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I have lived in Metuchen, NJ, all my life. I have been married to my wife Patricia since 1977. I am a former newspaper editor and reporter. I was also the owner-operator of my own small business for several years. I wrote various novels and short stories published during 1980s and 1990s. I am a long-time student of judo and Japanese swordsmanship (kenjutsu). I also play chess, basketball, and military and sports simulations.

Sanity Break: Pets Taking Baths

Dogs, cats, monkeys, even a hedgehog–they’re all enjoying bath time. Who would’ve thought it?

The only pet I ever had that seemed to like getting a bath was my iguana. He got lost in our family’s drop-down ceiling once, and when he finally found his way back out, he was black instead of green. As I was away on an out-of-state job interview, my sister bathed him–complete with brush, in places. And he was totally a good boy about it.

How to Deter Careless Drivers

Image result for images of sign, drive as if your kids live here

Do you have these signs in your town? Drive Like Your Kids Live Here–we’ve got them all over the place.

In spite of them, there are still plenty of kamikazes on the road, even on the back streets where I ride my bike. And here on my street, the cars whiz by like they were shot out of cannons. So I wouldn’t say these signs are having the desired effect.

But not to worry–I’ve thought up a new sign that’s just bound to work.

Drive Like A Short-Tempered Man With A Gun Lives Here.

All they gotta do is print ’em up!

Bonus Hymn, ‘Great is Thy Faithfulness’

This one’s for Erlene: Great is Thy Faithfulness, a sweet hymn here performed by Chris Rice.

My Cover Blurb for ‘The Throne’

Image result for images of tired author

You don’t want to read any more about politics today, do you? ‘Cause I sure don’t feel like writing about it. Blowing my stack first thing in the morning kind of wears me out.

But I came back from the nursing home (no change, everything with Aunt Joan is as it has been for quite some time) and decided I’d better tackle writing a cover blurb for The Throne–Book No. 9 of the Bell Mountain series–so it can be published in time for Christmas. And as I was writing it, the Lord told me what I needed to know to continue writing The Silver Trumpet. He knew I needed help today.

As much as I would like to post the blurb here as a sneak preview, I think I ought first to get it approved by Susan, my editor, and by the publishers, The Chalcedon Foundation dba Storehouse Press. So, if they say it’s good, and they accept it, and I get their permission to do so, I’ll let you all see it as soon as I can.

So Am I All Right, or Not?

Image result for images of scary phone call

I have already blown my stack once this morning, and I would rather not do it again.

Got a call from the doctor’s office. I had that scan on Monday, and at that time I was told everything was okay with my internal organs. The technician did add, “You have a cyst or two, but that’s nothing–everybody gets them, as they age.”

So I get this mysterious call from the doctor, saying I’d better come in ASAP to consult about my scan. Now I can’t just throw several hours every week into a doctor’s waiting room, but I was compelled to wonder, “What the hell is this? What’s wrong with me now? What was there in the scan that the tech didn’t tell me about?”

Well, the doctor wants to talk about the cysts. I made the office manager tell me there was nothing in the scan report that hinted at cancer or some other disaster. But first I had to hit the ceiling before he would enlighten me.

Now, I believe the technician because she does this work all day, five days a week, and surely has seen more internal cysts than anyone who does not do what she does. She saw mine and said they were nothing.

Doctors have this habit of cloaking the most mundane information in mystery, which seems like to me a super-good way to alarm the patient and get him imagining all sorts of dire tidings. Even a dentist doesn’t know how to scare you half so badly as a doctor with his cryptic messages.

So I said I could not possibly make an extra trip to his office, and whatever he wants to say about my cysts can wait until my regularly scheduled appointment next week.

And now I have to go to the nursing home to see about Aunt Joan and discuss her care–so enough is enough.

‘When All Thy Mercies, O My God’

Susan said this hymn would make me feel better, and she was right: When All Thy Mercies, O My God, hymn of Thanksgiving and praise.

Years ago, one of my basketball buddies used to say, “When things get tough, I praise the Lord.” Mike, I will never forget you for that! It’s just that it’s taken me all this time to realize how right you were.

Video Treat: Eccentric Cats

The intriguing thing about cats is, you never know what they’re going to do next. Then again, neither do they.

Now I know how to play ping-pong with a cat. Live and learn.

By the way, some of the things they get up to just might wreck your house.

Some Hard Lessons from History

Image result for images of the fall of assyria

I read the Bible every day, and I’ve always read a lot of history. Here are a few of the lessons that I’ve learned.

One. All rulers are sinful, because all human beings are sinful to a greater or lesser degree. The only perfect and sinless lord is Jesus Christ.

Two. Depending on the personal character and ambitions of the ruler, rulers always, to a greater or lesser degree, brew up trouble for their people.

Three. The worst rulers always get worse, and increasingly grow more cruel and callous toward their own people and to others.

Four. There has never been an evil empire, or an evil ruler, who has risen without God having allowed it; and there has never been an evil empire that God has failed to put down, sooner or later.

Five. For reasons which are often hard to understand, God respects free will to the extent of allowing wicked rulers, and their henchmen, to do some extraordinarily evil and violent things. Think of the Holocaust, and Mao’s Great Leap Forward. But in the end, under the sovereignty of God and His right to intervene in history, they all fail and come to nothing.

These are the lessons that shape my outlook and understanding of events in our own time, which will one day be written up, with greater or lesser accuracy, as history.

I am as sure as I can be of anything that God Himself decides who rises, who falls, and when. The tyrannies and barbarisms of our own time, to these He will sooner or later put an end.

After Christian School…It All Goes South

Image result for images of stupid college students

We laugh at Joe Collidge, but he does have a mean streak.

I have this story via Frontline Ministries. I won’t use any names: the point of the story is broader than that. And it’s not the only example.

So–boy enters Christian school. He has a very bad stutter, and the other kids make fun of him. Teacher puts a stop to that, but good, and works with the boy so that he finally overcomes his handicap. No more stutter.

Boy leaves Christian school, enters public high school. His Christian teacher hears from him no more… until he gets an email from the lad, now a college student.

The young man calls his teacher “bigoted” (biggit, biggit, croak the mindless frogs in the swamp called “university”) and excoriates him for writing “hateful” things about homosexuals and Muslims. By “hateful” he means anything less than full approval and complete submission.

Then the college student–who has by now been given a bigger handicap than any stutter: a public education administered by moral imbeciles–goes on to say, pompously, to his old teacher, “It’s not man’s place to judge… I can’t believe I respected such a bigoted individual (biggit, biggit) as yourself.”

“It’s not man’s place to judge”? Dude, what are you doing as you write that? Oh, I see–judge not, except it’s right to judge Christians and conservatives because your collidge perfessers told you so.

This whole collidge mantra of “There’s your truth that’s true for you and my truth that’s true for me” is nothing but a symptom of a mind that has been trained out of the habit of reasoning. Like, dude, if it’s your old teacher’s “truth” that homosexuality is wrong, aren’t you supposed to respect that as “his truth”?

Oh, okay–it doesn’t apply to Christians and conservatives.

I’ve seen what happens when a teen or tween leaves Christian school and gets sucked into the maw of public education. In no time at all they turn the kid into a waste of space. It’s what they do best.

Please, Christians, please! If you have kids in public school, please get them out of there. You wouldn’t dream of sending them to a Muslim school to be taught by Muslims. Why are you comfortable with having them be taught by reprobates?

Meanwhile, I’m sure I can’t see the payoff in training a whole generation of Americans to be puffed-up nasty little fools in whom unearned self-esteem has replaced earned self-confidence.

‘The Ballad of Hillary Clinton’

To be sung to the tune of Lilliburlero (above)

The Ballad of Hillary Clinton

There once was a woman of evil intent, Hillary-pillory-billyboy-oh!

She wanted to run things and be president, Hillary-pillory-billyboy-oh!

Hillary-pillory Hillary Clinton, hillary-pillory-billyboy-oh!

She wanted to run things and be president, Hillary-pillory-billy-boy-oh!

She studied Alinsky’s radical rules, Hillary-pillory etc

Played us all as a nation of fools, Hillary etc. [Refrain]

“My husband was chief, so I should be, too,” Hillary etc.

“I’m as crooked as he was, and smarter than you,” [Refrain]

“My Clinton Foundation’s as rich as can be,” etc.

“I’ll do you a favor if you pay my fee,” [Refrain]

When they left the White House, she wore a fake frown, etc.

They stole everything that wasn’t nailed down [Refrain]

Well, that’s it. Lillibulero is a folk tune from Ireland, adopted by the British Army in the 18th century, and whistled by Uncle Toby Shandy whenever he had to let off steam. So feel free to add or amend verses as needed.



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