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Nothing But the Tooth

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*Sigh*  Well, I tried, in my ham-fisted way, to reattach the lost crown. But it has these two little posts in it and I just couldn’t find the holes they’re supposed to fit into, so it’s off to the dentist tomorrow or the next day. Please pray they can simply glue it back without a fuss. They did it once before, with a different tooth. This crown is in better shape than that one was, so maybe they can. Amen!

Funny, isn’t it, how these things always happen on a Sunday or Christmas (yeah, I spent one Christmas morning at the dentist’s)?

Again, *sigh*.

Prayer Request: Linda

If you visit this blog regularly, you know Linda for one of our steadiest contributors, and you may be wondering why she hasn’t been here lately.

She has developed an affliction in her eye which makes it very hard to read the computer screen.

Well, we miss her and we want her back, so please join me in prayer. Our little cyber-family is small, and we all need God’s protection.

Oh Lord Our God, please be swift to help our sister and your servant, Linda, and heal whatever is wrong with her eye so that she can fellowship with us soon: in Jesus’ name, Amen. O Jesus Our Lord, we have asked this of the Father in your name. Please heal her, and let the glory be to God the Father Almighty. Amen.

Urgent Prayer Request: My Brother-in-Law

My brother-in-law, Ray, my wife’s last living blood relative, is in a very bad way with his dementia, and there doesn’t seem to be much medical science can do to help, other than pump him full of assorted medications to keep him calm. Again, I’m not free to give many details. But he really does need our prayers.

O Lord our God, a God who delights in mercy, in Jesus’ name, have mercy on my brother-in-law and deliver him out of his trouble: because you are the only one who is able to do it. We have recourse to you in prayer: In Jesus’ name, Amen.

A Cultural Disaster, a Hymn, and a Prayer

In my own lifetime, right before my very eyes, America changed from a Christian country to some dark place that I can hardly recognize. Everything we used to honor we now despise; and whatever once appalled us, now we venerate.

Have you noticed that, on the floor of the United States Senate–the place where decency and common sense both go to die–Democrat Senators have been savaging assorted nominees for their Christian beliefs? Socialist wacko Bernie Sanders, currently the odds-on favorite to be the God-Booing Party’s next presidential candidate, said of ordinary, basic Christian belief, “[I]t is indefensible, it is hateful, it is Islamophobic, and it is an insult to above a billion Muslims throughout the world.” Of a nominee who confessed that, as a Christian, he actually believes Christianity is true, Sanders wrote him off as “really not someone who is what this country is supposed to be about.”

Do Sanders and his imitators–the sinister Diane Feinstein, for one–mean to suggest that Christians cannot serve in any public office unless they declare they don’t believe that Christianity is true? They’ve all but demanded that nominees trample on a crucifix before they can be sworn in.

What I want to know is, how did we get here? I remember a time, in my own lifetime, when it would have been unthinkable to indulge in a public display of Christ-hating. Now it’s done all the time, and those who do it are richly rewarded. How did we come to this? Please join me in prayer.

O Light of the World, O Jesus Christ Our Lord! Yours is the true light that lighteth every man that cometh into the world, the true light that the darkness cannot put out! Lead us out of darkness, Lord: oh, light our path. Lewd and wicked individuals, tirelessly working at it, have deeply corrupted our whole civilization, which once had the name of Christendom.

O Lord Our King, we confess that we did not deserve the name of Christendom and were very, very far from living up to it, doing things directly contrary to your will and yet daring to say we did them in your name. If you are angry with us, your anger is righteous and just.

O Lord Our God, the defense we plead is the Blood of Christ, which taketh away the sins of the world. We are your people, the sheep of your hand, and we need our Shepherd! Strengthen our faith, O Lord; give us the power to endure, until you make Christ’s enemies His footstool. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Prayer Request: My Brother-in-Law

I have to be careful of what I say here, because my brother-in-law, Ray, is in a very bad way and is not able to give me his permission to ask for prayers. I’m not at liberty to describe the nature of his affliction. But it’s bad. Very bad. And I would appreciate any prayers on his behalf.

O Lord our God, have mercy on my brother-in-law and please, please do something to help him, according to your wisdom and your love. We are your people, and we have recourse to prayer: we know you hear us, Lord. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

‘Yield Not to Temptation’

This was another Sunday school favorite–Yield Not to Temptation, written by Horatio Palmer in 1868 and still going strong: performed here by Nathan and Lyle from Denton County, Texas.

P.S.–Our prayers go up for those in the path of Hurricane Irma: we are the sheep of your pasture, Lord, and we need our Shepherd. Some of you in this little blog family are down there in Florida. Please keep in touch, if you can. The rest of us will be praying for you.

Prayer Request: Those in Peril of the Storm

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We’ve been following the news of Hurricane Irma, and this seems like a good time to start praying.

O Lord Our God, in Jesus’ name, have a care for your servants, the sheep of your hand, who live in the path of Hurricane Irma. Protect them and preserve them, Our Father in Heaven: save them, as we call upon your name. And let their salvation be for your glory, for everyone to see. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

A Milestone for This Blog

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Hum, baby! Yesterday this humble blog acquired its 500th follower. I thought that wouldn’t happen until the end of the year, but a lot of people have been showing up here lately.

If you’re new here, please click “Books” and take a look–cover art, blurbs, and sample chapters–at the nine (so far) books of my Bell Mountain series. We also take hymn requests and prayer requests, comment on the news, and in general try to serve the Kingdom of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

I wonder if I can interest my wife in a game of Mille Bornes…

Prayer Request: Ina

Please, everybody, join me in prayer for Ina’s Aunt Lizzie, 94, who has had a fall. They’re in Scotland, but prayers travel far.

Dear Lord, show mercy to your servant, Ina, and her aunt, Lizzie, who has injured herself in a fall and now needs your loving care. Please, Father, speed her recovery, and bless her family’s love for her. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayer Request: Phoebe & Iggy

Please join in prayer for our sister Phoebe, whose old cat, Iggy, has been sick for a few days.

O Lord Our God, you know there’s nothing that hurts us so much as to fear for our loved ones; and you know how we love our pets: that’s why you gave them to us (and us to them). Please, Father–be good to your servant, Phoebe, and deliver her cat out of sickness. We are your people, and the sheep of your hand, and we always need Our Shepherd. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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