‘How Much Worse Can It Get?’ (2017)

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Here it is–pure grinning idiocy wedded to pure evil.

I’m afraid we’ll soon find out how much worse it can get. Having stolen our country out from under us, Democrats are fanatically committed to the whole transgender mania.

How Much Worse Can It Get?

This is, of course, just plain wrong, just plain crazy, and just plain evil. Their end goal is to force us to say it isn’t. Once they can beat us into “celebrating” transgender, that’s it, we’re done.

May the Judge of all the earth deliver us. Have mercy on us, O God, for your name’s sake.

‘Play Ball!’ (Yeah, Right, Uh-Huh)

Fake Fans in the Stands Are Causing Real Problems for Teams

You’d almost think some evil genius had seized control of baseball and was doing everything he could to make it ridiculous, contemptible, and low. Like, “Major League Baseball”–the bad joke that replaced the American and National Leagues, which were competing business entities–signs a sweetheart deal with Communist China, and then turns around and attacks the state of Georgia for trying to clean up its election laws.

Ha, ha. The 2021 so-called baseball season has begun. And, Because COVID, fans aren’t allowed in the ballpark. But they solved that problem last year while I wasn’t looking.

This year, for a mere $100, you can have a cardboard cutout of yourself set up in the stands at the Houston Astros ballpark (https://abc13.com/astros-fan-cutouts-buy-cutout-how-to-be-at-minute-maid-park-mmp/6318214/). Have your picture taken “in your gear”–is that the most pathetic thing I’ve ever heard? I think it may well be–and the Astros will turn it into a life-sized cardboard cutout.

And! And! And there will be canned cheering!

What more could you want?

So first “baseball” gave us player strikes, quality starts, and bullpen by committee; then Gay Day at the Ol’ Stadium, celebrate sodomy; and now they demand we believe that any effort to restore integrity to the electoral process is “Jim Crow” on steroids and we punished Georgia by pulling the All-Star Game out of Atlanta I guess that’ll learn you racist peasants–!

And in return we get cardboard fans and canned crowd noise.

Somebody please tell me this is just a movie, and it’s almost over.

Hello? Hello…?

A Cure? Hell, No, We Don’t Want a Cure!

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Tish-tosh! 203 over 114 is not high blood pressure! It’s just different–and something not to be cured, but celebrated!

If you had a disability that could be corrected, or at least made less onerous, would you rather have the cure–or a bunch of academic pinheads “celebrating” you as “differently abled”? Sheesh, it’s not even proper English.

I have received an email describing this nonsense; and my sister, a healthcare professional, says it’s a “movement” that’s been gathering speed over the past few years. I am not going to name the school mentioned in the email, nor use any of the real names cited. Idiots are idiots no matter what you call ’em.

So they’re having a conference at Fimbo State to consider whether they should just forget about “curing” anything and instead trying to convince the disabled person to “flourish” in his mere “difference.”

Wow! I guess I can just throw my blood pressure pills out the window now and “celebrate” the fact that my blood pressure is just plain “different” and isn’t that just hunky dory? Sure takes the heat off the medical profession, don’t it?

The university is truly awe-inspiring as a fountainhead of genuinely bad ideas.

We could do nothing better than to cut off the funding. Now. Today.

‘When They Make You Say It’ (2018)

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Personally, I can’t think of anything more demeaning, hateful, or wrath-provoking than being forced to say something that I don’t believe. I’m glad they hadn’t yet gotten into this when I was in college.

When They Make You Say It

And who makes you say things that you don’t believe? Liberals, of course! The very same hypocrities who are always yammering about “oppression” and “bullying”!

They need to be pitched into a river.

The Great False Prophet of ‘Democracy’

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John Dewey

There is a reason why we have always heard, and continue to hear, so much babble about “democracy” when the country we live in is, by law, a republic.

Much of that reason is John Dewey (1859-1952), often hailed as America’s greatest philosopher, a great sage–guilty, though, according to R.J. Rushdoony, of calling Christianity “an alien faith” because “committed to a fundamental discrimination and separation to a ‘spiritual aristocracy”… and “the opposition of the human kingdom to God’s kingdom” (Thy Kingdom Come, pg. 54).

So what we have is “America’s greatest philosopher,” powerful and influential, baldly stating his opposition to Christianity–in a Christian country founded by Christians. And being applauded for it.

Rushdoony quotes Dewey: “I cannot understand how any realization of the democratic ideal as a vital moral and spiritual ideal in human affairs is possible without surrender of the conception of the basic division to which Christianity is committed.”

Did you get that? Christianity is bad, Dewey has taught generations of American academics, because it’s not “democratic.” That makes it… bad.

Now just because academics and their students today probably couldn’t tell you who Dewey was, doesn’t mean they aren’t drinking from the well he dug. They are drinking deeply; and as for the well, many lesser fat-heads have labored on it since, always digging deeper.

That we can’t think of any thinker who successfully unmasked Dewey as a charlatan does not speak well for our late-19th and early-20th century crop of thinkers.

And so our republic gets eroded, now more than ever, and our foolish “intellectuals” seduce us with “democratic ideals.” What God couldn’t do, they will! Make way for utopia! All we need is an all-powerful government, advised by themselves, to take us there.

These sins go back a long way in our history, and their effect is being felt today.

Even Our Crooks Are Stupid

✓ Image of young man baker standing with paper bag on head wearing glasses at bakery near bread. Point image & stock photo. 180848818

While we wait to see which common, everyday noun will be next to be labeled “racist,” we reflect on the decline of our culture. Even our professional criminals behave like amateurs.

A big-time mafiosi, wanted for drug trafficking and on the lam since 2014, was recently arrested… after posting videos of himself on YouTube (https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2021/03/alleged-mafia-fugitive-posted-cooking-videos-to-youtube-leading-to-arrest/). A Professor Moriarty he’s not.

Yeah, there he was, hiding out in the Dominican Republic. Maybe he was just stuck for something to do. Maybe he was a Jacques Pepin wannabe. Whatever the case, he took to making cooking videos and posting them on YouTube. He was always careful not to let the camera capture his face, which must have made for rather odd video, but the cops captured him when they recognized the tattoos on his arms. Duh.

He’s been extradited back to Italy to stand trial. Can they charge him with criminal stupidity?

‘Stanford Students Ban Western Civilization’ (2016)

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You shouldn’t be allowed to study Western Civilization. That’s what the Stanford University, er, “student government” says.

Stanford Students Ban Western Civilization

Why does this remind me of some spoiled teenage girl who won’t clean her room and then runs away to join a cult where the big poobah can order her around like a slave, and she obeys?

We have salvation in Jesus Christ. No worldly entity can give us that. Not even the very best things this world has to offer–and college is very, very far from being that.

My Newswithviews Column, April 1 (‘Killing Our Culture’)

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I don’t understand why liberals want to turn America into a socialist hell-hole. Apparently the idea of governing a nation of peaceful, decent, prosperous people doesn’t appeal to them.

So they use the apparatus of America to destroy America. Our schools and “entertainment” industry, for instance:

Killing Our Culture

I still don’t understand why it’s okay for us to pay for the schools but not have any say in what gets taught there, or by whom. And for some reason we buy, er, “music” that celebrates destruction.

What’s wrong with us?

More Culture Meltdown: ‘Satan Shoes’

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Have some tulips instead.

Hailed as “a young queer Black man” who’s breaking all sorts of bad outmoded no-good barriers, a rapper calling himself “Lil Nas”–sorry, but I really do prefer not to know about these things: they do not edify–is being sued by Nike for marketing his “Satan Shoes” as if they were a Nike product (https://www.cnn.com/2021/03/29/business/satan-shoes-nike-lil-nas-x/index.html).

Nike is upset because this has damaged overall sales: people think that Nike is endorsing Satanism.

The “Satan Shoes” are made from modified Nike sneakers, plus a pentagram and (we are at liberty not to believe this) “a drop of human blood” in the sole. Supposedly only 666 pairs of Satan Shoes will be sold. Where do we go to stand in awe of so much cleverness?

Don’t ask me to illustrate this post with any photos or videos of this. Nor will I get into a discussion of “Lil Nas'” , er, works. They do not edify.

But one thing they do do is debase and debauch our culture; and in turn, our culture debases and debauches our character. We are like fish who are compelled to swim in a lake of toxic waste. Ain’t gonna do us any good.

May God have mercy on us.


Why Not ‘Insertion Poetry’?

5 Funny Poets You Need to Read - Blog | Study Abroad | Higher Education  Magazine | Summer Program

Okay! We’ve got “erasure poetry,” in which some ninny blacks out or otherwise deletes words and phrases from a poem that somebody else wrote, to produce a new poem which looks very like gibberish. But if you can make new poems by taking stuff out of old ones, which not create new poems by putting something… in?

Voila! Insertion poetry! Like so:

Jack and Jill went [off to Brazil]/ to fetch a [poisonous tree frog]/ Jack [climbed a tree] and broke his [knee],/ and Jill came tumbling [onto a wart hog].

Gee, it’s sort of like Mad Libs without the blanks. It works with prose, too:

Fourscore and seven years ago, our [capitalist warmongers] brought forth a new [chicken coop], conceived in [J.P. Morgan’s private office] and dedicated to [cut-throat business practices] and [unrestrained drunkenness]…

This is bound to catch on at every university and college in America. Shall I compare thee to a [bowl of watery oatmeal]? Presto! Shakespeare’s poem is now your poem! It does wonders for the self-esteem.

Just goes to show ya: our intellectuals never run out of really dumb ideas.