We Call It Puppy Love

C’mon, you’ve gotta love puppies! (Even mud puppies? Well, all right…)

Watch the puppy who has a whole roomful of toys strewn all over the floor–but only wants the one he can’t reach. We know some people like that, don’t we?

Last Man Standing… Is the Dog

Cats are famous for getting underfoot and tripping people; but as you’ll see from this video, dogs, too, possess that gift. (I keep wanting to liken this to certain judo techniques, but I don’t know if anybody here goes in for that.)

Dog Marooned on Bed

The human’s bedroom is such a shambles that the dog can’t summon up the courage to get down from the bed. I mean, all this woman didn’t do was tear up a bunch of toilet paper and rip open the pillows. Such an example to set for her dog!

Dogs Get Confused

I love dogs. They’ve got to make the best of a world designed by and for humans, and it gets confusing! Stuffed animals–what the hell, you mean they aren’t real? Plus there’s a pineapple lurking over yonder… you’ll see what I mean.


We are told there are 39 dogs enjoying this swimming pool at doggy day care. I don’t know–I didn’t even try to count them. No chihuahuas, pugs, or bulldogs were involved. A spokesman for bulldogs said he was glad no bulldogs were involved.

Pushy Cats

The cat wants to take a nap. The two little dogs want to play. Guess who gets dumped into the swimming pool. (It’s okay, little fellas–cats will do that to anyone.)

“Let sleeping dogs lie” also goes for cats.

Pup & Bunny Show

Dog = Predator. Rabbit = Prey. But the puppy in this video doesn’t know that, and I don’t think the bunny’s gonna be the one to tell him. I don’t know how much bunnies like to play. Do they play at all? Information, please.

Dog & Puppy Show

Do dogs remember that they were once puppies? The dog in this video seems puzzled by the puppy, albeit trying to make the best of it.

Amazing historical fact: Ramesses II’s dog, Farfel, denied ever having been a puppy.

Clever Dog: Mission Accomplished

How many dogs have found it hopeless, impossible, to do what this dog finally succeeds in doing? Is this the canine equivalent of Thomas Edison?

Parrots aren’t stumped at all by the long stick/narrow doorway problem. But just try to get a parrot to pull a sled.

Phobic Dogs

Stairs. Balloons. Plastic Bottles. Deceased Insects. Bits of orange peel. Dogs do pick some of the strangest things to be afraid of. But I have a cat who’s scared of pipe cleaners and shoelaces.

But not to worry–irrational fears are signs of great intelligence.