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‘Be Born in Me’

I had never heard this one before–Be Born in Me, performed by the kids at Fountainview Academy.

Jesus Christ is the answer.

By Request, ‘In the Garden’

Both Erlene and Phoebe called for this one, so here it is–In the Garden, sung by Alan Jackson.

And now to wait for the snowstorm…

Encore, ‘Behold, the Mountain of the Lord’

You don’t mind, do you, if I resort again to one of my favorite hymns? Behold, the Mountain of the Lord, sung by Godfrey Birtill–ancient Scottish hymn.

If you don’t long to see the rising of the mountain of the Lord… better check to make sure you’re still alive.

Backup Hymn: ‘Blessed Be the Name’

Just in case you couldn’t get satisfactory sound quality out of the hymn I posted earlier, here’s another one with perfect sound–Blessed Be the Name, performed by Nathan and Lyle with family and friends in Denton County, Texas. This hymn is closely related to another well-loved classic, O For a Thousand Tongues to sing: they may even be variants of one another. Hymns pass through a lot of loving hands on their way to God’s ear.

By Request, ‘How Great Thou Art’

Erlene requested How Great Thou Art–and who doesn’t love this hymn? I chose this rendition by Burl Ives: not the greatest sound reproduction, but I couldn’t resist the video. Beautiful flowing streams like that whisper to us, “God is nigh, God created me, He created you… God is nigh.” So you may have to turn up the volume a bit.

(One More Time) ‘Hark the Herald Angels Sing’

Yes, I know–the Creche has been put away, our Christmas tree is down–but let me indulge in one more Christmas carol. I know there have been worse times than this in history–World War II, to name just one of many–but in my own lifetime, this era is far and away the worst I’ve ever seen. If we have ever needed that baby in the manger, we need Him now. Come, Lord Jesus, come!

Hark the Herald Angels Sing, full choir, full orchestra, at St. Paul’s Cathedral, London.

By Request, ‘All My Sins Have Been Forgiven’

Susan asked for this one, All My Sins Have Been Forgiven, performed by Church Folk at Wheaton College, Massachusetts. This is a new hymn, first published in 1974. Kind of a new sound to go with it, here.

‘Look Ye Saints, the Sight is Glorious’

A classic hymn from 1809, suggested by Susan–Look, Ye Saints, the Sight is Glorious, performed by the Scottish Festival Singers.

I know that melody goes with another well-known hymn, but just at this moment I can’t remember what it is. Hats off to whoever can come up with it.

Bonus Hymn, ‘Good Christian Men, Rejoice!’

The creche is still on display at St. Francis’ Church, across the street, and our tree is still up in our living room, so… one more Christmas hymn: and again we pray, Father, give this Christmas season power to do its work all year, drawing our hearts to Jesus Christ our Savior and our King.

A spirited rendition of this good old hymn, Good Christian Men, Rejoice! Sorry, I can’t identify the performers. Well done and thank you, whoever you are.

Johnny Cash Sings Revelation

This song may be a little grim, but it comes from Revelation and Revelation is a book of warning; and warnings are supposed to be grim. But it does come with a happy ending for those who heed the warnings: the happiest ending of them all.

So this is Johnny Cash, with The Man Comes Around. Whoever has ears, let him hear.

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