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Oh, Christmas Tree!

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I took down our Christmas tree this morning and put all the ornaments away. Then vacuumed. It’s a big job, and I’m pooped. But then it’s an even bigger job to set it up. Why do we do it?

First we put on the lights. We use lights from the store Grandpa had in the 1930s, and they all still work. Then there’s a ton of ornaments to put on. Each and every one of our ornaments has a story: they’re a kind of history of our family. They bring vividly to mind the people we’ve loved, and good times shared with them. You might wonder what a Christmas tree has to do with the birth of Jesus Christ Our Savior. But God ordained the family, God loves the family, and it’s one of those things that His Son came to earth to save.

I put the tree out on the curb with a prayer that this past Christmas will continue to work throughout the year, powerfully drawing our hearts to Jesus Christ Our Lord: Amen.


Building Temples : Who Do You Worshipp

The Way Online

Recently in school we were taken on a video trip through some of the ancient ruins of temples that were used to worship Baal, Athena & Apollo. These structures were massive and their construction was extremely labor intensive. I believe the tour guide said that some of the 6 story columns used in Apollo’s temple took 57 years to carve. Although they all were made for different gods and goddesses, they shared one common trait…they were all made from locally quarried stone. I pondered at the irony of that, that the true God our God the Father, actually created the material that these pagans used to worship their false gods.

I thought about what a slap in Gods face that is but then I thought about how we still do this today.

We often take the very things God has given us and turn them around to become a source…

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My Newswithviews Column, Jan. 11 (‘What Do They Want, in the End?’)

Did you ever wonder what America would be like, if leftids got everything they say they want?

Y’know, I think I might’ve been the only one who read the Democrat Platform of 2016. “Investigate” the newfangled crime of “Climate Change Denial.” Set the minimum wage at $15/hour, nationwide. “Rein in” those profits! And so on.

I’m A Duck That Does Not Give A Quack!

Through Open Lens

F/6.3, 1/500, ISO 250.

Hooded Merganser ( Female )

2 Guys walking down the street.

One walks into a bar, the other ducks.

Interesting Fact:  The female chooses the nest site, and may start scouting for next year’s tree cavity at the end of each breeding season. Nest cavities can be in live or dead trees and are usually close to water. Cavities are typically 10–50 feet off the ground, up to about 90 feet. Hooded Mergansers nest readily in boxes, preferring those with wood shavings or nest material from previous uses. They prefer cavities with 3–5 inch openings.

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Hello? Hello, Out There

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After setting a record for viewership in December and getting off to a lively start in January, this blog’s readership has gone far south, these past three days.

I pray you’re all all right, out there, and that large pieces of the country haven’t broken off and drifted out to sea. That would mess up communications, although I doubt the nooze media would notice it.

Should I start a new comment contest? Would that get the ball rolling again?

‘Beauty Beyond Bones’ on ‘Oprah and the Golden Globes’

My fellow blogger Beauty Beyond Bones has nailed it.

Not that we want women donning  burqas: but it’s kind of hard to reconcile “I am not a sexual object” with all the slimy content that oozes out of Hollywood.

But these dolts want to be prudes and libertines at the same time. And it won’t work.

Low Temps, Short Fuses

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So how are people coping with day after day of off-the-charts cold weather?

At our local supermarket today, a fight almost broke out. We didn’t see what touched it off, but the whole big store could hear it. A rather large customer claimed he’d asked an employee a simple question and got a snotty answer, and next thing you know, it was hellzapoppin. Assistant managers came running. Other customers tried to pretend they didn’t see or hear the fracas. “You wanna knock me out, you punk! I dare you! Come on and try it!” And so on. In fact, some of the dialogue was so heated, you literally couldn’t understand it. Anyway, two managers escorted the employee back into the meat department–good idea, he might cool down there–while a third tried to soothe the customer, who didn’t want to be soothed and kept up his rant for several more minutes. We suspect he really wanted a fight and was disappointed not to get one. And one more misplaced word, by either party, and there would’ve been two men rolling in the aisles amongst the eggs and yogurt.

A fellow customer gave me a sad look and muttered, “So much hate!” But I think it was more the weather than any other cause. Cabin fever, you know. Around here, the temperature hasn’t climbed anywhere near 30 degrees since before Christmas.

Draw your own conclusions from the incident. I will only add that we shop at that store at least twice a week, have been doing so for years, and until today have never seen anything like this.

About Those ‘Disabled’ Comments

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From time to time you will wish to comment on a post, only to be told “Comments are disabled” or “comments are off.”

This is because WordPress automatically disables comments without my asking for it, and I must take an extra step if I want a post opened for comments. That would be all of them. But occasionally I’ll forget to take that step, and that’s when WordPress swings into action, disabling the comments in true mindless, pointless, idle Artificial Intelligence fashion.

Eventually I’ll find out about it, one way or another, and correct it.

I’m afraid to ask the WordPress Happiness Engineers to step in and remedy this, lest they replace it with a worse problem that I can’t so easily correct. You know I’ve had my share of those lately.

And so, when you want to comment but you can’t, because they’ve shut down the comments, either let me know about it by commenting on another post, or just patiently wait for me to discover the error and fix it.

If a human employee ever worked like a computer, he’d be fired. And maybe get a damn good thrashing to go with it.

The Original Jax the Kitten


See that tiny black fuzzy thing attempting to nurse Boo, the obliging pit bull? That’s Jax as he was when my stepdaughter first took him in–the huge black cat whose picture I posted yesterday. In case you were wondering, Boo hasn’t gotten any smaller. Patty wanted you all to see this: after all, a lot of us prayed for this kitten, and you’ve seen how he’s turning out.

Our Top Posts of 2017

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We’re off to a very slow start here for 2018, so let’s take a few minutes to see what were the top posts of the year.

No. 1, way out in front with 964 views, The BBC’s Old ‘Narnia’ Was Better Than the Movies. That was posted several years ago, and it’s still going strong, still the all-time favorite post on this blog.

No. 2, with 726, from 2015, Did the Queen Really Say It? No one is able to find this legendary on-camera speech by Queen Elizabeth in which she supposedly suggested that 2015 would be the last Christmas ever, meanwhile admitting that the Royal Family had Princess Diana bumped off because “she knew too much.” This goofy item never goes away. We’ve had two more Christmases since then, so go figure.

For 2017 itself, the most-viewed post was Antifa Calls for Nov. 4 ‘Revolution’–a scheme which totally fizzled out, causing Antifa’s credibility to take a major dive.

And No. 2 for 2017, posted Oct. 13 and garnering 113 views so far, The Leaven of Idiocy, in which a bona fide gynecologist mentioned “pregnant people,” as if somewhere out there, she’d encountered a pregnant man or two.

I don’t know if this is going to work at all, but nothing ventured, nothing gained, so I might as well ask you, the readers, to name your favorite posts this year: anything that might have stuck in your memory for good or ill. It would interest me to know this, and it just might interest some of you. I won’t mind if it turns out to be a cat video, a Joe Collidge post, or an installment of Oy, Rodney. It doesn’t have to be a news item, and I’ll be kind of surprised if it is.

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