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Puzzled Pups

Have you ever thought of how confusing it must be, sometimes, being a dog? You live in an environment totally designed for human beings, full of weird sounds and objects whose purpose not even the wisest old schnauzer can explain. You just have to do your best. Maybe if you tilt your head just the right way, you’ll figure something out.

The Mysterious Power of the Cat

What is the mysterious power cats have, to intimidate dogs several times their size and take their dog beds? Well, okay, they intimidate little dogs, too. And why do dogs put up with it?

Secret cat wisdom: “Confidence is everything!”

Guilty as Charged (Woof, Woof)

This video is entitled “Guilty Dogs and Cats,” but you will notice only one of these offenders is a cat. Obviously the Feline Anti-Defamation League (pronounced “faddle”) has been successful in their work.

There are no iguanas in the film at all.

But lots and lots of dogs.

Clean-Livin’ Critters

I have learned from this video never to give a baby elephant a bath indoors.

There have been some complaints about the headlines I write for these videos. Well, maybe it’s not as easy as it looks. I suppose I could have opted for “Bath-time for Bowser” or some such thing, but I don’t see how that would be an improvement.

Wild & Crazy Cats & Dogs

This isn’t the best-quality video around, but there’s one clip in here that made me cry out, “Oh, no!” I wish I’d thought of it for use in a story. Beats me how the dog ever thought of it. Anyhow, wait’ll you see it!

There’s one cool cat in here who can’t be perturbed, but everybody else is fully cranked-up. I hope it’s good for them.

Snuggling Dog and Bunny

I’m sure I’ve heard it said somewhere that dogs eat rabbits and rabbits run away from dogs. But I don’t think these two have heard it. All right, it’s obvious the poor dog wants to take a nap, he doesn’t feel like chasing anything. But does he have to let the bunny snuggle him all over? You’d think the bunny loves the dog. And maybe he does.

Sleepy Kittens, Sleepy Pups

I don’t want to hear any more nooze today–do you? How about some little fuzzy faces instead?

Some of these pups, when they fall asleep, they literally do fall. And not always in the most advantageous places.

One Crazy Dog!

Sorry this is so short, but it’s still one of the funniest animal videos I’ve ever seen. What went through that dog’s mind? And what did the cat think of it? Sometimes my cat Peep likes to chase herself up the stairs and around the bedroom, but that’s just playing make-believe.

Dogs & Bunnies: Who Knew?

(Crikey, there’s such low readership today! Wish I knew why.)

Someday the lion and the lamb will lie down together. In the meantime, dogs and bunnies can play and cuddle together.

Who would’ve thought it? Like, dogs eat rabbits, right? Maybe we’re getting a glimpse into what God has in store for His whole creation.

Are Puppies Quite All There?

Barking at inanimate objects. Having a showdown with your reflection in the mirror. Openly defying the menace of a squeaky toy. What gives with puppies? Where do they get all that energy?

Not from me, that’s for sure.

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