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Bonus Video: Wild in the Snow

Are cats and dogs learning how to use sleds? Well, don’t worry until you see them on skis.

I’ve grown used to hearing humans complain about snow (not that it snows that much around here: we’re mostly coping with mud). Maybe we can learn from dogs and cats how to enjoy it. Well, I still enjoy it, but I just can’t get any.

Funny Critters: The Reckoning

I’ve always wanted to write a headline like that–Such-and-such: The Reckoning. It has a nice portentous ring to it.

By the way, I think that’s a hedgehog floating in someone’s bathroom sink. Not something you see every day.

Surprise Endings Featuring Cats & Dogs

Each of these little video vignettes features a surprise for at least one of the animals involved. And a smile for us.

And now I’ve got to stop for a while because my allergies have been killing me all day long and I don’t feel well at all.

Chillin’ Cats and Dogs (with Bears)

Who doesn’t love a hammock? Never mind if you’re a bulldog or a bear and you can’t quite figure out how it works: most dogs and cats instinctively grasp the art of relaxing on a hammock. This is Evolution at work! Yes, 75 billion years ago, dogs and cats began to relax on “natural hammocks” formed by rather creative spiders [Transmission interrupted. “Hey, who let that guy in here?”] [Normal service resumed]

Critters Who Have More Fun in Bed

How do these cats know that the great big dogs they’re teasing won’t hurt them? And how do those parakeets know that the cats they’re teasing won’t hurt them? Something very interesting is going on inside their heads, if only we could see it.

Or maybe they just like each other.

Assorted Critters Go Mirror-Mad

Not fair, letting cats and kittens have all the fun. We hereby throw Mirrorland open to dogs and horses, birds and squirrels. And I’ll bet fish might have some amusing reactions to mirrors, too. Only chances to enjoy a mirror are few and far between, down below the water’s surface.

Take note of the box turtle: locked and loaded to do battle with that interloper in the glass.

Sleepy Critters

Do you get sleepy on a Sunday? I do–and so do all the animals in this video, especially the dogs. Cats don’t count because they sleep all the time, and I never met anyone who had a pet meerkat. And who knew a sleepy rooster could make such a cuddly pet?

‘Domesticated’ Doesn’t Rule Out ‘Wacky’

What I really want to know is, how did the squirrel get inside the bird feeder, and how he expected to get out again.

The grey-and-white cat playing fetch reminded me of my own grey-and-white cat, Missy, who didn’t always like to wait for me to get out of bed in the morning before hopping onto my chest with a pipe cleaner and demanding that I throw it somewhere: a true devotee of the game.

Wahoo! Critters in the Snow!

They’re all here–cows and horses, cats and dogs, even a fox–all grooving on their first snow. Go ahead, tell me some of these dogs and horses aren’t having the time of their lives. Especially the dog with the snow shovel. You didn’t know you could do that with a snow shovel, did you?

There’s snow in our forecast for tomorrow, by the way: so I hope this video will get us in the mood.

The ‘Citizen Kane’ of Furry Fun

Both this video and Citizen Kane show scenes of subway cars full of people with owls. But then I haven’t seen Citizen Kane in a long time and I might be confusing it with some other classic film.

All the other animals in this video have fur instead of feathers.

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