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Corgis Do Their Stuff

I find something charming in these slightly goofy little dogs. A corgi will try anything once. I particularly like the one who has decided he can moonlight as a sheepdog. Maybe he ought to watch Babe one more time, before the goats run out of patience with him.

Let Sleeping Dogs & Cats Lie

Really, it’s a shame to wake them up, after they’ve gone to the trouble to fall asleep in all these crazy places and positions–including some that are definitely not recommended. They’ll be falling asleep on ski lifts next.

Bad Dog!

I have to admit to a LOL over “Somebody chewed up Mommy’s underpants,” a sentence seldom heard in a well-regulated household. But some of these messes–! What I can’t figure about dogs is, they know it’s wrong to do a certain thing, they know they’ll get in trouble for it, and then they do it anyway. More human than we thought.

Cats & Dogs on Ice

You’d think they’d be upset, losing their footing and all: but dogs and cats can turn just about anything into a game. In this they far exceed salamanders, who are always so serious about everything.

Remember when it used to be fun for us to slide all around the ice? Well, the falling part, not so much.

Cats & Dogs & Laughs

A couple of hamsters and a couple of birds snuck in for cameos, but didn’t ruin the overall effect. A few of these clips have appeared in other compilations, but I go by what makes me smile. These should amuse you.

Fun with Corgis

There’s something very charming about these artless little dogs. Try to imagine being afraid of a corgi–can you do it? Ha, didn’t think so!

Here Comes the Snow!

And here, at least, is one small dog who’s more than ready for it.

Yes, the Weather Service and the noozies are talking it up big, all of us here in the eastern U.S. are gonna get creamed by a bodacious snowstorm. If we do, I’ll turn on my Christmas tree lights and go outside to look at it through the window. Then I’ll come back in and watch the snow come down. But I’m afraid I don’t have the energy to match this dog.

Assorted Pets, Assorted Chuckles

There’s sure to be something for everybody in this video. I don’t know which is my favorite–the tiny baby chameleons, the hamster laboriously making his way up stairs designed for humans, or the dog trying to be Tarzan. The leaping guinea pigs are pretty cool, too.

A Plethora of Pets

Well, now I’ve just got to go and get a baby otter. I had no idea they were so sweet! And look at the fun those two raccoons are having.

Was God good to give us pets, or what?

He’s Just a Kittens’ Playground

Who needs a sliding board, swings, or see-saw  when you’ve got a big, cozy dog who’s trying to take a nap? He’s all-purpose playground equipment.

Oh, well, puppies will do the same thing to a prone human being.

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