Culture Rot on Steroids: Body-Builder ‘Marries’ Sex Doll

NESTING HABITS – Bluebirdnut

If you think I’m going to publish a picture of this schmendrick cavorting with his sex doll, think again. Here’s a picture of a bluebird feeding her chick instead. God’s stuff is better than man’s.

Let’s see… What’s the most disgusting nooze story available today?

This is like trying to pick out the nicest grain of sand on the beach, but let’s go with this one: A body-builder in Kazakhstan has…er… “married” his sex doll (

Hot dog: man marries inanimate object. He insists he had a courtship with it, proposed to it last December, and has “married” it in a full-blown bogus “wedding” ceremony.

What was the inanimate object going to… say? “No, sorry, sunshine, but I just can’t marry you. My heart belongs to someone else!” Only it doesn’t have a heart, because it is not a living thing of any kind, let alone a human woman.

Sort of like “marrying” your toaster-oven.

They used to cart you off to the rubber room for doing stuff like this. Now they celebrate it.

Still think we can get by all right without a Savior?

Come, Lord Jesus, come!

All Hail King Covid!

Cute Monster King stock illustration. Illustration of hell - 47157311

We had to go out yesterday, so we turned on the car radio and listened to what they still insist on calling “the news.”

Except for periodic weather reports, the nooze was all COVID, all the time. Second wave! Third wave! We’re all gonna die! More lockdowns? More mandates! Oh, yeah, definitely more mandates! Kiss 2021 goodbye!

This is how they hope to distract us from trying to do something about them stealing the election. The Left has put all its chips on the table for this caper: if they can’t make this crooked election stick, they lose everything. And so do their little playmates in the nooze media.

So they’ve got to keep us scared. Exaggerate the death toll, scare us with impending lockdowns–and next thing we know, Dozy Joe Biden’s been in office half a year. We didn’t even notice! We were all hiding under our beds–‘Cause King Covid gonna getcha!

The COVID panic–even if the disease is real, the scare was manufactured–was a very big part of Democrat strategy this year. To make their crime put down roots and grow, they need us to stay scared. The noozies understand that: hence the non-stop flood of COVID scare stories.

Politics + Science = Politics

Remember that equation. It explains a lot.

Globalist Fat Cats Want Us to Eat Weeds

Garden Guide: What's Eating My Plants?

Ooh-ooh, bugs and leaves together! Chow time!

They’re always trying to get us to eat bugs; now they want us to eat weeds, too. So proclaims the World Economic Forum (

See, it’s the Great Reset, which our Free & Independent Bull-Schiff Nooze Media pooh-poohs as a conspiracy theory, there’s no such thing–even though the loathsome John Kerry gave a speech about it at the forum.

Anyway, us working-class deplorables ought to be eating insects and weeds “to accommodate for global population growth” (they’re not aborting babies fast enough). It’s part of their mission for “leaders of society–” self-anointed, of course–“to shape global, regional, and industry agendas.”

And who elected them to “shape” anything? Probably some of those 80 zillion Biden voters.

And now they’ve got their buddy in the White House. Ol’ “Always for Sale” Biden. At least they think they do.

May the Lord cut them down in their hubris.

By Request, ‘The Holly and the Ivy’

Thank you, Phoebe, for entering this beautiful hymn into our Christmas carol contest–The Holly and the Ivy, by the Robert Shaw Chorale. I don’t know about anybody else, but I’ve loved Christmas all my life and the older I get, the more it stirs my soul.

‘Progressivism Made Simple’ (2013)

See the source image

They did it–and they expect us to surrender.

Now that they’ve learned how to steal elections so that our votes don’t matter at all, expect the Far Left Crazy, aka “progressives,” to really go to town in turning America into a broken basket case.

What makes these horrible people tick? Here are seven hints to help you understand where their worthless ideas come from.

Progressivism Made Simple

Getting them out of office is going to be amazingly difficult, now that they’ve made our votes irrelevant.

We want our country back. They aren’t going to give it back. We’ll have to take it.

A Carol from Sweden

Bengt has sent us this entry in our Christmas Carol Contest–sent it all the way from Sweden: Peter Mattei singcs Giv mig ej glans (“Give Me No Splendor”). The album is “Christmas (Jul=Yule) with Peter Mattei.” He is in a class with the world’s great singers.

Cats & Treadmills: A Love Story

Most people don’t know that the treadmill was invented in the 19th century as a means of punishment, and was used in prisons until a judge ruled it cruel and unusual.

But here are cats finding all sorts of inventive ways to use a treadmill, all of them much more fun than anything a human might do with it.

That is probably why they don’t sentence cats to prison.

Scurveyshire’s Reddle Craze

30+ Romance novel cover parodies ideas | romance novel covers, romance,  book humor

Introducing Chapter CCCXCIII (Chapter CCCXCII seemed to be missing) of her epic romance, Oy, Rodney, Violet Crepuscular writes, “Olaf Skraeling’s diabolical plan to win the hand of Lady Margo Cargo by disguising himself as a reddleman has worked too well! All of Scurveyshire has gone absolutely mad for reddle-ing (or should it be ‘reddling’?), and he suddenly has so much business that he has no time to woo the rich widow!”

She takes the opportunity to soliloquize about the pitfalls of crime, adding certain lewd comments about her neighbor, Mr. Pitfall. We will spare the reader. Feel free to tear out those two dozen pages.

Suddenly everyone in Scurveyshire wants everything reddled–doors and windows, dogs, children, tools, underclothes… “They’ve all gone mad!” cries Lord Jeremy Coldsore. They have even reddled the bearded barmaid at The Lying Tart. Desperate to curb the craze, Lord Jeremy summons Constable Chumley and orders him to arrest the reddleman.

“Withy me aw’ yon firthin mizzle, m’lord,” demurs the constable. His keen police instincts aroused, he already knows the reddleman is none other than Mr. Skraeling, and therefor that worst of all malefactors–a fraudulent reddleman.

“Just do it!” sighs Lord Jeremy.

As for Lady Margo, now that her upholstered wooden leg has been duly reddled, she has attempted to play hop-scotch with some of the reddled children. Hopping awkwardly from one box to the next, her glass eye falls out and shatters on the slate. The children, horrified, run away screaming.

“I must now interject my recipe for cat-food turnovers with a dab of toothpaste on the crust,” Violet interjects. It plays hob with the novel’s continuity.

By Request, ‘Angels We Have Heard on High’

Here’s one that’ll soothe your soul–Angels We Have Heard on High, an instrumental by Rick Foster. Requested by Joshua, and entered into the carol contest: you might want to play this just before bedtime.

Liberals and Perpetual Infancy

Coronavirus: desperate scenes as 10,000 queue for masks at Hong Kong  industrial estate | South China Morning Post

“Unknowable” observes, “It’s as if liberals can’t get enough of authority.”

That’s for sure. I can’t understand that mind-set. It’s like they want to be told what to do. Show me a liberal who isn’t wearing a face mask outdoors, and I’ll show you a cryptozoology specimen. No matter how arbitrary or inane the restriction, the libs lap it up–and stare daggers at you if you don’t.

What? Do they like doing homework? Standing in line? Being sent up to bed when someone else decides it’s time?

The Far Left and authoritarianism go together like H2 and O. You don’t find one without the other.

And here’s something my wife first noticed in the 1960s:

The same teenage rebel who won’t clean her room, and gets into daily screaming fights with her mother… joins a freakin’ commune and tamely does everything the commune big shot tells her to, no matter how unreasonable or degrading. And you wind up with something like the Manson family.

Some pipsqueak like Obama tells ’em, “You’ve got to support gay marriage,” and they fall into line at once, even if it requires a sudden 180-degree turn in their thinking. (I’ve seen it done. It’s rather horrifying, that anyone should be able to jettison his core beliefs so easily.) But let a law come down from God Almighty, and they make a show of breaking it. They rebel against God and kow-tow to the most contemptible and asinine “leaders” that a fallen human race can produce.

Pray for President Trump, standing in the breech against a tide of globalist tyranny. May the God who put him there sustain him.