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I have lived in Metuchen, NJ, all my life. I have been married to my wife Patricia since 1977. I am a former newspaper editor and reporter. I was also the owner-operator of my own small business for several years. I wrote various novels and short stories published during 1980s and 1990s. I am a long-time student of judo and Japanese swordsmanship (kenjutsu). I also play chess, basketball, and military and sports simulations.

Bonus Video Treat: Cats vs. Beanbag Chairs

If anybody’s still out there looking at blogs, this late in the day, you’ll enjoy this video survey of cats interacting with beanbag chairs.

Don’t you wish you could know what was actually in a cat’s mind at a time like this? Or are we better off not knowing?

Sanity Break: Cuddly Owls

Until youtube came along, who ever guessed that owls are… cuddly? I mean, who knew anybody who had a pet owl?

How did God ever think of creating these birds? The more closely you look at them, the more–well, unusual–they seem to be. Nevertheless, they can be cuddly.

Satire: ‘The Government Can’

I don’t usually post music videos that aren’t hymns, but I’ve made an exception for this brilliant satirical ditty by Tim Hawkins–taking off on the old Sammy Davis Jr. hit, The Candy Man. One of my esteemed colleagues posted this on my chess page, and I’ve just gotta share it!

College Rules Gorillas ‘Too Masculine’

Image result for gorillas nursing young

Banned! For being too “masculine” and “not inclusive” enough…

Why do I keep saying that if you actually care about them and don’t want them turned into idiots, you shouldn’t send your sons or daughters to a public university?

Well, an official at the University of Kansas has ruled that gorillas can’t be included in a jungle-themed floor decoration in a dorm because gorillas are…get this… “too masculine” and “not inclusive” enough ( ).

Oh, if only there were transgender gorillas! Or at least some really gay gorillas. Then college kiddies could see a jungle picture with a gorilla in it. But if their eyes should happen to fall upon the image of a, well, regular gorilla–ooh! And without even a trigger warning! We’re gonna need a bigger Safe Space!

I keep thinking these are actually satires that I’m writing, no pack of “educators” could actually be so asinine. But they are, and this is not a satire.

People who care about their sons and daughters shouldn’t send them to the University of Kansas.

Oh, and go ahead, you libs and progs out there–explain to the rest of us why this is such a good thing. If you can.

I Annalize the Debait

Image result for hillary clinton big mouth

Ha-ha stopid Lee he had to go outt so i can “get” in “hear” and annalize the Pressadental De-Bait “thay had Last” nihgjt and HILLERY SHE WON SHE WHON SO BIG IT ‘”IS” NOTT EEVEN FUNY!!!!

Acterly i wastnt abel to whatch it “my” moth Antenners thay wher itching Something feerce and i hadd “to” kepe My head stuck in the friezer For “as” long as i culd but annyway HILLERY SHE WON and she din eeven have to Use “all” her Best stuff! Like Free Collidge Tution for Evryboddy in the Uniferse and The Rich thay wil haveto “pay” for it! and Evven beter than “that” “she” wil lissen To us Interllecturals al the time and Doo al “the” things we Advice her to doo!! So if thare is annother de-bait then She “wil” stil have Goood stuff to use. Iff that Darnold Trump he evven Has the “gutts” to show Up affer the beatdown “he” got “last” Nihgjt!!!

And did al yiu Deplorrible peple Knotice “she” diddnt Keel over Not Once The HOLE NIHGHT??? Not Oncet!! Shee “is” in Prefect hellth and jist lyke O”ur” deer Pressdint OBamma he sayes “thare” hasnt nevver been No one whoo More Quillifyed then Hillery for beein Pressdint eccept maybbe Him butt He Is “speccal” becose hes Blackk.

‘How Deep the Father’s Love For Us’

Susan, I can’t be sure this is exactly the hymn/worship song you wanted–but at any rate it’s pretty good! Austin Stone sings How Deep the Father’s Love For Us, and it stirs up his audience with love for God the Father, Christ the Son. “His wounds have paid my ransom.” Amen.

It’s a good thing to see people stirred up for God. There ought to be a bit more of it.

Memory Lane: Bosco Syrup

Wow! How many of us grew up drinking this?

For those spring chickens under 50, I am about to speak in mysteries.

The main use for Bosco was to stir it into milk, which encouraged kids to drink it. Milk in those sweet days came in bottles and was delivered to your house by the milkman, who took the empties from the milk-box on your doorstep and replaced them with whatever your order was.

If you just had to have milk that wasn’t in a glass bottle, you could get it in cartons from milk machines. In our town there was a milk machine every several blocks. I loved those! Milk was a quarter, and the machines were on these wooden platforms–which, after a number of years, would rot and have to be replaced. But before the dairy company could put on a new platform, all you needed was a jackknife or a sharp stick, and you were rich, rich, rich! It was amazing how many quarters slipped out of people’s fingers and through the cracks in the platform.  Bosco, schmosco! Gimme a rotted-out milk machine platform any day. An hour’s poking around down there was better than an extra birthday!

Well, yeah, the Bosco was nice, too.

Cool piece of trivia: Bosco syrup was used to simulate blood in two black-and-white movie classics: Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho and George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead.

I’m glad nobody told me that in 1959.

Smart (But Crooked) Cats

Watch how these two steal snacks out of a drawerful of undies, where their mommy hid them. Good thing these cats do not hold public office.

Cat intelligence is full of surprises. Today I said to our cat, Robbie, as she was plaguing my wife for food, “Why don’t you go frolic?”

And that’s exactly what she did.

Who’s Been Messing With My Computer?

We had big computer woes this morning, and I think I know who–or what–is responsible.


In fact, I think it was the same gremlin who freaked out William Shatner in the classic “Twilight Zone” episode, Nightmare at 20,000 Feet. This ambitious gremlin tried to wreck an airliner, but Shatner stopped him. So now he plays it safe and just goes after computers.

I’ll have to have a word with my cats: next time this  critter comes after my computer, they are to run up and bite his ankles.

Jesus Said, ‘It Is Not for You to Know’

Image result for new york city at sunset

I shy away from conspiracy theories, and from self-anointed prophets who come up with flashy interpretations of Biblical prophecies.

So when I read yesterday that the New World Order, NWO to fans, is fixing to nuke New York to stop tonight’s presidential debate ( ), it sort of made my head come to a point. This prophecy, we are told, comes from “a Kenyan lady” who got it directly from God.

Just before Our Lord Jesus Christ ascended into heaven, after His resurrection from the dead, some of the disciples asked him, “Lord, will you at this time restore the kingdom to Israel?” As if this were all about setting up Israel with a king again: maybe they weren’t paying much attention to the Gospel.

And Jesus answered, “It is not for you to know the times or the seasons which the Father hath put in His own power” (Acts 1:7).

What part of “It is not for you to know” don’t some people understand?

So tonight will come and go without New York City being blown off the map, and tomorrow it’ll be another conspiracy, another prophecy, etc., etc.

How many times did the Lord have to say that His return would take the whole world by surprise, and that we must “watch”–“What I say unto you, I say unto all: Watch” ( Mark 13:37)–and that we are to be found at our posts, performing our duties like good servants, when He finally does return–“like a thief in the night” ( I Thessalonians 5:2).

We can’t help wondering exactly when that time will be, and trying to figure it out by studying the Bible’s many prophecies.

But I think we have to find more productive ways to “occupy until I come” ( Luke 19:13).

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