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My Newswithviews Column, June 25 (‘What Is God About to Do?’)

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When they’re not making war on unborn babies, liberals make war against the dead.

As mobs of out-of-control idiots tear down our country, we don’t hear a peep out of [trumpet fanfare] The Republican Leadership in Congress, do we? But one could ask questions all day without getting any answers.

What Is God About to Do?

If we don’t take care of this mess that’s being made of our country, God will: one way or another. To Him alone belongs the sovereign ownership of history. He may just decide to discard America as just another stop along the way; or He may decide to save us, in spite of our sins.

Pray hard.

‘Deplatforming the Word of God’

Idol Makers | Paul Louis Metzger

This Chalcedon blog piece by Andrea Schwartz teaches a hard lesson. As much as we deplore current secular censorship of Christianity, we have to recognize that our own stewardship of God’s Word has left a lot to be desired.

How so? By giving up the tithe and resigning our charity to the tender mercies of the pagan state; by refusing to preach God’s word in church and substituting “seeker-sensitive” twaddle for it; by refusing to teach our own children and sending them off to pagan public schools where they can learn to be pagans themselves.

Other than those few little things, we’ve done a fine job.

O Lord our God! Exert your strength on us and bring us to our senses! Deliver us from our folly, from our sin. Not for our sake, for we are sinners: but for your own great name’s sake, so that the whole world may know that you are the Lord, strong to save. Lead us through the door of national repentance; open our eyes that we might see, open our hearts that we might understand. In Jesus’ name and in the power of His name–Amen.

‘Good PR, Bad PR’ (“The Engineering of Consent”)

Edward Bernays, Father of Public Relations and Propaganda

He has a lot to answer for

We see Edward Bernays’ legacy–that is, the theory and practice of public relations–all around us in technicolor, these days. Democrats, the nooze media, Hollywood, and celebrities of all stripes are positively swarming over us, applying every PR trick in the book to win our support for their “fundamental transformation” of America.

Here’s the article I wrote about this for Chalcedon:

One point I didn’t get around to mentioning: Bernays wrote this essay in 1947, after the world had just spent a harrowing six years watching the mischief done with these techniques by the Nazis. What would the essay have looked like if he’d written it in 1937? Think about that.

“Engineering consent” is a tool that can be used just as well for evil purposes as for good. Think of the public relations tsunami that hit us with “transgender.” Think of “Black Lives Matter.”

Come to think of it, it’s a little hard to name any good things accomplished by consent engineers.

‘Politics Without God’

Polybius Stock Photos & Polybius Stock Images - Alamy

Polybius predicted the demise of Rome’s republic.

Something “Unknowable” said the other day got me thinking about this, and I decided it’d be a good time to share an article I wrote about the subject, for Chalcedon, back in 2006–the mindless “political cycle” that fallen humanity gets sucked into when it turns its back on God.

Very simply, here’s the cycle.

Chaos and violence > “strong man” > king or president > tyrant > rebels oust tyrant > aristocracy > oligarchy > people oust oligarchs > democracy > mob rule and chaos >>> and the whole thing repeats itself again and again.

Polybius, a Greek general who lived in Rome as a hostage, praised Rome’s republic as the best effort yet to haul a nation out of the endless political cycle; but as he analyzed Rome with a clear and penetrating eye, he would up predicting that the republic would fail. His prediction came true.

Our own country is in danger of this, especially right now. Our only hope is to place ourselves under God’s protection and obey His word.

‘Why on Earth am I so Hopeful?’

SpaceX Rocket Launch Lights Up The California Sky, Freaks Out Some ...

I’m not that good at optimism, but I recognize the need to inject a note of it into the conversation. So I’m going to let Alicia Colon do it for me, in her essay for The American Thinker:

Ms. Colon is persuaded that “we will come back as a country stronger than ever,” with tighter family bonds and “excellent economic data” to come. “I remain optimistic that we are a better people since the coronavirus hit the globe.” This is not twaddle: some of our neighbors have done really nice things for us lately, and I hope we will always be ready to return the favor.

We do have the riots, just now; but the silver lining to this is that by now even some Democrats realize that this schiff has got to stop and those responsible for it have got to be put out of business. Is it possible that some degree of normalcy might return to the Democrat Party? What good news that would be! We could send our food-tasters home.

Finally, for Ms. Colon, the successful launch and rendezvous with the space station by the privately-financed rocket sent up by Elon Musk–this achievement, she said, brought tears to her eyes. At last, something to cheer about!

O Lord our God! Have pity on our country: lead us through the door of repentance and turn us back to you! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

‘The Long-Term Necessity of Building the Kingdom’

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This is a timely Chalcedon blog piece from Mark Rushdoony. Very timely!

We try to solve the world’s problems with worldly solutions; but we–and our sin–are the source of all the problems. That’s why they can’t be fixed from the outside. As long as we insist on doing things our way instead of God’s, Mark writes, “everything will go wrong.” As it’s been this year, so far.

“Until we build the Kingdom, first of all in ourselves [emphasis added], nothing will go right.”

Something to think about–deeply.

My Newswithviews Column, May 14 (‘When Do We Get Our Freedom Back?’)

Image result for images of lockdown

We should be scared stiff when we contemplate the speed with which governors and mayors and city councils wiped out some of our most basic liberties–to say nothing of how fast we were able to cripple the world’s most prosperous economy.

When Do We Get Our Freedoms Back?

Now we’re in perpetual “lockdown”–originally a prison term. Oh, some of the Red States have begun to inch open again. But Blue States and Democrat-controlled cities–if the big shots have their way, the lockdown will go on and on at least up till Election Day. And they will promise that if we vote for socialist Joe Biden, they’ll let us go back to living our lives.

This must never be allowed to happen again.

And the Democrat Party must be destroyed in this year’s election. Destroyed forever, never to return.

Internal Evidence for the Gospels of Matthew and Mark

From the Christian Apologist blog… Yes, the Bible is a reliable and authoritative source.  –LD

Time to Rumble!

Best Lizard Head Bobbing GIFs | Gfycat

I am bobbing my head, I am girding my loins, to write a 2,000-word article in one sitting.

Difficulty, I wag my head at thee! It can’t possibly be as hard as it was to do a complete and utter rewrite of my horror novel, Schoolhouse, in just two weeks. Actually, very few things are as hard as that.

So I’ll put my head down and come up for air when the job is done.

But first, a cigar.

My Newswithviews Column, May 7 (‘A Few Random Thoughts’)

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I tried something a little different with this week’s Newswithviews column–instead of one main topic, a lot of little ones. Thomas Sowell does it sometimes, and he’s famous.

A Few Random Thoughts

Not that I’m trying to get famous–really, it’s too late for that–but I would like for people to read my books. Meanwhile, those of us who can write, have a duty to write the truth. I realize that makes Democrats hate us, and disqualifies us to teach at any university: but who wants to keep company with leftids, anyway?

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