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Crabby Critters

Here are some cats and dogs–and a couple of very naughty  birds, too–who definitely got up on the wrong side of the bed. And to think that my iguana in 17 years was never crabby! But oh, those cranky cats, dour dogs, and boisterous birds! When our cat Robbie is feeling cranky, she hits us. We’ve both had words with her about it, but that seems to do no good.

How to Try a Cat’s Patience

So you’re the only cat in a roomful of dogs–sound familiar?–and this corgi just keeps giving you the business. What to do? You try to be a nice guy about it, and where does that get you? You try to ignore him, but he’s too stupid to realize you’re ignoring him. Only one thing left to do…

Dog & Cat Reveille

Cats and dogs can’t play bugles, but they don’t lack for ingenuity when they want to wake you up. Parakeets get in on the act, too.

One thing your pet turtle never bothers to do is to try to wake you up. Our cat Buster used to sit on the pillow by your head and bat the shade–bat-bat-bat– either until you were ready to scream, or, on rare occasions, the shade flew all the way up with a rattle and a bang.

Yeah, that’ll get you up.

Cats & Dogs & Funny Faces

One thing you can’t get your pet lizard or turtle to do is to make funny faces. For that you need a cat or a dog. Hey, we’ll throw in a bunny and a goat, too. But if your pets played poker, your lizard would have a big edge over your dog. Dogs just can’t play cards at all.

Cats ‘n’ Dogs ‘n’ Hamsters

Okay–who’s having the most fun in this video? I think it’s the hamsters. They’re certainly burning the most calories. This from a man who just had White Castles for supper. Anyway, we humans can have fun watching our pets have fun.

Sanity Break: Enterprising Critters

Okay, I think I’ve got it figured out. Cats will attempt to do the improbable, and sometimes succeed. Dogs will attempt to do the impossible, and seem not to care whether they succeed or not. And birds like to show off.

You’ve gotta love the God who created thee. (Gee, I meant to write “these,” but somehow it comes out better as “thee.”)

Sanity Break: Dogs & Cats & Babies

This has just gotta be so good for a baby! Well, my doctor says it leads to a stronger immune system, and he should know. But it must be wonderful for a baby, spiritually and emotionally, to love and be loved by some big, warm, cuddly critter.

Be honest, now–if it had been you instead of God creating the world, would you have thought of this?

Who Shall Have This Bed?

Boy, cats can put on the cool when they want to. You know they do it on purpose, just to exasperate naive puppies and naive human beings.

Would it be asking too much of the owner to provide a second bed?

Sneaky Cats & Dogs

This video is a few minutes longer than usual, so if you’re scheduled for heart surgery, you might want to watch it later.

Look, if you’re gonna be a predator, you gotta be sneaky–right? Cats and dogs are predators, and the ones in this video are sneaky. Also exceedingly funny.

Not Much Room, But Plenty of Cozy

Patty wanted me to share this with you. It’s a mother dog with puppies and a mother cat with kittens all cuddled up together inside one little house. Or is it just a carrier? Anyway, they seem happy enough with it. And note the little tiny kitten-face peering out from the pile of puppies.

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