Sanity Break: Monkey, Dog, & Chicken

I couldn’t resist this video! Here’s a monkey bringing food to his friends, a dog and a chicken. Short, but very sweet.

Liberace With Feathers

As Samuel Johnson might have said, of a chicken playing Puccini on a piano keyboard: it’s not done well, but you’re surprised it’s done at all. How well could you play, no-handed? Hand that hen a cup of corn!

Armadillo Playtime

I know this is awfully short, but I just couldn’t resist it. Who knew armadillos were such jolly little souls? Look at the fun this one has with his simple toy. I wonder if they’ll play with pipe cleaners.

Pet Therapy… For a Sloth

My wife is crazy about sloths, so I couldn’t pass up this video.

The sloth was nearly fricaseed by a power line, needed medical care and rehab. Along the way, a beagle took on the job of comforting the sloth. You can see the good result: dogs are good for you, even if you’re a sloth.

Bunnies from Different Worlds

I’ve often seen pairs of wild rabbits doing this–which I think is probably a form of play. But what happens when a wild rabbit meets a domestic rabbit, in the latter’s back yard? Will they play, or will there be a territorial dispute? Looks like play to me; but then I don’t know much about rabbit psychology.

They Need a Go-Between

Deer can live in humans’ suburban neighborhoods. Deer can make friends with cats. Maybe. This cat’s posture is not welcoming. The deer would like to get closer, but she understands she’d better not push it. But it’d be nice if they would up being friends.

A Different Kind of Bunny

I guess you’ve got to go out West to see these in the wild: the American pika likes rocky, rough terrain. They’re related to rabbits, but look more like a cross between a hamster and a teddy bear. I wonder if they’re good company.

When Your Hen Raises Kittens

Here’s a chicken raising her second generation of… cats! Yes, these three kittens are the offspring of a mother cat who was adopted by this same chicken. The hen’s daughter helps out, but she won’t allow any other chickens into the coop while she’s nestling the kittens.

Domestication does some wonderful things with animals.

A Cat Can Do It, Too

I’m beginning to wonder why we’re afraid of bears. Here’s a cat giving Mr. Bear his walking papers. Here comes the cat, shinny up the tree! I guess a human could just walk up and smack the bear down. Bad guess if it’s wrong, though…

Micro-Dog Terrorizes Full-Size Bear

I love this video! The bear’s got to be 100 times the size of the dog, but guess who chases whom. Why does a full-grown bear flee in terror from a tiny little dog? He must know something we don’t know.