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Down with Leaf Blowers!

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Okay! It’s a beautiful, mild, sunny spring day. And that means it’s time for… LEAF BLOWERS!!!

Yes, shatter the peace of your neighborhood, drown out the bird song, blow rodent feces all over the place! Braaaaap! Whommmmp! What? There’s someone trying to think? Well, lemme at him! Braaaaap! Whommmmmp!

And we’ve also got fat guys on riding mowers “landscaping” yards the size of postage stamps, and guys with really noisy air compressors so they can power-wash their driveways.

Are we in Mordor?

There really must be something wrong with us.

‘Idiot: Nancy Drew Will Be “Diverse”‘ (2016)

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When something ain’t broken, don’t fix it!

The good news is that this wretched little scheme fell through before it could be imposed on us. The bad news, of course, is that it was ever thought of in the first place.


I looked it up. You wanna know why the “new Nancy Drew” never made it to the airwaves. According to TV bigwigs, it was because Nancy Drew was… “too female”!

Give me strength.

How badly did we need another TV s**tcom about hard-bitten New York cops?

And what in the world did that mental Lilliputian mean by promising that Nancy Drew herself would be “diverse”? Clearly he does not know what the word means.

There’s a lot of that going around.


‘4 in 10 Embrace Socialism’–Really?

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They wish!

*Sigh*  I guess I’ll do some nooze. Don’t wanna, but it’s part of my job.

In a somewhat misleading headline, Gallup reports that “4 in 10 Americans Embrace Some Form of Socialism” (https://news.gallup.com/poll/257639/four-americans-embrace-form-socialism.aspx). Obviously they haven’t been paying much attention to what’s going on in Venezuela.

According to Gallup, 43% think socialism would be “a good thing” for America, while 51% say it would be a bad thing. Among Democrats (surprise, surprise), 57% “view socialism positively” in a 2018 poll. In 1942, 25% of respondents said they thought socialism was good. Given that we were at war at the time with the National Socialists of Germany, that seems a rather odd response.

Digging a little deeper into this poll, we find that the definition of socialism, at least in many people’s minds, has changed. Only 17% of the people in the poll associated socialism with “government control over the means of production.”

What? But socialism is “government control over the means of production.” Looks like our schools and colleges have done their work only too well, producing 83% ignorance of what socialism is. Heck, it’s easy to have a positive view of something when you jolly well don’t know what it is.

In the same poll, respondents decisively preferred the free market over government control in all categories except for “protecting consumers’ privacy online” and “environmental protection.” Well, duh! It would be nice if we could actually trust somebody to protect the environment. Around here the government lets developers pave over every square foot of the environment that they haven’t paved already. Gotta make room for all those nail salons.

I wonder how the Democrats’ 70% tax rate, open borders, and live birth abortion would poll.

‘Another Morning in the Doctor’s Waiting Room’ (2014)


I’ll bet you’d be shocked, if you could add up the hours you’ve spent in various waiting rooms, and could see the total for your life so far.

Waiting rooms used to be bad enough when there were only old magazines and other patients to look at. Now they’ve all got TV. And there’s nothing on.


I recall one morning TV talk show, hosted by and featuring celebrities I never heard of, in which the guest simply didn’t turn up and they were stuck with dead air: the host went out to the parking lot to see if the guest was wandering around out there, maybe hoping to find usable cigarette butts. Maybe the guest couldn’t figure out how to use the door.

And the magazines are no better than they were 50 years ago. The ads are more prurient, but the content’s just as dull as ever.

Why does your dentist want you to watch the new Let’s Make a Deal?

Think about that.



My Newswithviews Column, May 16 (‘A Nation of Stoners’)

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She shoulda got high…?

It is getting hard to crank these out every week, but I can only persevere. If enough of us do it, we just might get somewhere!

A Nation Of Stoners

The answer to the boredom epidemic–pot! Just get too high to notice how bored you are. And don’t forget to vote Democrat when your community organizer comes around to harvest votes. Actually, you can forget–he’ll do it for you.

Why Do They Want Us Stoned?

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Vegetating in the doctor’s waiting room all morning, I got to see a lot of the New Jersey nooze on TV.

They are pushing cannabis, aka marijuana, pot, weed, as the answer to all life’s problems.

Background: A bill to legalize “recreational marijuana” failed in the state legislature earlier this year, despite our Far Left Crazy governor’s well-nigh frantic advocacy; and the feeling now is that they’ll never get it through the legislature. So Plan B is to put it up for referendum–with the idea that the people will always vote to get high.

Meanwhile, we are told on the nooze programs that cannabis “helps your workout” and even “helps your meditations.” Having known more pot-heads, and known them better, than I ever want to know again, I would be astounded to find one of them capable of any meditation on any subject. Or capable of much else, for that matter.

I begin to find it somewhat sinister, this ruling-class push for turning all us peasants into stoners. Why do they want us stoned? Why are they pushing “recreational drugs” at us?

Probably for the same reason they make our schools and colleges so lousy and then insist that everybody go there.

Liberalism is a war against the human brain. They don’t want us thinking. They don’t want us even able to think, should an opportunity present itself. Keep ’em stoned! Keep ’em stewed! They’ll never stand up to us, if they can’t stand up at all!

I have lived long enough to understand leftism as a satanic enterprise.

‘Coed Blows Her $90,000 College Fund’ (2015)

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They call it higher education.

When we say that too many recently “educated” persons haven’t got the foggiest idea how wealth is generated, we mean that literally. As in the following example:


Yes, Miss Millenial went and pissed away the whole $90,000 left to her by her grandmother–and then wondered what happened to it. She has ruled out working to pay for the remainder of her college.

I wonder what she majored in. No one has ever told us.

‘Why Do I Read Bad “Christian” Novels?’ (2016)

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It’s important to reclaim cultural ground for Christ’s Kingdom: to our shame, we’ve surely surrendered enough of it. That’s why I read “Christian” novels that would otherwise be considered inferior product.


We have to do better! I mean, really, look at us! If we can’t do better than we’re doing now, we might as well just pack it in.

‘In Front of the Heavenly Tribunal’ (2015)

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Nooze stories come and go so fast, in such staggering numbers, that it’s easy to forget something that was a really big deal, a sensation, just a few years ago. Like the story about the hackers getting into the guts of the Ashley Madison Dating Service and exposing married men and women who were using it to find partners with whom to commit adultery.


“Life is short. Have an affair.” That was their slogan.

I hope we all understand that advertising slogans should really not be anyone’s guide to how to live.

The War on Reality: ‘Mermaiding’

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If you want to look at pictures of jidrools pretending to be mermaids, go ahead. If you’d rather not, here’s a picture of a sane mother robin feeding her babies.

What do you do with your time, if you have no more sense than, say, a box of Cocoa Puffs?

Well, CNN–better initials might be “LOL”–celebrates “a growing subculture” of kooks who pretend to be “mermaids” (https://www.cnn.com/interactive/2019/04/world/mermaid-portraits-cnnphotos/). They wear fake mermaid tails, some of which cost thousands of dollars apiece, and hang out with other kooks.

Let us quote from CNN’s description of one young man: “he learned about the trend”–good grief, it’s a trend?–“through transgender friends and became fascinated by ‘the transition from one species to another, the ability to inhabit a new, magical identity.'”

For some reason I can’t fathom, all the “mermaids” in the CNN article are in Israel. Supposedly you can find these dopes in other countries, too.

It seems the world has opened a door marked “crazy” and has no way to close it.

But this is what happens when you desert God. Nobody left to worship but devils and idiots.

Back to “Tarzan and the Leopard Men” for me.


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