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I have lived in Metuchen, NJ, all my life. I have been married to my wife Patricia since 1977. I am a former newspaper editor and reporter. I was also the owner-operator of my own small business for several years. I wrote various novels and short stories published during 1980s and 1990s. I am a long-time student of judo and Japanese swordsmanship (kenjutsu). I also play chess, basketball, and military and sports simulations.

Snow Fun for Cats

Some of the humans in this video have serious snow accumulation, drifts pressed up against the door. Folks out here in New Jersey would absolutely freak out if that ever happened here. But cats can handle it: watch and see.

And don’t miss the cat who figures out how to use a toboggan.

Bonus Video: Cheesed-Off Bunny

Enough already with the loony politics! Let us soothe our minds with this bunny video.

The bunny doesn’t want the confounded toy in his bed and keeps throwing it out. And the stupid human keeps putting it back in. It’s such a cute bunny, I couldn’t resist posting the video. But I think his wishes should have been respected: knock it off with the freakin’ plastic toy! Then again, the exercise and stimulation might be good for him; I’ve never had a bunny, so I wouldn’t really know. But I’m pretty sure this would not be a wise thing to do with your pet monitor lizard.

You Can’t Satirize This: ‘Chelsea’ Manning for Senate

See the source image

I cannot bring myself to post a picture of Mr. Manning, so here’s a marine iguana, instead.

So it’s come to this: a Democrat U.S. Senate primary, in Maryland, featuring a transgender loon who’s been convicted of (and served seven years in prison for) leaking confidential government documents: Brad “Chelsea” Manning (

Mr. Manning, who is not, in fact, a woman, had his “sex changed” in prison. The American people paid for it.

He runs on a platform of open borders, closing all prisons, and releasing all the inmates. Yeah, that’ll work. He’d also like to disarm the police, if not abolish police altogether.

You’d think this was something made up by a madcap satirist, but it isn’t.  Mr. Manning, says The Guardian, has “positioned herself [sic] to the left of Bernie Sanders.” We are surprised to hear there is a left of Bernie Sanders.

Please don’t say we deserve this.

A New Low in Political Campaigning

A woman running for state attorney general in Michigan says people should vote for her because she doesn’t have a penis (

Uh, can’t we nail her for transphobia? Aren’t all The Smartest People in the World always telling us that not all men have penises, and not all women have vaginas?

To presume, as this candidate does, that every human being, man or women, equipped with a penis will use it to harass women–well, fry my hide, what do you suppose Brad “Chelsea” Manning would say to that? Well, okay, he had his willy cut off so he could call himself a woman and run for U.S. Senator from Maryland. But certainly  by the standard being used here, he would be a viable candidate. Crikey, what if these two were running against each other? “Yeah, well, I don’t have one, either!” What an edifying debate that would be.

If lack of a penis is all it takes to be Michigan’s attorney general, that makes deciding who to vote for pretty easy. But what if a woman runs against a woman?

This discussion is fast turning into a kind more commonly encountered in a busy tavern.


‘Conspiracy Baloney Aimed at Our Lord’ (2016)

I wonder if we’d be so vulnerable to conspiracy-think these days if our news media were not torpid, incompetent, and  biased.

Anyway, here’s a particularly objectionable wacko conspiracy theory…

‘What a Friend We Have in Jesus’ (Church of God)

What a Friend We Have in Jesus–sometimes I whistle it as I walk along, and sometimes someone else will pause in whatever he’s doing, look up, and smile. There’s hope for us yet.

Turn up the volume and sing along.


Snow for the Birds

Have you ever seen this before? I haven’t! Birds playing in the snow.

Well, they get a lot of snow in Russia, where this video was filmed: might as well learn to enjoy it. You don’t think of wild birds playing. That’s for parrots, et al. But it is said that crowd are among the most intelligent of birds, so they ought to be able to make a game of snowy weather.

There’s always more to animals than you thought.

Prayer Request: Esposal House

Our friend Evelyn has asked us to pray for Espousal House, a Christian facility run by the Stigmatine Father and Brothers in Waltham, Massachusetts, offering counseling, retreats, prayer, and kindness to anyone in need of it.

The town’s mayor and school board wish to seize the property (46 acres) under “eminent domain,” a euphemism for strong-arm tactics, so they can, they claim, build a new high school there. The fathers and brothers refuse to sell. So far, the city council has twice voted down the takeover. But Evelyn feels sure the mayor and school committee will keep trying until they get what they want.

O Lord our God, uphold and defend your servants in the loving work they do for Christ’s Kingdom, at Espousal House. Strengthen the resolve of their city council to support them. Be their refuge and strength, and a very present help in time of trouble. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Aunt Joan’s Still With Us

See the source image

I got a call from the hospital this morning–not the call I’ve been dreading–asking my consent for another procedure for Aunt Joan, a special IV line to get the antibiotics to where they have to be. Which means she’s still hanging in there, we haven’t lost her yet. It came as a great relief to me. The nursing home also called, just to tell me they’re set up to take her back when she’s ready. More relief–although she’s by no means out of the woods yet, and she still needs our prayers.

My aunts were world travelers way back when, before there were passenger jets and only a very few people did this. Joan went just about everywhere. I wonder now if her travels served to strengthen her constitution. Who knows?

One thing I think I do know, one thing I think I can say with confidence: Prayer works. I’m pretty sure we all know that–I mean, after all, that’s why I take prayer requests and post them here.

Please continue your prayers on our behalf. O Lord our God, thank you for staying with us and for upholding us so far. We know that your will shall be done on earth as it is in Heaven. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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