School Board’s the Name, Intimidation’s the Game

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So you thought those old Soviet days were over?

It’s all over the country–school boards bullying, intimidating, and even arresting parents who object to school board policies.

This week it was Gwinnett County, Georgia ( The board had just installed a brand-new metal detector “to keep the people safe” (a euphemism for “showing the peasants who’s boss”), and everyone attending the meeting was required to pass through it.

Two women were arrested by Herod’s men. One for “trespassing” on school district property, from which she’d been banned a month ago for arguing about the board’s fake mask Mandate. (You will not find the word “mandate” in the U.S. Constitution.) The other was busted for the, uh–terrorist? Is it bigger than a breadbox?–crime of having a pair of scissors in her handbag. Craft scissors, with the blunted points. For cutting yarn. Apparently she planned to do a bit of knitting if the meeting dragged. But off she went to the cop shop. Both were charged with obstructing an officer and trespassing.

This is intimidation. This is to teach the plebs to know their place.

While we as a nation weren’t looking–and shame on us, we didn’t want to look-our whole public education system, which was nothing to write home about from the beginning, became infested, saturated, with these little tinhorn tyrants.

Thanks to the pandemic and “remote learning,” American parents finally saw and heard what the Far Left freaks from the teachers’ unions were teaching their children–and they don’t like it. No, they don’t like Critical Race Theory! No, they don’t like transgender propaganda! But the unions have doubled down on Critical Race Theory and have vowed to “teach”it  whether the poor sods who pay their salaries like it or not.

The school boards, after unsuccessfully trying to argue “Critical Race Theory? What are you talking about? We don’t teach that here!”, have started calling it by other names. “Equity instruction” is my favorite.

Again. Yes, again–our only meaningful and effective recourse against these Stalinist pipsqueaks is to pull our children out of the public schools. You don’t need a school board when there’s no one in the school!

We are going to have to win our freedom all over again–and may God help us.

Austrian Cops, Army, Unions Oppose ‘Health Dictatorship’

After the Austrian government–Hitler was born in Austria–decided to Mandate a new Lockdown on everyone in Austria who hasn’t been “vaccinated” yet with experimental drugs whose long-term effects are completely unknown, Austria’s police, armed forces, and trade unions have joined the opposition (

Gosh. For some strange reason, they don’t want to live under what they call a “health dictatorship.” Police and army have announced they won’t enforce the government’s restrictions.

A mass demonstration for freedom has been scheduled for tomorrow. Police and army officers will join it.


Is this really about “science” (LOL) and “public health,” or is it a full-dress rehearsal for world government? Which, of course, would be a global tyranny. Please don’t insult our intelligence by claiming otherwise.

If it turns out, ten years later, that the “vaccine” has made you sterile, or shortened the shelf life of your heart… who do you sue?

If this public policy is so enlightened, so wise, so beneficial… why does it take so much brute force to implement it?

Is there something about COVID-19 that our dishonest prevaricating lying “leaders” simply aren’t telling us?

Don’t hold your breath waiting for the answers.

My Newswithviews Column, Nov. 18 (‘School Boards Gone Rogue’)

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How many of us have been “investigated” already? School boards don’t like it when you question them!

Now it’s right down to the local level: we are governed by people who hate us, hate our way of life, despise the things that we believe in, and want to “fundamentally transform” it all into some kind of hellhole.

Even our local boards of education!

School Boards Gone Rogue  

If we dare dissent from their Far Left wacko policies, our school boards sic the FBI on us, hire private detectives to dig up dirt on us, have us “investigated” by police–school boards! Well, they’ll do anything to protect Critical Race Theory, won’t they?

Somehow they got the idea that our children are their children, to do with as they please.

This has to stop. And pulling our kids out of public schooling, that will stop it.

Public education must die. And Far Left Crazy will die with it.

Five More Pages–and Time to Shift Gears

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Well, I’m as cold as a mackeral now, but I got five more pages done and the next two days are supposed to be warmer, so maybe I’ll be able to finish writing my second climax for The Witch Box: I’ve got a good start on it.

But now I’ve got to shift gears and write my Newswithviews piece for the week. If you think this is easy–! Well, think again.

I’m going to write about Scottsdale and the scandal ignited by their district board of education–board president and his father (!) stalking parents who don’t like the board’s mask mandate and unlawfully collecting private information on them, etc. That any member of any school board should ever do a thing like this is astounding. Who do they think they are?

We are not subjects, we are not serfs, and they are not our masters–unless we allow them to be.

Let’s see if we can defend our freedom. We’ll wind up like Australia if we don’t.

So What Happened in Scottsdale?

Arizona school board president kept sensitive personal information on  protesting parents, documents suggest | Fox News

So what’s with school boards lately?

In Scottsdale, AZ, last night, the school board president refused a request to resign, so the board stripped him of his title and gave it to someone else ( He left the meeting without answering questions from reporters.

Jann-Michael Greenberg was removed as president of the board for the Scottsdale Unified School District because he and his father collected private information about parents who didn’t like the board’s policies. They made this information publicly accessible–parents’ Social Security numbers, divorce proceedings, finances, even family trees. They even hired private detectives to collect some of this private information.

Publicizing someone’s Social Security number would leave them open to identity theft and many other crimes. Consequently, the Scottsdale Police have made the Greenbergs’ activities the subject of a criminal investigation.

Greenberg first blamed the whole business on his father. Last night he blamed it on “bad actors.” No one believed him. Patty Beckman is the new school board president.

It seems the sticking point here was the board’s insistence on “mask mandates” for all  school children, despite opposition from some parents. Parents were also unhappy with “Critical Race Theory” (“All white people are no-good evil racists and everything wrong with America is their fault!”) being, er, “taught” to their children. Apparently the Greenbergs thought a little intimidation was in order.

Some of the parents would like the other school board members to resign, too. The Greenbergs compiled dossiers on some 50 parents. The other members knew about it but did nothing, some parents say.

Are we “transitioning” from being self-governing citizens of a constitutional republic to abject, downtrodden subjects of a tyrannical government accountable to no authority on earth?

We are going to have to fight for and win our freedom all over again. And this time without George Washington.

We’ve been warning you about “public education” for years–who listened?

Now they’re publishing your Social Security numbers. Had enough yet?

Pull your kids out of public education and let it die.

AZ School Board, Cops, Planned to Arrest Protesting Parents

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This really is getting out of hand.

Somehow, all throughout America, our local school boards turned into tyrants, almost all of them on the Far Left. They became representatives who don’t represent us anymore.

In Chandler, Arizona, leaked emails reveal that the local school board colluded with the police department to “monitor” the websites of parent groups and to arrest citizens who used the board’s next public meeting as an opportunity to protest mask “mandates” (

The board and the cops–are you cops crazy, turning against normal people at the beck and call of these tinhorn stalinists?–also agreed to “monitor” parents who don’t like Critical Race Theory and don’t want it in their schools’ curriculum.

I say “their schools” tongue in cheek–because although the parents pay for the schools, every red cent, the schools are by no means “theirs.”

So… when they’re not sicking the FBI on us, they’re huddling with the local police and planning to bust anyone who doesn’t dance to their little commie tune. CRT? Transgender? What–you don’t like that stuff? Looks like you need some time in the cooler!

Again, the only meaningful and effective recourse we have against these wicked persons is to pull our children OUT of public schools. Let the union hacks preach CRT to empty classrooms. Let the elitists on the school board sell “transgender” to empty desks and chairs.

School your children at home! You can’t possibly do a worse job than these wackos hired by the schools.

Looks Bad, Smells Bad… Is Bad

Guy Fawkes And The Gunpowder Plotters Wood Print by Print Collector

I hate conspiracy theories. Criminal masterminds hatch a secret plot and next thing you know, Joe Blow on the internet knows all about it! I’d really rather not hear it.

But all this COVID stuff–I’m sorry, but it’s looking less and less like a medical crisis and more and more like a dress rehearsal for a global government. All those mandates! A “mandate” is not a law, voted on by our elected representatives: it is a command handed down from on high. You will not find “mandate” in our Constitution.

This business looks bad and smells bad. It’s like they’re thinking, “If we can temporarily take away a lot of their freedom, maybe we can get away with giving only some of it back! And if we can keep the pandemic going long enough, maybe they’ll get used to being cattle-prodded by the government. Maybe they’ll even get to like it!”

I’m not privy to any conversations among the global government crowd. I don’t have any secret sources. I’m just telling you what it looks like to me.

History tells me freedom is fragile, there’s always, always, always someone out there who wants to take it away from us–usually so they can take everything else, too. The COVID panic was a gift-wrapped golden opportunity for the enemies of liberty.  They weren’t about to waste it.

Medicine does not insist on exactly the same treatment for each and every one of tens of thousands of patients. Medicine does not threaten people’s livelihoods if they don’t obey. Medicine does not make end-runs around the normal processes of self-government.

When I see the behavior of our COVID establishment, I don’t see medicine. I see politics.

Southwest Airlines Buckles, Won’t Fire Unvaccinated Employees

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Isn’t that the same as “unpaid leave”?

Dishonest Journalist Alert: Don’t you love those headlines that say “Supreme Court blocks” this or that challenge to The Mandate–and then you read the story and find out it was a hearing with just a single justice, not the 9-judge court. So if it’s one of the Far Left judges, you’re going to get a Far Left ruling. But the noozies–now a “protected class” on Facebook–are always trying to deceive the public. Anyone who ever told the truth on a CNN broadcast would probably spontaneously combust.

Meanwhile, Southwest Airlines has abandoned its plan to fire all employees who haven’t been “vaccinated” by Dec. 8.

(Why did you put “vaccinated” in quotes? Because it’s more dishonesty! Those COVID “vaccines” are not vaccines in the sense we’ve always understood the word. They are more a kind of gene therapy–and no one knows what the long-term results might be.)

Is everyone a liar anymore? “Not fired, Caesar! We have put them on unpaid leave.” Like there’s a difference?

United Airlines wanted to can everybody who didn’t consent to receive the gene therapy shot, but a federal judge put a stop to it.

And the airline pilots’ union (I didn’t know they had one!) has also come out against the so-called vaccine.

So… the Mandate Mob isn’t finding America a pushover like Australia: we’re not going to let them treat us like convicts. We probably were wrong to allow them to do “lockdowns” in the first place; but that’s because we erred in taking the government’s good intentions for granted. :Patrick Henry would have warned us against ever making that mistake.

Maybe–God willing and helping!–America can lead the world back to freedom.

But first we’ve got to replace our, uh… leaders.

The ‘Emergency’ That Never Ends

Here's what updated COVID-19 restrictions look like in Indiana

Tyrants have been having so much fun with “emergency public health measures”–lockdowns, masks, police checking on your location throughout the day, no talking allowed: the whole overflowing cornucopia of statist bullying–that there’s a very real risk they’ll never give it up, British critics have warned (

Baroness Fox, of the Reform UK party, says they’ll not only try to hang on to their emergency powers but will also work to expand them–by reclassifying various controversial issues as “public health issues.” Why even try to get the Green New Deal passed, when you can just recast it as a Mandate made necessary by Climbit Change as a public health emergency? No debate, no compromise–just hand down another Mandate.

You name it, it can be rebranded as a public health emergency. Abortion. Transgender. Hate speech. Not letting homosexual activists run your church. Anything! The sky’s the limit.

We’ll be hard-put to keep any of our freedom.

May the Lord God Almighty intervene to save us.

My Newswithviews Column, Sept. 23 (‘Read! Read More!)

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More and more people are choosing not to read anymore–or at least only to read something if their jobs require it. Besides–who needs to read, man? Like, dude, everything is on the internet!

Read! Read More!

America needs very badly to snap out of its digital stupor. No schiff–our electronic “smart” doodads are making us dumber. Loss of concentration, inability to think straight, inability to distinguish truth from poppycock–these are very serious problems, and if we don’t solve them, we will lose our country. Note I didn’t say “can.” We will lose our country and we will lose all our liberties.

Because ignoramuses don’t even know what liberty is.