‘Why Are These Kindergarten Children Still in Diapers?’ (My Newswithviews Column, Sept. 28)

5-year-olds Still Wear Nappies and Drink Milk from Baby Bottles |  Supernanny - YouTube

Ooh, wait, I know! Don’t start kindergarten till the kids are 12!

What progress! Armies of kids marching off to school in diapers! Haven’t been potty-trained, you see. I really can’t recall anything at all like this from my own days in kindergarten.

Why Are These Kindergarten Children Still in Diapers?

Is that the choice now? Either the teacher spends the day changing diapers, or else is free to groom little children for “gender reassignment”?

Save the children! Take them out of public school.

What? You Don’t Potty-Train Your Children?

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Someday “teachers” will be doing this for 11-year-olds. Maybe that will keep them out of mischief.

This is one of the most towering damnfool things I’ve ever heard. I’ve just got to write it up for Newswithviews (so stay tuned tomorrow). For the time being, here’s the quicky blog version.

From “Your Tango”: “Teacher Explains Why More Kindergarteners Than Ever Are Starting School Still in Diapers” (https://freerepublic.com/focus/f-bloggers/4184855/posts). Catchy headline, isn’t it?

So myriads of children are showing up for kindergarten without the benefit of potty-training–five years old, most of them–and teachers are having to change their diapers for them. And all that time they should be teaching ’em that boys can be girls and girls can be boys and America’s a racist hell-hole, etc., etc.

But why are so many kids not potty-trained?

If you guess that trendy stupid ideology’s behind it, you won’t go wrong.

Ee-yah! No small number of parents have bought into this: it’s not just karma raining on the teachers’ unions. When you cultivate stupidity, it grows. Heck, it grows like freakin’ kudzu if you don’t constantly prune it back.

That’s what’s happening with our civilization. Kill the culture, and it will surely kill you back.

No, Parents, They Do NOT Respect You

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(“Oh, those meddling parents!”)

[Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip.]

Hey, the U.S. Secretary of Education came right out and said it: he doesn’t “respect” parents “acting as if they know what’s right for kids” (https://tennesseestar.com/uncategorized/education-secretary-says-he-doesnt-respect-parents-thinking-they-know-whats-right-for-kids/jtnews/2023/09/25/).

Hear that, you plebs! You’re paying boxcar-loads of money to “educators” who admit that they despise you! Who think they have a license to groom your kids for sex. And teach them that race is everything! Transgender lessons out the wazoo! The whole Far Left culture-killing, family-destroying Fun-Pack!

So… Is Secretary Miguel Cardona right–you’re just a bunch of ignorant peasants, unworthy of respect? Do you want to re-elect his boss, SloJo Biden? How about keeping the whole gang of them in power, lording it over us and using our kids as lab rats in their social experiments?

What do ‘educators’ have to do, to get you to pull your children out of their teachers’ union schools? Or is there just no limit to how much they can insult you and trample on your wishes?

They take your silence as consent. (At first I made an error and typed “content.” Now I wonder if that really was an error.)

‘Be a Hero, Give a Zero’ (2018)

Image result for images of failing grade

Okay, you’re a kid in public school, and you don’t bother to do your homework, you bomb every test and every quiz, you pay no attention in class (if you even bother to show up)–and what kind of grade would you expect?

Oh, heck! At least a “50,” just for existing.

Be a Hero, Give a Zero

Here’s a teacher in Florida (Florida!) who was fired for giving a student a Zero because he did no work at all. But then I remember a teacher who told me she knew some of her students were cheating on tests, but did nothing about it, just gave them C’s and passed ’em on… “because it’s easier that way.”

I hope there are enough kids being homeschooled to keep our civilization from collapsing.

Well, *Almost* Nobody…

High School Diploma Maker | Validgrad

The Marlin, TX, school district postponed its high school graduation because, school officials said, only 5 members of the senior class met the state standards for graduation (https://www.cnn.com/2023/05/26/us/marlin-high-school-texas-graduation/index.html#:~:text=A%20rural%20Texas%20high%20school,5%20seniors%20meet%20graduation%20requirements&text=A%20high%20school%20in%20Marlin,seniors%20met%20requirements%20for%20graduation.). The other 28 were held back because of poor grades and poor attendance.

Update: 17 seniors, in just one week, have supposedly made up for their insufficiencies.

Never mind! CYA Inc. has provided a solution.

Yes, why let your high school twist in the wind because nobody can graduate? Shift the blame to where it belongs–parents, grandparents, Donald Trump, and even the kids themselves if things get really gnarly!

CYA’s Substitute Diploma will get educators off the hook. Here’s a sample:

This is to certify that the ________ School District has attempted to give So-and-so an education conforming to state standards and that it’s his/her own fault that he/she is still an idiot. This is what they get for cutting class–it’s not our fault!

This way the school can still have a sort-of graduation celebration. Hand out these certificates as if they were diplomas and tell these wayward students “Hasta la vista, baby!”

Endorsed by 36 teachers’ unions nationwide!

Dem Gov’s Desperate Effort to Stop School Choice

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Vouchers! Let’s go get those vouchers!

To stop a legislative vote on a school choice bill that would provide education vouchers to persons at all income levels, North Carolina’s Democrat governor declared a State of Emergency–yes, an “emergency” (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/05/north-carolina-democrat-governor-roy-cooper-declares-state/).

What in the world can this mean? Are North Carolina’s public schools so awful that they’ll all be left empty within hours of the vouchers being made available? Not so hard to believe. But what would the state do with all those empty schools?

But what’s the emergency? And whose emergency is it? The public escaping from the public schools, to the teachers’ unions, that would be an emergency. To “educators” and school administrators with six-figure salaries, it would be an emergency. And certainly the groomers wouldn’t like it.

Well, any Democrat governor knows who butters his bread, doesn’t he?

And it ain’t the normal people.

‘How Do Teachers Learn to be Kooks?’ (2014)

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How do the teachers’ colleges train them to be kooks?

I could still generate this blog every day if I published nothing but news items about how awful public schooling has become. Literally, I would never run out of material. But I’d probably run out of readers.

How Do Teachers Learn to be Kooks?

Quick, call the police! Children playing ‘hangman’!

And the police come when they’re called. That’s the strangest thing of all. You’d think they’d lock up the kooks for wasting their time.

I went to teachers’ college in the early 1970s and it wasn’t a training ground for kooks, cranks, and wackos. It was mostly just dull.

But honk if you think public education is just fine.

Cheating Student Pepper-Sprays Teacher

25 Best Pet Lizards You Need To See (Beginner-Friendly)

You can see the video embedded in the story; I’d rather not post it. Here’s a nice lizard instead.

When the teacher confiscated her phone for using it to cheat on her in-class schoolwork, a student at Antioch High School in Tennessee pepper-sprayed him and tried to take back the phone by force (https://nypost.com/2023/05/08/tennessee-teen-pepper-sprays-teacher-after-he-takes-her-phone/). Dig that public education.

Now, what’s the one thing we’re told that public schooling provides… well, indispensably? [Cue Jeopardy theme]

You guessed it–socialization! Somehow being cooped up all day with other kids is supposed to teach you how to behave in human society. Hot dog! I don’t know that I ever learned anything good from my classmates, but I sure as shootin’ learned a lot of bad.

The day public education was invented was a calamity.

Don’t Forget to Change Their Diapers

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“Oh, I’m so scared they’ll take away our puberty blockers–!”

Oh, those looniversities! Who can think of any more frivolous use of time and money?

Portland State U. will now be offering cotton candy and coloring books (Oh, come on! You’ve got to the joking. ‘Fraid not…) to “LGBTQ” students and others with aberrant sexualities… “to ease their anxieties” (https://www.thecollegefix.com/university-offers-pro-lgbtq-students-cotton-candy-coloring-to-ease-their-anxieties/).

Seems they’re all worked up because state legislatures are outlawing procedures to sterilize and mutilate children as “gender reassignment.” By cracky! MAKE THE WORLD SAFE FOR PUBERTY-BLOCKERS! Who do these dadburned normal people think they are?

Never mind. “Celebrate” everything trans! And if the cotton candy and the coloring books don’t calm ’em down, better check to see if their diapers need changing.

Chelsea Clinton Stands Tall for Porn in School Libraries

“What, me worry?”

Honk if you follow this argument, advanced by that sage of sages, Chelsea Clinton.

It’s B-A-D (!) to ban sexually explicit books from school libraries… because these books “help children to learn about themselves and our world” (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/04/chelsea-clinton-says-banning-sexually-explicit-books-from-schools-is-harmful-to-children/). Therefor banning such books is… “harmful to children.”

The apple didn’t fall far from that tree, did it?

Don’t you get it yet? The only way to keep your children morally and psychologically safe is to keep them out of public schools. Far Left teachers’ unions and evil, addled “educators” are committed to corrupting children, any way they can. Pass all the laws you want–nothing is going to make these reprobates change their minds.

I wonder what Chelsea’s letting her children be “taught.” Maybe that’s one of those things it’s better not to know.