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A Peaceable Kingdom (Cat, Birds, & Hamster)

What is this–a Freddy the Pig book? All these animals need is to start their own newspaper…

Nah. It’s just a cat, a hamster, and two parakeets in happy harmony: don’t you wish you could join this bunch? I don’t know, I think maybe God is trying to show us something. Something it would be good for us to see.

A Very Cool Critter, the Hellbender

Hi, Mr. Nature here, with the biggest salamander in the Western Hemisphere–the hellbender.

All my life I’ve wanted to handle one of these. As a boy I spent many an hour turning over rocks in streams, trying to find a hellbender. But they don’t live in New Jersey. I guess I was hoping for a stray. The only salamanders I ever found were little ones; but the hellbender can grow up to two and a half feet long.

Hellbenders need fresh, clean, cold, swiftly-running water–which is getting harder and harder to come by. I know some of you don’t like cold-blooded slippery critters, but these salamanders are something special. Their only close relatives are the giant salamanders of China and Japan, which are several times the size of a hellbender. Now that would really be something to see!

Not all of God’s stuff is cute and cuddly; but it’s all way cool.

Affectionate Critters

One thing we mammals have over other kinds of animals: we can kiss. Comes in handy, sometimes.

But I can just hear my mother screaming, “You let that dog slosh his tongue over the baby’s mouth???”

Slot Racing for Dogs, and Other Curiosities

Critters are full of surprises. I mean, who would ever think a dog could get into slot racing? Who knew that ferrets could be driven nuts by a plastic tube? Dogs and cats, birds–you never know what they’re going to do next. But often it’s fun to find out.

A Pet You’ve Never Seen Before

Among this selection of confused pets, keep your eye out for something you may not have ever seen before–a pet bush baby. Wow! These other-worldly-looking critters are primates, distant kind to lemurs.

We also have a raccoon, rat, goat, parakeet, and a bunch of dogs and cats. All trying to make sense of humans.

Guys, if you figure it out, let me know!

Getting Your Goat?

Baby goats usually bounce around like they’re on springs; but look what happens when you add a trampoline. Note the grown-up goat who remains safely on the ground: there are old goats and bold goats, but no old, bold goats. And note the dog yapping in the background because he wants to get in on the fun.

There’s so much more to animals than anyone but Walter R. Brooks ever thought.

The Friendly Octopus

When it comes to creation, the Lord Our God has a lot of cards to play. He doesn’t have to confine intelligence and sensitivity to creatures who have fur, feathers, and skeletons.

Think about it. Mammals, birds, reptiles, even fish–they have a lot in common. But an octopus? No bones. No skull. Nothing cuddly about it. But an octopus does have a brain; and, by all accounts, a fairly good one. See how this octopus interacts with the human beings who rescued it from stranding. A lot of the scientists who work with octopi, I’ve read, wind up liking them–and always being fascinated by how smart they are.

God’s stuff: you can’t put a limit on His creativity.

Squirrel and Cat Wrestlemania

Apparently this squirrel was brought into the home as a baby and left when he grew up, but still comes back for visits. So they say. Who ever thought they’d see a squirrel and a cat wrestling? All in fun, of course. If you’ve spent any amount of time watching squirrels, you know they love to play. There was a squirrel in our yard who used to wrestle with twigs–great fun to watch: he had a lively imagination.

Bonus Critter Video: Baby Sloths

My wife thinks baby sloths are just about the sweetest critters on earth, and has always wanted to have one for a pet. I think New Jersey might be a bit too chilly for them, but we can dream, can’t we? So video is maybe the next best thing.

Assorted Pets, Assorted Chuckles

There’s sure to be something for everybody in this video. I don’t know which is my favorite–the tiny baby chameleons, the hamster laboriously making his way up stairs designed for humans, or the dog trying to be Tarzan. The leaping guinea pigs are pretty cool, too.

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