Cats’ Vendetta with Toilet Paper

As the poor yink who’d have to clean it up if it ever happened here, I view these videos of cats and toilet paper with something akin to horror. I wonder if H.P. Lovecraft was able to keep his cats away from the toilet paper. Betcha he couldn’t.

I’m happy to say that none of our cats ever got into the habit of shredding toilet paper and turning our apartment into an indoor celebration of Mischief Night.

Cats Discover Water Beds

The cats in this video are astoundingly well-behaved.

I remember someone who had a water bed in her upstairs bedroom, and also a guinea pig–who got out of his cage, discovered the water bed, and decided to gnaw a couple of holes in it. None of us noticed anything wrong until suppertime, when the ceiling over the dining area started to give way.

Let us draw the curtain on that painful scene…

Jumping Cats!

I once did two weeks of cat-sitting for a neighbor who had half a dozen cats in his apartment. He also had a plethora of hanging plants, some of them affixed to the ceiling. For almost the whole time, the cats ignored the plants: but then they went into full Tarzan mode. Oh, what a mess! Hanging from the overhead light fixtures, too. It was as if they had suddenly discovered how to fly and were making the most of it.

Sort of like the cats in this video.

Cats Go Nuts for Snow

Oh, to have the fun these cats are having! We’ve got heaps and heaps of snow–why am I not out there sledding? Making snowmen? I don’t know how this happened, but the sledding hill at Tommy’s Pond has gotten a lot smaller since I was a boy. Sleds have gotten smaller, too.

Cat Invents Indoor Sledding

Admittedly this video is short; but I’ll bet you’ve never seen its like before.

This cat has a good thing going. He should patent it. It adds a whole new dimension to going down a flight of stairs.

A word of caution: Don’t try this in a lighthouse.

Unexplained Bombshell with Cats and Laundry Basket!

Don’t you wish that you could move like this? Well, all right, some of you can.

I’ve never seen this kind of laundry basket before. Willis Twombley says they had a lot of them in Babylon but had to switch over to another kind because the cats just took over.

Turn in Your Cat Card!

Isn’t this disgraceful? What could be more pussilaminous (if you’ll forgive the pun) that for a cat to flee from a hamster? And a rather small hamster, at that!

“There are old hamsters, and there are bold hamsters, but there are no old bold hamsters.”  –Ancient Bithynian Saying (obviously untrue, in this case)

Friends… Or What? (Cat & Deer)

Just another day in the suburbs…

Why does this deer, three times the cat’s size, let herself be buffaloed by the cat? Is it some instinct that tells her cats are predators? Like, where there’s a little one, there are bound to be bigger ones?

And then when the cat turns to leave, the deer follows him.

What’s going on here?

Unexplained Bombshell Simple Trick… Cat

Sorry if that headline bugged you, but there were having a special on cliches and I just couldn’t pass it up.

Here’s a cat who likes snow–and look at him go! It’s like he got an exemption from the law of gravity. And who knows? Maybe he did.

Cats–Challengers of the Unknown

There’s nothing in a cat’s inborn tool kit to prepare him for some of the weird artifacts that humans insist on bringing into their homes. Bringing in half a mouse, that makes sense. But a treadmill?

Nothing daunted, these two cats explore the potentialities of this machine. There are times when a cat can only rely on experiment and experience.