More Naughty Cats

We never had this problem with any of our cats. Our turtle did get impatient if he knew we were having lobster; but he should’ve realized that of course I’d give him some.

Is this a valid conclusion: cats will do whatever they can get away with?

Cat Hygiene (Sort Of)

I had a friend whose cat always used the toilet instead of a litter box. He was 90 years old and much appreciated the labor his cat spared him.

Here’s a cat who has almost figured out the use of toilet paper. You can see it’s a big “almost.”

Bad, Bad, Bad Cat!

I’ve known cats who raided the refrigerator; but what really makes me wonder is the gavone who stands there filming it–helping the cat form a habit that won’t seem so funny in the morning if the freezer’s been left open all night.

Cats & Bubbles

I never thought of doing this with any of my cats (who, confronted by the unusual, mostly ran under the bed). It must be tantalizing for them: the bubble disappears as soon as you capture it.

It’s More Than Just ‘Meow’

Birds (and humans) elicit some odd vocalizations from cats. I wonder what they mean.

I’ve heard there’s a cat that can do Minnie Minoso imitations, but I don’t believe it. Then again, who would ever tell such a hopeless lie?

Cats and Catnip

My father used to say he didn’t like cats. Our cat, Henry–who was really very choosy about people–didn’t believe him.

I was surprised when I gave Henry some catnip and my father objected. He’d never seen a cat perform such antics; and I think Henry got under his skin, sitting on his lap and purring. He didn’t do that for everybody.

Kittens Undercover

Well, all right–“under sheets.” Doesn’t have the same ring to it, though, does it?

Our cat Buster loved messing around under the bedding. He and Missy dug their way into the bottom of the mattress. I can’t forget the two little heads sticking out… upside-down.

Cats & Babies (Awwww….)

You can’t go wrong with cuddly cats and happy little babies. I wish we’d had cats when I was a baby. Dream on–my mother would’ve plotzed, the first time the cat rubbed her face across the baby’s lips. Lighten up, Ma!

A Tale of a Tail

You can hear some kind of sporting event going on off-camera; and you can see the cat is watching it intently–while her kitten attacks her tail. How long is this going to be allowed to go on? Man, you can’t even watch a game without someone tuggging at your tail.

Eccentric Kitties

What do we love about cats? Each one has a unique personality; and some of them are downright eccentric. I mean, you might find an eccentric snail… but how would you know you had one? With cats it’s obvious.The cats in this video really stand out.