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Barf Alert: ‘Tonight’ Writers Idolize Hillary

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Have you ever wondered just how far anyone can go in shedding his or her self-respect? I think the answer might be, “All the way.”

The other night Crooked Hillary Clinton–whose Devotions had to be pulled from the market on account of rampant plagiarism–appeared on the Tonight Show to schlep her books. And whaddaya know! Out came seven of the show’s female writers to deliver “thank you” letters to this corrupt and wicked woman. (http://www.breitbart.com/big-hollywood/2017/10/05/tonight-show-miley-cyrus-tears-reading-thank-note-hillary-clinton/)

And then, to top it all off, out came strumpet-for-hire Miley Cyrus, who, we are told, was “fighting back tears” as she read the letters to the Witch of Whitewater.

There’s video of this event, but your standard barf bag might not be adequate. You might need a full-size lawn and leaf bag if you’re going to watch this.

Can anybody tell me anything Hillary Clinton has ever done to deserve such adulation? C’mon, I dare you to try!

‘Kansas Isn’t Kansas Anymore, Toto…’

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Remember, in The Wizard of Oz, how Dorothy says to her dog, “I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore, Toto”? Well, now she could say that without leaving Kansas.

We’ve been talking about loopy ideas, and a culture that’s abandoned God…

So in Lawrence, Kansas, a former video store has been turned into an occult-themed shop, “The Village Witch,” catering to “the growing pagan population.” (http://www2.ljworld.com/weblogs/town_talk/2017/sep/27/a-witch-themed-store-opens-in-eastern-la/) On the same page is “Test Your Spell-Casting Skills–Can You Cast Spells That Work?” Make sure you send them your email address. And also some click-bait: a headline featuring “Judge Judy’s Tragic Death.” Judge Judy is still alive and the story has nothing to do with the bogus headline.

It’s all of a piece, though, isn’t it?

Here in America, we spend more money on “education” than has ever been spent on it in all of human history. Every liberal jidrool has a “Science is real” sign on his lawn. And we are all of us hip-deep in high-tech devices and gizmos, really hairy technology that fills our daily lives and which hardly anybody understands.

Why is it that the more education, science, and fancy technology we get, the more superstitious, the more given to loopy thinking, we become? I mean, we as a nation are way out there now. Just last week it was big-name “journalist” Sally Quinn yakking about how she casts spells. Puts the whammy on people, and they die. You used to have to watch Joe Pyne and his guests if you wanted to hear that kind of babbling. And I’ll betcha anything, anything at all, that Sally believes “Science is real.”

God help us.

Libs Play to Coerce the Vote for ‘Gay Marriage’ in Australia

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In November Australians will vote on whether or not to inflict “gay marriage” on their country.

As always, because it’s in their DNA and they can’t change it, leftids are resorting to every dirty trick they know to get their way. They simply must have “gay marriage” and woe to anyone who stands in their way!

And so, as they always do, they’ve been personally attacking anyone who seems likely to vote “No” on pseudo-marriage. People have been fired from their jobs. Leftids got up a petition to revoke a doctor’s medical license–and also made death threats against her–for her stand for real marriage. A former prime minister was physically assaulted by a “Yes” voter.

Other Yessies are content merely to cancel lifelong friendships (http://honey.nine.com.au/2017/09/19/09/17/im-losing-friends-over-the-same-sex-postal-vote). They do this because they genuinely cannot conceive of anyone having an opinion other than theirs. This is a trait of leftids everywhere. Well, hey, I admit I can’t relate to their wicked and absurd opinions.

What I want to know is: why? Why are they so fanatical in their devotion to this parody of marriage? Why are they willing to tear down the country to get it? And if you suggest it’s because their whole enterprise is satanic in its origin, I think you’re right.

And as soon as they do get “gay marriage,” they’ll be demanding something else–“trans” bathrooms, legalizing pedophilia, whatever the next card in the deck is. The demands will never stop. The Left will never be appeased.

It must be conquered.

100% Insincere ‘Protest’

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Hey! Remember what happened in football just a few years ago, when Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow decided to “take a knee” on the football field? Because his gesture was meant to thank and honor God, they ran him out of the league. The way the sports nooze media reacted, you’d think he was sprinkling holy water on Dracula.

Now it’s 2017 and you’ve got whole teams “taking the knee”–if you’re more fed up with that expression than I am, you probably qualify for a prize–to “protest” for some kind of “Social Justice” that has mysteriously eluded millionaire football players. And for the most part, the team owners are piously spouting gobbledygook in support of their players.

What pure distilled crapola.

Think back just a year or two. The Left is pouring it on the NFL, lawsuits over the Redskins’ name, massive action threatened on behalf of players who had suffered concussion as a result of playing football, constant complaints about every aspect of football, etc. It looked like they were trying to get rid of football altogether, undoubtedly because it had become a key fixture of American culture and lots of people liked it. Hating America as they do, leftids naturally hate whatever America likes.

Ah! But suddenly the owners get their chance to hop on board the Democrat Express! And hop they do. “Yo, look at us, we hate America, too! We are in solidarity”–ironic, the way that word was originally used in Poland to express opposition to communism–“with our players and their fight for Social Justice!”

Go ahead, idiots. Get America to hate you back, and see what that does for your profits.

Why is it so hard to learn that you shouldn’t even try to appease the unappeaseable? These “protests” are about things that didn’t happen, things that don’t happen, things that happened long ago and don’t happen anymore, things that someone failed to prevent the protesters from becoming millionaires–and there is no giving the protesters what they want, because they don’t know what they want and if they ever got it, they still wouldn’t be satisfied but would just go on to “protest” something else.

This is the legacy of President *Batteries Not Included, the only president we ever had who did his level best to stir up racial discord.

But more than that, it is the fruit of left-wing identity politics–which nowadays means exactly the same thing as Democrat politics.

Meanwhile, you heard it here: Give the protesters whatever it is they want, and they’ll just go on to protest something else–and probably something imaginary, at that.


Lack of Sleep is Killing Us, Scientist Says

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A whole cornucopia of big-time medical problems, from assorted cancers to galloping dementia, arise from a chronic shortage of sleep and could lead to “catastrophic” results for the whole human race, warns the director of the Center for Sleep Science (http://www.independent.co.uk/news/sleep-deprivation-epidemic-health-effects-tired-heart-disease-stroke-dementia-cancer-a7964156.html).

Well, doc, I don’t think you’ll be surprised by anything you find in my neighborhood at night. Everybody’s got a floodlight aimed at everybody else. You could stand outside and read a newspaper at midnight on a moonless night. The people opposite my bedroom window have some kind of thousand-watt bulb burning all the time. I have to put cardboard over my windows to get my room reasonably dark.

We also have to run our bedroom air conditioner all night to mask the perpetual din of motorcycles roaring up and down the street–they only come out at night: apparently our local police are too bashful to give out tickets–people yelling at each other and playing really rotten music as loud as they can, and loud electronic beeps and whistles generated by I know not what.

Yes, a lot of gavones brag about getting by with just a few hours’ sleep a night. Never mind that sleep is a basic necessity of life, like food or water. They also seem inordinately eager to share their sleeplessness with others.

I don’t want to go to bed when the sun goes down and get up at daybreak. I like to relax by watching movies at night. But it would be mighty nice to get seven or eight hours of sleep regularly, and it’s too bad the culture that we live in seems determined not to allow it.


Gwyneth’s Little Shop of Horrors

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“Look into my eyes. You are growing stupid, stupid, stuuuupid….”

When The Smartest People in the World are not busy being materialists who worship an idol called “Science,” they’re New Agers who mock Christianity while imbibing every superstition they can find. And mastermind Gwyneth Paltrow has just opened a really pricey shop in Los Angeles that caters to them (https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/sep/22/sex-dust-and-vampire-repellent-a-stroll-through-gwyneth-paltrows-new-la-store).

Here at The Goop Lab, devoted to Gwyneth’s “lifestyle brand”–now why didn’t I think of that, marketing my “lifestyle”?–people with scads of money to burn can buy… Sex Dust, “alchemized to ignite sexual energy,” once you figure out what “alchemized” means; Psychic Vampire Repellent consisting of “sonically tuned gem elixirs” at $30 a bottle, and which probably doesn’t work because if it did, there’d be no one in the store–and all of it “choreographed by GP herself.” Hum baby. No wonder it costs so much.

Oh, I don’t know. Maybe it’s business as usual for a dress to cost $800.

I don’t know what GP, as they call her, does besides appear in movies that I have no interest in seeing. I think if I bought a bottle of Psychic Vampire Repellent, I could never respect myself again.

People desert Christ to wallow in mumbo-jumbo, and glory in their wisdom and sophistication.

But the Lord is our defense: Jesu defend us.


Bill Clinton–Novelist

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Bill Clinton enjoys the perks of public office…

My wife said, “Here’s your competition. Bill Clinton has just written his first novel!”

Well, sort of written. He co-authored it (heh-heh) with internationally best-selling writer James Patterson (http://www.indiewire.com/2017/09/bill-clinton-james-patterson-showtime-the-president-is-missing-1201879078/). It hasn’t even been published yet, but Showtime has already won the hotly-contested bidding war to turn Clinton’s novel, The President is Missing, into a TV series.

The story, explains America’s favorite dirty old man and former president, is about “what happens when a sitting president suddenly disappears.”

Hmmm… Have they looked under the desk in the Oval Office?

Follow the Monica.

Ain’t it wonderful to be a Clinton?

How Did This Crappy Idea Turn Out?

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I missed this story, somehow, when it was live. And now there’s no follow-up, so I don’t know how it turned out.

In 2012 and 2013, reaching back into 2010, the hottest thing in British education was a movement to forbid children from having best friends (https://www.thesun.co.uk/archives/news/462185/schools-ban-children-making-best-friends/). This, the educators (ahem!) reasoned, would spare kiddies the pain of breaking up with a best friend later on. Kind of like if you never marry, you’ll never have to go through a divorce. If you never get a job, you’ll never get fired. You have to be a trained education professional to see how brilliant an idea this is.

Well, confound it, I can’t find any recent articles that tell us how this scheme worked out. I mean, just because it totally defies human nature doesn’t mean it’ll fail–right? Why, that might imply that socialism itself could fail!

Five years ago, there were questions being asked about this, even among the educators. A guy from the National Association of Head Teachers said of the policy, “It seems bizarre.” Well, there’s nobody as anti-human as a humanist.

I can’t find anything more recent than that. Did this idea die a natural death, or are they still pumping juice into it, refusing to let it go? I’m very surprised it hasn’t spread across the Atlantic to the United States and Canada: it seems tailor-made for our teachers’ unions. Imagine the rush an educator would get, forcing children to break up with their best friends and forbidding them to have best friends anymore–and laying down the law to the kids’ parents, too. It’d be as big a turn-on as rationing.

Perhaps some reader in the UK can enlighten us, and tell us how it all turned out. If you can, please do!

Update: Thanks to “thewhiterabbit” for this update.

Yes, they’re still doing it: UK schools not allowing kids to have best friends. Little Prince George, four years old, is about to be sentenced to one of these places (http://www.cosmopolitan.com/uk/reports/a12215360/prince-george-school-policy-not-allowed-best-friend/). The whole is idea is so “no one will feel excluded.”

They’ll be putting the kids in chain gangs next.

Telling Us How to Behave

Image result for images of hate has no business here

I don’t know about your town, but in my town, these little signs are popping up all over, admonishing us that “Hate Has No Business Here.” The yard sign version says “Hate Has No Home Here.”

Now, why would you need these signs unless you thought the town was chock-full of “haters” in need of your instruction?

Entering the YMCA today, I saw one of those signs on the door. So I asked at the desk: “What is ‘hate’?” They didn’t know. They were embarrassed. They directed me to their supervisor. After some hemming and hawing, she revealed (1) “Oh, the Chamber of Commerce gave us those signs to put up” and (2) “It’s just about everybody being kind and welcoming to everybody else.”

“Who hasn’t been doing that?” I asked.

“Well, you know!”

“No, I don’t. Tell me.”

“Um, it’s like, well, people in the parking lot angrily honking at each other because they want a parking space.”

I don’t think mere obstreporating ought to qualify as “hate,” but by now I realized I wasn’t going to get any answers more coherent than that.

Somebody else asked me why I didn’t like the signs. “It’s too Red China/Big Brother for me,” I said. “Especially when nobody can explain what they mean by ‘hate.’ Are they trying to get rid of a basic human emotion? Or is it Democrat-speak for ‘Thou shalt not vote for Trump’? I don’t like a bunch of faceless liberals telling me how I ought to behave–especially when they themselves have been spouting real, hot hate non-stop since Election Night.”

Now I wonder what will happen if I ask them if I can put up a “John 3:16” sign somewhere on the premises of what is formally known as the Young Men’s Christian Association.

What do you want to bet they’ll say no?

A Nasty Night in the Neighborhood

Image result for images of cursing

Some people act like they’ve got no souls.

Alone in the living room last night, I wished to listen to a hymn–Light of the World, in fact–when I was interrupted by a great deal of noise from across the lawn.

It was two louts hurling long streams of f-bombs at each other. I couldn’t quite get the drift of the discussion: something to do with a sum of $30. They got louder and louder and then started fighting. Don’t quit your day jobs, fellas. They might have hurt themselves by accident, but they didn’t have the skills to hurt each other. This went on until it woke my wife and brought out some other people from the building, who finally broke it up. The two combatants yelled and cursed for another few minutes, then at last they went away.

Now this is not an inexpensive neighborhood–thus proving that you don’t have to be poor to enjoy the ghetto lifestyle. I didn’t call the cops because they already know their way to that particular row of condos. They could find it blindfolded. Another few minutes and they would’ve been here, too.

Years ago, stuff like that never happened around here. But as The Smartest People in the World melt down and debase our culture, they’re happening more often. And not just here, I guess.

I will play the hymn again tonight and hope for the best.

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