Special Treat: Bob and Ray, ‘The Largest Living Lizard’

Hey, let’s have a laugh!

Bob and Ray performed “The Largest Living Lizard” back in 1984 and it’s still hilarious today.

Komodo dragons are awesome carnivores which are now kept in major zoos throughout the country… where they almost never attack anyone.

My Interview Is… Here?

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Last week I did an interview with Paul Engel (“America Out Loud”), which he posted yesterday, and which you can now listen to if you’re better at navigating websites tfhan I am. The interview’s in here somewhere.


The show is almost an hour long, and I don’t come on until the last 20 minutes or so. The show (podcast? I don’t know) may be accessed immediately under the big picture of letter cubes.

If you manage to hear the interview, you will agree that I have a voice ideal for semaphore. (This might just slip by with no one hearing it at all.)

I’ve Done My Interview

The Constitution Study

Well, I’ve done my talk radio interview (if you want to call it “radio” when actually it’s on your computer, not your radio), and I expect to be able to post it next week. It’s scheduled to appear on Monday at 4 p.m. EST.

It’s been some years since I’ve done this last, and I couldn’t help feeling out of practice–we don’t rehearse these things, y’know. Along with host Paul Engel, I discussed the growth of government at the expense of liberty, globalist hijinks, our desperately wretched public education system, and the observable fact that people all over the world are getting fed up with their governments. And how nice it would be if somebody in D.C. would occasionally abide by the Constitution.

I have no idea how all this will sound when you hear it. Maybe better than I fear.

I think I need a glass of tea.

I’m Gonna Be on the Air!

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I’ve been invited to an interview by Paul Engle on his talk radio show, Constitution Study, to discuss my last week’s Newswithviews column, “Big Government, Small Liberty.” We’re going to get together Wednesday afternoon. It’ll be a prerecorded interview, so I’ll have to wait to find out when it airs.

It’s been quite a while since I was on the air. Years, in fact. I hope my voice sounds less like Frank Purdue’s chicken commercials than it used to. Why can’t I sound like Richard Burton?

Meanwhile, here’s last week’s column posted so you don’t have to search for it if you want to read it.

Big Government, Small Liberty

It’s nice to know that something I wrote struck a chord out there, somewhere.

The Crazy Thinking Behind Our Crazy Public Schools

Arne Duncan's new book How Schools Work: An Inside Account

It was nice of him to answer my question–but his ideas were truly out to lunch.

Back in 2010 I interviewed America’s Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan. He shared with me his vision of year-round school, 14 hours a day… and virtually a total ownership of the people by the government.


“Community centers that address the needs of children…” What kind of needs would those be?

A Washington Post columnist gushed over the benefits to her children of their year-round school: “My second-grade daughter… made potions in her Harry Potter class.” Did they work?

Too many Christians totally don’t appreciate just how crazy public “educators” are. I’m talking howling-at-the-moon crazy.

Homeschool, Christian school… while you still can!

America is “educating” herself to death.

‘Not-So-Fond Memory: The Flatline Church’ (2017)

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Churchmen who don’t believe in the Bible–honk if you think that’s a good idea.

Not-so-Fond Memory: The Flatline Church

That interview took place almost 20 years ago, and I wonder how much worse it’s gotten since then.

But the Bible is God’s word, we don’t have to listen to any little pipsqueaks who, for some inscrutable reason, made the church their career in spite of their unbelief. You’d they they’d be honest enough to give it up and go into used car sales or something.

‘Is Satire Unbiblical?’

The Babylon Bee on Twitter: "Don't know how to report on things now that  Biden is president? Check our handy guide for journalists:… "

I’ve just listened to an “Out of the Question” discussion by Andrea Schwartz and Charles Roberts, on the Chalcedon website:


It’s some 43 minutes long, but well worthwhile. And the short answer to the question, “Is Satire Unbiblical?”, is… no. In fact, it’s found throughout the Bible. Elijah and St. Paul used it very effectively.

What are the purposes of satire? It exposes evils that need to be seen as evils. It exposes foolishness that needs to be seen as foolishness. And it questions false authority that needs to be questioned. All of this is usually done in a humorous style, hopefully to make us laugh at the pretensions of the wicked and the foolish.

Throughout history, God’s enemies have presented themselves as wiser than God’s people, much smarter, worthy of our respect, people we should emulate–and obey. Because usually they’re trying to acquire power over others: it’s in their DNA.

So it really bugs them if we can show that, contrary to their claims for themselves, they are not wise but foolish, deserving of our laughter, sorry examples for anyone to emulate, and certainly unworthy of obedience. In exposing evil as evil, we do good. Satire can be used in God’s service to unmask lies and make them distasteful to us–because who wants to believe in something that’s demonstrably ridiculous?

We do a bit of satire on this blog. Every Friday Joe Collidge reveals himself to be an ass and his intellectual aspirations to be asinine. Let’s face it–a huge portion of what they, um, “teach” in our colleges is only so much garbage, much of it toxic. It deserves to be exposed. It deserves to be laughed at.

Once upon a time in Wales, bards would direct satires at kings and nobles who had done something or other that was unworthy of their high positions. As if being laughed at by their subjects wasn’t deterrent enough, it was also widely believed that a really biting satire would raise boils on the target’s face. An exaggeration, of course–but the business at hand was accountability. It was hard to get away with being a bad feudal lord if everyone was mocking you.

Satire can be a tool for goodness and truth. If it was good enough for Elijah and Paul, it’s good enough for us.

Talkin’ My Books (with Jon Dykstra)

The Last Banquet (Bell Mountain, #4) by Lee Duigon

Jon Dykstra, of Reformed Perspective, did a wonderful job of interweaving some of my blog posts and some of my answers to his questions into a seamless, easy-flowing article. It first appeared in 2017.

After Lewis and Tolkien

I’ve also been asked why I bother writing fantasy while America is being eaten alive by Democrats; but that question doesn’t come up in this article. I’ll have to answer that another time.

For now, Mr. Dykstra’s editorial skills still have me going “Wow!”

I hope he makes you want to read my books.


‘What Do You Think? (Or Do You Just Not Think At All?)’ (2013)

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Soon enough, I guess, thinking itself will be forbidden. You’ll have to state that you believe in Climbit Change. Because it’s part of the way communists control people, making them say things they know to be untrue.

What Do You Think? (Or Do You Just Not Think At All?)

Our country is now about to enter a dark tunnel with no guarantee of ever coming back out into the light. In the most shameful moment of our history, we have surrendered to a massive fraud whose perpetrators, our nation’s home-grown enemies, intend to murder our republic.

If God does not rescue us, we shall have no rescue.

‘”White Privilege Tax”: Are Liberals Retarded?’ (2015)

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Five years ago–God help us, this nonsense has been going on for five yearsand we haven’t stopped it?–Mr. Dice went out with his videocam and microphone to record babbling idiocy by liberals.

‘White Privilege Tax’: Are Liberals Retarded?

If nothing else, this testifies to the sheer toxicity of our public education system. Or, as one schoolboy put it to me once, “My teacher says that communism has a lot of good ideas!”

Is it a “privilege” to be blamed for everything? To be expected to pay for everything?

But liberals have always been very, very good at using “Divide and Rule.”