‘Christ Triumphant, Ever Reigning’

The music for this hymns, Christ Triumphant, Ever Reigning, was composed in 1948; so it’s only a year older than me. I wish I could tell you who was singing it, but YouTube didn’t provide that information. We’ve got the lyrics, so you can sing it, too.

‘I Sing the Mighty Power of God’

No hymn requests today so far, so here’s one I’ve picked: I Sing the Mighty Power of God, written by Isaac Watts in 1715 and still going strung, sung here by the Mountain Anthems. Background sets by God the Father.

‘Jesus Saves’

No requests received this morning, so I’m on my own and this is the hymn I want to hear today–Jesus Saves, sung at Reformed Synod 2012, held at Nyack, New York, on the mighty Hudson River. I don’t know a hymn more beautiful than this.

‘Praise Ye the Lord the Almighty’

First hymn that came to mind today–Praise Ye the Lord the Almighty, sung by the choir at the Laodicean Church of God. How many times did we sing this in my old church, before it went all weird and wobbly on us?

‘He Leadeth Me’

The one computer is on strike again, the cat’s yowling, we’ve gotta see the doctor today… and so on, and so on… Just can’t get to first base.

So here’s a hymn, He Leadeth Me, by the Mennonite Hour Men’s Quartet… and I pray this other computer will actually allow me to post it.

‘Bringing in the Sheaves’

No hymn requests this morning–so I post the first hymn that pops into my head. Today it’s Bringing in the Sheaves, sung by Burl Ives.

Food is a gift of God, His bounty. How many of us don’t know where it comes from?

‘Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus’

Let the Church feel her strength! That is, the strength God gives her: we don’t generate it ourselves.

Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus–sung with gusto by the Celebration Choir–this is not what the devil wants to hear. No surrender! No king but Jesus Christ!

By Request, ‘Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee’

Our computers are being extremely uncooperative today, so please bear with me.

Elder Mike requested this hymn, sung by a Welsh choir, but I was unable to find that on YouTube, and my first choice of a substitute is “No Longer Available,” so I guess this is about the best I can do today–Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee, sung by the Mennonite Hour Choir: music, of course, by Beethoven.

‘Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus’

I need a hymn to start the day, and this was the first one I found–Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus, sung by the Living Stones Quartet. (Yes, I know there are seven people in the picture! But only four of them sing.)

‘Be Thou My Vision’

No one knows how old, exactly, is this ancient Irish hymn. At least a thousand years, and probably much more. All we know is that it’s still sung today and still loved all over the world.

Sung here by the Lebanon County Youth Chorus.