My Spam

I have a lot to learn about blogging. For instance, I just checked to see what WordPress could possibly mean by setting aside some of the comments as “Spam.”

Would you believe it? They’re commercials–lousy commercials! Not only that: they are also attempts to use my blog space for advertising, without paying for it. This is a new form of parasitism.

There was also an oddball in the bunch: a one-line message that said, simply, “I think I’m pregnant.” What’s that going to turn out to be an ad for? I don’t think I want to know.

Oh, I know, it’s a little thing, a trivial annoyance. But we are getting awfully slipshod about our ethics lately, aren’t we? A more casual approach to “Thou shalt not steal” can hardly be imagined.

One comment on “My Spam”

  1. Nothing new under the sun! Just go back a few thousand years and you’ll see what I mean-no consciiousness of right ‘n’ wrong. What’s right today will be….; what’s wrong tomorrow will be….-who knows what. I just heard an interesting statement today: It’s the smallest things that do the most damage!” Parasites are most often the smallest things around but look out!

    I know. Last summer I was stung by a creature one thousandsth the sie I am. Oh, the suffering. Watch out for wasps.

    They and their kin are everywhere!

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