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I have lived in Metuchen, NJ, all my life. I have been married to my wife Patricia since 1977. I am a former newspaper editor and reporter. I was also the owner-operator of my own small business for several years. I wrote various novels and short stories published during 1980s and 1990s. I am a long-time student of judo and Japanese swordsmanship (kenjutsu). I also play chess, basketball, and military and sports simulations.

Cats & Thunder

WARNING: Not for the faint-hearted. Some of these thunderclaps jolted me, and I’m only watching the videos. You might want to keep the volume turned down a little.

Our cats have always been scared of thunder: under the bed or under the bookcase, and stay there till it’s over. My heart went out to the cat who was cuddling with the bunny when the sky went boom.

Animals know better than to act like violent weather isn’t happening.

Am I Going Crazy?

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Urging little kids to “change their gender.” Fake news galore. FBI and CIA taking it upon themselves to bring down the president. Sex robots. And every aberration you can think of–all of it boiling out of the cauldron of the daily news.

Why do I even report it? Mostly, I think, because I believe we need to know what we’re up against. So that in next year’s presidential election, nobody decides to sit it out, waiting for The Righteous Candidate who doesn’t exist, or to throw away his or her vote on some quixotic third-party candidate who might as well be Mickey Mouse, for all the chance he has of winning. Either way, you help the Democrats. And the Democrats and their alleged ideas are the fountainhead of all this looniness–them and our so-called “education” system.

I’ve just written up the most concise report I could on the complicated shambles that is NXIVM–sex cult, money launderers, and all-around criminals with connections to the tippety-top of our country’s ruling class. Having been sick in bed all day yesterday, that job took a lot out of me.

Is it possible for the whole country to collapse–brought down by unbridled corruption, an amoral pursuit of wealth and power, and “ideas” that no one but an idiot or a lunatic would listen to for twenty seconds? (Example: the Green New Deal. Try that on for off-the-wall crazy.) I mean, why is anybody even listening to that whole transgender thing?

I’m a student of political science and history. Which is why I don’t believe a nation can be founded on sheer folly. Throughout history, whenever this has been tried, it has resulted in the destruction of that nation. Delusion makes for very poor public policy.

But the mess, the incoherence, is so massive! You wind up thinking, “This can’t be real, it’s gotta be me, I’m imagining it…” If only that were so.

Pray hard. It may be God will hear us.

High-Level Sex Cult News (Sheesh!)

Image result for images of clinton and schumer and gillibrand

I’m not sure I want to know why they’re smiling.

If you tell me you’re feeling overwhelmed by the “news” lately, I’ll believe you.

Here’s a story that somehow slid past me. I’d be inclined not to believe it–except all this stuff is coming out as on-the-record testimony in a criminal trial currently being held in Brooklyn. It has to do with a sex cult, collecting secret information on top-ranking politicians, sex trafficking, sex crimes, torture, satanism, and more. It’s been reported by our nooze media–but, it seems, not very loudly.

‘CRIME BOSS’: Closing Arguments in NXIVM Trial — Satanism, Mexico Child Trafficking, Hillary, Schumer and Gillibrand Ties

The cult, behind the facade of an Albany-based “multi-level marketing” company called NXIVM (pronounced “nexium”), in addition to its activities in kidnapping and sex trafficking, also did “deep opposition research” on politicians and judges whom they viewed as potentially “unfriendly.” Reporting on testimony given in the trial of NXIVM founder Keith Reniere, Big League Politics says the cult raised money for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and forged ties with the family of New York Senator Kristen Gillibrand. The cult obtained confidential financial records of six federal judges and New York Senator Chuck Schumer, and some of Mrs. Clinton’s unsecured emails from her tenure as secretary of state. It viewed Schumer and Clinton as potential “allies.”

The defense says the cult’s victims were only making “adult choices.” Hot dog.

I’ve only scratched the surface here, but it has made my head spin. Who knew the corruption of our ruling class ran so deep? It seems a downright compliment to call it “the swamp.”

I can hardly blame you if you don’t believe it. Who would want to believe it?

But I’m afraid it’s true.

God help us.

’60 Minutes’ Caught Cheating

I heard about this on the radio this morning, on Mark Simone’s show on WOR–our free and independent press, 60 Minutes in this example, tampered with the video to make Steve Bannon, then an adviser to President Donald Trump, look bad.

In the words of whistleblower Peter Duke, “By subtly tweaking the color of the video, they made him look like a bleary-eyed drunk.” And here’s the whole thing:

By way of demonstration, Duke does the same thing to a video of Charlie Rose–and gets the same result.

Can we believe anything we see or hear from the nooze media anymore? Do they never not cheat?

And this was 60 Minutes, supposedly the gold standard of TV investigative journalism. Just imagine what CNN and MSNBC get up to.

On the same show, Bill O’Reilly said the nooze business–newspapers, magazines, and cable TV nooze shows–is imploding economically and looking down the barrel of extinction: they’re being put out of business by the Internet and social media. Not that the social media have displayed any great regard for truth and fair dealing. O’Reilly says the noozies have decided that, with their livelihoods endangered by the imminent collapse of their business, the only way they can keep working is to take sides in the political wars. Out the window goes anything that would traditionally be recognized as journalism, to be replaced by unrestrained partisanship. And cheating. And lies.

A free and believable press is indispensable to America as a free republic. How are citizens supposed to make informed and rational choices if they have no reliable source of information on public affairs?

Someone really has to see to this.

It’s Getting Away from Me

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Be sick in bed for a day, and see what it gets you!

I am soooo far behind, like, everything. Because of what I couldn’t do yesterday, I’ll be driving all around the county today; and what I couldn’t write yesterday either has to be left undone or written up today… along with everything I was supposed to write today.

But y’know what’s hardest? Every day now the nooze is full of really crazy s*** and I don’t know if I even ought to try keeping up with it. Do I cover it or ignore it?

Something to think about while I’m on the road. Speaking of which–I gotta go!

I’m pretty sure this is not how you recover from an illness, but I’m stuck with it.

Special Message to Readers: If you’ve been banned or suspended for the social media–as a few of you have already mentioned–I need to know the details. Don’t worry, I’ll conceal your identity. This is for an article I’ve been assigned to write. Come on, I need your help for this! Let’s email each other, at least.

‘”Christian Fiction”–A Stepchild?’

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Holy cow….

The America I grew up in was a Christian America–but its movies, TV, and books were already heavily non-Christian. Looking back on it, I wonder why that was. It surely has a lot to do with the way America is now.

I don’t remember any such thing, back then, as “Christian fiction.”

Maybe if we hadn’t cut the Christian religious dimension out of our fictional worlds back then, we wouldn’t need a special category for “Christian fiction” now. I am sure no one noticed it back then–although if anyone did, and had the courage to speak up about it, it doesn’t seem like anyone was listening.

By Request, ‘O God, Our Help in Ages Past’

Would you believe it? We used to sing this hymn in high school, in assembly. But that was an altogether cleaner, saner time.

Requested by Phoebe, sung by the Sharon Mennonite Bible Institute Singers, a classic hymn–O God, Our Help in Ages Past. Let us lift up our eyes unto the hills…

The Dogs’ Hall of Shame

What’s with these dogs? Fie and for shame! Getting chased around by cats half your size. How are you ever going to manage a paper boy, if this is what a cat can do to you?

My iguana used to chase a certain cat whenever she came into my room. That’s because she pooed on people’s beds. He was not about to let that happen. The other cat was allowed in, the big black cat: he and the lizard were friends.

By Request, ‘Near to the Heart of God’

I’ve never heard this hymn before. Well, who’s heard all of them? Near to the Heart of God, sung by the Sharon Mennonite Bible Institute Singers, requested by Erlene. Set design by God the Father, maker of heaven and earth.

And now I think I need another lie-down. I’ll be back later with a cat videos.

Sorry, No Nooze Today

Image result for Sick Dog

I can breathe now, so I thought I might report some nooze.

On second thought, uh-uh.

I mean, really! I spend three minutes on the Drudge Report and it’s all “Sex Robot Apocalypse,” Bernie Sanders is gonna be president, and the governor of the failed state of California predicting the total demise of the Republican Party as Democrats take over complete control of America and turn it into a Third World basket case…

I’m just not up for it. I’m not even sure that any of this is “news” as I’ve always thought the word meant. That’s why I type it as “nooze.”

I’ll be taking hymn requests, though.

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