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More Bad News: Church of England Takes a Dive

Well, here we go–the Church of England has ordered its 4,700 schools, serving a million pupils, to allow children “to experiment with gender identity” (http://www.itv.com/news/2017-11-13/church-schools-told-to-let-children-experiment-with-gender-identify/). Can you gimme hallelujah? So if you sent your kids to a Church of England school to protect him from the sex-obsessed Godlessness of public education–well, ha-ha-ha on you.

According to “new guidelines from the church,” children “must be allowed to identify as transgender.” Ultimately, explain the idiots in charge, this will “wipe out bullying.”

Verses from Romans spring to mind. “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools” (1:22). And whatever happened to “And be not conformed to this world…”? (12:2) But of course the one verse today’s geniuses have a real problem with is Genesis 1:27, “[M]ale and female created He them.”

You blockheads. If it really were possible to erase a sin from the earth by writing man-made laws against it, don’t you think someone would’ve done it by now? “Bullying”! You saps are being bullied by a Godless, idol-worshipping world, and you don’t even know it. Because it originates in the human heart and comes out from there, there will always be bullying. Only Jesus Christ can save us from our sins. Allowing kids to “dress up” for school in tutus and firemen’s helmets, while requiring everybody else to pretend they don’t see it, is not going to save anybody.

But as long as you’re conforming to the world, what else matters? You work hard to get the approval of the pagans. And you’re welcome to it. But in the words of an old Caribbean spiritual, “Where you gonna run to, all on That Day?”

‘Another Thing We Can Do’ (2013)

America won’t be right until public education is replaced, Christian education becomes the norm, and the teachers’ unions are put out of business for good.


(The book cover is from 1989, if my memory’s right.)

Transphobia, the Silent Killer

Guest columnist Dr. Sheldon Puce chairs the Dean Jagger School of Baldness at Fimbo University, where he is also Big Professor of Gender Studies. I have no idea why I have permitted him to do this.

I call transphobia “that there silent killer” because here at Fimbo University we don’t allow any transphobic remarks. Our Attitude Adjustment Program, centered on beatings and electric shocks, does a pretty good job of silencing transphobia.

But transphobia is also a civilization-killer, in that wherever it exists, it prevents the best and smartest people from taking charge of things. No civilization can flourish without multitudes of transgendered persons! My research has turned up the fact–predicted by my theory, of course–that throughout the history of the world, almost all great, important, really cool individuals were–you guessed it!–transgender.

Ramesses II, for instance, the greatest pharaoh Ancient Egypt ever had, was born Shirley Muldoon. Gender reassignment therapy quickly corrected that mistake! Queen Hatshepsut, on the other hand, was born a man, an error for which her parents were executed. Again, gender reassignment to the rescue!

Imagine history without Julius Caesar, Queen Victoria, Thomas Edison, Hyman Kaplan–all transgendered, every one of them! Imagine civilization without the great contributions made solely by transgendered persons–writing, building, the wheel, agriculture, and those things you throw in your laundry to make it smell nice.

Well, I have to go now, I’m chairing a meeting of Academics ‘R’ Us. Remember what I said–and get your gender changed today.

Cops Bust Kid for Playing ‘Hangman’ (2014)

Your school tax dollars at work!


You may have noticed that news links embedded in my posts don’t work anymore. This is WordPress’ doing, not mine.

School Board Puts Lid on Homework

Image result for images of homework

In the secular humanist quest for an earthly paradise, no stone is small enough to be left unturned.

My hometown school board, as reported today in our local paper, has “enacted guidelines for assigning homework.” It seems the kiddies are all stressed out from too much homework, after a special committee worked on it for two whole years.

To quote from the news article by Claude Deltieure, “The recommended daily homework load is ten minutes per grade level”–ten minutes?–or a whopping 15 for reading. So a kid in 8th grade might be saddled with as much as 80 minutes per night, presuming all his teachers that day assigned homework.

It seems the board’s chief concern is “stress.” Homework is stressing out the kiddies.

No normal kid wants a load of homework. Back in the Bronze Age, when I went to school, you learned to do your homework efficiently, expeditiously, so you could move on to more important things, like playing stickball. Homework was just one of those things the adult world saddled you with. By the time I was in high school, I’d learned to finish almost all my homework in study hall.

As a teacher, I knew many teachers who hardly ever assigned homework–because, after all, they would have to read it and grade it. Most of my teachers went over the homework in class the next day, rather than take it home and grade it.

There’s something creepy about this whole drive to protect young people from stress of any kind, with all kinds of unavoidable stresses waiting for them in the world outside. Who’s going to tell their employers, when these kids grow up, “Only this much work, and not a minute more”?

My parents insisted that I do my homework, and helped when I needed it. As a boy, I would have loved to pass it up altogether. But doing it taught me how to work. And work can be stressful. You have to learn to handle it.

Well, easing way up on the homework will surely prepare these kids for collidge, and Play-Doh, and coloring books, and demonstrating for tampons in the men’s rest room, and shouting down, or assaulting, anyone whose opinions expose them to stress.

You could, of course, homeschool your kids and preserve their minds from the ravages of public education. But then we wouldn’t need school  boards with multi-million-dollar budgets.

‘De-Colonizing Math’… to Dumb It Down

Image result for images of bridge falling down

Alta wrote in today to remind us that public education in her country of South Africa is given to “de-colonising maths.”  In order to “transform society,” y’see–although I don’t know who asked for it to be transformed. Well, they’re doing it here, too. After all, college can’t finish its job on the students’ brains unless they’ve first been pretty well worked over by the public schools. First mash it, then shape it.

To this end, we have PC puke like “culturally relevant math lessons” devised by condescending white liberals (https://blog.learningbird.com/decolonizing-math-creating-culturally-relevant-math-lessons/)… and if I follow this sentence to its logical conclusion, I’ll get in trouble. Feel free to fill in the blanks.

But you see, Ms. Liberal $Educator explains, mathematics has to be “de-colonized”–Lord, give me strength–because “Many of the elements of western math instruction don’t necessarily aligned with the principles of indigenous learning,” whatever the devil that is. But isn’t it sweet of her to stoop down to the “indigenous” level, because those poor folks just aren’t able to learn white man’s math?

Math is about bridges not falling down after you build them, and buildings going up straight instead of crooked so that they don’t fall down, either, and not running out of food or other necessities because you don’t know how to do a budget. Math is about things being done right.

That’s what I didn’t like about math, when I was a punk kid. There was always only one right answer, and I couldn’t schmooze my way past it. Oddly enough, that’s what I’ve come to love about math: right answers are hard to come by in this world, outside of the Bible.

College Crapola-Fest: Math=’White Privilege’

Image result for images of horses' rear ends

Tell me again: you sent your kid to this university because________? You wanted to make sure he or she grew up to be an idiot?

In the race for the bottom, the University of Illinois has lunged ahead with some published blather by “an admired scholar” claiming that teaching and learning mathematics “perpetuates white privilege” (http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/10/24/white-privilege-bolstered-by-teaching-math-university-professor-says.html).

I cannot explain why white people do not seem to have gotten tired of hearing stuff like this, nor why they send their children to college, at great cost, to hear more of it.

“On many levels,” prates the jackass, “mathematics operates as whiteness.” What crap. But I suppose getting things right is somehow racist, nowadays.

Way back in the 1950s I learned–in a public school, no less!–that you can’t have a civilization if you can’t do math. “Gol-ding it, the freakin’ pyramid fell down again!” “Oh, no! We’ve run out of supplies halfway through the winter!” We learned about Hindu-Arabic numerals, which sort of implies that Hindus and Arabs knew math, too. Somehow we managed to learn that there were other civilizations outside of Europe that probably were able to do a bit more than just count on their fingers and toes.

But now getting the right answer to a math problem is “whiteness.”

Hey, sunshine! Why don’t you find some place where they don’t do math and there are no white people around to blame for everything, and go live there? No one will care if they can’t solve a quadratic equation. No one will even notice.

Meanwhile… hey, parents! I hope you like what college is giving you for your money. You’re paying enough for it.

…And See What Comes Out!

Image result for images of college witchcraft

In Snorri Sturlusson’s history of King Harald I of Norway, written in the Middle Ages, he reports that Harald married a queen who had a reputation for practicing witchcraft. When she died, Harald was so distraught that he forbade anyone to move her body. Amazingly, the corpse, just left on the bed for month after month, did not decay. But finally, when they had to do something about the bedding, they turned her over–and she burst wide open, and a multitude of hideous little monsters swarmed out of her body, which instantly decayed.

Hmm… Was Snorri actually writing about America’s college and university system in 2017?

I visited The College Fix today (http://www.thecollegefix.com/), and it was so full of revolting news reports, I didn’t know where to begin. Catholic college, Georgetown, punishes students for promoting Catholic teachings on marriage. Smith College Queer Studies program–yes, you can get a degree in that, and don’t even ask what it costs–seeks to “disrupt normative sex,” only aberrant sex allowed. Another college teaches that “white people slaughtered and maimed their way to the top” and need to be brought down, I guess so other groups can have their turn to slaughter and maim people. And on and on and on, one after another. I just can’t zero in on any one of them. I couldn’t even get up the nerve to count them.

What are our colleges doing to us? If all these millions of students actually come to believe the drivel they’ve been taught, so ripe with hate, fury, and the potential for violence, what kind of hell-hole will America be turned into, in their hands? Think about it: someone’s got to.

Shut them down. Cut off the money and shut them down. Find some other means of higher education. And maybe someday we can build new colleges where decency and sanity prevail.

But first put a stop what what all these schools are doing.

Trigger Warnings Galore!

Image result for images of college snowflakes

Academics at Cambridge, one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the English-speaking world, are beginning to have second thoughts about attaching “trigger warnings” to every cotton-pickin’ thing–especially to William Shakespeare’s plays (http://www.foxnews.com/world/2017/10/19/cambridge-university-slammed-over-shakespeare-trigger-warnings.html).

See, the idea is to help students avoid hearing or reading anything that they might possibly find to be at all distressing. Not knowing what traumatic experiences any one of thousands of students might have had way back, while in his/her/xer cradle, and wishing at all costs to spare them any reminders of such unhappy times, they pretty much have to trigger-warning everything.

True, Shakespeare’s plays do feature every kind of mayhem you can think of, great heaping portions of it; but if it’s going to bother you that much, why study Shakespeare at all?

But it’s not just The Bard. Would you believe it? Even law lectures, about crime, are trigger-warninged so that law students don’t ever have to hear about some of the things that criminals actually do.

One might agree, at no cost to his self-respect, that Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus, featuring rape, murder, mutilation, and cannibalism, is hardly suitable for a dinner theater program. But we are talking about students who grew up playing Zombie Apocalypse all day and watching ‘Game of Thrones’ all night. They might find Titus Andronicus too tame for them.

But then they get to collidge and run around like chickens with their heads cut off because they’ve been taught that they are precious little snowflakes who will melt upon exposure to even the slightest heat. It’s really quite a transformation. I wonder how they do it.

Higher education: making the whole world dumber by the day.

Another Captive Audience for ‘Gay’ Speakers

Image result for images of rainbow flag at school

If you thought your kids were safe from “gay” evangelism in a Utah public high school–Red state, full of strait-laced Mormons–well, you thought wrong.

Parents are upset that the school recently hosted guest speakers from, uh, “Moab Pride”–like you couldn’t guess that that would be about?–supposedly for “poetry slam workshops,” whatever the devil that is, “on tolerance and acceptance”… which turned into an exercise in “identity mapping”–the superintendent of schools admitted he didn’t know what that is; and neither to we–in which students were called upon “to reveal their sexual orientation and gender identity” (https://townhall.com/columnists/toddstarnes/2017/10/18/guest-speaker-tells-students-im-queer-and-im-trumps-worst-enemy-n2396815).

You can’t beat the superintendent’s excuse: “It  caught the school off guard.” Oh, well, no problem then!

Red state, schmed state: the same teachers’ unions, and the same “gay” evangelism. They’ll do it every time.

Controlled by the same far-left teachers’ unions in all 50 states, America’s public schools are dedicated to preaching sexual anarchy, gender-bending, race-hustling, socialism, and all the rest of the leftids’ DeLuxe Fun Pack. If you send your kids to public schools, that’s what they’re going to get. How many thousand more examples do you need before you see that?

It looks more and more like the only safe place for your children to be educated is at home, by Christian families.

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