Kittens & Puppies: The Saga Continues!

Okay, there is no Icelandic saga dealing with kittens and puppies. But if there were, it’d look exactly like this video. Trust me, I’m an expert.

Fascinating False Fact: Genghis Khan was once chased up a tree by a kitten.

The World’s Most Ambitious Dog (Among Others)

You’ve got to hand it to anyone who thinks he can run up an iced sliding board! I’d like to see any of you try. And no, having four legs instead of two doesn’t make any difference.

Here are lots of dogs and cats slipping and sliding on the ice. If I had some around here, I’d be doing it, too.

Will the Kittens Mug the Rottweiler?

I’m not easy with the idea of having a pet that could eat you if he felt like it. Rottweilers are scary.

But there are two tiny kittens in this video who don’t find the Rottweiler scary at all. In fact, they can’t leave him alone. How do they know that’s safe?

Are these the kittens who grow up to be cats that slap down alligators?

Can’t a Poor Dog Have a Nap?

What patience! All the dog wants to do is enjoy a nap on the couch. But as far as the cat’s concerned, it’s playtime. “So let’s force the dog to play!”

Nobody gets hurt, by the way. Animals are very, very good at that! Well, I once had a snapping turtle who wasn’t… but we’re talking cats and dogs here.

Kittens & Puppies (‘Play Nice Together!)

What do you get when you mix kittens and puppies? A barrel of monkeys, maybe? Here we have proof of it.

That great music, in case you didn’t know, is In the Hall of the Mountain King by Edvard Grieg.

We Need a Good, Healthy Laugh

A good laugh is a gift from God, and not to be despised. With this in mind, I rerun one of my all-time favorite YouTube videos.

Who has ever been more puzzled than this cat, watching the crazy dog run back and forth?

This has nothing to do with anything–and it’s good for us!

Do Your Pets Like Popcorn?

These videos were all supposed to be about dogs and cats and popcorn. Some of them contain no popcorn at all. If Tiberius were still emperor, heads would roll for this.

Cats and Dogs Agree: Snow Is Magical

When you see this much joie de vivre, you’ve just gotta join in. Whether it’s the dog body-surfing down a snowy hill, or the cat trying to pounce on one particular snowflake in a storm, it’s all a lot of fun.

Fascinating False Fact: The last time it snowed in Djibouti, a cat was blamed.

This Video Will Make You Sleepy

Gee, what do you do when it’s finally snowing and there’s nowhere to go?

Cuddle up with your dog or cat–or both, if you have them–and a whacking good book.

If there’s anything better than that, I’d like to know what it is.

Don’t You Touch My Kittens!

Here’s a dog protecting four little kittens from a dog much bigger than he is–but then a lot of those little dogs just don’t scare easily, do they? This one’s at least part-chihuahua.

But there’s something sweet about this video. I don’t think the big black dog means harm to anyone; his body language says “Play!” Lots of tussling, but nobody gets hurt.

It does make you wonder about the depth of dogs’ minds, though.