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This Cat’s Having a Ball

My cats are too mature anymore to run around all crazy-like. Roll a ball by either of them, and they’ll do no more than turn their heads to watch it. No more running around sideways with puffy tails, either. *Sigh*

So, if I want to see cats get all worked up, I turn to cat videos–like this one. Does this cat have a lot of go to him, or what? Vim and vigor to spare!

Cats vs. Balloons

The cat always wins these confrontations, but the balloon doesn’t make it easy for him. Note the interplay between curiosity and caution (curiosity always wins). And causing the balloon to burst doesn’t always scare the cat. Sometimes it positively mystifies him.

Imagine you’re a cat trying to make sense of a balloon. It can’t be easy for them.

Still More Cats & Babies

All right, enough nooze already. Let’s turn to something wholesome.

Cats and babies make some beautiful music together. I don’t know how that crew of puppies got in here, and some of these little ones aren’t truly babies anymore–but it’s still some nice video. See if it makes you purr.

Paper Bag Attacks Cat

This is why you don’t want to give your cat one of those paper bags with handles. They always manage to get stuck in the handles and it freaks them out.

Astounding False Fact: A certain famous polar explorer was almost killed when he got stuck in a paper bag left lying on the igloo floor by a careless Inuit.

Cats Make Babies Laugh

What is it about cats that human babies find so hilarious? Babies’ minds are sealed books to us. By the time they’re old enough to talk, they can’t remember what they might have had to talk about when they were infants. I would love to know what goes on inside the mind of a little baby. Or the mind of a cat, for that matter.

Can it be that cats and babies understand each other?

Cats Can Contain Themselves

You never know where your cat will turn up next–in a salad bowl, a kitchen appliance, the trash can, a tote bag, or a bucket. They are deeply drawn to anything that might resemble a container–

–Except for that expensive cat bed that you bought them.

Happy Kitties

The things we do to make our cats happy! Well, why not? It makes us happy, too. My cats love being spun around in the computer chair. I’m not so sure either of them would go for having their bellies held under a stream of running water.

I have discovered a revolutionary new secret technique for making a cat happy, but I’m saving it for tomorrow.

Cats Roll Out the Welcome Wagon

One of the nicest things about your pets is, they think you’re a really big deal. If even your cat thinks you’re a schlub, you are a schlub indeed.

But the cats in this video don’t think their humans are a waste of space. Look how happy they are to see you! Everybody needs a bit of that, don’t you think?

The Patient Mother Cat

The mother cat in this video is lauded for her patience with her five supercharged kittens. The other theory is, she’s just plain tuckered out. Kittens can do that to you.

Our two kittens got into everything. Somehow they got up on top of the refrigerator one night, and Peep crawled into the bag that contained my ice cream-making machine. The first we knew of it was a horrific crash from the kitchen. Happily, Peep was not injured in the least, after falling off the top of the refrigerator in a bag with a heavy appliance. That was the end of my ice cream maker, though. To this day I don’t know how they got up there. I have heard that kittens can fly when you’re not looking. That seems as likely an explanation as any.

Cats & Candles

Why do cats have a compulsion to put out candles? And if you watch closely, I think you’ll see that at least half of these cats appear to be left-handed. Maybe candle-snuffing is a natural urge in southpaw cats.

You’ll also observe that some of these clips have been set up by humans–we don’t generally leave burning candles sitting on the floor. People will do anything to get on Youtube.

Don’t blame the cat if he burns your house down, chuckles.

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