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Bulldog Calls for Backup

So you’re dozing on the nice fluffy rug when this giant cat comes into your house! As yet it’s only in that flat box that the stupid humans put there. But what if it gets out? Too much for one bulldog to handle–so he calls for backup. “Yo, sis! Get down here right away! We’ve got a giant cat down here!” And, voila–she patters down the steps and joins her brother in warning off the cheetah.

Good thing he slept through the part about the hyenas. They’re much nastier than cheetahs.


Everyone’s a Critic!

I sing to my cats and they ignore it. I play the harmonica for them and they run away.

Here are some dogs who really, truly, genuinely don’t like their humans’ singing. In fairness to the dogs, it’s pretty awful singing. A few of these people are lucky they didn’t get bitten.

Krazy Kritters

All our pets have to live in an environment designed for humans, not animals; and because they’re intelligent and adaptable, they learn to cope with it–sometimes in ways we never expected. Like the dog and the deer playing together in someone’s front yard.

Meanwhile, that is one stubborn rat they’ve got there… won’t take No for an answer.

When the Cat Wants to Play

I selected this video because I’m sure there’s an untold story in it. Why does the cat have to try so hard to get the dog to play? Why does the dog act like there will be some nasty surprise in store for him if he chases the cat? And why does he have his leash on in the house? And for that matter, what’s with that stockpile of slippers, shoes, and flip-flops? I’m beginning to get a rather hinky feeling about this place…

Critter Break

Why cats and dogs take so much guff from cockatiels is one for the Durants. Look for more of those unexpected animal friendships.

Also look for two critters you hardly ever see in video–a softshell turtle and a bush baby.

Smile! (Now Bark)

Dogs are amazing. You tell them to smile for the camera, and they do it. Is it just to please us, or do they know something we don’t know?

I can’t get my cats to smile. If they ever do, chances are I won’t have a camera handy.

Repackaging Cats & Dogs

I’m not claustrophobic, honest–although the thought crawling into one of those so-called caves that are only just wide enough to accommodate your body and one layer of clothing, that doesn’t appeal to me.

But here are cats and dogs who have claustrophilia, which is the opposite of claustrophobia… and nobody knows how to treat this.

If it spreads to people, we’re in trouble.

Mystery: Dogs & Lemons

My cats don’t respond at all to lemons, beyond a casual sniff. But my cats are not dogs. (Did I just ace Biology 101?)

Why do dogs react with so much drama? It’s only a little piece of lemon. Why do they bark at it? Do they expect it to bark back? Some will taste the lemon; others won’t. Some will run around in circles. Who can explain this?

They Don’t Fight Like Dogs & Cats

I suspect Heaven’s gonna be a lot like this–and Earth, too, once God finishes repairing it. Meanwhile, He gives us these glimpses.

Dogs and cats don’t have to fight. They really can be best friends. Puppies and kittens can do it. But we humans–well, Dante called the earth “the little threshing floor that makes us all so fierce.”

Some Very Silly Dogs

The dogs in this video are terrified of cats. Isn’t that disgraceful? Like, they should have to turn in their dog badges and apply for positions as mice. But I’ve also seen videos of cats who are afraid of mice. Shameful.

P.S.–Please, please don’t let your cat or your dog out on the street. It’s dangerous enough for humans, the way folks drive these days.

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