California Decrees ‘Gender-Neutral’ Toys

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Why do they have to drag our children into their creepy politics?

[Thanks to Elder Mike for the nooze tip]

California Gov. Gavin Newsom, the slimiest man in North America, wants to be president of the United States. In case Jobydin comes up snake-eyes. Hey, he’s done such a great job on California!

One of the Golden State’s most recent capers, signed into law by Slimy, is legislation requiring toy stores to have a special section for “gender-neutral toys” or else face up to a $500 fine (

Now they want to run the toy stores.

I’m not so sure I know what “gender-neutral” toys are. My brother and sister and I all played with our Lincoln Logs, modeling clay, stuffed toys, building blocks–no room to list ’em all. My sister had a lovely six-gun and holster (we have the home movies): I am sure the clerk at the toy store never said to my father, “Now, you’re gonna let only boys play with this, right? No girls!”

If people would just mind their own cotton-pickin’ business–!

But wait, there’s more!

They’ve also passed a law requiring parents to “affirm” (God defend us!) “a child’s ability to determine their (?? bad grammar alert) gender independent of their parents’ desire…” Now plain fact is rewritten as mere “desire”? Well, of course! To do otherwise would be “the antithesis of modern thinking.”

So that’s modern thinking, is it? Where do I dump it?

So… shall we let Slimy Newsom do to all America what he’s been doing to California?

Not that any of the other Dems is any better.


‘My Generation Ruined America’ (2014)

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If only we could have skipped that decade!

I shudder when I look back on the 1960s. That was when things began to fall apart. Every college student had a ringside seat. We had no idea what we were chasing after. Our professors told us we were wise, and made us fools.

My Generation Ruined America

We’re still living with the wicked idiocies embraced by my generation in its youth–remember “Youth Culture”? Sure, we were exploited: clever villains fed on our ignorance. But some of this, really, we should have seen through. We shouldn’t have been such butterballs.

New ‘Dr. Who’ a Sodomite?

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Don’t ask me to illustrate this garbage. Here’s a nice slowworm instead.

Dr. Who, time-traveler, has been on the BBC since 1963, has gone through 14 actors in the title role, and has now hopped into bed with Disney Corp. and will introduce a 15th Dr. Who… this time with a twist.

It is suggested that he’s “gay” (

Oh–and Sir Isaac Newton will now be Indian instead of English. And “hot.” History schmistory.

Where Disney Corp. goes, Woke follows. Get these jidrools involved in anything and it comes out perverted. Disney now co-produces Dr. Who with the BBC. The few minutes of this show that I’ve seen over the years looked very like low-budget, low-IQ, cheap TV science fiction (Star Trek come back, all is forgiven); but somehow it’s hung in there for 60 years. Sheesh. Longer than Kiner’s Corner.

So culture rot marches on. We do have the option not to watch this bilge; they haven’t yet made it compulsory viewing. But who knows what’ll happen next in Britain?

Does Disney ever produce anything that’s decent? The Babylon Bee quipped “They’re turning out more bombs than Lockheed.” How the dickens do they stay in business? When was the last time any of their movies turned a profit? And they act like they don’t care.

For sale, cheap: Western civilization. A fixer-upper, needs some TLC.

The March of Barking Stupid

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(And what nooze network do you babble for, dopey?

I think if you turn the language into a garbled mess, your thoughts will follow. And then, maybe, the rest of your life as well. Clarity should be highly valued–and it isn’t.

So what’s wrong with this Gateway Pundit headline: Protester… Set Themself on Fire ( And in the text,”protester set themselves on fire.”

Great Caesar’s ghost! There isn’t even any such word as ‘themself’! And how can protester–that is, a single one–set themselves–more than one!–on fire? Are we talking about a multiple personality here?

This is our so-called “journalists” doing this to us–addling our brains so that we can’t think straight. It’s not possible, it can’t be done, to maintain a republic inhabited exclusively by idiots.

Make the language idiotic, and the thought processes will follow. Addle the language, addle the thoughts.

It makes me deeply ashamed of the age I live in.

Our Criptical Drag Kween Shortidge!!!

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“Take” a goood loook at this hear em-tee Class Roomb!!! This is waht hapens wen yiu has Got “a” Drag Kween Stoary Hoar and no Drag Kween showes Up!!!!

And Wye, yiu deemanned, wasnt There “no” Drag Kween???

Becawse thare “issnt enuough” Drag Kweens to go araound!!!! Becawse thay’se all gawn To alimentary skools and loacle Liebaries!!!!! And “thare” aint enuough Lefft to has Drag Kween Stoary Hoar heer “at” Collidge!!!!!!

Our hole contry it has got “a” Drag Kween shoartidge!!! And I doant Cair “waht” yiu Say,, us stoodints heer At Collidge we “dezerv” our Drag Kween Storie Hower tooo!!!!! Iff we didd, that thare Class Roomb it wood “be” full!!

Wye dint “the” Guvvermint provyde Moar Drag Kweens?? (Sumb Boddy sed thay shiped a lott “Of” themb to Youkrane butt i doughnt beleave It!) Haow cood This “shortidge” Ockur??? O shur,, the dee-mand it “is” Very Hi!@! Butt iff we caint fyned enuough Drag Kweens to mete “The” dee-mand,, waht dose That “say” abuout Amairicka?? Eh???

We nead The Guvvermint “to” sine Up moar Drag Kweens!!! Prinnt sumb moar Munny and pay themb to go to awl The collidges!!!!!!

‘Unembraceable You’ (My Newswithviews Column, Nov. 30)

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Yet another grievance group joins the throng of protected classes.

“Celebrate” is turning into a bad word. As in “celebrate LGBTQ,” “celebrate Diversity,” “celebrate Internet censorship,” etc. If it’s bad, we’re supposed to celebrate it. Don’t want to be accused of Hate Speech.

Unembraceable You

Whatever they say we should do, we shouldn’t do. No, being monstrously fat is nothing to be celebrated. Ditto male athletes calling themselves women so they can compete against real woman and win prizes.

It would be greatly to our credit if we stopped embracing every wacky and perverted notion that came oozing down the pike.

‘NBC Nooze: “Heterosexuality Isn’t Working”‘ (2019)

See the source image

The famous grimacing liberal

This was one of the stupidest nooze stories I ever encountered in my life. Our so-called media have a lot to answer for.

NBC Nooze: Heterosexuality Isn’t Working

Well, I hope feminists are happy. They wanted to erase distinctions between men and women. Now they want to erase men and pseudo-men want to erase women. Could it be that the end they desire is… nobody left?

Women’s Job Fair ‘Overrun’… by Men

Posting photos of Corporal Klinger to social media isn't helping trans  people - LGBTQ Nation

Corporal Klinger (Jamie Farr) from the old M*A*S*H* series–a vision of the future?

So last month in Orlando, Florida, they held a tech jobs fair for women that kind of fell apart when it was, in the words of some organizers, “overrun” and “invaded” by men calling themselves women so they could get jobs (

It was the Gracie Hopper Celebration, aimed at finding tech jobs for those currently “underrepresented” in the field–women. But once the men started pushing women out of the way, quite a few of the women threw up their hands and left. My wife suspects it was a feminist enterprise “that they got back, right in the teeth.”

Of course, you could always hold a jobs fair that was open to all, men and women alike, and just pick the overall best candidates–but where’s the fun in that?

So we get the whole feminist schtick–“no differences between men and women,” “pregnant people,” Mr. Trans Woman who’s going to have a period and just because he hasn’t had it yet doesn’t mean he’ll never have one so there! And don’t forget “Anyone who says he’s a woman is one!” So there.

On one hand we have feminists at war with “toxic masculinity” wanting to erase men, and on the other, “trans women”–aka men–elbowing their way into women’s sports and wanting to erase women.

Where does that leave us? Erase everybody?

Satan loves this ****.

They’re Grooming Us, Too

How Provocative Ads Work and 5 Examples of Spicy Campaigns

Please pardon the illustration: I’m trying to make a point.

We don’t watch commercial television, and I’m not about to start now. But friends who do watch it tell us we’re missing a lot of really gross commercials. Men smooching men, women smooching women, lots of leering, etc., etc.

Much has been written, and supported by more evidence than we’d really like to have, about Disney Corp. et al grooming children for sex. And I found myself thinking, “They’re not just grooming children. They’re trying to groom all the rest of us, too.”

I can’t get rid of this thought. Millions of people watch millions of hours of TV, absorbing a staggering amount of sexual messaging. If they didn’t think it was working, they wouldn’t be doing it. But of course they’ve been doing it for years and years: “Sex sells,” is an advertising truism.

The ancient lawgiver, Solon, greatly disliked the first play he saw put on in Athens. Asked why, he answered–to the effect, “All this sleazy stuff you put on stage is going to find its way into our daily business.” He was right about that then; but he’s even more on target now: more than he would ever have believed was possible.

We as a people really need to stop watching this stuff. It gets under an audience’s skin. It pollutes their culture. Need we say it has poured its toxins into our public education system?

I only pray that homeschooling will grow fast enough to save us.

‘Culture Rot on Steroids: Body-Builder “Marries” Sex Doll (2020)

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God’s stuff is sane. Ours, not so much.

This happened in Kazakhstan, but just as easily could have happened here.

Some jidrool of a body-builder “married” a sex doll.

Culture Rot on Steroids: Body-Builder ‘Marries’ Sex Doll

Think it could start a trend? “Marry” your toaster-oven… your lawn mower… the bird-bath in your back yard…

Honk if you don’t think the human race is in desperate need of rescue.