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Let the Human Sleep? No Way!

We all know dogs and cats like to wake you up. “Oh, boy, oh, wow, it’s a new day, wahoo!” That’s the dog. “I will keep prodding sensitive parts of your face until you do my will.” That’s the cat.

And then there’s the duck…

The Mysterious Power of the Cat

What is the mysterious power cats have, to intimidate dogs several times their size and take their dog beds? Well, okay, they intimidate little dogs, too. And why do dogs put up with it?

Secret cat wisdom: “Confidence is everything!”

Guilty as Charged (Woof, Woof)

This video is entitled “Guilty Dogs and Cats,” but you will notice only one of these offenders is a cat. Obviously the Feline Anti-Defamation League (pronounced “faddle”) has been successful in their work.

There are no iguanas in the film at all.

But lots and lots of dogs.

Wild & Crazy Cats & Dogs

This isn’t the best-quality video around, but there’s one clip in here that made me cry out, “Oh, no!” I wish I’d thought of it for use in a story. Beats me how the dog ever thought of it. Anyhow, wait’ll you see it!

There’s one cool cat in here who can’t be perturbed, but everybody else is fully cranked-up. I hope it’s good for them.

Sleepy Kittens, Sleepy Pups

I don’t want to hear any more nooze today–do you? How about some little fuzzy faces instead?

Some of these pups, when they fall asleep, they literally do fall. And not always in the most advantageous places.

One Crazy Dog!

Sorry this is so short, but it’s still one of the funniest animal videos I’ve ever seen. What went through that dog’s mind? And what did the cat think of it? Sometimes my cat Peep likes to chase herself up the stairs and around the bedroom, but that’s just playing make-believe.

More Kooky Critters

Cats and dogs get up to a lot of funny things. If we carefully examine these behaviors, applying a scientific something or other, they look, well, silly. Why do cats and dogs do silly things? I mean, if you had a pet starfish, it wouldn’t do anything silly.

Something’s going on inside those little furry heads–and we just might never find out what it is.

Cats & Dogs vs. Robots

When the drones and robots do try to take over, our first line of defense will be our cats and dogs, plus the odd bird or two. Our pets will not stand idly by while the human race is supplanted by machines. They’ve got a good gig going and they don’t want to lose it.

Dogs & Cats & zzzzzzz…..

Don’t be sad if you cork off while watching this video. And really, if that clip of the little baby cuddled up with those two tiny puppies, all three of them asleep–really, if that doesn’t wring an “Awwwww!” out of you, I don’t know what will.

Does Your Pet Like Fancy Toys?

Cool remote-controlled toys, like the ones in this video, did not exist when I was a kid. As for now, my cats are more into pipe cleaners, cardboard boxes, and empty vitamin capsules (oh, joy!). I think if I brought in a remote-controlled toy robot or helicopter, Robbie and Peep would disappear. Shoulda had one for Buster, though: he would’ve appreciated it.

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