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Bonus: The ‘Roo Doesn’t Always Win

Video courtesy of my buddy, “Diceman,” on my chess page.

Here’s a man who’s afraid a kangaroo is going to kill his dog–so he rushes to the rescue. He is risking serious injury, but at least this kangaroo is somewhat his size. And the ‘roo is clearly surprised by this turn of events, and can’t quite decide what to do about it.

I just wonder if this guy, a few hours later, asked himself, “What in the world was I thinking???”

The Battling ‘Roos of Suburbia

G’day, mate! Mr. Nature here, somewhere in the suburbs in Australia, just in time for an early-morning fight between two male kangaroos.

These guys can get up to eight feet tall when they stand on their hind legs; and with the sturdy tail available as a third leg, they can kick with both hind legs at once. Meanwhile, they punch and scratch with their clawed forepaws.

I don’t see anybody running outside to break this up.

Why did God make kangaroos so fierce?

He didn’t. It’s the fallen world that made them fierce. And anyway, the occasional ferocity of male kangaroos in mating season hardly holds a candle to the ferocity of human beings toward one another.

God is at work, even now, to restore His creation to its original state of purity. We wonder why it’s taking Him so long.

But I know one thing for sure: I’d rather He did it than us.

Computer Hell Again

Well, now the accursed machine won’t let me post to Facebook at all. While I try to do it, watch the poor ant try in vain to cross the circle drawn around her in blue ink. I hope that at the end of the experiment the human releases the ant from this dilemma. Right now, I think I know just how the ant feels.

So let’s see if it works…

P.S.–I think it’s the scent of the ink that has confused the ant.

Good Grief! A Screaming Frog

Hi, Mr. Nature here–with a frog that screams when you touch him. Mrs. Nature’s friend sent us this video. I never saw or heard a frog like this before and I have no idea what kind of frog it is or where it comes from. Even Mr. Nature doesn’t know everything.

The frog, as many frogs do, also is able to puff himself up. This is a defense against snakes. I don’t know what the scream is a defense against. I doubt it would impress a snake.

Guess Who’s on the Trampoline

Backyard trampolines aren’t really designed for anything quite this big–but try telling that to this bison. I wonder what he thought it was. Do you want to ask him, or shall I?

This Bug’s Nickname: Cow Killer

Hi, Mr. Nature here with some more of God’s stuff: the velvet ant, aka “Cow Killer.” And before you get too cross with the guy who made this video, let me reassure you that it has a happy ending.

The velvet ant is actually a wingless wasp, not a real ant; and it has a stinger that would do any wasp proud. You would be extremely well advised not to pick one up in your bare hand. When you see the size of that sticker, you’ll understand how this bug got its nickname. It can’t actually kill a cow, but you don’t want to mess with it.

Cow killers live down South, and some of you are sure to be familiar with them. They prey on smaller bugs and otherwise do no harm. And you have to admit they have a nice color scheme.

There’s more to Creation than we will ever know.

World’s Coolest Bug

Hi, Mr. Nature here–with a male dobsonfly that has seen better days, but still looks scary.

Legend has it that this insect got its name from a Mrs. Hortense Dobson, who discovered one inside her jump suit and invented several energetic dances while trying to get it out.

When I was 12 years old or so, I found a box on the ground with an enormous dobsonfly in it. You don’t forget that!

Despite their fearsome appearance, these critters are completely harmless and their larvae, called helgrammites, are highly esteemed as fish bait. The larvae look even scarier than the adults.

Isn’t Creation wonderful? God never runs out of ideas.

Inside a Squirrel’s Nest, With Babies

Hi, Mr. Nature here–and today in New Jersey it’s as cold as a brass monkey.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like inside a squirrel’s nest? Well, here’s a nest that a squirrel built up against somebody’s window, probably because that was a really clever way of heating it. And what we have inside are baby squirrels.

As usual, there’s always somebody who just can’t keep still and sleep, and must always be crawling around and bumping into others. Our cat Robbie does that when she comes to bed–parades around and around my wife until she finally settles down on top of Patty’s book, after maybe stepping on her hair a few times.

So there’s hope this baby squirrel will never grow out of this habit of restlessness…

Video Treat: Cat and Goat Kung-fu

Animals do know how to have fun! Check out the baby goat provoking the cat to chase him. It’s amazing, how agile they are. If I ever tried this on a flight of stairs, it’d be sayonara for sure. You’d think hooves without toes would make for pretty tricky footing–but not for goats. It’s all the cat can do to keep up with the kid.

Bonus Video: Funny Armadillos

As promised yesterday, here’s some armadillo video, this from the Oatland Wildlife Center in Savannah, Georgia.

Observe: what are these armadillos doing? Well, gathering straw–maybe to make a bed. There’s plenty of straw: so why does one try to take the other’s bundle of straw? What’s going on here? Would we understand it if we were armadillos, too?

God must have had some fun, creating these.

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