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More Cats and Babies

Cats and human babies have something in common. Obviously, both have minds in which various things go on–things which fascinate us, but about which we can only speculate because neither cats nor babies can tell us what they’re thinking. And for my next question–does the one know what the other’s thinking?

The Unemployable Cat

This is the kind of thing that goes on under Baroness Vannett’s back porch all the time, in my Bell Mountain books. Wait’ll this cat tries to get a job at any farm. “You play with the rats? Get lost!”

But I’ve had rats as pets, and mine were wonderful–affectionate, fun-loving, and smart (even if they were a little hard on each other). People who muttered “Yeeeew!” when I brought one of my rats into the vet’s waiting room wound up petting and talking baby-talk to it.

And I did have a cat named Henry who peacefully sniffed at my pet mice and never tried to knock the lid off their aquarium. But I think that was because what he really wanted was my baby fence lizards. Oh, he wanted them so badly! But he didn’t get ’em.

Everyone’s a Critic!

So you’re trying to get your career in the opera under way, practicing in the most private place you’ve got–and along comes this cat who just has to criticize. But then cats have their own ideas about what constitutes music.

Fierce Terrifying Kittens

Here’s another one of those stupid cat videos that I post because we’re all just a lot of old fogeys witch hasnt got no feeel “for” the modren world, as Joe College would say.

These kittens remind me of our Buster and Missy, brother and sister. Buster usually bossed Missy around. But when her ears went flat and her head and tail went almost to the floor, and she headed straight for him in a kind of deadly silence, he knew she was ready to take the dispute to a level way higher than he was prepared to go. So he would back down–if she let him.

The Lonely Cat

Will somebody please play with this poor cat, before he has a conniption? Who knew a cat could get this upset if you leave him alone in the house? Our cat Peep doesn’t like to be the only one in a room, and will summon us to join her. You know–like, “Hey, humans, get up out of bed and come back down here to the living room!” She’ll even settle for her sister’s company, if that’s all she can get.

Meanwhile, I’d be obliged if some of you would share this post or another on Facebook, so I can see if anything happens. Right, it still isn’t working. *sigh*

Bonus Video: Bedtime for Kitty

Our cat Peep does something very similar to this. There’s a quilted comforter on our bed, and she has learned how to wrap herself up in it on cold mornings. She doesn’t have a stuffed dolly to cuddle up to, though.

All the cat in this video needs is an alarm clock.

Cats ‘n’ Dogs ‘n’ Hamsters

Okay–who’s having the most fun in this video? I think it’s the hamsters. They’re certainly burning the most calories. This from a man who just had White Castles for supper. Anyway, we humans can have fun watching our pets have fun.

Sanity Break: Enterprising Critters

Okay, I think I’ve got it figured out. Cats will attempt to do the improbable, and sometimes succeed. Dogs will attempt to do the impossible, and seem not to care whether they succeed or not. And birds like to show off.

You’ve gotta love the God who created thee. (Gee, I meant to write “these,” but somehow it comes out better as “thee.”)

Cats Do the Darnedest Things

I wasn’t really going to post this video, but the cat cuddling the parakeets–well, how could I resist that?

Y’know what I think is the coolest thing about cats? That air of sharp intelligence, which somehow stays in place even when the cat is doing something goofy. Cats just never look stupid. They leave that to humans.

When in Doubt, Burrow!

I couldn’t decide which of these cat videos to post for you, so I said ah, be a sport, let ’em have both.

I love the cat in this video because she reminds me of my own baby girl, Missy, and also because she’s named after the heroine of my Bell Mountain stories, albeit spelled differently. And I’ve got to admire the verve with which she tunnels into the snow. Hey, let’s all go out and do that!

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