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Yeah, We Love Our Pets

Puppies and kittens, dogs and cats–lots of huggable moments in this video. Sorry I couldn’t get one with hamsters and iguanas in it, too, but them’s the breaks.

Was God good and great and wise to build love into us, or what?

Tight Squeezes for Cats & Dogs

Why do they do this–jam themselves into really tight spaces? These cats and dogs are crazy.

And how come you never see videos of how they get out of these incredibly constricted spaces? We always see the cat going head-first into the glass ball half his size. So let’s see how he gets out!

Some Fun Cats

Somehow every cat video I checked tonight had the cat with the bell, “Please ring for service.” Well, that’s compilations for you. But the new clips in here are pretty good–especially the one of the cat with the broom. Don’t miss that one: you may want to try it at home.

Cat and Mouse–With a Twist

I’m not recommending you actually try this, but on rare occasions, cats and mice can be friends. Yeah, if I tried it, I’d wind up with half a mouse. But cats and mice are both extremely intelligent and highly adaptable, and can do things you don’t expect. I am assuming the animals in these videos remained friends off-camera.

I once had a mouse who liked to groom my mustache. Think about that. What did she see when she saw me, besides a mustache that needed grooming? But mice do learn to relate to you on a personal level, and I’m blamed if I can fathom how that happens.

Cats Behaving Oddly

It’s possible I’ve posted this cat video once before. I hope it doesn’t put you off. But there is some truly unusual behavior in here: the cat in mortal combat with his tail, the cat gabbling a mile a minute, and others. Cat video compilations tend to overlap.

Yes, Cats Love Paper Bags

Ain’t it the truth? You buy your cats some nice, fancy, usually expensive toy, and all they want is the freakin’ paper bag it came in. But at least their wants are easily satisfied. If people could fall in love with paper bags, like cats do, it would be a different world. I can hardly imagine how different.

Sanity Break: Cat and Bunny Playing

That’s either one little cat or one big rabbit. Don’t worry, they’re not fighting: they’re tumbling around in play. It’s a mammal thing.

It sort of makes me wish I could shrink myself and join in on the fun.

Unpredictable Cats

You never know what they’re going to do next–and neither do they. Well, some of these actions–the ones that don’t turn out so well–you probably can predict. But others will surprise you. It’s one of those things that cats are really good at.

Cat vs. Human: A Contest of Wills

Human wants the bottle on the shelf. Cat doesn’t. Cat has in mind Gen. Grant’s famous saying, “I intend to fight it out on this line if it takes all summer.” Human has also heard this saying.

I’m glad my cats don’t do this. I would be very much put out if they did.

Cat Finds Other Uses for Shoes

You’d think a cat who lives with human beings would learn to be pretty blase about shoes. Like, what’s the big deal, it’s only a shoe? Well, you’d be wrong. It’s easy to be wrong when you’re trying to understand cats.

This is Marmalade, of “Cole and Marmalade” youtube fame, giving some of Daddy’s shoes a workout.

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