A Meditation: Prophets

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My Bible reading has brought me again to the prophecies of Jeremiah and Ezekiel: and the word that God delivers through them, as usual, has very badly scared me.

God is going to lower the boom on Israel, on Judah, and on Jerusalem. He is going to pour out His wrath on them; and these, His prophets, deliver the warning of impending destruction and call for national repentance. And of course they don’t repent, and God wipes them off the map.

When I read these writings, I can’t help feeling that the prophets are also talking about my country, in my time. America. And other countries that have rejected or bastardized their Christian heritage. All of us. Those warnings apply to us.

So, yeah, I’m scared. Is it too late for us to repent? Too late to turn aside God’s wrath? Have we as a nation allowed one too many abortions, one too many Drag Queen Story Hours, one too many mutilations of children to “reassign their gender,” one too many preachers silenced for preaching God’s word, one too many mockeries of marriage, one too many pagan idols carried into our churches… Can we allow those things, and still escape judgment? Have we already run out of time? Has our punishment actually begun?

What can we do but pray?

O Lord our God! Remember that these things are done against our will, without our consent, and over our objections! Remember that we have tried to stop them, but have not the power to do so. Remember, Lord, and deliver us out of the hands of those who do those wicked and ungodly things, and refuse to repent, refuse to change their ways. In Jesus’ name, O God, deliver us. Amen.


Nooze-Free Weekend

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Well, we thought it would never happen. It seems we were wrong.

How about a nooze-free weekend, folks? Heck, there’s hardly anybody here this morning. And besides–who doesn’t know what the nooze is nowadays?

Stolen election, stolen country–stolen right out from under us. And because it’s never happened before, we don’t know what to do about it. We are now a captive nation under a government that has no right to govern us, no right to exist. Because they lied, cheated, and stole to get there.

You don’t need anyone to tell you that. That’s the nooze.

Avenge us, O Lord! Avenge us on those who did this to us–and on those who, through hypocrisy or cowardice, refused to do their duty by us.

We confess our sins. It’s our sins that have landed us in all this trouble. Move us to repentance, Father–and let your wrath fall on the heads of the ungodly. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Avenge Us, O Lord

Unjust judge, shameless widow (Luke 18) – An Informed Faith

Not too long ago, I cited this parable of the widow and the unjust judge, found in Luke 18:2-8. It seems particularly applicable just now. Here it is, from the King James Version.

“There was in a city a judge, which feared not God, neither regarded man: and there was a widow in that city; and she came unto him, saying, Avenge me of mine adversary. And he would not for a while: but afterward he said within himself, Though I fear not God, nor regard man, yet because this widow troubleth me, I will avenge her, lest by her continual coming she weary me.

“And the Lord said, Hear what the unjust judge saith. And shall not God avenge his own elect, which cry day and night unto him, though he bear long with them? I tell you that he will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?”

We, the American people, Christians and others, have had a colossal crime committed against us–and our courts refuse to hear the evidence. Every worldly institution in which we trusted, in which we hoped for justice, has failed us. They liked The Swamp and they wanted it back.

We have nothing left but our prayers, and the judge of all the earth who hears them.

In Jesus’ name, O God, avenge us. And put things right again: because we can’t, but you can. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

(*Sigh*) Ah, Christmas Tree!

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It’s time to take down our Christmas tree. It feels like we only just put it up the other day.

And of course I can’t help wondering, given all that’s happened–will we still be around for the next Christmas? Will the Democrats ban Christmas? Will America still be here? Or will they already have marred and defaced her beyond all recognition?

It’s a big job. I think I’ll have a cigar first.

Whoever’s here, please offer a prayer for Phoebe and her cat, Iggy. Most of you know what it’s like when your pet is sick. We love these little fuzzy characters–and they love us. A cat purring in your lap is a gift from God.

And pray for our country, pray hard. It may be God will hear us.

One More Time: ‘Gesu Bambino’ (With a Christmas Prayer)

Let’s not let go of Christmas just yet.

There is sweetness and healing to be found in Christmas, and in this hymn, Gesu Bambino, sung by Luciano Pavarotti with the Vienna Boys Choir–even in this Christmas, marred by dirty politics and the COVID panic, and all the ills of this world which Dante called “that little threshing-floor that makes us all so fierce.” It was to save this world that Jesus Christ was born; and save it He will.

O Lord our God! Grant this past Christmas power to work all year, every day, to tame our wild hearts and draw us to Christ our Savior and our King, to move us to repentance, to move us to love one another, and forbear with one another, as we should. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

The Evil Must Not Stand

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With the media gaslighting us 24/7 (“Joe Biden is our president! He is, he is!”) and the surrender monkeys up on Capitol Hill all set to hand the country over to crooks and predators with whom they’ve shared the booty for years, and every villain’s hand raised against our president, Donald Trump–well, we just have to pray harder!

Government by Manufactured Consent must not be allowed to stand. This monstrous travesty of an election, with evidence of fraud and crime heaped up as high as the sky, must be overturned–even if it takes the hand of God to do it.

Crime must not flourish. Criminals must not seize control of countries. People seem to think, “Aw, what the hell does it matter, it’ll just go back to business as usual…”

Are you mad? Do you not listen? We are drifting into the hands of exceedingly wicked people whose notion of “normal”–trust me!–you don’t ever want to see. They committed this great unprecedented crime of stealing an election because they expected a fabulous reward! For them, not for you.

Oh Lord our God! Our sins, our folly, our sloth have gotten us into all this trouble, from which we cannot climb out without your aid. Your anger against us is righteous and just. But we entreat you, O God, to set aside your anger and let it fall instead on the heads of the wicked persons who have done this thing: America’s enemies, foreign and domestic. Smite them, O Lord! Deliver us out of their hands. Not for our sake, but for Jesus’ sake. Not for our sake, but for your own name’s sake: that all the world might see your glory and your power; that all the world might know that you are God. In Jesus’ name and by the power of Jesus’ name, Amen.

By Request, ‘O Come, O Come Emmanuel’

This request comes from my chess buddy, “Optimal Play,” in Australia–O Come, O Come Emmanuel. Y’know–we sang this hymn in seventh grade, before the Supreme Court (spit) decided America’s children needed to be protected from Jesus Christ.

O Lord our God! Bless this Christmas season, and give it extraordinary power to draw hearts and souls to Jesus Christ, our Savior and our King! If we ever needed Christmas, we need it now. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

A Prayer for God’s Mercy

I really didn’t want to write this, but I think I have to.

O Lord our God! I had a fearful thought today: as you once appointed Nebuchadnezzar to burn Jerusalem and take your people Israel into captivity, as punishment for their sins–have you appointed today’s Far Left Democrats to scourge America for her sins? Have you thrown us into the hands of wicked and ungodly men?

Your anger is righteous and just: we confess our sins, our sloth, our folly. Our churches, far too many of them, have gone along to get along. We have made a shambles of our culture. And now our national elections, in which we foolishly placed our trust, have been stolen; and we are in the hands of our enemies, who intend to “fundamentally transform” our country–into what, we scarcely dare imagine.

Lord! In Jesus’ name, for Jesus’ sake, we plead for your mercy. We understand–at least some of us do–that we are entirely dependent on you.

We plead with you, O God, to have mercy on our country, to save us one more time. Abate your anger, Lord, and relent! Deliver us once more, and give us time to repent. Save us, Lord, not for our sake, for we are sinners, and our sins have brought us to this desperate crisis: not for our sake, but for your own great name’s sake: so that the world might see your mercy in action, even at this late date; and that the world might know that you are God. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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With a prayer, and with a cold wind blowing in my face, I have finished writing Behold! And if this book’s climax is as good as I dare hope–well, kowabunga!

I’m reminded of an essay (or was it a letter?) by Tolkien, in which he described a conversation he had with a stranger about The Lord of the Rings–who said to him, “You don’t think you wrote all that all by yourself, do you?” It was just the sort of thing, said Tolkien, that Gandalf would have said–and he left it at that.

I thank the Lord of All for giving me this book to write, and pray my work will be fruitful in His service. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Emergency Norbert (with Prayer)

Some of us have not been feeling well lately (I name no names, because I haven’t been asked to, yet). Well, a minute or two with Norbert the therapy dog won’t hurt

Please join me in prayer for those of our number who need it now. O Lord our God, please bless our little circle of friends, especially those of us who need healing right now. This past week has been inordinately stressful for us all. We pray for Jesus’ healing touch, in Jesus’ name: Amen.