A Dog’s Life Can Get Complicated

All he wanted to do was play with the blanket–but the blanket played with him. (Just so you don’t worry, he eventually escapes.) Blankets have more tricks up their sleeves–can I say that?–than you’d expect. Dogs to take that into consideration.

Grooming Norbert

Believe it or not, after what he did to the last four persons who tried to groom him, Norbert can still get volunteers for this incredibly hazardous task. Well, some people just can’t be happy unless they’re doing something dangerous…

Dogs Just Wanna Have Fun

I can show videos with snow in them now, can’t I? Like, it’s March, spring’s in the air, it ain’t gonna snow no more, no more…

But look–if you were a dog, you might not mind so much. Body-sledding for the bulldog; the golden retriever goes for something a bit more humanish.

Anyway, I love to watch dogs and cats playing in the snow.

Dogs Do It, Too

It’s not only cats that chase their tails; dogs are every bit as committed to it.

Hamsters don’t bother to try.

Can you count how many times these dogs spin around? If you can, maybe you’d better re-assess your priorities.

Dog Goes Nuts for Stairs

I dassn’t post more videos of cats and dogs frolicking in the snow. I admit I wasn’t frolicking this morning when I chipped the ice off my car. So… we shall remain indoors.

Does your dog or cat enjoy romping up and down the stairs? Our cats don’t do it much anymore, although Robbie will tear up the stairs to celebrate a more than usually satisfying visit to the litter box. I wish I could do that (running full-tilt up the stairs, I mean).

The Dog Won’t Risk It

Why is the dog afraid of the laundry basket? Actually, there are two dogs in this video: the other one is not afraid of a laundry basket. So why one and not the other?

Your answer will count toward half your grade for this marking period.

Norbert Strikes Back

For those of you who insist on something fuzzy in a critter video, turn we unto Norbert, all three pounds of him. I don’t know what he strikes back against, but I’m sure he’s taken care of it by now.

I don’t know about you, but this little guy never fails to make me smile.

Unexplained! Dogs Go Sledding–Without Sleds

No one has ever explained this phenomenon–dogs sliding down snowy slopes without a sled!

Then again, has anyone ever been asked to explain it?

Hiding from Your Dog

In 706 B.C., unemployed King of Assyria Ashu-Nani-Hoople, hid from his dog, Farfel. The dog eventually found him and ate him.

My dog Rags used to love to play hide and seek. So did my cat, Buster. But we never had a problem when they found me.

Everyone’s a Critic (Dogs, Too)

Here’s a bulldog watching one of those unnecessary King Kong remakes. She obviously agrees with me that two tyrannosaurs in the same scene is just too much.

I wonder–can all dogs learn to react to pictures on a TV screen as if the action depicted was… real?

Good thing that never happens with humans.