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What Do They Want from Boys?

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(The content is disgusting enough without my illustrating it. Look at some baby chicks instead.)

Our esteemed colleague Marcia has made a thought-provoking point.

Talk about mixed messages! On one hand we have “educators” and other self-anointed change agents doing everything they can think of to emasculate boys, even to the point of feverishly encouraging them to “transition” into girls. And drugging them if they won’t sit quietly at their desks all day.

But on the other, you have best-selling novels about young women irresistibly drawn to younghandsomefabulouslyrich men, usually devoid of body hair, who subject them to physical abuse and humiliation… which somehow constitutes a “romance”.

So which is it, feminists? Door 1 or Door 2?

Y’know what? I don’t think they know! Their position has become too incoherent for even themselves to untangle.

But really, it’s the same thing behind both doors–culture-killing foolishness. Either one is toxic. Both are evil.

Kill the culture, though, and it’ll kill you back.

‘Teacher’ Reassigned for Forcing Opinions on Middle School Students

A middle school teacher in Florida has been “reassigned”–that means yanked from the classroom, but still getting paid–for giving students a quiz in which one of the multiple-choice questions listed President Donald Trump as “Republican. Real Estate businessman. Idiot.”

Do you think any teacher who called Obama an idiot would be allowed to remain anonymous? Think riots. Think hate crime charges. Think nationwide breast-beating outrage.

As icing on the cake, this quiz was administered to a class in computer applications. That’s according to a newspaper article published by GateHouse Media. The reporter probably went to journalism school: the article combines two different “teachers” in two different school districts in two different years into one rather confusing news story. Then again, it might’ve been the fault of clumsy and inept editing.

Hats off to the parent who brought this to the attention of the school principal AND posted the quiz on social media for millions of viewers to see. The embarrassment and public outcry forced the principal to do something about it. Hey, out there! More of you should be embarrassing your local school officials! It’s the only way to get them to remember who they work for.

Will this blockhead of a “teacher” get fired? Generally the only way a unionized public school teacher can actually lose his or her job is by dying. Or wearing a MAGA hat. But I’m sure the school officials did not appreciate being nationally pilloried; and they might find some way to convince the “teacher” not to do it again.


When College Students **Don’t** Want Socialism

Socialist Youth: Are Americans Morphing Into Europeans?

Let’s hear it for “education”

Public education has succeeded in its mission as a “change agent.” Lots and lots of young people now say they’re in favor of “socialism”–they don’t know what it is, but they’re in favor of it–and would rather live in a socialist country than a capitalist one. Most of them think “government should do more to solve problems.” Government should DO SOMETHING! We want ACTION! We want CHANGE!

But how would college students like some of their Grade Point Average “redistributed”? Uh… they wouldn’t like that at all. (https://danieljmitchell.wordpress.com/2019/03/30/young-people-reject-socialism-in-the-classroom/)

They draw the line at socialism actually coming into their classrooms and sawing off chunks of their GPAs. They believe they’ve earned those grades! That they put in the time studying, cramming, going to class instead of cutting, and that their grades are, as it were, their wages. They wouldn’t like to see the fruit of their labors taken away from them and doled out to layabouts who didn’t earn good grades.

For grades, boys ‘n’ girls, read “paychecks.” ‘Cause that’s how government “solves problems.” It takes your money that you worked for, that you earned. And uses it to set up new bureaucracies that provide jobs and pensions for government employees but somehow, comrades, the poor stay poor! Guess they didn’t take enough.

So, yeah, they want CHANGE and ACTION, all right–but not if it comes out of their hides.

And it will, honey-chile, it will… It always does.

The ‘Gender’ Nightmare, 2011

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Yep–it came to America, all right. Lucky us.

When I wrote this article for Chalcedon in 2011, a few of my colleagues refused to believe that any such things could ever happen in America. I wish I had been wrong instead of they.


The article focused on what was then a new handbook intended for use by the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation, dedicated to weeding out “gender conformity”–like that was bad or something. The depth of inanity and foolishness in that document was truly profound. “Two-spirit persons…” Feh.

The article also contained a link to a video of “gender instruction” in a California public school, with a captive audience of kindergarten children being “taught” by a big fat mutant. It wasn’t that such things couldn’t happen in America. By 2011 they already were happening.

This is culture-killing. Be warned: kill the culture, and it will kill you back.

‘”Hate America High” Rescinds Flag Ban (2016)

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If you thought your schools would be okay because you live in a red state, think again. This Travelers Rest High School, where they banned the American flag from football games, is in South Carolina.


Yes, the same Far Left Crazy “educators” are at work in all 50 states, trying to put America as we know it out of business. The reasoning here was that the American flag flying in America “might offend someone.” Like maybe some mental patient who thinks he’s in Angola? But they couldn’t find anyone who actually was offended, so after the whole community voiced its outrage, the principal chose the better part of valor and called off the ban.

Here’s a promise, boys and kills–

Kill public education, and Far Left Crazy dies.

‘The Grand Poobah of Philosophers’ (2013)

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The whole country would’ve been better off if he’d been a truck driver or a zookeeper.

John Dewey is proof that philosophy is highly overrated.


“We know nothing for certain,” was his teaching. Well, you can’t say “We know nothing” without also admitting, tacitly, that “I know nothing.” Then the question is, why are we listening to someone who doesn’t know anything?

Philosophy divorced from God does fearful damage to a society.

The wounds inflicted on America by John Dewey run deep.

‘D.C. Schools Assign Kids to Compare Bush to Hitler’ (2014)

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So which one is it, teachers?

This is more confusing than it used to be. It’s five years later–is George Bush still Hitler, or is Donald Trump Hitler now? Does a Democrat ever get a turn to be Hitler?


If you are a Christian and you’re sending your children to be “educated” at a public school run by Far Left Crazy “teachers” and their union, and administrators with holes in their heads that you can actually see through–

Please! What good do you think can possibly come of that?

They are doing a major number on the children in the Western countries, and it’s the parents’ fault.


‘Your Tax $$ at Work: the Columbia U. School of Climate Change Hysteria’ (2014)

Isn’t it wonderful, the way you can rack up college credits by being a bozo, or at least acting like one? All aboard for Columbia’s “Climate Change Games”!


At this point we have to wonder if there’s any genuine education going on at all in any of our colleges and looniversities. Is it only half-baked twaddle anymore? Do you have to prove you’ve become a full-fledged idiot before you get a degree?

The ninnitude in this story was from five years ago, and they have labored on it ever since.

Down with Nation-States?

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“We don’t need no stinkin’ nation-states!”

Nation-states “should not exist” and citizenship is “arbitrary,” “ridiculous,” and merely “a social construct,” self-proclaimed intellectuals from a not-quite-real “Freedom University” told an audience of–well, presumably students, at St. Olaf University recently (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=13704).

See? They don’t even pretend to make sense anymore. And you can always get an audience for that kind of thing at St. Olaf’s. The patron saint of Norway is very poorly served by the school that bears his name.

“Freedom University” serves “undocumented youth”–persons who are here illegally–and although it has a website, it occupies “an undisclosed location” somewhere in Atlanta.

So, okay, we get rid of nation-states–then what? What do we have in their place? My guess would be boiling chaos. They would certainly try to set up some kind of world government to keep the whole thing from blowing sky-high; and just as certainly it would fail.

But think of the fun they’d have, trying!

The far left is no longer sane, they’re all as crazy as bedbugs, and our colleges and looniversities cater to them like royalty. And they do it on our dime.

“Educating” ourselves to death…

Zillionaire College Athletes?

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Gettin’ a little hard to find stuff that ain’t corrupt…

They already get scholarships and free tuition, they’re immune to flunking out academically, and they have the added fun of being able to pose as “students.” But that isn’t enough for the state of California.

The Assembly has passed, by a 66-0 vote (!), a bill called “Fair Pay to Play,” which would allow college athletes to hire agents and make money from endorsements (https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/ncaabk/california-assembly-passes-legislation-to-pay-college-athletes/ar-AAH3QvF). A final vote in the Senate is scheduled for tomorrow. The NCAA has warned that this is likely to jeopardize the amateur status of California’s college athletes and render California schools ineligible to compete for NCAA national championships.

Aw, so what? Those racists at the NCAA just hate education.

Oh, well–it’s more honest than that whole pretense of “student-athletes.” But what about “higher education” is honest anymore?

Meanwhile, back in the real world, “pay to play” denotes corrupt politicians selling public  policy in return for campaign contributions and other goodies. That’s one thing that’s still less dishonest than college sports. But only just barely.

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