‘How Climate Alarmists Lie and Cheat’ (2019)

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – Facts - NobelPrize.org

They will not stop until they’ve taken everything you have.

Now that it’s absolutely A-OK to lie and cheat for what you want, especially at other people’s expense, Climbit Change has come back in a big, big way.

How Climate Alarmists Lie and Cheat

They want to enslave us. There’s really no other words for it. WEF No. 2 Yuval Whatsisname calls the majority of the human race “useless eaters” who have to be pacified with drugs and video games until The Elite can decide what to do with them.

Once you start tolerating lying and cheating, it springs up everywhere.

Deaths Went Up 40%–How Come?

Politician liar gives people impossible promises with fingers crossed on  his back. Stock Photo | Adobe Stock

Ah! “Fact-Checkers” to the rescue! “Fact-Checkers” from Politifact.

The number of deaths “from all causes” went up by a staggering 40% in 2021, as claimed at first by a major life insurance company (https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/2022/feb/11/blog-posting/no-covid-19-vaccines-arent-responsible-increase-de/).

Mind you, they’re not denying that deaths went up by 40%. Don’t ask me why they aren’t fighting over that. Their beef is with “vaccine skeptics on blogs” blaming the experimental COVID-19 shots, billed to us as “vaccines.”

[Trumpet fanfare] “Our ruling,” says Politifact–take themselves very seriously, don’t they?–is that there’s “no evidence” the so-called vaccines did anybody any harm at all, and probbly COVID itself is responsible for 40% more deaths. Gotta be! Can’t let them vaccine skeptics be right, can we?

Do we trust Politifact? Do we trust ANY of these people?

See, guys, here are some facts we just can’t dismiss.

*There is an active, ongoing effort to set up a global government.

*The persons behind that effort mean to reward themselves with wealth and power beyond anything  yet seen in history so far. They mean to do so at our expense.

*Their political mouthpieces–Gore, Kerry, Obama, et al–are Far Left loons, one and all: for all practical purposes, communists. C’mon–would you buy a used car from these characters?

*Then there’s Dr. Fauci and the other crooks in Washington.

So no, no, no–we do not trust you, never will. If you guys ever told the truth about anything, you’d spontaneously combust.

The Next Big Thing: ‘Stochastic Terrorism’

6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon Tech Edition - Lemonly Infographics

All roads lead to Kevin Bacon! Or to you being guilty of Stochastic Terrorism.

Are you ready for “stochastic terrorism,” the next big hate crime that you can be accused of? No?

Well, it’s easy enough to get ready–if you can obtain an old 1990s game called Six Degrees of Separation from Kevin Bacon. The object of the game was to link actor Kevin Bacon to anyone else in the world in six links or less. That’s also how “stochastic terrorism” works… only the government will be allowed more than six links, as many as it takes to nail you.

Chris Rufo has been warning us about this (https://www.city-journal.org/stochastic-terrorism-is-about-suppressing-free-speech). He was accused of Stochastic Terrorism after he appeared on TV with a report on Drag Queen Story Hour. Leftids decided that was “ideologically-driven hate speech,” and some nimrod at Scientific American (of all places) wrote that the attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband, by some former nudist who was in this country illegally, could be traced by to Chris Rufo’s news report by however many links it took, and Rufo therefore was responsible for the attack on Paul Pelosi. When you mix politics and science you get crap science and really dangerous politics.

Wait a minute! What the devil does “stochastic” mean? I never heard anybody use it till just now.

It means “randomly determined.” Used as Democrats intend to use it, it means “preposterous,” or “baseless,” or “totally full of sh**.”

All they need is any kind of violent incident, and they’ll trace it back to something you said, or wrote, and presto! You’re guilty!

This is the formula by which anybody can be guilty of anything. This is how parents objecting to their local school board’s policies get transmuted into “terrorists” by the Dept. of (LOL!) “Justice” (LOL!).

No wonder they have to cheat to win elections.

World Cup Soccer: The Goal Is Propaganda


Well, well! Our U.S. World Cup Soccer team has redesigned its team crest “to show solidarity” with Organized Sodomy (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/11/us-team-redesigns-crest-lgbtq-rainbow-stripes-ahead-world-cup-qatar/). Seems you can’t play soccer anymore without shilling for LGBTQ+ etc.

Ironically, the matches will be held in Qatar, a Muslim nation in which no “gay rights” movement is allowed.

Is this our message to the world? What would happen if everybody opted for LBGTQ+? The human race would go extinct, wouldn’t it?

(Yeah, yeah–but our betters will simply load their minds and personalities onto a disc, plug it into an android, and be immortal! No next generation needed.)

Uh… What happens to “diversity” if one or more players don’t want to advertise for this political position? But we are forgetting that “diversity” means strictly enforced uniformity of thought.

My Newswithviews Column, Nov. 3 (‘You Have a Right to Be Wrong’)

86 Semmelweis Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

Now they’ve got him on a postage stamp–for saving women’s lives. But back then… they beat him to death for bucking the establishment.

Establishments don’t like to be shown up for less than omniscient, and they get really, really mad at anyone who dares to do it.

You Have a Right to Be Wrong

Our political establishment has joined with our “scientific” establishment in a secularist jihad to wipe out “misinformation.” Question: What do you get when you mix science and politics? Answer: More damned politics!

Our only hope, short of God’s personal intervention, is a total wipeout of Democrats in next week’s elections.

‘Yeah, They’re Still Crazy’ (2017)

See the source image

Over the years, I’ve covered many stories about the anti-Christian witch-hunts carried on by the Ontario Human Rights Commission, the orcs from OHRC. They’re still in business, still as evil and crazy as ever.

Yeah, They’re Still Crazy

Please take care to examine and think about the quotes. These tinhorn tyrants aren’t kidding. They can shatter your life without you ever understanding why they did it.

Looks like Democrats are trying to set up the same kind of thing here in America. Exhibit A: Merrick Garland’s over-the-top politicized, predatory “Justice” Dept. … just to name one example.

New Democrat Buzzword! ‘Stochastic Terrorism’

Merrick Garland's private DOJ memo prompts outrage: 'Nothing will happen to  Trump' | The Independent

The DOJ is watching you, the DOJ is listening! But as long as you never say anything, you’re probably all right. For now.

[Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip]

This concept can best be illustrated by a fictional example.

Senator LaFong gives a speech criticizing our country’s trade with China. Somewhere in downtown Topeka, Kansas, Lenny Jidrool hears about the speech and decides to go out and shoot up a Chinese restaurant… which he does.

And presto! Sen. LaFong is guilty of “stochastic terrorism.”

“Stochastic,” a term borrowed from mathematics (because hardly anyone ever uses the word and has no idea what it means), has to do with events that are in very general terms predictable, but in specific terms, anything but. Thus you can be guilty of Stochastic Terrorism without ever having had any interaction with any terrorist anywhere. Heck, you can commit the crime without even knowing you were doing so.

A few points to be born in mind:

*Only Republicans can ever be guilty of Stochastic Terrorism. No Democrat will ever be prosecuted or even accused of it. You can say “George Bush blew up the World Trade Center!” till you’re blue in the face, and nothing will ever come of it.

*No member of any Cherished Minority Group can ever be guilty of Stochastic Terrorism.

*Virtually anything a conservative, a Christian, or a Republican says can be linked to some violent criminal action somewhere.

*Absolutely no proof of any kind is needed, ever, to accuse anyone of Stochastic Terrorism. Just make sure you remember that when Democrats or Cherished Minorities do the same things, it’s “restorative justice.”

Once you’ve got everybody thinking they can be shipped off to the gulag at a moment’s notice without understanding any reason for it, the Party will have an easy time keeping the plebs in line.

‘Dictatorship 101’ (2014)

47 Soviet Newspaper Pravda Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty  Images

The Soviet Union lives–in Washington, D.C.

This is something we really ought never to forget.

In 2014, the Democrats infesting the White House hatched a plan to “monitor” news reporting with goons in the press room, making sure the nooze came out to President *Batteries Not Included’s liking.

Dictatorship 101

This project only crashed and burned because word of it leaked out before they were ready, the public was outraged, and they had to drop it.

Tell ya what, though… If Democrats are able to cheat their way to victory next month, betcha anything the “news monitors” are brought back.

Although why they need goons to browbeat such subservient, toadying, grovelling, butt-kissing noozies as ours… is a mystery.

Is It Hubris… Or What?

380 Hubris Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

You know I don’t like to do nooze on the weekends, but I have a question that just keeps nagging at me. Some of you may want to weigh in on it.

The mask of sanity has been torn off this alleged presidential administration. They aren’t trying anymore to act like the elected functionaries of a republic. They’ve turned the FBI into a goon squad. They’re in bed with the Chicoms. They’ve cut off much of our energy supply. Unionized “teachers” blatantly work to herd other people’s children into the wonderful world of Trans. They censor their critics. They act like they can do just anything they please and no one can stop them.

Here’s my question: Is this just plain hubris on a colossal scale… or do they know something that convinces them that there’s no way to rein them in? Have they found a fool-proof way to cheat their way through the midterm elections?

God help us if they have.

‘Gore: Global Warming Caused Brexit’ (2017)

Al Gore warns severe weather will 'get a lot worse' without climate action  - ABC News

Vice president of the world!

We haven’t heard much from Al Gore lately. Did he finally choke on his money, or OD on his own propaganda?

But in 2017 he was still lecturing the world.

Gore: Global Warming Caused Brexit

But one thing hasn’t changed. The global government/citizen of the world crowd still sees “climate change” as their ticket to ride. Throw in a pandemic or two, and you’re halfway home.