Have You Brushed Your Squirrel Today?

You’d think squirrels would make good pets. They’re quick to learn, they’re friendly–what’s not to like?

Except that, really, the squirrels around here seem perfectly happy outside and it doesn’t take much effort to make friends with them. They’ll eat out of your hand. I don’t know if they’ll ever sit on your lap… unless they’re living in your home.

I just wish they wouldn’t chew the wires on our cars.

By Popular Demand! The Quokka Tango

Phoebe says we need some quokka video here, and I say so, too. So here’s me, Byron the Quokka, eating a nice fresh leaf for energy and celebrating with a little dance. You humans ought to try it!

Otters Holding Hands (Yes, Really)

(Thanks to Susan for the tip)

These are sea otters at the Vancouver Aquarium. They like to sleep floating on their backs in the water. And they, well, sort of hold hands while they’re doing it.

Surely, if you’re a couple of otters out on the open sea, you don’t want to drift miles apart while you’re asleep and maybe never be able to find each other again.

And maybe they really like each other!

‘Meow,’ Said the Tiger

You don’t generally expect to hear a tiger say “Meow.” But as this video shows, baby tigers can do it. But it’d still be a shock to hear it from their mother. Especially if it were the last thing you were ever going to hear.

Take That, Bugs!

I love the little American anoles, often called “chameleons,” which they’re not. They don’t have the magic tongues. They’ve got to sneak up on insects and quickly grab ’em before the bug can assess the danger.

All it takes is keen eyesight, patience, and superb muscular coordination.

Note: I passed up video of a savannah monitor lizard eating a rattlesnake. I had a savannah monitor once and I wouldn’t dream of feeding her rattlesnakes.

The best lizards to feed are iguanas. They can eat whatever you’re having for supper. Polish off a bowl of raspberries in seconds flat.

I wonder how many anoles you’d need to patrol your house and keep it bug-free.

When A Crow Hits Your Trash Can

Here’s a raven–at the Tower of London, no less–pulling garbage out of the can.

But the crow I watched today, next door, made this bird look like an amateur. Someone had left a full garbage can uncovered, and a crow very industriously emptied it out, looking for tasty tidbits left by careless humans. What a mess he made! And he looked like he enjoyed doing it, too.

Let the Bear Beware!

Think about it: other than hunters with guns, what’s a bear got to be afraid of?

Only the little white dog who runs him out of town! The dog’s humans are frantic as both animals disappear into the bushes. Which one will come out alive?

Watch the video and find out.

Click Beetle Mania! (It Cures Ritual Baldness)

Summer-time is click beetle time! Any child, cat, or dog could tell you that. My cat Buster could be entertained by a click beetle all day. Boing! Another click beetle springs into the air.

I am often asked if it’s possible for a human to learn how to spring high into the air from a prone position, like a click beetle. To get an answer to this question, send a check for $50 and a self-addressed stamped envelope… (that’ll be enough of that!).

Your Pet Groundhog

Anybody here ever have a pet groundhog? They do look cute and cuddly, although I have been known to be wrong about that.

I love groundhogs. Groundhog got me a home run in a softball game once. The ball I hit rolled into a groundhog burrow under the left field fence and the outfielder didn’t dare reach into the hole and grope around for it. No ground rule was in place, so I just strolled around the bases. I should have rewarded the little guy with some broccoli.

Kitty’s Bad Neighbor

This poor cat is being harassed by a mockingbird. We don’t know why. We’ve known bluejays to attack cats who’ve hunted their babies. Do mockingbirds do that, too? Anyway, somebody needs to go outside and bring the cat indoors. But maybe the bird’s got the humans intimidated, too.