Prof Defies ‘Diversity’ Bullies–and Wins

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He wins, the bad guys lose.

How about a little good news, for a change?

A professor of politics at Converse College, South Carolina, has kept his job after refusing to take “mandatory diversity training.”

Associate Professor Jeff Poelvoorde called the mandatory indoctrination “an assault to the dignity and intelligence of the professoriate, in fact, an insult to anyone’s intelligence and dignity” (

Three cheers.

The college had threatened him with termination if he didn’t take the so-called course; but when he stood up to them, they backed down. They must’ve known they couldn’t possibly win an inevitable lawsuit, and didn’t want to shell out for damages.

Could we have a lot more of this, please! Here’s a brave man who’s shown the way–follow him through the breach. “Diversity training” is garbage that has to be scooped up and thrown away forever.

‘More of Your Tuition Dollars at Work’

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Phoebe makes a great point about capers that seem really cool now might come back, years later, and bite you in the tuchas. Job prospects, reputation–kiss ’em goodbye. And all thanks to college!

More of Your Tuition Dollars at Work

So, yeah, we’re “in loco parentis”–the key word being “loco”–so let’s have the kids pose nude for our dirty little magazine–because this is higher education!

We could get rid of 90% of our “higher education” apparatus and be a better, saner country for it.

Pottos on the Rampage!

Potto | Animal Database | Fandom

Pottos all over the world are enraged about there being even any question about allowing them to enroll in Quokka University. Throwing bricks, setting fires, letting crocodiles loose from zoos–Mostly Peaceful Pottos (MPPs) are tearing the world apart.

The Mostly Peaceful Pottos say they won’t stop until they get everything they want. Humans are warned not to travel alone in the treetops. If you must creep from tree to tree, clinging to and swinging from the branches, try to do it during the day when most pottos are asleep.

A spokesquokka for Quokka University, Emma the Quokka, said she and her fellow board members were “terribly disappointed that this sort of controversy should occur before we open our very first semester. Nobody said we wouldn’t admit pottos! Honestly, the subject never came up–until now.”

Any decision, she added, will be deferred until after the quokkas hold their annual Fli-Back Paddle Ball Tournament.

‘Teacher to 7th Graders: “Deny God or Fail”‘ (2015)

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Do you think public schools have gotten a lot better since 2015? Do you think teachers’ unions have toned down their radicalism?

Really, you’re a bit old to believe in fairy tales.

Teacher to 7th Graders: ‘Deny God or Fail’

If you think your kids are safe because you live in a red state, think again. The same teacher unions control public education in all 50 states. And their job, as they see it, is to turn children against their country, their families, and their God.

And you pay them for it.

Real Heroes Submit Tamely to the Party!

Heroes Wear Masks: Elmo's Super Adventure (Sesame Street Scribbles): Sesame  Workshop: 9781728236599: Books

Wow, what an adventure–wearing a mask to school! Eat your heart out, Tarzan!

Attention, comrades! Our comrades at Sesame Street have published a new book intended to “calm school anxiety” so the children can go back to learning about what a no-good rotten racist country America is!

Yes, comrades, Heroes Wear Masks teaches children that it’s easy to be a hero–just obey the party! And here you were, thinking you had to do something special or heroic when all you have to do is wear a face mask! And if you want to be a superhero, just be sure and wash your hands as often as Comrade Teacher tells you to.

Then you can settle down and be taught by Elmo and Big Bird that America is up to its eyeballs in Racism and you must support Only Black Lives Matter and it’s perfectly safe to riot–the coronavirus never interferes with a riot.

And, kiddies, be sure to let the Party know if any of the grownups in your family ever says anything hateful or non-inclusive or triggering or racist or anything else that the Party doesn’t like. If we send the offending party to the Camp, the Party will give you a lollipop!

College Anarchy Course Can’t Spell Gandhi’s Name

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“Mohamed Gandhi”

Washington & Lee “University,” soon to suffer a woke name-change , is offering a course on “How to Overthrow the State,” worth three credits toward your degree (

Students will be instructed in “producing a Manifesto [sic]” and writing an essay that will be “a persuasive lesson on rewriting history and confronting memory.” Translation: “It never happened and you only think you remember it! Capitalist hyena!”

Among the glorious anarchists cited as examples, we find one “Mohamed Gandhi.” This is either someone that we never heard of, or else just an ignoramus’ rendering of Mohandas or Mahatma Gandhi. They’ve also spelled “Mohammed” wrong. Perhaps the anarchy is slopping over into their language.

But hey, “rewriting history and confronting memory” are jolly handy skills to have! For instance: “I already paid my tuition and I don’t care if you have no record of it, your records are all wrong!”

College–making America dumber, feebler, and more contemptible by the day.

My Newswithviews Column, Sept. 3 (‘Now, Will You Listen?’)

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I know I wrote about this outrage a few days ago, right here on this blog; but I’m still highly cheesed off about it, and I thought there was more that ought to be said.

Now, Will You Listen?

I wonder what the public schools would have to do, to turn people off them. Well, they haven’t set the buildings on fire yet, with the kids in them. Maybe that would wake people up.

And if you can truly say “Not in our schools!” today, enjoy it while you can; because you won’t be able to say it tomorrow.

Ooh! He Said a Bad Word in Chinese!

Someday Soon, You Will All Be Speaking Chinese”—True or False? — Shanghai  Sojourns

The signs mean “I speak Chinese,” but fire the teacher just in case.

Being woke does not mean you have to know what you’re talking about.

A professor at the Looniversity of Southern California business school has been suspended for using a Chinese “filler word” that supposedly sounds like “a racial slur” in English (

I took Chinese in college, so I know what I’m talking about. Which disqualifies me from being woke.

The word in question is “nay-ga,” which in Chinese means “that” or “that one” and is often used in conversation as the Chinese equivalent of “um” or “y’know,” etc. It does not mean what the idiots at USC think it means.

Remember the Canadian town that was going to erase the number 4 from all its street addresses, because “four” in Chinese sounds, to the untrained English ear, like the Chinese word for “dead”? Chinese people have been using those words, without getting confused, for several millenia. But a few doofuses in Canada thought they ought to protect Chinese-Canadians from their own language.

But virtue-signaling requires no knowledge of any subject. So you suspend a professor for using a Chinese word because… well, because you’re ignorant but you still want to demonstrate your wonderful wokeness.

And they call it “higher education.”

‘Transgenderism… for 3-Year-Olds’ (2017)

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The school as sexual predator

Are you sure you want those public schools back open? Positive? ‘Cause this is the kind of stuff they’re going to be teaching in them.

Transgenderism… for 3-Year-Olds

Yup, Planned Parenthood is deep into public education. Remember, their goal is to stop human reproduction by any means that come to hand.

You can’t have decency and “transgender” at the same time. It’s not sane. It’s not right. And our public schools are teaching it.

Tell me again why you think our kids should learn it.

Have They Finally Gone Too Far?

Sunnydaze Decor Hear No Evil Speak No Evil See No Evil 3-Wise Garden  Statues (Set of 3)-XCA-103238 - The Home Depot

They don’t want you to see it, hear it, or talk about it.

School officials in Rutherford County, Tennessee, are trying to forbid parents from monitoring their children’s education ( They demand that parents sign a form agreeing not to listen in on their kids’ online “virtual classroom” lessons–or else their children will be kicked out of the class.

Public education never runs out of ways to outrage the public. This is the best one yet.

What kind of miserable excuse for a parent would ever agree to such a thing?

Why aren’t they out there in numbers demanding that every clod who played a part in this be fired?

Parents! You pay for this! You pay these morons’ salaries! Why do you put up with this?

They say it’s to ensure the pupils’ “privacy.” What bunk. It’s so they can poison the kiddies’ minds without interference from the parents. They don’t want you knowing what your children are being “taught.”

If we had the sense God gave a fire hydrant, we’d put an end to public schooling now.