Risking Your All for Some Worms

The little brown anole lizard can’t resist the mealworms included in the snacks at the bird feeder. He’d better watch out or he’ll wind up as bird food, too. Notice how skillfully he disappears whenever the blue jays show up, to reappear just as smoothly after they leave.

I have included this video in today’s program to discourage high-risk behavior by lizards.

A Wee Snow Break?

Yeah, sure, I’ve got stuff to write, no shortage of it–but would you mind if I had my cigar and took a snow break? I’d like to enjoy the snowflakes while they’re here. So much more enjoyable than nuisance phone calls.

(What’s with the lizard?)

Oh, I just love these little guys–green anoles, aka pet-store chameleons. The head-bobbing and the strawberry throat fan are threat displays, warning the human with the camera to back off if he knows what’s good for him. As pets, they get very tame and you can have a lot of fun with them. But they won’t do threat displays anymore… except to each other, now and then. Maybe they’re just keeping in practice.

Horse and Elk Play… What?

It’s obvious there’s some kind of game going on between these two, with the elk herd as spectactors–but what game is it? If we could only get a closer look at that green thing on a string, whatever it is. Who knows? We might want to play, too.

Goats vs. Coyote

The coyote wants the chicken. The goats don’t want the coyote. It’s a standoff, three goats vs. one coyote. I wish we could know what the chicken thought of it. Sit back and see who blinks first.

Your Pet… Elephant?

I have never thought of elephants as house pets. Having seen this video of an elephant living as a house pet, I still don’t. This woman runs a wild animal rescue facility. She brought in a baby elephant and now he’s outgrowing the house. If you can’t find him, just follow the sound of things getting broken.

Dove Torments Cat (How Does He Get Away With It?)

Dog’s barking, TV’s blaring–and the cat wants to take a nap. Along comes this crazy dove and plagues him. Just won’t stop! And why doesn’t the cat just let him have it? Can anybody out there explain this weird interaction?

Big Kitty? Big Box!

If you’ve been looking for ways to delight your pet lion or tiger, just remember that they’re cats and they’ll like what cats like. And what do cats like better than cardboard boxes? For the big cats, all you need is… big cardboard boxes.

A Banquet for Turtles

Actually, you could probably serve real pizza, as is, to turtles, and they’d eat it. That’s a thing about turtles. Once they settle in as your pets, and get used to being hand-fed, they’ll eat just about anything you offer them. And you have to take care because they’ll do it whether it’s good for them or not.

Every night my little painted turtle got a bit of my supper. And he’d climb out of his tank if he smelled lobster (those were the days!).

Sharing the Barn

We love to watch baby goats at play–and these are very little babies. Their antics attract a chicken. I don’t know what we were expecting the chicken to do. Some chickens don’t do much of anything.

Irresistible Frogs

I know, I know, you’ll think I’m crazy–but these are adorable, these little frogs. They’re from Africa, and they’re called “rain frogs” because they only come out of their burrows when it rains–no sitting out there on the lily pads for them. They’re also called “potato fairies.” Honk if you can figure that out.