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I have lived in Metuchen, NJ, all my life. I have been married to my wife Patricia since 1977. I am a former newspaper editor and reporter. I was also the owner-operator of my own small business for several years. I wrote various novels and short stories published during 1980s and 1990s. I am a long-time student of judo and Japanese swordsmanship (kenjutsu). I also play chess, basketball, and military and sports simulations.

Not-So-Stupid Cats

So! You think us cats are stupid because the ones in these videos can’t seem to figure out glass. Ha-ha-ha, you say. Well, let’s hear you laugh when we figure out how to open your refrigerator! And don’t think we can’t do it.

(Signed) The Management

This Bug’s Nickname: Cow Killer

Hi, Mr. Nature here with some more of God’s stuff: the velvet ant, aka “Cow Killer.” And before you get too cross with the guy who made this video, let me reassure you that it has a happy ending.

The velvet ant is actually a wingless wasp, not a real ant; and it has a stinger that would do any wasp proud. You would be extremely well advised not to pick one up in your bare hand. When you see the size of that sticker, you’ll understand how this bug got its nickname. It can’t actually kill a cow, but you don’t want to mess with it.

Cow killers live down South, and some of you are sure to be familiar with them. They prey on smaller bugs and otherwise do no harm. And you have to admit they have a nice color scheme.

There’s more to Creation than we will ever know.

No More Sweden

Image result for images of no way back for sweden

I wanted to watch, this morning, a TV ad produced by a government-backed non-profit organization in Sweden. After all, American liberals have been guffawing at the notion that Sweden has any problem at all with Muslim immigration.

But the ad has been pulled. Can’t see it anymore.

The ad proclaimed that there is, for Sweden, “no way back. Sweden will never be what it was.” The ad urged Swedes to accept it and get used to it. ( ).

And down in France they’ve got a presidential candidate who says there’s no such thing as French culture, and in Germany a member of the legislature who says she can’t wait for Germans to become a minority in Germany.

Has God condemned the nations of Western Europe to suicide–or have they condemned themselves?

It seems they don’t even have enough faith left to justify mere survival. Is Marine Le Pen the only European leader who believes her country–France–has a right to exist?

There are more fools in the Western world surrendering to Islam than the Islamic world can handle.

Socialism Has Been Good to Him!

Image result for images of crazy bernie sanders

Say, I missed this story from last August. So much was going on, this one just slid past me.

Senator Bernie Sanders, who campaigned for the Democrat presidential nomination as a crusader against income inequality, shortly after he finally dropped out of the race, paid some $600,000 to acquire a nice new lakefront home ( )–just for summer vacationing, mind you.

A spokesman for the social justice warrior candidate said the senator’s purchase of a third home doesn’t in the least “devalue his progressive beliefs.” The senator also owns homes in Vermont and Washington, D.C.

Why is it that no matter what kind of government the people sign up for, a country always winds up getting run by big shots who own several homes apiece? Voted for by a lot of people who don’t even own one home, let alone three or four. How is it that being the champion of the poor can make a man so rich?

If Robin Hood had robbed from the rich and talked about helping the poor, while keeping all the loot for himself and living really high on it… he would have been a Democrat.

The Hymn I Crave This Morning

Yes, I know I’ve posted this one several times throughout the past year–Behold the Mountain of the Lord, sung by Geoffrey Birtill. But then the invitation remains open to each and everyone one of you to have any hymn posted that you might request.

It’s only 10:00 in the morning and the news has already worn me out. But never mind! Head down, keep climbing, ask the Lord for strength.

And sing louder! Sing louder.

Showdown! Kitten vs. Goat

I’m pretty sure this goat wants to play; but the enormous fierce kitten wants to show him who’s boss. Note Mommy Cat in the background. She doesn’t seem worried, so I guess it’s all right. The goat has to be taught to show some respect.

Laurel and Hardy Live Next Door

The wind is blowing really hard this afternoon, tossing our lawn chairs around, etc. So naturally the guys next door decide this is an ideal day for raking up half a year’s worth of leaves.

First they tear the leaf bag and the whole load blows back over the yard. As they rake them up again and try to fill a new bag, the wind blows most of the leaves away as they’re trying to load them into the bag. My wife had to come back indoors because she didn’t want the guys to see her laughing.

Hmm… They seem to have abandoned the enterprise.

We both thought of Laurel and Hardy. This is exactly how Laurel and Hardy handle this job. I couldn’t find a video of them raking leaves, but watch what happens as they try to do a sinkful of dishes.

Work Wanted: Wizard/Sage/Ninny

Image result for images of funny wizard

I have a couple of fictional characters on hand who weren’t able to find jobs in any of my books. So I am advertising them here, for employment by any aspiring fantasy writers who may wish to give them work.

Gombo the Magnificent is a wizard whose magic mostly produces unintended, and unappreciated, consequences. His love potion grows hair on your furniture. His hex makes his enemies stronger. And don’t even think about asking him to cast a spell to make you lose weight. The last customer who tried that wound up with two left feet and a bottomless ashtray.

Dr. Fretorius, an unemployed sage, is the world’s foremost expert on the philosophical writings of Wing Chow Foon, who was executed by his emperor for turning his students into useless idiots. Dr. Fretorius became unemployed when this began happening to his students at the university. Obviously a fantasy character: in real life, he would have been promoted to department head.

Beetrice Blotter rebelled against her parents’ plan for her to follow in their footsteps as professional beekeepers and turned instead to keeping wasps. It’s actually rather dangerous to approach her property. Her pride and joy is a wasps’ nest the size of a medicine ball, inhabited by a multitude of the most aggressive wasps anyone has ever seen. Her inability to get her wasps to produce marketable honey has left her with an obsession to achieve this goal no matter what.

All three have expressed the desire to appear in a fantasy novel and a willingness to do it without being paid. So if you mean to write such a novel, and have an opening suitable for any of these three characters, please feel free to give them a chance to show what they can do.

A Pretty Spider

Image result for spiny orb weaver spider

Hi, Mr. Nature here, introducing the spiny orb-weaver spider. They come in all sorts of bright colors, there are many, many different species of them, they’re found in warm climates all over the world–and the very biggest of them are about the size of a quarter, although most are much smaller than that.

They like to stretch out their webs in gardens, where they eat a lot of bugs that would otherwise eat your plants. They’re related to the big, bright Araneus spiders that we have here in New Jersey. All these spiders build big, showy webs, especially impressive when beaded with the morning dew.

Mrs. Nature and I once had an Araneus spider that decided to go on vacation with us, down to the shore, hitching a ride on my car. Every night she built a new web, anchored on the door and side-view mirror. When a fly or a mosquito flew into it, she pounced. When I had to open the car door she got quite upset. So I tried to avoid opening it at night, but we could hardly abbreviate our vacation on account of a spider.

Even so, it was our turn to be upset when, on the next-to-last evening of the vacation, our spider got blown out of her side-view mirror nest, never to be seen again. We were looking forward to her coming back home with us–which, after all, was where she came from in the first place.

God’s handiwork: you can even get to enjoy spiders, if you let your mind open up a little.

Now They Want Segregation

Image result for images of segregation

It takes liberals to give a bad name to “justice.” Normally I prefer not even to mention dreck like this on a Sunday, but several people have called my attention to it, so I might as well.

Students–that is, idiots–at the University of Michigan have demanded some kind of “no whites allowed” space for non-whites only “to organize”–sheesh, how Old Left can you get?–and “do social justice work” ( ). In the words of the head jidrool of Students4Justice (oh, please), “We want a space solely dedicated to community organizing and social justice work specifically for people of color.”

Okay, somebody tell me–how is this moron not a racist? Hey, Sunshine! They used to have lots of space set aside for “people of color” only. It was called segregation–and now you want it back? I mean, have you thought this thing through?

Nah. They’re liberals. They never think anything through.

Again, again I say: America today has too many colleges and universities, they’re too big, there’s way too much money spent on them, way too many left-wing schmuck professors spewing propaganda and in line for lavish pensions, and way too many not-very-bright young people sitting in classrooms “learning” drivel when they should be out there working.

Cut the funding. Cut and cut and cut until the bull**** stops.

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