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Tight Squeezes for Cats & Dogs

Why do they do this–jam themselves into really tight spaces? These cats and dogs are crazy.

And how come you never see videos of how they get out of these incredibly constricted spaces? We always see the cat going head-first into the glass ball half his size. So let’s see how he gets out!

A Baby, a Corgi… and a Balloon

The dog’s mouth is too small to pop the  balloon, but he keeps on trying and the baby is digging it. I wish we’d had a dog or a cat when I was a baby. Honestly, how can this not be wonderful for the child’s development? Who’s too young for merriment and mirth?

For that matter… who’s too old for it?

A Cat, a Dog, and a Laugh

Boy, did we ever need a laugh around here today! And thanks to our friend Alta, who sent us this video, we got one.

Okay: so: the dog is annoying the cat and the cat smacks him one. And if you don’t quite understand what happens next, welcome to this cat’s world.

Laugh Break: ‘I Pet My Dog’

I don’t know who this guy is, but he and his little dog sure are funny! Anyhow, I thought a healthy laugh might be a good thing to have before even glancing at the news. And I think I’ll take a bike ride first, too.

Extra-long, Extra-cute Kittens & Puppies

I hardly ever post videos this long; but if you’ve got ten minutes to invest in funny, sanity-inducing frolics by puppies and kittens, this one’s for you. Make believe it’s two regular-sized videos played back-to-back. And don’t miss what happens when a boxful of sleeping kittens all wake up at once.

Pet Peeves

Actually, what I mean here is pets that peeve us and each other. Puppies, cats, and birds can get up to some pretty creative mischief. I couldn’t call my editor the other day because some of her cats unplugged her phone. But that’s nothing, compared to what puppies can do to a phone.

Oh, well–it’s foolish, but it’s fun.

Pets in Compromising Positions

Animals can have embarrassing moments, too. See the poor tortoise trying to mate with a flip-flop. (To Linda: Notice this turtle vocalizes! Just like yours.) The cat who hasn’t quite mastered the art of unrolling a roll of toilet paper. The dog who honestly doesn’t want to fetch the ball out of the water. (Maybe he just saw Jaws.) Anyway, here they are–with all their charm intact.

Sanity Break: Nice Little Animals

I finally got my latest chapter set typed up today, with this renewed, revamped, topsy-turvy computer system fighting me every step of the way. But as I watched this assortment of micro-pups, with a baby donkey and a contemplative hamster thrown in, I could feel my blood pressure going down.

Your Pets Are Watching You

Cats and dogs and birds–they’ve got their eyes on you. Don’t even think about getting away with anything. If other people watched us this intently, we’d get nervous about it. But I guess these little fuzzy fellows only do it ’cause they have inquiring minds or something.

A Unique Dog-Walking Service

Too tired to walk your dog? Tough day at work, late getting home, you’ve had it–but Rover still has to go for his walk.

Hey, no problem! Relax–and let the cat do it. As you can see by the video, Mr. Fluffy’s dog-walking service will bring Rover up the stairs and right back to your door.

Now, if we could only get the dog to change the cat’s litter box…

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