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Prayer Request: Ina

Please, everybody, join me in prayer for Ina’s Aunt Lizzie, 94, who has had a fall. They’re in Scotland, but prayers travel far.

Dear Lord, show mercy to your servant, Ina, and her aunt, Lizzie, who has injured herself in a fall and now needs your loving care. Please, Father, speed her recovery, and bless her family’s love for her. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayer Request: Phoebe & Iggy

Please join in prayer for our sister Phoebe, whose old cat, Iggy, has been sick for a few days.

O Lord Our God, you know there’s nothing that hurts us so much as to fear for our loved ones; and you know how we love our pets: that’s why you gave them to us (and us to them). Please, Father–be good to your servant, Phoebe, and deliver her cat out of sickness. We are your people, and the sheep of your hand, and we always need Our Shepherd. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Fun Cats (and Prayer Request)

Whether it’s playing ping-pong, playing catch, or even playing chicken, cats know how to get into the spirit of it.

And please, everybody, pray for my cat, Robbie: who seemed to be improving last night, but today hasn’t been able to eat. She was checked out by the vet a couple of weeks ago, blood work and all, and pronounced okay except for her hyperthyroid condition. We applied the medicine and she started showing improvement. Then the hairballs started a few days ago, and these past two days, she hasn’t eaten. Her vet appointment is next week.

Anyway, we’re kind of upset around here and we really need your prayers. This poor cat! First it was the asthma, for years, and now this. Please, Lord, grant that she be able to eat–and keep it down–tomorrow. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Editing ‘The Silver Trumpet’

I’ve just finished going over the first edits of Bell Mountain No. 10, The Silver Trumpet. I’m always amazed at the errors that can crop up in a manuscript–but we’re repairing them. And Kirk DouPonce will be on board to create the cover at. As you can see by the example above, he does good work!

And now I’m tired, it’s over 90 degrees outside today, and I’ve got to unwind before supper.

Sometimes I like to listen to shows dealing with paranormal phenomena, spooky stuff, etc. Here and there you find a truly puzzling case. You also find a lot of twaddle. I usually run out of patience when they start talking about “unexplained mysteries.” Uh, if they’ve been explained, then they aren’t mysteries anymore, are they?

Still haven’t got Robbie eating normally again. *sigh* We’ll see what the vet says when we bring her in. Thank you all for your prayers, and please keep them coming.

Prayer Request: My Cat Again

Well, suddenly Robbie is off her feed, throwing up hairballs, spitting up some of the food she does eat, and making my wife frantic while giving me a sickly feeling in the deeps of my stomach. We don’t know if this is a reaction to her ear gel medication or what.

So she went from all-the-time ravenous to just picking at her food, from zooming all around the apartment to acting much more laid-back and normal, and I don’t know what to make of it. If she weren’t spitting up so much, I’d say it was just hairballs and stop worrying about it. But there are only four of us in this little family, and I ask for your prayers for our protection.

Please, Father, in Jesus’ name… heal our cat. Amen.

Prayer Request: Our Cat

My wife fears that one of our cats, Robbie, has a serious medical problem which must be addressed, so off to the vet we go on Tuesday. I’m not altogether convinced, but I am convinced we need your prayers.

This poor cat! She’s had one health crisis after another. For years and years she was coughing violently, and we had to squirt medicine up her nose every day. Finally the neighbors from Hell left, and stopped doing whatever they were doing in the cellar that was coming up through the floorboards into our apartment–and Robbie stopped coughing. And started romping and playing.

But she has lost weight lately, Patty is sure it’s a thyroid disorder, so it’s back to the vet.

Those of you who have cats or dogs know how dear our pets are to us. And God knows how we love them: that’s why He gave them to us. Please send up a prayer for Robbie.

O Lord my God, whatever is wrong with my poor cat–and I pray it’s nothing much!–please, Father, put it right. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Answered Prayer! Jaxx the Kitten

jaxx looking in

Jaxx says thank you!

Jaxx the kitten needed help in a hurry, a lot of you prayed for him, and God has provided the help. Bottom line: he’s going to be all right.

Georgia and Ridgie were on their way from Charleston, SC, to Gainesville, FL, to get Jaxx his transfusion when a tech at their local vet’s office came in to work, heard about the situation, and remembered that a donor cat was to be found right there in Charleston. So they turned back, everybody met at the vet’s office, and Jaxx got his transfusion. And he has already begun to get better. One more treatment is expected to finish the job, and then he can come home.

Are we crazy for going to so much trouble for our pets? Well, if we are, then love is crazy, too.

We thank you, Our Father in Heaven, for answering our prayers for this little kitten’s life; and we thank you for creating us in Your image, with such a capacity for love. Amen!

Prayer Request: Jaxx the Kitten

portrait boo and jaxx

Jaxx with Boo

Coming home from a Memorial Day weekend trip, my stepdaughter, Georgia, spotted a tiny stray kitten lost in the rain. She took it home and adopted it, and very quickly the kitten, now named Jaxx, bonded with their dog, Boo.

But this morning Georgia discovered that Jaxx has a critical blood disorder and needs a transfusion. He also has a very rare blood type, difficult to obtain. Georgia and her husband, Ridgie, will do everything they can possibly do to provide this care; but they’re going to need help.

Please join with me in prayer.

O Lord Our God, not a sparrow falls without the Father. This little kitten life that you’ve created, bless it and preserve it, and bring him out of danger: in Jesus’ name, amen.

Prayer Request: Ray

My brother-in-law, Ray, is in the hospital. He’s got serious medical problems, I’m quite worried for him, and he needs prayer support. I would rather not go into the details, because he’s unable to give me permission to discuss them. Let me add that I’m fond of the silly beggar and wouldn’t like to lose him. And he is my wife’s only living relative  within their generation. So please join me in prayer.

O Lord Our God, we are all dependent on your power and your love. As a God who delights in mercy, we pray you to deliver our brother, Ray, out of his danger, and to grant him recovery of his health. We know that you can do all things, and we ask this of you in Jesus’ name, Amen.

An Answered Prayer

Image result for images of monarda plant

It’s been a week since Patty’s monarda plant was crushed by a lazy lout of a delivery man who laid a 30-pound box on top of it.

And yet the plant still lives! They grow ’em tough, here in New Jersey. It’s even standing up kind of straight again.

For those of you who prayed for us to receive this small blessing, I thought you’d like to know that God has heard us and given us what we asked for. It’s a truly great and loving God who makes time for little things!

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