Progress Report

I don’t feel like writing about the nasty things going on in my neighborhood, so I thought I might weigh in with a progress report on my new book–Bell Mountain #6, The Palace. Also, #4, The Last Banquet, is being typeset and should come up before the end of this summer, while #5, The Fugitive Prince, awaits its first round of editing.

So far I’ve got 10 chapters written of The Palace and a lot of neat stuff dancing around in my head. (If you’re one of those folks who ain’t even read Bell Mountain yet, then shame on you!) I had to take the first three days of this week to write up my formal review of The Hunger Games, so I hope tomorrow to go back to The Palace. Maybe it’ll stop raining tomorrow, too. It being springtime, I like to write outside.

Has anybody seen any reports of that turtle as big as a car that they dug up in a coal mine in Columbia? No, it was not alive! Really cool fossil, though.

Now, if they could only dig up Obummah’s college transcripts…

2 comments on “Progress Report

  1. I’m afraid that transcript will be harder to locate than a fossilized turtle.
    Sounds like you are going to town on your writing. I am kind of in a
    dead zone with mine right now. Too many other things going on. Lots of
    ideas, just nothing but notes on paper now.
    Blessings on your efforts.

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