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‘When This Passing World Is Done’

I couldn’t resist the gorgeous harmony of The Smucker Family’s a capella singing, nor the glorious background scenery by the hand of God the Father. Let’s start our day with When This Passing World is Done–and pray that it isn’t quite done yet.

‘Like a River Glorious’

There is a river, the streams whereof make glad the city of God… (Psalm 46:4)

Reminded! God’s will shall indeed be done. All-righteous, all-wise, all-loving, almighty! Let his word flow like a great a nourishing river through out lives.

This morning’s hymn: Like a River Glorious, sung by the Smucker Family. Background sets by God the Father.

By Request, ‘Joy to the World’ (in April!)

This was a mighty good idea that Joshua had–to post Joy to the World… because we need it now, we need reminding that the Lord our Savior has come, has been here, has purchased our salvation– We celebrate His birth at Christmas, but Jesus Christ is Lord over all the days of the year, our shepherd and our king forever.

Sung by Fernando Ortega.

‘He Who Would Valiant Be’

Now they want us not to go grocery-shopping. What are we supposed to do for food?

Antidote: He Who Would Valiant Be, by John Bunyan, also known and loved as To Be a Pilgrim–complete with peaceful train ride over the North York Moors on the Goathland Railroad (steam locomotive and all).

‘God of Our Fathers’

This is a rousing hymn, and we need rousing. If we’re going to come back from this stupid coronavirus crisis (brought to you by Red China experimenting with germ warfare), we can only do it by turning back to God. Bizarre perversions and gross immorality won’t do it for us. Repent, re-dedicate ourselves to God our shield,and America will indeed be great again.

God of Our Fathers–I wish I knew whose performance this is. Thank you, whoever you are.

‘Days of Elijah’

We need pumping up–well, I certainly do. We need to remember that we serve a mighty God, all-righteous, all-wise–who is not an absentee landlord!

Days of Elijah, sung by a hallful of U.S. Marines–oo-rah!

‘I Sing the Mighty Power of God’

Isaac Watts wrote this hymn in 1715 and it’s still going strong today–I Sing the Mighty Power of God, sung here by the Mountain Anthems. Background sets by God the Father.

By Request, ‘Embrace the Cross’

Before I cover any more nooze–if I cover any more nooze–we have a hymn request from Joshua: Embrace the Cross, sung by Steve Green.

It’s not as easy to do as we might think.

‘Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing’

This is an unusual arrangement of a traditional hymn, Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing, by King’s Kaleidoscope. I think you’ll like it.

‘Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus’

I’ve spent much of this afternoon reading nooze, and I am neither the better nor the wiser for it. So I looked for an antidote, and found this.

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus, performed by the Living Stones Quartet–all I know about them is they’re Indians and they do hymns and gospel music. But what I know about their message is… it’s true. If there was ever a time not to forget our Savior, Jesus Christ, that time is now.

The Lord’s hand is on the tiller, and He sees all the things we can’t see.

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