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Cats & Dogs vs. Robots

When the drones and robots do try to take over, our first line of defense will be our cats and dogs, plus the odd bird or two. Our pets will not stand idly by while the human race is supplanted by machines. They’ve got a good gig going and they don’t want to lose it.

Dogs & Cats & zzzzzzz…..

Don’t be sad if you cork off while watching this video. And really, if that clip of the little baby cuddled up with those two tiny puppies, all three of them asleep–really, if that doesn’t wring an “Awwwww!” out of you, I don’t know what will.

Does Your Pet Like Fancy Toys?

Cool remote-controlled toys, like the ones in this video, did not exist when I was a kid. As for now, my cats are more into pipe cleaners, cardboard boxes, and empty vitamin capsules (oh, joy!). I think if I brought in a remote-controlled toy robot or helicopter, Robbie and Peep would disappear. Shoulda had one for Buster, though: he would’ve appreciated it.


Something distracted me from my routine, this post is two hours late, and consequently must compete with the Stupor Bowl half-assed, er, halftime show… So be it.

Cats and dogs are extremely creative when it comes to falling asleep. Note the dog running in his sleep. When I do that, my wife doesn’t like it.

Where Is Everybody Today?

I can only hope these funny animal videos can pull my view totals out of the hole today. The regulars are here, but not many others.

Well, these videos raise many questions. Why did the salmon cross the road? When is a mud puppy not an amphibian? How many people do you know who have a pet bush baby? And why would you even want to think about getting kissed by a camel?

Some of these have already appeared in other compilations, but I wouldn’t hold that against them.

Patience is a Catly Virtue

I wish we could know what a little baby is thinking when he first discovers a cat’s tail. And yes, my mother would definitely have plotzed, when she saw what use one baby made of the cat’s tail.

What cats have to put up with, from babies and puppies–!

Charming Critters

I would’ve liked this video to be longer, but what we’ve got is nice. Especially the little Australian frilled lizard chasing a man 100 times its size: you’ve got to admire so much ambition.

The rest of the critters are fuzzy.

Not-so-Peaceful Coexistence

Those howling huskies give me a whole new appreciation of lizards and turtles as pets.

Anyway, it’s nice when all your pets get along, but it’s not something you can count on all the time. Our two cats would cheerfully murder each other, although they will close ranks if a moth or spider threatens them. They may believe they’re protecting us.

How Critters Cope with Ice

Most of these cats and dogs seem to be enjoying themselves on the ice, except for those who fall through. And also the poor dogs who can’t climb up a slippery hill without sliding back down.

Gee, it’s been a long time since I cavorted around on the ice…

Crazy Critters

One of these video clips reminds me of the old Babylonian folk song, “Thar’s a Mayfly Moltin’ on My Knee.”

Then there’s the cockatoo cleaning out the sock drawer, and the chuckwalla who gets himself stuck in a knothole. And the hummingbird who wants to nest in some guy’s hair.

You just never know what to expect from animals.

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