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Cats and Dogs Doing Peoply Things

Note: “Peoply” is my word, I coined it, I own it.

I knew someone who taught his cat to use the toilet, so much so, they didn’t need a litter box anymore. But the cat never did learn to flush.

As for dogs watching television–really, now, don’t you have a squeaky toy to play with?

Cats Meets Dog, and Vice-Versa

It seems most of these cats don’t know what to make of puppies. And of course the puppies want to play, because that’s what puppies do. Sometimes they can hit it off right from the start, but most of the time, for the cat, it takes some getting used to.

And there’s a puppy in this video who’s gotta be part-hamster, because he’s no bigger than a hamster. He confuses two cats at once.

Smart Pets & Stupid People

If you’re blessed, your dog or cat will protect your baby. This is not to be taken lightly. In this video you’ll see some dunderheads provoking their pets just to get a laugh on Youtube. It’d serve these jidrools right if they got bitten. But you’ll also see a heroic cat chasing a dog away from a toddler.

Anyway, this is a gift–and if you’ve got it, don’t waste it. And be thankful for it! Babies need protection.

Cats & Dogs & Babies

I saw a sign in my doctor’s office that said that babies who interact with dogs and cats develop stronger immune systems than babies who don’t. So the cat licking the baby’s face, or the dog sniffing the baby’s ear–those are not bad things.

When I was still only three years old or so, I tried to change my baby brother’s diaper. I’d seen my mother do it; how hard could it be? All you’ve got to do is dump half a bottle of baby oil on him and then liberally coat him with baby powder. That’s when my mother came in and put a stop to it.

No cat or dog would ever do that to a human baby.

Cats & Puppies: Scandal and Cover-up

I think “Scandal” is the cat and “Cover-up” is the dog in one of these clips. The names people give their pets!

See how a cat reacts to getting mobbed by puppies. See the mother dog walk up to do something about it, change her mind, and walk away. Enjoy the funny puppies.

‘This Way to the No-Kissing Section…’

All the cats I’ve ever had just loved to be kissed, couldn’t get enough of it. Ditto my family’s dogs. So what’s with the cats and dogs in these videos? Do the humans have bad breath (“Your best friends won’t tell you…”)? Yeah, that must be it! The things some people do to get on Youtube…

They Play Like Cats & Dogs

If puppies and kittens can figure it out, why can’t human beings? It’s nice to be nice!

They’re supposed to be hereditary enemies, right? Well, obviously they know how to overcome that. And when they do, they give us a peek into the kind of Kingdom God has in store for us… in His own good time.

Two-Fisted Kittens

Some of these kittens would make but a single mouthful for some of the dogs they choose to attack. How do they know the dogs won’t hurt them? Or are they just too crazy to care?

By the way, this video illustrates a fair number of highly effective martial arts techniques… if you’re a cat or a dog.

Let the Human Sleep? No Way!

We all know dogs and cats like to wake you up. “Oh, boy, oh, wow, it’s a new day, wahoo!” That’s the dog. “I will keep prodding sensitive parts of your face until you do my will.” That’s the cat.

And then there’s the duck…

The Mysterious Power of the Cat

What is the mysterious power cats have, to intimidate dogs several times their size and take their dog beds? Well, okay, they intimidate little dogs, too. And why do dogs put up with it?

Secret cat wisdom: “Confidence is everything!”

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