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Dogs & Sliding Boards

Who doesn’t love a trip to the playground? (Don’t answer that.) Dogs do. They can relax on the swings, but the real action is on the sliding boards. It’s a lot easier going down the chute than going up.

You will have noticed there’s no footage of dogs on the merry-go-round.

Fun on the Run! (Dog + Leaves= Fun)

This dog’s name is Stella. She likes to drive into huge piles of dead leaves. Her work in that field has come to the attention of the hiring committee at Quokka University; and they’re whispering behind fans in the drawing room, these days, that Stella may be in line to become QU’s first Dean of Student Capers.

Dog Playing Chicken

Do you get the impression this dog wants the chicken to chase him? I do. I’d also like to see what would happen if she caught him. But I don’t think the hen is giving it quite her all.

A Weird Dog Thing

To the maker of this video–whoever you are, confound you! Why is the dog digging such a deep hole, and why is he so excited about it? Why is he acting like there’s someone or something down there? And then he just says “fap!” and stops, as though the whole enterprise no longer concerns him. But you–you have given us no answers! No enlightenment. You have left us to speculate… endlessly. Grrrr.

A Puppy for the Ages

Fine-sounding headline! I wonder what it means.

This looks just like one of the happy puppies I use to get around a certain outfit’s robot censor. Puppies are good at getting around people. Getting around parrots, not so much.

When in Doubt, Chase Your Tail

Actually, someone else’s tail is just as good. Sometimes even better.

Are there any humans out there who like to chase laser lights across the floor and up and down walls? Inquiring cats and dogs want to know.

Prankful Pets

Maybe we shouldn’t play tricks on our cats and dogs (although some of them do seem to enjoy it). But check out some of the tricks they play on each other. Who says animals don’t have a sense of humor?

As for the puppy chasing his leash round and round and round the tree–heck, we had a governor who used to do that.

The Dog & Parakeet Show

There are humans stationed nearby to prevent mayhem. But really, how hard would it be for the dog to chomp down on the parakeet before anyone could prevent it? And why does the parakeet appear to be completely unconcerned for anything like that to happen?

Have hours of fun trying to get inside animals’ heads and understand their interactions. So much more complicated than you’d think!

Not the Smartest Dogs on Earth

Look, if you wanted a rocket scientist, you’d get a rocket scientist–right? You don’t need your dog to be a savant. Jolly and cuddly is better!

Even so, you do have to wonder, sometimes, what the dog could possibly be thinking…

Thinking Dog Thoughts

If you’re a dog or a cat–well, okay, if you were, you wouldn’t be reading this–you have to adapt to a whole environment designed by and for a totally different species–humans. A world of glass doors, mirrors, television, sprinkler systems… and those confounded narrow openings through which the stick you’re carrying simply will not fit.

Keeps them on their toes, though, doesn’t it?

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