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Let Sleeping Dogs & Cats Lie

Really, it’s a shame to wake them up, after they’ve gone to the trouble to fall asleep in all these crazy places and positions–including some that are definitely not recommended. They’ll be falling asleep on ski lifts next.

Clever Kitties

All right, the cats want to open the cabinet. Why? Search me. Maybe just to see what’s inside. You know they’re curious. And they figure out how to open it. This demonstrates a high order of intelligence: there are no cabinets in nature.

Now, if they really want to impress me, they’ll figure out how to move the stools so they won’t stop the door from opening all the way.

Can you imagine what cats could do, if only they had hands?

Cats: Smart Enough to be Weird

The fun thing about cats is you really don’t know what they’re going to do next. It might be something clever, or it might be something stupid. See if you can stay with me here: it takes a certain level of intelligence to do something stupid. A starfish can’t. Happily, cats are several levels above topping out on stupid. And they are also capable of weird.

Cats & Dogs on Ice

You’d think they’d be upset, losing their footing and all: but dogs and cats can turn just about anything into a game. In this they far exceed salamanders, who are always so serious about everything.

Remember when it used to be fun for us to slide all around the ice? Well, the falling part, not so much.

High-Octane Kittens

Watch these kittens–what would you give, for that much energy? And notice that someone has wisely set up an enclosure wherein they can frolic to their hearts’ content, without getting into mischief. No climbing on top of the refrigerator somehow, crawling into the bad containing Daddy’s ice cream machine, and bringing the whole bally thing to the floor with a crash. No burrowing into the box springs. Oy, what could’ve gone wrong!

Cats & Dogs & Laughs

A couple of hamsters and a couple of birds snuck in for cameos, but didn’t ruin the overall effect. A few of these clips have appeared in other compilations, but I go by what makes me smile. These should amuse you.

A Cavalcade of Kittens

Well, now it’s sleeting out, and I guess we’ll watch some Hercule Poirot tonight–but first a cat video. Some of these clips have already appeared in other videos: I’m sure I saw that kitten with the puffy tail in the remake of Carnal Knowledge starring those two guys who were fighting in the supermarket.


Cats Loving Snow

It’s snowing here to beat the band today, and I’d run outside and join these cats in their revels if it weren’t so blamed cold. I must be getting old. Ah, me: as Tom Sawyer once wrote, in regard to another matter, “Here a captive heart busted.”

Anyway, here are some cats having a cracking good time in the snow. Share vicariously.

Cats Amuse Themselves

Oh, they’ll play with us–but they’ll also play with rugs, screen doors, paper bags, or whatever else is handy. Mr. Nature says play is more important to animals than most people would ever think–and he said that before he saw this video.

Cats Can Concentrate

I get a kick out of this. You never see the cats’ faces, but their body language tells it all. There’s a bird out there, and they want it! This kind of concentration is essential to anyone who wants to succeed in life.

I can’t see the bird, but Mr. Nature is pretty sure it’s a cardinal. At least it sounds like one.

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