‘Synchronized Cats’

Here are two cats who do everything together. We never had that with our cats. Ours just fight a lot.

I wonder if these two practice.

A Cat’s Fishy Friends

There’s something sweet and peaceful about this video: just a cat interacting with a pondful of huge gorgeous koi (giant goldfish, to most of us).

Our turtle lived in hope that our cat, Henry, would someday feed him; but all Henry wanted to do was sit by the turtle tank and watch him swim around. The turtle was always fed by hand, so his expectation wasn’t unreasonable.

I always fed my goldfish by hand, too.

Fox & Cat at Play

Gee, the last time I saw a fox and a cat this chummy together was in Pinocchio.

It’s obvious the fox wants the cat to chase him, and the cat obliges. I’d rather they weren’t playing in the street, but they don’t care what I think. Wild animal and pet animal buddy up: another glimpse of Paradise.

Confuse a Cat with a Card Trick

The poor cat totally buys this card trick. You can bamboozle very young children with it, too. You pretend to throw a toy across the room, and the kiddy thinks it vanished into thin air.

Wait’ll this guy sees the kind of tricks the cat can do, once he’s feeling ornery.

It’s not nice to fool your cat.

Sneaky Cats

You can get your cat to stalk you if he sees you’re trying to hide. Peek-a-boo from behind a door: the cat will catch on.

There’s one kitten in this video whose reaction is worth the whole price of admission. Well, okay, there is no price of admission. Got me there.

‘If Only I Could Get That Squirrel!’

Here’s a cat trying not to go crazy by seeing a squirrel “so close, and yet so far.” He can’t open the window to get at it. We are told the sounds he makes are “barks.” More like grunts of subdued frustration.

My cats have given up bird-watching. It just doesn’t pay. You never get to eat the bird.

Your Cat & Your Feet

Ah, the smell of human feet! I can almost feel a poem coming on…

Some cats actually like that smell. Some find it a curiosity. And some really hate it and don’t mind saying so.

I’m not really a human foot-smell person.

Cat & Guinea Pigs: Nap? What Nap?

My allergies are absolutely killing me today, I don’t know how I got anything done at all, and this is one of my favorite videos, so enjoy it.

The cat wants a nap. The guinea pigs want to play. There is no meeting of the minds.

Weird Showdown: Toad vs. Cat

(Yeah, I know, they call it a frog; but take my word for it, it’s a toad.)

This is a very wise cat: he knows there’s nothing to do here but back down. It looks like the toad is eating cat food, but I think he’s just snagging bugs attracted to the plate. Adopt a toad sometime and see how far you get, offering him cat food.

Toads defend themselves by excreting poison through their skin–enough to make a cat or a dog seriously ill. I once saw a dog named Lulu pick up a toad in her mouth. Bad move! She was sick all day, and lucky to recover.

Note: There’s another toad in the background. Reinforcements, just in case the cat gets rowdy?

Big Bad Squirrel!

You’d think two cats–two, mind you–would be more than a match for any squirrel. But watch what happens in this video. Hint: the squirrel has absolutely no fear of these cats. This refutes the old adage, “There are old squirrels and there are bold squirrels, but there are no old, bold squirrels.”