Prayer Request: Robbie

robbie picture

You’ll always know her by her white bib.

We were just about to go to bed last night when Robbie broke into a very loud seizure that lasted two or three minutes. Then she got up and walked to one of her favorite sleeping places and lay down. After some time spent soothing and comforting her, she seemed pretty much back to normal–and I didn’t have to make a midnight ride to the emergency veterinary hospital (which is always very hard to find at night!).

She seems all right this morning, so far… but let us have your prayers. Please! There’s only Patty and Robbie and me, everybody else in the family has either died or moved so far away, they might as well be on another continent. We need the love our cat gives us.

She’s 17, so we don’t want to put her through any severe and stressful medical procedures. Let her continue on the medicines she already has, and for the rest, rely on prayer and love and tenderness.

Please pray for us. All three of us.

Our Refrigerator: The Saga Continues

Fridge Monster Stock Illustrations – 28 Fridge Monster Stock Illustrations,  Vectors & Clipart - Dreamstime

I am plotzing, big-time. I don’t have the strength to hold a mirror under Patty’s nose, but she’s still groaning so that’s a good sign.

The delivery men came with the new refrigerator. Ta-dah! They can’t take the old one out and put the new one in until a certified plumber disconnects the stove and moves it out of the way. Sorry, folks, no can do.So we got our landlord involved, and together we made all the arrangements for… Tuesday.

Meanwhile, we received our mini-fridge. We have to put it in the living room. It takes up a lot more space than it provides–no, Mr. Styrofoam Cooler, you can’t step down yet. And there’s something about you can’t plug it in unless it has its very own outlet. There is no such thing available here. I was hoping we could manage this with a long extension cord. Dream on.

So I have to go out and buy more bags of ice for the coolers, and it’s hotter than hell out there, and I still have all this packing material to get rid of.

We would appreciate more prayers.

Oh, for a very tall iced tea!

Prayer Request: Us (Again)

Now it seems the new refrigerator we bought yesterday is not going to fit into our kitchen, it’ll be too big. All because of one more measurement that we forgot to take. Meanwhile, it’s hot, hot, hot out here.

Now we don’t know if there’s even such a thing as a refrigerator that’ll fit in here. We keep buying bags of ice for the cooler, but that’s hardly adequate. Patty is knocking herself out, trying to find a solution to the problem, while I do all the driving and try to keep doing the work for which I’m paid. If I worked in an office I could hardly just stay home until we’ve got this licked. Who knows how long that’ll take?

And the garage guy says it’ll be still some weeks (!) before they finish putting a new transmission into Patty’s car.

All in all, we need your prayers. Please, Lord, see us through this mess! First the computer, then the car, now the refrigerator–we’re getting the stuffing kicked out of us. Please, Father, help us! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

By Request, ‘Too Close to the Mirror’

I wasn’t able to post this yesterday, so here it is today: requested by Phoebe, Too Close to the Mirror, by Eddie Lee Bradford.

Please keep us in your prayers today and tomorrow. We’ve lost all the food stored in our old refrigerator that suddenly died on us immediately after we had stocked up for the week.

‘Jesus Saves’ (Plus Prayer Request)

We have fallen into one of those bad patches that life throws at you because it can: car in the shop, undergoing repairs that’ll cost us but good, cat needing another trip to the vet, and now the refrigerator suddenly giving up the ghost in the middle of a heat wave.

Please include us in your prayers!

Hymn today, Jesus Saves–sung at Synod 2012 of the United Reformed Church. That’s the Hudson River in the background.

Prayer Request: Patty’s Car


My wife called the mechanic yesterday to see if any progress had been made toward repairing her car; and what she got was, “I’ll call you, I want to have a discussion…”

What does that mean? It sounds bad! It sounds expensive. And no call yet, so maybe we can fret about it all weekend.

We could use a break on this. If you think of it, we would appreciate your prayers. I know it’s not a great spiritual thing–but Lord, Our Father, please restore this car to us! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Update: Pat spoke to the mechanic and he’s sure everything can be fixed just fine–only it’ll take a few weeks. Auto repair shops are swamped, these days. I think people want to keep real cars that don’t suddenly burst into flame on you.

Thank you, Lord Jesus!

Prayer Request: Our Car

We had Patty’s car towed to a body shop this morning, and here’s where it gets worse–the shop said there was too much damage, they didn’t want to bother with it.

She loves that car, and it doesn’t have much mileage on it. Plus it’s all my fault. We have to find someone who’ll do the work; this shop today was just too busy. Maybe our neighbor Josh knows somebody. I’ll ask. He thought it could be repaired, when he saw it.

We would very much appreciate your prayers for this. We just want the car back. It doesn’t have to look like it just came out of the showroom.

Please, Father, get us through this: in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayer Request: Us

Red Salamander Facts and Pictures

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen one of these little fellows; but it comforts me to know they’re out there, somewhere.

We had a bad weekend. Something went wrong with Patty’s neck and subjected her to several days of serious pain. She’s just gotten over her hernia operation and doesn’t want to go back to the doctor.

My right leg is giving me fits. The doctor says it’s lack of exercise. I’ll have to see if I can walk it off.

We bought a new grooming comb for Robbie and it’s made her look years younger. So at least that’s working.

Anyway, we’d appreciate your prayers. I think we need them.

Prayer Request: For Erlene

We know she loves these hymns by Carroll Roberson. This one’s for you, Erlene.

(I’m not authorized to do this, so I hope it doesn’t get me into trouble. But here goes–.)

Our esteemed colleague and friend, Erlene, has been with this blog since it started in 2010; and as most of you know, she suffered a major stroke some months ago. Since then her road to recovery has been difficult. Meanwhile, she prays for her family and friends, her country and her church.

I ask that we redouble our prayers for her. She’s an integral part of our fellowship, and God know how it hurts us to lose people we love.

So please, Lord, please, bless your servant Erlene and grant her recovery. She has been your good and faithful servant, and still has much to teach us. Protect her and heal her, Father: in Jesus’ name, Amen.

A Prayer for Leadership

The Pharaohs of This World Are No Match for the Great I AM -

Moses confronts Pharaoh

We need leadership. The Far Left Crazy is running wild, they want to devour us, and they think they’re just this close to setting up a totalitarian global government with themselves in charge. We need to pray.

O Lord our God! Raise up for us godly and courageous leaders–someone like Moses, who stood before Pharaoh and declared to him “Thus saith the LORD: let my people go.” Like Joshua, or Gideon, or David, to oppose these tyrants every step of the way… and defeat them, and bring to nothing all their plans. Fight for us, O God! Not since World War II have so many of the wicked gathered in such numbers to destroy us.

Lord, you have promised that the gates of Hell would not prevail against your Church. We pray to you to put a stop to all their wickedness–in Jesus’ name, Amen.