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Dogs & Babies: Peek-a-Boo

If you can get past the little baby hiding from the dog by wearing someone’s shirt over his head while he crawls around and giggles, you’ll find some more cute clips waiting for you. Hey, what is it about dogs that makes human babies laugh so hard? If babies could only tell us what they’re thinking–!

The Cat’s in the Bag

The dumbest thing cats do–otherwise intelligent animals–is to get themselves stuck in plastic bags. I’ll never forget the night my poor Missy got herself involved with a plastic bag. I had a hard time catching her to take it off. She really was terrified; but some of the cats in these videos seem more like they’re playing.

Cats get stuck in plastic bags, and humans take out student loans.

Sort of Like a Giant Guinea Pig

Betcha never saw one of these kept as a pet before. The capybara, whose closest relative is the guinea pig, is the world’s largest living rodent. It can grow to four feet long and weight anywhere from 60 to 170 pounds, depending on its sex.

In the Amazon rain forest, the capybara is usually dinner, although some of the native people sometimes keep them as pets. As long as you don’t eat your pet, I guess it’s all right.

Rodents are smart and adaptable, so, if you’ve got the room for it, there’s no reason a capybara wouldn’t make a suitable pet. Just don’t expect to be able to walk into Pet Smart and buy one.

By Request, ‘The Holly and the Ivy’

Phoebe asked for this one, The Holly and the Ivy, by the Robert Shaw Chorale. This was supposed to have lyrics, but I can’t find any. I think the little girl in the picture must have put them away somewhere, trying to be helpful.

Our Christmas Carol Contest continues!

‘Lake Murray, New Guinea: Dinosaur Sightings’ (2015)

Image result for images of tyrannosaurus and people in jungle

Can it possibly be true–there are dinosaurs gallumphing around in New Guinea?

You know what the problem is with cryptozoology? The moment cryptozoologists find a critter they were looking for, it ceases to be cryptozoology and instantly becomes zoology.

I wonder how many people actually see Lake Murray, during the course of a year.

Loch Ness is a lot easier to visit.


Birthday Greetings to Ina!

See the source image

G’day, mates! Break out those party hats and noisemakers, because today is Ina’s birthday! She lives in Scotland, so it’s a bit tricky for her to come to the party we’re throwing for her, here on Rottnest Island–but we’re totally sure she’s here in spirit.

See the source image

Well, everybody, what’re you waiting for? Whoop it up!

Some Cool Critters

You’ve got to be Dr. Doolittle to figure out what some of these little characters are doing. I’d understand that parrot’s display if he were a lizard, but he isn’t, so I don’t. And then there’s the cat who discovers he can fly. And the household where the pets are a bunny and… I think it’s a fox.

Slippery Critters

You’d think having four legs instead of just two would be an advantage on the ice. But you’d be wrong.

And what about that dog trying to run up the iced sliding board? Was he serious, or just having fun?

Learn from cats and dogs. If there’s any fun at hand, go for it.

Another Mysterious Stranger (‘Oy, Rodney’)

Image result for images of silly romance novels

“Beyond Vegetables” proved to be a cultural disaster, her cooking show was canceled after the first episode, and Violet Crepuscular has finally written Chapter CCCXXXI of her epic romance, Oy, Rodney.

A mysterious stranger who looks like Broderick Crawford has turned up in Scurveyshire, to seek Lady Margo Cargo’s hand in marriage (1). Meanwhile, Lady Margo is celebrating because she has found her missing glass eye. It was under her pillow all along.

“When I was young,” she confides to the American adventurer, Willis Twombley, whom she thinks is the same person as her current betrothed, Lord Jeremy Coldsore, “my mother told me that if I put my glass eye under my pillow at night, the Eye Fairy would come and leave me a shilling.”

“But then you’d be short an eye, l’il darlin’,” says Twombley.

“The fairy never took the eye,” explains Lady Margo. “Even so, half the time I forgot I’d put the eye under my pillow and I’d have to do without it for several days.” She sighs deeply. “I can never remember the things I forget,” she laments.

“You will notice a footnote pertaining to the mysterious stranger who uncannily resembles Broderick Crawford,” Ms. Crepuscular writes, in an aside to the reader. “This has been added for a scholarly purpose. Footnotes are meant to be read, dear reader, so don’t forget to read this one!”

There being nothing much more to this chapter, we shall advance to the bottom of the page and read the footnote.

“1) Among the stranger’s descendants are Fulgencio Batista, the Cuban dictator ousted by Fidel Castro. This explains President Batista’s fleeting resemblance to the America actor who used to star in Highway Patrol.

So we can stop wondering about it.

Chapter CCCXXXII has been postponed due to bad weather.


Beware Fake False Facts!

Image result for images of gerbils

It pains us to report that certain unscrupulous persons are horning in on the market created and nurtured by Acme False Facts Inc., the original and authentic false facts.

However, the discerning customer will quickly be able to see the difference between a real false fact, provided by Acme, and a phony false fact from Oobatz False Facts Inc.–pretenders and interlopers that they are.

For instance:

A) Gerbils evolved from birds.

B) Robin Hood is buried in Abilene, Kansas.

Now, which of those is the authentic, genuine, Acme false fact, and which one is the cheap Oobatz imitation? Of course! You spotted it instantly. False Fact A is authentic, and B is just a lot of hooey that no one with the intelligence of a paramecium would ever believe!

We have truly sunk to a new depth, haven’t we, when money-grubbing scoundrels have to stoop to counterfeiting False Facts. And no, we are not impressed by Oobatz’s spurious “guarantee” that all of their false facts are verifiably false, or your money back.

Stick with Acme! Our False Facts are truly false!

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