High School Dean Pleads Guilty to Racketeering

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Yeah… but this was not a game.

Hummm, baby! How about this for a public schooling outrage?

An academic dean (he “helps” with students having difficulties), after shooting a high school student, has pleaded guilty to racketeering charges. It turns out that Shaun Harrison–at 63 he seems a little old for these capers, but I wouldn’t mind being 63 again–was not only a member of the Latin Kings street gang, but used his position in the Boston public school system to recruit new members for that criminal organization (https://www.boston.com/news/crime/2022/08/10/bps-dean-latin-kings-guilty-racketeering-rico-conspiracy-shaun-harrison/).

Kowabunga! Look who’s “educating” your kids! And you’re gonna send ’em back to public school this year because __________? Honk if you can think of no reason at all.

And I hear another story knocking on the door. Let’s go see what it is.

‘Princeton: You Can’t Say “Man” Anymore’ (2016)

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“Words fry introsectional socio-pupa my thrymbut–right?”

I’ve been writing about this crapola for ten years or so. Are we any better off for having indulged it that long?

Princeton: You Can’t Say ‘Man’ Anymore

Now it can be told: College makes you stupid. If you don’t come out of there a flaming idiot, it won’t be because they haven’t tried to make you one.

Of course words are “exclusive,” you driveling morons. If they weren’t, communication would be impossible. But then you’re halfway there already, aren’t you.

Public School Outrage Du Jour (Rat Out Your Family)

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Keep your family under surveillance for racism!

Lower Manhattan Community Middle School, in New York City–rather posh for a public school, and students get admitted via a lottery because there’s only room for a few hundred of them–is already being sued for segregating children into “racial affinity groups,” but that doesn’t stop them from looking for new worlds of educational malpractice to conquer.

Now “school officials” are asking kids ten years old and up to “surveil” family members and friends for (oh, please) “microaggressions” (https://freebeacon.com/campus/at-this-manhattan-middle-school-school-sixth-graders-are-asked-to-surveil-friends-and-family-for-microaggressions/). Children are asked to “keep a list” of the ways their families “contributed to racism.”

What the devil kind of “education” is this?

At the same time, school officials are singing the blues because enrollment has gone down 8 percent and they’ve lost more than $200 million (!?) in aid. How it costs $200 million to run a school full of nut-case Far Left “teachers” is way beyond me.

Not for the first time we wonder whether the old Soviet Union really went away, or just came here, changed its name, and took over. “Kids! Comrades! Send your parents to the salt mines! We pay cash for evidence of racism! Tell Daddy and Mommy ‘Do svidanya, baby!'”

Parents send their children to this school of race-baiting paranoia and expect them to turn out just fine.

God help our country.

The Freak in the Classroom

Is this who you want “teaching” your children?

Ready for another public schooling outrage?

“Libs of TikTok” has turned up another post by a “queer” teacher, this one “teaching” third grade (https://thepostmillennial.com/openly-queer-teacher-admits-to-socially-transitioning-3rd-grade-students). It flies an Organized Sodomy rainbow flag in the classroom and wears “bi-flag” watchband and wrist bracelet. This purple-haired character says he/she/it is always eager to help “my kids–”

Whoa! Did she/it say “my kids”? Parents let her/it get away with that?

Why does anybody still send their kids to public school?

Anyway, the “teacher” wants to “help” kiddies “transition” to some other “gender.” I am sorry for all the quotation marks, but we are now in the twilight zone and words don’t mean what we always thought they meant.

I don’t know what else America’s unionized public school teachers think they’re doing, but I can see one thing they’re most certainly doing–grooming children for aberrant sex.

And if your kids are still in public school, you’re letting them do it.

Too Dirty for the Airwaves–But!

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Aka your nearest public school

If the content of a book is too dirty to be broadcast on the airwaves… what’s it doing on the shelves of a public school library?

Ah! Another public school outrage.

A father went to a June 30 meeting of the Florida School Board to ask why a certain book was in his son’s high school library (https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/another-parent-silenced-at-a-school-board-meeting/ar-AAZxFhs?ocid=msedgntp&cvid=9f91c0e40b564126b7c2604ed8423ff7). To make his point, he started reading excerpts from it… whereupon they cut off his mike and silenced him, later claiming that since the meeting was being broadcast, it would have been against state and federal law for it to be read on the airwaves.

Huh? Against the law, but OK for kids?

High school kids are especially vulnerable because they don’t realize they’re still kids. They feel like adults. Some of them look like adults. But they aren’t. Take it from me: I remember it well.

Of course, it all becomes crystal-clear once you admit the hypothesis that this whole business is purely to groom children for aberrant sex. “Educators” deny that that’s what they’re doing, but I don’t believe them.

Public education is broken, and it can’t be fixed. It means to, and can, and will harm your children and your family. The only effective solution is to remove our children from the public schools and let the Far Left Crazy teachers’ unions shrivel up and die. Homeschooling has never been more efficient or affordable than it is now. And it has surely never been more necessary.

Had Enough Yet, Parents?

You want your kiddies “educated” by him? Really? Would you believe this mutant is a “dean” in a public high school? Have we truly come to this?

Today’s public schooling outrage comes to us from Fairfax County, VA, where the district school board has ruled to prohibit teachers from notifying parents when their child “decides” to “change gender” (https://freebeacon.com/campus/virginia-school-district-prohibits-teachers-from-contacting-parents-when-students-change-gender/). Sorry for the quotation marks. We need them when we talk about crapola.

So if your child “decides” to change his name, use the opposite-sex bathroom, or demand the use of really silly pronouns… the teacher is prohibited from letting the child’s parents know.

And if a teacher’s “personal beliefs” get in the way–so what? That’s the policy. Obey it or else.

No parental consent is required anywhere along the line. What would move a little kid in kindergarten to say “I’m non-binary!”? Uh… let’s see… crystal ball… Ooh-ooh, I know! Praise and approval from the “teachers”! Lots of attention! And if some other kid bugs you, you can have him or her totally destroyed because nothin’, baby, nothin’ trumps transgender!

Supposedly Congressional action is brewing over this (good luck finding any Democrat who’ll buck the trannies); and by jove, Fairfax Co. schools currently have hundreds of job vacancies! It must be hard finding people who are evil enough to teach there.

Meanwhile, parents have elected a “shadow board” whose job will be to monitor and rebut the real board. It has no authority.

Look, it’s simple. These “educators” are out to wreck our country, and the schools are how they do it. The only effective remedy is to take the children out of the schools and end public education.

Before it ends America.

Teachers’ Union: Ban ‘Mother’ and ‘Father’

Need we say more?

Do you really want your children “educated” by these people? Really?

America’s biggest union, the National Education Assn., currently holding its annual conference in Chicago (where else?), has called for a ban of the words “mother” and “father.” But that’s only because they’re, like, anti-human.

They’ve also called for mandatory masks and vaccines in all the schools. Yes, we said “mandatory.” So much for “choice.”

And then there are gems like this. One of their resolutions–we quote:

“NEA shall create a policy task force to develop strategies for placing the intersectionality of climate justice and environmental racism at the center of all relevant conversations and business,” blah-blah.

I wouldn’t let my house plants be “taught” by these characters. What is the matter with people who keep on sending their kids to public school?

Beats me!

‘How We Trash Our Country’ (2019)

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There’s never been a presidency more harmful to our country than the one that we’re enduring now; but let us never, never, never forget that all the seed of it was planted from 2008 to 2016… by *Batteries Not Included.

And the worst thing he did was stir up racial animosity. On purpose. With results like this:

How We Trash Our Country

It all starts in the schools. The nooze media, Hollywood, and our fat-headed leaders play their parts, but the biggest wrecking ball is “public education.” And as you can see by the attached nooze story, some of the private schools are every bit as bad.

Don’t send your children back there in September.


Pushback! College Has to Cough Up $800G to Christian Student

Everywhere a Student Happens to Be Standing Is a "Free Speech Zone" |  FreedomWorks

Georgia Gwennit College was only one of hundreds of colleges with speech codes, free speech zones, etc. But now those hijinks are going to cost the college $800,000 (https://www.thecollegefix.com/college-will-pay-800000-to-settle-free-speech-lawsuit-filed-by-silenced-christian-student/).

In 2016 the college silenced a Christian student who tried to evangelize on campus. He got permission to do so in one of the “designated free speech zones,” but that was taken away because “someone complained.” (See how far you get, “complaining” about Critical Race Theory.) So was born a lawsuit brought by the Alliance Defense Fund representing the Christian student. The $800,000 is an out-of-court settlement. We can only imagine what the college would have to be if the case had gone to trial.

But as usual, the Far Left bullies backed down when it came time to go to court.

And this year Georgia passed a state law abolishing “free speech zones.” The Constitution makes the entire United States a free speech zone.

Gwennit College tried to weasel out of it in 2021 by “amending” its speech code “to bring it into line with the Constitution,” but a court ruled that didn’t let them off the hook for abuses perpetrated earlier.

Of course, no amount of fines or penalties will really hurt a college–not when they can just raise the tuition at will and get federal money for promoting transgender.

People staying away from college and not sending their children there, letting these schools go out of business and die–that will stop the abuses.

My Newswithviews Column, June 9 (‘Suing Your Schools’)

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I’m all in favor of suing public school districts over their inane and stupid policies. If you’ve got the money, why not? You might win a million-dollar settlement–that’s one less diversity counselor they can hire (until they raise the taxes again). They might even back down for a while.

But they’re not going to change. They are *Educators, and they will never change.

Suing Your Schools

“Parents are not to be notified,” says the crack-brained “school policy,” when a child decides to embrace sexual unreality.

These are evil people. Not just misguided. They are evil, their policies are both evil and insane, and they should not be allowed near anybody’s children.

Take the children out of there and starve the beast to death.