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Cats Show Dogs Who’s Boss

What’s the matter with these dogs? They’re bigger and stronger than cats. Why do they let cats dominate them?

Our family dog, Pepper, had to stay with us one weekend, and we were uneasy because there was a stray cat who’d had her two kittens here in our apartment just a few nights ago; and Pepper never met a cat she wouldn’t chase. We prepared to intervene quickly.

But somehow Pepper and Angel, without benefit of language, divided the apartment between them and there was no fuss at all. Pepper knew better than to mess with Angel’s kittens. We all had a nice, peaceful weekend.

Cat-O-Phobic Dogs


Really, this is pathetic–big, strong dogs afraid of fuzzy little cats. Okay, a few of the dogs are cat-sized; they get a pass. But the others? For shame.

How scary is a cat? My little painted turtle used to live in hope that Henry the cat would feed him. He’d paddle all around, looking up expectantly at Henry–who was sitting there because, I think, he liked to watch the turtle. Who knows what was really going on between those two?

When in Doubt, Chase Your Tail

Actually, someone else’s tail is just as good. Sometimes even better.

Are there any humans out there who like to chase laser lights across the floor and up and down walls? Inquiring cats and dogs want to know.

Prankful Pets

Maybe we shouldn’t play tricks on our cats and dogs (although some of them do seem to enjoy it). But check out some of the tricks they play on each other. Who says animals don’t have a sense of humor?

As for the puppy chasing his leash round and round and round the tree–heck, we had a governor who used to do that.

The Cockatoo from Hell (and other offenders)

I don’t say my cats are paragons, but Robbie and Peep would never, ever do any of the things depicted in these videos. We give them cardboard boxes to shred into confetti, and they seem content with that.

But oh! the cups and straws and toilet paper, and mail, and pages from a magazine–all over the place! They’ll be clamoring for free college next…

Mommy Critters

We once had a mouse named Sleepy, who had a lot of babies. They didn’t want to be weaned. Instead, they would chase her around until they caught her, then all try to nurse at once: and wound up lifting her off the floor of the aquarium. Her only recourse was to climb up to the top of the water bottle, where they couldn’t get her, and chatter crossly at them.

The mommy critters in this video all had an easier time than that.

Cats & Dogs Together

I’ve never had dogs and cats at the same time. It looks like fun. I did once have a large land crab and a small tortoise in the same cage, but all we got out of that was the world’s slowest romance. The crab had not the slightest interest in being caught by the tortoise. I think you need dogs and cats to get truly humorous moments.

Still More Cozy Critters

If the lion and the lamb can lie down together, then so can the gecko and the French bulldog. And the dog and the parakeet. And the kitten and the chicken.

If the human race has done nothing else right, at least we’ve created conditions whereby animals can love each other–even if we haven’t yet quite mastered it.

Cuddly Critters

Do you love it when your pets show affection for each other? Although the parrot and the dog in this video are not so much friends as they are partners in crime.

I once lived in a house where the cat learned how to open the refrigerator and push stuff out for the dog to eat. Cuddling is one thing; stealing the humans’ suppers is another.


Real Pets… and Machines

For the most part, animals don’t like Things That Should Not Be. So they smack down the robots, or run away from them. And we all know how cats feel about printers, don’t we?

The one little owl, though, seems to have reached an accommodation with the electronic pony…

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