Blasphemy Night at St. George’s Church

February 16, 2012 –

Anglicans in Canada must have been jealous of Presbyterians in the USA prancing around in animal costumes and calling it a worship service. They pondered and pondered, and finally up with something worse.

The other night at St. George’s Anglican Church in St. Catherines, Ontario, a band of giggling pagan priestesses staged The Vagina Monologues (admission, $20): and they performed it at the altar.

For those unfamiliar with it, The Vagina Monologues has been floating around since 1996, to the delight of freaks and feminists throughout the Western world. I admit that I have never seen the show, nor do I plan to see it, ever. But there are many descriptions of it on the Internet, and they all tally.

What’s it about? Let this brief (but even so, too long) comment from a performer suffice:

“My monologue is THE WOMAN WHO LIKED TO MAKE VAGINAS HAPPY… yes… the moaning one. This monologue is about a woman who was a sex worker [feminist for “prostitute”], but only did sex work with women. It was her mission to help women find their inner power and strength, and it has been a real treat to delve into the life and world of this woman.” [Link]

That is just a sample of what these silly women propose to present from the altar of their church. The play also features a lot of blather about lesbian rape as a “healing experience,” orgasms, tons of profanity, and so on. The local newspaper interviewed these persons, who stopped giggling just long enough to drop this pearl of wisdom: “It’s about social justice.” (See this link )

We live in a time when everything that is good, true, wholesome, right, or holy is under attack, day and night, every day: by our academics and our schools and universities; by our media and our so-called “entertainers”; by our courts and politicians; and by pagans who have seized control of Christian churches and perverted them. They have carried their abominations to the altar, and placed them there as offerings to Baal.

What is “social justice”? Does it cover this multitude of sins? Is it true that, as long as you’re against rape (the heterosexual kind) and for “women’s rights,” however these may be defined, you can stand at the altar and spew four-letter words? Do you acquire a license to evangelize for sodomy and fornication?

In the alchemy of social justice, real and serious violence against women, such as rape and genital mutilation, gets all wrapped up in celebrating lesbianism, railing against men, and sanctifying lethal violence against babies in the womb. Somehow “Christianity” is transmuted into the forcible redistribution of wealth by an all-powerful central government.

Our Lord said the gates of hell would not prevail against His Church; but churches like St. George’s Anglican have opened the gates of hell with their own hands. They’re not the only ones. You don’t have to look far to find a church where God’s laws are mocked and blasphemy is the order of the day. There are ordained Christian clergy who fiddle around with auras, chakras, and past lives: who declare that sexual sin is virtue and a “gift of God,” thus trying to force God to testify against Himself.

Shun them.

What’s next for St. George’s Anglican? Now that they’ve started down this road, where will they stop? Or does “social justice” cover everything, so that there is no need to stop? As long as you donate the money to a worthy cause (as defined by the priestesses themselves), it doesn’t matter how you got it—an anti-Biblical doctrine, but who at St. George’s cares about that?

Reciting The Vagina Monologues from the altar is on a par with Belshazzar and his concubines drinking out of the vessels from the Temple of the Lord, looted from Jerusalem. Such people display no fear of God at all.

And it’s getting so you can’t even make fun of them! How in the world are we to satirize Feminist Theology, whose adherents advocate replacing the Cross with the image of a lactating breast? Or that Evangelical Lutheran Church in San Francisco, where they pass out little idols and hold goddess-worship workshops? Or the over-the-hill blonde in the pink body-stocking, pirouetting up and down the aisles at a PCUSA “worship service” while someone in the background shakes a pair of rattles and dolorously, interminably, drones on about the boons of social justice?

By any reasonable standard, these churches have given up on being churches. They still call themselves churches, in much the same way a shapeless puddle of molten wax can call itself a candle.

The real Church endures—the holy catholic fellowship of God’s people.

Let us place ourselves entirely under Christ’s protection. It looks like it’s going to be a rough ride from here on out.

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  1. It is unbelievable. We knew the worst was coming, but I doubt that
    many of us would have thought it would take this direction. We
    should not be surprised at anything from here on out.

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