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Kittens in Paper Bag Wonderland

The woman who made this video must really love her kittens (well, that’s what they’re for, isn’t it?)–that, or she’s one of the world’s worst housekeepers. Such an abundance of paper bags! Cats are sure humans don’t know what they’re missing…

What a Picture!

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[Offstage: Remember! This is for Tuesday. Not today!]

G’day! Byron the Quokka here; and if I did this right, then this is Tuesday and Lee’s at the vet’s with Peep the Cat and I’m in charge again!

That last faux pas was not my fault. Someone distracted me. I won’t say who. Somebody who got bitten for doing it!

Now–check this out! Our friend “Unknowable” snapped this picture of a bobcat right from his window.


Crikey! Here on Rottnest Island, we voted unanimously not to have bobcats. You know how our island got its name? Some Dutch sailors who’d been at sea for way too long thought us quokkas were… rats! Betcha they were the same sailors who thought manatees were beautiful mermaids. Anyhow, we don’t trust bobcats not to make the same mistake those sailors made.

Now I’m Not Here

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I have to take Peep to the vet this morning, my wife has a whole list of things she wants checked.

I’ve been experiencing below-average viewer numbers lately, which makes me wonder if I’ve done something wrong–so I’m leaving Byron the Quokka in charge. He says he can get those numbers up. I’m sure he’s eager to impress me. We’ll see if he can make it happen.

“Have fun!” he says.

There are some cats who would not be amused.

The Dog & Parakeet Show

There are humans stationed nearby to prevent mayhem. But really, how hard would it be for the dog to chomp down on the parakeet before anyone could prevent it? And why does the parakeet appear to be completely unconcerned for anything like that to happen?

Have hours of fun trying to get inside animals’ heads and understand their interactions. So much more complicated than you’d think!

Camp Bah-Lo-Nee

Ready for a little politics? Hey! Don’t throw stuff at me! Byron, help!

[Enter the quokka]

See the source image

G’day, everybody! Byron the Quokka here, and please don’t throw any more stuff. We’ve gotta cover politics sometimes.

This is why some of us quokkas are getting together to set up Camp Bah-Lo-Nee, for people who want to read about politics all the time. Here they can talk about it to their hearts’ content without disturbing anybody else.

Now that I’m an assistant blogger here, many people (and some quokkas, too) come to me for explanations of what’s going on in America’s politics this year. When that happens, I pretend to faint. But soon I’ll be able to recommend a visit to Camp Bah-Lo-Nee.

There they can help decorate the Russian Collusion Tree. There will also be games of Schiffball, in which everybody loses.

Campers’ fees will help us buy quokka-sized bicycles. But the camp isn’t ready yet, so don’t go looking for it because it’s out there in the middle of the Outback and you don’t want to get lost on the way.

More Funny Bunnies

Little white bunny chasing big black cat–is that the way it’s supposed to work?

But oh–! Baby bunnies! So cute, they leave you speechless. See? Look how clumsily I’m saying this!

Urgent! Historical Note!

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Research by Ms. Violet Crepuscular reveals that Lord Jeremy Coldsore’s great-great-grandnephew, once removed, is now permanently removed.

In fact, this descendant of the Scurveyshire nobility, Mr. Genghis MacShoy, was the last person in Britain executed by a circular firing squad, in 1957–having been found guilty of posing as the Prince of Wales and trying to sell off royal property.

As usual, several members of the firing squad were seriously wounded. This led to the abolition of this particular means of execution.

“That never used to happen when they did it with crossbows,” mused the deer queen.

Coldsore Hall’s New Roof

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Invoking a little-known law enacted in the year 636 by the Saxon warlord Bobby the Nit, Lord Jeremy Coldsore has drafted Professor Saltinus Facehead’s Egyptian diggers to put a new roof on Coldsore Hall. So begins Chapter CCCXLVI of Violet Crepuscular’s epic romance, Oy, Rodney.

Constable Chumley explains the law to Prof. Facehead.

“In yon fillid wi’ King Bobby,” he says, “we fraith the bowyers aw’ mickle groith.” The professor nods sagely, although the constable’s quaint rural dialect eludes his best efforts to understand what has been said. He replies in archaic Portuguese. It is the constable’s turn to nod sagely.

Although the diggers speak no English, and their Arabic is not that hot, either, they throw themselves enthusiastically into their work and in a mere two days, Coldsore Hall has a new roof. The entire population of Scurveyshire assembles to admire it.

See the source image

“It’s a miracle!” gushes Lady Margo Cargo. “I wish they’d do my roof like that!”

But when a moderate breeze springs up, the new roof seems to take wing and fly off toward the sunset. It will take some doing to get it back.

Here Ms. Crepuscular breaks in to report on the status of her Pulitzer Prize nomination, filed by her excitable neighbor, Mr. Pitfall.

“I am afraid Mr. Pitfall made an error and submitted the nomination to something called the Patzer Prize Committee,” she writes. “This group hands out prizes for poorly-played chess games. I cannot explain why they have decided to award a special prize to my epic romance, Oy, Rodney.”

The prize awarded is a rusty wheelbarrow. “I’ll have to find space for it on my mantle, somehow,” Ms. Crepuscular says. “It’s going to change the whole look of my living room. Given Mr. Pitfall’s current state of excitement, I dare do nothing else.”

Here the chapter breaks off for want, she admits, of inspiration.

Cats vs. Butterflies (a little taste of spring)

Even for cats, butterflies are hard to catch. And some of these butterflies seem determined to go about their business whether the cat likes it or not.

I admit I’m pining away for some snow, we haven’t gotten any to speak of; but who can resist butterflies? And kittens?

Funny Animal Friendships

We love to watch animals playing together, don’t we? Some of the combinations in this video, you never would’ve thought of. Bear and tiger rubbing faces–not something you see every day. I guess the closest I’ve come to seeing this in real life was my iguana napping on the bed, cuddled up with his two friends–the schnauzer and the big black cat.

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