So I Voted…

Midterms 2018: Voters face malfunctioning machines and long lines at polls  across country on Election Day

Voting, in my neighborhood, used to be a ten or 15-minute exercise. Today I stood in line for 45 minutes or so. And while I was doing that, it got cold outside and started to rain. So much for my writing today.

They had new voting machines, and only two of them instead of the usual four or five. The line stretched all around the gym. These machines are entirely electronic. You press the screen to vote and when you’re done, it displays your ballot for inspection so that you have a chance to correct any discrepancies. I didn’t find any, so I cast my vote: “Iacta alea est” (“The die is cast”), as Julius Caesar once said.

My leg is acting up.

O Lord, if you ever had a mind to intervene in one of our elections, now would be a good time for it. We have to get out from under Democrat rule before they finally destroy our country. Deliver us out of their wicked and ungodly hands. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

I wonder if there’s enough sun for me to try to write.

Prayer Request: Kenny

My friend and editor, Susan, has requested prayers for her cousin, Kenny, who needs a serious heart operation. Please join in prayer for him.

O Lord our God! Have mercy on our brother, Kenny, and see him safely through this present danger. Protect him, preserve him, and heal him, Lord: in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayer Request: Ina

Please, everybody, join in prayer for our sister, Ina, whose husband has come down with pneumonia.

O Lord our God, merciful and good, have mercy on your servant, Ina, and heal her husband: please, Lord, take away his pneumonia and restore his health: be swift to help him. In Jesus’ name and by the power of Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayer Request: Karen

We have this prayer request from my friend and editor, Susan, on behalf of her brother’s girlfriend, Karen–who yesterday fell and broke her hip, with no surgeon immediately available. So she’s in very bad pain, and worried about her dogs who aren’t used to her not being there… and she needs our prayers. Please join with me in prayer.

O Lord our God, be merciful to your servant, Karen: ease her pain and her anxiety, take care of her in the hospital, and bring medical help and healing to her swiftly. In Jesus’ name, and by the power of Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayer Request: Ina’s Husband

Please join in prayer for Ina’s husband, Alan, who has just been taken to the hospital for tests. They don’t know yet what’s wrong with him.

Father in Heaven, in Jesus’ name, and by the power of Jesus’ name, please bless, protect, and heal your servant, Alan. Bless his wife, Ina, and their family: protect them, O Lord. Amen.

Prayer Request: Lisa’s Family

Before I do anything else here today, I’d like to ask us all to join in prayer for my friend, Lisa, and her family. Lisa’s eldest daughter, Crystal, has died of COVID–leaving a 16-year-old son, Logan, very badly injured, spiritually. The whole family needs our prayers.

O Lord Our God! Please, in Jesus’ name and by the power of Jesus’ name, come and heal your servant, Lisa, and her family: they have had a grievous loss: her grandson, Logan, especially. Please, Father, heal them! Comfort them. Strengthen them. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

By Request, ‘When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder’

Our dear friend and sister, Erlene, isn’t feeling well this morning, so please join in prayer for her. Meanwhile, she thought she’d like to hear this hymn, When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder. We happen to have a guitar and banjo rendition of it by our friends and esteemed colleagues, Joshua & Jeremy Swanson.

Here’s your hymn, Erlene–from Japan, by way of New Jersey.

‘Continue to Pray for Christians Remaining in Afghanistan’ (Christian Blogger)

We have this from our friend SlimJim’s “Veritas Domain” blog (aka The Domain for Truth):

The Church during 2021: Continue to Pray for the Christians remaining in Afghanistan

Do you want to know why Paul said we ought to pray unceasingly? Look at this world of 2021! When we say Christians in Afghanistan are in danger, we mean in danger of being killed. This is not Canada or California, where they just shut down the churches. This is where they kill you.

There is a prayer request video embedded in the text.

Will the Church in Afghanistan be able to survive at all? Western churches don’t do much to protect persecuted Christians in China, India, and elsewhere. Often there really isn’t much they can do.

But we are all in this together, and we need our prayers.

Rejoice! An Answered Prayer. Rejoice!

I don’t know how to tell you how my heart leaped when I went to check the comments and there I found that little snowman avatar that announces a comment by our friend and brother, Dave, aka “thewhiterabbit.”

Dave and his wife, Linda, were down with COVID, very weak and sick. They’re still feeling somewhat the worse for wear, so keep praying for their full recovery. However, they have survived. They’re still here. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Praise God who hears our prayers.

Now, requested by “thewhiterabbit,” we have Horatio Spafford’s classic hymn, It Is Well With My Soul, sung by the Mennonite Hour Men’s Choir. Prior to writing this hymn, Mr. Spafford, who had much, lost everything but his life. Take the lyrics to heart.

Thank you, O Lord, for answering our prayers and once again showing the power of Jesus’ name–amen!

Urgent Prayer Request: ‘Thewhiterabbit’

Our dear friend and brother Dave, known to most of us as “thewhiterabbit,” has fallen ill with COVID–he and his wife, both of them–and they need our prayers. I don’t like posting a prayer request without the subject’s permission, but this is an emergency and I’m sure many of us would very much want to help.

O Lord! Deliver our brother and his wife, protect them and heal them: please don’t take them from our fellowship. Grant them full recovery, O God. Jesus, thou son of David, have mercy on them. We pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.

All I know is that “It’s bad.” That’s all Dave was able to tell me.

I hope he knows we’re praying for him.