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I Just Don’t Know

From David Fischer’s “damarministries” blog–Jesus Our Lord knows what we’re up against, these days, all days…   We are not alone.    –LD

Radically Saved

I Just Don’t Know…

Words I never thought I would write. These days things are so crazy I honestly don’t even know where to begin. I offer the following to open my case:

1. God has been kicked out of our country.

2. Genders are optional and most times made up.

3. Homosexuality is not considered a sin to be delivered from but embraced.

4. The destruction of the unborn is celebrated as “health care” and not what it is..murder.

5. Now we have a virus that while spread more rapidly is still a version of the flu; and what most people don’t realize is when this is all over more security will be lost then even after 9/11.

I could go on and on with why I just don’t know anymore….

Funny thing though…

Jesus knew….

Jesus knew over 2000 years ago that we would be entering a phase…

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Mark Rushdoony: ‘The Christian and Upheavals’

Encyclopedia of American Loons: #2195: Mark Rushdoony

I’ve been looking forward to posting this new essay by Mark Rushdoony. It’s a “stand up and cheer” piece.

Mark recognizes that chaotic times are not exactly fun. “Upheaval brings change, and because we cannot see the future, the uncertainty causes us a great deal of anxiety.” But Scripture answers: “Yet once more I shake not the earth only, but also heaven. And this word, ‘Yet once more,’ signifieth the removing of those things that are made, that those things which cannot be shaken will remain.” (Hebrews 12:26-27)

So let’s put our heads down and keep working: because “Evil men do not control history, so they are periodically shaken out.”

Look for some of the bad guys to go missing.

Wisdom: ‘The Fright Peddlars’

Image result for images of end of the world

R.J. Rushdoony wrote this short essay in 1976 for The California Farmer. We’ll never need its wisdom more than we need it right now.

Just last year we were all gonna die from Climate Change, or measles, or whatevvuh. Rushdoony wrote, “It exalts some scientific plannedrs as the only ones with the answers, and it makes the rest of us a herd of cattle headed for the stockyards, unless we listen to them.” Sound familiar?

When Rushdoony was a schoolboy they were “teaching” kids that the world would run out of everything in 20 years or so, and that the Kellogg-Briand Pact would surely prevent another world war from starting. It’d be funny if the punchline weren’t World War II.

I remember what the Lord said to Isaiah: “Cease ye from man, whose breath is in his nostrils; for wherein is he to be accounted of?” (Isaiah 2:22)

‘The Power of Prayer’ (2005)

See the source image

If you take away anything from this 2005 Chalcedon editorial, take this: Pray as if it all depends on God, and work as if it all depends on us.

Here at Chalcedon, we’re totally dependent on God’s providence, manifested through voluntary donations from readers. Put bluntly, if the donations dry up, I dry up.

But this is good for us. This is humbling. So we work–we work hard. We plant and we water. But the increase is from God. Always from God.

He is, after all, our Heavenly Father who has begotten us in the Spirit, by the blood of Jesus Christ. It’s good for us to rely on Him.

Mark Rushdoony: ‘Christian Reconstruction and Our Small Part in a Big Idea’

Image result for images of mark rushdoony

Mark Rushdoony’s piece, in our current Arise & Build newsletter, offers wisdom.

For instance, “Addressing our national debt and fiat money is not within our reach as individuals but getting out of debt is. This small step can empower you now.” You may not be able to do the really big things; but doing what you can do is important, too.

Even more succinctly: “Our part of the future is the mess in front of us.” And really, that ought to be a big enough mess for anyone.

Often enough our part in God’s plan seems small and insignificant. But that’s how it seems to us, not Him. Only God sees the whole picture; and His hand is always on the tiller.

Rushdoony: ‘The Theology of Fascism’

Image result for images of mussolini

Mussolini–the patron saint of 20th century humanism… and, he claimed, “a good catholic.” But then fascism always goes in two directions at once.

World War II annihilated openly-espoused fascism; but since the war, R.J. Rushdoony observed, fascism is “everywhere condemned, but everywhere imitated.”

Command economies don’t work well, in real life. In fact, they don’t work at all. So communist countries, facing ruin, fall back on fascism–as China has done.

In political science terms, fascism is an authoritarian government in cahoots with a few favored corporations steering the economy. Drop in a few favored unions to buddy up with the politicians and the magnates, and you’ve got Peronism. And Obamaism.

In this essay published in 2006, Rushdoony zeroed in on the now widely-practiced model of a “mixed economy.” When you mix your theologies, you get syncretism–the besetting sin of ancient Israel. When you mix capitalism and socialism, you get fascism: “socialism for the hypocrites,” Rushdoony said.

If the people are corrupt at heart, their state will be corrupt. There’s no getting away from it. We can try to be Christians and pagans at the same time, but no man can serve two masters.

My Newswithviews Column, Feb. 20 (‘Warning! Shipwreck Ahead’)

Image result for images of social chaos

More and more, I’m coming to believe that the crazy public policies imposed on us by Far Left Crazy politicians are purposely intended to bring the country down.

Warning! Shipwreck Ahead

I mean, they totally ignore all warnings, all hazards, don’t they? No matter how insane it is, just bring it on!

Why would they want to collapse our civilization? Two reasons I can think of.

To rebuild some half-assed utopia on the ruins.

To give themselves an excuse to “restore order” by setting up a totalitarian state with themselves in charge.

Those are evil reasons, and we are living in an evil age.

Movie Review: ‘Indoctrination: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America’ (2011)

See the source image

Colin Gunn

Public education has not gotten more Christian-friendly since Colin Gunn filmed this documentary in 2011.

I did a lot of teaching in the public schools. I saw a lot of things that made me mad. But Gunn saw even more. This is a deeply penetrating documentary. You can watch it on the Chalcedon website, the whole thing:

Why, why, why do Christians continue to send their children to public schools owned by persons who hate Christianity and want to wipe it out? Who fill children’s heads with “transgender,” “gay,” “America is racist!” and all the rest of that slop?

And you can forget about being “salt and light” in this arena. You’ll be fired so fast, it’ll make your head spin.

I can’t help thinking we have made God work very hard to keep our country afloat, to preserve us in spite of our multitude of sins. It’s a miracle of Providence that we’re still here.

But I do think the Lord would be pleased if we took up some of the work ourselves.

My Newswithviews Column, Feb. 13 (‘That Crazy Party’)

Image result for images of insane democrats

Democrats have totally flipped their lids; and if they can win the next election, it won’t be funny.

Here’s some evidence that they’re crazy.

That Crazy Party

And I didn’t even mention the Green New Deal! Or the appointment of judges who believe the accusation is the evidence and don’t need no stinkin’ trial to reach a verdict.

No, it won’t be funny at all.

‘How to Write a Fantasy Novel’ (2010)

See the source image

This piece appeared in Chalcedon’s print magazine in 2010, shortly after Bell Mountain was published. I’ve had a lot of practice writing fantasy novels, since then.

There’s still a great unmet need for Christian fantasy, especially for Young Adult readers.

My books would appreciate some company!


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