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How to Try a Cat’s Patience

So you’re the only cat in a roomful of dogs–sound familiar?–and this corgi just keeps giving you the business. What to do? You try to be a nice guy about it, and where does that get you? You try to ignore him, but he’s too stupid to realize you’re ignoring him. Only one thing left to do…

Pets Wanna Have Fun: The Sequel

Okay, the raccoon in this video isn’t a pet; but he is having fun. Then there are the things that cats and dogs do that wouldn’t make any sense at all unless they had fun doing them. It argues for a high order of intelligence that is mostly inscrutable to humans.

Maybe they’re smarter than we are.

Pets Just Wanna Have Fun

There’s something in here for everybody! My favorite is the sheep trying to herd the dogs. We’ve also got cats and dogs, birds and hamsters, a goat, and a tortoise who has, well, designs… on a flip-flop.

BTW, if you listen carefully, you will hear the turtle vocalizing. They said it couldn’t be done, but they were wrong.

Marshall Hates His Sweater

Kids and pets have this on common: they’re both subject to the irrational whims of adults.

Marshall the bulldog hates his sweater. I know just how he feels. When I was 12 years old or so, my parents bought me this goofy fedora hat to wear to church. Boy, did I feel like a schmo! Every Sunday, I did my level best to lose the hat somewhere in church. My father kept finding it. This went on for months and months until I finally lost it somewhere he never thought to look. Happily, they did not replace it. I think they finally decided it just wasn’t worth the trouble.

Pets vs. Pricey Toys

Watch these people bedevil their cats and dogs with fancy, expensive, electronic and radio-controlled toys–and then try to tell yourself you don’t experience a thrill of deep satisfaction when the cat slams the noisy little helicopter to the floor with one sweep of his paw.

Dog & Cat Reveille

Cats and dogs can’t play bugles, but they don’t lack for ingenuity when they want to wake you up. Parakeets get in on the act, too.

One thing your pet turtle never bothers to do is to try to wake you up. Our cat Buster used to sit on the pillow by your head and bat the shade–bat-bat-bat– either until you were ready to scream, or, on rare occasions, the shade flew all the way up with a rattle and a bang.

Yeah, that’ll get you up.

Cats & Dogs & Funny Faces

One thing you can’t get your pet lizard or turtle to do is to make funny faces. For that you need a cat or a dog. Hey, we’ll throw in a bunny and a goat, too. But if your pets played poker, your lizard would have a big edge over your dog. Dogs just can’t play cards at all.

Pets vs. Mirrors

Most animals just don’t get mirrors. I discovered this early in life, when I showed my “chameleon” (an anole, actually) a hand mirror and was amazed by the little lizard’s violent reaction to his own reflection. I’m surprised he didn’t blow a gasket.

So here we are with dogs and cats, goats, a horse, lizards, and even a monkey, all of them baffled by that mysterious expanse of glass. We’ve seen our pets figure out harder things that mirrors, but mirrors stump them. My iguana paid no attention to mirrors, but never did work out why he couldn’t eat pictures of strawberries painted on the plate.

P.S.–I may be having Facebook issues again, so I’d be obliged to anyone who shares this post on his or her FB page, just so I can see if it generates referrals.

Babies & Dogs: Who Copies Whom?

Do babies learn from dogs, or dogs from babies? Here we see dogs imitating babies, and babies imitating dogs. Well, dogs are way better role models than some of the ones we pick up later in life: maybe babies are born with good sense. It would be so cool if they could talk to us! So many things I’d love to ask a baby… or a dog.

Cats ‘n’ Dogs ‘n’ Hamsters

Okay–who’s having the most fun in this video? I think it’s the hamsters. They’re certainly burning the most calories. This from a man who just had White Castles for supper. Anyway, we humans can have fun watching our pets have fun.

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