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The Further Adventures of Jimmy the Turkey

We thought we might’ve caught Jimmy the Turkey on an off-day yesterday, maybe he got up on the wrong side of the… whatever turkeys sleep in. He couldn’t be that crabby all the time.

Uh… wrong. He can.

My wife knew a farmer whose tom turkey habitually attacked the mailman. That was back when mail carriers used to go around with those great big sacks of mail. Something about the poor guy always got the turkey’s dander up.

I so see this as a Freddy book!

A Cavalcade of Critters

What happens when you goose a hamster (besides mixing a metaphor)? When an inexperienced sea turtle miscalculates the tide? Those are two eye-poppers in this collection. I don’t know… I just find hamsters awful hard to resist.

More of God’s Stuff (Another Log)

I don’t feel like writing about the coronavirus any more today. You don’t need me for that, do you? Some of God’s stuff instead–

Here’s a tree chewed down by beavers in Nova Scotia, falling across a marsh to make a bridge. And we have another trail-cam in place to film the various critters visiting the log and using it. Trust otters to turn it into a playground!

You Can’t Keep This Badger Penned

(Note: Our friend Erlene, who once had a badger for a pet, is all right, but has a lot she needs to do for her son; and her computer’s not working up to snuff. Let us keep her in our prayers.)

Here’s a South African conservation team trying everything they can think of to keep their honey badger inside his enclosure. They can’t! He’s really much too smart for them. The only thing he doesn’t know how to do is forge papers.

‘The Log’–It’s More Than Just a Fallen Tree

Aaah! This is more like it! Much more like it.

Our friend “Unknowable” sent us this video last night, and we’ve just got to share it with you: all these different animals using a fallen tree-trunk as a bridge across a stream. I especially loved the little duckling who decided to do it the hard way, climbing over the log when he could have much more easily swum under it.

This is God’s stuff, and it works. All the time.

Holy Cow! ‘We’ve Got Bears!’

You’ve got a nice little backyard pool, and you live in New Jersey–that’s safe, right?–and the last thing you expect to see when you look out the window is a whole family of bears cavorting in your pool. A mother bear with five cubs.

They liked the swing set, too.

You will notice that none of the humans involved chose to run outside and try to chase away the bears.

What a good time they had!

‘God’s Stuff: Water Striders’ (2015)

Let’s step back for a moment from National Emergency and have a look at a bit of God’s stuff. Water striders.

If He takes care for them, He will take care for us.


God’s stuff always works. It’s our stuff that doesn’t.

Revenge of the Chickens

You just don’t think of chickens chasing people; but they do. Okay, it’s mostly little people. Children. No adult is going to let himself or herself be filmed fleeing in terror from an angry chicken. I mean, you’d never live it down, would you?

‘Greensleeves’ for… Elephants

What do you make of this? We have here an elephant sanctuary, elephants, and a man with a piano. Elephants gather round to hear him play. Some of those weird noises that they make probably mean that they enjoy the music; maybe, even, it’s an elephant sing-along.

My cats respond to my own lovely harmonica-playing by making faces and running upstairs. But these elephants certainly seem to like “Greensleeves.”

We have more in common with our fellow creatures than we think.

God created us and them.

‘Fore!’ for a Fox

They forgot to put up a “Humans Only” sign; so here’s a fox who’s learned that he can have a lot of fun on a golf course.

Question! If the fox should drop or roll your ball into the hole… how do you score that?

Wait’ll they discover bowling alleys.

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