Cat Adopts Puppy

The cat already has two nursing kittens. Will she adopt a puppy?

Well, of course she will! Right off the bat, too. And they said that business with Romulus and Remus and the she-wolf couldn’t happen…

Waddaya Mean, Share the Bed?

Dog wants his bed; but a fearless kitten already has it and isn’t about to move. Being a golden retriever, the dog doesn’t just eat the kitten and forget it. But he wants that bed! Can they resolve this conflict? Stay tuned.

My Favorite Cat & Dog Video

Sorry, I know I’ve posted it before, but I can’t help it–this video is one of my all-time favorites. Watch the cat try to figure out what’s gotten into the dog. Let me know if you understand it.

They Call It Puppy Love

Here’s a cat who really loves her… puppies? How did she get puppies?

We love our domesticated animals. They do so many things that wild animals would never do. (Like, do lions or bears ever do zoomies? That’d be something to see…)

Big Dog & Little Kittens

Isn’t domestication wonderful? Four little kittens want to explore the great big German shepherd. Well, why not? The big dog has a kindly face. I think we’re witnessing the start of a beautiful friendship.

How Long Will A Cat Put Up With This?

Animals make me nervous when they play-fight. Lizards, turtles, and mice always mean business when they fight. But dogs and cats? You really never know how these little play-fights are going to turn out.

With a snapping turtle, you always know.

The Pups’… Doorcat?

What ho! Our orange cat was named Buster, too, and I’ll bet he, too, would have figured out how to open the door and let the puppies into the house. How smart do cats have to be before we turn over some of our business affairs to them?

Kittens Stump Great Big Dog

All right, who’s the wise guy who put the kittens in the dog bed?

Videos like this make me really wish I could see the situation through the animals’ eyes. What do they think of this? What is going through their minds? We’ll never know.

Crazy Corgi, Cool Cat

I’m guessing the corgi wants to play and will do just about anything to get the cat involved. The cat wants to take a nap. He’s the only cat in a roomful of dogs. I know the feeling.

Is This Dog Ready to Kitten-Sit?

Great big German shepherd, little tiny kitten–will they be good together? Looks like it!

I was terrified of these big dogs when I was a little boy. I was sure they ate people–the result of a “Little Red Riding Hood” story book rather more lavishly illustrated than it had to be.