Will This Cat Run Out of Milk?

It’s not unknown for a mother cat to adopt and raise puppies–but at the same time as her full litter of kittens? Isn’t that asking rather a lot?

It reminds me of a mouse I had, named Sleepy, who had an enormous litter of babies who simply refused to be weaned. They’d mob her and wind up carrying her around as they nursed her. She soon realized that the only thing she could do was jump on top of the water bottle, out of their reach, and chatter at them angrily.

This cat needs to do that, too.

There Are Old Cats, and Bold Cats…

My brother had a German shepherd that had jaws like an alligator’s–two bites and the cat is gone–but also a benign, laid-back personality. But how does the cat know that the German shepherd in this video won’t eat him? “I think I’ll jump on his face while he’s trying to relax. That’ll be fun!” Where do cats get these notions–and why do they always turn out to be right?

Then again, we don’t get to see the cats who were wrong.


Cats and Dogzzzzz…..

I’m tuckered out, and this video just about finished the job. Y’know, I can’t get my two cats to sleep together–and they were womb-mates. I don’t understand them. My lizards used to sleep together; why not the cats? Are they waiting for me to get a dog?

But some cozy cats and dogs are here in the video. Maybe they’re just actors.

Cats & Dogs & Whose Bed Is It, Anyway?

I think it’s so funny when a cat steals a dog’s bed and then completely ignores the dog’s best efforts to get it back. I’m sure they do that just to drive the poor dogs crazy.

But there are still a few dogs smart enough to figure out that if they sit on the cat, the cat’ll go away.

Little Kittens, Big Dogs

How does the dog know not to eat the kitten? But I think we can go farther than that. I think these dogs would protect their kittens. Betcha anything they would.

Animals can (and do) do much more than you’d expect from them. And if that’s not an awkward sentence, I’m Ramar of the Jungle.

The Peaceable Kingdom (of Cats & Dogs)

Cats and dogs, puppies and kittens–who ever said they have to fight? Not in this video, they don’t. And I think God’s trying to tell us something, through scenes like these.

Oh–and there’s a surprise in here, but I won’t spoil it by telling you what it is. Don’t even try to make me tell.

Cats & Dogs & Babies

In case I don’t have internet access this evening, I’d better post this cat video now.

See how good cats and dogs are with babies. It must be so good for a baby! I’m sure if I had this as a baby, I would have grown up to be more polite to Verizon representatives.

Dogs & Kittens

I can’t help but marvel at how gentle and patient these dogs are with the little tiny kittens. Well, there’s a bulldog who’s enjoying a kitten-sicle, but he means well. And dig the dog helping the kitten play with the string. I never saw a dog play with a string before. It was kind of like seeing a turtle do it.

Big Cats & Little Puppies

I know, I know–I should be working on that Dinesh D’Souza book review. But I missed posting and watching a cat video yesterday, and I can’t help it, I just want to enjoy my blog for a while before anything else happens to it. But it’s been working just fine for three hours now, something I haven’t experienced since the end of June… and I think I’d like a cat video now, please!

Cats don’t always know what to make of boisterous, playful puppies; but in this video, they’re reasonably gentle and patient with these weird new additions to their households.

The Conscience of a Dog (or Cat)

Look how remorseful these dogs are, after they’ve done something really bad. Problem is, the dog’s conscience only kicks in after the fact. And we don’t know when a cat’s conscience becomes activated. Maybe never.

Our cat Buster used to get in a lot of trouble. His sister, Missy, hardly ever. But when she did, but when it was her rare turn to get rebuked, Buster showed unbounded glee. Did he love it!

They’re more like us than we care to admit.