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A Playful Lizard (Sort Of)

This is about as  close as you’re going to come to getting a lizard to play, and I consider it cheating to put a nice, fat, tasty caterpillar inside the ball for the lizard to eat. These, by the way, are Australian bearded lizards, which have become popular pets in recent years. I don’t doubt the lizard enjoys the challenge of extracting din-din from the rolling ball, but it’s not really play as cats or dogs or birds or bunnies know it.

A Jolly Bunny

I’ve always wanted to have a bunny as a pet, but never managed it. Now I guess the cats would veto it. I don’t know about you, but I loved watching this little guy romp around with his ball. As much as I love them, lizards and turtles just don’t do stuff like this. It would probably be shocking if they did.

Pets in Compromising Positions

Animals can have embarrassing moments, too. See the poor tortoise trying to mate with a flip-flop. (To Linda: Notice this turtle vocalizes! Just like yours.) The cat who hasn’t quite mastered the art of unrolling a roll of toilet paper. The dog who honestly doesn’t want to fetch the ball out of the water. (Maybe he just saw Jaws.) Anyway, here they are–with all their charm intact.

Sanity Break: Nice Little Animals

I finally got my latest chapter set typed up today, with this renewed, revamped, topsy-turvy computer system fighting me every step of the way. But as I watched this assortment of micro-pups, with a baby donkey and a contemplative hamster thrown in, I could feel my blood pressure going down.

A Friendly Quokka

As a further token of appreciation to my readers, I present… more quokka video!

This little guy came out to greet a couple of bike riders on Rottnest Island, Australia. This never happens when I ride my bike: just the odd chipmunk now and then.

We take great pleasure in God’s handiwork.

The Porbeagle Shark

Hi, Mr. Nature here, with the shark that has a funny name.

You never hear much about the porbeagle. It looks a lot like the great white, to which it’s very closely related. It’s a really good idea to get out of the water rather than place confidence in your ability to tell the two apart. But the white shark is notorious for attacking human beings, and the porbeagle isn’t. One wonders why.

Apparently God, when He was creating sharks, used pretty much the same template to create two species with very different behavior patterns. And the more you think about that, the more you wonder.

By Poplar Demand, More Quokkas

All this video is from Rottnest Island, Australia, where people go to see quokkas. The name of the island means “Rat Nest” in Dutch: some old-time sailors mistook the quokkas for large rats. Must’ve been at sea too long.

These seem to be very lovable animals, and I hope it’s safe for them to mix so freely with humans.

Guaranteed Soothing Video: Friendly Fish

True, this video is kind of long (10 minutes), and I hope you don’t find it boring. But as for me, I could feel my blood pressure going down as I watched.

Who knew fish could be so interactive with humans? Did you? God’s stuff never runs out of surprises for us.

The Frolicking Sheep

Odd that the only pet mentioned in the Bible is a little ewe lamb that a poor man raised by hand and cuddled in his bed–only to have it taken away from him by a rich man who wanted it for dinner. When King David heard about that, he ordered the execution of the rich man: only then to learn that this was a parable that Nathan was telling him to make him understand how gravely he had sinned in order to rob Uriah the Hittite of his wife, Bathsheba. (2 Samuel, Chapter 12)

We don’t think of sheep as pets, but certainly the one in this video acts like he’s somebody’s pet. I had no idea a sheep could be so merry. A pet like this would be very easy to love.

Sanity Break: Sweet Little Owls

To see how these little owls get along with people, and even with a dog, is to get a glimpse of God’s love. Love is the quintessential God’s stuff, and it works. And not just for humans, either.

One day when I was five years old, my friend and I ventured into the woods; and we hadn’t gone far when we got the scare of our lives. The noise we made disturbed an owl and flushed him out of his perch in a small tree beside the path, just four or five feet from us. Yikes! To this day I remember that owl as being a lot bigger than either of us.

But I know now that there was nothing to be afraid of.

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