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Milk Is Racist!

Image result for images of drinking milk is racist

No, this is not a Joe Collidge satire. This is real, authentic garbage, spewed out by the college newspaper at California State University ( http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/mar/17/milk-new-symbol-racism-donald-trumps-america/ ).

Gee, did you know neo-Nazis drink a lot of milk? Bet you weren’t aware of the “subtle racism hidden in our health facts.” Sure, you’ve heard that the United States “was founded on racism,” and that “every institution that we uphold has racist roots.” And so on.

The writer of this drivel is only parroting what she’s been taught in our public schools and universities.

It is a sin to try to stir up strife where none exists. Racial harmony really bugs liberals: makes ’em mad enough to spit. Without the racial grievance industry, their car has three flat tires. And although they enjoy, every hour of every day, the benefits of living in America, which they’d be very hard put to do without, they hate their own country and tirelessly seek to damage it. So drinking milk, and advocating the drinking of milk, is just, for them, more proof that America is run by Nazis. Because everybody who’s not them is a Nazi.

If they know the actual meaning of the word, it’s way more than I’d expect of them.

Parents who love and respect their sons and daughters do not subject them to a public education.

(P.S.–I’ll hold off on John 4 till tomorrow. I’m too rattled to do it justice today.)

15 Minutes of Cinematic Twaddle

Image result for images of malice aforethought with ben miller

Did you ever decide to watch a movie because it stars an actor whose work you’ve really liked, so far? We fell into that trap the other night–Malice Aforethought, supposedly an English murder mystery. The bait was Ben Miller, a very funny comedian who’s also a pretty good actor.

You would be justified in walking a mile out of your way, in snow or rain, to avoid seeing this movie.

In fairness, we could only endure about 15 minutes of it, stubbing it out when a certain seduction scene turned out to be so ham-fisted, so inane, so jejune, as to start me whistling Lillibulero. It was that or throw something.

Once again, it set me to thinking… Here is a movie made by professionals, costing heap big sums of money. They hired real actors, real writers, a real director, and a real crew. Every day they had the opportunity to view the rushes and see how it was shaping up so far. And yet the result managed to be both fatuous and offensive.

How does a movie this bad even get made? Obviously it was going to be one ludicrous sex scene after another, with somewhere a murder mystery thrown in, if they ever got around to it. Why didn’t Miller’s agent read the script and threaten to shoot him if he agreed to appear in this clunker? Somebody should’ve been shot for this.

If people who actually make movies for a living can produce a mess like this, what does it suggest about any idea to grow the government and give spectacular new powers to equally inept and foolish individuals?

You can always turn off a rotten movie. It isn’t so easy to get rid of rotten public policy.

‘The Shack’: F-

Image result for images of the shack by william young

So here’s another movie that I do not plan to see, based on a best-selling book that I would, at all costs, avoid reading: The Shack, by William Young.

Steve Brown, of Key Life Ministries, to whom I listened on the radio for some years, was wild about the book when it came out. I never understood that–and neither, he admitted, did most of the other people in his audience. Steve is a rather conservative guy. I interviewed him once; and when someone picked up the phone and said “Key Life Ministries,” I asked the stupidest question I ever asked in my life: “Hello, could I speak to Steve Brown, please?” Steve has a deep, deep, sonorous, down-home voice, impossible to mistake for anyone else’s: impossible, but I did it anyway. As if there could be two voices like that! My only defense is that I never expected the president of the ministry to answer the phone. But I digress.

The Shack preaches universalism: the doctrine that anybody and everybody goes to heaven no matter what they believe. Why, then, be a Christian, if worshiping a ham sandwich will get you there just as well?

So… the protagonist has had some serious agony in his life, and he needs answers. He wanders around until he finds this shack; and in the shack, just hanging out, he finds what Mr. Young is pleased to tell us is the Holy Trinity.

God the Father, Yahweh, the Great I AM–well, that’s a black woman. This has to be liberal para-Christianity’s oldest cliche. I’ll bet there were cave men who were bored to death by it. So give Mr. Young an F- for originality. The Holy Spirit is a prattling Asian woman, and God the Son, Jesus Christ Our Lord, the King of Kings–well, he’s just this laid-back, chilled-out, loosey-goosey Middle Eastern Guy. And the message is, Everybody gets saved.

What Bible did Mr. Young get that out of?

For whatever my opinion may be worth, this seems like a very serious sin: trying to use God to bear false witness against His own enscriptured Word. The Shack can’t be right unless the Bible is wrong about virtually everything. And that, in a nutshell, is what liberal para-Christianity is all about. You can’t believe the message of The Shack unless you disbelieve the Bible.

Give The Shack another F- for theology.

If you have to choose between seeing this movie and watching the grass grow, go for the grass.

Last Days, Or Just Bad Days?

Image result for images of walt disney tearing his hair out

Gone are the days…

I understand why people think we’ve living in the Last Days, in the run-up to the Apocalypse, as described in Revelation. We’re living in an age of freaks and weirdos, with powerful and wealthy institutions promoting wickedness for all they’re worth.

Walt Disney’s movies and cartoons were a big part of my childhood. Who didn’t love Mickey Mouse? Donald Duck? Dumbo? What kid didn’t watch the Disney television shows?

Now Disney is about to release a live-action remake of its 1991 animated cartoon feature, Beauty and the Beast, featuring what is proudly billed as the “entertainment” giant’s “first exclusively gay moment” ( http://www.nowtheendbegins.com/disney-first-exclusively-gay-moment-hits-screens-beauty-beast-live-action-version/ ). I think there are a lot of us who would like to be excluded.

This is a film intended for children. To teach them that “gay is great,” I guess. Like they teach them in the public schools. Like parents allow strangers to teach them. Why do they allow it? Don’t ask me. Ask the Bible. Romans Chapter One, the part about reprobate minds.

This is evil, this is poison, and those of us who oppose it have no power to stop it. We can’t get at the controls of the runaway train.

What can we do? More to the point, what will God do?

What I say unto you I say unto all: Watch!  –Mark 13:37

A P.C. Fantasy for Teens

Image result for images of politically correct kids

I’ve been invited to review a new young readers’ fantasy novel which I’m not going to read because I’m afraid it will make my brain fall out. I won’t name the title or the author because I don’t wish to hurt anyone’s feelings; but I feel I ought to comment on this book as a cultural barometer.

The story is all about a “diverse” group of teens saddled with various handicaps and representing various ethno-cultural groups–because, as you know, there’s no such thing anymore as “Americans.” The group includes kids who are deaf, blind, “overweight” (I think that means “fat”), lazy, wheelchair-bound, “angry,” and “a chronic loner”–think of Seven Miserable Dwarfs, without Snow White. Anyhow, they all go off to some other world where they all become “warriors”–because, as you know, anyone can literally become anything he wants to be. Does that mean I have a chance to play center for the Lakers?

I do not wish to find out more about this. When a liberal says someone is a “warrior,” they usually mean “a social justice warrior,” which is a euphemism for a particularly annoying malcontent.

I insist that there is a difference between fantasy and twaddle; and if not, there ought to be.

The author is a middle school teacher who has become an expert on such riveting topics as “Going beyond tolerance: How to teach kids to be inclusive” and “The importance of diversity in writing for teens.” By “diversity,” liberals mean a rigid uniformity of thought. We do all know that by now, don’t we?

Is it humane to subject children to such a grueling regimen of Political Correctness? You wouldn’t be allowed to do it to a dog. I mean, okay, sure, we want to be nice to everybody, especially to children. Our God and King expects it of us. But being nice should not entail filling their heads with tiresome poppycock.

This literary enterprise reeks of unearned self-esteem, which is one thing our culture can easily do without. Individual human beings are valuable in and of themselves, in or out of a wheelchair. They derive this value not owing to their membership in this or that cherished minority group, but simply because they are persons created by God in His image.

Anything else is just a lot of bunk.

University Has Clothing Drive for Trannies

Image result for images of monty python in drag

Your tax and tuition dollars at work!

Marshall University, which proudly calls itself “West Virginia’s most LGBT-friendly university,” is currently having a clothing drive for transgender students ( http://www.mrctv.org/blog/public-university-hosts-clothing-drive-trans-students ). They may be paying anywhere from $14,000 to $31,000 a year to go to school there–but dahling, it’s just such a hassle to have to shop for clothes! So now I can pick mine out of bins set up at the college’s LGBTQ+ Office and the Women’s Studies Dept.

The publicly-funded university has dedicated itself to fundamentally transforming America’s culture and eventually driving it into extinction.

You can help fend them off by a) not sending your sons and daughters to any of these idiocy factories that call themselves colleges and universities, and b) demanding of your elected representatives, again and again until they finally listen, to cut off all federal funds to these utterly counter-productive institutions.

We have too many colleges and universities, they’re too big, they cost too much, there are too many people in them learning too many useless and frivolous subjects when they ought to be working, and way too many lavishly-pensioned left-wing fools indoctrinating them.

Cut off the supply of students, cut off the public funds, and starve the beast!

…But They Are a Lot Meaner Than You

Image result for images of barbarians

Another way liberals and other leftids intimidate regular people is by scaring them with their wild behavior. They like to give the impression that violence could break out at any minute, if you dare to disagree with them; and often enough, it does.

I can’t cover specific examples of this today: there are too many of them. And it’s not only the actual physical threat; they augment that with violent, intemperate language. Again, the expectation is that they just might fly off the handle and do something regrettable, if they don’t get their way. I have in mind Sen. Elizabeth “Faux-cahontas” Warren’s insane diatribe against her fellow senator, Jeff Sessions, during his confirmation hearings this past week. But again, there are tens of thousands of examples. You can literally find them everywhere you look.

Our government, setting a daily example of lawlessness throughout all eight years of the Obama regime, has encouraged this. Losing the 2016 election seems to have driven them mad.

But before they succeed in scaring you into silence, remember that Obama’s gone and his lawless attorneys general, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, are out of office and won’t be able to protect the thugs and loonies anymore. Hopefully Attorney General Sessions and President Trump will take firm action to restore the rule of law. They won’t be able to restore sanity, let alone civility; but at least they might be able to protect us from the worst of the kooks.

See, if they can’t snow you with their pretense to intellectual superiority, they quickly resort to yelling, name-calling, threats, and sometimes violence.

Remember, though: there are a lot more of us than there are of them. And we cannot be expected to put up with their tactics forever.

They Are Not Smarter Than You

Image result for images of old hippies

One of the things that intimidates regular people, and deters them from standing up to liberals, is the overall perception–largely created and fostered by liberals themselves–that liberals are intellectuals, terribly smart people who must be taken seriously. That would include virtually all Democrats.

In my lifetime, every Democrat who ever ran for president was depicted as a genius by the liberal-biased nooze media, and every Republican, an utter ass.  There’s even a little formula that goes with this.

*Liberals/Democrats went to expensive schools, so they must be smart.  *They are in favor of things that don’t make any sense to us, so they must be smarter than us.   *Conservatives are in favor of a lot of the same things we’re in favor of, and against most of the things that we’re against–so they mustn’t be that smart.

In reality, liberal politicians are no smarter than you are, and probably a great deal less. Al Gore, for instance–Mr. “The Science is Settled!”–has no more science background than a mud puppy.Image result for images of mud puppies

Raised in the bubble of the hereditary political class, he has a political science degree–big deal, I’ve got one, too–and tried his hand at both law school and divinity school without finishing either one.  I guess it’s poetic justice that such a scarecrow as Gore should be the spokesman for a thoroughly corrupt and politicized scientific establishment, one dominated by prostitutes. But at least his non-existent science background goes a very long way to explaining his persistent refusal to debate his Global Warming/Climate Change/We’re-all-gonna-die message. Up against any kind of scientific opposition, he’d get creamed.

The point is, none of these left-wing philosopher-kings has any more intelligence than God gave to a mealworm. Fear them not! Any satirist worth his salt can mow them down like grass.

Remember Obama and his 57 states–and his total mystification by the very concept of saving or creating jobs in America–you would’ve thought it was magic, on a par with spinning straw into gold–and how Donald Trump, before he was even inaugurated, took common-sense action that has so far  brought back thousands of jobs. But then Trump is not a genius.

Liberals: no, they don’t want you to look behind the curtain!

‘Spiritual Guru to the Stars’ Dies Before He Can Be Shot

Image result for images of celebrity guru

Afterlifestyles of the rich and famous…

Wang Lin, the fabulously wealthy “spiritual guru to the stars”–not here, but in Red China, where they have their own celebrities–has died of “serious autoimmune disorder” while awaiting trial for allegedly kidnapping and murdering one of his “disciples” ( http://www.reuters.com/article/us-china-crime-death-idUSKBN15P19N?il=0 ).

Wang claimed the power to conjure snakes from thin air, an illusion that could be duplicated by any one of thousands of stage magicians. It cost a lot of money to become his disciple.

It seems there’s a wave of quackery washing over China, lately. Well, if you don’t believe in God, who is real, you’ll believe in someone or something else that isn’t real. Since 1949 the communist government has been suppressing religion.  They’ve weakened religion to the point where genuine silliness can take hold–sort of like here in America.

Anyhow, Mr. Wang was in a heap of trouble, and his trial would have been a national sensation–might’ve even gone global. Imagine if we had a spiritual big shot whom you always saw with Oprah and the Kardashians, and he was credibly accused of murder. Big, big news!

How many times in the Bible does God warn His people that if they will not serve Him, they will surely serve false gods?

He who has ears, let him hear.

What We’re Up Against

Image result for images of ruins of babylon

Some of the ruins of Babylon, dug out of the desert

We don’t have television in our home, so I miss some of what is going on with our culture. But I went to the eye doctor today, so I saw more TV than is good for me.

Bad enough there was an alleged newscast in which the alleged newsman prattled, “So Trump likes torture! Hey, that’s bad news for Melania!” No media bias here. And bad enough it was followed by a Democrat commercial urging the public to “stand with Governor Cuomo and Senator Schumer to preserve your right to healthcare!” By preserving Obamacare, is what they meant. Those things were annoying, but not unexpected.

What really threw me was a Hallmark commercial which proclaimed, loud and clear, that the famous card company has gone over to the dark side.

Valentine’s Day. Scenes of long-term, loving marriages, one after another. And old people with their grandchildren. Very sweet. And just thrown in, alongside unions sanctified by God, a couple of homosexual “marriage” proposals and anniversaries. Not sanctified by God, but condemned in Scripture as mortal sin.

When I looked on youtube afterward, I was horrified to discover that Hallmark has produced many TV ads along these lines. No, I will not post any of them.

We all have sins to fight against, and sometimes sin wins. Otherwise, we wouldn’t need a Savior and God would not have had to send His Son to earth.  Fornication in all its varied forms has always been with us.

But what’s different in our time is the all-out efforts by important, wealthy, powerful and influential people to rebrand sin as virtue and convince the rest of us to “celebrate” it. This is more than ordinary sin. This is worse. They do it to make more money. They do it to get more power. And it is by their work that Satan seeks to establish his kingdom on the earth. His parody of Christ’s Kingdom.

Our culture is being corrupted and debauched. We have a thousand Jeroboams out there, going all-out to make the people sin. To estrange them from their God who loves them. To lead them into condemnation. This, I do believe, is the Babylon discussed in Revelation: which God has marked for destruction. I am afraid that this is our Babylon.

I doubt we have the strength to stop it. That is something God will do. It’ll be hard enough for us just not to give in to it: to hold out, to be faithful, to endure until the end. Not to accept it. No matter how many politicians, teachers and professors, big corporations, and bent churchmen try to make us accept it.

Because even if everyone else in the world declares it’s right… it will still be wrong.

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