Bed War, Cat vs. Dog

“Gee, I wonder what this German shepherd’ll do if I walk on his face while he’s trying to relax. Let’s just see!”

If you can understand and explain what’s going on between these two, the line of Nobel Prize nominations starts over there…

Dogs & Kittens (Who’d Have Thought It?)

You’d think kittens would be afraid of great big dogs–but not in this video, they aren’t. Although one of the dogs seems to be afraid of kittens. For shame!

It’s nice to get glimpses into God’s Peaceable Kingdom.

Kitten Tackles Pit Bull!

Is the kitten bent on suicide? Or is the dog just the biggest four-legged wimp you everd saw?

I think we just have two animals playing!

Mammals play. Some birds do. But other kinds of animals don’t. It’s no accident that dogs and cats are our favorite household pets.

Rats and parakeets are often up for a frolic, too.

Cats & Dogs at the Movies

Look how intently these critters watch TV. Nothing wrong with their attention span!

The movie they’re watching is the 2019 pseudo-realistic remake of The Lion King. I wonder how many thumbs-ups these dogs and cats would give it. I wonder if it’d be a bad idea to show it to a horse.

All Aboard! (Cats & Dogs)

None of our cats ever got used to riding in a car. Just couldn’t stand it. Dogs bear up better, I guess, because they want to be like their humans. Just try selling that idea to a cat and see where it gets you.

Our rats were perfect little angels when I had to take them to the vet: sat peacefully on my shoulder the whole time.

Cats & Dogs & Irritating Toys

None of our cats ever showed the slightest interest in any kind of mechanical toys. Too busy writing sonnets, I guess.

In this video, though, cats and dogs show the toys who’s boss. Better you should just give them paper bags or cardboard boxes.

Cats & Dogs & Tails

Why do cats and dogs chase their tails (or someone else’s)? Parakeets don’t do it. Iguanas don’t. A hamster wouldn’t even think of it.

I’d also like to know why they don’t get dizzy, doing this. I’ve seen cats get dizzy: helped them do it, in fact. But this is a mystery.

Snuggle Time

Aren’t cats and dogs supposed to be mortal enemies? Here’s a cat who’s expecting kittens, you’d think she’d steer clear of the dog–but heck, no. Some of you are probably familiar with that feline gesture of affection, the ol’ heiny in the face trick when you’re lying down. Doggie doesn’t mind it, though.

Puppy Studies Kittens

This is a good idea: get the dog used to your cat while he’s still a puppy. It seems to be working, don’t you think? Puppy must’ve already learned some good manners, for the mommy cat to be so tolerant of him.

So much for that hereditary enemies stuff.

Good Dog, Bad Dog

Cat meets Dog #1. They sniff noses, make friends. Cat meets Dog #2–and chases him up and down and around the block.

What was the difference? Why did the cat like one dog and detest the other one? If we could figure it out, we might get rich. Or smarter.