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A Christian-Bashing, Racist Textbook

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Still waiting for someone to fill in the blank: “I send my sons and daughters to public school because ________.”

Hey, maybe it’s so they can use the new U.S. History textbook, By the People–well, some of the people!–published by Pearson for use in Advanced Placement classes (http://thefederalist.com/2018/04/17/ap-u-s-history-textbook-implies-christians-bigots-reagan-racist-sexist/). These are the classes for the really smart kids, and this is what is proposed to be their textbook in 2019.

By the People is an extraordinary example of leftid spitting and hissing passed off as “education.” The authors decry President Donald Trump’s “not-very-hidden racism”–as opposed to their own racism, which is spilling out all over: whites bad, non-whites good–implying that everyone who voted for him is a racist, or at least part of an “overwhelmingly white group.” Somehow 63 million voters get morphed into the KKK.

The book also taunts Christians and describes police forces as “an occupying army.”

Look, I don’t care how smart your kid is, or how independent: no one can successfully resist a non-stop daily diet of this poison. Believe me, I know. The whole time I was in college, I thought I was resisting the clumsy, heavy-handed stuff; but I was letting the sneakier stuff slip under the door and get to me. Took me 30 years to recover!

America’s public schools and colleges are working as hard as they can to get rid of America by turning it into something else.

Want to do a good thing for your country, and a good thing for your family?

Pull your kids out of public school and give them a Christian education! Either at home or in a Christian school.

Because our so-called “educators” are out to bury us, and I don’t mean maybe.

‘Rutgers Students Need Group Therapy after Exposure to Someone Else’s Opinion’ (2016)

It’s hard for me to express the shame I feel, as a graduate of Rutgers. It was bad enough when I finished my college career in 1971; and they have, like Scrooge’s chain, labored on it ever since.


Again I ask–what are we supposed to do with these millions of completely useless college grads, ten years down the road?

Racing at the speed of time toward the towering cliff-face of a dreadful social problem…

Now They’re Going After ‘Christian Privilege’

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Let’s see what the chip-on-the-shoulder industry, aka our nation’s universities, has added to the menu now.

George Washington University–if Washington were alive today, he’d be leading an army against these people–will be hosting a 90-minute “training session” to combat “Christian privilege” and all the “unmerited perks” enjoyed by Christians in America (http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/04/03/prestigious-university-hosting-student-training-seminar-on-how-to-combat-christian-privilege-in-america.html).

The “seminar” will be led by the looniversity’s LBGTQIA–they keep adding letters to it–resources director, and among other crapola, will focus on “LGBTQIA diversity and inclusion.” It is a project of the school’s Multicultural Student Services Center.

Obviously GWU has way too much money. Way too much.

Oh–they also say the problem is “white people.” But then it’s always white people. No racial animosity here, folks.

And you send your sons and daughters to these institutions because _________? Go ahead, fill in the blank. While you’re at it, see if you can spot the hate-mongers.

If anyone comes out of college sane, it’s got to be a systemic failure.

Here We Go Again with the ‘Nazis’…

An email came in this morning with a report of a high school in Nebraska where the unionized schoolteacher put up a poster that says “Republicans=Nazis” (https://steadfastandloyal.com/social-issues/youll-demand-this-teacher-be-fired-for-what-shes-teaching-her-students/) and insisted, “It’s the truth.”

When the poop hit the fan, the school backpedaled, settling on the excuse that the purpose of this poster was “to develop students’ ability to distinguish reliable viewpoints from unreliable viewpoints.” Uh-huh. And I am the Sultan of Swat.

Do these leftid numbskulls even know what a Nazi is, or was? Historically, a Nazi was a member of Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist–yeah, that’s “Socialist”–Workers’ Party. With Hitler dead these 73 years, the label is kind of pointless. So they use it to mean anyone who isn’t them.

Okay, I’m asking, again, for anyone who’d like to have a go at it to fill in the blank: “I send my children to left-wing, anti-Christian, America-hating public schools because _______.” The best answer gets a raspberry.

‘How Stupid Can It Get?’ (2015)

Image result for images of sick triceratops

Since the beginning of time, no country has ever spent more money on “education” than the United States of America. And what have we got to show for it?

People who think you shouldn’t oughta shoot dinosaurs…


‘Higher Education’: A Model That Can’t Work

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I’ve been asking what the country is supposed to do, a few years down the road, with millions of unemployable college graduates saddled with unrepayable debt and ridiculous degrees in meaningless pseudo-subjects. In other words, with millions of people who will, in all probability, never be productive.

Why has college become so useless? Because today’s higher education system is predicated on a model of perpetual expansion. Hence absurd ideas like free universal tuition. Create more universities, expand the ones we already have, and pack in more and more students, add more and more teachers and administrators–complete with high salaries and lavish pensions–and pray the nation’s economy doesn’t implode as more and more people become non-productive. Like, what are you going to do with a degree in Feminist Surf-boarding besides teaching Feminist Surf-boarding to other poor saps? What are you going to produce? What can you possibly do but stay in college–somehow?

It’s madness to remove such a big chunk of the population from the productive sector: consumers with nothing to consume, except more “education”!

Oh, but that’s okay! Soon we’ll have robots doing all the work, with nothing left for human beings to do but fornicate and “learn” more drivel.

That’s the plan–and it stinks.



Journalism? What Journalism?

Image result for images of children with we stand with parkland t-shirts

Honestly, I didn’t want to report any fallen world nooze on Good Friday. But I just can’t help it.

Here in my own home town, they rounded up a crowd of school kids and assembled them at Borough Hall to demonstrate against the gun ownership rights of law-abiding, peaceful Americans.

All the kids had bright orange T-shirts printed with the legend, “We Stand With Parkland,” the school in Florida that got shot up by a maniac because The Authorities paid no attention to his repeated threats. So there are the pictures spread all over the local newspaper–

And no, ahem, reporter asked, “Who paid for all those T-shirts”?

Am I the only one who thinks there’s something at least faintly revolting about using children as political pawns?

Is it the law-abiding gun owner’s fault that some homicidal nut that everybody was afraid of was allowed to massacre his classmates?

And who is paying for those T-shirts? Why did no one ask?

Well, this is only the latest example of how our incredibly costly “education” establishment turns our children against us. I’d like to ask why we let them do it: only I have asked that question many times already, and still don’t have an answer.

‘Dumb Culture, Dumb Schools, Dumb People’ (2015)

What the Left has done to our culture, in its decades of dominance, shouldn’t be done to termites.

They keep wanting to blame the guns for all the crime and violence. But it’s the corrupted character that pulls the trigger. They have debauched our nation’s character, preaching good for evil and evil for good.

And on top of all that, they make you stupid!


U Cal Offers Grants for ‘Feminist Research’

See the source image

When can you be absolutely sure a looniversity has way too much money?

When it starts handing out $10,000 grants to professors who employ “feminist ethics and methodologies” in their research, on topics like “Feminist Perspectives on Food Waste” and “Gendered and Racialized Epistemologies” (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=10688). The looniversity here is U Cal Davis.

And they’re doing it with your money, suckers. Money that you worked for. They’ve got this Feminist Research Institute that forks over your money to the silliest damnfool projects they can find. Then they laugh at you.

And you send your sons and daughters to these looniversities because_______. Gee, I keep doing that and no one has yet made a serious attempt to fill in the blank.

Maybe there ought to be a contest, with a cash prize to anyone who can cogently explain what “feminist ethics and methodologies” might be. A win here could be the start of a great career in comedy.

Higher education, hot dog! Wasting your money by the truckload–and despising you while they do it.

‘Child Suspended from School for Threat to Use Magic Ring’ (2015)

I would just love to hear “educators” defend this nonsense! You have two choices. Either the teacher is spectacularly ignorant and simply doesn’t understand there’s no such thing as a magic ring that can make people disappear; or else the teacher and “school officials” just get their rocks off on the arbitrary exercise of power over children. Come on, teachers’ unions, tell us–which is it?


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