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Bonus Video: Elephant Calf Plays in the Snow

Well, we’ve got our first snowfall here in New Jersey today–it’s really coming down. The forecast called for flurries. Wrong!

Anyhow, here’s something we don’t often get to see–an elephant calf (at the Toledo Zoo) playing in the snow and genuinely digging it.

What do you want to bet he’s making believe he’s a mammoth?

Wahoo! Critters in the Snow!

They’re all here–cows and horses, cats and dogs, even a fox–all grooving on their first snow. Go ahead, tell me some of these dogs and horses aren’t having the time of their lives. Especially the dog with the snow shovel. You didn’t know you could do that with a snow shovel, did you?

There’s snow in our forecast for tomorrow, by the way: so I hope this video will get us in the mood.

The ‘Citizen Kane’ of Furry Fun

Both this video and Citizen Kane show scenes of subway cars full of people with owls. But then I haven’t seen Citizen Kane in a long time and I might be confusing it with some other classic film.

All the other animals in this video have fur instead of feathers.

‘Sanity Break: Bush Baby’ (2016)

See the source image

Well, the jackhammers have stopped and the leaf-blowers have taken over. I feel like I woke up in Hell.

Click the video embedded in the post to see something much nicer than anything I’m going to see around here today.


Really, I’d rather have the bush baby. God’s stuff is so much better than ours.

Ducks Rule

Who’s the boss of the barnyard? The cat? The rooster? The dog? Well, it turns out it’s the duck. Who would’ve thought it?

A few of the ducks in this video I suspect of being geese, and we know how tough geese are, so they shouldn’t count. Besides… these ducks don’t need any help.

Battlin’ Beasties


Animals, like people, don’t always get along. Some of this fighting looks pretty fierce, and yet no one seems to get hurt. When a goat takes on a zebu ten times his size, he’s supposed to get vaporized–right? Ditto ferret vs. huskie. But somehow the smaller animals seem to know they’re going to be all fight.

And dig the feuding fish. What’s that about?

Animal Hijinks

Why do I think it’s not such a hot idea to leave food for bears on your back porch? Must just be the stress of this day.

Anyway, here we go: dog breaks up rooster fight before they can denude each other of feathers, kitten won’t let big dog through the pet door (not that it looks like he’d come even close to fitting), and a pair of foxes demonstrate really poor manners. Something for everyone.

At Last! Today’s Cat Video!

Duh! I loaded this video onto the mouse and then never got around to posting it. And there I sat, looking at my stats page and wondering why not even one viewer went to the cat video. (There aren’t that many cats in it, but never mind…) Yo, Mr. Genius! That’s because it isn’t there!

So, three hours late, here it is, delivered with a sigh.

Piggy-Back, Anyone?

Oddly enough, there are no piggies in this video. And it looks like baby goats are the champions of hitching piggy-back rides.

By the way, I recommend not encouraging your kittens to jump onto your back for a ride. This becomes much less amusing when they’re full-sized cats. And, uh, when you’ve got company, or a repairman, they might find it even less amusing.

Cuddly Cows

It’s beginning to look like I missed a lot by living in the suburbs all my life. But I should have remembered about cows! Once, when I was only five years old or so, my parents went on some sort of getaway in upstate New York. We stayed at a farm, and each day, I would go out to the stone wall in the back yard and hang out with the cows on the next-door farmer’s field. I remember showing those cows my toys, petting them, talking to them, getting licked by them (“cow kisses”), and just plain loving it. There weren’t any other kids around to play with, but who needs other kids when you’ve got cows?

We really ought to love them.

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