Nice Baby Animals

They’d better be nice! I had a devil of a time trying to load this video. The computer thought I wanted ghost stories. Well, yeah, I like ghost stories–but this is time for critter video.

Anyway, enjoy the baby animals while I try to figure out what happened.

Is That Hummingbird Keeping You Awake?

I couldn’t resist this–a hummingbird, sound asleep… and snoring. Who knew birds could snore?

Our cats snore sometimes. And make other little noises in their sleep. But you expect that from cats and dogs. If you watch them sleeping, you can even guess what they’re dreaming about.

Betcha anything birds dream!

Mr. Nature: Earwig Wars!

A certain businessman once said, “I didn’t get where I am today by messing about with earwigs!” But he was missing something.

Jambo, Mr. Nature here–with earwigs. The ones in the video are bigger than the ones we find in our gardens, but otherwise the same.

I’ve always wondered about those “pincers” on the south end of a northbound earwig. All the other bugs have their pincers up front, like politicians. So having them where a tail ought to be seems an odd procedure. But it works for them.

These “cerci,” as scientists call them, function just like real pincers. They might as well be real pincers: male earwigs fight with them. I never knew that–did you? So, yes, an earwig could pinch you if you picked it up in your hand; but the damage would be so minimal as to be hardly worth mentioning.

Don’t panic if you find some in your garden. They mind their own business and will not harm your fruits or flowers. They won’t harm you, either.

God’s stuff is just so cool.

Crazy for Mice?

Now that’s eccentric. Big-time eccentric: building a hobbit village in your garden… for mice. But that’s just what this man named Simon has done. Obviously the English have not forgotten how to be eccentric.

I’ve had many pet mice, and I can tell you they’re affectionate, adaptable, and very intelligent. If a mouse could live ten years, he’d be practicing law.

These are wild mice, in the video. Now that they’ve got nice houses of their own, they don’t come into Simon’s house.

There’s something very Beatrix Potter about this…

Gnus for News?

See, this is what happens when nobody reads!

It was supposed to be News at 4, the latest project of the Crummy News Network. Celebrity anchor Dan Rather was all set to return to prime-time news.

But because the instructions were delivered verbally, over the phone, instead of in writing–standard studio policy, because so many employees can’t read–News at 4 was transformed (fundamentally!) into Gnus at 4.

The fact that it has turned into the No. 1 rated gnus show came nowhere near to mollifying Rather, who exploded into one of history’s great tantrums and finally walked off the set after he regained control of his bodily functions.

“Well, sure, Dan was upset,” said CNN Managing Director Biff Trotsky. “I mean, who wants to narrate a half-hour of gnus just hangin’ out, eatin’ grass? But I’m here to tell Dan, ‘That’s the last offer you’re gonna get, sunshine.'”

A recent viewer poll had 77% percent saying that “gnus just hanging out” was a big improvement over regular news.

‘Mr. Nature: Do Starfish Think?’ (2017)

See the source image

It doesn’t look like much is happening; but the starfish has attacked a scallop and intends to eat it.

The fascinating aspect of this question is the fact that a starfish has no brain. And yet they do all the things they need to do, to stay alive. So how do they do them without a brain?

Mr. Nature: Do Starfish Think?

Can starfish learn? Can they remember? If so, where do they store the information?

I’ve been trying for years to find answers to those questions, but no dice. Apparently no one knows the answers.

God’s stuff always works. We just can’t figure out how.

Mr. Nature: The White Moose

Jambo! Mr. Nature here; and today’s safari takes us to Sweden, where someone was lucky enough to see a white moose when he happened to have a camera with him to film it.

Albinism occurs in all sorts of different animals, but in the wild it tends to make these white animals more vulnerable to predators. But a full-grown moose wouldn’t have to worry much about that.

And you might want to read my book, The Palace (Bell Mountain No. 6), in which the boy king, Ryons, pursues the White Doe in Lintum Forest…

Quokka Home Movies

G’day! Byron the Quokka here, with some of my family’s home movies. I wanted to post footage of us playing Clue, but everybody else wanted to show the juggling. We love watching humans juggle! It’s sort of a quokka thing–maybe because we are so no good at juggling, ourselves.

Luna Moth vs. High Wind

I’ve always wanted to see one of these beautiful creatures, but I never have. The guidebook says they live in my area, but I’ve never seen one. I wonder if I ever will. Last summer I saw a hummingbird for the first time in my life.

This moth is having some trouble with a high wind. They look too fragile for that, don’t they? But don’t worry–she doesn’t get blown apart.

God’s Stuff: Red Efts

If you’re noozed out, welcome to the club. Have some of God’s stuff instead.

Today we have red efts, which will grow up into green newts someday. That bright vermilion color sends a message: “Don’t even think about eating me–you’ll be sorry if you do!” Even so, red efts are among the most beautiful little animals you will ever see. And I’ve seen them redder than the ones in this video. Like so:

A Red Eft Crawls On The Forest Floor Photograph - A Red Eft Crawls On The  Forest Floor Fine Art Print | Amphibians, Reptiles pet, Reptiles and  amphibians

This is not a color you get to see a lot in nature, especially on land. The adult newts will spend most of their time in the water, but the red efts live on land.

The beauty of Creation tells us… God is nigh.