Serenading the Dog

Why is the cockatiel singing to the dog while the dog eats? Does anybody recognize the tune?

Our family dog used to pretend to be asleep so that birds would come down to nibble at his dog food. He would then catch them and eat them.

Domestication certainly changes things!

Kitten Won’t Be Buffaloed By Dog

(That just might be the worst headline I’ve ever written.)

The dog, 25 times the size of the kitten, is jealous. He’s excited. But if he thinks this tiny kitten is going to take any guff from him, he’s sadly mistaken. Daddy has his hands full, keeping the dog’s head on straight.

Dogs & Cats on Ice

As long as you don’t land on your head or break something else (like your coccyx!), sliding on the ice is lots of fun. I still enjoy it, and I’m not even a dog or a cat.

You can’t tell me these critters aren’t having fun.

How Not To Be a Guard Dog

My wife has fallen in love with the dog in this video.

Offering a toothy smile and a wagging tail won’t scare off many intruders. Then again, maybe they’ll think the dog is crazy.

This is Nooze-free Sunday.

Canines Cavorting

Dogs really know how to have fun! No one makes better use of snow than a dog.

Keep your eye out for the dog who steals the sled out from under a human so that he can use it instead. And another pooch makes off with someone’s snow shovel. I wonder what he meant to do with it.

The Puppies’ Rebuttal

Demanding equal time, a spokesdog for puppies insists that they can stampede every bit as well as kittens, and offers this video as proof.

Can you count the puppies?

Yes, you have the count the one who doesn’t get it.

Ducklings Adopted (?) by Puppy

We’ve all seen a mother duck lead her ducklings to wherever she wants them to go. But here someone, somewhere, got their signals crossed and the ducklings have locked on to a puppy as their mother figure. Do they expect him to lead them to the water?

The pup exhibits some sheepdog-like herding moves. The ducklings follow him wherever he goes. He can’t get away from them.

Domestication is… weird.

Dog & Rooster Tag

Well, now you know why people keep stacks of wooden pallets in their back yards: so their dogs and chickens can chase each other round and round the pallets.

I love watching chickens run. Especially when they’re chasing dogs or people.

Norbert on the Rampage

It was escapades like this that got Norbert barred from Asia. Imagine if that wrapping paper were a herd of water buffalo. How many would escape uneaten? And there was that time the elephants refused to come out of their corral because Norbert was out there… waiting.

Pups Play Jai-Alai

Well, all right, it’s not exactly jai-alai; but you can certainly say it’s a sport played by dogs. The object of the game is to keep the balloon aloft for as long as possible by bumping it with your nose. Try it with a friend or colleague and see how you do!