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‘Lead Me O Thou Great Redeemer’ (Wow!)

I can’t talk just now! Not without my voice breaking. But it’s okay–it’s just that this hymn set my soul to soaring. Guide Me O Thou Great Redeemer: with the chapel packed to the rafters, organ, choir, and congregation cutting loose with all they’ve got–you can’t ask for more than this. If I’d been there in person, I’d’ve cried my eyes out: tears of joy.

‘Behold the Mountain of the Lord’ (Again)

Pardon me for resorting again to this hymn, Behold the Mountain of the Lord, sung by Godfrey Birtill. It reminds me that there has to be–and will be–something better than this present evil age: the Mountain of the Lord shall surely rise; for the Lord hath spoken it.

‘To God Be the Glory’ (Fountainview Academy)

To God Be the Glory is a hymn you can whistle while you walk, or be drawn into when it’s performed by an orchestra. Here are the kids at Fountainview Academy: backdrop provided by The Creator.

Encore, ‘He Hideth My Soul’

I’d never heard this one, until I took to posting hymns and a reader requested it. Now it’s one of my favorites: He Hideth My Soul, by Fanny Crosby, sung by the Antrim Mennonite Choir.

If you put all the hymns written by Fanny Crosby, Isaac Watts, and Charles Wesley into one hymnal… what else would you need?

‘O Worship the King’

I’m feeling kind of wrung out today, but I love this hymn, O Worship the King, and this performance of it by Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band. You can make out the lyrics, for one thing. This was the first hymn I learned to play on my harmonica. I am glad to keep it in my heart.

The Story of ‘What a Friend We Have in Jesus’

Linda posted this in a comment the other day. The story behind the hymn: I didn’t know it. I stand in awe of the saint who wrote those words.

Curtain Call, ‘Jesus Saves’

I hope you don’t mind me posting this hymn again, Jesus Saves. I need saving. And I waited years to learn the name of this hymn, and to hear the lyrics. Glad I didn’t miss it altogether.

I like it best, played with muted brass; but there’s something to be said for a great hall full of people belting it out for all they’re worth. This is the congregation at Temple Baptist Church in Powell, Tennessee.

Tomorrow’s Hymn, ‘Jesus Saves’

Well, “tomorrow” is now “today,” but never mind. Now I really am in the doctor’s office.

I first loved this hymn  when I heard it played at a Civil War battle re-enactment. Then, years later, the church next door played it on the bells as my father’s burial service was in progress. But I had no idea what the hymn was called, until now: Jesus Saves. And I only found out because I was pressed for time and bungled what I was trying to do.

Performed by the kids from Fountainview Academy, during their visit to Rome.

‘All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name’

Let “the Lutheran Warbler” keep you company this morning as I vegetate in the doctor’s waiting room. All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name is one of my favorite hymns–and she sings all the verses.

Well, I made a hash of that. Tomorrow’s hymn will now appear today, and I’ll have to switch today’s hymn to tomorrow.

‘I Sing the Mighty Power of God’

I love this hymn, always have: I Sing the Mighty Power of God, by Isaac Watts, 1715. It makes me think of my wife’s lamb casserole. A small thing, you might say: but a product of both love and diligence, which I find to be very beautiful things that move me to give thanks to their Ultimate Provider.

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