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My Newswithviews Column, June 14 (‘How the Left Will Win Us Over–Not’)

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Some folks think I’m way too hard on leftids. That makes me wonder if we’re talking about the same thing.

Here we have another glimpse into the padded cell of the liberal mind, via two rather glaring examples.

Go ahead–try to convince me that these are people we want running the country.

‘Brothers Under the Skin’ (2007)

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This article by Chalcedon editor Martin Selbrede will ring true to Christian bloggers, some of whom have been anonymously attacked by–supposedly–other Christians.

Martin has been a mentor to me, over the years–he was instrumental in getting my books published, and in many other ways too numerous to mention–and his thoughtful articles have often inspired me.

‘What’s Up, Dawk?’

See the source image

Chalcedon published this essay by Anthony Rogers in 2007, discussing the flawed logic and self-delusion of atheists like Richard Dawkins.

It reminds me of how J.R.R. Tolkien once used a scholar’s own standards, procedures, and line of argument to “prove” that the scholar himself did not exist, but was only a legendary personification of an ancient Celtic sun god.

Fun Fact: Richard Dawkins’ first name is actually “Clinton.” How fitting.

My Newswithviewscolumn, May 31 (UK’s Political Prisoner)

I rack my brain about it, but there’s just no way I can understand Western Europe’s immigration policies. And in order to shield their own insane policy from hostile questions, Britain’s rulers are protecting pedophiles.

Governments are supposed to protect the governed–not offer them up as appeasement offerings to those who want to destroy them.

Their actions are inexplicable.

Kumquat Alert! (‘State Goes Ballistic,’ 2016)

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Remember this? The North Carolina Dept. of Motor Vehicles freaks out over a license plate that says “kumquats.” Apparently some ijjit complained that “kumquat” is Racist or something. Maybe it’s coded language for Climbit Change Denial.

At the very least it’s Cultural Appropriation. I think.

‘Incredible Beliefs’ (2014)

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You can find a lot of liberal beliefs right in here.

Libs make fun of us for believing in Noah’s Flood, or anything else mentioned in the Bible, for that matter. But the stuff that they believe in!

P.S.–Please disregard the bit about my appearance on Mike Fagan’s radio show. That was four years ago. But you can always tune in just to hear Mike.

My Newswithviews Column, May 24 (‘Moral Chaos’)

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I couldn’t decide which of the week’s news stories to write about, so I wrote about several at once. They’re all about the same thing: the moral chaos that threatens to overwhelm our civilization. Unlike the Romans, we have raised up our own barbarian hordes.

When the Boy Scouts go bad, it’s bad.

A Seminary President Gone Bad

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New Brunswick Theological Seminary: I walked past this statue every weekday for four years.

In 2004 I interviewed Dr. Norman Kansfield, president of the New Brunswick Theological Seminary (Reformed Church in America), who was about to get sacked by the RCA synod for performing a “gay marriage” for his daughter.

I am posting this today because I want to make it clear to everyone that the Roman Catholic Church is very, very far from being the only church with leaders who reject God’s laws and the clear teaching of the Scriptures. As a high official of the United Methodist Church once told me, “The first thing I learned in seminary was that the Bible is not God’s word.” That remark still makes me shudder.

The rot of this evil age has set into many churches in many denominations. Many of us have given up on the whole idea of an organization called a “church.” And many of us haven’t. Let’s face it: if you’ve got two or more people in it, it’s an organization, however disorganized it may appear to be.

As Ben Franklin once said, “We must all hang together, or surely we will hang separately.”

Thanks to Jill at Chalcedon HQ for retrieving this article for me.

‘Someone Has Tried to Scam Me’ (2013)

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Some of these people, if they worked as hard at something honest as they do at crime, could make a pretty good living without the risk of being sent to jail. But the scam artist’s ego won’t let him do that: he needs to feel superior to us poor schnooks who obey the law.


Mark Rushdoony on Babylon (2006)

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This article is a little long, but stay with it: because Mark Rushdoony nails it.

“Babylon is the kingdom of man,” opposed to the Kingdom of God. It is human beings trying to be gods.

If your Bible reading has brought you around to Revelation, this essay will be illuminating. It’s a “big picture” view of Revelation–speaking for myself, at least, something which I’m always in danger of losing in the details.

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