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I have lived in Metuchen, NJ, all my life. I have been married to my wife Patricia since 1977. I am a former newspaper editor and reporter. I was also the owner-operator of my own small business for several years. I wrote various novels and short stories published during 1980s and 1990s. I am a long-time student of judo and Japanese swordsmanship (kenjutsu). I also play chess, basketball, and military and sports simulations.

Video Treat: The Amazing Colossal Cat

Go on, admit it–for just the tiniest of moments, you thought this was a giant cat stalking a train across a sunlit landscape.

Joe Collidge is still wondering where the giant curtains in the picture came from.

Texas: Machines Flip Trump Votes to Clinton

Image result for crooked voting machines

They’ve started early voting in Texas, and there’s just this teensy-weensy little problem with it.

According to a number of voter complaints, the machines are changing votes for Donald Trump into votes for Hillary Clinton ( ). Oops.

The complaints are coming out of Arlington and Amarillo and turning up on social media. The headline says “Election officials dismiss concerns” and are blaming it on “voter error.”

Has anybody seen any complaints about the voting machines switching Clinton votes to Trump? I haven’t. Have you? How come these complaints are all going just one way? Something about that smells bad.

If these voting machines are really so poorly programed that so many voters just can’t get it right, what are we doing, using such machines, in the first place?

As we know from Project Veritas and emails opened up to us by Wikileaks, election fraud is a staple of the Democrat Party and the Clinton campaign. And it’s not just crooked machines. It’s dead people voting, people who never existed voting, non-citizens voting, and real people voting two or three times in the same election. “Election officials” dismiss it all. Never happened, just move on, folks, there’s nothing to see…

When it’s your turn to vote, look twice, and then look again, to make sure the machine has recorded the vote as you intended it. Don’t take it for granted that your vote has been accurately recorded.

Remember this important Democrat principle: “If you can’t beat ’em, cheat ’em.”

We are not dealing with honest people here.

Here’s the Webinar! ‘Thoughts on Being a Writer’

Wow, here it is already–the “webinar” I did just the other day, organized, moderated, and edited by Andrea Schwartz, my esteemed colleague at The Chalcedon Foundation. She is amazingly efficient.

So here it is, if you can stand listening to my voice for 55 minutes (I’m not sure I can). ( )

It was a lot of fun being questioned by people who had actually read my books: in fact, it was the first time that’s happened. I hope the advice I gave these kids and teens was good advice.


Continuing: Christians Purged from U.S. Military

Image result for images of russian purge trials

The Democrat–oops, I mean Soviet–purge trials: where we’re headed

I would like to ignore this story, but I can’t. All I could do was to monitor my blood pressure before writing this report.

Be prepared to get very angry.

This summer, kind of lost in the shuffle of politics, a military appeals court upheld the bad conduct discharge of U.S. Marine Monifa Sterling, former corporal busted to private, now unemployed, with a  bad conduct discharge following her everywhere she goes–all of which is her punishment for displaying a Bible verse at her work station and refusing to remove it when ordered to do so by a sergeant ( ).

Okay, blatantly disobeying an order is not something you want to encourage in your military. But this is America, and we have a tradition, and also laws, that make it a soldier’s duty to disobey unlawful orders. Sometimes, as in this case, these two imperatives conflict. Cpl. Sterling believed the sergeant had no lawful authority to order her to remove the Bible verse.

The USMC and the military appeals court reasoned–if that’s the word for it–that the verse had to be removed because, if not, then others “would be exposed to biblical quotations in the military workplace.”

Gasp! Oh, horrors! Where does a Marine go, these days, to find a safe space? I mean, enemy fire is one thing, we can handle that–but biblical quotations???

Little pustule Mikey Weinstein, founder of the “Military Religious Freedom Association”–two-minute hypocrisy break–rejoiced in the appeals court’s decision. Little Mikey is the commissar hand-picked by President *Batteries Not Included to purge Christians and Christianity from the U.S. military.

The incident involving Cpl. Sterling was in 2013, and her court martial the following year.

I wonder if they’d kick you out of the Marine Corps for displaying quotations from the pipsqueak in the White House, Chairman Mao, or some transgender activist on your work station.

This has gone far enough, and for way too long. Win or lose this impending election, our duty is to drive these world government wannabes, these secular inquisitors, these Godless tyrants, out of power–and with God’s help, undo all the harm they’ve done: and not to stop until they are out of the picture forever.

Or do we simply say, with the crowd that called for Christ’s blood, “We have no king but Caesar”?

‘For Your Name is Holy’

Before I get into dirty politics today–if I get into it!–first let’s fortify our souls with praise of God who made us and sustains us and redeems us: For Your Name is Holy, performed a capella, in wonderful harmony, by 3b4jHoy.

All I can find out about them is that their names are Heather, Dominique, and Claudette and that they hail from Florida. There is very much of the Hebrew Bible in their work. There is also very much of the Torah in the words of Jesus Christ and the Apostle Paul. For those Christians who are a little fuzzy on this, it takes both Old and New Testaments to make the Christian Bible.

These girls know that!

Cats vs. Ping-Pong

Don’t you wish you could do the things a cat can do? Don’t you wish your cat would let you play an ordinary game of ping-pong?

The Hillary Landslide (LOL)

Image result for images of tim kaine rally with 30 people

With our nooze media insisting that it’s all over but the shouting, Hillary Clinton is a shoo-in, you peasants might as well not even bother to show up on Election Day, here’s a picture taken at a rally held for her running mate, Tim Kaine, this week in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Thirty people attended. You or I could probably get that many, and we’re not running.

I know, I’m trying to stay away from political reporting; but it’s hard to do that. Besides which, this photo impressed me.

Let me repeat what I believe to be true: Nothing good can happen to America for as long as the Democrat Party remains in business.

We can deal with the Republicans later; first things first.

And that’s all I’m gonna do with politics today. I promise.

Writing Tip: You’re Not in a Nudist Colony

Image result for images of silly nudists

One of the things I was asked about during yesterday’s “webinar” (on-line seminar) was certain pitfalls to avoid when writing fiction.

One of the pitfalls we discussed was to avoid burdening the reader with information that he doesn’t need. In most cases, that will include whatever clothing the character in a scene happens to be wearing.

There are times when you will want to describe that clothing: like, when it sheds some light on the character’s character, or when it has a bearing on the plot. Examples: 98-pound Willie Weasel wears a “Death Before Dishonor” biker’s T-shirt, even though he doesn’t have a motorcycle and faints if he nicks himself shaving. That such a man wears such a T-shirt tells you something about his character. Or, Cadence Cabong habitually wears really pointy high heels, which leads to her falling off the ladder she must climb.

In most cases, though, you don’t have to tell the reader what everybody’s wearing in a given scene. The reader’s own imagination will clothe them while you get on with the story. Unless you tell him otherwise, the reader will not assume your characters are all members of a nudist colony.

Shirley Jackson (The Haunting of Hill House, The Lottery, and other famous works) once advised aspiring writers not to bother describing to their readers the wrist watch that each character was wearing. If you do that, she warned, the reader will begin to suspect that the writer is “queer for wrist watches.”

It takes skill and experience to decide correctly how much detail to give the reader at any juncture of the story. Don’t look for a lot of complicated ways to describe exactly how a character changes a light bulb. “She changed the light bulb” will suffice. You’d be amazed by how much detail you can leave out because the reader will supply it out of his own imagination.

Just don’t leave out too much.

Sing it, Mahalia! ‘Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho’

This is the rousing gospel song that’s been on my mind these past two days–and who better to sing it than Mahalia Jackson? Here she is in 1957 on the Nat King Cole Show.

You may want to turn up the volume for this. Yeah, I know, I say that almost all the time. Well, I’m not going to post stuff for which I recommend we turn down the volume, am I? Anyway, here’s one of our national treasures singing a hymn to wake us wide-awake!

Mum’s the Word at Cal State Fullerton

Image result for images of persons with no mouths

If you have no words for your thoughts, it’s very likely that you have no thoughts, either. How would you think, without words? You could never be any brighter than a dog or a cat, and you’d be without the advantage of actually being good at being a dog or a cat.

California State University at Fullerton–out-of-state tuition, $17,492 a year, not counting food and housing, books, fees, etc.–in its quest to ban words that are not “inclusive,” whatever the devil that means, has added a few more items to its list of forbidden words, including “secretary” and any word with m-a-n” in it ( ).

CSU Fullerton’s “Inclusive Language Pogrom” invites students to let the University know what additional words or phrases “you want people to eliminate.” I wonder what they’d say to anyone who asked ’em to ban “Black Lives Matter.”

Could we please apply a little reason here? Oops–all the academics just ran out of the room.

Seriously, folks: for a word to have a meaning, it has to exclude all the other meanings. Otherwise it has no value as a word and is useless for communication. If I say “I need to take my cat to see the vet,” it does not mean my cat is going to an astrologer, a guitar tutor, or a lawyer. “Vet” or “veterinarian” has to exclude all other meanings.

But for $17,492 a year, just for tuition, you can send your son or daughter to Fullerton to learn pure idiocy. I mean, the whole concept we have come to call “Inclusiveness” is itself without any practical meaning, deadens the mind which tries to accommodate it, and makes a fool of anyone who gets too comfy with it.

You will notice I just used a lot of words that have specific meanings, arrived at by excluding other meanings.

If you have no words, you can have no thoughts.

I think that may be precisely what they’re driving at. If you take my meaning. Maybe what I’ve just said comes across to you as “I have to take my cat to see the vet.”

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