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Dogs & Babies: The Showdown

Why do babies laugh so hard when they play with dogs and cats? And then it makes me laugh! I just can’t help it.

Somebody once told me they had an iguana that played peek-a-boo with their toddler. I was a newspaper man at the time, so the story must have been true.

Dog vs. Cat: Battle of the Bed

What is this mysterious power that cats have over certain dogs? The dog is several times the cat’s size, and yet the cat holds all the cards.

I think this is an old dog with a very sweet nature–just what you don’t need, to roust a stubborn cat out of your bed. Please note that the cat doesn’t hurt the dog, just sort of shoos her away. Sportsmanship, of a kind.

Dog vs. Dinosaur

If you think this dog is fooled for even a minute, think again–he’s having the most fun he had all day. If he wagged his tail any harder, it’d fall off.

There is much to be said, however, for going around in a dinosaur suit. Many more people ought to do it. In fact, there ought to be a mandate requiring everybody to do it. We need more mandates.

Sleepiness Can Be Contagious

The puppy is watching the baby. The baby is sound asleep. Now the puppy has to struggle to stay away. He tries not watching the baby, but the damage is already done. Walking around doesn’t help. The end result cannot be avoided.

Come to think of it, I’ve been to lectures like this.

Cuddly Cats & Dogs

Time for some cuddlies! (It’s OK for me to say that because I know judo.)

Domestication has done wonderful things with animals. Because cats and dogs and other critters are so intelligent, they can adapt to unusual circumstances–like living with people in a house–and learn whole repertoires of behavior that you’d never see in the wild.

I’m afraid you can’t say this for your pet newts; but they have other virtues.

Movies for Dogs (or maybe not)

Some dogs just shouldn’t watch horror movies. They take them too seriously. Some want very badly to rescue the victim on the screen. Others try to hide. And there are a couple of surprises in here, too, but I don’t want to spoil them for you.

I had a mouse whom I tried to interest in a PBS series about the vikings, but it just never quite caught on with her.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Upon my word (how often do you get to say that?), these dogs are eccentric as cats. Look where they sleep. Curled up in a bowl of puppy chow. German shepherd in the clothes dryer. Trying to sleep on two beds at once. Some of those positions don’t look all that comfortable.

The Laziest Dog Fight Ever

(Note: Please disregard the human who horns in on this video toward the end. He is not supposed to be there.)

The little white dog wants to fight, but he’s too lazy to get up so he barks while reclining on his side. I’ve never seen a dog bark from that position before. The big dog occasionally twitches his ears: a sign of consciousness.

Guys, you’re not gonna be able to sell many tickets to this fight.

Dogs & Babies

Too many people miss what is perfectly obvious in these interactions between dogs and babies. To wit (I’ve always wanted to say that): the dogs understand baby-talk, and the babies understand dog-talk.

There is no truth to the assertion that babies raised with chameleons get caught changing into lots of different colors. But one of the babies in this video throws back his head and howls, imitating the dog.

Playful Puppies

Yeah, I know, it’s a long video, almost 15 minutes. But the puppies are irresistibly cute, and nobody says you have to watch the whole thing.

Interesting historical fact (not false fact): Henry II, King of England, when he thought he was getting fed up with the royal family and the court, used to go out to the stables and sleep in the straw with his dogs.

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