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How to Try a Cat’s Patience

So you’re the only cat in a roomful of dogs–sound familiar?–and this corgi just keeps giving you the business. What to do? You try to be a nice guy about it, and where does that get you? You try to ignore him, but he’s too stupid to realize you’re ignoring him. Only one thing left to do…

A Few Flaky Cats

Like i always say, the fun thing about cats is, you never know what they’re going to do next. Neither do they.

My favorite here is the cat chattering. When my cats do that, it’s their way of trying to shame a moth to come down from the ceiling and get eaten.

Quality Time With Your Cat

The cats in this video know they’ve got a good thing going and don’t want it to stop. Or maybe they just love their humans. Either way, they demand to be cuddled and petted.

Note that if you do this with your lizards, you will hypnotize them.

More Funny Cats

I hope I’m not boring you, out there, with all these cat videos. Cats never bore me. But say the word, and I’ll post videos of any other kind of pet you have a fancy for. Alligators, crocodiles, plankton–you name it, I’ll post it.

That being said, get a load of the cat who likes being swept up by the broom.

Feline Ingenuity

Cats have no hands, but they can open dresser drawers. They have skeletons, but they can crawl into confined spaces as easily as any octopus. How they do those things is a mystery. Why they do them is a bigger one.

Curtain Call! (But Not for Actors)

Ah, the sanity break–here’s how a couple of kittens play hide and seek, when they’ve got access to all the nice hanging curtains their hearts could desire. And on the off-chance you’ve enjoyed this video…

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Don’t Tempt a Cat

It’s bad form (an understatement) to provide one another with near occasions to sin. And yet people think nothing of having cats and fish tanks together in the same living room. How do you suppose a cat is going to be able to resist that much temptation?

And empty fish bowls are almost as bad. Watch and see.

Pets Just Wanna Have Fun

There’s something in here for everybody! My favorite is the sheep trying to herd the dogs. We’ve also got cats and dogs, birds and hamsters, a goat, and a tortoise who has, well, designs… on a flip-flop.

BTW, if you listen carefully, you will hear the turtle vocalizing. They said it couldn’t be done, but they were wrong.

Use Your Cat to Generate Fantastic Wealth!

Stretch limo, mink coat, enormous diamond rings, luxury penthouse overlooking Central Park–now it can all be yours! That’s right–and your cat can get it for you. Well, maybe two cats would be better. Or three.

Simply train your cat to do what the kitty in this video has done–grab money and run away with it. Then all you have to do is somehow get it from the cat, a project which seems to be defeating the cat owners in this video.

Now it would be stealing, if you were to keep the money. Actually, the whole thing is kind of dishonest. And roping a poor, innocent animal into a criminal enterprise! Even Professor Moriarty never did that. I’m sorry I ever brought up this shameful subject. Enjoy the video, but stay honest.

If Nothing Else Works, Make a Mess

Oops! Did I just quote the motto of the Democrat Party? Oh, well, never mind.

Confronted by an optical illusion printed on a piece of paper, and unable to pin it down philosophically, the cat will resort to tearing up the paper. Had the owner not been there to film it, he would’ve found confetti all over his floor and had to clean it up.

And I guess it would serve him right for confusing his cat.

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