California Decrees ‘Gender-Neutral’ Toys

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Why do they have to drag our children into their creepy politics?

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California Gov. Gavin Newsom, the slimiest man in North America, wants to be president of the United States. In case Jobydin comes up snake-eyes. Hey, he’s done such a great job on California!

One of the Golden State’s most recent capers, signed into law by Slimy, is legislation requiring toy stores to have a special section for “gender-neutral toys” or else face up to a $500 fine (

Now they want to run the toy stores.

I’m not so sure I know what “gender-neutral” toys are. My brother and sister and I all played with our Lincoln Logs, modeling clay, stuffed toys, building blocks–no room to list ’em all. My sister had a lovely six-gun and holster (we have the home movies): I am sure the clerk at the toy store never said to my father, “Now, you’re gonna let only boys play with this, right? No girls!”

If people would just mind their own cotton-pickin’ business–!

But wait, there’s more!

They’ve also passed a law requiring parents to “affirm” (God defend us!) “a child’s ability to determine their (?? bad grammar alert) gender independent of their parents’ desire…” Now plain fact is rewritten as mere “desire”? Well, of course! To do otherwise would be “the antithesis of modern thinking.”

So that’s modern thinking, is it? Where do I dump it?

So… shall we let Slimy Newsom do to all America what he’s been doing to California?

Not that any of the other Dems is any better.


Michigan Leftists vs. Catholic School

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If Congress isn’t allowed to do it, then neither is Michigan.

A Catholic school in Michigan is asking the appeals court to affirm its right to offer a Catholic education without including anti-Christian transgender ideology–despite the state attorney general’s efforts to force them to include it ( In the words of the Gateway Pundit headline, “Leftist politicians demand Catholic school teach transgender ideology.”

St. Joseph Parish School, founded in 1924, is up against a drive by the AG and other leftists “to penalize religious objectors” and force the school to abandon its Catholic beliefs. For this the AG calls school officials “bigots.”

Becket Legal has taken the school’s case. Their quotable quote: “Constitutional rights don’t come with permission slips.”

This is clearly a First Amendment issue, and it’s difficult to imagine the Supreme Court declining to uphold the school’s First Amendment rights. Somehow a lower court dismissed the school’s lawsuit; that’s why it’s been sent on to the appeals court.

How can it be a Catholic school and still hop onto the transgender bandwagon?

Our country is in deep, deep trouble. Now Far Left Crazy has the Catholic schools in the cross-hairs.

Who’s next?

Oh, Boy! ‘Personal Carbon Allowances’!

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It’s worse than Godzilla.

Here’s the next liberty-devouring monster coming down the road in our direction, courtesy of our globalist “leaders” and academics–the usual suspects. I never heard of it till yesterday: Personal Carbon Allowances (,national%20targets%20and%20international%20commitments.).

The scheme, according to Boston University, “issues all adults [emphasis added] with an equal [equal to who? or what?] carbon allowance that reduces over time in line with national targets and international commitments… and could potentially be expanded (!) to cover most goods and services that have a significant carbon footprint [defined by whom?]…” It would apply to gas, electricity, and personal travel–“15-minute cities,” anyone?

I don’t think they mean to leave us any liberty at all. Do you?

Yeahbut, yeahbut! It’s Climate Change, dude! Like, we’re all gonna die unless we grant government fantastic new powers to regulate our daily lives! But this is gonna make everybody in the whole world equal!

Equally poor, equally miserable, and equally oppressed.

God defend us.

‘Free Speech–Sayonara?’ (My Newswithviews Column, Nov. 23)

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Oops, look at this–I forgot to post my Newswithviews column this morning. So here it is, a little late.

I was appalled to encounter persons who say they welcome the restriction of free speech. Do they mean it? Well, of course they do–as long as they’re the ones doing the restricting.

Free Speech—Sayonara?

Why do they keep yapping about “online hate,” when they’re the biggest haters on the block? Why do they babble about “justice,” when obviously they don’t know the meaning of the word? Wahoo! Shut down everybody’s speech except their own! If they’re not saying it, it can only be misinformation, disinformation, conspiracy theories, and–of course–“hate.” They hate hate.

How many chances will we get to pull them down from their perch?

Govt. Idiots: 8-Week-Old Baby a ‘Suspected Domestic Terrorist’

Read it for yourself. INFT means “Infant.” SSSS means “Suspected Domestic Terrorist.”

We really do have to start asking some very serious questions about the caliber and quality of some of the jidrools who claim authority to govern us.

You’re not going to believe this, but it’s true: the Transportation Safety Authority has listed an 8-week-old baby as a “suspected domestic terrorist” (

Is this how they defend our country? How many 8-week-old infants masterminded 9/11? (“Yeahbut, yeahbut! The baby’s father is a Jan. 6 Insurrectionist! A threat to our democracy!”) Do they think the baby is plotting revenge?

It used to be possible to believe the government was mostly sane and decent people who occasionally made an honest mistake, resulting in bad policy.

I don’t believe that anymore. Government is infested with wicked fools who want to control our lives. Because they think they’re entitled to.

‘Australia to Sieze and Vaccinate 24,000 Children’ (2021)

A long line of people on the street. All are wearing winter clothes and face masks.

We must never forget this. Never. And allow it never, never, never, never again.

It’s a truism that “the public has a very short memory.” That’s why wicked and insane rulers are able to do the same things to us over and over again.

Could we please not forget the lessons of The Great Pandemic?

Australia to Seize and Vaccinate 24,000 Children

Every instinct I have, as a historian and a political scientist, tells me that the lockdowns and the forced “vaccinations” and the world-wide panic were experimental probes toward setting up a global government. And I believe it would be a Satanic government.

We really must, must, must internalize, and also shout from the housetops, “We will not comply! We will not comply!”

And mean it.

‘Has Berkeley Killed the First Amendment?’ (2017)

Berkeley: a history of disobedience - in pictures | US news | The Guardian

Have they ever known what they were talking about?

When I was in college, “Berkeley” and “free speech” were synonymous. Boy, how that’s changed!

Has Berkeley Killed the First Amendment?

Democrats, liberals, radicals, commies–all the same thing, really–believe in free speech fore themselves–as long as it conforms 100% to The Party’s ideology–and shut the hell up or else for the rest of the human race.

If we can keep our civil liberties, it’ll be no thanks to them.

[Back from the eye doctor, sorry for the delay. He dilated my eyes so I can’t see what I’m typing. Please take that into account.]

‘Liberals and Perpetual Infancy’ (2020)

Coronavirus: desperate scenes as 10,000 queue for masks at Hong Kong  industrial estate | South China Morning Post

Simon says “Wear masks!” How many of us are still doing it?

It looks like a never-ending game of Simon Says, you’re stuck in kindergarten forever: there’s always someone to dictate your every move. I will never understand why liberals crave this.

Liberals and Perpetual Infancy

It’s gettin’ late, boys ‘n’ girls. We needed to say “We will not comply!” three years ago… and only seem to be waking up to it just now. Well, you do get abused pretty good when you do comply. I guess it’s catching up to people. Besides, those people who can’t live unless they can tell you what to do: the more they get, the more they demand. You can never satisfy them.

Next year’s election may be our last chance to recover our freedom.

The ’15-Minute City’ Scam

This is a long read, but it’s important. It’s a speech given to the town council of Aurora, Ontario, by Joseph Sussman.

15-Minute City: This Statement Should Be Read At Every City Council Meeting In America

Every period of history sees some lunatic villain try to take over the world, or at least as big a piece of it as he can swallow. Some of them come to violent ends–Hitler, Pyrrhus, Attila, et al. Others succeed for a time, building empires that eventually collapse. Alexander the Great, for instance.

This dynamic of history is still active in our time. But now it’s being acted out not by warlords, but by politicians, lawyers, technocrats, and academics–globalists all.

The aim is the same as it always is: to take over. To rule the world.

Among their favorite projects is the “15-minute city.” They’re going to redesign our cities so that no one will have to travel more than 15 minutes in any direction, to do anything. It’s efficient! Scientific!

No. It’s a scheme to enslave us to a total surveillance state. To abolish our freedom of movement. To erase our rights to private property. “You will own nothing, and be happy,” pontificates Klaus Schwab, godfather of the World Economic Forum. As crazy as it sounds, he means it literally. You really will own nothing. They will own it all. They will own you.

So read the speech, and believe it. It’s every bit as sinister as you might think.

Government: The Problem, Not the Solution (My Newswithviews Column, Oct. 26)

Bust of Julius Caesar (100-44 BC) - Roman as art print or ...

Julius Caesar killed the republic–then perished in its general ruin.

Government makes a mess, then demands more power to clean it up. It seeks perpetual expansion, at the people’s expense. It has always done so.

Government: The Problem, Not the Solution

Y’know, you can operate a government without doing harm; you can even do good. But not if your lust for power becomes a mania, and drowns out everything else. How often have we seen that pattern!

“A republic–if you can keep it,” said Benjamin Franklin.

We are way too close to losing it.