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Pets & Babies Laughing

I can’t say any of my lizards ever laughed, and I had a lot of different kinds of lizards. None of my cats ever laughed, either. But oh, I love the sound of a gull laughing!

And what is it about dogs and cats that send babies into rolls and rolls of merry laughter? Don’t we wish we understood that batter? It may be a treasure just waiting to be unearthed.

And check out the dog who won’t let the toddler open the drawer and play with the cutlery. Extra milk-bones for him!

How to Bathe a… Sloth

If you’re one of many people thinking of opening a sloth grooming parlor, pay especially close attention to this video. Note that the little guy’s patience wears rather thin if he’s not allowed to cling to his stuffed toy. This can be avoided by getting the stuffed toy soaking wet and not washing or drying those parts of the sloth that were pressed tightly to the toy. Be sure to invent some convincing lies to tell dissatisfied customers.

Hi-Tech for Pets

I wonder how a reasonably intelligent person from the 10th century would respond to some of today’s hi-tech toys. Do all cats and dogs go wild over iPads, or is it just a few? And how long do you get to torment the lizard with fake bugs before he turns around and bites you?

Ah, well–as paratroopers used to say, it’s foolish but it’s fun.

Cuddly Chickens

Until I started posting all these videos, I never knew how cozy chickens could be. They must make wonderful pets. My grandpa always kept chickens, and my mother had vivid memories of–well, you know.

And yet again the freakin’ phone rings, and you pick it up and say hello, and there’s nothing on the other end of the line–Grrrrrr!

When Sloths Attack

This is a sneak preview of When Sloths Attack. See the ferocious creatures descend from the trees to chase hapless college students who picked entirely the wrong place to camp for the weekend! And the sloths’ll catch ’em, too, because they’re like totally stoned and also out of shape. After that… Well, you’ll find out why the one sloth is smiling.

A Peaceful Interlude with Nice Animals

All right, it’s not the catchiest headline I ever wrote; but at least it’s accurate.

I gotta feel for the dog with the monarch butterfly sitting on his head: he has absolutely no idea what to do. Monarchs are much less skittish than other butterflies because nobody eats them. Monarch caterpillars live on milkweed, and the milkweed stuff stays in their system after they turn into butterflies, and it tastes bad. If a bird eats a monarch, he won’t eat another.

And then there are the ducks taking a short-cut through somebody’s house…

When Is a Kitty not a Kitty?

If you thought only the Three Stooges made this mistake, you thought wrong.

You don’t need Mr. Nature to tell you that a skunk is not a cat and mustn’t be handled like a cat. But as you’ll see in this video, there’s always somebody who doesn’t know the difference. And he’s never the one who gets sprayed.

We have skunks in our neighborhood, but they’ll put up with a lot before they cut loose–as our neighbor’s otherwise good dog (old enough to know better!) found out recently.

The Protective Instinct

Sometimes domestication can lead to our pets’ protective instincts taking curious forms, as seen in this video. But we also see what it’s really all about–when the ducks won’t let the fox come near their ducklings… and when the cranes escort an alligator out of their neighborhood. Would you volunteer to see off a full-grown gator? (If so, the line forms over there–behind you.)

Serenity Break: Seahorses

I think God enjoyed creating seahorses.

Just watch. Let peace wash over you. There will still be seahorses when the Lord regenerates His creation; but there will be a lot of other things for which no place shall anymore be found.

And I don’t think we’ll miss those things.

Chasing Tail

“No matter which way you turn, your tail’s behind you.”  –wise old Abnak proverb

It’s not just our own goofy cats and dogs that chase their tails. According to this video, just about all animals do it–even lizards. Apparently we tail-less humans are missing out on a good thing.

Watch the mouse go! How do they do that without getting dizzy?

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