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My Newswithviews Column, July 19 (‘What if the Past Judged Us?’)

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I wonder if he’d pray for us.

We’re always judging the people of the past, always finding them guilty–always virtue-signalling for 2019.

But what if the people of the past could judge our era, as we have judged theirs? Do you think we’d get off easy?

What if the Past Judged Us?

Meanwhile, I’m trying to understand why we ever let some communist paint a mural of George Washington’s life, and paid him out of the treasury. Why were we doing so much of that while FDR was president?

What goes around comes around.

Are These People Totally Kidding?

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You remember the Democrats. You know–the party that booed God at its national convention. The party of abortion at birth, transgender, drag queen-ism, and banning Christmas. Those Democrats.

If you’re a Christian voter, they’ve got a plan to recruit you (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6kGP5lOwsw).

While you’re at it, we’ve got the Brooklyn Bridge for sale.

See, they don’t want to concede “the evangelical vote” to Republicans anymore, despite having energetically done everything they could to alienate it. So far, Corey “Spartacus” Booker and Pete “Ooh, My Husband!” Buttigieg have hired “faith advisors.” And the Democrat National Committee has hired an “anti-Trump pastor” from Union “Theological Seminary,” where their latest caper is teaching something called “rejoicing in the queerness of God.”

Hint: don’t trade places with these characters on Judgment Day.

Does any Democrat even know what an “evangelical” is? Resorting to what we charitably call “the religions left” (instead of the more accurate “pagans”) to win over evangelicals is hilariously off the mark. But this is a party that has completely lost touch with normal people.

Why is it that when I write the nooze, it feels like writing satire?

‘San Fran Not Waiting for the Earthquake’ (2016)

Image result for images of san francisco lawlessness

They’re gonna need a bigger bridge

We don’t believe in God’s judgment, even when it comes right down on our heads.


Anyway, you know you’ve got troubles when your city’s own tourist board complains that the place is done going to the dogs and is now going to the buzzards.

Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin…

‘Hashtag This’ (2015)

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If ever the world needed hashtags!

What a pity they didn’t have hashtags in Noah’s day. He could’ve turned it all around and averted the Great Flood.


Well, you can’t save a culture that doesn’t want to be saved. Western Europe has a death wish, and we’re not far behind. But that we’re behind at all still counts for something.

So, by all means, throw hashtags around; but much more to the point, pray, repent, testify to the Lordship of Jesus Christ the King of kings, and plead with God The Father to intervene. It may be He will hear us.

My Newswithviews Column, July 11 (‘Shut Up, They Explained’)

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If you can’t make fun of this, what can you make fun of?

Anyone who makes fun of members of Congress online should go to jail, according to Florida Democrat waste of space Frederica Wilson.

Shut Up, They Explained

In Britain you can’t write a screenplay in which the villain belongs to any Cherished Minority group. In America you can’t even write a script with animal villains without being sued.

I’m beginning to suspect they don’t want us saying anything. Unless we’re leftids or mere babbling jidrools like Ms. Wilson.

Did I just make fun of her?

Another College Caper

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Far Left Crazy students at Williams College, Massachusetts, are trying to deter the college from allowing free speech (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=13425).

Watch the way they’ve learned to use words. “They want to kill us with hate speech.” Is that a new martial art I never heard of? “Bringing in certain speakers”–that is, conservative speakers–is tantamount to “violence.” If this keeps up, normal people won’t understand a word these students say.

They gave a standing ovation to a speaker who said “Colleges should write rules on stone on who can and cannot speak on campus.” Any of these student’s heads would suffice for a writing surface. They also applauded the speaker’s assertion that no “opinions” should ever be uttered on campus–“only factual speech.” You don’t need me to tell you how illogical that is, do you? I mean, like, “no opinions allowed” is… well, an opinion. And a stupid opinion at that.

College officials and staff are trying to bring free speech to Williams College, but the snowflake students are powerfully riled up against it. That’s what their, uh, education has done for them.

Cut to the chase–defund the colleges. There’s no way America benefits from raising up a whole generation of neo-Stalinists.

We’ve not only clutched a viper to our nation’s bosom. We’re hatching the viper’s eggs.

Getting Rather Blatant, Isn’t It?

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Well, it’s “non-people” and it’s got a “color”–green. Would they charge this plant half-price?

Organizers of the “AfroFuture Fest” in Detroit have backed off their scheme to charge double to “non-people of color” to attend (https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-48911917).

“Non-people of color”? They meant “white people,” of course, because racism directed at white people is always A-OK with leftids. But it reads more like “non-people”–pandas? elephants? house plants?–who happen to be “of color.” Anyway, the idea was to charge $40 a head to whites and only $20 a head to “of color.”

The good news is that it didn’t fly. One of the rappers on the bill said she wouldn’t perform if they went ahead with charging white people double for admission. She calls herself biracial. Lots of people are. And then the online ticket seller said they wouldn’t sell any more tickets, and would remove the festival’s page from the program, if the organizers wouldn’t change their minds. They changed their minds.

It is a sin to stir up racial animosities for whatever half-baked reason.

But it seems there is still a reservoir of decency left in many people, whatever their race, who simply refuse to go along with this. And this time their decency prevailed.

For which we give God the glory.

A Church of Blasphemy

Image result for images of baltimore oriole and nest

This story is off-putting enough without my having to illustrate it. Instead, here’s a Baltimore oriole with its nest.

There’s almost nothing Christian left of the Presbyterian Church USA. They haven’t sold their birthright; they’ve tossed it out the window.

The Mount Auburn Presbyterian Church in Cincinnati–decide for yourself whether it deserves to be called a church anymore–recently held a “drag queen” worship service; while over in Virginia, another PCUSA “church” ordained its first “non-binary” pastor (http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=3315).

At Mount Auburn the choir sang, “God Welcomes All.” What–even the Nicolaitanes? Of whom Jesus Himself said, “which thing I hate” (Revelation 2:15). So, no–Jesus Christ does not welcome fornication into His church.

Instead of reading from the Bible, the “drag queen” in the pulpit read from some trash called “Pride: The Story of Harvey Milk and the Rainbow Flag.”

Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin…

Oh, you can repent anytime. And be forgiven. But if you put it off and put it off, and then the tower falls on you and you die in all your sins… well, then you put it off too long.

PCUSA, you’re dancing with the devil.

‘The “Everybody Does It” Defense’ (2016)

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POTUS with his favorite intern

Allowing the people to choose its leaders by voting for them was supposed to protect us from leaders who would corrupt us or prey on us. But all too often we choose a leader who’s only just come along, seems like a good idea at the time, and turns out to be as dirty as they come.


The “Everybody Does It” defense is unworthy of adults–but boy, did we hear it a lot, during Bill Clinton’s presidency! And it wasn’t true! People insisted that it was, but they were wrong–and it was really quite easy to show them they were wrong.

Not that it changed anybody’s mind…

Oh, Boy, a New ‘Disorder’

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My wife smokes cigarettes, as do millions of other people. As if it weren’t bad enough that she has that habit–no, she doesn’t think it’s a good thing–now she finds printed on her medical reports, in all caps, TOBACCO USE DISORDER.

It wouldn’t be quite so irritating if the same yocks denouncing tobacco use weren’t simultaneously touting the benefits of smoking marijuana. They want to ban tobacco and legalize pot. By “legalize” they mean trying to get everybody to smoke it.

I have known many pot-smokers in my time: idiots all. If there are some medical benefits from some of the chemicals in marijuana, okay, fine. You can probably get those without filling your lungs with raw smoke and getting stoned so that you spout twaddle and think it’s profound. Or you can cook it into brownies and serve them at a New Year’s party. I saw that once. They all wound up passed out on the floor. It wasn’t even midnight yet.

Stigmatizing tobacco use (how come smokers don’t rate as “victims”?) while lauding marijuana-smoking to the skies is nothing but hypocrisy.

I find it hard to get used to.

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