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Kooky Kritters: The Saga Continues

I’m sure a dog who takes it upon himself to transfer stones from one stream to another is worthy of a saga. Ditto the cat who grooms the owl, and the cockatiel who wants to pluck keys off the keyboard. I’ve studied the Icelandic sagas, and I have to say they’re kind of short on kooky animals. Thorstein Cod-Biter would have been much the better for having a pet turtle to take care of.

Incredible Cats & Dogs

You’re gonna see at least one clip in this video that you won’t believe. No, I won’t tell you what it is: you’ll have to watch.

Cats and dogs not only can learn to be friends; they can also learn to cooperate in doing things they shouldn’t do. These are highly intelligent animals! Much more so than we give them credit for. But I suspect that applies to most animals–don’t you?

Endearingly Goofy Pets

Honestly, I could’ve sat here and cried as I watched the rat try to use $20 bills as nesting material–and so persistent! Wasn’t going to take no for an answer. I’m so glad my rats never did that.

In this video you will also be treated to the spectacle of a dog being chased by a fish. That’s something you don’t see every day.

Cats & Dogs Defend Us… from Toys

Anyone who tries to use radio-controlled toys to take over the world had better take our cats and dogs into his calculations–’cause they ain’t gonna let you do it, sunshine!

I’ve never had an RC toy. I suspect that if I did, my cats would wind up under the bed again. Unfamiliar things just freak them out.

The Joy of Boxes (Not Just for Cats)

The love felt by cats for cardboard boxes will echo down the corridors of time; but other critters love ’em, too. Even wolf cubs. Even bunnies. And dogs of all ages can have a blast with cardboard boxes.

And you can, too, if you don’t care what people think.

The Battle for the Bed

Here we go again–the cat has hijacked the dog’s bed. We have seen great big dogs, ten times  bigger than the usurping cat, stymied over this: so how’s a poor puppy, who’s not even as big as the cat, to go about recovering the use of his bed?

Don’t be too hard on the cat. He was very careful not to hurt the puppy.

An iguana could have gotten a cat out of his bed, and quick: I’ve seen it done.

Pets’ Passive Resistance

Cats and dogs know a lot of ways to undermine human authority without, say, biting us or scratching us or chasing us into the bathroom. Dogs rub it in by sometimes pretending to feel guilty about it.

Shredding a roll of paper towels or eviscerating a cushion–that’s not subtle. But packing oneself into a goldfish bowl–that deserves a merit badge of something.

What’s the Matter with These Dogs?

How do cats do it–totally dominate dogs? Most of these dogs are several times bigger than the cat who’s stolen his dog bed. No guts, no glory…

It reminds me of the way my box turtles used to pick on Rags, our family dog. They’d waltz right over and eat his dog food, completely ignoring his loud objections. They knew they could just shut themselves in their shells if he got rowdy. And he knew it, too, poor guy.

Cats & Dogs & Bugs

Some of the bugs in these videos aren’t real, so don’t worry about them. And a few of them are so small, you might not be able to see them. It’s always a festive occasion for our cats when any largish insect invades our home. And I’ll never forget Henry jabbering at a moth to come down from the ceiling–which the moth never did, no matter what Henry meowed at him.


The Dogs’ Hall of Shame

What’s with these dogs? Fie and for shame! Getting chased around by cats half your size. How are you ever going to manage a paper boy, if this is what a cat can do to you?

My iguana used to chase a certain cat whenever she came into my room. That’s because she pooed on people’s beds. He was not about to let that happen. The other cat was allowed in, the big black cat: he and the lizard were friends.

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