By Poplar Demand… Crazy Dog Zoomies

I couldn’t find the tortoise zoomies video that I was looking for, so I’ve gone with one of my all-time favorite critter videos.

Somewhere behind these crazy antics there must be a story. And I’ll be there are two very different sides to it.

Don’t Cry, Puppy… Kitty’s Here

I just couldn’t help posting this: crying puppy, comforting cat. And all of it while the grown-up dog, presumably the puppy’s mother, sits there contemplating whatever.

Consider it a sanity break.

What’s With These Dogs?

Why are these dogs so scared of cats? They don’t need Halloween to crank up a good scare: cats are around all year. Whatever the reason, the dogs in this video ought to be ashamed of themselves.

Dog Up a Tree

This is impossible! There’s just no way a German shepherd could have climbed a tree so high and so far–even if he was chasing a cat. You can see the cat in the still photo: nowhere left to go.

Impossible or not, the fire department had to come to the rescue. Don’t worry–nobody got hurt.

Bonus Video: Cat, Dog, and ‘Mission: Impossible’

Sorry! I just cannot write any nooze today. Haven’t even read any. Besides, who can resist that classic Mission: Impossible theme music by Lalo Schiffren?

So watch these two try to open the door whose knob is just out of reach. What do you suppose is on the other side of the door, that makes them so anxious to open it?

Who ever had this much fun with pet spider crabs?

Your Pets’ Cardboard Playground

If you want to jazz up life for your dogs or cats, give ’em a cardboard box. Play in it! Fight over it! Tear it apart! You’ll run out of cardboard before they run out of ideas.

Playgrounds: Not Just for Humans

Step aside, you bipeds! Here’s how you get the most out of a playground.

Don’t miss the footage of the ducks enjoying a sliding board. If I ever had half that much fun, I don’t know how I’d ever settle for anything less.

Kittens Explore Big Dog

There are at least four kittens here (it’s like counting guppies in a fish-tank), and a German shepherd whose plan was probably to take a nap. I was terribly afraid of my Uncle Ferdie’s German shepherd when I was little… until I noticed he hadn’t eaten any of my cousins. The kittens know there’s nothing to fear.

Persistent Pup

I usually save these critter videos for the end of the day, but I don’t know when my day will end today. Any minute, my Internet connection could go up in smoke. That’s a big distraction.

Puppies have it made. Look at that tail go! That cat’s “No!” has fallen on deaf ears.


Sweet Dog & Kittens

There’s something really sweet about this–a little glimpse of heaven. The great big dog could evict four little kittens from his dog bed… and yet he doesn’t. Are we going too far out on a limb, to say this is a video that makes us… hope?