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Do Cats Have a Union?

In fact, cats don’t need a union. They’re already experts at work stoppage. Whatever you’re working at, they know how to stop it. This is one of the reasons why I write outdoors. At the keyboard, in the kitchen, it doesn’t matter where–they just hate to see you wasting time that could be spent on them.

Starring Cole & Marmalade, big youtube stars.

High-Energy Cats

Boy, a lot of people sure provide their cats with cool toys. My cats won’t chase jingly balls. Give ’em a cardboard box and they’re happy. Check out what appears to be a Whack-a-Mole game for cats.

I think I’ll go play with my squeaky toy now.

Cat Snubs Raccoon

Many humans have noticed that cats are masters of the art of ignoring you. Like they can’t see or hear you. Like you’re not there. But they don’t do this only to humans. Watch this raccoon try every trick she knows to get the cat to play with her.

I had always heard that raccoons were temperamental wild animals, not safe to mess around with; but I’m seeing more and more videos of raccoons living in people’s homes as pets. I’ll have to consult Mr. Nature.

Klepto Kitties

I go to post this cat video, and Pope Francis comes up instead. By all means, let’s have computers in charge of our missile defense system.

I’m happy to say our two cats never try to steal human food. They just keep asking for it till they get it–provided it’s suitable for feline consumption. So we can’t make a video like this, and it seems some folks out there are fostering delinquency among their cats. Nor would I care to eat or drink something that a cat has been pawing. I mean, they walk around on the floor and all…

Even so, watch their faces and see the wheels turning.

Inscrutable Cats

As I run back and forth between computers to try to get this simple job done, of posting a video, because first there are problems on this machine, and then on that one, I can’t help wishing I could just take a nap instead. Problems caused by updates. Huzzah.

Anyway, here are some cats, some of them going out of their way to pick on dogs, but all of them with one thing in common: you can practically see the wheels turning, inside their heads. And yet you never know what a cat is going to do. This we humans have in common with dogs.

Is This Determination–or What?

Our supper’s going to be late today, so I might as well do my cat video now.

I don’t recall ever encountering a sliding board anywhere near as slippery as this one seems to be. Then again, it’s been a very long time since I’ve been on a sliding board. Maybe they’ve changed something.

So here’s a kitten getting a workout, trying to go up the wrong way. You’d think he’d give up, but he doesn’t. I like that in a kitten.

Beyond Peaceful Coexistence: Cat & Hamster

I once knew some hippies who tried to teach their dog to be a vegetarian. He ate their guinea pigs.

So I can’t help being surprised that the cat in this video doesn’t even try to eat the hamster, and the hamster isn’t the least bit afraid of the cat. We see more and more of this, now that just about everybody can post videos on youtube. And you know I’ve been wondering: Is God telling us something? I keep thinking these are glimpses into His Kingdom…

Cat Is Just a Squirrel’s Plaything

I suspect I might have run this video once before, but oh, well–I like it.

These videos of unlikely animal friends: I have to admit they’re getting to me. Working their way into my thought. I think God is trying to tell us something that will be good for us to know.

A Plethora of Pets

This is sanity medicine, folks–just groove on the animals. All right, so somebody out there has a couple of giraffes as pets. And some large, aggressive mantises. But most of us make do with cats and dogs: it isn’t like they ever run out of tricks.

Cats & Dogs & Sorry I’m Late!

I was wondering why nobody viewed my cat video tonight. Then I realized I hadn’t posted it. Chalk it up to stress and really lousy weather.

Anyway, here you go, cats and dogs together. If you can’t cuddle, play!

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