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‘Give “The Obama Book of Days”‘ (2016)

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Sickening, wasn’t it?

Let’s not forget what we had to suck up for eight years. We don’t want anything like that again, do we?


Perhaps the most sickening feature of the Obama years was the unrestrained adulation poured on him by our free and independent nooze media and Hollywood. It was every bit as insane as the rage they feel against our current president.

Now watch–it’ll turn out that there really is an “Obama Book of Days,” and millions of liberals own one.

San Francisco’s New Monstrosity

Andres Petreselli paints a mural on the side of a building depicting Swedish teen climate activist Greta Thunberg, Friday, Nov. 8, 2019, in San Francisco.

The city’s sidewalks are heaped with human feces, rats are running free, homeless people everywhere you look–

And what San Francisco really needs is a 60-by-30-foot mural of an angry Swedish teenager, elevated to the status of a universal scold who demands that the world’s governments TAKE ACTION to stop catastrophic Climate Change before it kills us all–in just twelve years or so (https://time.com/5723241/greta-thunberg-mural-san-francisco/).

What a privilege it is, to live in an era when the whole world can be fishwifed by some kid. Sixty feet high, this portrait is. Once upon a time we didn’t do such things in America. They were only done in the Soviet Union and Red China. Far Left Crazy has moved to San Francisco.

They just won’t drop the ball on this, will they? Climate Change! Global Warming! Only an all-powerful global government can save us!

What bunk.

And so Greta glowers down on us from the side of a tall building, her “How dare you?” challenge ringing down the endless corridors of political inanity.

And anybody who doesn’t like it is a “hater.” And “anti-science.” Because we ignore the demands of such prominent Climate Scientists as Mickey Mouse and Harry Potter–yes, those names were on the Declaration of Climate Emergency.

I can hardly wait to vote for Donald Trump again.


Culture Rot T-Shirt

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Maybe I shouldn’t have posted this picture; but that’s what they had on amazon.com, to sell this product. “Daddy’s Little Slut” t-shirt. Pure, undiluted culture rot.

Amazon has removed the shirt from its site, since the public found out about it and objected rather strenuously (https://www.foxnews.com/lifestyle/amazon-daddys-little-slut-tshirt).

Now, I don’t have to convince anybody this was bad, do I? Well, maybe I do, or the shirt wouldn’t have been up there in the first place. What kind of moral imbecile produces or buys a thing like this?

We can’t keep doing things like this to our culture. If we do, we’ll kill it; and it will take us down with it. There is a reason we have no record of any civilization founded on total sexual anarchy. If such a thing ever existed at all, it didn’t last long enough to leave a record.

We didn’t get into this mess by following God’s Word.

My Newswithviews Column, Nov. 7 (‘The March of Lunacy’)

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Is there a state that’s short a governor?

I keep asking myself how long this crazy stuff can go on; and I don’t know the answer.

The March of Lunacy

Why do we have a “transgender” movement? Was there some kind of demand for it? Really? Why do you get kicked out of your job for saying only women can give birth to babies?

Why does the government tell you how many points your high school football team’s allowed to score? Why does the governor of New York insist there were no hurricanes until we came along with our SUVs and created Climate Change?

Who thinks it’s a good idea to keep the crazies in the driver’s seat?

Celebrity Babble: Case # 3,766,984

Emma Watson 2013.jpg

So… Emma Watson, who played Harry’s friend Hermione in the Harry Potter movies, is not “single,” she says. Nope, not single at all. She’s… uh… “self partnered” (http://freerepublic.com/focus/f-chat/3791682/posts). Yeesh.

I love me, I think I’m grand, when I go to the movies I hold my hand.

I put my arm around my waist; if I get fresh, I slap my face!

My mother used to sing that. Now we’ve got a celebrity living it. Is she allowed to marry herself?

Something about getting rich and famous–what could it be?–seems to make you dumber than ordinary people.

(Still at the vet’s office. *sigh*)


‘Only Women Have Babies’? It’s Hate!

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Bad enough I have to write about this trash. No way I’m gonna illustrate it, too. Here’s a picture of a nice axolotl instead.

The international Far Left Crazy continues its war against reality. The latest: a spokeswoman for a charity “doula” (midwife) service in Britain has been forced to resign her position… for saying only women, not men, give birth to babies (https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/birth-coach-hounded-out-of-profession-by-transgender-activists-for-claiming-only-women-can-have-babies).

This’d be funny if it weren’t so nerve-wracking to have loony people running things.

Anyway, she said it, “transgender activists” complained, and Doula Inc. left her twisting in the wind.

Lynsey McCarthy Calvert at least preserved her dignity, in these words:

“I am not a ‘cervix owner.’ I am not a ‘menstruator.’ I am not a ‘feeling.’ I am not defined by wearing a dress and lipstick. I am a woman: an adult human female.”

Another spokescoward for Doula Inc. said Doula is prepared even to make “changes in the language we use, if we believe it is necessary to make the Doula UK community more welcoming and supportive.” But obviously not “welcoming and supportive” to normal sane people.

What a load of ****.

‘Crossword Puzzles Go Toxic’ (2012)

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So this is “adult,” is it? Really?

Things haven’t gotten better, culturally, since I wrote this in 2012.


The thing I don’t see at all is, what are we supposed to be getting out of all this sexual anarchy and moral meltdown–when even the crossword puzzles aren’t safe from corruption? What’s this supposed to do for us?

And we hadn’t even thought of any “Drag Queen Story Hour” yet.

The Nooze Went Thataway

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Your posse is chasing the robber, and you happen upon a witness. “Which way did he go?” you ask. And without hesitation, the witness replies, “He went thataway”–and points in two different directions.

Not much use, is it? But that’s the state of our nooze media today. For example:

In Headline A, socialist zillionaire George Soros says, “The Tide Has Turned Against Me” (https://dmlnewsapp.com/report-george-soros-declares-tide-turned-populism-rise/).

But in Headline B, Soros says, “The Tide Is Turning Back to Globalists” (https://nworeport.me/2019/10/25/soros-claims-tide-is-turning-back-to-globalists-says-hes-proud-of-having-enemies/).

So which is it? Is everyone who wants to know what the story is supposed to call up Soros and ask him? And then you’d probably get a third answer, totally different from the other two!

If the news is not going to tell you what’s really going on, insofar as humanly possible, then what good is it?

Our country’s founders considered a free press indispensable to our republic. Citizens need accurate information upon which to base their decisions.

We’re not getting much of that, are we?


‘Review of Tolkien’s The Fall of Arthur’ (2013)

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King Arthur–whether he was ever really a king or not–eludes historical precision. But for some  fifteen hundred years he was, after the Bible itself, the story, the earthly representative, of Christendom. That he has been almost forgotten, just in the past 50 years, shouts from the housetops the poverty of our culture.


J.R.R. Tolkien’s poem, published posthumously by his son, is about Arthur’s fall, and the ruin of his kingdom.

My book review is about the great things that Arthur accomplished, and how his life changed the world for the better.

“Well done, thou good and faithful servant…”

‘Silly Show Canceled for Idiotic Reason’ (2015)

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As “The Vagina Monologues” are improved by never being seen again, I have opted for a more or less fanciful image of Podokesaurus.

Mt. Holyoke College, in Massachusetts, a prestige women’s college once famous for the discovery of the only known fossil of Podokesaurus–which they managed to lose in a fire–became sort of famous again in 2015 for canceling its annual showing of “The Vagina Monologues.”


They canceled this ridiculous exercise for an even more ridiculous reason: “Well, what about women who do not have vaginas? We have to be inclusive!”

Is it really necessary to mention that those “women” are… men? Or that anyone who argues that they aren’t is either delusional or evil?

Gee, I wonder if they’ve gotten any saner in the past five years.

Betcha they haven’t.


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