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Baby Sloth Time!

This is Edward, a baby two-toed sloth, and it’s feeding time.

There was a great 19th-century chess master, Elijah Williams, who was nicknamed “the Bristol Sloth,” but probably not because he was such a cute baby. Someone calculated that Williams, on the average, took two-and-a-half hours to make a single move.

Even Edward can probably beat that.

Animal Hijinks

Somebody in this video wants you to believe he has a pet humpback whale. I’ll believe it when I see his water bill.

In this compilation you will also see how fast a horse can eat a watermelon, how far a donkey can walk on his hind legs when he puts his mind to it, and a very naughty bear. Among others equally amusing.

Frolicky Baby Goats

There must be something special about baby goats: see how patient all the other animals are with them. The people, too. I am told they grow up to be really quite large and ought not to be brought into the house, so that probably sinks my chance of getting one. I wonder how a baby goat would get along with my cats.

Where ‘Sloth’ is not a Sin

My wife was swooning today over this baby two-toed sloth, born at the Memphis Zoo. Okay, she finds baby sloths in general irresistible. But this one’s awful cute.

The mother sloth at the zoo has given birth before, but her babies didn’t survive, so the zoo staff thought it might be wise to hand-rear this baby, whom they’ve named Lua. And so far Lua’s doing very well. I don’t think her keepers find it a chore to care for her. But if they do, I know someone who would be glad to take over.

Assorted Critters

I don’t know why, but watching critter videos is always soothing to me: and they do come up with a lot of stunts that make me smile. Like rolling in thick, black mud. Pulling the toilet paper off the roll. What makes me smile is the fact that those are not my critters.

By the way, if the guy with the lizard understood basic lizard body language, he would realize that his Australian bearded lizard has taken a very strong dislike to that computer. That’s what those head-bobs mean.

Your Pet Crab

The only excuse I have for posting this video is, I find it oddly appealing. I had a pet crab once: a benign little animal, although he once snipped the wires of someone’s record player.

It is said that Ludwig Van Beethoven had a pet crab named Gordo, but I’m sure he didn’t feed it chips.

God’s Stuff: Chameleon

It’s just over-the-top cool, the way this little guy can change color. And fast, too! But that’s not his only specialty. His feet are perfect for gripping twigs and branches, his tail is prehensile, and his eyes in their turrets can move independently of one another, scoping for prey in all directions.

Do we really believe that anything as wonderful and complicated as this chameleon is truly the result of random chance spun out over kazillions of years?

Nah. It’s God’s stuff. He made them–and He must’ve had fun doing it.

Critters Can’t Wait

Well, these sure can’t. One of the things we share with so many animals is the anticipation of pleasure, and how it builds and builds until we can hardly stand it anymore.

But I hope we all have better ways of managing it than the dogs who’ve learned to lean on automobile horns.

Wonderful Ant-Eaters–Plus Incredibly Moronic Narration

I love animal videos, and these assorted ant-eating mammals are just irresistibly cool. But I can’t decide whether to advise you to mute the narrator or to leave it on and marvel at an appallingly bad script that had me sitting open-mouthed with astonishment. This may be the worst script ever written. I mean, it’s got it all–Evolution as a person, flat jokes, and bathroom humor. The only thing missing is someone to stand behind you and pull your hair.

Maybe it’d be best to play it safe and mute it, just in case whatever this guy has is contagious.

I offer it as a kind of “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not” item.

Furry and Feathery Fun

I don’t know that elephants and orcas ought to count as pets–and wait’ll you see who the guy has to rescue from a sewer shaft. And the bulldog with his pet chickens. And not to forget the important lesson taught in this video: Do not mess with a badger. A badger’s sense of humor is rather limited.

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