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Hide and Seek with Dogs and Cats

My cat Henry loved hide and seek. He would hide and then jump out and grab your ankle. Our old family dog, Rags, would play hide and seek by the hour. Peep used to play it, but she has outgrown it.

All the animals in this video seem to have a good time–even the poor little dog who looks like a caterpillar.

Piggy-Back, Anyone?

Oddly enough, there are no piggies in this video. And it looks like baby goats are the champions of hitching piggy-back rides.

By the way, I recommend not encouraging your kittens to jump onto your back for a ride. This becomes much less amusing when they’re full-sized cats. And, uh, when you’ve got company, or a repairman, they might find it even less amusing.

Dogs Who Say No

Say no to baths, say no to those freakin’ collars the humans put on you when you’ve had surgery, say no to whatever they’re sellin’–we are dogs, we are man’s best friend, and we don’t gotta take this guff no more!

The howling huskie illustrates one significant way in which turtles are better pets than dogs, though.

Bath-Time for Bowser

Isn’t it funny that the same dog who gleefully throws himself into a pond or a swimming pool freaks out when you want to give him a bath?

This video reminds me of the time my sister had to give my iguana a bath. He decided to explore the false ceiling and got lost up there–took him two days to get out, and he came out black instead of green. Alice had to give him a very thorough bath. But he was a good sport about it, she said.

Petland Frolics

Editor’s Note: I paid a hefty price for this video–I was exposed to a Democrat “Impeach Trump” ad. Do these goggle-eyed morons really, truly think they can win our support by crashing our cat and dog videos? I would crawl through a minefield to vote against them.

Anyway, I don’t think you’ll see that ad here. If you do, please let me know. In the future, I will not use videos that I think might be embedded with ads.

Dogs with Objections

Here are dogs who’ve got beefs and must give vent to them–not easy to do, when stupid humans don’t speak your language.

My cat Henry used to sit on the table when I was playing Strat-O-Matic Baseball, and try to grab the little plastic base-runners. I’d tell him “No,” and he would give me back-talk, word for word. And if I had to get up and leave the room for a moment, well, no more men on base. He was really miffed that I wouldn’t let him chew them up and swallow them.

Cats & Dogs Behaving Oddly

You may have already seen some of these clips in other compilations, but oh, well, I still haven’t figured out why that grey cat wants to go to war against his own tail. He must be college-educated.

Back and Forth with the Crazy Dog

I know I’ve posted this video before, and I promise to go back and find a fresh one for you–but it’s so freakin’ funny! Watch what the dog does after the cat pokes him on the butt. Then you can try to explain it.

It’s a Dog’s Life

If you really, really love flopping around in dirty water, yelling threats at small inanimate objects, running all around without going anywhere, or surfing on the carpet, chances are good that you’re a dog. Or else a highly eccentric individual.

Cats & Puppies Spectacular

I’ve never owned dogs and cats at the same time. Some of these videos make me wish I had.

Note that this are mostly adult cats playing with puppies. How do they know to be so gentle? I mean, the puppy wouldn’t know–right? So it’s up to the grownup cat to set the tone. And they know just how to do it. Very smart!

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