Reading Fare for Teens – Christians vs. Witchcraft, Dystopian Death Games, & Vampires

Stories about girls vomiting themselves to death and dystopian death games entertain the youth of the present day. Kevin Swanson takes a brief journey into popular teen reading fare, and discusses a Christian view of fiction with Christian author, Lee Duigon.

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4 comments on “Reading Fare for Teens – Christians vs. Witchcraft, Dystopian Death Games, & Vampires

  1. Hey, I liked the interview! Nice job 🙂 I’d heard of The Hunger Games, but I didn’t realize that they were bad books; actually, I had thought about reading them some day. Not anymore, though.

    1. There’s all sorts of bad stuff out there, I’m afraid. Guess people will just have to read my books! But I think there are actually more constructive and edifying fantasies–and even more Christian-oriented fantasies–available than there used to be.
      Thanks for complimenting me on the interview. Whenever I hear my own voice on the radio, I cringe.

    2. One day, when I have money to spend a bit more freely, I’ll be sure to read your books. They look (and sound) interesting!
      And I know exactly what you mean about the voice thing. Whenever I hear my voice recorded, it sounds much too deep, but everyone always tells me it is exactly how I sound. So, I just try not to listen to things that have my voice on them 😛

    3. My friends try to comfort me by telling me “You don’t really sound like that.” To me, my radio voice sounds like Tim McCarver imitating Willie McCovey (you may be too young to grasp the awfulness of that allusion). But my friends who are Southerners give me points for not talking as fast as other Yankees.

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