Cat Conquers Bear

The humans are indoors and not coming out, the dog is barking but he’s inside, too–well, heck, it’s a bear out there! Danger!

So it’s left up to the cat, of course, to run the bear off the property…

Why Isn’t This Parakeet Scared?

Does this bird have a death wish–or does he know, somehow, that the cat won’t hurt him? Try this outdoors and it’s bye-bye birdie. But in the human home… animals learn to be more than they thought they could be.

Cats Climbin’ Curtains

My iguana gave up climbing curtains when he accidentally tore one down–he did not like to repeat accidents, and took pains not to–but it’s hard to imagine any cat caring about what he did to the curtains. There’s always more curtains somewhere else.

Parrots: ‘Fear No Cat’

How do the parrots in these videos get the upper hand over these cats? I mean, who’s supposed to be the predator–eh? Somehow the parrot has the cats’ number. We need an enormous federal grant to study this mystery!

Cats and Consequences

No one can beat a cat at jumping backwards. Of course, cats don’t do that for fun. They launch themselves when startled… which, as you can see in this video, can happen in very many ways. Some of them the cats’ own fault.

Just Try to Stay Awake

I found this video very soothing. I wonder if it’ll put any readers to sleep.

See, the poor cat wants to watch bird videos; but he’s so comfy in his human’s lap, he just can’t stay focused. Don’t you know the feeling… [clonk!]

These Cats Are Crazy

Well, at least they don’t have claustrophobia.

But why do cats do this–squeeze themselves into fishbowls, vases, undersized boxes, glasses…? And how do they do it? Rubber skeletons?

A Nobel Prize is waiting for whoever can answer those questions.


Where’s Your Cat?

So where’s your cat? Missing? Don’t panic. Check your bookcases, laundry baskets, shopping bags, and any other potential hiding place that seems extremely unlikely. They’d get themselves into jars of baby food, if they could. And screw down the lids.

The Cat’s on Candid Camera

This could have so easily turned into one of those “paranormal” stories. “Help! I put my child’s stuffed toys away, and in the morning I keep finding them all over the house!”

So they put up some hidden cameras and found it was the cat doing it.

Cancel the call to Ghostbusters.

Cats Who Get Themselves In Trouble

My poor Missy got herself tangled in a plastic bag in the middle of the night and rocketed all over the apartment before I could catch her and remove the bag.

As you will see, cats have a real gift for this sort of thing.