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Hello? Anybody There?

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Maybe all this talk about the social media giants censoring and gagging conservatives is finally getting to me. But it’s unusual–even unprecedented, I think–for there to be zero Likes and zero Comments here as late as 11 o’clock in the morning, and it makes me wonder if some libs out there have found a way to cut me off from my readers. After all, I’m listed, personally, as a Big Hater and a Big Biggit by the Southern Poverty Lie Center–did you know they have a third of a billion dollars stashed in Caribbean banks? So where does the “poverty” come in?–and, although I’m hardly worth their while as a target, they’d probably like to shut me down.

If no one comments all day, I’ll know that a new crime has been invented–kidnapping without the victim knowing he’s been kidnapped.

Memory Lane: Boogiemen

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A Boogieman in Babes in Toyland (1934)

No matter how you spell it–boogieman, bogeyman, boogeyman–these guys are bad news.

My mother always used to watch Laurel and Hardy in Babes in Toyland when it was on TV at Christmastime. When I was a little boy, the scenes with the boogiemen upset me–although I didn’t say so, or then I wouldn’t have been allowed to see the movie. I also had a lurking suspicion that some of those boogiemen were living in Edgar Woods, practically next door to us.

Why have I thought of boogiemen today? I dunno–maybe listening to the news and hearing political idiots warning us that President Trump is gonna tear children from our arms, next. (That was Michael Steele, spouting that.) Maybe it’s from driving to and from the vet’s, through what used to be “the country” but isn’t anymore–just a wilderness of McMansions, strips malls, and a lot of Agenda 21 crap. Nothing beautiful is allowed to survive.

Maybe the boogieman isn’t imaginary, after all.

Back from the DMV–Already?

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We estimated at least three hours at the Motor Vehicles office, to get Patty’s license renewed; and that couldn’t happen till after I got back from the vet’s. It looked like a great opportunity for the whole day to go up in smoke.

And yet here we are!

The DMV has set up a mobile unit outside, just for processing licenses, and the whole business was over in a matter of minutes. The state employees were friendly and cheerful, the customers were all jollied up, people making jokes and having fun–at the DMV??? Really? Are you kiddin’ me?

No lie–that’s how it was. Not what we expected!

Oh, and Robbie’s OK, too. She may need the strength of her medicine slightly reduced.

Anyway, I now have several hours back that I thought I’d lost. This calls for a cigar.

‘Feeling Sick? See Your Cat’s Vet’ (2015)

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I’m not the first to suspect that our pets are getting better medical care than we are.

I’m sure the reason is because the government hasn’t gotten around yet to interfering with veterinary medicine.

While you’re reading this, I’m getting ready to take Robbie to the vet.

Tomorrow (*sigh*)

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Well, I won’t be here for much of tomorrow. First I have to go to the vet’s for Robbie to have a checkup, which we didn’t expect to do quite this soon; and then I have to take Patty to Motor Vehicles to have her driver’s license renewed. They need to make sure she didn’t turn into someone else since the last time they renewed it. Here in glorious New Jersey, unless you’re an illegal alien, you have to prove you’re you before they let you drive.

I’ll try to put up a few early posts before I go, and I hope you readers stay with me. If I can’t manage much that’s new, I hope you’ll take the opportunity to browse among the archives. There’s all kinds of stuff to read.

Meanwhile, we’re getting a torrent of paperwork demanded by the state regarding Aunt Joan’s microscopic estate. You’d think she left a million dollars. I expect myself to die of old age before this work is finished.

I’m tired.

A Learning Experience

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A couple of my chess buddies are trying to teach me how to do this. Can they succeed, where several generations of intelligent, good-hearted persons have failed?

Well, let’s see… If this works, one of jessicafischerqueen’s fire-eating comments should appear in the space below. Fingers crossed.


I think you should provide the source link for your analysis.

On the same topic as above, if you look on the link I just posted, there are only three comments, but all three are strongly against the idea of taking down the portraits of white men.

I tell you the silent majority will show up at the ballot box and in numbers. This Stalinist cultural revolution will destroy itself before it destroys western civilization.

You heard it here first- these outrages will increase in idiocy and violence leading up to the next presidential election, and the Republicans will win in a landslide.

Ironically, if the Stalinists wish comes true and they succeed in deleting western history, then future white men can begin claiming that black gay transgender crippled retarded Islamic women enslaved the Whites. “Just look at all those black gay transgender crippled retarded Islamic women portraits and statues!” they will cry.

“I tell you it was just terrible…”

This is one of the dangers of attempting to obliterate history- you may get caught up in the obliteration.

All totalitarian political movements attempted to, and continue to attempt to, erase history.

“Year zero” is their eternal goal.

This is true of <Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Minh, Enver Hoxa, Fidel Castro, ISIS, and the boneheads in charge of the lesbian gay trans idiot white-hating anti-Christian pro-Islamic coloured disabled and transdisabled who get elective surgery to disable themselves because they identify as cripples movement.>

If Egypt were in the United States, these morons would be hysterically demanding that the pyramids should be destroyed because the work force involved slaves.

I wonder how long it will be before students begin claiming that they “self-identify” as stupid? This way they can avoid taking responsibility for their terrible marks in Collidge.

“I should still get this great job even though my marks suck, because I self-identify as stupid.”

Young people who are too lazy to do even that much can self-identify as Kangaroo Rats and live in peoples’ homes as pets.


Holy moly! It worked! And I had better go lie down.

Linda Update

We heard from Linda Sorci last night: she’s home from the hospital, so we know the Lord has heard our prayers. She’s not out of the woods, but she is out of the hospital. We might be hearing from her later today. And that’s all the details I can give you, so far.

We thank you, Father, for your mercy. Our fellowship is small: we crave your protection. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

My Judo Career

I got picked on a lot, once upon a time. But one day, when I was 13 or 14, I bought a paperback called Combat Judo Made Easy by Claude St. Denise, and was immediately intrigued by a throw called O-Goshi (“major hip throw”), I think because I really dug the name: as in “Oh, gosh!”

I studied this for a while, and when my friend Jimmy came back from a summer vacation in Florida, I suggested, “Let’s wrestle.” And, wonder of wonders, I tried an O-Goshi and it worked like a charm. Jimmy was impressed. With all my friends, we practiced a lot of other throws out of the book: Hiza-Garuma (“knee wheel,” “as if you were turning the steering wheel of a car”), Seoi-Nage (“shoulder throw”), and all the other basics.

My father got interested and signed me up for lessons at Judo-Kai, with great instructors who had trained in Japan. I took to it, and halfway through high school, I won the only trophy I ever won in my life–the Judo-Kai school championship, with three schools competing. Meanwhile, I got great prestige in high school by throwing guys around. One former enemy thought it was so cool, he had me throw him several times.

In college I joined the Rutgers judo team and, in a state tournament, had my proudest moment. Our team was going to win a third-place trophy, if only we could beat a very tough team from Menlo Park–anchored by one Dr. G., a 5th-degree black belt. We were half a point ahead, and it was my lot to go up against the doctor. If I could manage a draw against him, our team would win the match–and probably the only trophy that any Rutgers team would win that year (we got clobbered in the NIT basketball tournament). I did it, and Rutgers won the trophy.

But I got soured on the whole business by a special brown belt promotional tournament, sponsored by judo’s regional governing body. It was set up so that all I had to do, to win the right to take the brown belt test–which I would have easily passed–was to win three matches in a row against guys who knew as much judo as I did and were as big as dinosaurs. This, I thought, was a very raw deal. The dinosaurs won, and I dropped out of organized judo.

It’s been a very long time since I’ve thrown anybody, and I’d probably do myself a mischief if I tried it now. But I do think I’ve still got a few O-Goshi’s left in my bag of tricks. You don’t forget the basics.

It was fun while it lasted, and it did get the bullies off my back.

My Morning (*sigh)

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The landlord never did fix the pipe in the cellar, so now I’m off to spend the rest of the morning vegetating at the laundromat, with “The View” on TV, oh, boy–move over, Mr. Bean. Anything’s better than listening to “The View.”

I’ve also got to whip up a Newswithviews column. It’s a lovely cool and sunny day, but I’ll be lucky if I can find some time for my new book.

Prayer Request: Linda

Please, everybody, join me in prayer for our comrade-in-arms, Linda, who has just had to take herself to the hospital emergency room with breathing issues. Some of us are well-acquainted with those, and wish we weren’t.

O Father in Heaven, in Jesus’ name, deliver our sister, Linda, out of danger and restore her to our fellowship. We are yours, O God: we look to you for shelter, for comfort, and for help. Please, Father, bless Linda and heal her: we ask it in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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