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Today’s Hymn, ‘The Love of God’

This hymn is 100 years old this year–The Love of God, from 1917, played and sung by Nathan (autoharp) and Lyle (guitar) and family, in Denton County, Texas.

The times are evil, as we know, but one of the things we can always do is this: sing louder.

‘Take the Name of Jesus With You’

I never heard this hymn before this morning, but it’s sweet: Take the Name of Jesus With You, lyrics by Lydia Baxter in 1870. Sung by the Table Singers. Does that make it old? “The old that is strong doth not wither: deep roots are not touched by the Frost” –J.R.R. Tolkien

I love these 19th century hymns. And yes, there are hymns and worship songs being written today that people are going to love 200 years from now. But just for the time being, this one will suffice.

‘My Jesus, I Love Thee’

I never knew of this hymn until I found it this morning. Here we have it a la Sunday school: just the one lady on the one piano, and you have to sing it yourself. Sometimes that’s the way I like it.

And now I have to go to the nursing home and hand in a whopping big box of Aunt Joan’s paperwork, which we will be exceedingly glad to get out of our hair–and even gladder if we did the job right and her future care is ensured. Good grief, imagine having to do this with clay tablets…

Encore: ‘Oh, Sinner Man!’

If God has blessed your art, this is what you get when you take a traditional African-American spiritual, Celtic mandolin music, and video of Scotland’s offshore islands–this wonderful rendition of Oh, Sinner Man! Where You Gonna Run To?

As this hymn makes so clear, there will indeed be judgment–and there’s nowhere any sinner can go to escape it. The sure escape is through belief and trust in Jesus Christ, who has already in His own person paid the penalty for our sins. But no amount of fast talk, no amount of money, no amount of political pull will suffice us. It’s very much a Jesus Christ-or-nothing proposition.

‘Be Thou My Vision’

I haven’t posted this for quite a while–one of my favorites, Be Thou My Vision. This hymn comes to us from Ireland, back in the 8th century, and has never lost its power to stir our souls and remind us that we love our God.

Sing out louder, everybody, sing it louder: the times are evil, but our God is good.

‘Christ Triumphant, Ever Reigning’

Today’s hymn, Christ Triumphant, Ever Reigning, is sung by the choir at Lincoln Cathedral. Construction of this majestic house of worship began in 1088, and the video provides a tour while you’re listening to the hymn. Not to get carried away with the works of our own hands–a dangerous temptation: but God did create us in His image, and we can’t help wanting to create beautiful things, as He does. Hence the art and architecture, music and sculpture, devoted to God’s glory.

I don’t find it surprising that buildings designed by secularists look like drawers in a county morgue.

‘O Worship the King’ (Encore)

I love this hymn–the first hymn I ever taught myself to play on the harmonica. I don’t know who this is performing it, but it’s a beautiful performance and the accompanying images of God’s handiwork–well, I find it very stirring. Don’t you?

Today’s Hymn, ‘This Is My Father’s World’

Here the sun is shining brightly on a smooth blanket of pure white snow, under an azure sky streaked with cottony clouds: this is my Father’s world.

I’ve been posting a hymn every day now for a year–or is it nearer two years?–and it seems to be that I’m more moved by them, emotionally, instead of less  I find the sky and the snow more moving, too, along with everything else out there: my Father’s handiwork, all of which speaks softly, “God is nigh.” And I know they speak truth: I can feel it.

You feel it, too, don’t you? And if only we knew how to express it!

Beautiful! ‘Light of the World’

This hymn stirs my soul. I hope it stirs yours, too.

Written by Charles Wesley. Sung by Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band. Blessed by Our Father in Heaven.

Hymn, ‘He Who Would Valiant Be’

This is another one of those hymns we ought to sing louder–He Who Would Valiant Be (originally To Be a Pilgrim, with words by John Bunyan). This is a performance by choirs from Gloucester Cathedral, Hereford Cathedral, and Worcester Cathedral, all of them in England: there’s life in England yet, thank God. Maybe He will make it burgeon forth again.

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