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More Unusual Pets

I don’t know–maybe for some of you, having a couple of bears for pets might not be unusual. Ditto the skateboarding dog. And that little striped thing, I think, is a baby peccary. I have heard that these close relatives of the pig generally grow up to be fierce and unpredictable. I think you’re better off with giant millipedes.

Dogs Making Odd Friends

I’m beginning to wonder why I used to be afraid of dogs, when I was little. The baby birds, baby ferret, kittens, hamster, and hedgehog in this video–they’re not afraid at all. How do they know the great big dog won’t just swallow them down in one gulp (hedgehog excepted–there’s no animal that can swallow a hedgehog)?

Bed Bandits

There are dogs that simply wouldn’t let the cat steal their bed–I mean, there have to be. Right? Alas, none of those dogs made it into these videos.

What do you want to bet these cats have beds of their own but would much rather usurp the dog’s bed? It must be fun.

Four-Legged Funnies

Four-legged, furry pets are just more fun than centipedes. (Giant millipedes are nice, but have no concept of fun.) Behold the sound of food being poured into a bowl, and how fast the cat can get there! You could make a movie about it.

Chasing Their Shadows

Okay, I’m beginning to wonder–do dogs have trouble distinguishing two dimensions from three? Or do they just chase their own shadows for fun?

My iguana used to try to eat pictures of fruit or vegetables painted on the plate, so those dimensions must’ve confused him, too. I wonder if we can find any video of dogs trying to eat pictures.

(P.S.–Still sick, but able to eat supper and post this video. Experience tells me this’ll be over sometime tomorrow. So far it’s been all day today. *Sigh*)

Not Exactly ‘Man Bites Dog’

I couldn’t find any video of a man biting a dog. The best I could do was “fuzzy little bunny rabbit chases big black dog all around the barnyard.” The chickens, I regret to say, were not amused.

Because animals are so much more intelligent than we give them credit for, they can learn behaviors that don’t seem natural to them. The dog’s supposed to eat the bunny, right? But he’s not going to, and the bunny knows it.

A Daffy Dog

This is still one of my all-time favorite animal videos, probably because I haven’t got the foggiest idea of what’s going on in that dog’s mind. The cat is puzzled, too.  Is there a sage, somewhere out there, who can explain it?

How Our Dogs Protect Us from Space Aliens

You’d almost think this video was produced by dogs, under a title like “Funny Humans.” I mean, really–we bring these weird little robots into the home, and what’s a dog supposed to make of it? They know those things are unnatural. They know they have to protect the humans from the consequences of their ill-considered actions. These confounded things move around and make creepy noises. Of course the dog is going to bark! And maybe bite, too.

It’s a full-time job, looking after humans.

Furry and Funny

This video was billed as “Extremely funny cats and dogs.” Having examined it minutely, I concur. I don’t often get the chance to use the word, “concur.”

I would like to add that dogs are easier to figure out than cats. What do you think? I find lizards and turtles very easy to understand, and cats–almost impossible to guess what they’re thinking.

Dogs Take TV Too Seriously

Some dogs understand that television isn’t real, which is more than can be said for humans who watch CNN. But the dogs in these videos haven’t attained that level of sophistication.

It’s fun to watch how high they can jump up and down, trying to get a better look at what’s inside the funny box; but it would be nice to clue them in. Thinking what you see on TV is real must be a heavy burden.

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