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Cats Love Printers

Our cats pay no attention whatsoever to our printer. Maybe because it’s not a fancy-schmancy printer like the ones in this video. Cats seem to be fascinated by those.

What would you give to know precisely what was going through a cat’s mind as he studies the printer and ponders his next move?

Assorted Funny Cats

One of these clips reminded me of our cat, Buster, who used to watch “Nature” on TV and always tried to grab the little elephants he saw plodding across the screen. It was years before he finally gave up on it.

Anyway, this is a very cozy video, guaranteed to lower your blood pressure.

The Urge to Sit on Cats

Who knows why some dogs have this overpowering urge to sit on cats? I mean, they might get scratched or bitten in a tender spot… It cannot be said that cats appreciate this gesture.

For the sake of being fair and balanced, this video also presents a few cats who like to sit on dogs.

We are shown no animals that like to sit on porcupines.

Cats and Furniture

Most furniture is designed for humans, but cats still like it–although furniture designed for cats is getting more elaborate. But I know if I were to buy it, the thing my cats would like best would surely be the cardboard box it came in.

Bonus Video: Dogs Scared of Cats

Our friend “optimal play” posted this on my chess page today, and I thought it might give you a chuckle. Some of these clips have appeared in other compilations, so you might have seen them before–but they’re still funny.

What do these dogs know about these cats that we don’t know? Or is it something that they only think they know?

P.S.–Must be nice weather everywhere, today: readership is way below average. Oh, well….

The Amazing Mind… of a Cat

In this extraordinary video, the human pretends there’s an obstruction in the doorway and he has to jump over it. This is keenly observed by the cat. And watch what happens! I can’t even begin to assess the cat’s mental processes–they must be mighty complicated.

P.S.–Hey, everybody, this blog is slow, slow, slow today, viewership way down. But if y’all give me a bunch more views, I’ll give you another animal video at its usual time this evening, EST. Okay, I’ll probably do it anyway. That’s just the kinda guy I am.

Cats & Dogs & Babies, Perfect Together

If Tarzan had been raised by cats or dogs rather than by manlike killer apes, he might have turned out a bit cuddlier.

Dig the babies who’ve already figured out how to enlist a dog or cat in a scheme to get rid of unwanted food.

Cats & Puppies

It’s a wise cat who prudently teaches a puppy who’s boss. Some pups learn faster than others. And some cats teach better than others. But woe unto the cat who stinks at this!

Gee, it’s been a long time since I’ve been mobbed by a whole litter of puppies… But I think humans like that better than cats do.

Happy Cats

It doesn’t take much to make a cat happy. A cuddly human. Tasty food. A toy, a paper bag, a cardboard box. And if all else fails, a cat can always kick his own back feet. I don’t know any human who resorts to this. If you do, we’d love to hear from you.

The Dog Wins

This is a very short video, so watch closely. Several cats are intently focused on the activities of a bird outside–and then….!

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