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Is This a Pedophilia Movie?

(Thanks to Linda for the news tip)

Show Dogs is a PG-rated “family comedy” which has a lot of people calling it a kind of promo for pedophilia. It’s one of those movies starring nobody I ever heard of, or particularly want to hear of, with the voice of rap star “Ludicris” plugged into a Rottweiler. The Rottweiler is an undercover K-9 cop, and he and his human handler have to infiltrate a dog show so they can bust an animal smuggling ring. All the dogs and other critters are given human voice-overs. If you care for that sort of thing.

The trouble is with a scene in which the Rottweiler must submit to the dog show judges fondling his genitals: we are told this is standard practice in dog shows. Max the Rottweiler doesn’t enjoy this. His human handler tells him to relax and enjoy it. Some viewers see in this a kind of commercial for pedophilia, pitched at children in the audience.

I posted the trailer because it shows another attempt by movie-makers to get a laugh: a scene of Max farting in his bath. Bubble, bubble. To me this suggests that the film relies on the sort of  bathroom humor that we all hope our children will grow out of. Let me be charitable, and put the fondling scene down to heartfelt stupidity rather than to any sinister intent. It seems to be what makes this movie tick, if you call this ticking.

If they’re not trying “to groom children” for pedophiles, they are certainly trying (and succeeding) to celebrate real brainlessness.

Walk a mile out of your way to avoid this one.

‘Scouts’ to Hand Out Condoms

Image result for images of boy scout jamboree

Condoms for all!

Why does Organized Sodomy always win?

Some years ago the Boy Scouts of America won a Supreme Court case that upheld their right to choose whom they pleased to be scout leaders. So they were on solid legal ground to defend themselves, but have surrendered anyway.

Now, at this year’s 24th World Jamboree, scouting organizations will be required to make condoms “readily and easily accessible to all participants” (http://www.wnd.com/2018/05/condoms-required-at-scouts-24th-world-jamboree/).

What kind of orgy are they expecting?

Why does no one stand up to this evil? Our voluntary organizations, quite a few of our churches, our large corporations and banks, our political parties, and practically everybody else with clout and money, have all caved in to the demands of sexual anarchists. Why?

The BSA is now just “Scouts,” having thrown open its doors to sodomites, lesbians, girls, transgender wackos, and anybody else who wants a free condom. That any parent would continue to allow a son to belong to this organization is incredible.

Father in Heaven, please remember that these things are done against our will, without our consent, and over our objections.

‘Someone Has Tried to Scam Me’ (2013)

Image result for images of phone scams

Some of these people, if they worked as hard at something honest as they do at crime, could make a pretty good living without the risk of being sent to jail. But the scam artist’s ego won’t let him do that: he needs to feel superior to us poor schnooks who obey the law.



‘Witch Doctor: Have Spells, Will Travel’ (2015)

Image result for images of my friend the witch doctor

Remember how we all thought the blessings of technology would banish the fog of superstition?

That was a superstition, too.

It begins to look more and more like fancy high-tech gizmos and deeply benighted superstition can not only co-exist, but even feed off one another. Yo, hey, this is an important discovery! Like, the more “science” you pour into people’s lives, the more superstitious twaddle they believe. Nobody expected that.


And so we have witch doctors advertising their services on the social media…

‘What’s Worse Than Pulling Teeth?’ (2013)

Image result for images of let's make a deal contestants

Daytime TV: that’s what’s worse than pulling teeth. Whether it’s the gabbling harpies of “The View” or the unbridled drooling lust displayed on any game show, this is pain for which there is no Novocain.


Gee, I just realized that when I go to the laundromat in a few minutes, I’ll be subjecting myself to daytime television.

Study Claims Half of UK Men are Impotent

Image result for images of non-functioning man

Yikes! They polled a couple thousand guys and found that half the men in the UK, in their thirties, “struggle to get an erection” (https://www.mirror.co.uk/lifestyle/health/men-30s-hit-impotence-epidemic-12541561).

Why? Well, 49% blame stress, 24% cite an over-fondness for alcoholic beverages, 36% say they’re just too tired, and 29% blame anxiety. And don’t blame me for that coming out to 133%. Maybe someone’s abacus is broken. Or maybe a lot of guys gave more than one main reason for being stuck in neutral.

And “another one-third have broken up with their partners as a result.” “Pratners” is a word implying indiscriminate fornication.

So… Just like we’ve got this communications revolution but can’t think of much to say, we’ve got this great sexual revolution that leaves half its male participants unable to get out of the starting gate. And I’d better wind up this post in a hurry, because I’m running out of decorous euphemisms.

Hello? Is there anyone out there who really, truly doesn’t know culture rot when they see it? I keep on saying, “Kill the culture, and the culture will kill you back,” but the movers and shakers ain’t hearin’ it. They’d rather just keep on killing the culture.

We have oversexed our popular culture–and undersexed the people who live in it. What a trick! Way to go!

$70,000 Worth of–What?

Image result for images of student delivers thesis in her underwear

Tuition at Cornell Looniversity is $70,000 and change per year: the high cost of twaddle.

A few days ago, a Cornell student presented her senior thesis in her underwear. (https://townhall.com/columnists/dennisprager/2018/05/15/cornell-student-presents-senior-thesis-in-her-underwear-n2480750)

First she showed up in cutoffs and an old shirt. When a professor ventured to ask whether such attire was appropriate to the occasion, the student went on a babble about “women’s rights” and “systemic oppression”–apparently there is now a “right” to deliver your thesis in your underwear–she stripped down to bra and panties and encouraged her fellow students in the audience to do the same: which 28 of 44 did.

The professors let it pass without taking any action or making any further objection.

I remember the defense of my thesis with some pleasure. No students–just me and some of the top-ranking profs in the Political Science Dept. My topic was “A Systemic Analysis of the Viking Age,” featuring the likes of Harald Bluetooth, Ragnar Hairy-Britches, and Olaf the Peacock: sort of a Norse Mafia. We all had a good time. Someone should’ve brought beer and peanuts.

But I didn’t do it in my underwear. They would’ve kicked me out so fast, my shadow would’ve lost me.

This is Higher Education, 2018. You work your fingers to the bone to send your daughter or your son to college, with the costs going as high as the sky, and this is what you get.

Don’t do it anymore. Please. Our country can’t stand it.

Culture Rot for Young Readers

Image result for images of wings of fire by tui sutherland

I reviewed these books for Chalcedon two years ago, the first two “Dragonets of Destiny” novels by Tui T. Sutherland (https://chalcedon.edu/magazine/reviews-of-two-fantasy-novels-by-tui-t-sutherland).

I don’t know what’s worse: the sheer inanity of such novels, their routine Godlessness, or their toxic ideology. I mean, we’re talking about stories in which the characters sing bar songs–and there are no bars! And the young dragons have to kill their parents to get ahead. Yeesh.

What with public schooling, slop culture, social media obsession, and all the rest of it, who can be surprised by the mess we’re in? The wonder is, it isn’t worse.

We can do better than this. Really, we can. Even with Scholastic Books trying to block the way to excellence.

‘More Church “Relevance”‘ (2015)

Image result for images of spider man pastor in church

At the Parkway Baptist Church…

“Relevance” is one of those things which, the harder you chase after it, the less chance you have of ever catching it. The more you look for it, the less likely you’ll ever find it.

Especially if you’re a church.


That which is “relevant” today will be laughed at or just totally forgotten tomorrow.

My Newswithviews Column, May 10 (Book Review: ‘Now a Major Motion Picture’)

I wrote this book review for Chalcedon, but here it is on Newswithviews.


This is the kind of poison that bad people feed our children. It comes sugar-coated.

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