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Some Cool Critters

You’ve got to be Dr. Doolittle to figure out what some of these little characters are doing. I’d understand that parrot’s display if he were a lizard, but he isn’t, so I don’t. And then there’s the cat who discovers he can fly. And the household where the pets are a bunny and… I think it’s a fox.

Slippery Critters

You’d think having four legs instead of just two would be an advantage on the ice. But you’d be wrong.

And what about that dog trying to run up the iced sliding board? Was he serious, or just having fun?

Learn from cats and dogs. If there’s any fun at hand, go for it.

Accommodating Critters

Cats can’t help chuckling and shaking their heads at the way dogs try to accommodate us humans. Dogs can’t help it–they aim to please. Cats aim to be pleased. But before we write them off, watch what happens with the kitten who falls into a gravel pit. Valiant is as valiant does!

Cats & Dogs & Toys

There’s more to life than paper bags and cardboard boxes. Look at all these snazzy toys you can buy for your pet. Some of them are skillfully designed to confused a dog or cat. But the pet’s revenge will be… shall we say comprehensive?

Surprise! (Courtesy of Cats and Dogs)

When they’re not surprising us, animals surprise each other. Sometimes they even surprise themselves–as you will see in this video.

Note: If you were expecting to see Godzilla vs. Megalon, we don’t do that till the day after Thanksgiving.

They Cuddle Like Cats & Dogs

The cool thing about mammals is, they’re smart enough to adapt their behavior to different situations. So cats and dogs in the same household can become very close friends instead of mortal enemies.

We never had a cat and a dog at the same time. Our iguana and our dog instantly became friends, but I think that lizard thought he was a mammal. Animal interactions are always fascinating.

Anyway, it’s a cold, dreary, rainy evening–perfect for cuddling your cat. Even if you’re a dog.

Romping in the Snow

Most of the adults of my acquaintance gripe and moan when it snows; but dogs and cats know better. They go for the gusto! (That was an advertising slogan once upon a time, but I forget what brand of beer it was for. The ol’ memory ain’t what it used to be.) Anyhow, kick back and watch them have fun.

Cavalcade of Critters

A bird on the head is worth two in the bush.

Never let a cockatoo re-arrange your sock drawer.

If a cat really wants to get out of the house, he will.

These insights, and more, are included in this video.

Critters with Cool

I don’t, as a rule, recommend letting your dog swim with black-tipped reef sharks. Someone off-camera was feeding those sharks. They may be only three or four feet long, but they do like the odd big toe when they can get it.

You will also see a naughty cat whose hobby is pushing things off the table. I would be very disappointed in my cats if they did that.

Cats and Dogs in Costume

In this video you will not find any cat who looks even a little bit happy about being in a Halloween costume dreamed up for him by daft humans. This is not a thing that makes cats happy.

Some of the dogs, though, look like they really enjoy the opportunity to ham it up.

If nothing else, Halloween does make clear the line between cats and dogs. Here they couldn’t be more different.

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