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Unusual Critters

Well, I’ll be a turtle on a skateboard! Uh, wait, check that–they’ve already got one of those in this video.

As for the bulldog co-piloting the helicopter: think there’s a possible sitcom in that?

Why Did the Salmon Cross the Road?

Yeah, well, that was a new one on me. Will the highway department have to put up “Salmon Crossing” signs? I know of a place in New Jersey where they have a “Salamanders Crossing” sign. They need it. We don’t want the little fellas getting run over on their way to the breeding pond.

This video also features a moose spontaneously playing with a football. Never saw that before, either.

The Near-sighted Chameleon, and Other Pets

What happens when a chameleon mistakes your eyelash for a tasty bug? And what about the German shepherd who can read? And the world’s most affectionate opossum? All these, and more, you’ll find in this video!


Fun with Cats & Dogs

See? Cats and dogs can play nicely together. I assume none of them is getting hurt in any of these tussles. Otherwise it would either escalate into real mayhem or one of the parties would get serious about running away.

I love watching animals play together. For some reason my lizards never did that. I wish my cats would play with each other, but their sibling rivalry won’t permit it. Ah, well, there’s always videos…

Critter Parade

Actually, there is no parade included in this video. It proved impossible to get the cats to remain in formation.

So all we have here is a little celebration of how fine a thing it is to have these animals in our lives–I can’t imagine what it’d be like without them.

Somewhere on Youtube there’s a video of someone’s pet clam. That’s another thing that’s kind of hard to imagine.

Your Pets Don’t Always Get Along

My wife used to chide our brother and sister cats, Buster and Missy, for indulging in “punchy hands and frowny faces.” They never did it while we were there. But if we went out to the store or something, we’d come home to find the living room littered with tuffets of white fur and two cats pretending nothing had happened. Our rats used to do that, too–as soon as we turned out the lights for bed.

But don’t fret. None of the animals in this video is at all serious about hurting anyone. They’re just scrapping.

Kooky Kritters: The Saga Continues

I’m sure a dog who takes it upon himself to transfer stones from one stream to another is worthy of a saga. Ditto the cat who grooms the owl, and the cockatiel who wants to pluck keys off the keyboard. I’ve studied the Icelandic sagas, and I have to say they’re kind of short on kooky animals. Thorstein Cod-Biter would have been much the better for having a pet turtle to take care of.

Incredible Cats & Dogs

You’re gonna see at least one clip in this video that you won’t believe. No, I won’t tell you what it is: you’ll have to watch.

Cats and dogs not only can learn to be friends; they can also learn to cooperate in doing things they shouldn’t do. These are highly intelligent animals! Much more so than we give them credit for. But I suspect that applies to most animals–don’t you?

Endearingly Goofy Pets

Honestly, I could’ve sat here and cried as I watched the rat try to use $20 bills as nesting material–and so persistent! Wasn’t going to take no for an answer. I’m so glad my rats never did that.

In this video you will also be treated to the spectacle of a dog being chased by a fish. That’s something you don’t see every day.

Cats & Dogs Defend Us… from Toys

Anyone who tries to use radio-controlled toys to take over the world had better take our cats and dogs into his calculations–’cause they ain’t gonna let you do it, sunshine!

I’ve never had an RC toy. I suspect that if I did, my cats would wind up under the bed again. Unfamiliar things just freak them out.

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