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‘Do Deer Read Road Signs?’ (2016)

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But can she type?

Remember this one? Lady calls up the radio talk show, upset because she thinks “Deer Crossing” road signs are misleading the deer…


Her whole argument was premised on her belief that deer were reading the signs and coming to a wrong conclusion.

The United States of America spends more money on “education” than any civilization in world history, has “educated” more people than any country ever, and has achieved an adult literacy rate that is the envy of… well, nobody.

But our deer our pretty smart!

‘The Abuse of Fantasy’ (2015)

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Remember those “Spirit Animals” fantasies, from Scholastic Books? If you don’t, I do. I had to review them. Reading them was like a root canal gone wrong.


Fantasy is a powerful tool for communicating the intangible, especially to children. As a fantasy writer myself, using fantasy to serve an evil purpose is something that makes me quite truly angry. But it should always make you mad to see something good twisted into bad.

We see a lot of that, these days.

Google Employees: ‘Family’ is a Bad Word

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Shut up, already!

All right, I’m gonna write this up and then that’s that, no more nooze today. I just can’t take any more.

“Approximately 100” Google employees are on the warpath over the use of the word “family”–especially if a “family” is defined as a household with children (https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2019/01/17/report-google-employees-freak-out-over-the-word-family/).

“Family,” they rant, is a word that is “homophobic,” it’s “charged language,” and “exclusionary.” Could we please somehow ship all these bozos off to Mars? One employee, describing herself as “straight,” objected because she and her shack-up boyfriend don’t have children and therefor don’t constitute a family. Forget Mars; go for Pluto.

How did our American culture wind up getting owned by freaks? It seems all they have to do is yap enough and then they get their way, no matter what the weird societal innovation they’re demanding. They’re never satisfied, never appeased, they just never stop, and we always wind up caving in to them just to shut them up–and the more fool us, because they never shut up.

Does this go on forever?

Oh, Boy! A Blasphemous Lie for the Kiddies!

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See? Here’s the kind of thing that makes it tedious to me to report the nooze.

An “abortion activist,” co-founder of (sheesh) #ShoutYourAbortion (“Ooh, look, it’s got a hash tag, it must be important!”), has told children that abortion is “part of God’s plan” (https://townhall.com/columnists/katieyoder/2018/12/31/prolife-abortion-activist-tells-kids-abortion-is-gods-plan-n2538308).

Satan’s mouthpiece.

Yeah, this jidrool took part in “Kids Meet” so she could tell little kiddies that the baby she didn’t have, but aborted instead, was just “a mistake.” No problem, one visit to the abortion doctor and the mistake is gone. Oh! And #ShoutYourAbortion encourages women to share their “positive abortion stories.” (“Wheee! I felt so good about myself!”)

As if taking the name of the Lord in vain weren’t bad enough, the kiddies got a strong dose of slimy logic and sophistry as well.

Slimy logic: “I should be the one to decide if my body creates a life!” Her body “created” a life? Shazam! How did that happen? But this totally ignores the fact that the baby’s life was created as soon as the baby was conceived. That is a fact, and nothing said by any abortion freak can alter it.

Sophistry: “You guys aren’t pro-life. I’m pro-life!” I guess if you say it with enough conviction, you can get a bunch of six-year-olds to believe you. But really, this is just a lot of playground s***.

Finally, all the problems with abortion in America, the moral imbecile proclaimed to the defenseless children, are the fault of “old white dudes in government.” Darn that pesky patriarchy! Alyuhs turnin’ us Wimmins inta Hand-mades!

A final question: who’s the idiot who decided to let this creature speak to children in the first place? There’s someone who needs a two-by-four upside the head.

The Birth of Civilization

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How did civilization start? Professors of Nothing Studies at Fimbo University think they know.

“Originally,” says department head Hugh Betcha, Ph. D., “all human beings were transgendered. That goes hand in glove with the highest levels of civilization, just as we see today. So it was that, 300 million years ago, the world’s first human civilization was populated entirely by the transgendered persons who had invented it.”

What is the evidence for this?

“Physical evidence has not survived,” says the professor, “but we can interpolate current socioeconomic trends and sort of ‘reverse-engineer’ our lost history. We also find non-physical evidence in the myths and legends of the Tasaday, the Stone Age tribe in the Philippines that has remained pure and untouched by the rest of the world for 50 million years.

“Finally, if you’re as smart as we are and you concentrate real, real hard, you will eventually intuit accurate visions of the great Transgender Age. All that ‘Male and Female’ stuff didn’t come along until much, much later–a mere 250 years ago! And it was invented by capitalists, so you know it’s bad.”

A bachelor’s degree in Nothing Studies from Fimbo University takes a mere 32 semesters to acquire, at an average cost of $30,000 per semester. “But don’t worry about the cost!” says Professor Betcha. “After all, you can always get a student loan!”

The City Where It Rains Dirty Diapers

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If you’re in New York City and have to walk down Essex Street, better make sure you have a strong umbrella. Because when you walk past a certain public housing project, you might get pelted with a soiled diaper or a bag of trash (https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/Dirty-Diapers-Throwing-Hurling-NYCHA-Building-New-York-City-Report-504326281.html).

Witnesses say this has been going on “for months.” Bombs away.

So it’s raining dirty diapers. Something has gone wrong with our culture. Really, ya think? In San Francisco they just take a dump on the sidewalk when they feel the urge. Our cities are turning into open latrines. Why?

The only thing these feces-happy places has in common is, they’re all governed by liberals. By Democrats. No politician has ever offered public defecation as part of his political program, but it does seem to be cropping up from coast to coast across the country.

We’re in New York and it’s raining trash, it’s raining dirty diapers.

Is this what we wanted?

If not, then why do we have it?

‘The Libs’ Tower of Babel’ (2016)

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First Canada, then California. Who’s next?

Since this was posted, Canada passed the “Wrong Pronoun Law” and you can go to prison for not using whatever pronoun some self-proclaimed “transgender” tells you to.


Here in America, we’re only waiting for Democrats to get back into power. Then we’ll have our own Wrong Pronoun Law. It’ll make transgenders happy.

Well worth giving up our liberty, for that!


‘Are You as Smart as an NFL Draft Pick?’ (2015)

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There’s a test they give National Football League draft picks–college graduates all–to see if they’re as smart as brook trout.


In a word, no. They’re not. They average 40% right answers.

Why do they bother to test these college graduates’ reasoning power? I mean, you already know it’s going to be pathetic, don’t you?

A chilling thought: What if they gave this test to all Americans? (Runs screaming to sidewalk…)

‘Maybe Lying Newsman Wasn’t Lying’ (2015)

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In addition to being a disaster, Hurricane Katrina, lo those many years ago, was notable for the astonishing number of untrue stories that came out of it.

Untrue news stories, “reported” by alleged professionals.


Oh, how they longed for that stadium to be filled with dead bodies! How they licked their lips with anticipation, as they waited to “report” that half the people in New Orleans had drowned!

The term “fake news” hadn’t yet been coined, back then. But fake news abounded. Along with fake reporters.

Today’s Brand-New Scam

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So I got an email this morning from some person or persons unknown stating that on such-and-such a date, I visited such-and-such a pornographic website–and unless I pay them off in Bitcoin–uh-huh: like I have any Bitcoin, or know what it is, or care–they’ll tell all my friends and everybody else who knows me. They also claimed I used such-and-such a password, but the password they cited belongs to no one I know of.

What we have here is a criminal offense: attempted blackmail. We are advised to delete the message and run a virus scan, which we have done.

There are a jillion porn sites on the Internet and it’s not hard to stumble onto one of them while looking for something else. All it takes, sometimes, is the smallest of typos. So the blackmailers are on pretty firm ground there: just about everyone has visited a porn site, if you count accidents as visits.

Now, why didn’t we call the police? Only because I doubt the cops could catch these vermin. If they could be caught, they’d have been caught already.

If you receive one of these messages, don’t be afraid. Just delete it and run a virus scan. It would probably be most unwise to reply to the message in any way. So please don’t do that!

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