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Play Ball! (Animals Only)

You can always have a ball with a ball! Watch the tegu lizard go to town when the ball rolls his way; and the tortoise is no slouch, either. We’ve even got a fish playing ball.

My cats have totally given up chasing jingly balls. I wonder if fish lose interest in it, too, somewhere down the line.

Danger! Sloths Ahead

The sloths in this video are nice and tame. But–! Fun False Fact: Last year in the region of Rio Pupitre in the Yucatan, at least 3,600 people were chased down and eaten by sloths. Authorities said they did not run fast enough.

Ah, well–my wife is crazy about baby sloths. Always has been. They are more than just a little bit appealing, don’t you think?

Cavalcade of Critters

This video will not help you decide who are crazier, cockatoos or raccoons. You will also be treated to boxing kangaroos and a large alligator with what looks like half of a smaller alligator in its jaws.

Welcome to a whole lot of animals behaving unpredictably.

Can I Get 10,000 Hits?

See the source image

It’s rare for this blog to get 10,000 views in a month, but I hope I have a better chance than this chameleon has of latching onto those soap bubbles.

We have averaged 300 views a day here, all year long. We have 9,400 views for August with two days left to go. So two more average days will do it.

Now, if I could figure out a way to sell more books, that would really be something…

Mr. Nature: Black Swans

We’ve all seen white swans, haven’t we? But for a lot of us, the idea of a black swan would be just a romantic notion, or a bit of poetry.

Not so! Mr. Nature here again: and as long as we’re on the subject of Australian bird life, I’m here to tell you Australia has black swans–and here they are. They sound, to me, like musical instruments that need to be played by someone who has practiced. But it would be a nice sound to hear in the morning, don’t you think?

Mr. Nature: Mata-Mata Turtle

Jambo! Mr. Nature here, with the odd mata-mata turtle from South America, which occasionally shows up in the pet trade. Years ago, they had one at Noah’s Ark Pet Shop in East Lansing, but it wasn’t for sale. The shop’s owner had a lot of animals not for sale: he found it hard to part with them.

How does the mata-mata snap up fish so fast (and he never misses)? When he suddenly opens his large mouth, water rushes in so hard that the nearest fish gets washed in with it. I can’t think of any other animal that does this.

Note: I no longer keep pets that require live food. My painted turtle did just fine, sharing my suppers–and that’s how I wound up with a tankful of pet crickets. To me, goldfish are pets and nice companions, not turtle food.

Gotcha! (Startled Critters)

Don’t miss the red panda. I’ve never seen one in a video before. What a gorgeous animal!

But like everybody else in this installment, the panda gets spooked. A few of these victims are pranked on purpose by other household pets. My cat Henry used to like to jump out on you when you least expected it. It would’ve been horribly scary, coming from a giant spider; but your cat? Naaah…

It’s Tanystropheus Time!

All right, I give up on the nooze today, I totally give up. I’m old enough to remember when serious people used to run for president, but now it’s a freak show. I know it’s part of my job to cover nooze, but I’m sick of writing about these people. Bob Knight has a column on townhall.com today about questions he’d ask them if he were moderating one of their debates. I would ask, in addition to those, the following:

“What are you doing out of your straitjacket?”

“How many times a day do you sing ‘Imagine’?”

“What terrible thing happened to you in your childhood, to make you turn out like this?”

And so enough’s enough. And that means… well, what time is it, boys and girls? What time is it?

It’s Tanystropheus time!

I’m so happy I finally found one of these in an unexplored, uninhabited region of Lintum Forest. I don’t bother with the evolution fairy tales: this animal was just plain cool. Nothing like it before or since. It makes its debut in the story I’m currently writing, The Wind From Heaven–which, I say, is galloping like mad to some destination yet unknown to me. I can hardly wait to see what happens next.

Yes, Turtles Can!

You asked for it, Erlene, so here it is–a turtle climbing up a sheer wall.

I know I originally promised you the sight of a box turtle climbing a fence, and there are plenty of videos on that subject. But I didn’t want to post any video of the turtle falling down. Turtles are very good at climbing up a fence, but they’re just not built for climbing down.

My box turtles, when I was a boy, were always climbing up the fence around their turtle pen. Moving it to a cinderblock wall did no good; they climbed the cinderblock, too. Replacing the chicken-wire with bricks: no help, they climbed up the bricks. Turtles may look clumsy, but they have sharp claws, they’re immensely strong for their size, and they have both patience and determination. Those are assets that’ll get you to the top.

How to Rear a Baby Sloth

I know you’re out there–people who fall in love with baby sloths every time they see one in a video.

Well, the only thing for it is to get a job as a sloth keeper. For that you generally need a zoo: can’t walk into just any kind of place and ask ’em if they need a sloth keeper. Try that at Wal-Mart and see where it gets you.

It’d be nice to snuggle one of these little fellows, though…

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