Why Don’t They Just Throw Out the Bible?

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The writing on the wall has not been erased.

As long as the U.S. bishops are going to get together tomorrow to discuss “Eucharistic coherence,” they might want to consider the Eucharistic incoherence being practiced at Our Lady of Grace Church in Hoboken, NJ (https://www.tapinto.net/towns/hoboken/sections/religions-and-spirituality/articles/catholic-church-to-hold-lgbtq-pride-mass).

For the fourth year in a row, this alleged church is going to hold a “pride mass” to celebrate sodomy. Take pride in something that God’s word calls a sin. For three years in a row the American bishops pretended such things weren’t happening. Ditto the goings-on at so-called “Catholic” colleges: they ignored those, too.

Please don’t take this post as Catholic-bashing. If there weren’t faithful Christians in the Church trying to hang on to truth and righteousness, there’d be no controversy, no debate. There are many Catholics who must feel like Lot in Sodom.

This is open, flagrant defiance of God’s law.

Remember us, O Lord, that we never gave consent to this.


‘Intellectuals and Society’ Revisited

Guest Commentary: What Thomas Sowell Can Teach Us About Standing Up to the  Mob | Commentaries | courierjournal.net

I reviewed this book 11 years ago–Intellectuals and Society, by Thomas Sowell–and having revisited it recently, I can still recommend it. No one more accurately analyzes the machinations of elitist fatheads than Thomas Sowell.


But he doesn’t get into why Western intellectuals are so feckless, so wrong, and so stupid. It’s easy to explain, though: these people have explicitly rejected God. They’re stuck worshiping themselves, and it leads them into a multitude of errors.

I admire Dr. Sowell. I enjoy listening to him on the radio. I have enjoyed and profited from his books and columns. And I can’t explain why he didn’t examine the intellectuals’ rejection of God. It’s this that makes them so profoundly stupid.

On the whole, though, his analysis of the absurd beliefs of intellectuals, the sheer uselessness of their ideas, their pomposity, and their shallowness–well, you just can’t beat it. Not even after 11 years.

We do need to understand what we are up against. We can get some of that understanding from Thomas Sowell.

Pope Dodges Communion with Biden

Joe Biden thanks Pope Francis for his 'blessings' in call with pontiff

What’s wrong with this picture?

Should the head of the Catholic Church personally administer communion to a politician who avidly supports and promotes abortion, sodomy, and “transgender”?

Even Francis I, the Red Pope, is afraid to test the thickness of that ice.

China Joe had asked the Pope to do the honors for him, but yesterday the Pope called it off (https://theduran.com/too-woke-for-the-pope-pope-francis-nixes-mass-with-joe-biden-video/). And tomorrow the U.S. bishops will begin a discussion on “Eucharistic coherence”–that is, the teaching that a Catholic can’t have communion and still “act in deeds or words against the commandments,” among which is a strong prohibition of abortion.

Ah! But at the same time, the Vatican has “warned” American bishops not to withhold communion from, ahem, “Catholic” politicians who continue to support and promote abortion. Mixed message, anyone? They say it’s because they don’t want the Eucharist getting mixed up with politics. Well, wouldn’t it be convenient if we could compartmentalize life to that extent?

And the bishops are in a bind because they’ve let things slide for too long and now they have to choose: stand against abortion, or wilt before the political bosses and perhaps lose all moral authority. Who’s going to listen to them if they declare abortion is a sin and then turn around and give communion to the likes of Biden, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, etc.

Please note that all the fake Catholic politicians who promote abortion are Democrats.

Oh, boys! You’ve run out of time for business as usual.

‘”Diversity Been Very, Very Good to Me!'” (2018)

See the source image

It may not do its students and their families any good, but college is a money machine for the twaddlers who are running it.

In 2016 the University of Michigan paid some bonzo $385,000 to be a “chief diversity and inclusion officer,” whatever the devil that is.

And then they upped the tuition 3.9%.

‘Diversity Been Very, Very Good to Me!’

What a hustle “education” is! It’s a magical process by which bureaucrats turn other people’s hard work into cushy featherbeds for themselves. Diversity! Inclusion! Crapola.

And we’re the suckers who are paying for it.

‘What a Friend We Have in Jesus’

This hymn never fails to move me–What a Friend We Have in Jesus, performed by Doc Watson. You know he’s sung this hymn in public more times than he can count; but look what happens when he sings it.

Me, too, Doc. Me, too.

What Spooks Your Dog?

What spooks your dog? The stairs? His reflection in a mirror? A bottle of water? Or how about a piece of orange peel?

If only we could know what they’re thinking! Might be surprises there.

The Humanist Burqa

UK Face Masks: This Is Why Britain's Attitude Is Changing Fast

The face mask Mandate–mandates are so much more fun than legislation, aren’t they?–has been lifted, here in New Jersey; but when I went grocery-shopping this morning, I saw most of the people in the store still wearing them. And by now we all know there are lots of folks out there saying they’ll never stop wearing them.

Do they enjoy it that much? No. Tinhorn tyrants and a shoddy and dishonest nooze media have scared them silly. And they’re still scared.

Women in radical Muslim nations are compelled to cover themselves so thoroughly that you can only see their eyes. Their garment is called a burqa.

The face masks adopted by the Western world are the humanist version of the burqa. “Give us absolute power over every aspect of your lives, obey us without asking questions… and we’ll make sure you never get sick!”

There’s no longer any actual need for the face masks–if there ever was one–the CDC says we don’t need them anymore (until the next Big Germ crops up)… and yet people are still wearing them, even outdoors.

We passed a school on the way to the store. A bunch of kids were sitting outside on the grass, engaged in some activity or other. All of them were maskless–except one.

What was the point of this little boy continuing to wear the mask, when no one else was wearing one? I think it was because his parents are still scared. Too much TV, too much Dr. Fauci. And maybe a bit of left-wing virtue signalling.

They have truly done a number on us; and it remains to be seen what, if anything, we’ve learned from it.

Have They Gone Too Far?

Napoleon Bonaparte - Biography, Facts & Death - HISTORY

Napoleon used to say that when your enemy is making a mistake, get out of the way and let him do it.

Faint stirrings in the winds of politics suggest that maybe the Left in America today is about to make a very serious mistake–defending Critical Race Theory. That’s the “teaching” that all white people are born guilty of racism, America’s a no-good racist country, and that nothing good can happen here until–well, who knows what their “solution” is?

And all over the country parents are rising up to protest this “teaching” in the public schools, crowds of them at school board meetings, all demanding that CRT has got to go. Gosh, who would’ve thought it? Teaching children that they’re all evil racists, their parents are racists, and their country is evil and racist–what? They don’t like it? They don’t want it? What a surprise!

And they don’t want it at their workplaces, either.

Obviously the most foolish thing the Left can do is to try to hang on to CRT and keep it going, despite almost universal opposition. Much wiser would be to admit to themselves that this bird won’t fly and very quietly back off from it. But that would entail government officials admitting that one of their pet policies is a dead loser. When was the last time you saw them do that?

As for getting out of the way, that time has not yet come. More protests are needed. This wicked, anti-Christian, anti-American foolishness has got to be exposed for what it is: way too many people have not yet been clued in.

This is about saving our country. Contrary to Napoleon’s advice, we have to keep pounding away at this monstrosity until it falls.

And it will be a good day for America when we can finally shout, “Timberrrr!”


A Peek into Another World

What kind of music was I listening to, when I was in college?

Well, a lot of stuff like this: Isle of Islay, by Donovan.

Don’t get me wrong. This song is at least 500 times better than anything we’re cranking out today, and I still like it after all these years. Really, it’s pretty fair poetry.

But the trappings! Oh, the Flower Power! Such a vast amount of twaddle never could sustain itself, and it sank into a swamp of Far Left Crazy. Oh, the price we had to pay for Maharishi Mahesh Yogi! Run screaming back to the Fifties.

The simple beauty of the song endures. It had nothing to do with the imagery that surrounded it at the time. All that poop has passed away. Oh, to think I was contemporaneous with Hippiedom! I must be careful to seek out all pictures of myself taken back then, and burn them. And everything I wrote–burn that, too.

So where were you in ’66?

All those of you who weren’t born yet are excused.

Death Penalty for… Watching Music Videos??

Kim Jong Un Gets a Promotion, Gives His Sister a Demotion - WSJ

I don’t think I want to know what he’s clapping for.

Communism! An inexhaustible fountain of fun.

North Korea’s communist dictator, Kim Jong Un, got the train of chuckles rolling recently when he prescribed 15 years in a labor camp as the penalty for listening to “K-Pop”–music, videos, TV and movies produced in South Korea (https://variety.com/2021/music/news/kim-jong-un-k-pop-vicious-cancer-1234994620/). Soon this’ll be the only country in the world where you can plea-bargain down to a death sentence.

Dreamboy called K-Pop “a vicious cancer” and inveighed against the hair and clothing styles popular among K-Pop fans.

Gee. I don’t have much use for rock ‘n’ roll, but I wouldn’t kill people over it.

Oddly enough, K-Pop fans seem to be pretty far to the left themselves–more fool them. And they’re said to be highly media-savvy. I think that’s a euphemism for not knowing a blessed thing besides cyber-gizmos.

The real mystery is why libs throughout the Western world think communism’s cool and would like to have it ruling their own countries. What would ever make them think that?