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Macron’s Throne (Yeah, I Said ‘Throne’)

A lot of people have forgotten that Emmanuel “I feel pretty” Macron, the president of France, actually has a throne.

The French elect a president to be a king. Then they want to cut ...

Somehow I don’t think this is quite Vive la Republique.

Can you imagine the howl that would go up if Donald Trump ever plunked his butt down on a throne? Maybe he should do it, just to drive leftids crazy. Er, crazier.

It just goes to show you you can put a dummy on a throne and it’s still a dummy.

‘Pretty Boy Prez of France Spends $30G on Hair, Makeup’ (2017)

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They do like to rub our faces in it, don’t they?

Pretty Boy Prez of France Spends +$30G on Hair & Makeup

Granted, French President “I feel pretty” Macron spent mere confetti, compared to what our President *Batteries Not Included spent on entertaining and decorating himself and his wife. Still–when was the last time you spent 30 grand on hair and makeup?

Well, God told Samuel to let the people have the king they wanted, and they’d be sorry.

Oh, BTW, Macron does have one thing Ol’ *Batteries Not Included didn’t have.

A throne. This popinjay-in-chief has got a throne.

I thought the French had more self-respect than that.

‘An All-New Perversion! Become Disabled on Purpose’ (2015)

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How crazy is it getting out there? Well, in 2015, this crazy:

An All-New Perversion! Become Disabled on Purpose

Not only do you have intensely disturbed people wanting perfectly healthy limbs lopped off so they can be disabled, but you have 100% ethics-free doctors obliging them and even more immoral “philosophers” trying to make the whole thing sound peachy.

This hasn’t quite caught on like transgender lunacy, although it’s almost the same thing.

I wonder how long it’ll take Democrats to come around to making it mandatory.

My Newswithviews Column, July 23 (‘Robbed of Their Adulthood’)

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Would you believe it? I’ve still got internet access! Couldn’t do Newswithviews last week because I had virtually no access.

So here it is–and I’ve noticed, this week, that several conservative commentators agree with me on this.

Robbed of Their Adulthood

What liberals say about “minorities” is more insulting from anything you hear from anybody else.

They must want that free stuff awful bad, to put up with it.

‘The Ideology of Stupid’ (2013)

Image result for images of income inequality protest

If everybody’s poor, then everybody’s equal!

Leftism is the philosophical and political expression of Original Sin, so we’ll have to wait for the Lord Himself to get rid of it. But while we’re waiting, we ought to get rid of the Democrat Party. That’s one piece of leftism that we could consign to history, if we put our minds to it.

The Ideology of Stupid

The Biden campaign has yet to come out strong for “a solution to income inequality,” but they will, they will. It’s all moonshine and false promises that they won’t even try to keep; but that’s why they like it.

‘After Christian School… It All Goes South’ (2016)

Image result for images of studying online

Kids have been out of public school and out of college now for several months, thanks to The Great Quarantine Which We Gotta Have To Ward Off The Extinction Event Etc. But eventually the powers that be will expect you to send them back. Here’s a reminder of what public education does.

After Christian School…It All Goes South

If you’re currently homeschooling your child, or pursuing your college studies online–well, I hope you know when you’re well off.

Because nobody needs what public education does to a human mind.

Smithsonian on ‘Whiteness’

Rear View Of Garbage Bag Against White Background : Stock Photo

It’s all garbage

The morons at the Smithsonian, having been firmly rebuked by public opinion, have removed their “Whiteness” “portal” that proclaimed that rational thought, hard work, and intact families were aspects of “white culture” (https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/jul/17/smithsonian-african-american-museum-remove-whitene/).

I guess that means that, left to their own devices, un-influenced by “white culture,” Persons of Color (POCs) just naturally gravitate to irrational thought, laziness, and fatherless messed-up not-quite families. Isn’t that what liberals are saying? 

Gee, those characteristics would make them an ideal client class for rich white Democrats to use and manipulate.

BTW, I’m not sure what they mean by a “portal.” In science fiction a “portal” is the door by which you get to a parallel universe where everything’s fakacka.

Go through the Smithsonian’s portal and you’ll be in a parallel universe, all right.

Noozie: Christ Was Not Perfect

I Have Played the Fool – New Hope International Ministries

At least a professional fool is funny. A noozie isn’t. Well, not intentionally, at least.

I do get tired of being lectured by idiots. Just because you’re an overpaid noozie doesn’t make you a theologian. Isn’t it bad enough that they lie about the nooze, putting words in people’s mouths that they never said, making it up as they go along because that’s their stupid “narrative”? But with liberals it’s never bad enough.

CNN nooze-squawker Don Lemon recently said Our Lord Jesus Christ was “admittedly”–where did that come from?–just a guy like you or me, and not perfect (https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/don-lemon-cnn-theologian-says-jesus-admitted-he-was-not-perfect). Can I use the word “douchebag” to describe him?

And of course he never produces the scripture in which Jesus “admits” he’s not perfect. Are we supposed to take his word for it? The fact that there is no such scripture makes no dent in his towering ignorance.

As my high school math teacher, Mr. Gracchi, used to say, “Empty barrels make the most noise.”

There’s nothing in this barrel.

Massachusetts Town OKs Polyamory

White-breasted Nuthatch Identification, All About Birds, Cornell ...

No, I’m not going to post a picture of a polyamorous “relationship.” Here’s a nice little bird instead.

R.J. Rushdoony used to say the only freedom statists mean to leave us is the freedom to fornicate–and that only because they want to wipe out the family, which competes with the state for an individual’s loyalty. He was right.

Speaking of America’s national character sliding down the pipe to the trash heap down below, the small city of Somerville, Massachusetts (pop. 80,000), has approved polyamory. That’s when a group of people have random sexual relations and call themselves a family. Feh. (https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/01/us/somerville-polyamorous-domestic-partnership.html) They’ve redefined “domestic partnerships” to include groups of three or more persons living together as a sexual oddity.

Now public employees there can get local government health benefits if there are more than two people in the “partnership.” Members of these aggregations can now visit each other in the hospital–a change that could easily have been made without approving polyamory. But this is only to be expected from a town that flies Organized Sodomy’s “rainbow flag” from City Hall.

Family, schmamily, everything’s a family because you are whatever you call yourself. Two men, two women, a dog, and a manual typewriter can all themselves a “family.” Just another thing for our country to be ashamed of.


Goodbye, Adulthood

Nanny Hazel adult baby Editorial Stock Photo - Stock Image ...

A liberal once said to me that socialism is good and necessary because “the government will take better care of you.” So much for adulthood.

God gave us families, the Church, voluntary associations, friends, and our own two hands and our own brains to take care of us. We don’t want The Government to take care of us. We are not infants. If they feed you, clothe you, and put a roof over your head, they can certainly tell you what to do and what to think and punish you if you don’t.

Yeahbut, yeahbut! If it saves one life…. Honk if you’ve heard that one before.

If it saves one life, Walter Williams said recently, then the government should reduce the speed limit to 5 mph. That would save thousands of lives! Unless it drove people to murder or suicide.

Let’s all wear face masks all the time! if it saves one life. Let’s ban all products that could possibly harm you–if it saves one life. Let’s put the government in charge of making all the people happy! Which will only make them all miserable; but if it saves one life, we’ve gotta do it.

Yeahbut! The Democrats will give us free stuff! All kinds of free stuff!

Is this not shameful? Do you want to be a baby or a toddler all your life? Aren’t you ashamed for living off the work of other people? It’s theft if you do it with a Saturday night special. If the government does it with an army that’ll kill anyone who resists, it’s just “fair redistribution.”

Grow up, America.

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