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‘The Audacious Jumping Spider’ (2015)

After the personal news I just got, I’m not up for taking on the daily chronicle of my country’s demise. So a bit of God’s stuff, instead: the audacious jumping spider.


I don’t know why they call these critters “audacious.” The ones in our garden are very quick to hide when they see you coming.

A Great Cartoon I Never Drew

Gary Larsen retired from drawing his The Far Side cartoons in 1995. This idea would have been a natural for him.

First watch the chameleon catch bugs. Zap! Then imagine a table with a Thanksgiving dinner, all the different goodies on various plates and bowls. Then, instead of human beings, imagine a group of chameleons assembled round the table. And then, instead of “Please pass the stuffing” or whatever… all the chameleons cut loose with their tongues, all at once, zap-zap-zap, all across the table. I can visualize it, but alas, I can’t draw it.

I don’t know about you, but I find chameleons very cute and appealing. Great big eyes and all.

National Pet Day

Well, it’s always Pet Day around here. It’s one of the ways we keep our sanity. Cats and dogs, bunnies and guinea pigs, birds, with even a hedgehog (where do you go to buy a hedgehog?) and a bearded lizard thrown in–all getting along with their humans just fine, all helping them overcome the urge to go out and punch somebody in the nose.

The White Moose

I thought you might enjoy this–a rare white moose (even the antlers are white!), filmed in the Swedish countryside, not far from Stockholm.

Although if you have read The Palace, you know that many similar marvels are encountered in Lintum Forest.

Full of Fun: Baby Goats

They’ll jump on anything that doesn’t run away–sleeping dogs, horses, bulls, and even human beings. And trampolines!

They’re baby goats, and they have the gift of joy.

Frolicky Lambs

The more of these videos I watch, the more amazed I am by the capacity for joy which God built into so many of His creatures. He didn’t have to do that. If any of us had had the job, we never would have thought of doing it.

Watch these lambs. They love their lives! And for all we know, clams and sponges do, too. They just don’t show it in any way that we can recognize. The suburbanite in me wonders, wistfully, what it would be like to spend a day with these lambs. Yo, Heidi, wait for me!

God’s stuff. It always works.

The White Doe–for Real

Wow! Just like in Lintum Forest. Only when you see the white doe in Lintum Forest, it means you’re in for strange adventures. Like the one that befell Ryons in The Palace.

It snowed like crazy here yesterday, all day, finally tapering off at night. We were watching a Columbo episode when my eye strayed to the window: and there, standing in the yard, hardly ten feet away, was a doe. This time Patty saw it, too. And as we looked, another doe came along, and they both looked back at us. The spell broke when a car pulled into the parking lot and found the deer in its headlights. Contrary to the popular turn of phrase, they both ran away. But their tracks were there this morning.

No big deal, to a lot of you: but where we live, it seems almost miraculous that there should be any deer at all.

A Peaceable Kingdom (Cat, Birds, & Hamster)

What is this–a Freddy the Pig book? All these animals need is to start their own newspaper…

Nah. It’s just a cat, a hamster, and two parakeets in happy harmony: don’t you wish you could join this bunch? I don’t know, I think maybe God is trying to show us something. Something it would be good for us to see.

A Very Cool Critter, the Hellbender

Hi, Mr. Nature here, with the biggest salamander in the Western Hemisphere–the hellbender.

All my life I’ve wanted to handle one of these. As a boy I spent many an hour turning over rocks in streams, trying to find a hellbender. But they don’t live in New Jersey. I guess I was hoping for a stray. The only salamanders I ever found were little ones; but the hellbender can grow up to two and a half feet long.

Hellbenders need fresh, clean, cold, swiftly-running water–which is getting harder and harder to come by. I know some of you don’t like cold-blooded slippery critters, but these salamanders are something special. Their only close relatives are the giant salamanders of China and Japan, which are several times the size of a hellbender. Now that would really be something to see!

Not all of God’s stuff is cute and cuddly; but it’s all way cool.

Affectionate Critters

One thing we mammals have over other kinds of animals: we can kiss. Comes in handy, sometimes.

But I can just hear my mother screaming, “You let that dog slosh his tongue over the baby’s mouth???”

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