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Lightning Bugs (God is Nigh)



We keep getting kicked off the internet today and I can’t post my posts. Maybe this one will work, maybe it won’t.

If I disappear for several days, please rest assured that I’m practically tearing out what’s left of my hair, trying to get the problem solved.

It’s Not My Fault!

Figure on cliffside walkway holding head with hands

Please bear with me! The Internet is giving me fits today. If it looks like I’ve deserted my post, the truth is, my post has deserted me.

I have been trying to keep this blog going today, but I keep getting kicked off the Internet, can’t connect with this, can’t connect with that, and yesterday the guys from Optimum were in the neighborhood climbing telephone poles… and that can’t be good.

If you’re here looking for new material that I can’t post today because the #@$#@ machine’s not working, please stick around to browse among the archives.

‘This Is My Lucky Day!’ (2017)

It isn’t everybody who gets a chance to hook up with the daughter of an African warlord. And by cracky, she was already in love with me, too!

This Is My Lucky Day!

And the computer is back to stinking up the joint today, so I can’t post a picture and I have no idea how much of this little post will actually get published.


Holy Moly! Back to Normal!

Loey ✨ on Twitter: "@SsssamanthaaMUA I actually just googled ...

Well, how about this! After the WordPress happiness engineers gave up on my case yesterday afternoon (“Probably a browser problem, can’t fix it from our end”)–like, just a couple of hours afterward–I was attempting to post a cat video. Several difficulties arose.

And then, suddenly, as if by magic–my whole site went back to normal! Suddenly I didn’t have to log in every time I wanted to move from one page to another. Suddenly I had my “Edit” function back–along with the “My Site” button and the little bell to alert me to messages.

I contacted WordPress again to ask them if they’d done something that they hadn’t thought of while they were giving up, and they were honest enough not to take credit for it.

Could it be your prayers? A few of you, you told me, prayed for my computer problems to cease and desist.

What can I say? It sure looked like the answer to a prayer.

‘Server Not Found’

See the source image

Half this post has been cut off and vanished into cyberspace. How did these guys manage to go extinct without computers?

Well, they won’t let me post any pictures, and I have no idea whether this post, without a picture, will actually appear.

It’s not my fault. My neighbor is having enormous troubles today staying on the Internet. It conks out every few minutes. I can’t find out why. Patty’s on the phone with Verizon, trying to talk to some freakin’ robot.

Hello, Hello… ?

Image result for images of listening intently

This may be, well, is, an unanswerable question: Have any of you out there been unable to connect to this site today? Our computers have been acting really screwy all day, and they’re not connected to each other, they don’t share problems–so could it be the Internet itself is suddenly all pear-shaped? And of course if you can’t connect, you can’t reply to the question.

All the same, maybe some of you have had Internet problems on and off, throughout the day. I wasn’t able to find anything online about there being an outage or sunspots or Black Rodney up to no good.

If you’ve heard or if you know about any widespread Internet prombles today, I’d appreciate hearing about them.

Normal Service Will Be Resumed–Sorry, Can’t Finish That Sentence

Image result for images of croaking frogs

Well, I just tried to reblog one of SlimJim’s posts on his Domain for Truth blog–you’re going to have to go there without me, if you want to go–and once again the computer sez it’s been successfully reblogged; but what has really happened is that the dirty rotten blankety-blank machine just shot the post into the depths of cyberspace, never to be seen again.

This is not a nice restful sabbath so far.

I wonder if the machine will let me post Oy, Rodney. Probably it’ll let me write it and then make it disappear.

Back to the other %$#$@ and see if we can make it work. Please pray for us.


Last night the viewership was so low, I thought my computer might be broken. This morning it refuses to post hymns. Now I’m trying to see if I can post anything at all.

Do I even dare try a picture?

Image result for images of rhinoceros

Dig it: I can post a picture of a rhinoceros, but not a hymn.

Please bear with me today. I’ll have to try to get the other computer working.

Testing, Testing…

Puzzled Cat Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

I hope this computer isn’t going mad again. I just tried to reblog a post from our friend SlimJim’s Domain for Truth blog. On his page it says I was successful. But on my page, no sign of it. Where did it go?

Floating around in cyberspace somewhere…

I tried to do it over, but all I got was a statement that I’d already done it–when of course I hadn’t, because if I had, it ought to be there.

Well, let’s see if this post gets posted. *sigh*

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