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My Newswithviews Column, Jan. 18 (‘Another Social Engineering Fail’)

I am not responsible for the headline supplied by Newswithviews.

How bad is education in America? It’s getting to some point beyond my verbal resources.


Please Tell Me They Were Kidding…

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In 1997, at the National Governors Assn. Winter Meeting, Hollywood director Rob “Meat-Head” Reiner, who is not a governor, introduced a scheme for government “experts” to intervene in the development of every child from birth to age three, so as to ensure that everyone “develops” properly. Meat-Head then introduced a–well, a scientist, who “displayed two brains, one of a criminal and one of a healthy individual…” Image result for images of meathead rob reiner

Hasn’t learned a blessed thing in all these years…

Please tell me this was from a remake of Young Frankenstein. It was just a put-on, right? They had to be kidding. I mean, really, this was like a 1950s TV commercial for a new brand of mouth-wash…

No such luck. It was all too real, and you can read about it in Sex, School, and Politics by Donna Hearne, a former official in the U.S. Dept. of Education under President Reagan. (Published by the Constitutional Coalition, St. Louis MO, 1997)

With enough expert managing and supervision of family life, Meat-Head declared, there won’t be any more of those ugly-looking criminal brains. There will be only normal, happy, healthy brains. No more problems, no more crime–utopia at last! And we’ll owe it all to Science and the government!

Mrs. Hearne’s little book was written 20 years ago, describing the chain with which our betters thought to bind us. As Marley’s ghost might say, “And they have labored on it ever since. It is a ponderous chain!”

If you’ve already read R.J. Rushdoony’s The Messianic Character of American Education, in which the creators of our public education system testify against themselves in their own words, you already know the game plan:

Human beings are perfectible by government and science, using whatever degree of violence, duplicity, and coercion is necessary, with the objective of gaining total control over every aspect of every human being’s life–with unfettered sex provided as the anesthetic.

Conspiracies are hatched in secrecy. This is done in plain sight. And no one is stopping it.

First, No ‘Best Friends’ Allowed; Next…

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It started in Europe, but hoity-toity private schools in America are now picking up on the newfangled education theory of not allowing children to have best friends (https://newswithviews.com/what-do-they-want-in-the-end/). Why not? “So that no one feels left out or excluded.” Or so they say.

Blithering Pinhead Academy, one of the first American schools to adopt a no-best-friends policy, has resolved to carry that principle a few steps farther.

“There will never be any freedom until educators and other experts control every aspect of every human life, no matter how trivial,” says BPA headmonster Iza Dorque. “Here at Blithering, we’re always ahead of the curve.

“That’s why we have just adopted a brand-new policy of not allowing any of our students to have a favorite food. From now on, they’ll have to like all foods equally! Failure to do this will be corrected by torture. Repeated failure will land an offender in Sensitivity Training.”

Ms. Dorque explained, “It’s so evil and un-inclusive to have a best friend. It means there are one or two people whom you like better than anyone else! We will not tolerate such intolerance. It suggests that individual persons have unique qualities. Well, how the blazes are you going to have Diversity unless everyone is exactly the same!

“It’s the same with food. If one child likes tofu best, and another child likes quinoa, the one who likes tofu is discriminating against quinoa, and, by extension, against the child who likes quinoa. It is a microaggression!”

In answer to criticisms that Pinhead Academy’s policies are unnatural, anti-human, oppressive, stupid, and cruel, Iza Dorque called for Security and had the critics forcibly removed.

Win a Free Collidge Eddication!

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Washme Hall, Fimbo State College

College tuition got you down? Don’t you wish you could get a college education without the dreadful cost?

Well, now you can!

In partnership with Fimbo Krunchy Cereals, and located within mere blocks of beautiful downtown Detroit, Fimbo State College is offering tuition-free five-year degree programs to the first hundred students to collect and submit one thousand (1,000) boxtops of either Fimbo Frostee Insects or Fimbo Squishy Flakes–and what’s more, each qualified student is guaranteed to graduate!

Best of all, there’s hardly any work involved! All students will automatically major in Social Justice Studies, and will enjoy free room and board in whichever dorm happens not to have a flooded basement at the time. There are no exams, no term papers, and free Fimbo Krunchy Cereals served for every meal–plus no restrictions at all, when it comes to foraging. If you can catch it or pull it out of the ground, you’re free to eat it–and strike a blow against white supremacy every time you chow down on a handful of nutritious leaves!

Plus, all our professors have served time in other institutions, and there’s nothing like experience.

But hurry! They’re only giving out one hundred of these Fimbo Skolarships! Be the first on your block to have a college degree without the student debt!

Happy Krunching, everyone!

Today’s Wacky News: Is It ‘Art’ or ‘Classroom Pornography’?

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An art teacher at the Lincoln Elementary School in Utah has been fired for, er, “exposing” his sixth grade students to “classroom pornography” (https://news.hjnews.com/logan_hj/teacher-parents-weigh-in-on-nude-artwork-incident/article_cbcb8316-9f6e-56b7-93c1-14807cc595a9.html).

But the sheriff’s deputy who came running when the parents called, well, he didn’t think there was any pornography, so no charges were filed. This in spite of the fact that he found the school principal stuffing the “evidence” into a shredder.

Here’s what happened. To make a point about color, the art teacher told the kids to look in the school library’s “Art Box,” which contained some hundred post cards featuring famous and classical works of art. Three or four of them depicted nudes. When they found out about it, angry parents called police.

There’s also a kerfluffle over what the teacher may or may not have said when he was asked about it.

Don’t get me wrong: I think parents should have veto power over whatever is taught in their children’s classroom. It would be even better if they gave their kids a Christian education at home.

That being said, you can’t study art history without being “exposed” to nudes. Not if you want to study Western art, beginning with the Greeks. Or certain types of Hindu sculpture. Then again, this is only sixth grade. When I was in sixth grade, the art teacher managed to teach us about art without showing us any nudes. I still remember our lessons about Giotto, Van Gogh, Toulouse-Lautrec, and Picasso: Mr. Rarick would be proud of me.

Really, though–shredding the evidence: tsk, tsk. “Quick, quick, run it through the shredder before the cops get here!” I call that “acting guilty.” It’s a good way to make people think you must be guilty. Like when you edit out all the cold temperature readings to prove Global Warming and then deny you did it and refuse to answer any questions about it.

Public school–America’s better off without it.

So What Is Justice?

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Bandy around a word too much, too carelessly, and next thing you know, it has no meaning.

We’ve got social justice, racial justice, environmental justice, gender justice–and now we’ve got a chain of “Justice” shops, specializing in girls’ wear. Lots of sequins and glitter.

Why would such a shop be named “Justice”? What does tween girls’ pajamas and sweaters have to do with justice? I was so curious, I went in and asked the clerk. “I don’t know,” she said. I asked the manager. “I have no idea,” she said. “I never thought to ask about it.”

I imagine the shops got their name from an awareness that, by the time they’re in their early teens, American children have been stuffed to the gills with assorted variations of “justice,” all held up as profoundly desirable. “OK, ‘justice’ is good. So if I call my shop ‘Justice,’ people will know that whatever it’s selling is good.” But I doubt one out of a hundred of those young teens can offer a coherent definition of the word. Go ahead, put it to the test. Ask any 13-year-old, “What is justice?” Just ask. I’ll bet you dollars to donuts the answer you get is a giggle, a grin, a shrug, and maybe a “You know!” or two.

Liberals and “teachers” have all but destroyed the word “justice,” applying it to every damned thing on their socio-political wish list. It approaches total meaninglessness.

But that’s what leftids do to language.


‘Care Bears’ for College Students

(Thanks to “Unknowable” for the news tip)

It’s getting harder and harder to tell the difference between college students and 5-year-olds.

The “honors dorm” (good grief!) at University of Massachusetts-Amherst is now festooned with Care Bears posters to help students cope with the stresses of life. The Care Bears provide these budding intellectuals with helpful admonitions to eat healthy, get plenty of exercise, relax, think happy thoughts, etc. The young intellectuals might have missed these lessons in kindergarten, amid all the bother about choosing your gender and hating Donald Trump, so they’re getting them now. In college.

A few find this treatment “condescending,” if not downright ridiculous; but to others, says a student, “They think this is the new normal.”

Hello! Wake up, America! You have a gigantic problem looming up, a few years down the road. What is the country supposed to do with tens of thousands of college graduates who have been carefully taught to be completely useless? Better think of something quick!

Where ‘Diversity’ Means Conformity

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And where is that? You guessed it–college!

I draw your attention to a townhall.com column by Jack Kerwin today, “Groupthink in Academia: the Will to Submit.”


In it, he cites a study that found, within America’s colleges and universities, a near-perfect degree of ideological and political conformity–“groupthink” in spades. Which comes as no surprise at all. Anyway, give it a read. The facts and figures are eye-popping.

Does anybody still not know, or at least suspect, that the general effect of public education, if not its explicit purpose, is to breed conformity? And that the higher up the education ladder you go, the more conformity you find? And the more lip-service paid to a totally nonexistent “diversity.”

The thing that must be done, and the sooner, the better, is to cut off public funding of the universities. Mr. Kerwick thinks it’s the public funding, most of it provided by leftid politicians, that accounts for the near-total lack of independent thinking among academics.

Given that virtually everybody goes to college nowadays, to be “taught” by these idiots, mis-education is a ticking bomb that will someday blow up on America. What are we supposed to do with millions of young, ignorant, angry, incompetent, unemployable college graduates? It’s gonna be a big, big societal and economic problem.

My Newswithviews Column, Nov. 30 (‘Why We Can’t Drain the Swamp’)

It’s getting hard to keep up. Matt Lauer and Garrison Keilor have fallen, since I wrote this a few days ago. Rush Limbaugh opened his phone lines to any Democrat who is not a sexual predator, but nobody called.


‘School Punishes Boy for Sharing Lunch’ (2015)

Golly gee, why is our society so messed up?

Because we send every generation of our children to get messed up by public schools.


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