Rooster Dominates Man

I know it’s terribly late, but I just couldn’t resist this video.

The man is 25 times the size of the rooster, but guess who’s in charge here.

I’d like to be there when the rooster tells the hens about it.

Take No Guff from Toys!

Here are cats, dogs, a parakeet, and an iguana who take no guff from toys. I can see the iguana is young and inexperienced: hasn’t let learned the various rituals which are supposed to precede a fight. Well, he’ll learn. The parakeet could probably teach him.

Baby Goats… Sproinking (?)

A couple dozen baby goats can generate a lot of fun. What is it called when they jump straight up for no apparent reason, just for the halibut? Somehow the word “sproinking” comes to mind. Is that really a word?

Just try getting salamanders to frolic like this.

Curtain Call: Red Pandas

They’re as tumbly as puppies and as cute as kittens–baby red pandas. I don’t know, to me they look like plush toys come to life. I wonder if you can teach them to fetch pipe cleaners.

Adorable Red Pandas

These little guys look like they ought to be in a Star Wars movie. They’d steal the show.

Red Pandas live in China and are probably (no one’s quite sure) related to raccoons. They seem to get along with people.

Offhand, I can’t think of any other animal that’s dark on the bottom and lighter on top. Can you?

Something Different: Fun With Newts

Okay, they’re not furry or cuddly and they’re also very small. They’re newts. And the fact that we can have mutually pleasant interactions with them is, I think, evidence that we’re not all bad. And I think they have cute little faces.

I wonder what this person’s feeding them. Nobody I ever heard of makes Newt Chow.

Just Another Way to Lose Your Fish

The line breaks. The reel malfunctions. Your pole breaks. There are so many ways to lose the fish you’ve just hooked.

Here’s one I’ll be you haven’t tried: an alligator comes along and grabs your fish.

You could always try to reel in the gator… good luck with that.

Possum Promenade

My wife had a pet possum, years ago, and is still a possum fan. I had a young possum in my room for a couple of days… until my mother saw it. Such a fuss she made.

Here’s a mommy possum on the hunt for human food scraps, with five or six babies riding piggy-back. Wolf spiders do that, too. Just thought I’d mention it.

Hero Rooster

Wow! This rooster heard the hen’s cries for help and came out with guns blazing! That was a full-grown hawk he tackled, and he totally walloped him. He didn’t hesitate a second. Inspiring!

I once saw a group of sparrows drive off a hawk who should’ve known better. Feisty little beggars!

God’s Stuff: Spring Peepers

Before I get into any low-down, dreary nooze–if I get into it at all today–here’s a sure harbinger of spring: you can hear the spring peepers.

My editor, Susan, has a patch of boggy ground next door; and when the peepers come out of hibernation to mate and lay eggs, Susan calls me on the phone so I can hear the peepers singing.

God has not troubled Himself with giving them a calendar; He has created them so that they never miss their time.

God’s stuff always works. It’s our stuff that has all the problems.