Startling Footage: Shark and Crocodile

I happened upon this video the other night, and thought you might be intrigued by it.

What happens when a huge saltwater crocodile, swimming in shallow water, crosses the path of a bull shark? The bull shark, by the way, is responsible for more attacks on humans than any other species of shark–and it’s just as at home in fresh water as it is in salt. Saltwater crocodiles also eat people, when they can get them.

The croc being twice the size of the shark, and armed with horrendously powerful jaws and lots and lots of sharp teeth, the bull shark decides not to bother it.

But the thing that gets me is… does anybody ever go wading, fishing, or clamming in that water?

Gorillas… Singing?

Bear in mind that these are wild gorillas, not gorillas in a zoo; and the candid camera filming them is disguised as a baby gorilla so they won’t get shy and hide from it.

Here we have gorillas young and old vocalizing as they eat. Well, heck, most of us humans do that, too, don’t we? But are they really singing? They might be making table talk. Jungle gossip. Tarzan could tell you, “Don’t get them started!”

Friends… Or What? (Cat & Deer)

Just another day in the suburbs…

Why does this deer, three times the cat’s size, let herself be buffaloed by the cat? Is it some instinct that tells her cats are predators? Like, where there’s a little one, there are bound to be bigger ones?

And then when the cat turns to leave, the deer follows him.

What’s going on here?

The Little Lost Otter

Now don’t freak out, anybody! I’ll tell you right up front–the story has a very happy ending.

It looks like otters live in family groups featuring three generations. Gee, we humans used to do that. My family was like that. We lived in different houses, but spent so much of our time together, it was just about the same as if it were all one big house. I miss that.

Tranquility Break: Deer Feeding in the Snow

We have snow in our forecast for tomorrow. I hope it’s true. I could use a nice, calming snowfall. Just five inches or so.

For the time being, here’s video of some deer feeding after a snowstorm in Iowa. God’s stuff. Enjoy watching them peacefully going about their business. No political hysteria for them.

Occasionally we get to see deer in our own neighborhood. I hope to see some tomorrow.

Tranquility Break: Freshwater Jellyfish

Freshwater jellyfish aren’t rare, but Mr. Nature has never seen one. Another reader reports, “I grew up on a lake that had thousands and thousands of these living in it.” Here we have them in an aquarium.

They’re roughly the size of a dime or a penny, they eat microscopic plankton, and are totally harmless as far as human beings are concerned. I don’t know about you, but I find it quite soothing to watch them. We don’t know exactly how this happens, but they can unexpectedly appear in abundance in bodies of water that never had them before. Some fish do this, too. Birds seem to be involved somehow. Well, they would be, wouldn’t they?

I wouldn’t surprised to hear that many of you had never heard of any such thing as freshwater jellyfish and find the whole idea surprising. That’s God’s stuff for you. There’s always something new to discover in Creation.

Cat Totally Dominates Alligators

Aw, who’s afraid of a dumb old alligator? Not the cats in this video. Not the cat who chases off not one, but two alligators.

And check out the human boy who seems curiously oblivious to the drama being played out some ten feet away from his undefended ankles. Maybe nobody’s afraid of alligators.

A Spectacularly Rude Awakening

Ooh-ooh! I almost forgot to post this for you. Not sure whether to call it a sanity break. But it’s some kind of break, that’s for sure. Maybe even it’s symbolic. An omen. Send for the augurs!

Anyway, the guy falls asleep on a lounger by his in-ground pool, and along comes a bear (!) to sniff and tap his foot and wake him up.

We can’t tell who was more startled, the man or the bear. But no harm done, all’s well that ends well, we can’t tell whether the guy’s hair would’ve turned white because he doesn’t have any…

Enjoy this break from nooze and politics.

Public Service Message: These Are Not Real Puppies

A number of people have expressed confusion over whether the large salamanders called “mud puppies” really are puppies. Sometimes this leads to unsuitable gifts for small children.

Real puppies are warm and fluffy and playful. Mud puppies are cold, wet, and apt to bite really hard. There is no truth to the belief that they grow up into dogs. Mud puppies they are, and mud puppies they shall remain.

You are unlikely to find real puppies swimming around under the ice in winter. What you’d be seeing under those circumstances are almost certain to be mud puppies.

And there really is no point in trying to train them to do tricks. They don’t like it.

Sleepy Ducklings

This is kind of short, but you’re gonna love it. And if you watch it twice, it’ll seem twice as long.

It’s just a pair of tuckered-out ducklings. Who knows what they did to get so sleepy?