The Return of… Oh, Holy Cow!

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I think I hear a coffin creaking open.

Maybe Dick Morris is last year’s potatoes, but he’s out there this week forecasting another presidential run for Hillary Clinton ( ‘Cause she has this “brilliant strategy,” see, and anyway there’s nobody else sitting on the Democrat bench, etc.

First she lost to a freshman senator from Illinois whom most Americans had never heard of. Then she lost to a rich guy whose presidential run was his first venture into politics. She has sort of a habit to losing to newcomers.

Well, fine! Run her as many times as it takes to destroy the Democrat Party. She is a profoundly unlikable character, nobody in his right mind trusts her, she’s spectacularly corrupt… Oh, yes, Democrats! Go for it. This time it’s bound to work. This time you’re really gonna kick the football.

You’d think a party with millions of people in it could generate at least one major candidate who was not a crook, an idiot, a wacko, a jidrool, or a nitwit

But Hillary Clinton is all these things…


‘Nope, Nothing Wrong with Our Culture’ (2019)

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It’s winter, it’s terribly cold outside–so naturally you notice it when a naked man comes walking along. Is that his dog he’s walking? Well, he just turned around and bit the dog… He bit an off-duty FBI guy, too, before the cops could subdue him.

Nope, Nothing Wrong with Our Culture

There’s an awful lot of weird behavior going around, isn’t there? Were there always thousands and thousands of loons out there, or does our current culture breed them?

Like mosquitoes in a tank of stagnant water…

‘You Won’t Believe This–“Fornicaid”?’ (2017)

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I don’t feel like illustrating this nooze item. Here’s a nice jolly axolotl instead.

A “date” with a hooker is a tax-deductible business expense?

We’re a long way from catching up to Europe.

You Won’t Believe This–‘Fornicaid’?

This is another one of those nooze stories that came and went without our ever knowing how it turned out. The German Green Party proposed this in 2017 and that was the last we heard of it. They’d tried it on a little earlier in the UK, but Brits resented their tax dollars going to set people up with “sex workers.”

Can It Get More Asinine Than This?

539 Quidditch Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty Images

They have to run around with broomsticks between their legs. Sheesh.

I thought it was a satire when I read about it in Campus Reform–I mean, really: college “quidditch”? ( That’s that game they play in Harry Potter books, in which they zoom around on broomsticks.

But no. There is college quidditch, it’s been around since 2005, and there is not only a U.S. Quidditch organization, but also Major League Quidditch.

And what they want to do now is to change the name of the game because of author J.K. Rowling’s “anti-trans positions in recent years.” Rowling wrote the books and created the game–but no one is allowed to be “anti-trans.” Rowling’s hate crime was to assert that there are only men and women, they are not the same, and there are no other “genders.” Nor can you “change your gender.”

Wow. No wonder they’re so mad at her.

If I were J.K. Rowling, I would say “Fine! You can either stop playing my game altogether, or you can pay me a royalty every time you play it.” But maybe only trans-friendly authors are now allowed control of their own intellectual property. Diversity brooks no dissent.

What are these trans-happy morons getting out of this? Does anybody understand that? Can anyone explain it? Or is it just our civilization gasping out its life in an endless stream of foolishness?

God will save us, somehow.

The New Kwanzaaa–Jan. 6

Using Sock Puppet app to broadcast morning announcements over cc-tv. |  Morning announcements, Broadcast news, Beginning of school

Back in the 60s, Far Left Crazy decided America needed to be weaned off Christmas. Boo, Christmas! A holiday for white people!

And so they made up “Kwanzaa,” a totally fictitious B.S. pseudo-African festival that no one in Africa ever heard of until they read about it in The Atlantic.

Somehow Christmas survived, and now the only people in America who still pretend to believe in Kwanzaaa are white female elementary school teachers and a few hopelessly addled black politicians. You want Kwanzaaaa? Visit your nearest public school. You won’t find it anywhere else.

So America didn’t go stampeding away from Christmas. What we need, cogitates the Far Left brain trust, is another brand-new holiday!

Hence… “Insurrection Day.” Jan. 6. The Worst Day Ever, according to… reporters. “Journalists.” Line up over there, next to the schoolmarms. Worse than Sept. 11. Worse than Pearl Harbor. Unarmed members of the public entering a public place without first saying “May I?” Worse even than Gettysburg!

We’ll see TV specials. Impassioned speeches by Democrats about “Our democracy.” How it’s all Trump’s fault. Why we need mail-in voting and ballot harvesting. All to the tune of breathless noozie chit-chat, “What I saw on the Worst Day Ever,” or “How those dadburned Trumpers almost put the kibosh on Our Democracy!”

How many times will this hooey holiday be “celebrated” before it joins Kwanzaaa in the who-freakin’-cares department?

‘This Should Scare You’ (2017)

Play-doh people | Cane Hill Mad! | Flickr

How hard should it be to change someone’s core beliefs? How much resistance should you be prepared to encountered?

The answers appear to be “As easy as pie” and “None whatsoever.”

This Should Scare You

If people really are as malleable as Play-Doh, ready to be re-shaped and molded by every new twaddle that comes down the pike–I wonder, then: how come they can’t be molded to be good?



‘The Moral Tone of Congress’ (2017)

PHOTO: Leeann Tweeden posted this photo online that she says was taken while she was asleep on a flight back from a 2006 USO trip. She says it shows then-comedian Al Franken, who is now a U.S. Senator, groping her.

Then-Senator Al Franken enjoys a “paws that refreshes.”

No comments, no likes, no nothin’–What gives?

Oh, let’s enjoy a good belly laugh! “The Moral Tone of Congress…”

The Moral Tone of Congress

And of course the funniest part of all is that those sexual harassment lawsuits are paid off not by the guilty parties in Congress, but by you and me! The taxpayers.

‘Now That’s a Stupid Question!’ (2017)

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I started noticing this back in the 1970s, when I was a newspaper editor.

Young reporters coming out of journalism school were incredibly bad at being journalists. And I had to decide which ones to hire.

Now That’s a Stupid Question!

In the above example, “What did you study at clown school?” is just the sort of question you’d ask after some years at the Missouri U. School of Journalism. You would wonder whom Thomas Jefferson Middle School was named after. Who’s buried in Grant’s Tomb? (Liberace? King Tut?)

The only difference between then and now is that now Far Left politics has been added to their natural, habitual ignorance.

‘”TERF” Wars’ (2018)

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No, I will not post a photo of anything “transgender.” Here’s a nice red eft instead.

There’s nothing in modern leftism so inane, frivolous, or evil that it can’t get even more inane, frivolous, or evil.

Like that whole “transgender” thing. Some feminists turned against it a few years ago, but it looks like they’ve been swallowed up without another murmur.

‘TERF’ Wars

“Oh, no! You’re trans-exclusionary!” Can you imagine saying that with a straight face?

The two chief culprits here are public education and Hollywood. They serve Satan.

We really mustn’t help them.

‘Trivializing Women’ (2017)

Image result for images of women in 1950s commercials

Scroll down a bit to see Unknowable’s second comment. It’s food for thought.

Trivializing Women

This was 2017. Four years later, more people are freaking out more dramatically. The purposely-engineered COVID panic/stampede/hysteria has a lot to do with it, of course. Not sayin’ the disease isn’t real. But the response to it is totally unprecedented. And is not starting to look a bit crazy.

As for trivializing women–well, thanks for that, Madison Avenue. Thanks, Hollywood.

But of course they trivialize men, too.