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I have lived in Metuchen, NJ, all my life. I have been married to my wife Patricia since 1977. I am a former newspaper editor and reporter. I was also the owner-operator of my own small business for several years. I wrote various novels and short stories published during 1980s and 1990s. I am a long-time student of judo and Japanese swordsmanship (kenjutsu). I also play chess, basketball, and military and sports simulations.

Now They Want Us to Eat… People

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(Thanks to Watchman for the nooze tip)

If you were worried that our looniversities are the worst in the world, relax–the ones in England are every bit as bad as ours.

Y’know how “experts” are always trying to talk us peasants into eating bugs, To Save The Planet? It’s really so they can laugh at us behind our backs–but now they’ve come up with something worse.

According to a pair of psychology profs at Lancaster University, it’s gettin’ to be time for us humans “to overcome our repulsion and disgust” when it comes to chowing down on our fellow human beings (  Oh, not yet, not yet! the profs reassure us. We can still indulge this totally unreasonable little prejudice against eating human flesh–which is, say the profs, “not the product of reason and may even contract reason.”

Which only goes to show you what “reason” is worth when uncoupled from a fear of God.

Oh! And then there’s this argument. This one is the crusher. Who can hope to stand against it? Ready? Brace yourself. Here it is:

We should practice cannibalism [drum roll]… because some animals do it!

Devastating, wouldn’t you say?

Dudes! The reason (yeah, see, we’ve got reasons) we don’t eat each other is because man is made in the image of God and because we each of us belong to God, who created us, breathed into us our living souls, and redeemed us to eternal life by the shed blood of His son, Our Lord Jesus Christ. It’s for the same reason we don’t commit murder, theft, adultery, etc–at least, we ought not to do these things, and we know they’re wrong. We dare not treat the image of our God, which we can see in each other, with such disrespect. And if we do, we have sinned. The fact that we regularly break God’s moral laws does not in any way diminish their authority.

It’s true that the Bible offers us a shocking instance of cannibalism in 2 Kings 6:28-30. Besieged by enemies, the city of Samaria has run out of food; and two women appeal to the king to decide which one’s infant child ought to be eaten first. You may have noticed the the Bible is not entirely about nice people doing nice things. That the people were so hard pressed as to cast off this “taboo” merely shows one of the things that happen in a fallen world of which war and sieges are a part.

But the two psych profs at Lancaster say it’ll be less difficult for us than we think, to shed our taboos and get into eating people. It might be necessary, one o’ these days. To Save The Planet, dontcha know.

Higher education–where moral imbeciles go to be called smart.

By Request, ‘Amazing Grace’

Our friend SlimJim asked for this: Amazing Grace. I chose this instrumental version by Andre Rieu and his orchestra–you don’t really need the lyrics, do you? The hymn is so well-known. “Amazing grace, how sweet the sound/ That saved a wretch like me…”

‘College Course Title: “Stop White People”‘ (2016)

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Ugly image, true… But what the colleges are doing is ugly and there’s no way to make it pretty.

Uh… “Stop White People” from doing what?

This little number was offered at SUNY Binghamtom a few years ago. At the time, some half-hearted public scrutiny caused the college to offer up a lame excuse (they just thought it’d be a catchy title–no harm intended)… but today there aren’t many colleges or looniversities where this kind of race-baiting doesn’t go on all the time.

It’s to our nation’s shame that we not only permit this to continue–we jolly well fund it! And it ain’t cheap, either.

If you can’t think of a thousand more useful, beneficial purposes to put a tax dollar than dumping it into a college, you just aren’t thinking.

‘The Church in the Wildwood’

This is another hymn I’d never heard until I saw this clip on Youtube–The church in the Wildwood, sung by Nathan and Lyle.

It’s a grey and dreary morning here, but at least it isn’t hot.

The picture on the wall behind the singers: we used to have that, as a jigsaw puzzle.

Cats, Masters of Sleep

I dare you to try some of these sleep positions. Pioneered by cats, they are intended for all mammals, especially the ones that have backbones.

It is said that falling asleep face-first in a bowl of food gives you unexpected insights.

My Newswithviews Column, Aug. 22 (Dems’ Plan B: You’re All Racists)

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You’re all racists, and Democrats are mad at you. Be sure to vote for them.

How do you like that? With all the fatzing around with doctors today–three hours of it–I plumb forgot to post my Newswithviews column. So here it is.

Dems’ Plan B: ‘You’re All Racists’

Are we really in for a year and several months of this, or are the wheels going to fall off sometime well before Election Day?

By Request, ‘Holy God, We Praise Thy Name’

Requested by Phoebe, Holy God, We Praise Thy Name. I don’t know who’s singing it, but I do know the bells of St. Francis, across the street from us, play it fairly often.

And now we’ve got to get ready for the pulmonologist, so please pray for us, that his word to us will be a good one.

It’s Tanystropheus Time Again

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Do you really want to read about the first “same-sex romance” on some reality TV show? Do you think I want to write about it?

It’s Tanystropheus time!

When the nooze is just too disgusting to bother with, it’s time to imagine going for a swim or playing Parchesi with one of those impossibly long-necked reptiles of a bygone age. They’re back in Lintum Forest now, if you can find the way.

Speaking of which, I think I’d better head out there myself. We have another doctor visit this afternoon, two or three hours of my work day lost… So please take the opportunity, dear readers, to browse around the blog archives for all sorts of cool stuff.

Now You’ve Gotta Be a Mind Reader…

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You can’t hide your secrets from the cards!

Man shoots another man. There’s a witness. Defendant’s fingerprints are all over the gun. So he’s tried and found guilty.

Yeahbut, yeahbut, yeahbut! That was only because of “implicit bias” and “implicit racism” on the part of the jury! So the Washington State Supreme Court has sent the case back to the trial court and called for an investigation of the jurors’ subconscious minds ( Or something like that.

See, the defendant was black, and 11 members of the jury weren’t. The one black juror held out for “Not Guilty,” insisting that the defendant must’ve taken the gun from the murderer and that’s why his prints were all over it… only then she caved in and voted “Guilty” because all the other jurors subjected her to “derision.” Musta been because of their implicit systemic subconscious racism.

No one has suggested that perhaps the lone black juror had a bias in favor of the black defendant. Well, all right, I’m suggesting it. Shouldn’t we have a tarot reading for her, too? Or should all the jurors be questioned under hypnosis? Maybe use a ouija board. That subconscious stuff is notoriously difficult to winkle out.

If anyone publicly suggested that no black juror can fairly judge a case involving a black defendant, that person would be tarred and feathered in the nooze media and every Democrat presidential candidate would denounce him as a racist and cite him as proof that America is a no-good lousy racist hellhole, etc.

Say the same thing about white jurors and white defendants, and you’re a Social Justice Warrior. You are woke.

Well, maybe nobody can do anything fairly and honestly and that’s why we  need Open Borders and the Green New Deal.

‘Who’s Buried in Alexander’s Tomb?’

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The ancient world was full of all sorts of neat stuff that you can’t find anymore. All those fabulous treasures that Herodotus saw with his own eyes, and described for us… and the well-preserved body of Alexander the Great.

Back in 1991, a Greek archaeologist made a big splash for a couple days by claiming to have discovered where the body was hidden.

It seems reasonable to suppose that if it was still kicking around 500 years after Alexander’s death, it could have survived even longer, provided no one messed around with it. Alexander’s mother hated his father, so she taught him that his real father was Zeus, king of the gods–not that glorified peasant, Philip of Macedon.

It’s not good for anyone to believe things like that.

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