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‘Worldwide “Witches” to Cast Spell on Trump’ (2017)

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Well, okay, gang, you’ve had three years. Where’s this spell that’s supposed to drive him out of office?


Witchcraft is not against God’s law because it actually works. It’s forbidden because those who practice it get highly exalted opinions of themselves. Some of their neighbors and customers share those opinions. And you wind up with idiots pretending to be gods.

Believe me: if witchcraft worked, Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, and Nancy Pelosi would have eaten this country alive.

Atrocity in Canada

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A Canadian court has ordered a father not to question or even discuss his 14-year-old daughter’s, er, decision to have “sex-change” treatments with drugs and hormones (https://www.massresistance.org/docs/gen4/20a/Canadian-father-banned-by-court/index.html). See the “Mass Resistance” article for details and an interview. By the way, the father could be tossed into prison for giving that interview.

He has been warned by the court that failing to use the child’s preferred pronoun (aka “misgendering”), or discussing the case at all, with anyone, would constitute “family violence,” a crime that carries a prison sentence.

See what leftids do with words. Now you can be guilty of “violence” without laying a hand on anyone. Now it’s “violence” if you fail to say what they want you to say.

Another issue comes to mind. If “gender fluid” sex-change-yatta-yatta is so self-evidently good, so productive of good things for society… why would the court find it necessary to issue a gag order? This applies to the, ahem, nooze media, too–except for when they publish editorials celebrating this wise and humane decision.

The girl’s parents are divorced, and divorce can be unbearably stressful for the children of the marriage.

The father is almost certain that his daughter’s “counselors” in school put her up to this. Started working on her, it seems, when she was still in early grade school. And at no time were the parents ever notified about their child’s supposed “gender confusion”. Not until the kid started acting it out at home. Then it was too late.

The father says sodomite activists and “allies”–another word that has been debauched by leftids–worked on the mother until they brought her around to their way of, uh, thinking.

This raises an urgent point. If your children are in public school, get them out of there! Public education has become dangerous to children. Having very few children of their own, Organized Sodomy buddies up with Far Left teachers’ unions to turn the schools into indoctrination factories. They don’t need to have their own children. They just take over other people’s children.

There is no such thing as “transgender.” It is a fiction foisted on society by Far Left Crazy, with the aid of the teachers’ unions, addle-pated “educators” in the looniversity, and assorted villains in the entertainment industry. There is no benefit from it. Maybe it can impose enough chaos on society to allow a truly totalitarian government to take over.

This is all a satanic enterprise. And if we don’t stop it, God will.

Buttigieg (or however he spells it): Vileness on Parade

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I will not publish a picture of that person. Here are two tree frogs instead.

Hey! Did you know stories about abortion are a true national morale booster? Ask presidential wanna be Pete Whatsit: he says, “We are all lifted up” by abortion stories (https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/02/17/pete-buttigieg-we-are-all-lifted-up-by-stories-about-abortions/).

And this–provide your own noun here–has the gall to go traipsing around with a Bible in his dirty hand…

Well, he sez, abortion isn’t about killing a baby. It’s about “freedom”! And “rights”! Like, “Part of American freedom is woman’s freedom to make own [his English, not mine] reproductive decisions–”

And here’s the rest of it. “–And freedom doesn’t exist if there is not funding for low-income abortion services.” By “funding” he means taxes wrung out of people who apparently don’t have the freedom to have nothing to do with abortion. Mayor Whatsisname would force them to pay for something they know to be a mortal sin. Mr. Bible.

This man’s mere appearance in public, let alone his presidential candidacy, is a national disgrace.

But the existence of Planned Parenthood, and an abortion industry, is a bigger one.

School’s Flag Ban Fails

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“Against the rules”? Really?

An “administrator” at Franklin County High School in Virginia this week told students they couldn’t fly the American flag from their pickup truck because the flag is “potentially offensive and disruptive” (https://www.lawenforcementtoday.com/school-tells-students-told-to-remove-american-flags-from-their-trucks-its-offensive/).

“Offensive” to whom? A bunch of citizen-of-the-world wannabes posing as “educators”? Who else in America is offended by the American flag?

So the next day the students staged a whole “caravan” of pickups flying the American flag–and the school backed down. You know: like they always do, whenever the public shows a little backbone. That night the school principal called the student to apologize for “a big misunderstanding.” Oh, so that’s what it was? Not just another case of commie creeps running a public school against the best interests of the public?

The only thing “public” about public education is that the undefended public has to pay for it. We pay, we pay, and then we pay some more. But we have no say in who gets to teach at these schools that we pay for, or what gets taught. All we do is pay.

One of the all-time sucker deals.

‘Portland’s After-School Satan Club’ (2016)

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All right, they said it, not me–worshiping the Devil is, like, hand-in-glove with “science and rational thought.”


I don’t know if this has spread beyond the weirdness that is Portland, OR, where the mayor orders the police to stand down whenever Antifa wants to riot. If you live there, we’d be very interested in hearing what’s with that place.

But we know what’s with the public schools. And why Christian parents continue to send their children there is a mystery.

‘They Still Want You to Eat Bugs’ (2017)

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After you, Michelle!

The babbling boobs on the Left are always trying to get normal people to eat bugs–although we know the last thing in the world that we’ll ever see would be Michelle Obama chowing down on a bowl of palmetto bugs.


Why do they want us to eat insects?

But that’s simple! So they can laugh at us, of course. And smirk at us.

I hope that in his second term, President Trump gets us out of the U.N.

Let them eat the bugs.

The Horror! The Horror!

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So my wife decided to have pizza for supper this evening. In retrospect, a very bad decision.

I got stuck at the pizzeria. They were awful busy. Everyone in town wanted pizza for the Stupor Bowl.

But I was also stuck with Stupor Bowl Pre-game on the big screen. All that babbling! Hours and hours of it! Even the flimsiest pretense of dignity cast aside. It wouldn’t stop. I could feel some of my brain cells dying painful deaths; I could hear their pitiful little screams for mercy.

All this, plus “Bloomberg for President” commercials.

It was worse than being stuck in a doctor’s waiting room with The View. Yes, I know The View ranks very high in sheer hideousness. But Super-Bowl Pre-game is even worse.

They had promos for shows that would come on after the game. Shows to dissolve your self-respect. Shows to make your brain melt and seep out your ears. Shows that make Let’s Make a Deal look like King Lear. Shows that help to assassinate our culture.

The horror, the horror…


Not a Shred of Self-Respect

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This story is too disgusting to be illustrated in the normal way. So here is a bluebird in her nest instead.

You do know, don’t you, that the NFL Players Assn., with the tacit support of the league itself, despises your country and thinks it’s a stinking racist hell-hole? You haven’t already forgotten all that “take a knee” posturing, have you?

Yeahbut, yeahbut! It’s the Super Bowl, dude! It’s Super Bowl Sunday!

You blocks, you stones, you worse than senseless things…

So they kick you in the face, and you ask for more. They wipe their feet on your flag and you ask for more.

Well, okay–they have more, as it turns out!

The Fox Network–can you say “fake conservative, conserving nothing”?–having rejected a pro-life ad for their Stupor Bowl broadcast, plans to run another ad featuring… well, of course you knew this was coming–drag queens! I mean, what’s a family viewing event without a little soupcon of intense perversion?

They kick you in the face and you ask for more.

If our culture somehow survives and recovers from this era, it will be no thanks to our nooze and “entertainment” industry.

May the sovereign word of God confront and crush them.



Get the Transgender Stuff Right, and the Hockey Stuff Will Follow

Image result for images of little kids playing hockey

Organized sports for kiddies–feh!

Yeah, I know the headline sounds weird. Nevertheless, it’s what’s happening in Ontario.

Faced With Gender Propaganda at the Hockey Rink, One Coach Says No

Youth hockey–sort of like Little League, only it’s hockey instead of baseball–is big in Canada. It’s organized for children six years old and up.

Naturally, many fathers would like to coach their child’s hockey team. Okay, sure. There’s just this one little thing, though…

Before you’re allowed to coach youth hockey in Ontario, you have to take a “gender training course” to make sure your mind is right on all things trans. This is the result of a (LOL) “human rights” case that was settled in 2017. Can’t coach hockey unless you believe in, endorse, and celebrate what is surely the most profoundly perverse innovation in the cultural history of humanity.

None of that “male and female created He them” allowed in Ontario youth hockey.

Frankly, I’m surprised that even Canadians can be this servile. Have they no self-respect at all?

Organized sports, believe me, is loathsome enough without adding political indoctrination to it. There’s no better way than sports to bring out the most glaring defects in anyone’s character, even in simple pick-up games.

This just makes it several orders of magnitude worse.

What really frightens me is the question, “What comes after transgender?”

Whatever that turns out to be, Ontario’s “human rights” commission will be poised to ram it down your throat.

Teaching Kids to be Afraid

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The boogieman comes out when it snows. Or something.

It snowed here this weekend, just an inch or so, but the next few days were so cold, there was still a little tiny bit of snow around this morning.

And over the intercom, from the school next door, comes this:

“Attention, everybody! This is just a reminder that we at Campbell School don’t play with snow! Stay away from the snow. No throwing snowballs!” There’s hardly enough snow to make a snowball, but you get the idea.

If you wonder why so many of our college students are such lily-livered quaking snowflakes, whom a whispered microaggression might wither–well, it’s because public education gets started on ’em early. Don’t do anything without adult supervision! Except sex, of course: they want the kids getting into sex. But aside from that, anything you could possibly do on your own is bound to be dangerous. So don’t do it! Sit there and wait for instructions!

This is how they wind up putting a whole college campus on lockdown, after some snowflake saw a Catholic priest walk by and mistook him for the Ku Klux Klan (https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2016/04/06/indiana-university-students-mistake-priest-for-kkk-member/). The “terrified” students thought his rosary was a whip.

Far Left Crazy wants our young people docile, obedient, confused, staggering under a load of historical and irrelevant grievances, and, above all, afraid of damned near everything–and looking to their betters for protection.

And thanks to what we call “education” in this country, they’re getting it.


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