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Look Before You… er, Sit

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[Note to self: This is for tomorrow! This is for tomorrow! This is for tomorrow! And for the reader, “tomorrow” is “today.”]

A hapless Delta Airlines passenger gave a new dimension to “Look before you leap,” when he sat down in his seat on the airliner. He should have looked before he sat–because his seat was piled up with human feces (https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/2018/11/06/bay-city-man-sits-feces-delta-flight-michigan/1900563002/).

Guess he didn’t remember we’re all living in a new age, characterized by heaps of ca-ca all over the place: i.e., San Francisco sidewalks. And elsewhere. Lots of elsewhere. Poor trusting soul–he just assumed his airliner seat would be feces-free.

Culture rot is real, folks.

Culture rot is real.

‘How to Write a Politically Correct Fantasy’ (2015)

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Posting this on Monday for publication today, while we rattle around in New Jersey Traffic, looking for the cunningly concealed doctor’s office. So as I write this, I don’t know what the results of the election will be.

But you don’t need a crystal ball to see what kind of world the Democrats mean to engineer for us. Here is one of its many tedious aspects:


Just remember, if it turned out badly yesterday: we had the chance to crush the Political Correctness party, and we didn’t do it.

‘Yes, Someone Actually Said This’ (2014)

Public education in America has always been a Trojan horse, and we dragged it right into the middle of our city.

Most of what’s wrong with America is the education establishment’s fault.

Consider carefully the remarks by this “educator,” who thinks ordinary sanity is tantamount to mental illness.


And we want roundworms like this educating our children because __________?

Fill in the blank and win a tinfoil hat.

Now They’re Politicizing Ice Cream

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Warning: Eating Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, any flavor, may turn you into a homosexual. Even handling the container might, at the very least, make people think you might eat it, and they will be ashamed to know you.

Ben & Jerry’s Far Left Schmendrick Ice Cream has a new flavor called “Resist,” which seems to be vanilla loaded with cliches. Its purpose, they say, is to “promote activism in the US.” They are “working on behalf of people of color… and environmental justice and women,” blah-blah-gag. ‘Cause all good liberals know that “people of color” just can’t do diddly for themselves and must be coddled and spoon-fed by the Democrat plantation owners or else they would probably run out and play in traffic. Etc.

If anybody ever deserved to lose an election by the widest possible margin, it’s this year’s crop of liberals.


My Newswithviews Column, Nov. 1 (‘They’re Killing Our Culture’)


I guess the biggest question that remains is, Why do we let them do it? Why do we put up with it?

Netflix, Planned Parenthood, and Democrats are purposely murdering our culture, right before our eyes.


How low can they sink? Well, you never have to wait long to see them sink farther yet.

‘Why the Good Guys Always Lose’ (2013)

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Five years later, and Christian parents still send millions of Christian children every day to anti-Christian public schools. Here is a typical lame attempt to justify this folly.


Honestly, this whole business of asking 9- and 10-year-olds to be “salt and light” in the Mordor of the public schools, and maybe just maybe convert the frothing-at-the-mouth leftids in the teachers’ unions–well, really, how silly can you get?

Most of what’s wrong with our country is public education’s fault.

Yet Another New Low for Netflix

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This year alone, the perves at Netflix have given us a “Star-Spangled Salute to Abortion,” and then a glamorization and exploitation of teen suicide. But they still haven’t hit bottom.

Now they’re trotting out a new season of a show called “Big Mouth,” described as “animated kiddy porn,” and, by its makers, “coming of age all over the place” (https://www.wnd.com/2018/10/netflix-intros-animated-kiddie-porn/). Another of the show’s writers described it as “super-dirty.” But because they’re using cartoons instead of live actors–the average age of the kids providing the voices for the cartoons, by the way, is eleven years old: paid at the age of 11 for talking super-dirty–they evade legal restrictions on their content.

Planned Parenthood, you won’t be surprised to learn, is a big booster of this show; and the show’s a big booster of Planned Parenthood. Raising up a new crop of PP customers, don’t you know.

The question is, Why would anyone ever produce a thing like this?

Be not deceived: None of this stuff happens without the support and the protection of the Democrat Party.

This is “progressivism” applied to our entire way of life. If left untreated, it will destroy us. Kill the culture, and it will kill you back.

O Lord! If you’re even thinking about letting these people win–! Smite them, O God.

‘Smart City’–You Sure You Want to Live There?

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Be very, very afraid whenever a liberal pitches anything to you as “smart.” Take it in the sense of “Ow, that smarts!”

Up in liberal Toronto, a top expert has resigned from the management team of a Google-operated “smart city,” part of a bigger project called “Sidewalk Labs” focused on “Sidewalk Toronto,” blah-blah (https://www.engadget.com/2018/10/26/sidewalk-labs-ann-cavoukian-smart-city/).

Why did the expert resign? Because she was very worried that all this “smart city” tommyrot would totally destroy the residents’ privacy. She wanted the data collected from the residents to be made anonymous at the source, but the deciders wouldn’t play ball.

See, they’re busy “balancing the rights–” in Canada some government fat-head is always “balancing rights,” one group’s against another’s, and deciding who wins–“of citizens with the access required–” access to your personal data, boys ‘n’ girls–“to create smarter, more efficient, environmentally friendly living spaces.”

It’s getting so “smart” means “stupid.”

Environmentally friendly, my ass. Have you seen what liberals do to a town, once they sink their fangs into it? Come on over to my hometown sometime and view the wreckage. If any living thing survives their ministrations, it won’t be because they didn’t try to wipe it out. You should’ve seen the glorious beauty of a field of wild tulips that sprang up on Inn Place–totally wiped out. They hunt down beauty like its very existence is a grief to them.

It’s so very sad to see ignorant people’s faces light up when they hear the liberal sales pitch. “Give us your freedom! We’ll take such good care of it!”

It’s both dangerous and burdensome to serve false gods.

My Newswithviews Column, Oct. 25 (‘Transgender Movement on the Warpath’


Y’know what would be great? If this whole damned transgender thing just went away and I never had to write about it anymore, except maybe in a moment of half-incredulous historical reflection.

Meanwhile, they never stop. The beat goes on.


If this “movement” is not Satanic, then what is it? What’s its purpose? What good can it possibly do?

Build an Exciting Career as a Drag Queen!

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If you think I’m going to post a picture of this abomination, think again. Here’s a nice Red Salamander instead.

Some parents are a little miffed at the Rocky Top Middle School in Colorado, the Pot-head State, for featuring a “drag queen”–that is the polite term for a spiritually twisted man who dresses and makes up like a woman, and is hailed as one by spiritually twisted noozies and “educators”–as a speaker on Career Day (https://denver.cbslocal.com/2018/10/22/adams-county-career-day-drag-queen/).

Did I hear that right? I thought you said “Career Day.”

Yeah, that’s what it was. Career Day. Like, in case your 13-year-old son is pondering a career as a drag queen.

The school has apologized–not for having some perverted mess held up to the students as some kind of mondo bizarro role model, but for not notifying parents in advance. In the future, says the principal, parents will be “allowed the opportunity” to exempt their children from having to listen to an objectionable speaker. Allowed. How magnanimous.

How’s about we allow you to get out of town in one piece?

The weirdo, calling himself “Jessica L’Whor,” discussed such career-focused issues as “inclusiveness,” “bullying,” “negativity,” and “hate.” Notice in the linked article how careful the noozies are to use female pronouns to describe this man. Noozies always do that. That’s one of the things that makes them the bad guys.

All right, fill in the blank and win a prize: “I send my children to public school to be ‘educated’ by a drag queen because _________.” The winner gets a berth on the Titanic.

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