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Socialism: Not for Christians

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You hear a lot lately about socialism being “real Christianity” and socialists being “real Christians”… because sharing is caring, and it doesn’t matter if it’s not your stuff to share, in fact that makes it so much better–!

Let’s knock that down in four words, shall we?

Thou shalt not steal. (Exodus 20:15) It is No. 8 of the Ten Commandments, handed down from the mountain by God Himself and binding on all God’s people, Jews and Christians first, but also everybody else regardless of their belief or non-belief.

“Thou shalt not steal” proves that God recognizes private property rights (not that this is the only place in the Bible where He does so). It’s not possible to steal unless what you’re stealing belongs to someone else.

Now according to Crazy Bernie Sanders, and he should know, under socialism, the government owns all goods and services, all property, and all profit derived therefrom; and then distributes it (heh-heh) “fairly” among the people. And according to a famous Democrat ad campaign, “Government is the only thing we all belong to.” That cannot mean that we are all members of the government, because obviously we’re not. It can only mean that we all belong to the government: the government claims ownership of us.

Hence it’s not even possible to steal from the government, because none of us owns anything, we don’t even own ourselves, and even if we lift a tool from our next-door neighbor’s shed–and it’s not really his shed, but the government’s, and not really his bicycle pump, but the government’s–it hasn’t really changed hands, hasn’t really been stolen, because it still belongs to the government.

If that sounds kind of asinine, it’s only because it really is asinine.

Again, simply, if there is no private property, then there’s no need for a law against stealing because stealing is impossible.

I see you socialists gawping at me as if I had tulips growing out of my scalp. I’m sorry if reasoning is not your thing.

For the government to grab somebody’s stuff that he worked for, and give it to somebody else–minus the big chunk of it that sticks to the government’s fingers–so that that somebody else will vote for the Party and keep the free stuff coming–that is immoral. That is theft by proxy. We don’t have the guts to rob our neighbors, so we let the really big crooks on Capitol Hill do it for us.

It wasn’t always this way in America.

Socialism is not “real Christianity,” but rather false charity.

We need to go back to the way we were before we polluted ourselves with socialism.

My Newswithviews Column, Feb. 7 (Let’s Go Doctoring!’)

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Three real-life incidents show there are problems with our health care system that no amount of government intervention can correct. The big problem with it is that doctors are human.

I should have added that my eye doctor said recently, “I used to enjoy my work, I felt I was really helping people. But all these new requirements, the paperwork, the insane amount of record-keeping–they’ve just taken all the fun out of it.”

Government–the less of it, the better.

A Review of ‘Scientific Mythologies: How Science and Science Fiction Forge New Religious Beliefs’ (2015)

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Not really real, folks

I reviewed James A Herrick’s book for Chalcedon in 2015. The review is a little long, but I think you’ll find it worth reading.

I am always dumbfounded by how many stupid smart people there are, calling the shots in this fallen world, and by just how stupid they are. Really–is our “science” even real science anymore? We put men on the moon when our scientists used slide rules and a single computer filled a whole room. Now we can’t.

Herrick provides enough proof to choke a horse that in our popular culture, “science” and science fiction have merged into a hash of wishful thinking, unbridled speculation, and pure, unadulterated poppycock.

View it with extreme caution.

‘Science, Science Fiction, and Beliefs That Trash Our Culture’ (2015)

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“When I think back on all the crap I learned in high school, it’s a wonder I can think at all”  –Paul Simon

Well, Paul, I’ve got news for you: the crap doesn’t stop when you leave high school, and most of us don’t stop “learning” it. And science and its joined-at-the-hip twin, science fiction, are among the chief purveyors of culture-killing horses***.

Would it surprise you to hear that a lot of people can’t tell the difference anymore between science and science fiction? Some are not even aware that there is a difference.

Culture-killing, and stuffing people’s minds with made-up piffle that they wind up thinking is true, are serious matters indeed. I think I’d better post the review I wrote for Chalcedon, going into this subject in more depth.

And speaking of science fiction… Today’s temperature is a balmy Globble Warming 4 degrees!

My Newswithviews Column, Jan. 31 (‘Whose Fault is Toxic “Entertainment”?’)

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If this column reminds you of a recent blog post, you get an A for paying attention. But culture-killing is a major issue and needs to be addressed as firmly as we can.

Really, the garbage that gets thrust at us as “entertainment” ought to make us ashamed of ourselves–for not sweeping it out the door.

My Newswithviews Column, Jan. 24 (Their headline, not mine) (Mine was ‘They Take God’s Name in Vain’)

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Taking God’s name in vain is a serious sin, but libs don’t know that, so they do it all the time.

To me it scarcely seems possible that anyone could honestly believe Bruce Gender is a woman, or that God smiles on abortion–not unless they were psychotic, and there just can’t be that many psychotics.

But then there’s a lot about this era of history that might strike you as psychotic.

My Interview with David Limbaugh

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“If we don’t keep fighting the culture war, we can expect the demise of our values in America.”

David Limbaugh said this in 2005, when I interviewed him for Chalcedon.

This week, with a Republican minority reduced to impotence, the New York State Legislature, overwhelmingly Democrat, voted to allow abortions up to the moment of birth. They’d been pushing this for a decade. Until now, Republican opposition had always been enough to defeat the measure.

Unlike so many other “conservatives” whose positions make me wonder what they think they’re “conserving,” David Limbaugh’s conservatism is firmly and deeply rooted in his Christianity. In the 13 years since this interview, he hasn’t changed. I like him for that!

‘A Few Simple Truths’ (2015)

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Now I’m wondering, how can I un-see this?

Well, we did do better than Obama, in 2016, and a lot better than Hillary. But for as long as the Democrat Party continues in existence, it will be a breeding ground for preposterous and self-destructive policies, all shored up by “consensus” that suddenly becomes “hate” if it differs from what they demand.

It has just come to me that we’ll know we’ve passed the point of no return, and might as well sit down and write our nation’s epitaph, when “the polls” show a majority of Americans in favor of “free universal college tuition.”

My Newswithviews Column,Jan. 17 (‘Demolishing America’)

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If you voted for any Democrat in the last election, here’s another close-up look at what you voted for. It’s distressing that any of these monsters got elected at all.

They’re certainly not bothering to conceal their true intentions anymore, unless you want to count Elizabeth Warren slurping beer as she imitates a human being.

My Newswithviews Column, Jan. 10 ( ‘A Seer Foretells America’s Future’)

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It’s scary enough just listening to Democrats talk about what they want to do. But what if they actually did it?

“Boy, that’s kind of dark!” my wife said about this column.

But any Democrat can darken any room just by walking into it.

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