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Cat and Dog, Partners in Crime

I once lived in a house where this happened fairly often. We had a refrigerator with one of those push-down door handles. The cat would jump up and hang on the handle, pulling it down and causing the door to swing open. Then he and the dog would climb in and eat my housemates’ suppers.

Here they’re only stealing cookies, and probably confused by the patzer standing there with a camera, filming them. It would confuse me if I were stealing cookies.

Let Sleeping Dogs & Cats Lie

Really, it’s a shame to wake them up, after they’ve gone to the trouble to fall asleep in all these crazy places and positions–including some that are definitely not recommended. They’ll be falling asleep on ski lifts next.

Cats & Dogs on Ice

You’d think they’d be upset, losing their footing and all: but dogs and cats can turn just about anything into a game. In this they far exceed salamanders, who are always so serious about everything.

Remember when it used to be fun for us to slide all around the ice? Well, the falling part, not so much.

Cats & Dogs & Laughs

A couple of hamsters and a couple of birds snuck in for cameos, but didn’t ruin the overall effect. A few of these clips have appeared in other compilations, but I go by what makes me smile. These should amuse you.

The Peaceable Kingdom

Just a little glimpse of heaven–good dog napping with three kittens.

This is what it will be like when God regenerates Creation, minus sin and death. He has most graciously given us brief glimpses of it. This is where we belong. This is what He has in store for us. God is love.

The Original Jax the Kitten


See that tiny black fuzzy thing attempting to nurse Boo, the obliging pit bull? That’s Jax as he was when my stepdaughter first took him in–the huge black cat whose picture I posted yesterday. In case you were wondering, Boo hasn’t gotten any smaller. Patty wanted you all to see this: after all, a lot of us prayed for this kitten, and you’ve seen how he’s turning out.

He’s Just a Kittens’ Playground

Who needs a sliding board, swings, or see-saw  when you’ve got a big, cozy dog who’s trying to take a nap? He’s all-purpose playground equipment.

Oh, well, puppies will do the same thing to a prone human being.

Pets Who’ve Made Their Own Problems

It turns out humans are good for one thing, at least–getting cats, dogs, birds, and ferrets out of ridiculous situations they’ve gotten themselves into.

I’ve always wondered how cats that squeeze themselves into little jars and bottles get out. I hope they appreciate us when we get them out.

Assorted Pets Behaving Oddly

My favorite here is Lester the chipmunk, but there’s something here for everybody–dogs, cats, alpaca, chicken, cockatiel. No mud puppies, though.

That’s the thing about animals, all animals–you never can tell what they’ll do.

Pets with the Munchies

I have to say my favorite here is the parrot who decides to feed the dog. Here are a whole raft of assorted animals–dogs, cats, parrots, even chipmunks and a tortoise–dealing with the crave, managing the munchies, with varying degrees of finesse. I am happy to say our cats never try to grab food off our plates.

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