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The Conscience of a Dog (or Cat)

Look how remorseful these dogs are, after they’ve done something really bad. Problem is, the dog’s conscience only kicks in after the fact. And we don’t know when a cat’s conscience becomes activated. Maybe never.

Our cat Buster used to get in a lot of trouble. His sister, Missy, hardly ever. But when she did, but when it was her rare turn to get rebuked, Buster showed unbounded glee. Did he love it!

They’re more like us than we care to admit.

Happy Cat Massage

We call it “happy cat” when our cats do this to us. It’s a thing that kittens do when they’re nursing–probably why it’s also called “ecstatic kneading.” They only do it if they’re fond of you.

If you thought this might’ve been a stuffed dog, that’s OK: he doesn’t move a muscle until the very end. I guess he’s fond of the cat, too.

Dog vs. Cat: Battle of the Bed

What is this mysterious power that cats have over certain dogs? The dog is several times the cat’s size, and yet the cat holds all the cards.

I think this is an old dog with a very sweet nature–just what you don’t need, to roust a stubborn cat out of your bed. Please note that the cat doesn’t hurt the dog, just sort of shoos her away. Sportsmanship, of a kind.

Cuddly Cats & Dogs

Time for some cuddlies! (It’s OK for me to say that because I know judo.)

Domestication has done wonderful things with animals. Because cats and dogs and other critters are so intelligent, they can adapt to unusual circumstances–like living with people in a house–and learn whole repertoires of behavior that you’d never see in the wild.

I’m afraid you can’t say this for your pet newts; but they have other virtues.

A Cat Massage

We always called this ecstatic-kneading behavior “happy cat.” If your cat decides to do this on your lower abdomen, you’ll know it.

But wait–isn’t this more in the nature of a friendly massage? The dog doesn’t seem to mind it. Then again, I thought it was a stuffed dog until it moved a little.

It all boils down to cozy, though.

The Three Amigos (Cat, Rat, & Dog)

Here’s something you don’t see every day–a cat, a rat, and a dog all playing together. Like, isn’t the rat supposed to get eaten?

But our pets are marvelously adaptable, and learn to do a lot of things at home that they would never do in the wild. Our rats were smart as whips, affectionate, and playful. But they only had humans to play with. This rat has got it made.

Kittens Testing Dogs

Are these kittens suicidal? Nah. They know the dogs won’t hurt them. How do they know that? Beats me! Maybe the ones who were going to get eaten have already gotten eaten. Most of the dogs in this video seem to have truly monumental patience. I guess they need it.

Cats & Puppies

Even cats like puppies. Well, some cats, at least. Here we see a cat who doesn’t seem to mind a puppy giving him a wet willie. I have never met a human being who wished to receive a wet willie. Probably not a good idea to offer one.

Chased by Fierce Kittens!

Don’t these four tiny kittens know the big red dog could eat them? Actually, the dog doesn’t know what to do with them. Maybe they’re going to eat him. The dog keeps retreating at the kittens keep coming. I think they have the idea that big furry things mean you can do some nursing.

Dogs, Cats vs. Giant Spider

We all know humans who get freaked out by spiders. But mechanical spiders? Who’d ever get fooled by a mechanical spider?

Well, some of the dogs and cats in this video, for starters. But not all of them. Some quickly adopt it as a game.

Our cat Buster used to gobble up the great big nursery web spiders that sometimes blundered into our living room. It was, as someone said in Rodan, “Ah! Most sickening sight!”

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