Are You a ‘Domestic Terrorist’?

Group protests Critical Race Theory at Fort Worth ISD school board meeting

Now we’re “terrorists”?

Yo! Y’know those local school boards that we… elect? We ought to get our heads examined!

The National School Boards Assn. has asked Doddering Joe Biden (some, but not many, people’s idea of a “president”) to brand dissenting and protesting parents as “domestic terrorists” who are committing “hate crimes” (

Sheesh. You leave the nooze alone for a few hours and it just gets worse.

Now that “remote learning” has enabled parents to see and hear what is being “taught” to their children in the public schools–racial hatred and lots of transgender schiff–they’ve swarmed to school board meetings all over the country and lodged loud and vigorous protests against the curriculum. And the school boards resent their interference.

Maybe the parents should riot. Then their actions would be reclassified as “mostly peaceful protests.” Like when leftids burn down half a city.

Nothing like that has happened at any school board meeting. People are just mad. Mad that school boards use their tax dollars to warp their children’s minds. And they are demanding that it stop.

Is that what makes you a “domestic terrorist”?

Watch. Eventually “domestic terrorist” will be a term applied for any dissent from Far Left Crazy’s “education” program. Like the term “racist,” it will cease to have any meaning at all.

Pull your children out of public school! It’s our only effective recourse. The fanatics in charge of public education will never listen to us, never address our grievances, and never stop poisoning our children’s minds.

We have to make it stop.

‘Public Servants,’ My Asp

Anti-Critical Race Theory Protests End Loudoun County School Board Meeting

All around the country lately, members of local school boards have been resigning–mostly because, they say, the public is so mean to them! And the public meetings are getting loud, chaotic, and nasty. Who needs it?

Gee, how ungrateful can the public get? Here are all these Educators plying the public’s children with Critical Race Theory, socialism, and Transgender–and the public doesn’t like it??? Say it ain’t so, Joe!

Rather than honor the public’s wishes in any way, some school boards have taken to meeting at undisclosed locations–so the proles can’t show up and protest. Dagnabit! Don’t these peasants realize we’re changin’ the world? Why don’t they just shut up and let us do it?

The American people pay for every atom, every second, devoted to public “education.” For this they get laughed at and despised by “educators” who want to change their world for them.

This went on for years and years and years until finally The Great Pandemic, which forced millions of school-aged children to receive “remote learning” at home, revealed to parents what their children were being “taught.” And waddaya know? The parents didn’t like it! As in “Hold up, sunshine! Who the holy hell are you?”

I used to cover several local school boards in the 1970s. I remember when the New Jersey Dept. of Education, itself brand-new, sent a sweet young thing to the Matawan Board of Education to tell the members how it was gonna be from now on, with the state calling all the shots and the board just there to take the flak.What a snow job she hit them with! They hardly understood two minutes’ worth of her jargon. One of the members said, “I don’t like this! It sounds like one of those Russian five-year plans.”

The answer was simplicity itself. “Tee-hee! Tee-hee! Sometimes I forget you local people don’t speak Educationese! But don’t worry–we’ve got it all thought out.” All you plebs gotta do is rubber-stamp it!

Local school boards were supposed to represent the interests of the community they served. They were the custodians of the local school district.

But that was then, not now.

Unless you’re a stone lefty who goes along with all the garbage, your children don’t belong in public school. It’s a spiritually and intellectually toxic environment.

‘Harvard: “Gender” Changes Day to Day

See the source image

This story is already revolting enough without an illustration. Here’s a lovely red salamander instead.

We’ve been living with this “transgender” garbage for years now. Imagine that.

Our colleges and universities belch it out like smog.

Harvard: ‘Gender’ Changes Day to Day

Yowah, yowsah! Today you’re this, tomorrow you’re that. And everybody better be on the ball with those pronouns–because “misgendering” can actually cause one of these jidrools to kick the bucket. Harvard says so!

How are we supposed to keep our self-respect, if they can force us to say we believe stuff like that?

We’re not.

I’m On the Air Today

This afternoon I’m going to join Andrea Schwartz for one of her “Out of the Question” podcasts, brought to you by Chalcedon. Our topic will be “The Dumbest Generation”–and what’s making it so dumb. You’ll find reviews of the book here, in the archives, and on the Chalcedon website, .

I’m a political scientist; so when I say you can’t have idiots as the foundation for a constitutional republic, I know what I’m talking about. But idiots, big exploding bunches of them, is what our public education system’s turning out.

Surprise! Smartphones aren’t making anybody smarter.

For the rest of the morning, I’ve got a chapter of my book to write, and some more blog posts to see about.

I Never Taught Sex Ed

10 Sex Education Books For Kids of All Ages -

A little over 20 years ago, I did a great deal of substitute teaching at a certain suburban high school  in my county. I was in there practically every day, teaching all kinds of classes.

Except for “sex education.” No substitute was allowed to teach sex ed. If the teacher was absent, a vice principal would have to take the class.

And get this! The textbooks were never allowed to be taken out of the classroom. They were handed out to the kids when they came in and taken back when the class was over. The books never made it to a student’s locker. No parent was allowed to see them.

If anything good came out of the COVID panic, it’s this: Closing the schools and requiring “remote learning” at home finally clued parents in to what their kids were being “taught” in public school. Yeah–that scheme to have parents sign pledges not to listen in on their kids’ instruction, that went nowhere fast.

Today more parents than ever now know about the teachers’ unions’ penchant for “teaching” such abominations as critical race theory, “comprehensive sex education”, and indoctrination into socialism if not outright Marxism.

If your kids are still in public school after all this… Why?

Mayor to School Board: ‘Resign or Be Charged’

Closed Classroom Door Stock Vector (Royalty Free) 482787919

What goes on behind closed classroom doors?

The mayor of Hudson, Ohio, has told the town’s school board members they must either resign or be charged with distributing child pornography–under the guise of educational material (

“I’ve spoken to the judge,” said Mayor Craig Shubert.

At issue is a book of “writing prompts” called 643 Things to Write About–including, for instance, an instruction to “write a sex scene you wouldn’t show your mom.” I don’t think my parents would have been amused. But that was way back when the public used to have some say about the public schools that they, and no one else, paid for.

The Superintendent of Schools admitted there was “inappropriate material” in the textbook–but, he said, it was never used and “we collected the books.” And, like, sorry about that! He also admitted “We didn’t do due diligence” in selecting course materials.

We mustn’t be so hung up on tyrannical, unconstitutional COVID “mandates” that we lose sight of all the rest of the serious mischief being done to our country. Leftids have set fires in numerous places, all of which have to be put out. When we rush to extinguish a fire in the closet, they start one in the kitchen; and when we run to the kitchen, they start a fire in the garage.

If indeed the board can show that the book of “writing prompts” was taken away before any students had a chance to see it, the defense might have a case.

But in any event, our “educators” must be reined in. They’ve done too much damage already.

What? A Newswithviews Column?

Understand Me If You Can – Rulla Alani

I have to write this week’s Newswithviews column, like, now… Only what should I write about? I was too sick yesterday even to think about it. I’m somewhat better today, but way behind in my work.

So what’ll it be? (And hurry up about it!) Parents actually sending their kids back to public school, in spite of all they’ve heard about it lately? Like, y’know, California schools teaching kids to worship Aztec gods.

Or maybe Alexandria O’Crazy-O-Cortez showing up at a $30,000-a-ticket New York gala wearing an ugly $34,000 dress with a slogan in barn paint, “Tax the Rich.”  We still don’t know whether she paid to get in.

Whatever I decide, I have to start writing it toot-sweet. So if you’ve got any suggestions or encouragements (which I can always use!), let’s have ’em now.

College: Now It’s Just Disgusting

✓ grovel free vector eps, cdr, ai, svg vector illustration graphic art The Art of Groveling

(Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip.)

A Virginia Tech professor has apologized for being white. She put it in the syllabus. Here are some quotes (

“I am a Caucasian cisgender female–” Really? You’re really going to send your kids there to be “taught” by this fat-head?–“…I am married to a cisgender male–” As opposed to “a man”? What have these fools done to the English language? “I will continue… [to] confront the innate racism within myself…”

Enough already. Makes you want to puke, doesn’t it? Oh, there’s more. She has only just begun to grovel.

This must not be allowed to be part of America’s future! Stop writing the checks. Starve these wretched looniversities out of existence. Whatever they’re supposed to do for us, it’s not worth letting them do this.


High School Chemistry and Me

High School Students Doing Chemistry Lab Experiment Stock Photo - Download  Image Now - iStock

I don’t know why they made me take chemistry in junior high and high school. I never got it. Never came anywhere close to getting it.

High school chemistry was worse. Because I had done so well on other subjects that had absolutely nothing to do with chemistry, I was rewarded by being placed, the next year, in the advanced chemistry class! Along with kids who built their own computers. You got an extra grade point just for being there, so all my F’s were transformed into D’s. Can you give me hallelujah?

And at the end of the year, the dreaded Lab Final. It counted for half your grade. And it was do or die. Mr. Dennison handed each of us a small sample of an unknown substance, and we had two hours to identify it. If you were right, you got an A on the final. If you were wrong… bye-bye.

Now, I had no way to go about identifying the tiny bit of white powder that had been doled out to me. Confectioner’s sugar? Baking powder? Itching powder? How the hell do I know? You were supposed to subject the material to various laboratory tests–but I couldn’t remember how to do any of those tests, or what they meant, etc. etc.

Oh! Wait! I remembered one single thing from eighth grade chemistry! Just one. “This is the flame test for sodium,” I remember Mr. Buckelew saying. It was the only freakin’ thing I remembered in two whole years of chemistry. It didn’t even rise to being a lucky guess.

So I performed the flame test for Sodium. Waddaya know?? That’s what it was! Sodium fugazi or something. I wrote it down and handed it in. Only ten minutes had gone by since the exam started.

You should’ve seen the look the teacher gave me when he saw my correct answer scrawled across the page. He knew I didn’t know! And now I’d ruined his whole testing regimen. His format hadn’t accounted for a lucky guess by an almost total ignoramus.

But I walked out with a passing grade in chemistry!

And never went anywhere near it ever again.

‘Your School Tax Dollars at Work: P&J Sandwiches Are “Racist”‘ (2017)

In addition to being one of the stupidest things I ever heard of, this item shows that “educators” have had years to turn our schools into idiocy factories.

See the source image

So the principal at Harvey Scott K-8 School in the riot-happy city of Portland, Oregon, declared peanut butter and jelly sandwiches “racist.” How so? Shut up, you racist hater biggit! Something to do with “white privilege.”

Your School Tax Dollars at Work: P&J Sandwiches Are ‘Racist’

Our public “education” system is killing our country. Keep it up, and the next century won’t find us here–maybe a name on the map, but nothing more.