‘Should I Smack Him, or Not?’

Here’s a cat who thinks about what he’s going to do before he does it–in this case, smacking a dog who’s off in Dreamland somewhere. The cat carefully calculates the potential cost of startling the dog. Will it be worth it?

See for yourself.

Cat to Dog: ‘It’s War!’

First we have the big dog on the leash. The cat seems to be willing to make friends. Then a smaller dog arrives out of nowhere, and instantaneous hostilities ensue. Something vewy scwewy is going on here, as Elmer Fudd would say–but who can figure it out? Was it something to dog said?

Cats Steal Dogs’ Beds

Maybe you’ve witnessed some of these little dramas in your home.

I feel for the beagle who has given up the struggle and tries to sleep in the cat’s bed, which is about three times too small for him.

The cats do seem to have the upper hand… but not all the time.

Kitten Won’t Be Buffaloed By Dog

(That just might be the worst headline I’ve ever written.)

The dog, 25 times the size of the kitten, is jealous. He’s excited. But if he thinks this tiny kitten is going to take any guff from him, he’s sadly mistaken. Daddy has his hands full, keeping the dog’s head on straight.

Dogs & Cats on Ice

As long as you don’t land on your head or break something else (like your coccyx!), sliding on the ice is lots of fun. I still enjoy it, and I’m not even a dog or a cat.

You can’t tell me these critters aren’t having fun.

And Now, Pinch-Hitting for Mama… the Cat

I kept trying to count the puppies, who kept moving around, so I don’t know–8? 10? That’s a mighty big litter. None of my pet mice ever had ten.

Then there’s this cat. She can’t tell us what’s on her mind, but it sure looks like she wants a turn with these puppies.

Well, everybody loves puppies…

Cat, Dog–and Lamb: Playmates

See? This is why your house should have a yard–so your pets can play in it.

Domestication does some funny things to animals. Some good things, too. The friendship enjoyed by these three–cat, dog, lamb–would not exist in nature.

Just another little peek into Paradise.

Cats & Dogs & Table Manners

They’ll let you know if they’re not satisfied with the service! Most of the humans in this video wouldn’t rate a tip.

There’s only one horse in this film, but keep your eye out for him–he steals the show.

Cat Launches Crazy Dog

Look, I’m still sick with allergies and this is possibly my favorite video of all time, so just relax and enjoy it for 25 seconds or so.

Maybe if I sit outside for a little while, I’ll feel better.

A Cat’s Secret Weapon

You’re the cat, and the two dogs who live here with you are gigantic. And huge. So how do you get the edge on them?

Brains over brawn–they’ll do it every time! Here’s how a cat makes monkeys out of two dogs. And was that the most zoological sentence I’ve ever written?