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Pets in Compromising Positions

Animals can have embarrassing moments, too. See the poor tortoise trying to mate with a flip-flop. (To Linda: Notice this turtle vocalizes! Just like yours.) The cat who hasn’t quite mastered the art of unrolling a roll of toilet paper. The dog who honestly doesn’t want to fetch the ball out of the water. (Maybe he just saw Jaws.) Anyway, here they are–with all their charm intact.

Your Pets Are Watching You

Cats and dogs and birds–they’ve got their eyes on you. Don’t even think about getting away with anything. If other people watched us this intently, we’d get nervous about it. But I guess these little fuzzy fellows only do it ’cause they have inquiring minds or something.

A Unique Dog-Walking Service

Too tired to walk your dog? Tough day at work, late getting home, you’ve had it–but Rover still has to go for his walk.

Hey, no problem! Relax–and let the cat do it. As you can see by the video, Mr. Fluffy’s dog-walking service will bring Rover up the stairs and right back to your door.

Now, if we could only get the dog to change the cat’s litter box…

Cats & Dogs Who Understand Technology

Here are some cats and dogs (and one bird) who have come to terms with machines and doo-dads designed by and for humans. You’d swear they fully understand what a telephone is for. My cat Henry used to scold me if I didn’t promptly answer the phone when it rang. It’s amazing how well our pets adapt to a human-centered world–better than some of us, eh?

Cats & Dogs Acting Human

I won’t say I’ve ever caught Robbie or Peep lighting up one of my cigars–mostly because they don’t have opposable thumbs. But I will say you can’t really understand cats or dogs until you realize that these are not toys but actual personalities–persons, if you will–that are apart from yours; that a cat or dog has his own agenda which is not necessarily or even likely yours; and that if they love you, they’re sincere.

But they can also use hammocks or tuck themselves into bed.

Sleepy Kittens & Pups

Let’s see, kittens and puppies who are just so sleepy, they can’t help toppling over… Gee, I wonder what would happen if you were real, real tired when you played this video, getting kind of groggy, and you sat there and watched these babiesssss……zzzzzzzzz

Why They Call It ‘Falling’ Asleep

Do you like watching dogs and cats dream? Funny, isn’t it? I guess their dreams are very real to them, if they try to act them out while sleeping.

Anyhoo, the dog and cat are sound asleep on the sofa… and then the dog has a dream… and see what happens.

The Old Shell Game–for Cats & Dogs

All right, how do they do it? Cats and dogs–they’re wizards at the old shell game. If they were ever allowed to play it for money, you could take your pet to New York and make a fortune–until somebody came along and made you disappear.

But really–are our pets that much cleverer than us?

P.S.–We are having an inexplicable plague of flies this evening. And the cats just sit there and watch. This will definitely be considered the next time they ask for a raise.

Love Puts Up with a Lot

This husky, blamelessly trying to enjoy a nap on the couch, deserves applause for being sort of a poster-dog for I Corinthians 13. If love is truly longsuffering, then this is love. And the cat using the dog for a cushion looks startlingly like one of my cats.

There was a husky named Buttons in my neighborhood, back in the Bronze Age, who frequently slipped his chain and ran around biting people. The cat who tried to cozy up to Buttons would not be long for this world.

You’re Not the Only One Who’s Scared of Bugs

We’re used to cats and dogs boldly hunting insects. Our cat Buster used to gobble up these huge nursery web spiders that wandered in from outside: most sickening sight.

But the dogs and cats in this video are made of softer stuff. Then again, really big bugs are kind of scary, aren’t they?

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