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All A’s Foar All Stoodints!!!

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Sumbboddy thay toled me I “was” Speling “Stodent” wrong and “It” was maiking me Look stopid so i has chainged “it!

Butt “the” Big News Tooday “is” frumb nhow On al of us Hear At Collidge we “are” al goingto get Strait As!!!!!!! Ouur Stoodint Soviet de-manndid It!! And the Amministriation thay emeeditly sayed Yes!!! How grate “is” That???

Buy giving evry boddy All As we acromplitsh twoo impotent Things! 1)One) we toatully Get Rid “of” Discrimbinnasion, we maik All Stoodints Equill!!! 2)Towo) This it maiks it “so” Anny Boddy thay canbe A Prefesser,, all thay got to Doo is rite a A on evry Thing!! That is moar Equill!! 3)Thryeee) This meens Evry boddy thay can Gradurate Whith Onners!!!! waht cood be Moar Equill Than That???

Sumb Biggit he sayed “this hear it “whill” Maik a deegree “frumb” this hear Collidge wirth Assolutlee nothing” so we al Jumpt on himb and Beet himb Up!!! We dont Tollereight no In-Tollerinse at our Collidge!!!

The “ownly” not so Good Thing abuot it is,, the Amministriation thay went and dubbled the Tution!!! It doughnt effect Me becose i let themb Shoot Me Up whith Moth Hoarmoans and so thay let me stay Heer for Freee butt i dunt Know “how” sumb “otther” Stoodints thay “are” goingto Pay al That Munny butt the Amministriation thay sayed “thay” aslo has a Plan “to” Cut Cawsts!!

Abandoned Barn Photograph by Gej Jones

Yes!! Thay has bawt this Grate billding,, thats It “up thare” in the pitcure,, and It willbe The New Nantsy Pallosy Memborial Dorm and Stoodints thay can Live “thare” at a redeuced Price!!! It will Saive them Lots “of” Dollerds!!!!

Otther Equilly “wunderfull Improovemints thay “Are” “on” The Way”” sayed our Collidge Pressadint i foreget his Naimb but it has vouls in it!!!

Educators Recognize ‘Centaur’ as an ‘Identity’

Centaur of Attention (Horse) - Centaur - T-Shirt | TeePublic AU

We were bound to get to this point sooner or later: crackbrained authority figures insisting we “affirm” whatever “identity” someone chooses to adopt–even if it’s a mythological creature that has never existed.

School officials at Hangem High School in Yuggoth, Michigan, now recognize “any and all identities” claimed by students and staff, and compel the entire school population to recognize them, too (http//:www.liketotallyfullofit.com). The school is redesigning the cafeteria to accommodate three students who insist they are centaurs.

Thanks to the revolutionary new policy, Hangem High’s student body and teaching staff now include three centaurs, seven vampires, Prince Charles, two mutually hostile Barack Obamas, a Dilophosaurus, Nancy Pelosi, the Lone Ranger, and Chuck Schumer’s Love Child–just to name a few.

“This has worked out very well indeed!” says Principal Albert “Clarabelle” Fanoogi, who now wears a clown costume when he patrols the school’s hallways, from time to time squirting students with a seltzer dispenser.

P.S.–April Fool!

Dumbing Down Princeton

Image result for images of 3 stooges in college

More than 3,000 Princeton University students have signed a petition demanding that the school do away with standard grading and replace it with “Pass/Fail” (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=14557).

Why? Tut-tut–that you should even ask! Why, getting rid of A,B,C,D, F would naturally “alleviate stress”! Who needs the stress of getting good grades? And as an added bonus, there’ll be “academy equity”!

Why not just hand out diplomas to anyone who wants one? That would really alleviate stress.

The campaign for pass/fail is being led by the editorial board, 11 students, of The Daily Princetonian. They want the new system to start next semester, if not sooner.

Well, heck, what do you want for $54,000 a year tuition? (“Play-Doh! We want Play-Doh!”)

Just a thought: If colleges stay shut down, due to the Wuhan virus scare, for any considerable time… what’s going to happen when we learn how easily we can live without them? I mean, really–“Hire me, I passed college!” Heaven know what you’ll have to do to fail–eat Tide pods? Die?

Our country’s “higher education” system is the biggest unfunny joke on the planet.

‘School Honcho: If You’re Angered by Rape of Child, You’re a Racist’ (2017)

See the source image

“You peasants, you!”

Too bad it takes a freakin’ pestilence to make us close our borders. It should’ve been done years ago.

Remember this? After a pair of illegal aliens rape a 14-year-old girl right there in the school building, and parents object… the superintendent of schools calls them a bunch of racists and xenophobes.


If things were halfway sane, that horse’s ass would be out on his ear before the day was over.

But things are not sane, and the only thing “public” about public schools is, the public has to pay for them.

How did we ever get roped into such a bad deal?

Illinois Schools: Full-Throttle ‘Gender’ Madness

See the source image

They call it “education.”

Big hint here: If your state department of education has anything like an “Affirming and Inclusive Task Force,” which issues a report like “Strengthening Inclusion in Illinois Schools,” your state has one department of education too many (https://townhall.com/columnists/toddstarnes/2020/03/02/illinois-task-force-recommends-eliminating-prom-kings-queens-n2562692).

What do these lunatics have to do, before you remove your children from their custody?

The report, intended to apply to all public education from preschool through grade 12, recommends, just to mention a few of the items on the menu:

No more prom queens or kings; no more “gender language” (like, say, “boys and girls”–can’t say that anymore); all activities must be gender-neutral; non-gender dress code; bathrooms and locker rooms open to anyone who wants to use them (boys undressing with girls, and girls with boys–oops, wrong language); and…

Parents are only to be involved “as appropriate.” Translation: “Never, if we can swing it.”

Is this what the people in Illinois actually want? Have they all gone mad? We know the “educators” have.

What is the purpose of this madness? What is it supposed to do for us–besides train our children to be weirdos?

We pay for this. We pay all the bills, but we don’t own it, we don’t get a say, just shut up and pay your taxes. And when the Chicago teachers’ union wants to send its members on junkets to Venezuela so they can learn how to trash our country–well, you’re paying for that, too.

The public has no say in “public education.”

It has to stop.


Why Do We Let This Happen?

See the source image

This story is too revolting to be illustrated in the usual way. Here’s a scarlet tanager instead.

The Madison, Wisconsin, Metro School District is in the nooze again!

This time it’s their teachers’ union, which has demanded that children share bathrooms with “transgender educators” (https://www.dailysignal.com/2020/02/21/teachers-union-demands-kids-share-bathrooms-with-transgender-educators/). They claim it as a right.

I’m sorry–did you say “right”? As in Constitutional rights?

Well, yeah, I did: only this is another new “right,” only recently discovered. The right “to exercise their individually identified expression.” Whatever the devil that means.

Why do we allow our children to be “taught” by such people? Why do we, who pay for the whole forsaken mess that’s public education, have no say in who teaches and who doesn’t? We do we, who bear the whole expense, have no say in what gets taught and what doesn’t?

Why aren’t people angry about this? Why do they let it continue?

If you pay for something, you should own it. The schools should belong to us–not to Far Left Crazy teachers’ unions and lunatic “education” theorists who use the schools to experiment on our children. Not their children. Our children.

This really does have to stop. It is unjust, unfair, unreasonable, and unwholesome. It is not sane.

We have to go back to not allowing teachers to have unions. Those unions are all bad, all the time. There has to be a way to strip them of their power. There has to be a way to beat them.

Because as things stand now, they’re beating us.

College Costs: the Horror, the Horror

Image result for images of wheelbarrow full of college tuition money

Yesterday at the vet’s, when I heard what my bill was going to be–round it off to $500–I could not repress an exclamation. “Holy cow! I used to get a whole year at Rutgers, for that kind of money!”

Behind the counter, a woman’s eyebrows shot up almost high enough to stick to the ceiling.

“Five hundred dollars?” she cried. “You went to Rutgers for $500?”

“Well, yeah, that’s what it cost me, per year.”

She waved her hands. “I’m paying $24,000 a year!”

That’s 48 times what I paid. I wonder if the education is 48 times better.

“You shouldn’t have to pay for schooling,” said the other staffer. I don’t know what planet she thought she was on.

“People don’t value things that they don’t have to pay for,” I said. “So, yes, you should pay for your college. But not that much! Nowhere near that much!”

Really! Say you fritter away four years at Rutgers, although nowadays more and more people seem to need five years instead of four to get a bachelor’s degree. Four years at Rutgers, and you’ve spent $96,000 (not counting a multitude of mandatory fees). You’re either in the hole for it yourself, or your family’s in the hole for it, or you’ve got a whopping great student loan that you have to pay back somehow.

How do you even get a start in life, with that kind of monkey–or rather, 800-lb. gorilla–on your back?

“Yeahbut-yeahbut-yeahbut! That’s why we need universal student debt forgiveness! And free college tuition for all!”

Pure prattle. No matter what they do, someone’s still going to get left holding the bag. The only question is, who? My money’s on the undefended taxpayer.

Twenty-four gees, just to sit there getting a general college education. The real stuff, like engineering, say, costs more. The twenty-four big ones is for studying the marxist feminist aspects of that stuff that builds up between your toes.

And saints preserve us from the stuff that builds up between your ears!

(Old joke: “I thought this was supposed to make me smarter! By Jove, I’ve wasted all that money!” Reply: “See? You’re getting smarter already.”)

‘Yes, Someone Actually Said This’ (2014)

Image result for images of professor in strait jacket

Public education is not your friend.

At a national conference of educators, held in Denver forty-some years ago, the mask of sanity fell off while Chester M. Pierce, Harvard intellectual, was speaking.


Yeah! See, all you deplorables out there–you’re all mentally ill! And us educators, we gotta save your children from you. Etc.

And so we hand our children over to be “educated” by nut jobs who despise us.

Honk if you understand that.

What Do the Schools Have to Do, to Flame You Off?

Image result for images of meerkats

This nooze is bad enough without an illustration. Here are some meerkats instead.

Is it even possible, anymore, for public education to come up with an outrage that’ll make parents angry enough to pull their children out? I’m beginning to wonder.

The Madison, Wisconsin, Metro School District is being sued by a group of parents objecting to its new “gender policy”–which is to “affirm” and encourage children to “change their gender” without their parents’ knowledge or consent. The school will “help” kids do that without notifying their parents (https://www.thecentersquare.com/wisconsin/parents-sue-madison-schools-over-gender-policy-claiming-it-deceives/article_120667f8-5325-11ea-a72f-7bc9a632c5e4.html).

What do they have to do to alienate you, people? Is there any line that you won’t let them cross? Except for those who are suing the school district, are the rest of you just cool with this?

So, yeah, the unionized Far Left teachers will fill the kiddies’ minds with all sorts of commercials for “transgender,” let them change their names, use the funky pronouns–and all with the parents cut out of the loop.

Why in the world is this tolerated? Not only evil, but insane. Boys can not turn into girls. Girls can not turn into boys. It’s all make-believe.

And they’re getting away with it. They’re swinging a wrecking ball at our society, and getting away with it.

Someday it’ll be too late to move the children into Christian schooling or homeschooling, where they’ll be safe from being experimented on by wicked lunatics and off-the-wall revolutionaries. At some point or other, the cultural damage will be irreparable.

How badly do you want to get there?

Movie Review: ‘Indoctrination: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America’ (2011)

See the source image

Colin Gunn

Public education has not gotten more Christian-friendly since Colin Gunn filmed this documentary in 2011.


I did a lot of teaching in the public schools. I saw a lot of things that made me mad. But Gunn saw even more. This is a deeply penetrating documentary. You can watch it on the Chalcedon website, the whole thing:


Why, why, why do Christians continue to send their children to public schools owned by persons who hate Christianity and want to wipe it out? Who fill children’s heads with “transgender,” “gay,” “America is racist!” and all the rest of that slop?

And you can forget about being “salt and light” in this arena. You’ll be fired so fast, it’ll make your head spin.

I can’t help thinking we have made God work very hard to keep our country afloat, to preserve us in spite of our multitude of sins. It’s a miracle of Providence that we’re still here.

But I do think the Lord would be pleased if we took up some of the work ourselves.

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