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Klepto Kitties

Could it be that cats have been around humans for a bit too long? Okay, stealing food–sure. But pizza? French fries? Bread, cake, cookies… These are not cat things to eat, are they?

My cat Henry used to try to steal the little baserunners off my Strat-O-Matic baseball game board whenever he thought I wasn’t looking. And those weren’t even edible!

Robbie’s Medicine (plus Naughty Cats Video)

Robbie’s medicine arrived today. It’s an ear gel, for knocking out her overactive thyroid. It shouldn’t be too bad an experience for her–a lot better than getting asthma medicine squirted up her nose every day for years. The instructions did come with an admonition to the applier (me) to wear latex gloves. It’s nice they mentioned it. If I were to do it bare-handed, it might knock out my own thyroid. That’s all I need. She’ll get her first dose tomorrow.

Meanwhile, here’s a nice video of some rather naughty cats, indicative of high intelligence and low morals.

Oh, and I’ve got my email back. Not in the format I’m used to, but at least it’s back.


Inquiring Cats Want to Know

Treat yourself to hours of fun, trying to figure out what these cats are looking at. Whatever it is, it has intensely piqued their interest. But what could it be? Makes me wonder if those rumors are true, about the crickets as big as possums creeping along the telephone wires down on Christol Avenue…

Some Happy Cats for You

I’m in the mood for happy cats, especially after the pill-athon my cats put on all day yesterday. Patty has just given them some filet mignon. Oh, well–I once gave my turtle lobster. Maybe more than once.

Note the cat who likes to get spun around in the swivel chair. I’ve had cats who enjoyed that immensely. Robbie’s quite fond of it. And Buster, well, you couldn’t spin that chair around too fast for him; and he was very good at pretending that he wasn’t dizzy.

Cat and Bunny Cuddling

I was just posting this when our bedroom air conditioner started making horrible noises. Y’know, for two cents I’d check myself into a rubber room…

45 Minutes Later

I’m afraid I didn’t do justice to this video. I’m feeling rather brittle this evening, and the last time one of our air conditioners made a noise like that, it died on the spot. I am happy to report that that hasn’t happened this time. Not yet, at least.

I need a bedroom AC for two reasons. First, this building holds heat like nobody’s business except in the winter, when it holds in the cold. On warm days it can get to 100 degrees up there. Secondly, I need its steady sound to mask the objectionable multitude of rackety noises in this neighborhood.

So, look, bunny and kitty, I’m sorry–today is just not my day. Anyway, you’ve got each other and you don’t need me.

Both my cats are too conked out from all the agita today even to eat their suppers.

Cat vs. Pesky Moth

Just trying to film a moth in flight strikes me as a more than ordinary challenge–never mind actually trying to catch the little devil. But the cat in this video just isn’t going to give up…

Cats & Dogs Are Fun

You’ve got these two different species living in a home designed for and owned by yet a third species, and somehow it all works out. Well, more or less works out. This video captures some of the not-so-smooth moments. When everybody’s awake.

Cats and Expensive, Delicate Technology

I don’t know what a cat is supposed to make of some machine that, for no apparent reason, suddenly extends a piece of itself in the cat’s direction. Nor do I know why the owner of said machinery would continue to tempt the cat to give it a good thrashing. Sometimes it’s hard to decide who makes less sense, cats or people.

Cats and Wind-up Toys


Today in the supermarket I saw this little wind-up toy tank, and thought about getting it for my cats, Robbie and Peep. But then I thought they might be afraid of it–like the two scaredy-cats in this video. Aw, now they’re gonna think I have no confidence in them. Maybe I’d better go back tomorrow and buy it.

It Isn’t Nice to Scare Your Mama

I won’t tell you some of the tricks I used to play on my mother. But here’s a kitten who’s decided it would be fun to give his mommycat a good scare. Who says cats don’t have a sense of humor? We will also see rough justice tempered with love. Just another day in the life of a cat family.

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