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Confuse a Cat

I can see why a mirror might be confusing to a cat. It can stump a chameleon, a dog, or a hamster, too. But half a lemon? Why should that be cause for great caution? What does a cat think about a piece of lemon?

I love it when kittens first learn how to arch their backs, puff their tails, and hop around sideways–heap big threat display! Pretend to be scared when they do it.

Cats That Swim

Nothing like a few splashes of water to break up a cat fight. Cats can swim, of course, but most of them would very much rather not.

If your cat must swim, the bathtub is the best place for it. Steer clear of wading pools.

Cat on the Keyboard

Maybe you were expecting to see a cat play the piano. Well, there’s one cat who does, but not this one. No–this one lies down on the middle of the keyboard. And then the human works around him. This is so soothing, it    almos       put me          to      zzzzzz…

Cats Show Dogs Who’s Boss

What’s the matter with these dogs? They’re bigger and stronger than cats. Why do they let cats dominate them?

Our family dog, Pepper, had to stay with us one weekend, and we were uneasy because there was a stray cat who’d had her two kittens here in our apartment just a few nights ago; and Pepper never met a cat she wouldn’t chase. We prepared to intervene quickly.

But somehow Pepper and Angel, without benefit of language, divided the apartment between them and there was no fuss at all. Pepper knew better than to mess with Angel’s kittens. We all had a nice, peaceful weekend.

Cats Who Can’t Stay Dry

When they’re not stealing cigarettes or money, most of the cats in this video are busy getting wet. They have an uncanny ability for falling into bathtubs full of water. Sinks are quite popular, too.

Sprinkle a few drops of water on my cats, though, and they run away.

Why Do Cats Do This?

I am happy to be able to say my cats don’t do this. They only cause things to fall off the table as they bumble around up there.

But why do so many cats get a kick out of knocking things to the floor?

And try to explain the bozo who stands there filming the cat as it prepares to knock an egg off the table. It’d serve him right if the egg landed on his shoe.

Klutzy Kats

Even the epitome of grace and athletic prowess–we’re talking about a cat–can’t help taking a prat fall sometimes. Slippery counters, table tops that aren’t quite as big as you thought–a well, fer cryin’ out loud! (but don’t worry, no harm done)–and a mouse who’s ready to lick any cat who dares to cross his path: well, they’re all opportunities to look like a klutz.

I had a friend who managed to fall out of every boat he was ever in. Every time. But he was human.

Furry Dreamers

Our cats sleep very soundly, but sometimes their legs and feet make running motions. Ears and whiskers twitch.

It can’t be doubted that cats dream. We can guess, by watching, when they’re dreaming of eating, or suckling, or sniffing something that they really ought to leave alone. But the content of cat dreams is a sealed book to us.

A Babylonian scientist named Rogers said his cat dreamed about pasta, but I don’t know how he knew that.

Cat & Rat: A Love Story

I’ve had cats and I’ve had rats, but never at the same time. Our rats were wonderful pets, smart and affectionate. If rats could live ten years, they’d be reading and writing and starting businesses. It doesn’t seem odd to me that a cat and a rat could become best friends. That’s domestication. Wild cats and rats–yeah, that’d be odd.

(Thanks, Susan, for sending us this video)

Cats & Babies: The Movie

Don’t you hate movies that call themselves “The Movie”? I mean, what else would you think it was?

Anyway, time for a bit of coziness. Can’t beat cats and babies for that.

Note to parent with fantastically bad idea: Do not allow your toddler to play with electrical appliances. The cat won’t always be around to make him stop.

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