Oh, God! COVID Vaccine Commercials

We don’t have television, so we didn’t see any of the COVID vaccine propaganda pieces that flooded the airwaves. I only became aware of them today.

Is this the Soviet Union revisited, Red China relocated, or a dystopian movie like The Running Man remastered? Are they targeting children with their, er, “messages”–or do they think adults today are every bit as gullible as children? Can’t blame “education” if they aren’t!

God help us, there must be hundreds of these horrible little ads! Many with catchy little jingles. Like they used to play at the drive-in, between features, to get you to buy popcorn.

I’m beginning to think the age we’re living in now is the most woefully corrupt in human history. If only we could find our way out of it…

‘We Has Got a New Deen!!!’ (2019)

Greta Thunberg: Kids 'will never forgive' you for failing on climate change  | CNN

Desperately trying to heal a blog which has suddenly lost 50% (!) of its viewership, I turn to a vintage essay by our idiot in residence, Joe Collidge.

We Has got A new Deen!!!

Yes, there’s nothing like Higher Education to make you stupid! Someday we will be looking up to chairs and fire hydrants as our intellectual betters.

Teaching American Kids to Hate America

Hollow Head - Photo Manipulation Tutorial | click3d - YouTube

Nope, nothin’ in there!

Sometimes I want to just throw up my hands and pretend there is no nooze, it was all a bad dream, none of it was ever real…

Like this report, for instance (https://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/4111084/posts):

Some eighty percent (!) of 18-20-year-olds who have been to public school, most of whom, we presume, are now getting their brains finished off in college, believe the garbage they were taught in school–“Gender is an identity choice,” all white people have white privilege (LOL), America is a racist hell, etc., etc.

This is what we’re getting for our school tax dollars. This is what they’re “teaching” our children. How much longer our country will survive it is everybody’s guess. I mean, I wonder how many of these kids will have changed their minds by the time they’re 30.

God help us, it’s like we’re hiring the very hit men who will assassinate us.

No! You can’t just have a country that everybody hates! Sooner or later it bites the dust. The Soviet Union lasted for 70 years–a pretty good run for a merciless dictatorship that bullied and abused its people.

I am convinced that this is what our teachers’ colleges have in mind for us.

We can’t keep both our republic and our insane Far Left public school system. One or the other must go.

My Newswithviews Column, Nov. 17 (‘Teachers Caught Making Dirty Movies in Their Classroom’)

Samantha Peer

I don’t remember anything like this happening when I was in school.

Teachers Caught Making Dirty Movies In Their Classroom

Our country is in deep, deep trouble. Every day we send millions of our children to public schools to be “educated” by characters like these. It was only with the Ol’ Pandemic and the lockdowns, and the kids having to get by with “remote learning” at home, that parents got a whiff of what the unionized public school teachers were…uh, “teaching.”

Could we please stop doing all this crazy schiff before the teachers’ unions turn our country into the world’s biggest mental hospital?

‘Spiteful Mutants’ Wreck Society

Silhouette Evolution Human On Old Paper Stock Illustration 1699305436 |  Shutterstock

Does evolution work backwards?

If you think I’m cheesed off, wait’ll you read this.

Rise of the Spiteful Mutants

I know, I know–calling any attention to the article above leaves me open to an accusation of Stochastic Terrorism. But I probably already crossed that boundary when I posted the morning hymn.

“Promiscuous use of the death penalty,” along with plagues and pandemics, desperate poverty, and war weeded out stupid people and society benefited and made progress.

As a Christian, I find the authors’ conclusions a bit harsh. Although some of the quotes resonate with me, like this one: “Spiteful mutants are the men in dresses demanding everyone pretend they are some third sex rather than a lunatic.” But to find that the average IQ in Somalia is only 67, when you can hardly step out the door–if you even have a door–without someone shooting at you: well, no, that doesn’t leave them much time or inspiration for composing symphonies.

Yes, there are people trying, and trying very hard, on purpose, to wreck our civilization and turn it into God knows what, with themselves perched happily on top of it. And yes, they do make people who listen to them, and believe them, stupid. It’s called “public education,” and it makes you stupid.

The authors here betray a taint of social Darwinism, turned around to favor the survival of the least fit. Yes, a lot of “poor” people are stupid, violent, and given to crime. But all have sinned: Jesus Christ is their savior, too.

And God knows there’s plenty we need saving from!

‘Another Awards Show Crashes’ (2019)

See the source image

If that’s “music,” we won’t be missing much.

God knows why anybody watches these things. Their ratings go down year by year: when was the last time you watched an awards show?

Another Awards Show Crashes

Aw, c’mon! Who doesn’t want to sit there getting lectured by some fat-head celebrity you never heard of, going on and on about “No Music On A Dead Planet”? This from the crowd that wants to abort every baby it can lay its hands on and sterilize any children who somehow make it past the abortionist.

Some would say this planet’s already pretty dead.

The Public School Porn Studio

Samantha Peer

A star is born!

Two middle school teachers in Arizona, a woman and her husband, have been fired for using her classroom as a studio for making pornographic movies (https://nypost.com/2022/11/14/arizona-teacher-filmed-onlyfans-videos-in-classroom/). We are not told who starred in the movies. But we are told they weren’t made during school hours. Honk if you’re relieved to hear that.

So the two pedagogues put their porny movies on line because, she said, they needed the money: “Our family was not able to survive on two teachers’ income.” This is quite simply impossible to believe. Okay, the lowest salary for a middle school teacher in Arizona is $26,000 and change. The highest is just over $91,000 and the average is around $43,000. It’s chicken feed, compared to teachers’ salaries here in New Jersey, but still… they can’t get by on, say, $85,000 a year?

I don’t know about you, but I am sure it would never have occurred to my parents, should they find themselves a little strapped for money, to produce pornographic films, presumably starring themselves, for widespread popular entertainment. “Gee, Mary, I’m havin’ a tough time payin’ these bills!” “I know, John. It looks like we’re going to have to make some pornographic films.” I mean, how many times has that been heard at the dinner table?

Do you want your children “educated” by these people? If you do, please explain why. I’d love to hear it.

‘Get Your Chick-Fil-A Weather Vane!’ (2019)

See the source image

Remember how Organized Sodomy went gunning for Chick-Fil-A–I think for the “hate crime” of not supporting same-sex mockeries of marriage–and the American people rallied behind Chick-Fil-A and their sales went through the roof?

And then Chick-Fil-A dropped us and took up with the Far Left Crazy.

Get Your Chick-fil-A Weather Vane!

As Churchill said when Neville Chamberlain appeased Hitler, “He chose shame over war, and he will get war and shame.”

Hint: When you’re dealing with leftids, please remember they would pack you off to a death camp for the slightest deviation from the party line–if only they had the power.

And they’re working hard to get that kind of power.

‘Britain’s Menstruating Males’ (2018)

67 Monty Python ideas in 2022 | monty python, python, monty python flying  circus

In 2015 they took a survey and found 25 % (!) of British males claimed that they… er, menstruated. What does that say about our civilization?

Britain’s Menstruating Males

Maybe they don’t know what the word means. Let’s hear it for public education. Decks awash with “comprehensive sex education,” and this is what they have to show for it? Can we please have our tax dollars back?

I mean, if stuff like this is going to be what comes out of public education, we’d do just as well with no education at all.


Madonna’s Shelf Life Has Passed

4,303 Kids On Seesaw Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

I don’t want to post a picture of this pathetic woman. Here’s some kids on a see-saw instead.

Hard to believe this poor soul was once a pop culture icon. “Madonna.” Why, it was only in 2017 that she was on the front page, threatening to blow up the White House.

I’m only providing this link so you can see I haven’t made this up. I really don’t recommend watching the video that goes with it.


Anyway, now we’ve got video of her on all fours lapping water out of a dog’s dish. Her lifelong pursuit of the grotesque continues. She keeps catching up to it.

Our pop culture. Can we just walk right past it? Without looking?