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‘Intellectuals Say the Darnedest Things’ (2013)

They want to take over America. They want to rule us. And this, God help us, is their brain trust.

Intellectuals Say the Darnedest Things

The unholy mess our country’s in today is our payoff for decades of allowing fools and self-anointed “revolutionaries” to, ahem, “teach” our children.

Yeah, they’re funny. Yes, we laugh at them. But they are communism’s useful idiots, Satan’s pet fools–and the enemy has found them very useful indeed.

Public education: it’s killing us.


‘A Lesson in Wastefulness’ (2014)

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Purposely wasting food shows a lack of thankfulness to God. So it fits right in with the rot they teach in public schools.

A Lesson in Wastefulness

I pray that one of the results of the Chinese Communist Death Virus will be millions of new homeschooling families. Public “education” is run by Far Left crazies who teach your kids to be socialists and perverts. I know a lot of you don’t want to believe that, but it’s true.

‘Would You Like Some Melted Plastic on That Burned Burrito?’ (2015)

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It’s hot, all right.

To those who are eager for the government to take care of them, I offer this reminder of what government care looks like.

Would You Like Some Melted Plastic on That Burned Burrito?

Yee-hah, school lunch–melted plastic!

“Government’s the only thing we all belong to,” said the Democrat National Committee in 2012.

God forbid.

They’re Banning ‘Gatsby’ Again

Amazon.com: The Great Gatsby: Robert Redford, Mia Farrow, Bruce ...

A couple of years ago, some of our, um, colleges banned it. Now a local school board in Alaska has banned it–one of the great books in American literature, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby (https://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/495174-alaska-school-board-removes-the-great-gatsby-i-know-why-the-caged-bird). For its “controversial content,” don’t you know–“language and sexual references.”

Doh! “Sexual references”? Has the school board looked at its own K-12 sex education curriculum lately? Holy cow! It’s practically the Kama Sutra. Gatsby would have to be about a hundred times dirtier just to be in the same area code as “sex ed.”

They banned five books. The only other one that I’ve read was Catch-22, banned because characters who are guys in the army talk and act like guys in the army. I read it in college. On one memorable occasion in the classroom, the instructor was reading a particularly vivid passage aloud when one of the students fainted. We all thought he was kidding at first–but nope, he really fainted.

When I was in high school in the Late Bronze Age, everything on our required reading list was just plain boring. Silas Marner–which was worse, that or The Forsyte Saga? I think they were trying to put us off reading, permanently.

Up in Alaska, the five banned books were cut from the reading list of the High School English Elective Curriculum.

Just to show you where their heads were at, the school board’s vice president said of Gatsby, “If I were to read this in a corporate environment, I would be dragged into EO.” I think “EO” means “Economic Opportunity”–sort of a workplace thought police. You don’t want to be reading novels that’d suggest you were an Enemy Of The People.

As a high school student, I’m sure I would not have been mature enough to appreciate The Great Gatsby. If I were a public high school student today, I would already be up to my eyebrows in lurid sexual content and foul language: our popular culture is a polluted pond, and we’re the fish stuck swimming in it. How any single book would even be noticed in the avalanche of filth that’s dumped on us every day, is more than I know.

Meanwhile, the local bookstores say these titles have suddenly begun flying off the shelves.

Collidge it Is geting Stresstfull!!

Fight between RNT Medical college students | Multiple students injured

hear At Collidge we “are” hasing Seacrit clases becose “we” “are” All saposed to Go Hoam but we doant whant To and aslo our Famblies thay “doant” whant us to ether and Collidge it is saposed To Be shut “down” becose “Of” “the” Vyris!!! Annywhay, sumb of Us “we” are Stilll going “to” Clas butt No One thay are aloud “to” seee us doo it and the Teeching “it” Is nhow totoly Seacrit,, thay woont even Tell “us” watt thare Teeching Us!!! Becose “of” alll this,, Collidge it is geting very Stresstfull!!!!!!

This hear Moarning in Nothing Studdies ((fore Instants]  Two Stoodints thay hadded a Fihght over thare Passed Lyves!!!! The one Gye he sayed he useto Be Cleeo Patra in a passed lyfe and then this “other” Gye he sayed “”No no it Was me,, i whas Cleeo Patra!!! and thay” got Madder and Madder and neckst thing “yiu” know thay was puntching and kikking and byting eech other “And” roling arowned on “the” floar!!!! i thinked the Prefesser she was goingto Stop it but instedd she jumpted Up “on” “the” Dessk and singed sumb Song abote a Dead Man’s Chess and a Botle Of Rum!!!

And jist wen i thawdt thay wer Goingto Stop Fiting becose one Gye he hadded a bluddy Noase and the other Gye “he” hadded a busted Coccyx theez three Moar Stoodints twoo of themb was Gurls thay eeach sayed She whas Cleeo Patra tooo and thay gotted Into “a” fite tooo!!!!

I runned awheigh thenn Becose i didnt “want” Tobe thare wen The reel Cleeo Patra sho’ed UP!!!!

i donot Know how Long “we” can Stand al this hear Stresst,, i am Affrayed that sumb of “us” thay mite Go Crayzy!!!!

Your School Tax Dollars at Work, Circa 1995

Clipart.com School Edition Demo

Prayer and Bible-reading having been forbidden many years ago, the last public high school I taught at had closed-circuit TV in every classroom. There was a network that provided “programming” to all participating schools, and it was on during the home room period. Every day.

Here’s the only thing I remember about that programming.

It had commercials. For reasons which will become apparent, I’ve forgotten whatever it was they were trying to sell.

In this commercial, a cartoon “teenager”–baseball cap on backwards, hair over his eyes, sloppy clothes–spent the whole 60 seconds being rude to adults. Slamming the door shut on an old lady just as she was about to go through it. Knocking over a trash can. Somehow this behavior was supposed to sell a product. Somehow it was supposed to be perceived as cool: like kids should emulate this jackass.

In this small way, public schooling contributed to the coarsening of our culture. Oh! I should mention that in the afternoon, the students used those TV sets to watch “The Jerry Springer Show.” That was major-league culture rot. A daily celebration of both ignorance and depravity. They weren’t supposed to watch it, but they did.

I haven’t been back to public school during the 21st century. I shudder to think of what they might be showing on those TV sets now.

All A’s Foar All Stoodints!!!

Free Images Of Report Cards, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art ...

Sumbboddy thay toled me I “was” Speling “Stodent” wrong and “It” was maiking me Look stopid so i has chainged “it!

Butt “the” Big News Tooday “is” frumb nhow On al of us Hear At Collidge we “are” al goingto get Strait As!!!!!!! Ouur Stoodint Soviet de-manndid It!! And the Amministriation thay emeeditly sayed Yes!!! How grate “is” That???

Buy giving evry boddy All As we acromplitsh twoo impotent Things! 1)One) we toatully Get Rid “of” Discrimbinnasion, we maik All Stoodints Equill!!! 2)Towo) This it maiks it “so” Anny Boddy thay canbe A Prefesser,, all thay got to Doo is rite a A on evry Thing!! That is moar Equill!! 3)Thryeee) This meens Evry boddy thay can Gradurate Whith Onners!!!! waht cood be Moar Equill Than That???

Sumb Biggit he sayed “this hear it “whill” Maik a deegree “frumb” this hear Collidge wirth Assolutlee nothing” so we al Jumpt on himb and Beet himb Up!!! We dont Tollereight no In-Tollerinse at our Collidge!!!

The “ownly” not so Good Thing abuot it is,, the Amministriation thay went and dubbled the Tution!!! It doughnt effect Me becose i let themb Shoot Me Up whith Moth Hoarmoans and so thay let me stay Heer for Freee butt i dunt Know “how” sumb “otther” Stoodints thay “are” goingto Pay al That Munny butt the Amministriation thay sayed “thay” aslo has a Plan “to” Cut Cawsts!!

Abandoned Barn Photograph by Gej Jones

Yes!! Thay has bawt this Grate billding,, thats It “up thare” in the pitcure,, and It willbe The New Nantsy Pallosy Memborial Dorm and Stoodints thay can Live “thare” at a redeuced Price!!! It will Saive them Lots “of” Dollerds!!!!

Otther Equilly “wunderfull Improovemints thay “Are” “on” The Way”” sayed our Collidge Pressadint i foreget his Naimb but it has vouls in it!!!

Educators Recognize ‘Centaur’ as an ‘Identity’

Centaur of Attention (Horse) - Centaur - T-Shirt | TeePublic AU

We were bound to get to this point sooner or later: crackbrained authority figures insisting we “affirm” whatever “identity” someone chooses to adopt–even if it’s a mythological creature that has never existed.

School officials at Hangem High School in Yuggoth, Michigan, now recognize “any and all identities” claimed by students and staff, and compel the entire school population to recognize them, too (http//:www.liketotallyfullofit.com). The school is redesigning the cafeteria to accommodate three students who insist they are centaurs.

Thanks to the revolutionary new policy, Hangem High’s student body and teaching staff now include three centaurs, seven vampires, Prince Charles, two mutually hostile Barack Obamas, a Dilophosaurus, Nancy Pelosi, the Lone Ranger, and Chuck Schumer’s Love Child–just to name a few.

“This has worked out very well indeed!” says Principal Albert “Clarabelle” Fanoogi, who now wears a clown costume when he patrols the school’s hallways, from time to time squirting students with a seltzer dispenser.

P.S.–April Fool!

Dumbing Down Princeton

Image result for images of 3 stooges in college

More than 3,000 Princeton University students have signed a petition demanding that the school do away with standard grading and replace it with “Pass/Fail” (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=14557).

Why? Tut-tut–that you should even ask! Why, getting rid of A,B,C,D, F would naturally “alleviate stress”! Who needs the stress of getting good grades? And as an added bonus, there’ll be “academy equity”!

Why not just hand out diplomas to anyone who wants one? That would really alleviate stress.

The campaign for pass/fail is being led by the editorial board, 11 students, of The Daily Princetonian. They want the new system to start next semester, if not sooner.

Well, heck, what do you want for $54,000 a year tuition? (“Play-Doh! We want Play-Doh!”)

Just a thought: If colleges stay shut down, due to the Wuhan virus scare, for any considerable time… what’s going to happen when we learn how easily we can live without them? I mean, really–“Hire me, I passed college!” Heaven know what you’ll have to do to fail–eat Tide pods? Die?

Our country’s “higher education” system is the biggest unfunny joke on the planet.

‘School Honcho: If You’re Angered by Rape of Child, You’re a Racist’ (2017)

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“You peasants, you!”

Too bad it takes a freakin’ pestilence to make us close our borders. It should’ve been done years ago.

Remember this? After a pair of illegal aliens rape a 14-year-old girl right there in the school building, and parents object… the superintendent of schools calls them a bunch of racists and xenophobes.


If things were halfway sane, that horse’s ass would be out on his ear before the day was over.

But things are not sane, and the only thing “public” about public schools is, the public has to pay for them.

How did we ever get roped into such a bad deal?

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