things like refrigerators and air conditioning.

Yo, sunshine! Which of those toys have you given up?

He does not deal with the colossal amount of evidence that “climate scientists” and government agencies are lying, lying, lying about all this. Instead, he brands his critics, and anyone else who won’t agree with him, as “the far-right hate machine.”

The wisdom of God speaks truly: “All they that hate me love death” (Proverbs 8:36).

P.S.–Yes, I know I complain all the time about the noise and crowding in this part of New Jersey. But not being a liberal, I do not demand that my emotional reactions to my particular circumstances be made the basis of public policy affecting everyone.

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