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Jack climbing the wall of the Palace of Obann–don’t look down, Jack!–had hardly a more difficult time than we’ve been having since our computer’s hard drive died last weekend. But like our hero, we’re making progress.

Tomorrow morning Adam the tech is coming over to re-install our regular computer. Thanks to the old keyboard here, I was able to write and send my Newswithviews column today. And among the many reasons why getting the old hoss back is a very good thing, I’m just about ready to type and submit another set of chapters of The Temptation.

What will Lord Chutt find as he digs up the ruins of Old Obann? Will Lord Orth come back, or will he venture farther into the East to preach to the Heathen? And will Gurun’s brothers finally make it to Lintum Forest, where their sister is?

To those of you who are new to this blog, I hope you’ll soon make acquaintance with my books. All nine of them (so far: more will come) are available for your examination. Just click “Books” and you’ll get the covers, featuring Kirk DouPonce’s glorious artwork, and sample chapters. Or you can look them up on and read the Customer Reviews. If this sounds like a commercial, that’s only because it is. But you can’t blame a writer for wanting readers!

Freedom! Freedom! (Well, Not Exactly)

Source: Freedom! Freedom! (Well, Not Exactly)

We’re Back (It’s a Miracle)

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Well, we’re back from delivering our busted hard drive to a data recovery house somewhere in the Watchung Mountains.

Great Caesar’s ghost, it was a nightmare! Neither Patty nor I had been up there in years, and the whole area is unrecognizable. The route we were given was tricky and complicated, and when we had to stop for directions, a couple of the people we asked gave us bum steers.

Even worse than that was the traffic. It was as if someone had turned a gigantic tap and cars and trucks came out instead of water. And all those other drivers, they were flyin’! I wouldn’t have thought my car’s exhaust pipe could have been so fascinating to so many people.

We got a bit lost coming back, too, but it wasn’t as bad as going there. Eventually we found Park Avenue in Plainfield and it brought us home.

And where, I ask, has this day gone?

Hell Week is Here

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Somehow we’ve got to get our regular computer back and running before this laptop keyboard causes my head to explode. But I’ve also got to take our old hard drive to some data recovery place which looks like it’ll be real hard to find; and we’re out of Robbie’s ear gel medicine and have to get more, and we gotta take Peep to the vet, and there’s a doctor appointment for me…

Aaaaaghh!!! Do you see that? This monster refuses to type the letter “m”! You have to stop and stab the key decisively with one finger, or you don’t get no letter “m”. I can’t imagine how I’m going to be able to compose a Newswithviews column this week.

Please pray for my sanity.

Big Lib Calls for New Holocaust

Source: Big Lib Calls for New Holocaust

The Year Civilization Collapsed

Source: The Year Civilization Collapsed

Intellectuals Say the Darnedest Things

Source: Intellectuals Say the Darnedest Things

Agatha Christie’s Deprived Childhood

Source: Agatha Christie’s Deprived Childhood

The Robbie Report

robbie picture

Okay, we’re back from the vet and I want to thank all of you who’ve prayed for Robbie, and thank the Lord Our God for hearing our prayers, and granting them.

The doctor was surprised by how much better Robbie has gotten in a month. Last month she was a poor little bag of bones, 10.25 pounds. Today she weighed in at 11.50 and just looks so much better! The treatment she’s getting has been working, and will continue for some time longer.

Again, everybody, thanks.

Overwhelmed by God’s Love

Source: Overwhelmed by God’s Love

Pardon the re-run: I thought it worth repeating

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