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If Your Bunny’s Mommy Is a Cat…

Cats are really good at being mothers, and pretty generous about it, too. If kittens, or a human baby, aren’t available, well–bunnies will do. Even a baby chick will do. Anything, as long as it’s nice and fuzzy and needs a mommy. One of these cats has her own kittens and still adopts–and nurses–a bunny. And somehow a dog nursing a kitten got in here, too. Plenty of love to go around.

Critters vs. Laser Pointers

And you thought these were just for dogs and cats? Hah! Turns out everybody likes to chase those little lasers lights–in fact, this is probably the only way you can actually play and have fun with a spider. If you’re interested in something bigger, with fewer legs, we’ve got ducklings and penguins and a horse.

How Smart is an Octopus?

Hi, Mr. Nature here–along with a very clever octopus.

The octopus is resting inside a jar at the bottom of the aquarium, and a human comes along and screws the top onto the jar. You’d think that’d be pretty much escape-proof. But almost instantly, the octopus figures out that what he has to do is twist off the lid in the opposite direction; and in less than a minute, he gets it done. Off goes the top.

He then elects to stay in the jar a little longer. Maybe octopi have more in common with cats than we thought.

This is God’s stuff, the wonderful works of His hands. We don’t know why He made the octopus so intelligent, but you can be sure He knows. And maybe the octopus knows, too!

Bonus Video: Baby Iguanas

Aren’t they cute? Bright green baby iguanas, small enough to perch on your finger.

I had my iguana for 17 years, and this was what he was like when I got him. If you’re thinking of adopting a baby iguana–the adults tend to be set in their ways–make sure you take the time and trouble to raise it up to be a good iguana and a good pet. They’re social animals, and they will learn if someone teaches them.

Handle your baby a lot, albeit gently, let him ride on your shoulder while you’re doing something else, feed him by hand every day, and you’ll be rewarded with an adult iguana that’s calm, peaceful, friendly, and self-assured. Mine always tried to make friends with dogs: shows you where his head was at. Throughout his life, various good women (my mother, my sister, a neighbor, and my wife) somehow wound up making nice salads for him. I was able to bring him in to school when I had an art class, so the kids could draw him and give him snacks, and he was always perfectly well behaved.

It’s true for most animals: they will respond to love and care. And they will love us back, which is one of the coolest things that God has done.

Peeping Chuck

I guess if your home has a sliding glass door, you’re practically inviting woodchucks to peek inside.

I can’t be mad at woodchucks, though. Many years ago, there was a woodchuck who lived at the base of the left field fence on our softball field. One night I hit a line drive that rolled to the fence… and then down to woodchuck hole! The ground rules didn’t cover it, so I got to stroll around the bases for a leisurely home run while the left fielder loudly let the woodchuck know exactly what he thought of it.

I wonder how many balls I’d have to hit before that happened again.

Pet Potpourri

Did I spell that right? I did? Holy cow!

Meanwhile back in the video, there’s something for everybody in this one–a cockatiel who seems to think he’s a cat (you’ll see why), assorted happy dogs, guinea pigs, cats who know they’re cats, and a few others besides, all enjoying their lives with human beings. Kind of humbling, that these can love us so…

Mystifying Pets

This video raises profound questions about animal behavior. Like, how does the rat or the squirrel know he can walk right up to the cat and take his stuff without getting eaten? And why does the raccoon go to the trouble of stealing a throw rug? Redecorating his nest? Inquiring minds want to know!

Glamorous Baby Goats

Baby goats–sweet, aren’t they? See, we don’t just do cats and dogs around here. Wouldn’t you like to play with some of these little characters? They look like they can really get into the spirit of it.

I admit that “glamorous” is probably not the right word to apply to goats of any age. I thought it might make for a catchy headline.

Mr. Nature: The Unicorn of the Sea

Jambo! Mr. Nature here, with a visit to the Arctic seas–’cause that’s where you have to go if you want to see a narwhal. They don’t survive in captivity and nobody knows what they eat in the wild.

This is a unique animal. The “horn” is really a tusk–the left front tooth, in fact. It grows straight out in a spiral, and the nerves of the tooth are… on the outside. How the whale uses the tusk is unknown. They’ve never been seen using it to fight or to capture food.

When Norse voyagers in the Middle Ages began to bring these tusks home as souvenirs, they weren’t just exotic conversation pieces. Kings and queens bought them, and paid very high prices. Magical powers were attributed to the tusks. And even today, they’re cloaked in mystery.

God’s stuff–infinite variety, endless fascination.

Where Is Everybody Today?

I can only hope these funny animal videos can pull my view totals out of the hole today. The regulars are here, but not many others.

Well, these videos raise many questions. Why did the salmon cross the road? When is a mud puppy not an amphibian? How many people do you know who have a pet bush baby? And why would you even want to think about getting kissed by a camel?

Some of these have already appeared in other compilations, but I wouldn’t hold that against them.

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