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A Prayer for China

China on highest flood alert as 38m people evacuated - Nikkei ...

You probably haven’t heard this story; but as you read this, China’s Three Gorges Dam, the biggest dam in the world, is heavily stressed by monsoon flooding–and tens of millions of human lives, millions of acres of farmland, and millions of tons of food could be lost (https://www.nationalreview.com/corner/the-risks-of-chinas-three-gorges-dams-flooding/). It could be the worst single natural disaster in all of history.

The Chinese government so far has evacuated almost 40 million people from the threatened areas. That’s a small fraction of the people in danger.

Back when China had an emperor, natural disasters were seen as a sign that the emperor had lost the Mandate of Heaven and needed to be replaced. If there is such a thing as a Mandate of Heaven, I doubt the Chinese Communist Party ever had it. But it would not be strange if any failure of the dam were laid squarely at the government’s door by the Chinese people. The government ran the dam up in record time, ignoring safety and quality concerns, so they could display it as a triumph of communism.

I hate communism, it is an accursed relic of the 20th century, and it ought to be expunged from the earth. Nevertheless, the people of China need our prayers.

O Lord our God! Have mercy on the Chinese people, who have suffered much from their own evil government and now stand in peril of destruction. Many of them don’t know you, Lord; but many of them do. Hear them when they call upon your name! Save them out of this danger; and may the whole world see, and know, that you have done it. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Emergency Prayer Request: Martin’s Baby Grandson

Please join me in prayer for a sweet little baby who was born prematurely and must overcome terrible obstacles to stay alive. The baby boy is the grandson of my friend and mentor, Martin Selbrede, one of the Chalcedon Foundation’s board of directors. We’ve seen pictures of this child and you could never tell there was anything wrong with him. He has a smile that this poor fallen world needs.

O Lord our God! In Jesus’ name, and by the power of Jesus’ name, we pray for the life of this baby boy, Martin Selbrede’s grandson. Please, Father–bring him safely through all his dangerous trials, and let him grow up to be a good and godly man. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayer Request: Mark Rushdoony

Please join me in prayer for Rev. Mark Rushdoony, Chalcedon’s president, who recently injured himself in a fall off a ladder. He’s in considerable pain just now, and needs our prayers.

And we need him! He is a champion in the front ranks of our cause, and we can ill afford to spare him.

O Lord our God! Have mercy on your servant, Mark Rushdoony, and be swift to heal him. Please, Father, he needs your help–and we thank you that he wasn’t hurt worse than he was. Please, Lord, in Jesus’ name, heal your servant. Bless him and protect him. Amen.

Holy Moly! Back to Normal!

Loey ✨ on Twitter: "@SsssamanthaaMUA I actually just googled ...

Well, how about this! After the WordPress happiness engineers gave up on my case yesterday afternoon (“Probably a browser problem, can’t fix it from our end”)–like, just a couple of hours afterward–I was attempting to post a cat video. Several difficulties arose.

And then, suddenly, as if by magic–my whole site went back to normal! Suddenly I didn’t have to log in every time I wanted to move from one page to another. Suddenly I had my “Edit” function back–along with the “My Site” button and the little bell to alert me to messages.

I contacted WordPress again to ask them if they’d done something that they hadn’t thought of while they were giving up, and they were honest enough not to take credit for it.

Could it be your prayers? A few of you, you told me, prayed for my computer problems to cease and desist.

What can I say? It sure looked like the answer to a prayer.

By Request, ‘The Prayer’

Requested by Erlene–The Prayer, sung by Andrea Bocelli and Katharine McPhee. I usually save Bocelli for Christmas-time, but it won’t hurt to showcase him in June.


Here I Go…

Busy writer stock illustration. Illustration of character - 133421001

It’s time to write my Newswithviews column. I’d appreciate your prayers.

America is playing with fire and just might burn her house down. On second thought, let’s pray for our country.

O Father in Heaven, we call upon your name to save us because I don’t think our nation’s leaders can. Maybe they won’t. Our sin is not only wicked, but altogether foolish: we have gained nothing by it. Save us not for our sakes, but for your own great name’s sake, so that the world may know you are the Lord.

May our work be fruitful in your service. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Let’s start off the day with a hymn by Tennessee Ernie Ford–Alleluia.

My wife has a consultation with the doctor this morning, so please keep us in your prayers.

Bonus Hymn: ‘Thy Word is a Lamp unto My Feet’

This is a dreary day with high humidity, the nooze is even drearier–and I need another hymn. This is the one I want: Thy Word is a Lamp unto My Feet, by Amy Grant.

Patty and I are not at our best these past few days, health-wise, and any prayers that come our way will be appreciated.

Blog is pretty flat today, though. I guess a lot of people are just worn out.

A Prayer for Our Country

christ-king (With images) | Christ the king, Christ, Jesus images

We have no king but Jesus Christ.

Please join me in prayer for our country.

O Lord our God, we are in a bad way and we won’t get through this evil time without your help. The wicked run wild, convinced their time has come and that they can win by crime and violence, lies and subterfuge, what they could never gain by lawful means.

Is this how America is to be governed from now on–with rioting, rage, and tyranny?

We have sinned, both wickedly and foolishly, and who could blame you if you turned your back on us? We have followed not only false prophets, but insane and foolish prophets, too, and gained nothing by it but trouble. Nevertheless we call upon your name, we plead for your protection.

Exert your strength on us, O Lord, and pull us back from the brink of self-destruction. Open our minds, open our hearts, and bring us to our senses. Lead us through the door of national repentance and turn us, O God: turn us back to you, and cause your face to shine; and then we shall be saved.

In Jesus’ name, for Jesus’ sake, Amen.

‘Our God, He is Alive’

(I don’t like the cough my wife, Patty, has this morning. We would appreciate your prayers for her.)

Beautiful harmony: Our God, He is Alive, sung by the Kingdom Quartet. Scenery by the hand of God the Father.

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