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School Honcho: If You’re Angered by Rape of Child, You’re a Racist

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“Listen up, you racists!”

Reason No. 506,299,377 to pull your children out of public education as quick as you can:

When a 14-year-old girl was raped by two illegal aliens last week at Rockville High School, Maryland, in the school building itself, the community was, shall we say, rather put out. And so the superintendent of schools, Dr. Jack Smith, has chided parents for “racism” and “xenophobia” ( http://insider.foxnews.com/2017/03/23/after-rockville-rape-school-superintendent-accuses-parents-racism ).

As Wacky Jacky sees it, what’s a little rape, compared to a politically incorrect attitude? He said parents “went over the line” in expressing their outrage that a girl should be raped by two men right there on school grounds–men who are here in this country illegally, and instead of being deported, are  being treated to a free education paid for by the defenseless American taxpayer. We can live with rape, but “xenophobia” is strictly forbidden!

Now, if you have children still in public school, do you really want them being “educated” by the likes of Dr. Smith?

If your answer is “yes,” I’d love to hear you explain it.

Children Blamed for School ‘Slave Auction’

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Your public school tax dollars at work!

Fifth-grade kids at Jefferson Elementary School in Maplewood, NJ, have been blamed for holding an “impromptu” mock slave auction in their classroom ( http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2017/03/20/maplewood-mock-slave-auction/ ). Gosh, where could they have ever gotten the idea to do that? It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the way our public schools obsessively teach American history as a mere extension of slavery and wickedness, could it?

School officials say the regular teacher was out, a substitute was in, and it was all the children’s fault, there was no mock slave auction in the lesson plan, yatta-yatta.

As a former classroom teacher, I can tell you with certainty that even if the whole thing were, as school officials say, all the doing of the children in the class, they could not have done it unless all the children willingly participated. Otherwise it would’ve erupted into a brawl. No child could have been “sold” if he’d refused to go along with the make-believe. And now all the adults are rending their garments and loudly lamenting.

Believe me, public schools hammer it into children’s heads–slavery, slavery, slavery! Like it was the only thing that ever happened in America. I have seen this for myself.

Frankly, I suspect that the kids–if they were not directed from above–dreamed up this stunt as a way of goofing on the substitute.

And parents who love and respect their sons and daughters do not subject them to a public school education.

Milk Is Racist!

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No, this is not a Joe Collidge satire. This is real, authentic garbage, spewed out by the college newspaper at California State University ( http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/mar/17/milk-new-symbol-racism-donald-trumps-america/ ).

Gee, did you know neo-Nazis drink a lot of milk? Bet you weren’t aware of the “subtle racism hidden in our health facts.” Sure, you’ve heard that the United States “was founded on racism,” and that “every institution that we uphold has racist roots.” And so on.

The writer of this drivel is only parroting what she’s been taught in our public schools and universities.

It is a sin to try to stir up strife where none exists. Racial harmony really bugs liberals: makes ’em mad enough to spit. Without the racial grievance industry, their car has three flat tires. And although they enjoy, every hour of every day, the benefits of living in America, which they’d be very hard put to do without, they hate their own country and tirelessly seek to damage it. So drinking milk, and advocating the drinking of milk, is just, for them, more proof that America is run by Nazis. Because everybody who’s not them is a Nazi.

If they know the actual meaning of the word, it’s way more than I’d expect of them.

Parents who love and respect their sons and daughters do not subject them to a public education.

(P.S.–I’ll hold off on John 4 till tomorrow. I’m too rattled to do it justice today.)

‘Toni the Tampon’ Teaches Kids That Men Can Menstruate

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Well, I’m back from my walk, and good and cold: lotsa Man-Made Climbit Change today.

Yesterday Linda alerted us to a new “gender-inclusive coloring book” for children, The Adventures of Toni the Tampon, which teaches children that men can menstruate. (http://www.nowtheendbegins.com/liberal-insanity-new-book-toni-the-tampon-teaches-children-men-can-menstruate/) Is it really necessary to say that this is wicked foolishness?

Somewhere out there must be someone with enough public clout to offer a $10,000 cash prize to any man who can prove that he can, and does, menstruate. And women who say they’re men, because they’re nuts, aren’t eligible. Let’s see how long it takes for some guy to win the prize.

Did anyone notice that all this transgender hooey shifted into high gear after the Supreme Court stuck us with same-sex pseudomarriage? There is no appeasing these people, these culture-killers. God only knows what they’ll demand, after they get what they want by way of legitimizing “gender fluidity.” Please, Lord, grant that we never find out!

We need to find some way of protecting our children from this evil; and it probably involves protecting them from what we laughingly call “public education.”

Physics Teachers Want ‘Pronoun Pins’

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If you still think science is science nowadays, and not just a lot of baccigaloops calling themselves “scientists” while they prattle nonsense, maybe you ought to think again.

The American Assn. of Physics Teachers, soon to gather for their annual Winter Summit, are all set to equip attendees with “pronoun pins” to reduce “instances of misgendering” ( https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=8903 ). Are you getting as tired of this as I am? Because, they say, “Gender can be fluid”–just like their brains, which seem to be leaking out their ears–they must “improve inclusiveness” by recognizing that some men aren’t men and some women aren’t women, and some want to be called “ze/zir/zirs”–

You really want these people teaching? I wouldn’t let them teach a cat to use a litter box.

I only mention it because it’s just more proof, if any more were necessary, that our “education” industry has become a Godless and deluded enterprise and we’d be better off without it. What’s physics worth, if it’s going to be taught by idiots like these? Go on, anybody–show me some evidence that this kind of education produces positive results.

People who love and respect their sons and daughters do not subject them to a public school or university.

Should a Teacher Be Able to Read?

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Well, heck, no, say the New York State Board of Regents, as they prepare to do away with a literacy test which a prospective public school teacher has to pass before he can be certified ( http://nypost.com/2017/03/06/state-considering-major-changes-to-teacher-certification-exams/ ). [Oh, no! I used the impersonal “he”!]

Nope–after they vote on it next week, you won’t have to be able to read if you want to teach school in New York. They’re even thinking of going back and certifying some who’ve failed the rest recently.

Why are they doing this? Hint: It cannot possibly be to provide a better education for the children. I mean, does it seem that strange an idea, to have the class taught by someone who actually knows more than the students?

You guessed it! It’s because too many members of Our Cherished Minorities are failing the test. Naturally, instead of better equipping the testees to take the test, they’ll get rid of the test. Because, really, it doesn’t matter if the person teaching you is a total ignoramus, as long as he or she is a Minority. It doesn’t matter if you don’t learn anything the whole time you’re in class, as long as your school’s teaching staff is Diverse.

And it certainly doesn’t matter how much money they wring out in taxes from you, to pay for what they laughingly call an “education” but which is rapidly evolving into a euphemism for paying off teacher pensions.

Do I get extra credit for using the word “evolving”?

Is the President’s Name Hate Speech?

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Tippecanoe and Tyler too!

Well, apparently it is, according to the principal of a high school in Connecticut, where some of the students chanted “Trump, Trump, Trump!” to distract the other team’s free-throw shooters during a basketball game ( https://www.yahoo.com/news/school-principal-trump-chants-crossed-line-hate-speech-155230984.html ).

The principal said this “crossed the line” into hate speech. Possibly because the school represented by the other team had a lot of minority students–I don’t know. Is it forbidden to mention our president by name?

Do we need a list of presidents whose names are OK to chant while the other team is trying to sink foul shots? Let’s try a couple. “Harding, Harding, Harding!” “Tyler, Tyler, Tyler!” Nope, those didn’t work. People just said “Huh?” Then again, we’re talking public high schools here. They probably never heard of Warren G. Harding or John Tyler.

Anyhow, the principal is looking forward to a good old-fashioned grovel, and maybe another “forum on race, racism, and equity” like they had when some students chanted “SAT scores, SAT scores, SAT scores!” to imply that they, the suburban kids, were smarter than the kids in inner city schools.

Do you still think sports brings out the best in people?

Well, if we were bringing up our kids as Christians, they would, by the time they were in high school, know it’s wrong to try to hurt other people’s feelings–although I still don’t see how the president’s name does that. And if we were bringing them up to use their brains, they’d know SAT scores do not measure intelligence.

Let’s try another one. “Benjamin Harrison, Benjamin Harrison, Benjamin Harrison!” Ooh! Gotta be careful with that! A guy across the way just fell off a scaffold while I was chanting that one.

From the Grotesque to the Absurd:’Trans’ Boy Wins Girls’ Wrestling Title

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“Is it a he, is it a she, or just a plain old it?” —Ray Bradbury, The Jar

Why do I insist on posting a hymn at the start of every blogging day?


Hey! A few days ago, a “trans boy”–that is, a girl who’s being shot up full of testosterone because she and her hell-bound parents say she’s actually a boy–won the girls’ wrestling championship for the state of Texas ( http://www.cnn.com/2017/02/27/us/texas-transgender-wrestler-trnd-hold/index.html ). Note the slavish nooze media’s description of this deeply troubled individual: “born female and currently is transitioning to male.”

No, no, no. There is no such thing.

The lass says she wants to wrestle with the boys, but the state athletic authority won’t allow it. They go by the sex listed on your birth certificate. That listing, by the way, can be changed by court order. So now we’ll have judges ruling on the nature of reality. Hot dog.

Federal laws and regulations have almost wiped out high school and college wrestling programs by requiring that whatever is provided for boys, by way of sports, must be provided equally for girls. A universal lust for money has kept football exempt from this, but not wrestling. So if one girl wants to wrestle, the school must either create a girls’ wrestling program just for her, or else scrap wrestling altogether. Usually the latter course is chosen.

Consider the long-range implications of this bizarre doctrine. What about girls’ sports scholarships? The ideology of Gender Fluidity dictates that you are whatever you say you are, period. Ultimately, they won’t be able to stop some big hulking boy with a beard from winning a sports scholarship that should have gone to a girl–because he says he’s a girl, and no one’s allowed to say otherwise. That would be “hate.”

It’s no privilege to live in such an age as ours. They redefine reality according to the speaker, according to his or her political agenda. The truth is not in them.

O Lord our God! Remember, when you judge this nation, that these things were done without our consent, against our will, and over our objections.

Now They Want Segregation

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It takes liberals to give a bad name to “justice.” Normally I prefer not even to mention dreck like this on a Sunday, but several people have called my attention to it, so I might as well.

Students–that is, idiots–at the University of Michigan have demanded some kind of “no whites allowed” space for non-whites only “to organize”–sheesh, how Old Left can you get?–and “do social justice work” ( http://www.thecollegefix.com/post/31322/ ). In the words of the head jidrool of Students4Justice (oh, please), “We want a space solely dedicated to community organizing and social justice work specifically for people of color.”

Okay, somebody tell me–how is this moron not a racist? Hey, Sunshine! They used to have lots of space set aside for “people of color” only. It was called segregation–and now you want it back? I mean, have you thought this thing through?

Nah. They’re liberals. They never think anything through.

Again, again I say: America today has too many colleges and universities, they’re too big, there’s way too much money spent on them, way too many left-wing schmuck professors spewing propaganda and in line for lavish pensions, and way too many not-very-bright young people sitting in classrooms “learning” drivel when they should be out there working.

Cut the funding. Cut and cut and cut until the bull**** stops.

No Dems Need Apply?

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An Iowa state senator has introduced a bill to require Iowa’s three publicly-funded universities to “base faculty hiring decisions on applicants’ political party affiliations” ( http://www.chronicle.com/article/Iowa-Bill-Would-Force/239261/?cid=db&elqTrackId=11a88d53c3c745409af4f51a66682786&elq=a908a89e6e534ff3a6c0d218a0630988&elqaid=12673&elqat=1&elqCampaignId=5185 ). Obviously the purpose of such a bill would be to correct the sorry state of affairs we see at most institutions of higher learning, where liberal Democrat faculty outnumber Republicans by very big margins.

The head honcho of the Iowa Board of Regents fired back, saying “we believe in diversity of thought.” [two-minute belly-laugh break]

It’s not all that unreasonable. The people of Iowa pay the bills–they are forced to fund the universities–and all they get for their hard-earned money is a lot of lefty professors who despise them.

But the senator’s remedy is probably unconstitutional.

What needs to be done is to cut the universities’ public funding to the bone–and then some. America has too many colleges, too many crazed left-wing profs teaching propaganda and earning lavish pensions, too many young people sitting in classrooms learning how to be complete wastes of space, too many diversity officers, too many asinine pseudo-subjects–and way, way, way too much money spent on it.

Never mind the political affiliations. Just cut, cut, cut! And if the university wants to keep its Gender Studies degree program while getting rid of its engineering college because it can’t afford both–well, then, cut some more! And keep on cutting until sanity is restored.

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