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So Much for That

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Well, it turns out I have a Firefox problem, no trouble-shooting techniques worked, the WordPress engineer can’t fix it from his end, so now I’ll have to switch over to Chrome, where my page still appears to be normal. Until the gremlins find it.

I’m supposed to be taking down our Christmas tree, ha, ha. Ever notice how time passes two or three times as fast, when you’re lost in the computer maze?

At least the laptop still works. For now. Until the gremlins find it.

Has the Far Left Crazy found a way to put a hex on me?

What Have They Done to Me?

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I wake up this morning and find everything on this computer changed. Microsoft has officially ceased to support Windows 7. It took me ten years to learn what little I know on Windows 7.

So here I am on WordPress and the whole appearance of it, every page of it, has been changed to this ugly, stripped-down look and I don’t know what to do about it. Probably they’ve arranged it so you can never, ever, get it back the way it was. Sort of the way Democrats tear down and pave over woodlands, so that after a while the places you grew up with seem like you only dreamed them.

Well, let me see if I can find a hymn for you…

The Blog That Went to Mars

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The headline is a figure of speech. We haven’t really gone to Mars.

We did manage to crack the 100,000-view mark, though–122,005 views during 2019, an increase of 23,000 and change over last year. That excited me, but I have to admit that that’s a pretty boring sentence. If I read a bunch of numbers, my eyes start to glaze over.

Last year we averaged 269 views a day; this year, 334.

(“Stop that!” Byron the Quokka shouts from offstage. “Nobody comes here to read a bunch of numbers!”)

Well, I just wanted you all to know that, thanks to you, this blog is doing well. WordPress used to do these year-in-review pieces for us, but they don’t anymore. They also used to have this nice little falling-snow-effect around Christmastime. They got rid of it two years ago. I always liked it, although one of my readers, the first time she saw it, thought there was something expensively wrong with her computer. I asked a WordPress engineer if he could reinstate the effect. He said, “You can get it back, but you’ll have to do it yourself. All you have to do is write some simple code…”

Belay that! The last time I was even suspected of writing code–and it would have had to be by accident–I wound up with light-blue print on a light-grey background. Some of you might remember that–wasn’t it awful? I mean, it was just about impossible to read! You could go blind, trying. Somehow my tech support expert at Chalcedon, Jill, restored it to normalcy. So, no code! And sorry, no falling snow on the home page.

Well, so much for my year-in-review report. See you later with a cat or dog video.

Another Answered Prayer!

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Patty has just come home from the hospital, where her mammogram showed nothing untoward, nothing to be afraid of. So my blood pressure can start coming back down.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, and thanks to all of you out there who prayed for us.

It’s a dangerous world, and we all need God’s protection. It never hurts to ask Him for it.

Another Prayer Request

I have to knock off early today for Oscar’s memorial service. Please pray for Wendy; I pray Oscar’s family will take care of her.

And please pray for us, too, because tomorrow Patty is scheduled for a mammogram and we’ll be sweating that. Please, dear Lord, protect her! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Sorry–Sick Again

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Well, that’s that–I’ve got to finish my tea and go to bed. My allergies are killing me. This doesn’t usually happen in the winter, but it’s happening today.

Went to the pharmacy, went grocery-shopping (when you’re out of food, you’ve gotta go), and somehow managed to crank out my Newswithviews column for the week. But as for producing my normal output here, it just can’t be done. I’ll try to post my customary after-supper video… presuming I make it to supper.

I’d appreciate a few prayers.

Time Hurtles On

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Yesterday we got a Christmas card from the Rushdoony family, featuring a group photo  of the whole family. And there in the back row was the little boy whose father used to read Bell Mountain to him. Yup, there he was with a beard and mustache, now a man.

Good grief! Has that much time gone by? And where did it go, who has it now? Can I get it back?

I wonder if the boy, now a man, still likes my books. It’s been my experience that the books you liked best as a child, you’ll still like as an adult. Maybe that’s just because I, at ten years old, had impeccable taste in literature.  Or is it that I liked those books because they were just plain good?

I wonder if the boy, now a man, will someday read Bell Mountain to his children.

A Very Bad Shock (and Prayer Request)

We got a bad shock yesterday evening when we learned that our neighbor, Oscar, had been killed earlier that day. Riding his electric tricycle on the highway, a large truck ran him over. He was only 44 years old. Last month another member of our immediate neighborhood died suddenly; and he was 34.

We live in a fallen world, polluted by sin, and it’s very dangerous. Suddenly someone with whom we lived and interacted every day is taken from us. I know I’ll find myself looking for him, but he won’t be here anymore.

Oscar and his wife, Wendy, had chronic health problems and lived on disability benefits. Now Wendy is a widow. She and Oscar were very active in their church, as far as her health allowed. Please join me in prayer for her.

O Lord our God! We don’t know why these terrible things happen in the world: it’s very hard for us to accept them. Please, Father, be with Wendy now, save her soul from falling into despair, strengthen her family and her church, that they might be moved to take care of her. Lord, this poor woman has had a very, very hard time in life, and now she’s lost her husband. Now deliver her, O God. Deliver her. In Jesus’ name, Amen.



‘My Visit to Narnia’ (2012)

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I haven’t been back to Narnia since this last visit.

Something tells me that this year we’re going to need all the strength, all the courage, and all the wits that God can give us.

Some of which can be found in Narnia. And other works that God has blessed.

Can I Make It to Midnight?

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Gone are those New Year’s Eves of yesteryear, where we used to run outside and bellow “Happy New Year!” at the top of our lungs, plus booze, fireworks, and the rest. Now I’ve got 45 minutes to go and I’d rather be in bed. Patty has already fallen asleep on the couch. Our cats are sleeping, too.

A prayer: O Lord our God, we are the sheep of your pasture, and we need our shepherd. Stay with us throughout the year 2020: equip us for your service, give us what we need to hang on. May the name of our Savior Jesus Christ be exalted, this year, in every corner of the earth. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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