Memory Lane: Pet Crickets

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This memory came back to me today, with a certain poignancy.

I reached a point where I couldn’t feed live crickets to my turtle anymore (softy!)–so I kept them. Easy-maintenance pets: a couple of hiding places, a little water dish, some nice wheat germ for their food, and there you are.

I remember vividly one New Year’s morning, heavy snow falling, already pretty deep, cold as could be–and in my living room, a bunch of aging crickets merrily chirping away. Not a sound you often hear during a snowstorm.

I had to stop with the crickets, though, once they became too big a temptation to our cats.

6 comments on “Memory Lane: Pet Crickets

  1. Our dad went to Japan on a business trip, and brought home a fancy bamboo cricket cage as a souvenir. We hurried out and caught some crickets and deposited them in their new home. Turns out, Japanese crickets must be larger than the Wisconsin kind. In the morning, our pets were gone, but we heard them singing every night for weeks in odd corners of the house!

  2. Yes, the little badger was a fun critter. When she saw me coming, she would jump up and down like an excited first grader.

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