‘I Am Liberalism’ (Newswithviews, 2019)

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I wasn’t able to write a Newswithviews column this week. But since leftids have stolen our country out from under us and are trying to kill it before we can get it back, I thought this 2019 essay worth revisiting.

I Am Liberalism

Make no mistake about it: theirs is a country-destroying ideology that littered the 20th century with the corpses of the innocent. Leftist governments create poverty, fear, mendacity, crime, and violence.

As we’ll shortly see for ourselves. It’s already happening.

‘Writing Believable Fantasy’ (2017)

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“The writer who can’t look into another person’s heart, and find some kinship with it…” might as well go on to Congress. Or join the nooze media.

So what does it take to write believable fantasy?

Writing Believable Fantasy

I only get to see books that are actually published; and a lot of those are bad enough to dry up a good-sized pond. After many years of studying the matter, I don’t know why that should be. Unless it’s simply that so very few people can actually write a good novel, the supply can never catch up to the demand and a lot of pfud gets published because they don’t have anything better.


R.J. Rushdoony on ‘The Retreatists’

St. Stephen

When R.J. Rushdoony wrote this essay in 1994, we had no “Clergy for Choice” promoting abortion, no unrepenting “gay clergy,” no “re-imagining” conferences of minor league theologians trying to take the Cross out of Christianity. But we do now, and what he wrote in 1994 is only even more starkly true today.


The question he asks, he dares today’s churches to answer: “How will Christ the King treat a church that hands His world over to His enemies?” Ouch.

In Acts Chapter 6, the church in Jerusalem creates and appoints deacons to minister to her members, adding to the church an active agency for helping the poor and needy. In no time at all the establishment turns against the deacons and puts Stephen to death. That’s how important the deacons were. But in our time, in many of the churches, deacons have lost their function–if you can even find any deacons at all.

We as Christians need to reclaim lost ground for Christ’s Kingdom: too much of it has been surrendered.

My Newswithviews Column, April 8 (‘The Next Big Lockdown’)

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People are growing increasingly hysterical over COVID. But COVID’s nothing, nothing at all, compared to Systemic Racism! Ask any scientist.

But here is the solution!

The Next Big Lockdown

Yes–lock down everybody, forever. It’s the only way to be sure nobody has a chance to practice racism.

They might still think racist thoughts or harbor racist feelings, but we’ll have to get to that aspect of the problem later on.

Where there’s a government, there’s a way of suppressing people!

My Newswithviews Column, March 18 (‘Except the Lord Build the House’)

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Ruling the world, one tyranny at a time…

When I was in college I attended a lecture by Bayard Rustin, who said something I’ve never forgotten: “There are a lot of stupid Smart People.”

We’ve raised a bumper crop of them, these days; and they’re out to eat us alive.

Except the Lord Build the House…

Take a good look at these people who want to “transform” our country and control our lives. They are defective. The fact that they’re billionaires only proves that God has a sense of humor. That fact that they’re already so powerful only shows how much we need Him.

As the song says, Protect us by thy might, great God our king.

‘Social Amnesia”

Home - Rushdoony Radio

R.J. Rushdoony wrote about this back in 1992–“social amnesia,” which is “the loss of the past.” Not knowing who we are, how we got here, where we came from: not knowing anything.


But he also wrote about “deliberate amnesia,” which boils down to denying something ever happened, or at least suppressing enough information about it to create a false and tainted memory.

And look at this! It’s 2021, 29 years later–and have we got deliberate amnesia to spare! We’ve raised a bumper crop.

Example (or rather, “Flagrant Example”): How far can you read into a Newsweek article, or listen to a CNN broadcast, before you read or hear something about “unfounded allegations” about the 2020 election being stolen, bald assertions that the charge is “without evidence”–just slipped into any sentence as if it were a well-known fact that no one but a fool would even attempt to dispute.

Gee, if those charges are so unfounded, so without evidence, then why are you guys so desperate to deny us our day in court? Why do you refuse to hear the evidence? Doesn’t sound to me like confidence in the rightness of your cause.

Politicians, nooze media, Hollywood–all playing with our memory. All trying to create amnesia.

And people who lack any knowledge of history are condemned to a kind of perpetual childhood.


‘The Reawakening of Christian Concern’

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Here’s some good news that hasn’t been, hasn’t ever been, shouted from the housetops by our Free & Independent Nooze Media Inc. R.J. Rushdoony reported on it back in 1994, and it has only grown since then: the movement to set up home churches and Bible study groups.


Since Rushdoony wrote this, we’ve acquired an Internet, social media, and blogs–like this one, for instance: places in cyberspace where Christians can gather to worship God, study His word together, and seek to know Him better.

We’ve also acquired more enemies, censorship, soft-core persecution (they aren’t throwing us to the lions in the arena yet), and a hysterical Far Left that would like nothing better than to stamp us out.

And yet we grow!

God has not forgotten us, He has not abandoned us–and He will hear our prayers.


First the Sham, and Now the Shame

Overcoming the Paralysis of Toxic Shame | Psychology Today

You may want to go back and re-read this post, “A Glimpse of Total Moral Chaos.”

A Glimpse of Total Moral Chaos

First we have the sham–this intensely disturbed man who calls himself “Rachel” and insists he is a woman–and then the shame: the state of Pennsylvania appoints this wacko to be their top public health official. And the thing he does, in office, is to shove COVID-19 patients into nursing homes–a policy responsible for thousands of deaths last year–while seeing to his own mother’s safety by removing her from a nursing home. Miraculously, he got away with that.

First we have the sham of a Joe Biden presidency–you don’t really believe 80 million people voted for this jongo and then disappeared, do you? A fake president backed up by fake news. And then we have the shame of him announcing his selection of “Rachel Levine” as his assistant secretary of health.

Adding to the shame, we’ll have a multitude of noozies, in virtual unanimity, calling this he a “she” and never, ever mentioning how he winkled his mother out of a nursing home while letting everybody else’s mother take her chances. And we’ll all be expected to share in the shame by pretending he really is a woman when we know he isn’t. How do you keep your self-respect when bullies force you to say things you know are lies?

First the sham, then the shame. That will be the entire Biden “presidency.”

God help us.

My Newswithviews Column, Dec. 24 (‘Did We See… a Pterodactyl?’)

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I don’t know about you, but I needed a break from politics. After all, it’s Christmas.

So I wrote about our pterodactyl. I’m sure I’m the only Newswithviews columnist who’s seen a pterodactyl.

Did We See a… Pterodactyl?

Yes, I know, the libs will jump all over it. “See? See? We toldja he was crazy!” But as Lou Costello once said, I saw what I saw when I saw it–and I don’t care what a bunch of leftids think. They believe in much more ridiculous things than the occasional pterodactyl. I prefer not to mention any of them here.

P.S.–Don’t forget out cyber-Christmas party! All are welcome! Bring imaginary snacks and board games and party fixin’s. We’re going to have a blast!

‘For His Mercy Endureth Forever’ (Rushdoony)

Psalms 136:1 Inspirational Image

Do we need God’s mercy?

We wouldn’t last five minutes without it!

Psalm 136, “For His mercy endureth forever,” inspired this essay by R.J. Rushdoony, published in the Chalcedon Magazine 20 years ago. God’s mercy lasts forever, he asked; how long does our mercy last?


Too many Christians think of God as if He were a spare tire kept in the trunk of their car, Rushdoony wrote: great to have in an emergency, but otherwise something that they never think about.

Well, I find that psalm inspiring, too. If you read my Bell Mountain books, you know I use it as the anthem for King Ryons’ army.

Let us try to widen the embrace of our own mercy.