It’s Not Easy, Being a Dog

No, it isn’t easy at all. You dig a nice hole in the sand, and some joker keeps pushing water at it. Whoever it is has no respect for your engineering efforts. “Come on out where I can bite you!”

Puppies Discover Snow

I wish I could remember the first time I played in the snow. Did I enjoy it? My earliest snow memory is of my mother making a miniature snowman and putting it in the refrigerator.

I don’t think any of these dogs would try that.

Which of These Three Is the Ninny?

It can’t be the bird because the bird’s not real. It can’t be the husky, who’s only doing what a dog will do. That leaves the human who eggs on the dog to attack the toy. Someday she’ll be sorry that she did that.

Up and Down Puppies

Ignore the annoying noozie narrator. These are very cute puppies and it’s fun to watch them learning how to navigate stairs. Courage, pups! If my iguana could do it, you can do it. Someday you’ll be doing zoomies up and down the stairs.

[P.S.–Please continue to pray for Elder Mike. We haven’t heard from him today.]

Crazy Dog Zoomies

Please note the world’s most self-assured baby: he or she (can’t tell) will grow up to be great. As for the dogs–well, if zoomies are your cup of tea, then these are the dogs for you.

Big Furry Brother Is Watching

Multiple choice! What’s this dog doing?

a) Auditioning for a role in the remake of Rear Window.

b) Waiting for Godot.

c) Participating in a stakeout.

d) Compiling information for a tell-all book about his neighbors.

Dogs Can’t Help It

I could use some pepping-up. Maybe these dogs can inspire me. Really, you’d never want them to curb their enthusiasm, even if they could, which they can’t. We did have a cat, Buster, who could have been a dog–bounced himself off the wall like a pro. I do miss him!

Dog Up a Tree

This is impossible! There’s just no way a German shepherd could have climbed a tree so high and so far–even if he was chasing a cat. You can see the cat in the still photo: nowhere left to go.

Impossible or not, the fire department had to come to the rescue. Don’t worry–nobody got hurt.

Ducklings Bond to Dog

These two ducklings have bonded to this dog–How? Why? Search me–and follow her everywhere. She’s trying to shake them off, but no dice. What do the ducklings expect the dog to do for them? Nobel Prize to anyone who can figure it out.

Micro-Dog Terrorizes Full-Size Bear

I love this video! The bear’s got to be 100 times the size of the dog, but guess who chases whom. Why does a full-grown bear flee in terror from a tiny little dog? He must know something we don’t know.