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The Dogs’ Hall of Shame

What’s with these dogs? Fie and for shame! Getting chased around by cats half your size. How are you ever going to manage a paper boy, if this is what a cat can do to you?

My iguana used to chase a certain cat whenever she came into my room. That’s because she pooed on people’s beds. He was not about to let that happen. The other cat was allowed in, the big black cat: he and the lizard were friends.

Dogs Acting Guilty (Again)

You know you’ve got a problem when you have to ask, “Who killed the rat and brought it inside?”

Poor dogs. They’re so ashamed when you upbraid them for doing something wrong. It’d be nice if “educators” had that capacity. The thing with dogs, though, is that they only know it was wrong after they’ve done it. But then it’s too late.

It’s not that a dog has no conscience. It’s that he has a tardy conscience–always one key step behind.

A Very Musical Household

This is what you get when Daddy and Mommy are musicians–a musical household.

Well, at any rate you get a dancing toddler and a dog who plays the piano and sings, insofar as a dog can do such things. Betcha J.S. Bach had this in his house! Anyway, we saw it last night and I knew I’d have to share it with you all.

Dogs vs. Horror Movies

Here we go again with our pets getting all peoply on us. To wit, dogs trying to watch horror movies on TV. The dogs in these videos just can’t take it.

I’m sure there are dogs (and cats) who don’t care what’s on the tube, they don’t even notice. But the ones who try to be like us, they really get into television. We are obviously a bad influence on them.

Cats and Dogs Doing Peoply Things

Note: “Peoply” is my word, I coined it, I own it.

I knew someone who taught his cat to use the toilet, so much so, they didn’t need a litter box anymore. But the cat never did learn to flush.

As for dogs watching television–really, now, don’t you have a squeaky toy to play with?

Cats Stealing Dogs’ Beds

Isn’t it pitiful? Little cat steals dog’s big bed, and the poor dog doesn’t know what to do about it. That’s domestication for you. Are dogs really that un-assertive, or are they just being generous?

And cats are very, very good at judging what they can get away with.

It’s All Downhill for Him

Dogs just love to have fun–which, to my way of thinking, shows a high order of intelligence and personality. And what could be more fun than sliding down an icy hill? Well, probably a lot of things, if you’re human–and maybe carrying an armload of groceries. But it does look like fun when the dog does it.

Cats Meets Dog, and Vice-Versa

It seems most of these cats don’t know what to make of puppies. And of course the puppies want to play, because that’s what puppies do. Sometimes they can hit it off right from the start, but most of the time, for the cat, it takes some getting used to.

And there’s a puppy in this video who’s gotta be part-hamster, because he’s no bigger than a hamster. He confuses two cats at once.

Cats & Dogs & Babies

I saw a sign in my doctor’s office that said that babies who interact with dogs and cats develop stronger immune systems than babies who don’t. So the cat licking the baby’s face, or the dog sniffing the baby’s ear–those are not bad things.

When I was still only three years old or so, I tried to change my baby brother’s diaper. I’d seen my mother do it; how hard could it be? All you’ve got to do is dump half a bottle of baby oil on him and then liberally coat him with baby powder. That’s when my mother came in and put a stop to it.

No cat or dog would ever do that to a human baby.

Funny Little Dogs

I’ve been found of little pug dogs ever since Milo and Otis. There’s something very funny about them–especially when they get all ferocious with toys or camera straps, or a blueberry.

Don’t sell ’em short. A little white pug in my neighborhood launched herself at a German shepherd five times her size, after the big dog had attacked her brother. Otis himself couldn’t have done better–and he had screenwriters on his side.

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