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Endearing Young Sloths

My wife has a fondness for baby sloths. A lot of people do. They make cute baby sounds. There’s also a kangaroo in this video. Don’t ask me how that happened.

Back in the day, giant ground sloths got as big as elephants. I wonder what their babies were like.

Fun with Critters

We have one dog who just can’t wait to get his mail–well, somebody’s mail–another who won’t get down off his high horse, and a fish who fetches tennis balls. What we don’t have is any nooze. I don’t know about you, but that’s the way I like it.

An Angry Gecko

This is a wild gecko in Australia that came into someone’s house, as geckos often do, and most emphatically didn’t want to leave. Considering the very small size of this lizard, he puts up quite a tussle.  Note the bobbed tail: it probably broke off, some time ago, and didn’t grow back all the way.

BTW, a lot of people like having geckos in their homes. They eat lots and lots of bugs.

In case you thought lizards have no voice, you were wrong. They just don’t feel the need to say much.

Weekend Treat: How Raccoons Use a Bicycle

Here’s a bonus video to kick off our weekend and flush the nooze out of our systems.

You’ve probably wondered, off and on, mostly off, how raccoons can make use of a bicycle. If they sit on the seat, their legs can’t reach the pedals. Well, wonder no more–these three baby raccoons are here to show you how it’s done. After you watch this, hang your bike off the ground and give it a try.

Charming Critters

I would’ve liked this video to be longer, but what we’ve got is nice. Especially the little Australian frilled lizard chasing a man 100 times its size: you’ve got to admire so much ambition.

The rest of the critters are fuzzy.

Mr. Nature: the Fence Lizard

Jambo, boys ‘n’ girls! Mr. Nature here, with the humble fence lizard. My home state of New Jersey is but poorly endowed with lizards, but we do have the Eastern Fence Lizard, one of my favorites. The lizard in this video is a Western Fence Lizard from California, almost the same thing.

The “push-ups” that these lizards do, mostly the males, is a territorial display. It means “get lost!” Most of the lizards in the iguanid family–dozens and dozens of species–make this display, as well as puffing themselves up, showing the dewlap, etc. There are even some Old World agamid family lizards that do push-ups. This is a mystery to me, that totally unrelated lizards should resort to the same threat display.

I once had fence lizards and one of the females laid eggs. We caught her doing it, and so were able to contact the Staten Island Zoo for instructions as to how to care for the eggs. They were good instructions, and all two dozen eggs hatched into absolutely perfect little lizards.

At night the little ones used to bury themselves in cedar shavings with only their heads left showing. One morning our granddaughter came into the living room and saw them like that–only the tiny heads scattered here and there–and totally freaked out. She was sure some fiend had come in the middle of the might and beheaded the baby lizards. But Mrs. Nature was quickly able to reassure her otherwise.

Fence lizards eat live bugs and can be kept together in an aquarium without your having to worry about them assassinating one another. They tame rather quickly and are altogether nice lizards.

A Delinquent Ferret

A great deal of thought, on the ferret’s part, went into this caper. For us, what’s thought-provoking here is… why? What possible motive could the ferret have had, to commit this crime? What was it supposed to accomplish?

Joe Collidge probably knows, but I don’t know when he’s coming back again.

Christmas-time for Bunnies

Granted, this video is very short and of less than optimal quality, so I’ll find you a better one after I post this. But I enjoyed it for the bunnies and the music. They look very well fed for wild rabbits; but then they’ve learned where to find the bird feeder.

Crazy Critters

One of these video clips reminds me of the old Babylonian folk song, “Thar’s a Mayfly Moltin’ on My Knee.”

Then there’s the cockatoo cleaning out the sock drawer, and the chuckwalla who gets himself stuck in a knothole. And the hummingbird who wants to nest in some guy’s hair.

You just never know what to expect from animals.

Baby Goats’ Pajama Party

I don’t know why these baby goats are wearing pajamas. My friend who has raised baby goats never put them in pajamas. Maybe it was just before bedtime when this video was filmed.

How tiny are these little characters? You’ll see for yourself when they meet a cat.

Boy, do they have fun! If you don’t know what joy is, never mind the dictionary–just watch these guys for a few minutes.

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