Doggie-vous Francais?

Do you like French bulldogs? They’ve got a lot of personality, don’t they?

I hope nobody here mistakes chameleons for French bulldogs. If you do have a lot of trouble telling the difference, there are any number of college courses that can set you straight.

Cats & Dogs & Pop-Pop-Pop!

You should be able to guess what will happen, once a cat or a dog starts playing with balloons. Many years ago some scientists in Michigan did some experiments on cats and dogs and balloons, but the results have always been kept secret.

The Dog Is Not Cooperating

What are we, that our pets should give us an argument? This husky is commanded (implored?) to come back inside the house. Does he? Nope.

My cat Henry used to give me long, loud protests when I wouldn’t let him snatch up the baserunners in my Strat-O-Matic game… while I was playing it.

Cats & Dogs & Tails

Why do cats and dogs chase their tails (or someone else’s)? Parakeets don’t do it. Iguanas don’t. A hamster wouldn’t even think of it.

I’d also like to know why they don’t get dizzy, doing this. I’ve seen cats get dizzy: helped them do it, in fact. But this is a mystery.

Pups & Babies

The first pet I ever had that was not a goldfish was a newt. He didn’t do well on the alleged “turtle food” they sold in the pet store.

My doctor says that babies who play with dogs or cats develop stronger immune systems than babies who don’t. I don’t think my poor little newt was up to that.

Bulldogs vs. ‘The Thing’

Have these two bulldogs seen this movie before? ‘Cause they seem to know exactly what’s going to happen, and do their level best to warn the dogs and humans in the film.

Pay close attention to the second bulldog, who has to leave the room for a moment. Maybe you can explain what he does.

Dog and Toddler

I’m convinced that dogs and cats fully understand that babies and toddlers are the human version of puppies or kittens; and they act accordingly. The dog will protect her human baby (and we’ve seen cats do it, too). And pet mice would do it if they could.

A Dog’s Mysterious Squeaky Toy

You’d think a dog would be able to understand that the squeak of his squeaky toy actually does come from the squeaky toy. Surely a parrot would get that. (“Or a cat!” There must be a cat offstage somewhere.) Anyway, it reminds us that we really have no idea how a dog’s mind works.

Puppy vs. Vast Forces of Nature

The tide didn’t obey King Canute when he commanded it not to come in, and it won’t obey this puppy, either. You’re digging a nice hole and the ocean wants to wash it away. There’s a lesson in it: dig somewhere else.

Why Shop If Your Dog Can Do It For You?

It sure looks to me like this dog knows exactly what he’s doing; and the vendors in this open-air market obviously know him and are accustomed to this rather unusual business. It has the air of a longstanding arrangement.

Do you suppose the dog has a savings account?