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Mommy Critters

We once had a mouse named Sleepy, who had a lot of babies. They didn’t want to be weaned. Instead, they would chase her around until they caught her, then all try to nurse at once: and wound up lifting her off the floor of the aquarium. Her only recourse was to climb up to the top of the water bottle, where they couldn’t get her, and chatter crossly at them.

The mommy critters in this video all had an easier time than that.

Follow the Bouncing Bison

This is something we don’t get to see much of, here in New Jersey. Several people in my neighborhood have trampolines in the back yard, but you never see anyone, human or animal, using them.

The bison in this video clearly wants to use the trampoline, and is just as clearly miffed not to find it in working order. He acts like he’s used a trampoline before, but it’s possible he’s only trying to give that impression.

Real Pets vs. Fake Pets

You’d think a dog, a cat, a parakeet, or an iguana could tell these toy animals, regardless of how realistic, aren’t real. But all of them react as if they were.

The only creature my iguana ever attacked was a cat whose intention was to climb onto my bed and poo on it. As it was his bed, too, he was not about to let her do that. With all other cats and dogs, he was ready to make friends.

I wonder what my cats would do if I brought in one of those big stuffed tigers…

Battling Beasties

Just in case you were wondering what Entelodonts were like when they got riled up, this video will give you a pretty good idea of it.

The special effects are by Tim Haines, whose work has inspired more than a few scenes in my own Bell Mountain books.

As an added bonus, we’ve thrown in a Baluchitherium.


Byron’s Home Movies

This is Mom and me, back when I was supposed to be learning the secret quokka alphabet that allows us to send messages that no one can read–not even other quokkas. As I remember it, this was a really sunny day and both of us kept dozing off. A sunny day on Rottnest Island, with the surf shooshing in the background, and shade when you want it–well, who wouldn’t fall asleep?

Special! Coyote and Badger Tag-Team

We have to thank “Unknowable” for sending us this scarcely-believable video. It was taken in California, near a tunnel that passes under a highway–and we see a coyote and a badger on the friendliest terms, jogging into the tunnel together. Wow! Who would have thought it? But one of the rangers says, “Coyotes and badgers are known to team up and hunt together.” Even Mr. Nature didn’t know that! But these wildlife monitoring cameras are showing us a lot of animal behavior that no one knew about before.

Not quite fair to the ground squirrels who get hunted by this tag-team, though, is it? They’re gonna have to find some friends.

Mr. Nature: Wolf Pup’s First Howl

Somebody just told me “Nature” is “Erutan” spelled backwards. Get a life.

It’s hard to believe this little fella will grow up to be a top predator–scourge of the caribou, bane of the bison. Wolves will even eat people, if there’s nothing better going.

But all God’s stuff is created for a reason: and we just can’t help loving baby animals. He did that for a reason, too.

Your Pet Possums

I say possums definitely have appeal, even if they do get stuck in your garbage can and then pretend they’re dead, totally grossing you out. But the possums in these videos aren’t doing anything like that.

My wife once had a possum for a pet. She gave birth to a whole crowd of baby possums (“she” being the momma possum, not my wife: heaven forbid) and stowed some of them in the silverware drawer. The cats were very careful to give the possum all the space she wanted, and no fights broke out.

I had a half-grown possum in my bedroom once, but my mother saw it and had a bad moment.

Don’t Try This at Home!

Jambo, everybody, Mr. Nature here–with something that you should absolutely positively never try to do.

The guy in this video got away with it. But if his feet had slipped on the wet grass…

Mother alligators and crocodiles guard their nests, and some continue to guard the babies after they’ve hatched, going so far as to transfer them to a nursery pond where it’s easier to keep an eye on them. Gators do not take kindly to anyone messing with their babies.

Most reptiles don’t bother, but alligators do. It’s such a departure from standard reptilian behavior, one is tempted to conclude that gators and crocs aren’t really reptiles at all, but rather are in a class by themselves.

Anyway, gator nests and nursery ponds are good places to avoid–at all times.

The Attack of the Baby Sloths

THIS JUST IN: Ruthlessly wielding high-impact charges of irresistible cuteness, baby sloths have driven an entire Bigfoot population (Bigfeets? doesn’t sound quite right…) out of the rain forests of Costa Rica. Authorities have warned human tourists, “Don’t be there when they make those cozy wah-wah sounds–that’s how they get you.”

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