My Newswithviews Column, March 23 (‘When “Dissent” Was a Thing’)

Howdy Doody toy marionette | National Museum of American History

Can the puppet “dissent” from those who pull its strings?

When I was in college in the Sixties (of course), it was hammered into us day after day, every day, “Dissent is the highest civic virtue! Dissent is where it’s at! You’re here for no other reason but to dissent.”

Just don’t you dare dissent from us.

When ‘Dissent’ Was a Thing

“Free and open inquiry.” That was a buzz word, back then. Today the dissenters-turned-muftis would choke on it.

This is what we have allowed our “education” system to become. And given time, it will destroy us.

‘Watch Canada, Because We’re Next’ (2018)

A new colour image of Justin Trudeau wearing blackface

Premier Justin Trudeau, believe it or not–party time

Years before it caught on in America, Canada brought “gender coaches” into elementary school classrooms to sell kids on the joys of aberrant sex. It seems Canada’s always slightly ahead of us when it comes to culture rot.

Watch Canada, Because We’re Next

A few years ago, Canada came up with two new schemes that must’ve had America’s Democrats drooling with envy. * Make support for abortion a condition for getting a summer job. *Give labor unions absolute power over who works and who doesn’t. These capers have worked out so well in Cuba! And North Korea! Really, what’s the point of even having a government if it can’t force people to violate their conscience?

My Newswithviews Column, Feb. 23 (‘Non-Presidents’ Day’)

Could Democrats really destroy Mount Rushmore? - Quora

Mount Blushmore, for Democrat non-presidents

It occurs to me now that we could actually create a monument to these three villains who never got to be president. We could call it Mount Blushmore. They could add Pocahontas Warren to make a fourth.

Non-Presidents’ Day

Gore, Kerry, and Hillary Clinton–how lucky can you get, to have had none of those in office? We staggered through eight years of Obama. Now all we have to do is somehow survive Biden.

A revival has started. God is giving us a chance for national repentance and reform. Let’s not waste it.

My Newswithviews Column, Feb. 9 (‘Have the Bad Guys Won?’)

Mille Bornes Card Game (1960 Parker Brothers Bilingual Edition) - Fonts In  Use

Not so fast there, chuckles!

There’s a lot of doom, defeat, and despair out there! Even among prominent conservative commentators, there’s a sense of “We’re just a lot of grasshoppers compared to those giants on the Left, and they’re gonna stomp us.”

Have the Bad Guys Won?

Shake it off, my friends! It’s all an illusion: they want you to believe it. They’ve worked so hard to create it, half of ’em believe it themselves. They want you to think you’re the only one left who hasn’t hopped aboard the Transgender Express.

But we outnumber them colossally–and if we could only put those numbers to work! We’d blow these jidrools out of the water in a day and still have time for a snappy game of Mille Bornes.

We really do have to stop falling for the spin.

My Newswithviews Column, Feb. 2 (‘Who You Are’ Trumps ‘What You Can Do’)

How to Survive a Fall Through Ice: 8 Steps (with Pictures)

This is ice that won’t support the human race.

I’m still shaking my head over the clumsy, inept “women’s figure skater” who is actually a man and was only featured in a sporting event because insane ideology demanded it.

‘Who You Are’ Trumps ‘What You Can Do’

How far do we have to let this wicked stupidity go? Really, it has to stop. In addition to a spiritual pollution, it could also lead to widespread sterility. Maybe even extinction. The Favored Few could download their minds into robots and live forever with none of us plebs to get underfoot.

Or at least they think they can.

Rushdoony: ‘The War Against the Family’

R.J. Rushdoony (2 of 2) Christ's Victory Over Satan - YouTube

R.J. Rushdoony wrote this in 1996. Now, 27 years later, I’m old enough to see how right he was.

Have you ever seen this sticker on a car? “We are spending our children’s inheritance!” All too often, that is literally true. There are all sorts of “elder care plans” that suck up every dollar of what parents might otherwise leave to their children. There are more of them now than there were in 1996.

And we’ve all seen this: parents retire, move hundreds or even thousands of miles away from their surviving family members, eventually their health begins to fail… and then they pine away for visitors, forgetting how difficult they’ve made it to visit them.

And offspring who move away from their parents. Again, hundreds of miles. Patty and I knew a sweet and benign woman whose adult children harshly rejected her and moved from New Jersey to California… with the grandchildren. “Y’know, Mom,” said the daughter, “there comes a time when the old coyote crawls off to die.” Comforting, isn’t it?

“Social decay begins with the family,” said Rushdoony.

Right on target.

We really do have to do better by our families. And there are many villains out there working against us, who’d like nothing better than to see the family broken up.

How Far Can We Go?

Stream Rushdoony Radio | Listen to Revelation: Thy Kingdom Come playlist  online for free on SoundCloud

Scanning the nooze in the course of my work, a question has occurred to me today.

How far can we distance ourselves from God before we can’t get back?

Canada promotes assisted suicide as an answer to life’s problems. American politicians promote “transgender” as if their lives depended on it. And abortion: they endorse it whole-heartedly. Stocking school libraries with “gay” pornography. Having the FBI spy on parents who think the schools should not “teach” racial paranoia. Etc., etc.–it’s a depressingly long list.

I’ve just read Martin Selbrede’s article at , “Rushdoony and the Book of Revelation ( It gives food for thought. I think I need quote one sentence from it: “There is total victory woven throughout the book of Revelation.” (Read more if you’re in a mood to do some thinking.)

The total victory is to Christ’s Kingdom on the earth.

Which suggests that some of our more insane public policies, “insane” in the sense of being diametrically opposed to God’s Word, are also insane in that those who stand for them stand against Christ’s total victory. Does that sound like a place where you want to stand?

We don’t need a Great Reset. We need repentance.

My Newswithviews Column, Jan. 12 (‘Are We “Terrorists”?’)

Gibberish Cartoons and Comics - funny pictures from CartoonStock

Are you a terrorist? Am I? The way they bandy the word around these days, you just can’t tell. Image finding out that you’re a terrorist–and you never knew!

Are We ‘Terrorists’?

Turning the language into mutually incomprehensible gibberish has always been a go-to for the Far Left Crazy. If your speech is incoherent and disorganized, so will be your thoughts. This is why their definitions of words–like “terrorist”–keep expanding, contracting, and contorting.

It’s the Tower of Babel all over again–this time orchestrated not by all-righteous God, but by mal-educated and malicious imps.

My Newswithviews Column, Dec. 29 (‘A Satirist’s Sighs’)

Monty Python hits Netflix. Here's what to watch and avoid – The Irish Times

Once upon a time it was satire; now it’s public policy.

I write a lot of satire, and every now and then a reader mistakes it for real news and gets upset over it. It’s gotten rather easy to make that mistake. And it’s gotten a lot harder to write satire… an in age which daily satirizes itself.

A Satirist’s Sighs

Really–what could a satirist ever make up, to equal the grotesque absurdity of some “non-binary” adult lecturing kindergarten children on the joys of “choosing your gender”? Eventually, for sure, Far Left Crazy will find a way to surpass even this; but for the satirist it’s knee-deep in the crick-mud.

God help us, today’s public policy is yesterday’s satire.

‘We’re All Supposed to Change’ (Newswithviews, 2014)

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I can’t bear to illustrate this content with the kind of images it demands. Here’s a nice puppy instead.

Yesterday I was so involved in trying to get my stats page fixed–and it’s still broken–that I forgot to write my weekly Newswithviews column. By the time I remembered, it was much too late. Thanks you, WordPress!

So here’s a column from eight years ago–we were already having “transgender” imposed on us back then.

But I testify to you that this was not part of the world that I grew up in! And I will not change.

And neither should you.