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This Is ‘Offensive’?

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Might as well keep it in a jar, for all the use they get of it.

(Source: Martin Selbrede, “As a Result…” in Arise & Build, Chalcedon’s monthly newsletter, Jan. 31, 2020)

Steven Wilson, founder and CEO of a New York City charter school chain, was fired recently for a blog post that “extolled an education structured to permit students to ‘experience the satisfaction of their intellect: the heady delight in connecting ideas, the pleasure of imagination, and the reward that follows mental struggle.'”

“In today’s highly charged climate,” Martin adds, “to be protective of such values against ideologically intolerant litmus tests is regarded as inherently oppressive and racist.”

So thinking is now “racist”? Well, yeah, everything is racist, somehow.

But here we have “education” itself tearing at… education! Suddenly “education” means the opposite of education. Suddenly it means tamping down the mind so that the students will not connect ideas.

Western societies are “educating” themselves to death. There are way too many colleges and looniversities, way too many students in them (learning how not to connect ideas), way, way, way too many self-important pinheads “educating” them into idiocy, and appalling sums of money being wasted on it.

The only thing our education establishment is in business for is to crank out more Far Left Crazy dunderheads. For “educators” today, this is Job One. There is no Job Two.

Take away the public funding, break the teachers’ unions, and let the free market strangle most of the colleges and looniversities.

Before they strangle what’s left of our civilization.

My Newswithviews Column, Jan. 2 (‘Teacher Unions vs. Teachers’)

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You would think teacher unions would defend classroom teachers against legislative measures that would make their jobs impossible. But you’d be wrong.

Teacher Unions vs. Teachers

That’s because Job One for the teacher unions is to crank out a whole generation of ignorant leftists. There is no Job Two.

The continued viability of the Democrat Party depends on “public education.”

Kill off public education, and the Far Left Crazy dies.

Can We Make California’s Schools Worse?

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(Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip)

So you want to be a teacher!

Starting with the 2020 school year, a new California state law will make it illegal to suspend students for disobeying their teachers (https://www.kget.com/news/state-news/california-public-schools-cant-suspend-students-for-disobeying-teachers-new-law-says/?fbclid=IwAR2QG91Q1DWFdYRyuOTFBzyIP6HZvhaOC0mcqNamb-_pdH3PqBkHukqZJ7M). What an idea!

This will apply in 2020 to kids in grades 1-6. In 2021 through 2025, it will be expanded to cover students in grades 6-8.

The “reason,” as the virtue-signaling legislators call it, is because suspension for misbehavior is “disproportionately used against students of color.”

As a former teacher, I can’t imagine the chaos that will ensue. Suspension is a next-to-last resort, expulsion being the last resort, for getting disruptive students out of the classroom so that some education, at least, can go on. To discard that disciplinary measure is to give up all hope of maintaining order. And don’t tell me I’m wrong, because I’ve been there, done that.

Of course, none of these Far Left Crazy legislators will ever have to worry about trying to teach in a classroom where hooligans run wild. Nope, they’re perfectly safe from the consequences of their actions. They usually are. They make sure of that.

Government by liberals means ruin.


Demoting Jesus Christ

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Complete the sentence, if you can. “I send my children to public schools to be educated by Far Left Crazy dimwits because _________.”

For the latest example, we cross the Atlantic to a school in London where the headmaster, in order to make things more “inclusive,” has changed the lyrics of Away in a Manger, in the school’s Christmas pageant, to strip away the Lordship of Jesus Christ (https://www.foxnews.com/world/london-parents-upset-after-school-changes-lyrics-to-christmas-carol-to-be-more-inclusive).

So the kids can’t sing “Lord Jesus.” It can only be “little baby Jesus.” To make it more inclusive. So as not to express any Christian content to Muslims, Hindus, atheists, or people who worship trapdoor spiders.

But if Jesus is only a little baby, and not Lord of anything, then what the dickens are we celebrating? The birth of a nice guy? If Jesus is not the Christ, if He is not the Lord of lords and King of kings, then why do Christmas at all? As C.S. Lewis explained, if Christ is not who and what He says He is, then He is either a liar or a lunatic. And why should such a one be celebrated?

The more “inclusive” you try to make something, the more you thin it out–until whatever meaning it had has been diluted out of existence.

The nooze story quotes some angry parents, but apparently they’re not angry enough so that school big shots need have any fear of them.

But that’s how public servants become the masters of the public: when they lose their fear of the people.

‘The University as a Fount of Idiocy’ (2012)

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Looking back, it seems incredible that our colleges and looniversities were already so awful, seven years ago. Butler U., in Indiana, was only one in hundreds of citadels of brainlessness.


Back then, America’s aggregate student debt had already galloped past a trillion dollars. Gotta be half again as much by now.

Are we getting our trillion dollars’ worth? Or are we just paying these “schools” to crank out moronic malcontents who’ve been taught to hate our country?

‘Idiocy Marches On’ (2013)

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The dodo went extinct through no fault of its own. We have “teachers” to help us do it.

Some years ago, “educators” in Britain had the brilliant idea of forbidding children to have best friends. That way, they, uh, “reasoned,” they would spare kids the heartache of eventually losing the friendship.


See, they’re convinced human nature is like Play-Doh and they can freely shape it any way they please.

Has this caught on in American schools yet?

We Deamanned eezy Corses!!!

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Tooday we hadded “a” meating of The Stodent Soviet to de-manned fromb nowh “on” thare be Nothing butt Reel Eezy Corses hear at Collidge so evry One thay can Gradurate!!!

Al the collidge it has to Do “is” drop al themb Hard Corses! I knowed a gye he “was” taking Allergebra and it was jist Awffle!!! It was tooo hard! Thare shoodnt be “no” Math in collidge becose Math it “is” ownly For no good stinkin wyte Peple!! And yiu know watts wrong whith “it???” Yiu woont beleave it!!! Thay keep sayin thare is A Rihght Ansir to evry Promble! And al the Otther Ansirs thay “are” Wrong!!! This is Racist!!!

Butt wee aslo deamanneded thay get Ridd “of” Histary becose its Old! and get ridd of Englisch becose its jist wyte Privlidge! Al themb Ackadimmick corses thay are ownly “in” thare to maik stodents feeel Bad!!! Themb proffs thay jist caint whayt to Flunk yiu!!!!

Constaquintly becose of al themb Hard Corses thare “are” Stodents who cant gradurate “And” thay dont get no Deegree or nothing!!! Lasst yeer we jist fowneded Out that our Graduration Rayt “it was” ownly Nineteeen 19 Parsent!!!! That is unconsional!!! The Rayte it shood Be One hunderd 100 parsent!!!

I amb luccky i amb majering In Nothing Studdies and noboddy thay nevver Flunks Nothing Studdies!!!! Acksipt for this one gye he Flunkeded the Fynal becose he eated The Test and thenn got Sick alll Over “the” prefesser’s Desque!!!!!! Butt evry Boddy elst we al getted Strait As!!! Al we got “to Do” is keep paiying “the” Tution and in Fyve 5 oar Sicks 6 Yeers we gets our Deegree!!!

And yiu sea that oncet Evry Boddy thay all gets Strait As,, then Evry Boddy thay “are” Eaquol!!! Eaquolitty it “is” Goood!!!!!!!!!!

Our Colleges: Dumbing It Down

It’s so hard to learn from morons!

Motivated by a weird belief that everybody–everybody!–ought to go to college, America’s colleges and universities continue to dumb down the curriculum.

Like, dropping math requirements, says a honcho at Michigan State, will result in “more successful graduation outcomes” (https://dailycaller.com/2019/12/03/detroit-valedictorian-math-msu/). The kids won’t learn anything, but the colleges will look better.

The Daily Caller has reported on the plight of a high school valedictorian from Detroit now “struggling with low-level math” at Michigan State. In high school she got all A’s. Now she’s up against it, academically.

Meanwhile, the California State University system may do away with the SAT and ACT tests as admissions requirements–because those tests, they say, promote “inequity in student populations.” Honk if you can figure out what that means.

Michigan State dropped algebra in 2016, while Wayne State went them one better by dropping general math altogether.

And another wizard of education has proclaimed that requiring right answers, and expecting students to do their assigned homework, is–you guessed it!–“prejudiced.”

But look, there’s a very simple solution to this problem.

Let every high school student who wants to go to college send his chosen college a check for the tuition. When the check clears, the student is automatically accepted; and when the next mail comes, voila!–a college degree. This will save an immense amount of time and space, not to mention the frustration of flunking out.

Of course you’ll still be able to go to a university, if you’ve been looking forward to parties, game day, sex with people you hardly know, etc. To accommodate these students, it will probably be necessary to drop all academic requirements, the whole batch of ’em, just collect tuition and fees for four or five years, and then hand out the diplomas: everybody gets one, so that’ll be that for “inequity.” With a graduation rate of 100%, college administrators can hold up their heads in pride.

That’s where we’re obviously headed, whether the colleges adopt this plan or not. The only question is how long it will take to get there.

My Newswithviews Column, Nov. 28 (‘Dumber by the Day’)

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Holy cow, I totally forgot to post my Newswithviews column this morning–completely slipped my mind. But here it is. Better late than never.

Dumber by the Day

I think we really must demand, and get, an answer to the question, “What good are we supposed to get out of all this pure crapola that’s boiling out of our schools, colleges, and universities?” How does this stuff benefit us in any way? What good is an education that makes you dumber?

We’re educating ourselves to death, and it has to stop.

Cut off the funding.

A Victory for the Good Guys

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Harmless-looking, isn’t it? But hopefully we have learned by now that nothing offered us by Planned Parenthood is harmless.

Sane and decent people prevailed over sexual anarchists and weirdos this month in Worcester, Massachusetts, persuading the local school board to vote down another Planned Parenthood “sex education initiative” in the classrooms (https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/11/26/sex-ed-showdown-parents-defeat-planned-parenthood-in-blue-massachusetts/).

The proposed curriculum was called “Making Proud Choices.” Like this is stuff to be proud of. I prefer not to repeat the details, but the gist of it is that “sexual abstinence” means every imaginable sexual activity and technique except normal intercourse.

I’m pretty sure that if anybody had ever tried to introduce anything like that “initiative” into our local public school when I was ten years old, that person would be lucky to get out of town alive.

Lots and lots of parents showed up at the public meeting to object to the scheme, and the school board voted it down.

Better would be for all the parents to pull their kids out of the public schools altogether and give them a Christian education. But not having “Making Proud Choices” kicking around is of course better than having it.

We are thankful to the Massachusetts Family Institute for leading the effort to block this wickedness.

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