A Terribly Cute Little Dog

His name is Norbert and he only weighs three pounds. That is, he’s a little bigger than a hamster. But who can resist a face like that?

Here he is playing a game with his blanket, with someone’s hand under it. Our cat Buster absolutely loved that game. But if he got carried away, your hand would be the loser for it.

A Puzzle for Your Dog

I once saw a video of an octopus solving a puzzle very similar to this, but how many people have a pet octopus? I can’t imagine either of my cats being as determined as this dog is to solve the puzzle. I didn’t know you could get a dog interested in a puzzle. A couple of my turtles might’ve stuck with it, if there was a food reward inside; but you just can’t get turtles worked up over squeaky toys.

He Won’t Let a Sleeping Dog Lie

Is this minuscule chihuahua puppy bent on suicide? Nah–he knows the big bulldog won’t hurt him, no matter how much he teases him. Nibble the tail, nibble the feet–you don’t really think I was gonna let you take a nap, do you?

Just a little glimpse into the way things ought to be…

He’s a Howler

Huskies are famous for howling. This puppy’s only nine days old, and he’s howling but good. What he wants is not so clear. He doesn’t even look like a husky yet, but he sure sounds like one. Behold the patience of the mother dog, whose ear is getting howled into. She should get an award.

A Dog with a Lust for Laundry

They can’t keep this dog out of the washing machine. Or the dryer, either. He also likes to squeeze in under the baby carriage. Is he trying to tell them something?

My turtles all got out, once–washed out of their aquarium by a torrential rain. But they all came back. And I don’t know why I told you that.