OK, I Did It!

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(No wonder she’s so tired… Please tell us she didn’t lay those eggs.)

Well, I’ve done the interview with Delmer Eldred, he’s invited me back in January so I must’ve done all right–and now I’m really tired, I think I want a cigar.

You wouldn’t think being interviewed was hard work, but sometimes it is… especially when you’re really trying hard to reach the audience. And it’s been years since I’ve done this.

After he edits the tape, Mr. Eldred will send me a link to the show so I can post it here and you can all listen to it. It’ll be on both AM and FM radio out in Washington State. I wonder if my voice sounds any better than it did.

For the time being, I need some rest and then we’re going to visit our town’s Halloween decorations. And at least one more blog post after that.

One Interview, Coming Up

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Ed Begley Sr. recalled a time one night when he was on Broadway, performing in Inherit the Wind, and when he went to deliver his lines, “I opened my mouth and nothing came out but garbage!”

Out of practice for several years, I’ll be doing an interview this morning and I hope it turns out well. I have one advantage over Mr. Begley: this won’t be live radio. Mistakes can be edited out.

Now I’ve got half an hour to bone up on the subject that the host wants to discuss–my recent writings on government’s insatiable desire for more and more power over us. The tactics are different from what they were in 50 B.C., but the objective is always the same.

So pour a cup of tea and get to work! Hurry up, you’ve only got a half-hour to get ready…

I’m Going to Be on the Air

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I just can’t get off the launching pad today–maybe because it’s raining again, as it rained all weekend. I could go back to bed.

But I’ve got to sharpen up! A broadcaster in Wisconsin wants me to be a guest on his show: he liked my NWV column last week (“Government: The Problem, Not the Solution”), and it sounds like he wants to let me rock and roll.

Gee, it’s been a few years since I was on the air. I hope I don’t start babbling.

Well, let me see if a cigar can perk me up. I’m pretty sure the nooze won’t.

‘What Does Modern Baal Worship Look Like?’

The Return Of The Baal Worship: Its Already Started But People Don't See it  - YouTube

The short answer: It looks a lot like the Baal worship described and condemned in the Old Testament. And that should worry us a lot more than it does.

Mark Rushdoony and Andrea Schwartz discuss this at some length (https://chalcedon.edu/resources/audio/what-does-modern-baal-worship-look-like-ep-257-guest-mark-rushdoony). Okay, it’s 51 minutes. But the message is important, and you can always listen to it in increments.

The Jews in the time of Jeremiah (they never listened to him!) had no idea how close they were to incurring God’s wrath… although various prophets had given, and continued to give, fair warning. They thought Jerusalem would never fall.

The didn’t abandon God, Mark explains. No: their sin lay in “demoting Jehovah to one of many gods” (How inclusive!) and settling for the belief that “God’s going to protect us because we’re not all that bad–other people are worse.”

The question arises: “Why should God bless America?”

None of this is as simple as you might have thought. You might find the podcast highly enlightening.

Mark Rushdoony: ‘Investing in the Kingdom’

Mark Rushdoony on Charity & Welfare

“Lights out” for humanism: Mark Rushdoony

This is a rather long interview, but the message is important and just about sure to answer some questions that you’ve had.


We see the ungodly running wild, chewing up churches and spitting them out–and yet the church continues… and grows. History ebbs and flows, “and yet the Kingdom of God has grown.”

We don’t make the Kingdom grow; God does. Our calling is, above all, to be faithful: to walk in God’s word as best we can at home, at work, in everyday life.

Go back to St. Paul’s time. Who in his right mind would have wagered a widow’s mite that Paul’s church would still be growing two thousand years later… but Rome would not?

We didn’t make that happen. God did.

‘Here’s the Webinar! “Thoughts on Being a Writer”‘ (2016)

Bell Mountain Series

This was the first time I was interviewed by persons who had actually read my books, and I enjoyed it. Andrea Schwartz was the host.

Here’s the Webinar! ‘Thoughts on Being a Writer’

All my life, I wanted to be a storyteller. Getting together with Bobby and Ellen across the street, the three of us making up ghost and monster stories in their appropriately atmospheric cellar… I was ten years old.

Special Treat: Bob and Ray, ‘The Largest Living Lizard’

Hey, let’s have a laugh!

Bob and Ray performed “The Largest Living Lizard” back in 1984 and it’s still hilarious today.

Komodo dragons are awesome carnivores which are now kept in major zoos throughout the country… where they almost never attack anyone.

My Interview Is… Here?

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Last week I did an interview with Paul Engel (“America Out Loud”), which he posted yesterday, and which you can now listen to if you’re better at navigating websites tfhan I am. The interview’s in here somewhere.


The show is almost an hour long, and I don’t come on until the last 20 minutes or so. The show (podcast? I don’t know) may be accessed immediately under the big picture of letter cubes.

If you manage to hear the interview, you will agree that I have a voice ideal for semaphore. (This might just slip by with no one hearing it at all.)

I’ve Done My Interview

The Constitution Study

Well, I’ve done my talk radio interview (if you want to call it “radio” when actually it’s on your computer, not your radio), and I expect to be able to post it next week. It’s scheduled to appear on Monday at 4 p.m. EST.

It’s been some years since I’ve done this last, and I couldn’t help feeling out of practice–we don’t rehearse these things, y’know. Along with host Paul Engel, I discussed the growth of government at the expense of liberty, globalist hijinks, our desperately wretched public education system, and the observable fact that people all over the world are getting fed up with their governments. And how nice it would be if somebody in D.C. would occasionally abide by the Constitution.

I have no idea how all this will sound when you hear it. Maybe better than I fear.

I think I need a glass of tea.

I’m Gonna Be on the Air!

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I’ve been invited to an interview by Paul Engle on his talk radio show, Constitution Study, to discuss my last week’s Newswithviews column, “Big Government, Small Liberty.” We’re going to get together Wednesday afternoon. It’ll be a prerecorded interview, so I’ll have to wait to find out when it airs.

It’s been quite a while since I was on the air. Years, in fact. I hope my voice sounds less like Frank Purdue’s chicken commercials than it used to. Why can’t I sound like Richard Burton?

Meanwhile, here’s last week’s column posted so you don’t have to search for it if you want to read it.

Big Government, Small Liberty

It’s nice to know that something I wrote struck a chord out there, somewhere.