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‘Onward, Christian Soldiers’ …(and We’re Sick)

Some churches won’t play this hymn anymore, so we’ll play it here–Onward, Christian Soldiers, performed by the students at Fountainview Academy.

And last night some kind of affliction hit my wife like a ton of bricks, no sleep for either of us all night long, so please pray for Patty, that this illness leaves her as swiftly as it came: and for me, that I can get through the day. Now is when we wish our cats knew how to answer phones and cook dinner.

(She sounds terrible this morning, but I think if I can get her back to sleep, that will help a lot.)

Another Prayer Request

I have to knock off early today for Oscar’s memorial service. Please pray for Wendy; I pray Oscar’s family will take care of her.

And please pray for us, too, because tomorrow Patty is scheduled for a mammogram and we’ll be sweating that. Please, dear Lord, protect her! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Sorry–Sick Again

Image result for images of sick lizard

Well, that’s that–I’ve got to finish my tea and go to bed. My allergies are killing me. This doesn’t usually happen in the winter, but it’s happening today.

Went to the pharmacy, went grocery-shopping (when you’re out of food, you’ve gotta go), and somehow managed to crank out my Newswithviews column for the week. But as for producing my normal output here, it just can’t be done. I’ll try to post my customary after-supper video… presuming I make it to supper.

I’d appreciate a few prayers.

A Very Bad Shock (and Prayer Request)

We got a bad shock yesterday evening when we learned that our neighbor, Oscar, had been killed earlier that day. Riding his electric tricycle on the highway, a large truck ran him over. He was only 44 years old. Last month another member of our immediate neighborhood died suddenly; and he was 34.

We live in a fallen world, polluted by sin, and it’s very dangerous. Suddenly someone with whom we lived and interacted every day is taken from us. I know I’ll find myself looking for him, but he won’t be here anymore.

Oscar and his wife, Wendy, had chronic health problems and lived on disability benefits. Now Wendy is a widow. She and Oscar were very active in their church, as far as her health allowed. Please join me in prayer for her.

O Lord our God! We don’t know why these terrible things happen in the world: it’s very hard for us to accept them. Please, Father, be with Wendy now, save her soul from falling into despair, strengthen her family and her church, that they might be moved to take care of her. Lord, this poor woman has had a very, very hard time in life, and now she’s lost her husband. Now deliver her, O God. Deliver her. In Jesus’ name, Amen.



Can I Make It to Midnight?

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Gone are those New Year’s Eves of yesteryear, where we used to run outside and bellow “Happy New Year!” at the top of our lungs, plus booze, fireworks, and the rest. Now I’ve got 45 minutes to go and I’d rather be in bed. Patty has already fallen asleep on the couch. Our cats are sleeping, too.

A prayer: O Lord our God, we are the sheep of your pasture, and we need our shepherd. Stay with us throughout the year 2020: equip us for your service, give us what we need to hang on. May the name of our Savior Jesus Christ be exalted, this year, in every corner of the earth. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

A Christmas Prayer

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I’m typing this on Sunday morning, for publication Wednesday morning, when I expect to be doing more Christmas shopping.

This is a prayer, for this Christmas and every Christmas. Please join in.

O Lord our God! Bless this Christmas of 2019, and give it power to work day in, day out, day and night, and every day of 2020. Give it speech that all might hear. Give it the power to draw our hearts to Jesus Christ your Son, our Savior and our rightful King: give it the power to make us strong in His service, strong in His love. And may it move us to love one another, as Our Lord Himself commands.

All year long, O God! Bless this Christmas all year long. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayer Request: Joshua

Sometimes prayer requests, on behalf of a friend or family member, have to be made tactfully. We understand that. Joshua has made such a request. Let’s join with him in prayer.

Father in Heaven, we join with your servant Joshua in prayer for a man who needs the Lord. That’s to be said of all of us: but you know this person’s need, Lord; your Holy Spirit knows his name. Please, Father, whatever it is that needs to be done for this friend of Joshua’s, of your grace and mercy, Lord, please do it. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Keep Your Eye on China

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One early morning in 1991, my wife shook me awake. “There’s no more Soviet Union!” she said. That woke me up, all right.

Is the same thing about to happen to Red China? The Hong Kong protests have now spread to the mainland (https://www.breitbart.com/asia/2019/12/02/protesters-within-china-defy-communists-just-like-you-hong-kong/).

The Chinese communist government has tried to suppress all news of the protests, but some reports have been getting through the “Great Firewall of China”–the censorship regime created with the help of Big Tech from our country and others.

You would think the government would simply unleash the army and crush the protests. But they haven’t. There must be a reason why they haven’t. I suspect–no evidence, just a hunch–it’s because the government doesn’t quite trust the armed forces to do its bidding.

The Soviet Union started wobbling badly in 1989, when one after another of its Eastern European satellite nations successfully broke away, the Russian economy choked, and the military went broke trying to keep up with America in a high-tech arms race. Despite all this run-up, it was still a shock when it finally collapsed for good in 1991.

China has been wobbling, too, for several years. The government has continually persecuted and suppressed Chinese Christians, Muslim Uighurs, and Tibetan Buddhists. They’ve built super-malls for show, that have yet to have tenants, let alone customers. Air pollution has gotten out of hand. And now these Hong Kong protests are spreading to the mainland.

Y’know, they could have just left Hong Kong alone. The status quo benefited China, Hong Kong, and their trading partners. But of course the communists couldn’t just leave it alone. This potentially very dangerous crisis is their fault.

Pray Our Lord that this evil empire expires with a minimum of violence, and that He might grant the blessings of liberty to all the peoples of China: in Jesus’ name, Amen.


Getting There Without Getting Killed

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We almost had a collision, just now, going to pick up our laundry. Some clown ran the red light just as we were making our turn onto Amboy Avenue, and it was a mighty close shave. Patty was driving. Her hands are still shaking.

Our town today is swamped with traffic, people leaning on their horns and getting more and more steamed with every passing minute. I was going to gas up for our trip tomorrow, but all the excitement drove it right out of my head and I didn’t remember it until we got home. I hope the neighborhood gas station is open tomorrow morning.

Please pray for us to get there and back in one piece.

Note: I have chosen not to write about any of the college nincompoops denouncing Thanksgiving and saying we all ought to be mourning the creation of that racist hellhole, the United States of America. They are ungrateful. Being born here, and living here, is a blessing. No two ways about it. Thank God for His blessings on our country, and praise Him for every good thing.

Prayer Request: Erlene

Please, everybody, join in prayer for our sister Erlene’s son, Eric, who has fallen ill with what he thinks might be the flu. He and his mother live many miles apart, in different states, and can’t easily help each other.

Father in heaven, in Jesus’ name, please be swift to help Erlene’s son, Eric, and heal him–for we know all healing comes from you. These are hard trials for us: please, Lord, have mercy on Erlene and Eric, and grant him healing. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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