Cat Totally Dominates Alligators

Aw, who’s afraid of a dumb old alligator? Not the cats in this video. Not the cat who chases off not one, but two alligators.

And check out the human boy who seems curiously oblivious to the drama being played out some ten feet away from his undefended ankles. Maybe nobody’s afraid of alligators.

Comments Wanted

Why Quokkas Are The Cutest Animals On Earth

G’day! Byron the Quokka here, reminding you that we have a comment contest going. Our goal is 70,000 comments–with only 579 left to go.

[Editor’s note: We’re wondering if there’s an Internet outage somewhere, because we haven’t heard from any of our most prolific commenters today. We also have reports of readers’ email conking out. ]

Here I’d like to turn it over to Quokka University’s life coach, Horatio the jumping spider.

Habits and Traits of Jumping Spiders

Thank you, Byron. First I’d like to say that bugs are good for you, catch as many as you can. This solves most of life’s problems. It’s always worked for me.

Anyhow, the winner of the comment contest will receive an autographed copy of Lee’s book, His Mercy Endureth Forever. If you already have it, you can hold out for the next book in the series, The Wind from Heaven, which has not yet been published but it won’t be long now.

Meanwhile, a select committee of quokkas is still working on the problem of how much tuition to charge and whether it should include a season’s pass to QU’s pick-up sticks matches.

But by all means we want to read your comments! Really, what’s the point of having six eyes if you don’t have anything to read? (That’s one for the Philosophy Dept.)

Getting Old–or Something Else?

Talkin' turtles at Great Neck Wildlife Sanctuary | Wareham

Is it just us getting older, or is life really getting more complicated–more things to remember, more things to forget?

I mean, OK, sure, I hear from empty-headed liberals, “Get with it, grandpa!” Like I would even want to get with it. Their bodies may age, but their brains stay 12 years old forever.

This is an old box turtle, in the picture: you can tell by the growth rings on his shell. Instead of growth rings, we have additions to our things-to-do lists. (Ah! We just remembered to give the cat her medicine. Now we don’t have to worry about forgetting it.)

It seems, though, that there are more and more forms to fill out, more hoops to jump through–and how we ever got those things done when we were both working full-time outside the home… well, it beats me. I’m pretty sure we had no super-powers.

Is this the “when you feel old” that they used to warn you about when you were young?


Dog Hounded by Rabbit

Here’s a bunny whose favorite occupation seems to be chasing the dog all around the yard. To add zest to the experience, they’ve also got a nice pile of dry dirt and a lot of chickens to scatter.

I’ve got to believe this is play. If not, somebody needs a new dog.

A Spectacularly Rude Awakening

Ooh-ooh! I almost forgot to post this for you. Not sure whether to call it a sanity break. But it’s some kind of break, that’s for sure. Maybe even it’s symbolic. An omen. Send for the augurs!

Anyway, the guy falls asleep on a lounger by his in-ground pool, and along comes a bear (!) to sniff and tap his foot and wake him up.

We can’t tell who was more startled, the man or the bear. But no harm done, all’s well that ends well, we can’t tell whether the guy’s hair would’ve turned white because he doesn’t have any…

Enjoy this break from nooze and politics.

Will the Kittens Mug the Rottweiler?

I’m not easy with the idea of having a pet that could eat you if he felt like it. Rottweilers are scary.

But there are two tiny kittens in this video who don’t find the Rottweiler scary at all. In fact, they can’t leave him alone. How do they know that’s safe?

Are these the kittens who grow up to be cats that slap down alligators?

Public Service Message: These Are Not Real Puppies

A number of people have expressed confusion over whether the large salamanders called “mud puppies” really are puppies. Sometimes this leads to unsuitable gifts for small children.

Real puppies are warm and fluffy and playful. Mud puppies are cold, wet, and apt to bite really hard. There is no truth to the belief that they grow up into dogs. Mud puppies they are, and mud puppies they shall remain.

You are unlikely to find real puppies swimming around under the ice in winter. What you’d be seeing under those circumstances are almost certain to be mud puppies.

And there really is no point in trying to train them to do tricks. They don’t like it.

Dogs and Snow and Lovin’ It!

Dogs have a gift for joy: they really do. And it’s a cheering thing, to watch them playing in the snow. There’s even a dog in here who knows how to operate a toboggan. That’s more than can be said for some people.

Encore: ‘How to Keep a Toddler from Going Up the Stairs’

The angry dog breed sheltie | Angry dog, Dogs, Sheltie

I have to write a Newswithviews column, but first… a little fun.

How to Keep a Toddler from Going Up the Stairs

How did my grandma ever think of this ploy? It really worked! What? Go up the stairs–with the Mick-Mock up there waiting for me? Not a chance!

But I find myself wondering if any more of our fears are, like the Mick-Mock, just something that somebody made up to keep us from doing whatever they didn’t want us to do. Think… oh… Climate Change.

Jump, It’s Fun! Jump, It’s Easy…

This tiny bunny (he reminds me of Norbert!) would prefer not to be cooped up in a laundry basket. So he examines his surroundings, decides what to do–and out he goes! Without a running start, no less.

As for the headline: If you can remember the rest of that jingle, and the product that it advertised, welcome to the Bronze Age.