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This Cat Learns Fast

Watch how quickly this cat adapts to a bizarre addition to his environment–a radio-controlled toy dinosaur. It freaks him out at first. Of course it does! What do cats know from robots? (Our old family dog, Rags, would’ve had this thing in bits and pieces before you could scream, “No, no, that’s expensive!” And then he would’ve smirked.)

I can’t say for sure that the cat figures out that the dinosaur is not, in fact, alive, even if it moves and sounds like something that’s alive. But he does figure out it can’t hurt him.

Cats are smart; and if they had hands, we’d be in trouble.


Sleepy Peepies

Did I see that right? A cat climbed into the lizard’s tank to take a nap? I have known a lot of lizards who’d object to that.

If you’re one of those who insists that cats can sleep anywhere, and in virtually any position, this video’s for you.

How To get A Head!!

Image result for images of the thing with two heads movie

I has alyaws wondred whatt To “do” iff yore Boddy was like “no goood” any more but yore Head it was “stil” jist Fine and “whatt” do yiu know, Sience it has got “the” Antser!! Now thay “can cut” yore Head off and putt It “on” anether boddy! Yiu beter beleave its True becose its “in” the news!!! (

I was alreddy to sine Up “for” this hear Opration i was al exited butt then  my Prefesser he sorta pored Coled Watter on the hole idear, he sayed “woe holed on, that thare Docter he done it “on” a corps of some dedd guy and”” i sayed wel then That it is nothin, annyone thay culd Do It on a dedd body I culd doo it My self al you nead is some ducked tape!! Big deel! He is “stil dedd aint he??” butt anether sinetist in The storey he sayed soon thay be doing it with bodys “that is” not Dedd but stil alife!! so i was hapy again! I sayed yiu know,, This is “a” weiy yiu Can finnish Collidge if it is takin tooo long ether yiu Can “get a Smarter” Head or a beter Body to putt yore own head On.

Jist think!! John Kery he gets al Old and messed-up And he cant be stoping Climbit Change no more becose he Is evin two Old to go back in the Sennit so al thay got “to” do is cut his Head offf and stick it “on” a helthy Yung Boddy whith lots of mussels and He wil be As good As New!!! he culd evin run fore Pressadint agin if Hillery she dont whant to “do” it. i seen this movey once, thay sowed some wite guy’s Head onto a big blak guy’s Boddy and then you got somone witch Has “got two” Heads (but in the movey them two Heads thay didnt get A long so goood)!!

This jist gose to “show” that Sience it has got Al the Antsers al the Time!

Global Warming Wiz Pleads Guilty to Fraud (2013)

Please do not make the mistake of thinking this was the last time a Climbit Change superstar was caught lying and cheating.

Global Warming Wiz Pleads Guilty to Fraud

Most of the comments on this piece are in rhyme. Feel free to join in!

7 Minutes of Funny Bunnies

You may have noticed I tag these animal videos “Sanity Medicine.” Why? Well, driving home from the Keyport Fishery (best seafood in New Jersey) today, I almost went off the road when I heard Hillary Clinton, on the radio, deplore “the politicization of the Justice Dept.” Can you be that utterly without self-awareness and not be as mad as a hatter?

Anyhow, bunnies, cats, dogs, hamsters, turtles–they’re all good for leading us back to sanity.

Cats Who Won’t Share

Don’t think you can solve this problem by giving each cat his own dish of food. Note that a lot of these selfish little guys are kittens. I have no idea how to adjust their attitude. At least my cats don’t mind if I pet them while they eat. The only thing that really annoys them is each other.

Lord Jeremy’s Wooing, Part 2

See the source image

Once again we turn to Violet Crepuscular’s epic romance, Oy, Rodney, Chapter LXXVI. Willis Twombley, the American adventurer who thinks he is Sargon of Akkad, has sworn eternal friendship to Lord Jeremy Coldsore, who in an absent-minded moment, distracted by his own troubles, was the first to call him Sargon.

Mr. Twombley is now in Lady Margo Cargo’s parlor, to plead with her to marry Lord Jeremy.

Lady Margo takes out her glass eye, polishes it with the hem of his dress, pops it back into the socket. “Really, Mr. Twombley, doesn’t Miss Crepuscular know this scene has already been done, in The Courtship of Miles Standish?”

“Who, ma’am?”

“Also, sir, you talk funny.”

Twombley crosses his eyes. “Why, ma’am, that there’s jist my Akkadian accent comin’ out. Ah cain’t help it, thass how we talk. You just close yore ahs and make believe it ain’t me but Lord Germy who’s a-talkin’ to you.” Lady Margo closes the only eye that needs closing. Twombley finds the effect unnerving, but proceeds.

“Dear Lady Margo, Ah declare yo’re jist about the purttiest filly in all this land of England or wherever we are, and Ah would be the happiest man on earth if you and me could mosey on down to the parson and git hitched.”

Lord Jeremy is crouched under the bay window, listening from the outside. This is his last chance to stave off ruin and bankruptcy. Marriage to Lady Margo will save Coldsore Hall. And Twombley seems to be doing very well.

“Why, Mr. Twombley, no one has ever spoken such words to me before!” Lady Margo gushes. She makes a coquettish gesture that causes her wig to be crooked. “Very well, my dear man, if you insist! We shall visit the pastor and get hitched, as you put it, this very afternoon! At my time of life, I can’t afford to shilly-shally.”

Twombley does not know what to say. Lord Jeremy shrieks, then faints.

“Don’t be alarmed, dear, it’s just a screech owl in the garden,” Lady Margo coos.

We don’t know if the wedding comes off. I peeked into the next chapter and it’s not in there. That chapter is mostly Miss Crepuscular complaining about certain deficiencies in her diet.

Cranky Critters

Sometimes you just can’t please a dog or cat. Doesn’t this video make you glad you don’t have huskies? Anyway, who knows what these critters want? They’ve got a mood on, and there’s no getting it off.

We Love Cats in Boxes

There’s something about cats grooving on cardboard boxes that just brings a smile to my lips, unless they’re doing it in my living room and turning the cardboard into confetti. For that I don’t smile.

Really–when the cat dives into the box and slides across the floor, doesn’t it make you want to fling out your arms and yell, “Saaaaafe!”?

Cats Raid the Fridge

These are incidents that were not disasters, because somebody was standing there with a camera, filming them. So no cats accidentally put themselves in cold storage. And the owner now can worry about what goes on when he’s not there.

This video also raises the question of just how acutely cats understand the human-centered world in which they have to live. Just how smart are they, anyway?

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