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Eccentric Dog & Killjoy Cats

These four or five cats will not let the neighbors’ dog come onto their property. The dog is convinced it’s a game; you can tell that by his body language. And maybe it is–note how careful the cats are never to actually catch him. I’m sure they could, if they really wanted to. Yes, I think it is a game. These critters are a lot more sophisticated than we give them credit for.

P.S.–You can’t get fence lizards to do things like this.

Do Dogs Get Stairs?

I never had a dog who had any trouble going up or down stairs. But this video suggests that a lot of dogs do. Some can only go up if they do it backwards. Some belly-flop down the stairs on purpose. Others, not on purpose. Maybe they should all watch that video of the hamster climbing up a flight of stairs. Might learn something.

Doggone Ice Cube!

Don’t you wish you could have this much fun? It’s only an ice cube, but these puppies make like it’s a living thing that needs a major attitude adjustment. I mean, really–why bark at an ice cube?

Dogs Doing Inexplicable Things

It’s a total mystery to me why dogs can’t carry long sticks through narrow openings. I’ve seen parrots and parakeets solve this problem easily, but dogs can’t even come close. Maybe Lassie could’ve been trained to do it, but I doubt she would’ve figured out the solution for herself.

If only our pets could tell us what they think they’re doing.

Listen to Your Bulldog

If people listened more attentively to bulldogs, they wouldn’t wind up locked in some scary room with a haint in it.

For some reason I can’t begin to guess, bulldogs seem to watch more horror movies than other dogs do. And they react very strongly to what they see. Maybe they should stick to Laurel & Hardy.

Dogs Not Cooperating

What’s with these dogs? Gonna trade ’em in for axolotls, if they can’t behave any better than this.

But you’ve got to admit there’s something endearing about the little fuzzy dog jumping up and down in frustration after he dropped his toy and it rolled under the chair. I think he might be ready to go to college.

Dogs Doin’ Bad

My wife says dogs have a conscience. Trouble is, it doesn’t kick in until after the mischief is done. Then it’s too late.

Then there’s that whole criminal mastermind thing. If you’re going to tear up the tissues, don’t get your head caught inside the Kleenex box. That’s a dead giveaway.

This Dog’s a Chick Magnet

Actually, the dachshund in this video seems to be a magnet for all kinds of baby birds, especially ducklings–and rabbits, too.

My dog Rags used to eat birds. He’d leave some food in his dish and pretend to go to sleep, and then ambush the birds when they came down for a nibble. But apparently that sort of mind-set isn’t universal among dogs. I would have rather Rags had left the birds alone.

Fun with Cats & Dogs

See? Cats and dogs can play nicely together. I assume none of them is getting hurt in any of these tussles. Otherwise it would either escalate into real mayhem or one of the parties would get serious about running away.

I love watching animals play together. For some reason my lizards never did that. I wish my cats would play with each other, but their sibling rivalry won’t permit it. Ah, well, there’s always videos…

More Daffy Dogs

Dogs are like turtles: they can get to places that you’d never think they’d reach. But you’ll never see turtles jump like some of the dogs in this video. In fact, you’ll never see turtles jump at all.

One of these dogs could easily be mistaken for a kangaroo.

Fun False Fact: There is a dog in Sayreville, New Jersey, that can read ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. But he never tells you what they say.

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