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Prayers for Mary: Update

I was able to get in touch with my Pogo friend, Mary, this morning, and she seemed in good spirits. It turns out that her neck is not broken, after all: the pain is coming from a pinched nerve. This is scheduled for treatment early in April. But of course the major issue is that she passed out and fell. That has to be looked into. Meanwhile, at least she’s able to play her Pogo games today and chat with her friends.

Father in Heaven, please protect our sister Mary, deliver her out of trouble, and heal her: for all healing comes indeed from you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Good News: Mary Update

My Pogo friend, Mary, whom so many of you prayed for the other night, is home from the hospital and back on her computer–albeit with a broken neck. Actually, she had fusion surgery there, some 15 years ago, and it has worn out. It will need to be repaired. But for the time being, she’s back home, wearing a safety collar, and very grateful for your prayers.

Give God the glory, and give Him our thanks.

Prayer Request: Mary

I like to relax by playing Pogo games, online, on the Pogo site: and I request your prayers for one of the players, my friend Mary, who was taken to the hospital the other day after she fell and was unconscious for several hours. None of us knows exactly what’s wrong, because she lives alone and hasn’t been able to return to her computer to tell us.

I know it’s only a game site, but when you play with the same people every day, you get attached to them. So please join me in prayer for Mary.

O Father in Heaven, please come swiftly to help Mary, and heal her, and enable her to come home from the hospital. She has an assortment of health problems, and she needs her Shepherd. O Lord our God, in Jesus’ name, please deliver this woman out of trouble. Amen.

By Request, ‘Have Thine Own Way, Lord’

Erlene says our prayers are already working for her, which we’re all very glad to hear, and has requested this hymn, Have Thine Own Way, Lord, sung by Jim Reeves. And we’re very glad to post it.

Remember, everybody, especially if you’re new to this blog–we take both hymn requests and prayer requests, and happy to do it.

Prayer Request: Eric

Our friend Erlene’s younger son, Eric, needs our prayers. He has chronic pain, owing to a failed shoulder surgery. The drugs prescribed by the doctor did not have the desired effect, so he has turned to marijuana. His mother worries about this because he is a new believer, still green and tender in his faith.

Father in Heaven, hear our prayers for your servant and our sister, Erlene, and her son. Alleviate his pain, and protect him from harm. Protect his faith, O Lord, and deliver him out of all danger. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayer Request: Shannon

Father in heaven, be swift to help your servant, our sister in Christ, Shannon B., whose mother, Katy, has just been admitted to the hospital: who has been afflicted with cancer for 18 years. She is very sick, she is afraid, and she needs you–needs you now, O Lord. Hear our prayers, Father, and heal and comfort Shannon’s mother. We pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.

By Request, ‘Sometimes Alleluia

Our sister Linda Sorci has requested this hymn–Sometimes Alleluia, sung by Chuck Girard–and along with it, let’s keep praying for her: because Our Lord Jesus Christ at various times taught us to be persistent in our prayers, and because Linda and her husband Michael need our prayers right now.

O Lord Our God, deliver your servants out of trouble! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayer Request: Linda

Our sister Linda Sorci’s husband, Michael, already battling cancer, has developed unrelated complications and she has asked for our prayers.

O Lord Our God, deliver your servants, Linda and Michael, out of trouble, out of sickness. Hear our prayers, O Father, and speedily help them! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

A Hymn for Inauguration Day

Turn the volume way, way up and give thanks to the Lord of Lords, who has given our country yet another chance–He doesn’t have to do that, you know! Anyway, this hymn, Gloria in Excelsis Deo (“Glory to God in the Highest”) by Saint-Saens, sung by Libera, seems to me greatly suitable to the occasion.

May the irresistible power and grace of God free us from the delusions that have led us so far astray for so long–free us, and lead us back to sanity.

And may God give us the courage and the wit to do our part: because, boys and girls, our country will not survive another Obama.


Inauguration Day: Fire or Fizzle?

Image result for images of liberals rioting

All sorts of threats against our new president, Donald Trump, are pouring out of the Left. As just one example out of many, CNN has recently teased its viewers by reporting that, should some “disaster” kill Trump and Vice President Mike Pence tomorrow, before they can be sworn in, an Obama appointee, some “undersecretary for political affairs,” would then become president ( http://www.infowars.com/cnn-if-trump-is-killed-during-inauguration-obama-appointee-would-be-president/ ).

Again, that’s just one of many threats, too numerous to list here. The Left is frantic over the prospect of losing power, and, unrestrained by anything that we would recognize as morality, they’re making like they’ll do absolutely anything to keep it.

But we’ve seen a lot of this lately. First they were going to disrupt the Republican National Convention. Fizzle. Then there was the Great Recount. Fizzle. Then the flood of threats against the Electoral College. Fizzle. Then some really disgusting “news” about Trump that turned out to be a hoax. Fizzle. So, if past history is anything to go by, the mayhem and chaos threatened for Inauguration Day will turn out to be the final fizzle. I pray I’m right about this.

This succession of threats is in itself symptomatic of a deep spiritual sickness in our country. And although the Lord blessed us in sparing us a Hillary Clinton presidency, it’ll take more than winning an election to cure us.

Let us pray.

O Lord Our God, move us as a nation to repent our sins, to humble ourselves, and to turn back to you, so that you can heal us–as you have said, in the Bible, that you will. Turn us so that we know our sin and turn away from it, turn us back to sanity, turn us back to you, O God: and we shall be saved. We are in very deep trouble, Lord, and only you can pull us out of it. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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