At Home with the Quokkas

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G’day! Byron the Quokka here–just for a chat.

A lot of people think we quokkas live in burrows, but we don’t: grass and shrubbery, that’s what we like. We live in nice houses made of grass. We used to keep the King of the Quokkas’ furniture upstairs, but then the heaviest item fell through the ceiling and smashed our toaster oven. Quokkas who live in grass houses shouldn’t store thrones.

Some of you have wondered what we do at night. Well, we’re homebodies, we love our family time together… so we watch Machiste movies. They’re mostly in Italian, but it’s Italian with an Australian accent, so we can understand it. Happily, there are dozens of Machiste movies, even if a lot of them got remarketed as Hercules movies. My favorite is Machiste Meets the Vacuum Cleaner Man–very scary!

We’re also very fond of board games, like Clue, Stratego, Carcassone, Settlers of Catan, and Who Knoo the Kangaroo?, which I am told is very popular in New Jersey.

When we go to bed we like to read a bit before turning the light out. We all read the Bell Mountain books. They’re my favorites. My mum is a huge fan of those detective stories by Violet Crepuscular about this detective who always gives up before he comes anywhere near solving the crime. I don’t understand what she sees in them, myself.

It’s a quiet life, but we like it!

11 comments on “At Home with the Quokkas

  1. Tsk, Samuel Johnson once said, “A quokka who would make a pun would pick a pocket.”

    Come to think of it, I hope he wasn’t referring to a mama quokka’s pouch!

    1. I’ve never seen a quokka here.
      Remember, our stupid, practically comatose voters elected this Democrat golem of a governor in hopes that he would… **lower our taxes!!! Man, that is clueless.

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