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A Prayer for Our Country

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We have no king but Jesus Christ.

Please join me in prayer for our country.

O Lord our God, we are in a bad way and we won’t get through this evil time without your help. The wicked run wild, convinced their time has come and that they can win by crime and violence, lies and subterfuge, what they could never gain by lawful means.

Is this how America is to be governed from now on–with rioting, rage, and tyranny?

We have sinned, both wickedly and foolishly, and who could blame you if you turned your back on us? We have followed not only false prophets, but insane and foolish prophets, too, and gained nothing by it but trouble. Nevertheless we call upon your name, we plead for your protection.

Exert your strength on us, O Lord, and pull us back from the brink of self-destruction. Open our minds, open our hearts, and bring us to our senses. Lead us through the door of national repentance and turn us, O God: turn us back to you, and cause your face to shine; and then we shall be saved.

In Jesus’ name, for Jesus’ sake, Amen.

‘Our God, He is Alive’

(I don’t like the cough my wife, Patty, has this morning. We would appreciate your prayers for her.)

Beautiful harmony: Our God, He is Alive, sung by the Kingdom Quartet. Scenery by the hand of God the Father.

Answered Prayers: I’m Better Today

See the source image

For those who missed the introduction to this morning’s hymn, I’m much better this morning–and I thank all my friends here who raised me up in prayer.

The Smartest People In The World (just ask ’em!), in reality the most pitifully stupid people in the world, insist there is no God who hears prayers or can do anything about them. Says so right there in the Humanist Manifesto.

As painful and as big a waste of time as it would seem, we ought to pray that the Holy Spirit rescue as many of those poor fools as possible. The Lord would rather (so He told Peter) that no one perished, but that all would come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9).

But He won’t force us.

Prayer Request (I Need It Now): Me

My festive day has been marred by heavy bleeding. I would rather not give the details.

Anyway, I need the Lord’s help, I need His healing, and I need it now. Please pray for me.

God grant I’m better by the end of the day. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

The Church during the days of Corona Virus: Pray for those who are unemployed

Our friend SlimJim (Domain for Truth blog) reminds us of a critical prayer need. We pray that the suddenly unemployed get their jobs back as soon as this crisis is over.  –LD

(I add that if America can’t recover from the virus panic… nobody can.)

By Request, ‘All Creatures of Our God and King’ (with Prayer)

We have a hymn request today from Susan–All Creatures of Our God and King, sung by the congregation of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California.

To which I add a prayer:

O Lord our God! Bless this Easter, 2020, crippled in the flesh, with a double portion of spiritual wealth: give it extraordinary power to draw souls to Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior: souls to be comforted, souls to be washed, souls to be saved. Let the spirit of this Easter Sunday work all year, O Lord–every day and every night, all year. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Birthday Greetings: Erlene

Birthday Greetings: Joshua | Lee Duigon

Happy birthday, Erlene!

If you’ve been wondering where she’s been, the thing is, her computer’s being awkward and she can’t get messages out to us. But Lee puts everything on Facebook after he posts it here, so Erlene’s been following along with us. She’ll be back when she can.

So we wish you, Erlene, a very happy day, lots of cake and tasty, crunchy grass, we pray your son is feeling better by the day, and we’ll all hop up and down when we hear from you again! Or my name’s not Byron the Quokka.


By Request, ‘Take My Hand, Precious Lord’

Phoebe asked for this hymn–Take My Hand, Precious Lord, by Jim Reeves. She’s feeling a little under the weather today, so let’s remember to include her in our prayers.

Special Prayer Request: Persecuted Christian

Image result for images of paivi rasanen

Is believing the Bible a crime in Finland?

Please join in prayer for Paivi Rasanen of Finland, member of the Finnish Parliament and former government minister now under “investigation” by police (!)–no, she didn’t rob a liquor store–for her “hateful” failure to affirm and celebrate homosexuality (https://www.christian.org.uk/news/police-investigation-into-finnish-mps-christian-faith-ramps-up/).

Ms. Rasenen is being “investigated” for two criminal incidents. First, for a leaflet she wrote 16 years ago. Second, for criticizing her denomination for holding a “gay event” at the church. She also posted some Bible verses online–Romans 1: 24-27. She is being defended by the Alliance Defending Freedom, headquartered here in the USA–where defending freedom is still allowed.

Does anybody really wonder why God should be mad at Western civilization–which has made an idol of sodomy, and worships every known species of perversion? And makes it a criminal offense to adhere to the word of God? Have we suddenly been catapulted back in time into the middle of the Book of Acts?

Well, if we have, God grant us the strength to say to today’s tyrants, as Peter and John said to those of their own time, “We ought to obey God rather than men” (Acts 5:29).

But for Christians to be “investigated” and persecuted in Western countries that once were known as Christendom is a dark stain that won’t be easily washed away.

Prayer Request: Erlene and Eric

Erlene’s son Eric, many miles away from her in Washington, is very ill. His son is going to take Erlene there to tend to him. It’s a long way to go and we pray for their safety on the road.

O Lord our God! Have mercy on your servant, our sister Erlene, whose son Eric has fallen ill. Erlene has to go take care of him, but we hope our prayers will get there first. Please, father! In Jesus’ name, heal Erlene’s son; be swift to save him. We put our faith in your power and your love. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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