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What Do You Say to a Moth?

My cat Henry used to do this all the time. A moth would fly in and park on the ceiling, and Henry would climb all around the furniture, yapping at the moth. What was he saying? I’m not sure, but I think it was something like “Come down here, you coward! Think you’re tough, eh? Just wait’ll I get my paws on you!” I guess the moths understood him because they never came down.

Cats Who Like Shoes

Most cats I’ve known have loved shoes–especially if they’re old and smelly. The shoes, I mean, not the cats.

Our cat Peep is a little devil when it comes to shoes. She has untied my shoes while I was wearing them. As a kitten, she once pulled out one of Patty’s shoelaces and ate it. Try to guess who wound up with the job of checking you-know-what to make sure the shoelace came out. Which it did, thank heaven.

Note that the maker of this video was careful to remove the laces from these shoes.

Catch as Cat Can

My Missy used to do this with pipe cleaners. She liked to start the game before I got out of bed in the morning.

The cat in this video is performing an experiment to see for how long the tame human will keep this up.

Some Very Creative Cats

You wouldn’t think a cat could figure out how to lock a baby into a cabinet; but stay tuned.

As for the cat who is able to vanish into the ceiling without leaving a trace–well, my iguana did that once, and it took him three days to find his way back out again; and when he did come out, he was all black and dusty and my sister had to give him a bath. I happened to be away at the time and missed all the fun. But boy, my family sure was puzzled. I mean, where do you hide a four-foot-long lizard?

Why Do We Love Cats?

There are some awfully cute cats and kittens in this video.

I love my cats because they’re like children to me, except they never grow up and go to collidge (where you never grow up at all).

Cat on a Not-Tin Roof

First question: How did she get up there in the first place?

Second question: At the risk of being mistaken for a rocket scientist, how hard would it be to go back in and open one of those windows?

I got a neighbor’s cat down from a porch roof once just by leaning a plank against it, which the cat eventually used. I have no idea how or why he got up there. It’s just one of those inscrutable things cats do.

Kitten Playtime

Don’t you wish you could move like this! And if we could summon up this kind of joie de vivre on our own–well, hum baby!

The bed reminds me, though, of when Robbie and Peep were kittens. One day they seemed to disappear, and we couldn’t find them anywhere. Although I’d looked under the bed before, I gave it another try, this time with a flashlight–and was startled to be looking at a pair of little round heads with pointy ears… upside-down. For they had managed to burrow into the box spring and were now peering out of the hole they’d made to get in.

You never know what cats will do next.

Table for Two, Please: a Rat and a Cat

Here’s something you don’t see every day–a rat and a cat drinking from the same dish. The rat has absolutely no fear of the cat and is, in fact, rather pushy. They must be housemates.

I’ve had cats and I’ve had rats, but never at the same time. Rats make affectionate, adaptable pets who are remarkably intelligent–at least as smart as cats or dogs. And like cats, rat siblings’ chief amusement is to beat up on each other–which ours always stopped doing, instantly, the moment I turned the light back on. You would hear thump-thump-thud-SQUEEEEK, turn on the light, and behold–nothing’s happening. Nobody here but us cozy little rat-girls, boss…

Baby Loves Cat

I think I probably posted this video once before, but gimme a break, I’m full of fried lobster and in serious need of a nap.

Anyway… Is this the world’s most enthusiastic little baby, or is it just the cat that gets this reaction? What eloquent facial expressions this baby has! The cat seems somewhat less enthusiastic. But don’t worry, baby–there are a lot of cats who’d be tickled pink to cuddle up with you. They’re all over youtube: just borrow one from another video.

Not-Quite-Stealthy Kitten

Generally when you’re trying to sneak up on somebody, it’s best not to do it in plain sight. If you’re a kitten, you might not have learned that lesson yet.  We humans smile and think they’re cute when they do this; but if we were bugs we wouldn’t think so. This would really put a twitch in your antenners.

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