‘Feds Want to Know If You’re Depressed’ (2016)

The obvious answer is “Well, who wouldn’t be?” Five minutes in the nooze stops my tail from wagging.

Feds Want to Know if You’re Depressed

A few years ago the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force–yet another one of those government agencies you never heard of until you found its hand in your pocket–recommended mandatory screening for depression for all Americans. All 300 million of us.

Well, why not? Where’s the fun in government if you can’t make things mandatory?

And God knows they’ve given us a lot to be depressed about!

Why Are They Doing This?

Susan said I ought to watch this, just to see what we’re likely to come up against in the next election cycle–a run for the White House by Gavin Newsom, the governor of California.

Newsom’s wife, Jennifer, is a wealthy documentary film-maker whose agenda may be described as “Obama-Plus”–pursuing a “fundamental transformation of America” into a Far Left hell-hole. This time the tool will be Jennifer’s bizarre, sexually-charged documentaries now finding their way into our already wretched public schools.

Investigative reporter Adam Andrzejewski broke it down into three steps: lay out a comprehensive “gender” curriculum for young children in the schools; promote her husband as the star with all the answers; and make tons of money, doing it. The films, he said, feature “triple X-rated images” for 11-year-olds to see. And meanwhile, he said, she will be “quadruple-dipping into taxpayers’ funds” provided by the state.

The objective is to gin up Newsom’s run for president, with Jennifer actively and aggressively serving as a “co-president”–Hillary Clinton 2.0.

Hello! Parents! What do you suppose you and your children are going to get out of this? Why in the world do you tolerate it? That’s what I can’t understand. What do you think will happen to our country if crazy stuff like this isn’t stopped?

Was It Something I Said?

When Will the Music Industry Bottom Out? In About Four Years - Alan Cross

Virtually everyone, even squirrels and birds, knows more about computers and social media than I do. So maybe someone out there, it could be you, can explain what’s happened to this blog and what I can do about it.

For ten or eleven years I had steady growth and progress. I’m not doing anything differently, but 2022 was a bad year here, lost several thousand views, and January 2023 is treating me to 2015-type numbers. Half of what it used to be. If this was a business, I’d be up the creek.

My wife’s position is that WordPress has gummed up the works and there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it.

It’s weird. I study the stats and can’t tell where the problem is. The regular readers are here. The regular features are getting viewed. But somehow the total is coming out a hundred short a day.

WordPress says nope, nothin’ wrong here.

Advice, anyone? Always remembering that even the simplest computer thingy is a major challenge for me.

It’s Just A Mess At My End

House of cards falling hi-res stock photography and images - Alamy

I know there are some readers who aren’t happy with the service around here. You want to post Likes, and you can’t. You want to post a comment, and you can’t. I assure you–it’s just as big a mess at my end.

I’ve tried to get help from WordPress, but all I ever get out of them is a lot of techno doubletalk and snow jobs. They think everyone’s a computer expert.

So far this month, except for the sole exception of Jan. 1, I’ve been losing at least a hundred views a day, every day. It’s extremely frustrating. I don’t know what causes it, so I don’t know how to fix it. Thank you, God, that I’m on a salary! Because the whole idea of this blog was based on eventually lots of people reading it. They’re not–they’re fleeing the scene, like congregants fleeing out of a Far Left church.

I’m working as hard as ever, but it’s like the boat just keeps filling up with water no matter how fast I bail it out.

Any insights, out there? They’d be appreciated.

“‘Science, Science Fiction, and Beliefs That Trash Our Culture (2015)” (2019)’

J. H. Miller Earth Invaders a.k.a. Miller Aliens - SPACE PLASTIC -  Alphadrome

I don’t think I can overstress the importance of this book–not when “science” is the excuse for every form of crime disguised as public policy.

‘Science, Science Fiction, and Beliefs That Trash Our Culture’ (2015)

Look at the stuff creepy political scam artists do to us, invoking “science”–lockdowns, Transgender, grooming little kids for sex, confiscate our gas stoves, cars, and homes, etc., etc. And science fiction, like anything else in this fallen world, is riddled with lies, foolishness, and superstition. Ai-ya, “But I seen it on Star Trek!”

Remind me someday to write about the science fiction conventions I went to.

Please Hit the Freakin’ ‘Like’ Button

Ask Dr. Dumb: Robot Shorts! — Mark Remy's DumbRunner.com

I am told that it would somehow help me, as a blogger, if more of my readers pressed the “Like” button. I don’t know how that’s supposed to work, but people who know much more about such things assure me that it does. If no one hits your Like Button, a robot exiles you to the fringes of the galaxy.

Could we do this as an experiment? Everybody hits the like button, and see what happens after two weeks of this, or so. I’m not asking you for money. Or votes. Just a second or two of hardly noticeable effort.

Can we at least try this? In advance, thank you (whether it works or not).

Is This Blog Broken?

Wooden rowboat in warm evening light partly filled with water Stock Photo  by ©Hans_Chr 115063732

Recently Joe Scott and Mark Simone, two names much bigger than mine, publicly wondered why they seemed to be losing so many readers and viewers lately.

Here at leeduigon.com, this blog is making like a rowboat with a football-sized hole in the bottom. Except for New Year’s, I’ve lost at least 100 views a day so far this month. And of course all I get out of WordPress is “Nope, nothin’ wrong here.”

Was it something I said? Or didn’t say? Or have I got only a tiny piece of a problem now widespread across the social media? Maybe people are disgusted and just don’t want to hear anymore.

And maybe it’s just more of the happy hormads in Big Tech doing their thing of suppressing conservative blogs, helping SloJo with his mass censorship project.

Wish I knew what to do about it.

My Newswithviews Column, Jan. 19 (‘When Will “Woke” Come Crashing Down?’)

Miami building collapse: What could have caused it? - BBC News

“Hey, Irv–didn’t this used to be the World Economic Forum?”

Throughout history, tyranny has generated threats that seemed unstoppable. Who in 1940 thought the Third Reich would fail? And remember U.S. Democrats in the 1970s trying to get favorable surrender terms from the Soviet Union?

But they weren’t unstoppable, were they?

And neither is “Woke.”

When Will ‘Woke’ Come Crashing Down?

They’re setting up the chairs in Davos, the private jets are flying in, as the globalist doomsayers get ready for their annual doomfest. They don’t think any power on this earth can hold them back.

That’s what they always think, before God takes them down.

Totally Out of Gas

749 Iguana Branch Relaxing Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

Write your blog! Go to the pharmacy! Write your Newswithviews! Finished? Good–now get busy on your book!

Man, I don’t think that I can do that…

I am exceedingly tired. Oh, to be sixty again. They tell me Behold! (Bell Mountain No. 14) is at the printer’s now but being held up by “supply chain issues.” It’s not like there’s any urgency about finishing Ozias, Prince in Peril; but I would like to get it done and have some time off before I start writing the next book.

I’m so tempted to let go this afternoon and have another cigar.

Christmas Tree, Bye-Bye

How to keep your Christmas tree alive through the holidays

*Sigh* I have to take down our Christmas tree today, it’s getting dried-out. Lug all the boxes out of the closet, pack the ornaments, stuff the boxes back into the closet, haul the tree out to the curb… and somehow get all my writing done while I’m at it. I wish we had a picture of our tree. We don’t know if we can get the hi-tech camera to work at all.

I can only pray, O Lord, that you bless this Christmas past and give it power to work for good all year long, right up to next Christmas.

Without your blessing we wouldn’t last two days.