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Think Big!

You’ve gotta love this little tiny dog who wants a toy twice her own size. She can carry it, though–sort of. And then you wonder: what kind of toy would she want if she were a St. Bernard?

Freee Speach It Dont Cover No Hat Speach!

Image result for images of college riot

We had a Big demmastracion hear “at” Collidge this moning to forse them Biggits in Austrialier to leaglize Gay Marridge and then some Hater he come Along “and” saying Marridge jist a man And a wimmin i culdnt beleave Ennyone thay wuld say somthing So hatful And biggited so We al Beat him up and aslo we turned his Car over excep it turned out It Was “a” prefessers Car and he got kind of Mad!

And then we had a Teach-In and we lernt that Howerd the Deen, i dont know “waht Collidge he” is deen of but Iff he is a deen Then he must Be “exter” Smart, he sayed the Frist Ammendant it dont cover no hat speach and we Must Not Alow no boddy to say nothing aginst Diversity!! Enny One “whoo” deevates from *Diversity* thay got to be Stoped and throwed In Jale! thay has no Rihgjt to Dis-Respeck and Not Agreee with *Diversity*!!

I dint know thare is stil Cuontrys thay has Not leaglized Gay Marridge in Fact it shuld Be The “only kind” of Marridge that are alowed! but i gess Wee wil has to weit for Pressadint Obamma wen he’s Pressadint of the Worled and then Not have Gay Marridge “it” wil be Aginst The Law!!!

Wel alll that demmastraitin It made “me” hongry so i has got to fined Some sox to has for lunch! Becose To Morrow we has got a Even biggger demmastracion for Univercial Free Helath Care and aslo Univercial Free Tution at Collidge for as Long “as yiu” kneed to Stay thare and aslo Free Univercial Food! And iff we has Time “we” wil aslo demmastrait For “it” be Aginst The Law to say Any thing Bad abote Sceince!!!

Cats and Joie de Vivre

Can anyone doubt that cats, and other animals, have a capacity for joy? Maybe there’s a special trick to it. Maybe if we humans tried rolling around on the floor, or worming upside-down along the living room rug, we would make some discoveries that would do us good. Launching oneself off the wall seems to work pretty well, too.

A Hideous Torture

It’s 5 a.m. and you’re asleep. Well, you were asleep–until your cat decided that was enough sleep for you. And what cruel and ingenious, but very simple, method has he concocted, to force you out of bed? Is there no limit to the torments a feline mind can conceive?

Oh, yes, they have minds, all right. Never, never doubt it.

Cat Trains Humans

This video never quite gets to where it wants to go, but it’s still a rather sweet ride. Watch the cat train the humans to play with him in the snow whenever he wants. Their reward is a lot of affection! Man, the only way I could ever get either Peep or Robbie to sleep in my lap would be if I had a lapful of scallops… which would be a bit messy.

Can You Read Cats’ Minds?

It’s obvious, isn’t it, that cats have minds? But their minds don’t work like ours, and the tantalizing thing about it is that we can never get inside a cat’s mind and understand it. Our cats live in a world fashioned by alien beings–and have come to terms with it. Could we do as much?

(I dunno–tried going to a Democrat convention lately?)

Bonus Video: ‘Green Grow the Lilacs’

This old Irish folk song, Green Grow the Lilacs, here in its Civil War version sung by Ed McCurdy, was in my head this evening. I looked for it on youtube and there it was. I thought some of you might enjoy it, so here it is.

A Few Zany Dogs

Having trouble getting your cat into the carrier for his trip to the vet? Let your puppy do it!

Then there are some dogs who are not quite so clever as that.

But you’ve got to admit they’re fun!

Grilled Eels: Simple but Delicious

Image result for images of little backyard hibachi

I guess it’s time we gave God thanks for filling the world with delicious food and creating us with the capacity to enjoy it.

Today, among the very few edibles I have successfully prepared, I’d like to talk about eels–freshly caught, and grilled on your own little hibachi on your back porch.

First you have to catch them. The best way to go about catching eels is to let it be widely known that you are fishing for flounder. You’re bound to attract eels. And now I will skip over the fun of getting an eel off your hook, and on to the matter of cleaning it. For this you will need:




Sharp Knife

Cleaning the eel is the hard part. They are, after all, extremely slippery. So what you do is, you nail the eel’s head to a tree, make a starter cut through the skin, and then use the pliers to peel off the whole skin in one deft movement. You’ll be amazed by how easy it is, if you do it right. And then it’s a simple matter to remove the internal organs. The rest of the recipe follows:

1 eel (more, if the eels are small, or if there are more than the two of you for dinner)

Hibachi with coals.

Aluminum foil.

Pats of butter as needed.

Cut the eel into servings. What we’re going to do is cause the zillion little rib bones to melt away without a trace. Wrap each piece, with a pat of butter, in foil and place on the hibachi.

Grill slowly for about 30 minutes. The foil will protect the eel from burning, but you do want to melt those rib bones.

And that’s pretty much all there is to it! You won’t believe how tasty those eel sections are, especially with a drop or two of lemon or lime juice, and a pinch of parsley. Don’t use a lot of extras, because grilled eel has a delicate flavor and the meat is very tender.

And now my mouth is watering!

Cats & the Art of Sleep

My turtle would sometimes fall asleep in a posture that made me fear he’d died. But cats are much more flexible, and have turned sleep into an art form. Here you will see several creative ways to fall asleep. You never know what might come in handy someday.

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