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Cats & Bunnies

We’ve got a wind and rain storm outside, and maybe two more minutes before my connection conks out and no more Internet–so all I’m gonna tell you is, here’s some cats and bunnies, enjoy ’em.

The Conscience of a Dog (or Cat)

Look how remorseful these dogs are, after they’ve done something really bad. Problem is, the dog’s conscience only kicks in after the fact. And we don’t know when a cat’s conscience becomes activated. Maybe never.

Our cat Buster used to get in a lot of trouble. His sister, Missy, hardly ever. But when she did, but when it was her rare turn to get rebuked, Buster showed unbounded glee. Did he love it!

They’re more like us than we care to admit.

I’ll Get That Tail if It’s the Last Thing I Do!

I was talking on the phone with Susan this morning when I suddenly heard a loud, blood-curdling, definitely feline shriek. “No!” Susan shouted. “No!” And then she laughed.

It wasn’t two cats trying to tear each other to bits. It was one cat making war on his own tail.

This proves that cats have imaginations. But what they imagine–well, who can tell?

Kitty Connoisseurs (and I spelled it right)

I’ve had cats who really loved certain smells. Vanilla, for instance. And York Peppermint Patties: Buster loved a whiff of one of those.

But here are cats rejecting various objects because apparently they smell real bad. Cats hate lemons; but we have no idea what a lemon smells like to a cat. They don’t seem to like the bouquet of toothpaste, either.

Is This Bird Crazy?

I have seen cats catch and eat birds. It’s one of those things that’s supposed to happen in nature.

But here’s a cat who only wants to take a nap, in spite of the barking dog, the loud TV, and several birds offstage. All of this he overcomes. But he can’t overcome the crazy dove who wants to coo at him, nibble his ear, and poke him with her beak.

How does this bird know the cat won’t–well, eat her? He has opportunities to put the bird away, but doesn’t do it.

“Biological machines hard-wired to behave in certain stereotypical ways”–Fap!

Cat Burglar at Work

Now, Kitty! We humans put your squeaky catnip mouse in the cover for a reason–to keep it away from you. Because we’re tired of stepping on it! We know it’ll be perfectly secure in the cupboard because cats don’t have hands and anyway, we humans are, like, a thousand times smarter than cats…

Spectacular Cat Jumps

Disclaimer: I am not aware of any humans actually getting hurt in this video. It seems cats just can’t resist the urge to tackle a running child. This behavior should not be encouraged.

But boy, some of these jumps! How do they do it? I mean, they might as well go whole-hog and learn how to fly. They’re almost there already.

Cats Can Sleep Anywhere

Here at Chez Leester, we discourage cats from sleeping in the litter box, it just isn’t done. But as you can see from this video, there are certainly cats who’d do it. They’ll sleep soundly anywhere–who needs a bed, when you’ve got a nice light fixture handy?

People who do this are considered eccentric.

Your Fuzzy Wake-Up Call

By cracky, do you believe this guy? Sleeping! When he oughtta be getting up to feed me.

Let’s see… How about the old tickly-whiskers-up-the-nose trick? That usually works. So does walking around on his stomach; and if he had longer hair, I could step on it. That gets a rise out of ’em. Then there’s always pat-pat-pat on the lips…

The great Helvetian vaudeville performer Otto Potzi had pet wasps who used to sting him awake. Pet cats are better.

Tales of the Tail

It’s not cute when members of Congress do it–in fact, it winds up costing us, doesn’t it?–but it is fun to watch when cats decide to chase their tails.

Question! Why don’t they get dizzy? I know cats can get dizzy, I’ve seen it done. But I feel a little wobbly, just watching some of these guys, and they don’t seem to get dizzy at all. What’s their secret?

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