‘Very Weird School Policy: “Smile Or Else!”‘ (2018)

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Guaranteed to bring up a smile…

Somehow this story always reminds me of Sessue Hayakawa in The Bridge on the River Kwai, admonishing his prisoners, “Be happy in your work.”

Very Weird School ‘Policy’: Smile–or Else!

What kind of kooks are coming out of teachers’ colleges? “Smile or else”? They command the students to be cheerful? One can hardly help asking, “About what? About having to be in this loony bin?”

I don’t think “school officials” ever explained what this policy was supposed to achieve.

Probably just slipped their minds.

Portland Schools: ‘Period Products’ for Boys

Single-use plastic in period products | Feature | RSC Education

For boys, too! Courtesy of the Oregon taxpayer

[Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip]

You’d think we’d be ashamed of being governed by nut-jobs like these. Have they abolished shame in Oregon? Have they outlawed self-respect?

Led by the Portland Public Schools (PPS) district, “educators” in Portland, Oregon–which Joe Biden, who is definitely not all there, called a model city–are rushing to implement the Menstrual Dignity Act (LOL)… by equipping (for starters) 500 school lavatories, all grade levels, with “period products.” Yes: boys’ bathrooms, too (https://thepostmillennial.com/portland-schools-to-offer-period-products-instructions-on-their-usage-in-both-girls-and-boys-restrooms).

Ya see, this is how they set up “The Four Pillars of menstruation dignity”… which are “privacy, inclusion [?], access, and ‘education’.” With a hey-na-nonny and a ha-cha-cha.

I guess “inclusion” means boys and men can have periods, too. They can’t, but this is public education and facts must remain outside.

Dignity! Where is the dignity in pretending boys have periods? Babbling inane lies is not dignified.

And then there’s the question of frivolously wasting tax money that people had to work for. What are boys supposed to do with “period products”? I’ll tell you what they will do: make bawdy jokes about them and throw them at each other. Your tax dollars at work.

Did the people of Oregon actually elect the nothing-burgers responsible for this? If they did–if the elections weren’t stolen or contrived–well, then, they deserve this.

But their children didn’t have a vote, and they don’t deserve it. Educated by fools and wackos. Hot dog.

Crooked Principal ‘Punished’: He’ll Get $1.8 Million

PRINCIPAL Khurshid Abdul-Mutakabbir on the RIGHT HOLDING #1 FINGER UP.

“Public education been very, very good to me!”

Are you ready for another public schooling outrage? Well, ready or not, here it comes!

A high school principal in Queens, NY, who achieved a 99% graduation rate by setting up fake classes with no one in them, giving students fake grades, encouraging teachers–and students–to cheat… letting failing and problem students graduate early with meaningless diplomas, just to get them out of there…

Has been shifted to a desk job where he will continue to collect his $187,043 salary for seven years, plus benefits (another $78,558), raises negotiated by the teachers’ union, vacation time, the whole package totalling some $1.8 million (https://nypost.com/2022/04/16/queens-principal-booted-for-fraud-will-get-paid-for-7-years/)–

Whoa! Does this sound like any kind of “punishment” to you?

Oh. And they’re also investigating a cheating scheme by several teachers at that school.

I was going to say this walking lump of sleaze has robbed children of their education; but that’s assuming they actually got an education at this school. But fraud is fraud, cheating is cheating–and boy howdy, does crime ever pay! If you’re in the education business, at least.

Do you have a nice, juicy pension to look forward to? What–you don’t? You probably aren’t an “educator.”

Public School Again: Alcohol Served to Kindergarten Kids

Child Alcoholism Little Boy Drinking Alcohol Stock Photo (Edit Now)  1814743772

It’s no challenge anymore to find public school outrage stories.

You really don’t expect your child to come home from kindergarten tipsy, half-lit, slightly blotto… do you?

But that’s what happened recently at Grand River Academy, Livonia, Michigan. The kiddies “felt woozy” after drinking Jose Cuervo margaritas brought to class by a girl who carried the mix in her backpack (https://nypost.com/2022/04/16/woozy-after-drinking-margaritas-at-michigan-school/). The kids drank it from dixie cups at snack time.

Uh… hello? Is there a teacher in the house? There is… but you let the kiddies just drink anything that anybody brings in? What if it was insecticide? Like, it could’ve been anything. You might’ve need an ambulance. This could’ve been really bad.

Oh, I see… you were busy planning the next Transgender lesson, you never noticed some kid brought in something and gave it to the other kids to drink. As long as they’re using gender-neutral pronouns, all’s well. And don’t forget the Critical Race Theory lessons! What teacher has time to see what’s going on in her classroom?

This “academy,” by the way, is a free public charter school. I very much doubt they have a liquor license.


‘UK Teachers Vote: Sex Ed for 2-Year-Olds’ (2017)

Image result for images of crazy teachers

Lately the public–at least here in America–has been catching on to what the Far Left teachers’ unions are up to.

They’re using the public schools to “groom” children to become sexual playthings for older creeps.

Now we understand why the British National Union of Teachers (NUT–and I didn’t make that up) voted to apply “sex education” to two-year-olds.

UK Teachers Vote: Sex Ed for 2-Year-Olds

They say it’s to combat this tidal wave of Homo-Phobia and Trans-Phobia that’s threatening to engulf Britain. No proof, of course. It’s Hate to demand proof.

If we want to protect our children, we certainly can’t do it by sending them to public schools.

Teachers’ unions are the sexual predators’ best friend.

Groomers Take Aim at New Jersey Schools

It's Perfectly Normal: A Book about Changing Bodies, Growing Up, Sex, and  Sexual Health by Robie H. Harris

This “sex ed” textbook, which “teaches” that every possible sexual activity is “perfectly normal,” is now 20 years old.

[Thanks to Georgia for the nooze tip]

I have covered, in person, several New Jersey “sex education” conferences. It’s depressing work; but at least I know that the groomers have been working on this for years.

Starting this September, the groomers in our public schools are set to lay a whole new “sex ed” curriculum on New Jersey’s children (https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2022/04/06/republican-state-senator-exposes-radical-sex-ed-curriculum-i-truly-think-new-jersey-has-lost-its-damn-mind/)–this one stressing “gender fluidity” more than they’re already pushing it.

As State Senator Holly Schepisi says, “I truly think New Jersey has lost its damn mind.”

Senator, they lost it years ago. Here’s a New Jersey sex ed conference I covered in 2011 (https://chalcedon.edu/resources/articles/when-sex-education-turns-into-pornography).  It was pretty raunchy then. Imagine how much worse it’s gotten since.

What is the point of loading down 8-year-olds with masses of, ahem, “information” about aberrant sexual behavior? Libs and “teachers” hate it when you accuse them of being groomers–but what else can this possibly be? If they’re not preparing children to become sexual playthings, then what the dickens are they doing?

Forget about “reforming” public education: it’s too far gone for that.

What will work is to pull our children out of public schools and watch public education die.

Libs Hate Being Called ‘Groomers’

Gender Unicorn -

Just one of many “lessons” taught in the schools by groomers

Florida now has a law prohibiting school teachers from talking sex, sex, and more sex with children in grades K-3. There is, of course, no reason why any sane person would want to do that. But leftids think it’s an evil plot to inhibit children from becoming homosexual and trannies, so they call it “the Don’t Say Gay Law” and have their knickers in a twist over it.

But why would anyone want to “teach” young children about the endless varieties of aberrant sexual behavior? “Shut up!” they explained.

Lately the term “groomers” has been catching on. More and more people use it to suggest that these “lessons” are taught to prepare children to become the sexual playthings of older perverts: “grooming” them for it. The fact that the label’s catching on suggests that the public is catching on–and doesn’t like what it sees.

So libs and teachers’ unions have been going bonkers over it, frantically objecting to that label being applied to them (https://redstate.com/bonchie/2022/04/06/liberals-freak-out-over-being-called-groomers-n546263).

Well, sunshine, you reap what you sow. If you don’t want to be called groomers, stop trying to immerse very young children in your twisted visions of sexuality. For that matter, don’t do it to older children, either.

See how long the grooming lessons last, if paying school tax ever becomes optional.

California ‘Teachers’ Recruit Kids for ‘Gay’ Clubs

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Are there any normal people left in teaching, or have they finally weeded them all out?

Ready for another public education outrage? Don’t worry–we’ll never run out of them.

Leaked documents recently revealed how the California Teachers Assn. seeks to recruit children to be in “gay/straight alliances” and get involved with “transgender” (https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/leaked-documents-show-how-teachers-recruit-students-form-gay-and-transgender-clubs-in-schools).

A printed “guide” shows “teachers” how to start gay and transgender clubs in school, how to put children through a “gay test” devised by Kinsey, and–as always–how to impress upon the children the need to keep all these activities secret from their parents. “What is said here, stays here,” reads the guide.

The guide makes plain the, uh, need to start these instructions while the children are under 10 years old. Oh! And they’ve assembled a video library for the kiddies! “Coming out Gay to My 5-Year-Old Brother” is one of the more popular titles, along with some filth about “Gay Babies.”

Hello? Anybody there?

We need a young, hard-nosed reporter, wearing a wire and equipped with a hidden video camera, to infiltrate the classes and find out what the devil they’re “teaching” at the teachers’ colleges. I’ll bet his findings would appall us.

As for parents who ignore all this and just keep on sending their kids to public school each day–

Maybe you deserve this.

Today’s Public School Outrage

Kathleen Cataford was suspended by the Hartford Public Schools School District after she posted comments containing specific and private details about students on the Connecticut Mom's Club Facebook group

Suspended for telling the truth

God help us, here’s another one…

A school nurse has been suspended by the Hartford, CT, school district for revealing that the school was giving puberty blockers to an 11-year-old girl without her parents’ knowledge or consent (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/04/school-nurse-suspended-revealing-connecticut-public-school-secretly-giving-children-puberty-blockers-behind-parents-backs/).

According to the nurse, teachers, school administrators, and social workers combined to keep this little caper secret from the girl’s parents. The nurse reported them in a post on Facebook. She has since been punished for telling the truth.

Why do you send your children to public school? They are not safe there!

Please don’t think it’s fun, reporting these “education” stories. Our country, our society, is being murdered by persons who are supposed to be seeing to her welfare. If you put children in their hands, you’re helping them do it.

And that’s all the nooze I’m going to do today.

My Newswithviews Column, March 31 (‘”Educating” Ourselves to Death’)

indoctrination ahead warning sign with children symbol Stock Photo - Alamy

I see now that I could do nothing all day but track the malpractices of public education–and still not be able to cover them all. So we have to discuss examples, a very few out of thousands. Here are three of them.

‘Educating’ Ourselves to Death

We really must have more than a few screws loose, to keep on sending our children to these indoctrination mills. When they’re not grooming children to be playthings for rich old perverts, they’re teaching them to be useful idiots for socialism.

There’s no excuse for this. Public education must die. And when it does, Far Left Crazy will die with it.