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CNN: Who, Me???

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From the Absolutely Zero Self-Awareness Dept.: Believe it or not, CNN is going to partner with HBO to make a documentary on “the rise of fake news” (https://www.investmentwatchblog.com/cnn-to-produce-documentary-about-the-rise-of-fake-news/).

In fairness, who would know more about fake news than CNN? Who produces more of it than CNN? Who feels less shame for doing so, than CNN?

They give you the name of the CNN executive who’ll be in charge of this caper, but I won’t repeat it because a) I don’t think noozies should be famous: it’s way too much of a temptation for them; and b) I keep hoping that if we stop making them famous, they’ll just shut up already.

If you can find a nooze network more biased, more apt to cut and pad stories for political advantage, more fawningly and slavishly committed to the Democrat Party (to the point where the two have become virtually indistinguishable), more downrightly mendacious than CNN–well, you must have access to another universe. Unless MSNBC has somehow achieved its long-held dream of out-CNNing CNN. It could happen.

P.S.–CNN has just settled out of court, paying an undisclosed sum, a lawsuit filed by the Covington High School teen who was the target of one of CNN’s more bodacious productions of fake news. I’d like to know how many millions of dollars they had to cough up to get off the hook for that.

‘Down with Father Serra!’ (2016)

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I’m completely mystified as to why we let aggressive micro-minorities push us around–even to the point of erasing our history. Like this:


History warns us that it doesn’t take a lot of people to wreck a whole country. It only takes a few, if they keep working at it and no one stops them.

Shame on us if we can’t preserve our country from the liberals.

‘Empty Suits’ (by R.J. Rushdoony)

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“The Swamp” wasn’t invented in 2008 and is not confined to Washington, D.C. It’s been with us since the dawn of history, and can be found wherever you look.

So R.J. Rushdoony’s 1995 essay, “Empty Suits,” is just as applicable, if not even more so, 25 years later.


We wonder why tiny minorities with truly lunatic, perverse, or wicked ideas ride roughshod over everybody else and always seem to get their way. Well, it’s because no one will stand up to them. “Men,” said Rushdoony, “are everywhere refusing to be men.”

Go along to get along. The churches do it. Office workers do it around the water cooler. Teachers with outraged consciences fall silent in the faculty lunchroom. Go ahead–see what happens to you if you don’t go along with a lesbian “wedding,” or with some bearded man insisting he’s a woman, or with some race hustler demanding “reparations.” These are all perverse and evil notions–but who dares say so? And so they flourish.

Without faithfulness to God, we have nothing and we are nothing.

Meanwhile, a lot of Christians strain themselves trying to serve two masters.

‘Some Things I Do Not Miss’ (2013)

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These I miss! Why can’t we bring these back, instead of hippies?

My life is definitely better now that I don’t have television in it anymore: I am spared exposure to things that might melt my brain.


Most of you are probably not old enough to remember the expensive jeans fad of the mid-1970s. Same as Sears or Wrangler jeans, but at five times the price. “You’ve got the look!” The look of a sucker, they mean.

And as for hippies, well, I’m afraid they’re coming back.

This Is Fashion?

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Goya said the sleep of reason produces monsters. He should see what the sleep of decency produces.

Susan thought I ought to take a look at this “Men’s Fashion Collection 2020” and share it with you, as more proof of culture rot. As if any more proof were needed.

Men’s Fashion 2020 Collection Is Finally Here!

I don’t know (because the article doesn’t say) whose “collection” this was, or where the show was held. I am glad it wasn’t held in my neighborhood. As for the pictures, be warned: this is not the kind of stuff that comes out of sane minds.

How come you never see real people wearing any of these monstrosities that you see in fashion shows? I mean, not even to a Halloween party. To think there are individuals who consent to be photographed in such a state is not a pleasant thought.

Hang on to your Christianity, everybody. We need it.

Woman Threatens McDonald’s When They Wouldn’t Give Her Free Sauce

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Here’s a novel way to start a new year!

A Florida woman was arrested last week when she threatened employees at a McDonald’s stand because they wouldn’t give her free dipping sauce (https://nypost.com/2020/01/07/florida-woman-arrested-for-threatening-to-get-mcdonalds-sauce-by-any-means-necessary/), declaring that she would use “any means necessary” to get it. Her tantrum frightened the crew enough to make them call the police–who had to carry her out to the squad car.

The dipping sauce in question would have cost her an extra 25 cents. So for 25 cents she went off her rocker. Apparently paying an extra quarter wasn’t included in “any means necessary.” Good thing she wasn’t armed.

The incident happened at around 4 a.m. New Year’s morning.

We’re seeing a lot of this lately, individuals blowing their stacks for incredibly trivial reasons. What is driving this?

This is our post-Christian loony-tunes participation-trophy culture melting down.

Kill the culture, and it’ll kill you back.

‘Another Real-World Fantasy’ (2011)

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I don’t know how this actually turned out, since, you know, newspapers never follow up on anything. Somewhere out there is, or was, a “secular humanist Sunday school,” sponsored by a Jewish Temple from which God has been expelled.


If I made up something like that and put it in one of my fantasy novels, people would say I was tainting my story with satire. But then the Left is always saying and doing things that satirize themselves.

I wonder what kind of worship songs they sing.

There are some things it’s better not to know.

San Francisco, ‘American Dystopia’

Tucker Carlson on Fox News has launched a new series on the demise of America’s great cities, starting here with San Francisco. The purpose of the series, he says, is to “remind Washington what they’re supposed to be doing.” That is, preserving the quality of American life.

“Civilization itself,” he says, “is coming apart in San Francisco.” There is, in effect, no more law enforcement there. Any crime involving less than $950 in property damage or loss is simply ignored by the justice system. And meanwhile the sidewalks are full of human feces and discarded syringes. The city government hands out some 400,000 needles a month, free–which sort of encourages drug abuse.

But what the heck, they’ve still got the country’s biggest “pride” parades.

Two things need to be said. I don’t know whether Carlson is going to say them, so let’s say them here.

*This happens to every city where the Democrat Party rules. Go ahead, name a major city, governed by Democrats, that isn’t going to hell in a handbasket. Betcha can’t.

*This is happening to cities all over the Western world. Seen any pictures of Marseilles or Paris lately? Not nice! And if you’re ever in Stockholm–well, get out as fast as you can.

This is post-Christian know-it-all fat-head secular culture. It will prove to be an experiment in whether you can have a civilization without functioning cities.

Our one and only hope is to reject everything this stands for and run, don’t walk, back to God.

‘Rage Rooms’? Really?

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Here’s a new cultural wrinkle. What do you think of it?

“Rage rooms.” A second one recently opened in New Jersey. It’s called “Break Stuff NJ,” because you go in there and break stuff (http://newjersey.news12.com/story/41226471/looking-to-let-off-some-steam-rage-room-venue-opens-in-new-jersey). You put on “protective gear” and smash plates and TV sets.

Anyone can fly into a rage. But to get in your car and drive out to “Break Stuff,” and suit up, and be given a hammer or a baseball bat, and only then let your rage run free–well, wouldn’t you have cooled down by then? If you’re normal, that is. Or maybe you’d find it fun to break stuff and not get in trouble for it.

I mean, wouldn’t a “Dagnabit!” or two suffice, and maybe slap the door frame hard enough to sting your palm? Or you could, uh, control yourself. I remember the time my father was using a power drill and he slipped and drove it right through the top of his foot and out the bottom. I heard him say “Oh, darn” just before I fainted. Well, okay, I didn’t really faint, but I wasn’t good for much, for a while.

I don’t know. Democrats have kept up their anti-Trump tantrum every day for three years now, and show no signs of cooling off. But I would hate to think they provide any kind of standard for behavior. They don’t need a rage room; they have a House of Representatives.

Is self-control getting engineered out of our culture?

I wonder.

The Transgender Industry

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These went extinct because they couldn’t help it. What’s our excuse?

Why are so many evil people in this evil age pushing “transgender” as if their lives depended on it? After all (it should hardly be necessary to say this), if everyone went transgender, the entire human species would go extinct.

The depth of this perverse movement has not yet been measured, but there is one aspect of it that’s at least visible: There is now a “transgender industry” consisting of thousands of people making a living off this bizarre cultural movement.

They’ve been helped by so-called medical societies that have been fronting for “transgender,” such as the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Endocrine Society (https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/12/31/medical-societies-provide-cover-for-transgender-industrys-propaganda/). Years ago, the AAP got away with supporting “gay” adoptions. And the Endocrine Society has a vested interest in puberty-blocking drugs and hormones.

The AAP, with some 65,000 members, sounds like it represents all the pediatricians in America. For one thing, it doesn’t. For another, AAP policy is decided by a voting board of a dozen “directors,” with no input from the general membership. The dozen policy-makers have been allied with Organized Sodomy for around 20 years.

And then there are the uncounted counselors, diversity directors, public school teachers, publishers, noozies, and academics feeding at the transgender trough. The speed with which this industry has sprung up is alarming. It certainly goes to show we have to be quicker off the mark in defending our culture. In no time at all, the satanic enterprise that is the Left can invent a new “lifestyle” and set up a powerful establishment to defend it and promote it… while normal people are still trying to find words for it, still trying to believe their eyes.

God’s judgment on this age will be severe.


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