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A Slippery Slope… for Kittens

Don’t ask me what the kittens were doing up there in the tree-house in the first place. Maybe their mother decided to have them there. Now watch what happens when the very young kittens decide to investigate the attached sliding board. Curiosity and cats.

Fortunately, Mommy’s here to help. Contrary to the academic prattle of today, motherhood is real. It’s part of God’s stuff, and it works.

The World’s Most Patient Dog

You’re supposed to let sleeping dogs lie, right? Only here’s a cat who never heard that truism. He has an altogether different take on the matter of a sleeping dog. But maybe he already knows this dog will never hurt him. A little peek into Paradise…

How Do Cats Do This?

I have it on good authority that cats have skeletons. But what are their bones made of? Rubber? I mean, how do they get themselves in and out of jars, vases, and other exceedingly tight spots?

If you have claustrophobia, maybe you’d better not watch this.

Clever Critters

Cats and dogs, goats and birds–they figure things out, they really do. They come up with original ideas for problem-solving. I suspect they’re smarter than whoever was standing there with a camera while the dog jumped up on the counter and fiddled with the microwave.

The Joy of Silliness (per Dogs & Cats)

Here are some dogs and cats without a shred of self-importance. Refreshing, isn’t it? As an added bonus, we also have a hedgehog in a sink, a bush baby in a purse, and a goat in a shopping cart. Let them entertain you.

Cats: Smart Enough to Look Stupid

There are a lot of animals that never wind up in an embarrassing position. Clams. Mealworms. To wind up behind the eight-ball, you’ve got to be smart enough to play pool. (Did I just say something wise?) That’s how cats get in trouble: curiosity.

P.S.–I don’t recommend allowing your toddler to pull kitty into the bathtub with him. That kind of curiosity never, never pays.

Cattish as a Second Language

This cockatoo has mastered a foreign language–Cattish. Assorted meows, hisses: he’s got it all down pat. These cats are just flustered by his almost undetectable accent. They think he sounds like he’s from Kentucky.

Sanity Break: Cats and Snow

Yes, time for another sanity break. I’m afraid my brain got fouled, contemplating the news this afternoon.

Anyway, it’s snowing like crazy here, and if the cats in this video were here, they’d love it. I love it, too, as long as it doesn’t bring down the power lines.

Pet Me, Pet Me!

For a lot of us, petting a cat is just the berries. And for a lot of cats, too. They aren’t a bit bashful about demanding our affection. And no, it’s not just to get more cat food! They just want us to remember who’s the tops.

Pattycake–with Cats & Dogs

I’m impressed by how gentle these cats and dogs can be with birds and really small animals–even a tree frog. Although I’ve always found it easy to get along with tree frogs. Look at the soft paws. It’s another little peek into paradise to come.

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