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Kitten, Otter, and Playtime

Actually, I think that maybe every waking moment is playtime for these two. Otters are well-known for their playfulness, but I don’t know how you acquire one for a pet.

Currently the otter has a slight advantage over the kitten. That’ll change. But I don’t think their friendship will.

Baby Raccoons, and Their Foster Mother

I keep hearing about pit bulls who adopt kittens, baby chicks… and now baby raccoons. How did these dogs ever get such a fearsome reputation? They’re obviously quite good-hearted.

As for the baby raccoons–well, if it was me, I couldn’t send them into the wilderness. These little guys are much too tame for that.

Jean-Pierre Hallet–remember him? Congo Kitabu–said that just about any animal will respond to love and care: and to prove it, tamed a rhinoceros. And now we know that rhinos raised in zoos by humans (in addition to their real mothers) learn to be friendly and playful.

Ah, you should’ve seen my iguana! Like a good dog disguised as a lizard.

When a Bear Comes Calling…

Get a load of this: a great big bear comes climbing up the porch to see if anyone’s home. There being nothing or no one to eat, she decides to leave.

Wait! The bear is wearing a collar. Hmm… And attacked to the collar, it seems, is some kind of little keg. Maybe it’s got whiskey in it. Maybe this critter thinks she’s [wait for it!]…

A St. Bear-nard.


Mr. Nature: Sea Spiders

Before we move on to any demoralizing nooze, here’s Mr. Nature with a safari to the ocean floor in search of sea spiders. Please feel free to ignore the cutesy narration.

Very few of this have ever seen one of these critters, and most of us have probably not heard of them. Which is odd, because there are hundreds of species of sea spiders and they’re found world-wide in both deep and shallow water. But as most of them are very small and quiet, it would be easy not to notice them.

I’ve been fascinated by these creatures for a long time. How can you not be fascinated by an animal whose vital organs are in its legs because there’s no room for them in its body?

Fap to the evolution fairy tale. What hath God wrought!

The Wonderful World of Chickens

Are they afraid of cats and dogs and puppies? No way! Are they sweet and affectionate with their pet humans? See for yourself! Will they just stand there and watch while some kid runs away with their food? Not likely!

And I’d better not show too many of these videos, or I won’t be able to eat chicken anymore. I knew I was headed for trouble when I started feeling warm and friendly to the blowfish I was catching off the dock…

A Baby Beaver

Here in suburban New Jersey we don’t get much interaction with beavers. So I had never seen a baby beaver before.

It seems they come into this world rarin’ to go; and, like box turtles (who should certainly know better!), once they get moving, they won’t stop or turn aside for anything. I can’t explain why box turtles do that. Maybe a beaver is born with the expectation of landing in the water.

Special! Quokka Video

G’day! Byron the Quokka here, with a special quokka video. This is my cousin Brando, named for his uncanny resemblance to Marlon Brando. “As alike as two peas in a pod!” his mother said, after she saw Mutiny on the Bounty.

Brando is well-known for his flawless table manners, which you can easily see as he chows down on a leaf. What style! And he chews with his eyes closed, just to show you he can do it.

Let’s Hear It for Rats!

Once upon a time my sister Alice gave us two hooded rats (the white ones with the black heads) for Christmas. We’d never had pet rats before.

Well, hey, this video’s not lyin’. Rats (at least the ones of my acquaintance) are affectionate and playful–and very intelligent. If they could live ten years or so, they’d be reading and writing.

Whenever I had to take one of our rats in to see the vet, I’d just deposit her on my shoulder and there she’d stay until the vet examined her. Often the other people in the waiting room would go “Ew!” and make faces. But after they saw how good my little rat-girl was, usually they wanted to pet her.

Caveat: None of this applies to wild rats. Just in case anybody needed to be told.

Everybody Loves to Chase Lasers

Forget the cats and dogs: all the critters in this video want to chase the laser pointer. Even a spider chases it–not to mention horse, raccoon, ducklings, and chickens. Even fish. I’ll have to remember to bring one of these laser doohickeys along the next time I go fishing. No, wait, never mind, that would be cheating.

What Hath God Wrought!

I just can’t see how anyone can observe nature and not believe in its Creator.

Behold the ocean sunfish! I was totally intrigued by this creature, when I became old enough to page through books and magazines and at least look at the pictures. It didn’t look at all like any other fish! I mean, come on–it’s like a great big head without a body.

But look at it in its natural habitat. Here it works just fine. Here it moves gracefully.

And then a platoon of little fish come along to clean the parasites off its skin!

“Evolved by blind chance–” Uh-huh. But it’s not chance that’s blind.

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