Kitten’s First Ice Cube

I’m a believer in giving your cats stimulating things to play with, as long as it doesn’t make a mess or break something. An ice cube fills the bill. Of course, as anyone who has cats can tell you, they’ll keep batting their new toy around the floor until they bat it under a cabinet or the sofa and can’t get at it anymore. And note that mommy-cat is not as blase about that ice cube as she would have you believe.

Cats Talkin’ in Their Sleep

Some cats are more vocal in their sleep than they are when they’re awake.

What do you suppose cats dream of? They’ll never tell! Betcha, though, it’s a lot more interesting than just food or chasing birds or fighting with other cats. I have a feeling the content of cat-dreams would astonish us.

Cats Battle Noise Pollution

People don’t particularly like it when cats sing, especially on a warm night in February. They  yell and throw things at the cats.

Well, a lot of cats don’t care for humans singing. They can’t throw things, so they have found other ways to express their displeasure.

My cats like me to sing to them. But if I start playing my harmonica, they run away.

Cats & Their Exotic Friends

Short but very sweet–cats being friends with monkeys, a horse, an owl, and a baby gorilla.

Our cat Henry used to sit and watch our painted turtle by the hour–I’m sure I don’t know why. The turtle used to go into his “Feed me!” routine, fully confident that Henry would oblige him. It was an odd little friendship.

Cats & Ducks

What’s going on here? What does it feel like to get out-wrestled by a duck? A few of these cats know. I’ll bet it feels embarrassing.

But they’re not all bad encounters. And when you see the tiny kitten chasing the duck that’s eight times his size, you’ll know that kitten is cut out for great things.

Cats Don’t Like Thunder

Thunder and lightning? Uh-uh! You can have it, humans! We’re outta here.

My cats don’t panic when a thunderstorm hits. They seem to know it’s coming half an hour before it gets here, and they walk (don’t run) to their customary hiding places. When they come out again, we know the storm is really over and isn’t coming back.

The Incredible Jumping Cat

Can this cat jump! My, oh, my–who needs wings when you can jump like that? Some of these leaps, you won’t believe.

I do think the cat ought not to be encouraged to jump into the microwave, though.

Kittens Who Can Read and Write

Please excuse the headline. I don’t know what came over me.

My cats have outgrown running around with puffy tails and scaring imaginary rivals by hopping around sideways. I miss the puffy tail bit. But then a hog-nosed snake, after you’ve had it for a while, will refuse to inflate himself and play dead.

Assertive Cats

I’ve probably posted this once, some time ago; but it made me laugh the second time around, so you might get a chuckle out of it.

Anyway, who needs expensive cat toys when you’ve got a strip of peeling wallpaper, or jars and bottles on a shelf just begging to be knocked off? And if you want to film your workout–well ha, ha, ha on you.

Cat Up a Tree

Wait’ll you see just how tall this tree is! What was that cat thinking? And of course some human had to go up there and rescue him. As in “Don’t even think of doing that without a thick canvas bag to put the cat into!”

One morning I looked out the bedroom window on the second floor and found our cat, Henry, looking back at me. He always climbed the tallest trees that he could find, but never needed any help getting down.

Come to think of it, Lord Jeremy Coldsore is up a tree and can’t get down…