Memory Lane: ‘Let’s Go for a Ride!’

Peaceful Country Roads Stock Photo 1176477265 | Shutterstock

We used to have a lot of places that looked like this–right around here, where I’ve always lived. All paved over now.

When I was a boy, sometimes on a Sunday, my mother and father would decide “Let’s go for a ride!” We went nowhere in particular. We had these areas that people called “the country” (not there anymore, all paved over). It was very relaxing to be there. Or we could go to Perth Amboy and see the ships docked in the harbor.

My wife and I decided to go up to High Point, one day some years ago, because we’d never been there. Once we got there, it was positively gorgeous. You could see for miles and miles. But getting there–!

It’s hard to decide which is worse: a traffic jam that hardly moves at all, and drives you crazy, or drivers who are already crazy and are determined to show it.

Well, at least I know what nice places are supposed to look like; and no one can pave over my memories. Honest, it was beautiful around here. Once upon a time.