Wall Street Journal Says ‘Erase America’

The Wall Street Journal editors are trying to horn in on my gig as a purveyor of fantasy.

In a recent editorial, the living mummies at the WSJ said America needs a new Constitutional amendment, one that can be stated in just five words: “There shall be open borders.”

If a country doesn’t have functioning borders, it is not a country. In order to demonstrate this principle so that even the simplest minds can understand it:

1. Draw a square on a piece of paper.

2. Erase the square’s borders.

3. Peer at it quizzically and contemplate the question, “What have we got left?”

As I have so often said, my fantasies are clearly labeled as such. Those of our glorious leaders and opinion-shapers are labeled public policy.

Lord, deliver us out of their hands.

5 comments on “Wall Street Journal Says ‘Erase America’

  1. As one who lives in Canada and visits your country frequently, this strikes me as quite laughable. The border, at least to your north, has become increasingly difficult to cross since 2001. Screening out security threats has become almost a neurosis. Check out your airport security! And now they want to open the border? Hmm.. Well, at least it would make it easier for us to visit!

    1. Ages ago, it was the easiest thing in the world to cross the border into Canada. Our two countries were proud of their “unfortified border,” unique in the world. I crossed that border several times without any kind of hassle. But I think what the idiots at WSJ are interested in is a dissolution of our border with Mexico, so as to provide business with an inexhaustible source of cheap labor. It would also provide the Evil Party with an inexhaustible supply of voters and demonstrators.

      We are so thoroughly screwed, it isn’t even funny.

  2. I am not a WSJ reader but I’ve often heard it said they have good conservative editorials. Guess I heard wrong. Americans wanting closed borders to illegals helped Trump win the Presidency. Pres. Trump is suppose to go to the border in the near future and check out the eight or so samples of possible wall fixtures – the sooner the better. When the wall is finally built, my wife and I are planning on a vacation trip to see a bunch of it.

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