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‘Sno Business like Snow business

More cats frolicking in snow. We have snow in our forecast for the weekend. I’ll believe it when I see it.

I’m especially intrigued by the cats who totally submerge themselves in snow. If I did that it would get under my clothes. That’s something cats don’t worry about.

Cats Frolicking in Snow

Ah! Watching this made me want to frolic in the snow, provided we ever get any around here. Make some snowballs, go into my 100% Accurate Imitation Luis Tiant Wind-up, and see if I can strike the black walnut tree that throws nuts at me in the fall.

Cats and snow and joie de vivre

Cats Don’t Like These Movies, Either

The only excuse I have for posting this again is that it cracks me up every time. The only cat I ever had who took any notice of television was Buster, who watched Nature because he wanted to try to catch the funny little elephants inside the funny box. He didn’t know what he was missing.

Inviting the Cat to Dinner

You don’t have to send an engraved invitation. This cat has learned the classic English phrase, “Ya hungry?” And the answer is always “Yes!” A very polite cat, she never fails to answer.

I don’t know when she’ll be ready for “Call me Ishmael,” but as long as the food holds out, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Weird Cat Noises

Are these cats trying to tell us something? Or are they practicing to learn a foreign language? A lot of this is very soft language, so you’ll have to turn up the volume if you want to have any hope at all of translating it.

More Sleeping Cats

What’s the strangest place you’ve ever slept in? Never mind, cats have got you beat: they can sleep anywhere. This video proves it.

I did hear of one guy at Fimbo College who liked to sleep in a cedar chest, but I don’t know what happened to him.

Patience is a Catly Virtue

I wish we could know what a little baby is thinking when he first discovers a cat’s tail. And yes, my mother would definitely have plotzed, when she saw what use one baby made of the cat’s tail.

What cats have to put up with, from babies and puppies–!

A Fuzzy Shoulder to Cry On

Cats excel at comforting crying babies–who knew? Some of the kids in this video are a little old to be sitting around crying, but cats comfort them, too. A few of these cats can even turn crying into laughing.

Better than Play-Doh!

Funny Cats and Goofy People

Yo, Einstein! Take the cat out of the bathtub, okay?

And then there’s the weird little box that makes strange noises when the cat moves close to it. Watch the cat try to figure out how it works. Watch me try to figure out what it’s for. Somebody paid good money for that. And they say cats are funny.

Cats Obstreporating

I’ve never understood why cats calmly, methodically knock things off shelves. Sometimes they lean over to watch the things bounce off the floor. Are they playing Galileo? You need a Leaning Tower of Pisa for that.

Our cats don’t do this. They don’t have to. Their twitchy tails knock things off our shelves. They are playing Stegosaurus.

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