‘Is Freedom Our Natural State?’ (2019)

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Teeming with tyrants, that miserable 20th Century. Have we learned nothing from it?

Everywhere you look today, the freedom-eaters are out in force, trying to erase our rights and reduce us all to slavery. If they could, they’d make us zombies.

Is Freedom Our Natural State?

How hard our country’s founders worked, to secure for us the blessings of liberty!But if you’ve been going to school in this 21st century, you wouldn’t know that.

I think we’re running out of time to avoid being enslaved. But hey, maybe that’s how a lot of people want it.

We appeal to the Judge of all the earth to protect us… and avenge us.

Run For President–But Don’t Lose

1792 guillotine explained

Time for another peek into the crystal ball!

Jan. 6, 2028: Our Democrat Congress passes the “Don’t Lose!” bill, providing for the execution of unsuccessful presidential candidates.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Shoofly explains, “We got the idea from the ancient Maya ball game, in which the captain of the losing team was beheaded–which got him out of the way for good! No more Election Denial–which of course we made a criminal offense after we racked up 180 million votes for President Biden’s re-election in 2024. After all the whining Republicans made about that, it became obvious that the only thing we can do to ensure the domestic tranquility was to put the losing candidate to death.”

“We will never have another Donald Trump running all around the country claiming that we cheated,” said Speaker of the House Alexandria Occasional Cortex. “All that does is rile people up and force us to declare another Pandemic just to keep them off the streets. One of these days they’ll realize that we do these things for their own good!”

Although attorneys in all 50 states filed objections and lawsuits, the Supreme Court ruled the plaintiffs had no standing and declined to rule on any cases.

‘UK Cops: For Shame!’

Meet The Keystone Kops | Silent-ology

You have to earn respect, guys.

Like anybody else, police officers want to be loved and respected. But they’re going about it totally the wrong way.

STEP ONE: Stop acting like Herod’s Men.

UK Cops: For Shame!

There has never been a tyranny, a dictatorship, or an orgy of misrule that wasn’t enforced by police who just follow orders, no matter how evil or ridiculous those orders might be.

When will they get around to formally incinerating the Magna Carta?

And I guess our Constitution will be next.

New York Loses Suit: ‘Quarantine Camps’ Must Go

Quarantine Sign Images - Free Download on Freepik

While we were all watching the drama in the Ukraine, another kind of drama was being played out in the New York courts.

A state Supreme Court judge has recently ruled that New York’s “quarantine camps” policy was blatantly unconstitutional and is now null and void… so of course they’ll appeal (https://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/4138324/posts). The state claimed the authority to confine “for an indefinite time” without review persons infected with COVID-19 or any other highly contagious disease. Just stay put until the governor decides you can go out the door.

A state senator has called the appeal “an attempt to defend the indefensible.”

Curses! Foiled again! New York’s Democrat governor really liked that “Isolation and Quarantine Procedure.” Have people locked up without a trial–how great is that?

Let’s Ban… Baby Wipes!

Huggies Natural Care Plus Baby Wipes - Shop Baby Wipes at H-E-B

Forbidden! Taboo! Hands off!

Oh, those Jersey Democrats! Ours is a small state, but our Democrats don’t want to fail by comparison to California Democrats and Communist China Democrats.

So what’ll we ban now, huh? [two-year pause: thinking] Ooh! Ooh!

Let’s ban baby wipes! (https://www.shorenewsnetwork.com/2023/03/11/plastic-bags-gas-cars-gas-stoves-new-jersey-is-now-coming-after-your-baby-wipes/).

Our glorious governor (wants to be president) and legislature (want to be human) propose a $20,000 fine for using non-flush, disposable cleaning cloths. Then people will have to find other things to flush down their toilets and clog the sewer system–oh, wait, they’ve been doing that for years. With sanitary napkins. (I’ve covered a few of those stories in my time.) Are they going to ban sanitary napkins?

What a temptation!

Baby wipes and body wipes exist because people find them useful and convenient, and sometimes really need them. By contrast, there is never a time we really need our legislators. Nor have we ever found them useful or convenient. If it came to a choice between them and baby wipes, we’ll go for the baby wipes every time.

My Newswithviews Column, March 9 (‘Lords of Misrule’)

Triceratops - Wikipedia

Dinosaurs are living proof that you don’t need government to achieve extinction. It just takes longer, without it.

Government, these days, has become a kind of disease infecting human society. And that would be government at all levels–federal, state, and local. And they’re trying to smother us with a global government on top of that!

It seems the only thing government does really well anymore is corruption.

Lords of Misrule

Look at the stuff we’re expected to tolerate! It’d make a vulture retch. But how do we stop it? Doesn’t look like our elections work anymore.

Anytime you get Democrats elected back-to-back, you know the system is broken.

Now They’re Rewriting ‘Goosebumps’

Amazon.com: Goosebumps: The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight: 9780545178013:  Stine, R. L.: Books

Mustn’t scare the snowflakes!

R.L. Stine is the latest victim of Far Left blue-nosing: that is, liberal prigs rewriting his Goosebumps books without his knowledge or permission (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/03/childrens-author-r-l-stine-says-publisher-made-woke-edits-without-his-knowledge/). Move over, Roald Dahl and Ian Fleming.

Now who would do a thing like that?

Scholastic Books, that’s who.

Oh, them!

Scholastic hovers around out there somewhere to the left of AOC. Somehow they got the rights to Stine’s long-running “scare” series for young readers, and they’re taking the opportunity to castrate his prose. He is reportedly not happy about it!

To paraphrase H.L. Mencken, a liberal is a dindle who deeply fears that somebody, somewhere, is having a good time. Better get all those books rewritten! Wouldn’t want anyone enjoying them!

Florida Senator’s Spectacularly Bad Idea

Censored Images – Browse 20,184 Stock Photos, Vectors, and Video | Adobe  Stock

I don’t like to do nooze on the weekend, but if I don’t get this out of the way, it’ll fester.

A Florida state senator has proposed a bill to require bloggers who write about the governor, the attorney general, and other public officials… to register with the state or pay a fine (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/03/florida-bill-will-require-bloggers-who-write-about-governor-to-register-with-state/).

Whoa! Did I wake up in North Korea? Cuba? Or is State Senator Jason Brodeur just barking, screaming, head-does-a-360 mad? And he’s a Republican. We expect this kind of Stalinist horse manure from Democrats–but no, no, no! Not from Republicans.

Far Left Crazy must be licking its chops over this. “Ooooh, why didn’t we think of that! Quick! Set it up in every Blue state and every Blue city on the map!”

Really, you don’t expect the First Amendment to be attacked from this direction. I believe God Himself has granted me the right, from birth, to say or write anything I please about anyone occupying any public office. “Endowed by our Creator”–dig? “Inalienable rights”–which means you can’t take them away.

Somebody find this senator a civics class.

This absurdity wouldn’t last ten minutes in any federal court.


Public Outrage Saved These Books

Publisher rolls back proposed changes to Roald Dahl books after backlash -  ABC News

They haven’t killed him, after all–at least, not yet.

The publisher of Roald Dahl’s classic children’s books has abandoned a plan to replace them with tarted-up brainless PC rewrites–because a week of loud public outrage has convinced them retreat was the better part of valor (https://dailycaller.com/2023/02/24/roald-dahl-book-publisher-damage-control-after-backlash-censorship-inclusive-rewrite/).

Puffin Books had Dahl’s books rewritten top to bottom in an “inclusive rewrite” (quick, the barf bag!). When regular people found out, and loudly complained, Puffin backed off.

So now they’re gonna keep the originals in print, while at the same time publishing the new stupid gutless fat-head edition. Sort of like riding two bicycles at the same time.

There are lessons to be learned from this.

*Businesses will not knowingly sacrifice themselves to Woke. Not if it means going under.

*No artist’s work is safe from Far Left Crazy.

*There is no limit to what they’ll do if they think they can get away with it.

*Their most passionate desire is to control other people. They don’t want you reading things they think you shouldn’t be allowed to read.

Note: All of this comes crashing down if public education goes bankrupt. And we the people can make that happen by pulling our kids out of the public schools.

UK Wants to Go Back to Rationing… ?

Last photograph of Winston Churchill in Chartwell exhibition ...

Sorry, Mr. Churchill! Looks like the bad guys won, after all.

Well, heck, The Times and a whole gaggle of (LOL) “scientists” are all for it! Going back to rationing, that is–just like during World War II.

Subjecting the British people to this, says The Times and the (yeah, right) “scientists” is absolutely necessary… “to fix Global Warming” (https://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/business/joseph-vazquez/2023/02/22/major-british-newspaper-promotes-bringing-back-rationing).

Being an island surrounded by enemy submarines, Britain had a lot of trouble with supply during the war. Parliament resorted to rationing–which did not end until ten years later, in 1954. Well, socialist governments are like that.

But The Times–which when all is said and done is just another stupid newspaper–and the “scientists”–which when all is said and done are just a crowd of academic prostitutes–wanna go back to having The Government decide what you can or can’t have on your dinner table, how far from home you’ll be allowed to go, how late you can keep your lights on, etc., etc.–all that happy hormad stuff that dances in their heads like visions of sugar-plums.

Even if they actually could control the climate–a preposterous notion–it would be self-destructive of our civilization to allow them that much power. Government will eat you alive, folks. It’ll be Morlocks and Eloi. Crikey, didn’t that 20th century teach you anything?