Rushdoony: ’20th-Century Plans of Salvation’

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R.J. Rushdoony wrote this essay over 20 years ago, as that lamentable 20th century was winding down.

In a very few words (quite an achievement!), Rushdoony summed up that century’s “heritage of failure” as worldly schemes for salvation, one after another, had their days in the sun and went promptly belly-up. We tried everything we could think of–except God’s word–and it all failed us: politics, education, money, and war. Even a pagan like Robert Graves saw his own 20th-century world as an unholy alliance of Mars, the god of war, Pluto, the god of wealth, and Mercury, the god of thieves.

But the answers, Rushdoony knew, were to be found in the same place where they’ve been always found–in God’s own enscriptured word.

My Newswithviews Column, June 2 (‘Public Education: Grade Students Based on Skin Color’)

Proud Boys Are Teaming Up With Anti-Maskers to Threaten School Boards Over  COVID Mandates

Mad enough yet?

It’s too bad we can’t use public education outrage stories to create energy. It’s a renewable resource, a virtually unlimited supply.

Public Education: Grade Students Based on Skin Color

What do public “educators” do with our tax dollars? Well, what do we see them doing? Fomenting racism and pushing “transgender”. They do it in plain sight and then deny they’re doing it! Dudes, a lie has to be somewhat credible in order to work. Your lies are hopeless.

Do they really, truly believe they’re doing black students a favor by lowering standards for them so that they can get a diploma without learning anything?

I would have asked “honestly believe,” but there is no truth, no honesty at all, in any of these people.

R.J. Rushdoony: “This Is The Victory”

The Chalcedon website ( has a raft of new audiobook inserts for you to listen to. But I want to share with you a 1993 essay by R.J. Rushdoony, “This Is the Victory.”

Rushdoony was concerned, 30 years ago, with what he saw as the Church’s drift into irrelevance; and this, he said, was not the world’s fault but the Church’s–“the church did it to itself.”

Our faith, he said, must rest on Jesus Christ the King of kings: “To believe anything less is not to believe in Him.”

The key, for the Church–which is all of us, not just any denomination but all of us, all God’s people–is not to be waiting passively for the rapture, but to be working for Christ’s Kingdom: “Occupy until I come” (Luke 19:13). To this message he devoted his long and productive ministry.

But it’s hard to sell people on work–isn’t it?

My Newswithviews Column, April 28 (‘Are We Winning?’)

Hong Kong Disneyland closes amid China's coronavirus outbreak – Orange  County Register

Off with their heads

I just can’t shake this feeling that Far Left Crazy’s getting desperate, as if they smell disaster in the air. And disaster for them is cause for rejoicing for us.

Are We Winning?

Look at all the pushback–and there’s more that could be added to the list. What was it that finally alerted the public to the danger? Critical Race Theory? Public schools grooming kids for sex? One mandate too many?

Work hard, pray harder, and look forward to the glorious day when Woke-ness breathes its last. It may come sooner than we think.

‘I Am Liberalism’ (Newswithviews, 2019)

See the source image

My wife says this is the best Newswithviews piece I’ve ever written; so it seemed good to me to post it again, why not?

I Am Liberalism

It’s appalling, how swiftly these grotesque ideas–liberalism–mutate into even more grotesque ideas. But the key here is to be awake, eyes and ears open: they got away with a lot of this stuff because no one was paying attention.

Bit by bit, piece by piece, leftids turned a reasonably peaceful and prosperous country, Venezuela, into a socialist hell-hole where they eat the zoo animals and can’t buy toilet paper. Didn’t we see that happen? Are we going to let it happen here?

Trust in God and reject the liberals.

My Newswithviews Column, April 21 (‘Replacing God’)

Brain Jar Stock Illustration - Download Image Now - iStock

At last! Eternal life!

The New York Times says we should “give up God.” They don’t tell us whom or what we should worship in God’s place. But we already knew that, didn’t we?

Replacing God

We get our truth from movies, nooze networks, and our schools and colleges, our redemption from the social media, our hope from politics, and eternal life from Science. What could possibly go wrong?

‘Should We Question Authority?’

You might find very interesting this “Out of the Question” podcast by Andrea Schwartz and Charles Roberts.

“Should We Question Authority?” It’s not as easy a question as it looks. No man can serve two masters; but each of us is mobbed by many masters, each demanding our obedience. Each one of them claims “authority.” Politics, ideology, science, “reason,” the need to go along to get along–we could spend all day listing them.

So first we have to decide which “authority” has real authority, and not just an opinion. If we are Christians, God’s enscriptured word is the authority, inerrant, infallible, holy, righteous, and good. As for the others, “You have to ask, Are these ordained authorities?” Andrea says. Are they conformable to God’s word?

Because if you don’t have that standard, Charles says, confusion reigns: “Tune into the latest news broadcast to find out what I believe today.”

I think we’ve all noticed that going on!

‘Healing the Damage Caused by Bad Theology’ (Martin Selbrede)

Martin Selbrede | heroinamerica

“We’re only passing through… The world is not my home… Christ’s Kingdom is not of this world…”

We’ve all heard the excuses: the bad theology that justifies Christian inaction, impotence, and irrelevance. We know all the cliches. Polishing the brass on the sinking ship, etc. City of God vs. City of Man. The result is a “retreatist theology” and a Christian, most likely a Protestant, “constantly ready to flee.”

Martin Selbrede finds a corrective in the work of Cornelius van der Waal, who died in 1980. In The World, Our Home, van der Waal analyzed all the bad theology–“surrender theology”–that has seeped into Christian churches since the Reformation.

We are not called to hand the whole shooting match over to the devil and his servants! We are called to fulfill the Great Commission, to win ground for Christ’s Kingdom–we are called not to mourn, not to cower in the pews, but to work.

Over and over against we are called upon to straighten out the bad theology and put our churches back on course. Our home is the world: that’s why God put us there. The earth is the LORD’s. And we are His servants and His stewards.

Why that should be so hard to remember… well, I don’t know.

‘Deplorables, Cancel the Jan. 6 PSYOP!’

Ilana Mercer (Author of Into the Cannibal's Pot)

This is something that must be said, and I can’t say it any better than Ilana Mercer did yesterday in her column (

The rioters, looters, and other criminals who spent the whole of last summer rampaging in Democrat cities all over the country know the Party has their backs. Offenders, if they were arrested at all, were released almost immediately–usually without any charges being filed. Presstitute nooze media called the carnage “mostly peaceful protests,” Far Left celebrities lined up to pay their bail (if bail was even required), and on Jan. 6 the whole mob of them came out with hysterical warblings about “the threat to our democracy” posed by those millions of us who are convinced there was something radically wrong with our 2020 elections. So “our” protesters sit in solitary confinement without trial while theirs, with the full blessing of the Party, go on to ever greater crimes.

Is there anything the Democrat Party won’t do to acquire and keep political power? Their dream of a one-party socialist authoritarian state leads them on and on.

If we don’t get very, very serious about winning this year’s elections, we  can probably kiss our republic goodbye.

God help us.


‘Joy to the World Because Our King Reigns’

Joy to the World inspired this wonderful essay by Mark Rushdoony.

Yes, as Mark points out, our world is in a heap of trouble just now. Our culture is polluted with a deep spiritual pollution. Our “leaders” push self-destructive, even suicidal, policies. Rebelling against God, they are in rebellion against reality itself. That’s what “transgender” is all about.

But the Christmas hymn presents the truth in all its power: Jesus Christ is King of kings and Lord of lords, reigning both in heaven and on the earth; and He has already lifted the curse. Evil will play itself out.

Thank you, Mark, for reminding us.