Cats with Funny Friends

Cats are supposed to eat birds. I’ve seen it done. But the cats in this video sleep with birds, groom them, play with them–and one cat gets fed a morsel at a time by an enterprising crow… who also feeds the dog.

Wait a minute. I’m starting to sound like Allen Funt here. Oh, no…..! [Briefly turns into Allen Funt]

Your Furry Baby Sitter

It’s true: some cats have a calling to protect human babies. No turtle would do that. Betcha mommy cat would nurse the baby, if necessary. Meanwhile, even the cat in the video has better sense than to let the toddler play with the electric stove while Ol’ Goofyguts just stood there filming it.


Cat Zoomies–In the Garden

Our cat Robbie celebrates with zoomies if she has had a particularly satisfying visit to the litter box. Peep will paint the town red if I activate her favorite shoelace toy. The rest of the time, they’re 14 years old.

The black cat in this video has galloping zoomies. Note the orange cat’s stoic determination to ignore him. Cats are very good at that.

Cats vs. Balloons

If you have cats, you probably already know July 4th is not their favorite holiday. Our cats can’t take the noise of firecrackers.

Ah! But what about balloons? No hiding under the bed now! Sharp teeth and claws don’t go well with balloons, but it’s one of those things cats have to find out for themselves. A chosen few respond with great aplomb. The rest kind of freak out.

A Cat’s Panty Raid

Here’s a cat stealing a pair of panties from a drawer–without opening the drawer. He has a future in the larceny business.

Our cat Buster used to steal panties. I looked up from my work one day to see him sitting in the living room window with a pair of panties draped over his head and shoulder like a Roman toga, for every passerby to see. What could I say but “Hail, Caesar”?

Let Sleeping Cats Lie

Our cat Peep sleeps face-down on the couch. We have no idea how she breathes.

It’s been a very hectic day here, we need a nap. I am hoping these cats will inspire us. Although I remember a few lecturers who could knock you out in moments.

Cats ‘n’ Candles

Smoky the Bear should’ve been a cat. As you can see, cats have a compulsion to put out fires. And they do it bare-handed, too. I have learned how to do it without knocking the candle over. Maybe it’ll come in handy someday.

Are These Cats Quite All There?

What’s going on between the two cats in this video? The one has an attack of the zoomies. The other doesn’t, but has decided he doesn’t want to get left out. Left out of what? Honk when you figure it out; I’ve given up.

Astounding Fact: It’s very hard to tell when your pet tortoise has the zoomies.

Cat Summoned for Jury Duty

“Jury duty? Waddayamean? I never got that summons…”

“Has anybody seen my bank statement?”

Never mind the silly headline. I was just thinking of some of the disasters that might ensue if your cat gets too worked up about your mail. What do they think when they see all this stuff coming through the mail slot?

Time for the cat to take charge! That’s what they think.

Can You Talk Cat Talk?

Cats have a lot to say for themselves, although we don’t understand the half of it.

Astounding false fact: A talking cat named Smiley, who was fluent in Esperanto, once filled in for the host of David Brinkley’s Journal.