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Cats & Puppies (without Adam Schiff)

My cat Buster would have loved to have a puppy to romp with. He never had much time for the serious side of life–if he even knew that such a thing existed. So, yeah, a playful puppy would have suited him down to the ground.

Bed Bandits

There are dogs that simply wouldn’t let the cat steal their bed–I mean, there have to be. Right? Alas, none of those dogs made it into these videos.

What do you want to bet these cats have beds of their own but would much rather usurp the dog’s bed? It must be fun.

Four-Legged Funnies

Four-legged, furry pets are just more fun than centipedes. (Giant millipedes are nice, but have no concept of fun.) Behold the sound of food being poured into a bowl, and how fast the cat can get there! You could make a movie about it.

Peculiar Pets (again, no Bigfoot)

I couldn’t resist the sheep using the trampoline. Even if I had Bigfoot video, the bouncing sheep would be better.

But there’s a lot of fun in these clips, even without a trampoline.

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall, Who’s the Fiercest of Them All?

Something, I don’t know what it is, holds animals back from grasping the concept of a mirror. I had a little lizard once who got so upset when he saw his reflection, I had to make sure he never saw it again. No more mirrors for you, guy! But even smarter animals like cats and dogs just don’t get it. And watch out for that box turtle–he’s really cheesed off.

A Daffy Dog

This is still one of my all-time favorite animal videos, probably because I haven’t got the foggiest idea of what’s going on in that dog’s mind. The cat is puzzled, too.  Is there a sage, somewhere out there, who can explain it?

Collected Works of Critters

“We don’t generally keep moose in the house, sir…”

There’s that, and Laura the Dog feeling guilty, and a cat and a ferret playing tag–relax for a few minutes with assorted critters.

Time for my nap!

Furry and Funny

This video was billed as “Extremely funny cats and dogs.” Having examined it minutely, I concur. I don’t often get the chance to use the word, “concur.”

I would like to add that dogs are easier to figure out than cats. What do you think? I find lizards and turtles very easy to understand, and cats–almost impossible to guess what they’re thinking.

Our Pets Love Cardboard Boxes

Cats (big-time!), dogs, bunnies, baby goats–our pets just love those cardboard boxes. Well, all right, your pet fence lizards can live without them. But the fuzzy pets just can’t leave the boxes alone. Come to think of it, little children love getting into boxes, too–at least I did, back when. I guess it’s a mammal thing.

The Upside-Down Hamster & Others

Ten quick little video vignettes, featuring, among others, an upside-down hamster, a puppy and a kitten getting started on a lifelong friendship, and a tarantula that can sing classic Bob Dylan songs.

All right, I made that up about the tarantula. I hope it piqued your curiosity.

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