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Coming Soon! ‘The Silver Trumpet’

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Break out that World Fantasy Award! Here comes Bell Mountain No. 10, The Silver Trumpet! Like, real soon. Any day now. ‘Cause the editing’s all done, the cover art is squared away, and all we gotta do is have it printed.

Those of you out there in Media Land who want to line me up for an interview, you’d better move fast. I’m offering first dibs to Rush Limbaugh, but for everybody else, it’s devil take the hindmost.

Who are those guys up on the walls with the trumpets? Why can’t we find them afterward? And what the heck is this, with the ship? Did you say ship? There are no ships that sail to Obann! Haven’t been for a thousand years.

Yes, all sorts of things are going on in this book, and to find out what’s what, you’ve got to read it. And please use all means of persuasion at your disposal to get your family and friends to buy it, too. Just don’t get caught.

‘What’ll I Say Tomorrow?’ (2013)

Back in February of 2013 I was a guest on Tim Wildmon’s internet TV show, talking about my Bell Mountain books. The opportunity came about because of a misunderstanding and was presented to me as a peace offering. Cool.

Ah, them was the days! I can’t help wondering how many books I’d sell if I ever got ten minutes on Rush Limbaugh’s show, or something like that. Not that I’m looking to get rich: it’s just that books can’t accomplish much of anything unless people are reading them. You and I keep trying to influence the culture for good. Well, I plant, you water, but the increase must be from the Lord. Amen.

‘Oy, Rodney’ Nominated for Major Award

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Oy, Rodney, the epic romance by Violet Crepuscular, has been nominated for a Dumpster Fire Award for Really Stinky Literature.

The notice was slipped under my door this evening by two men in black who made sure I didn’t see their faces. I’m a little nervous about this, because a Dumpster Fire Award generally comes with a good thrashing. I mean, why should I be blamed for this?

I don’t have Ms. Crepuscular’s forwarding address, and her publisher seems to have gone out of business.

And Now a Word from Our Sponsor

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Hi, there! I’m Lord Reesh, the villain in the first four Bell Mountain books–and, if I do say so myself, a jolly good one! Oh, boy, wait’ll you see me get what’s coming to me!

Ah, but you can’t see that unless you read the books. And it’s only nine days till Christmas. Do you catch my drift?

These books, especially the ones with me in them, make fantastic presents for friends and family. And they’re so easy to get, even those simpletons on the Obann High Council could do it. Just click “Books” at the top of the page, and you can order any title either directly from the publisher or via Whatever that is. We don’t have it, where I come from.

If we were all in Obann, I could simply order you all to buy the books and sic Judge Tombo on you if you didn’t. You don’t want anything like that to happen!

‘The Silver Trumpet’: Almost Ready

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If you’re wondering where I’ve been all afternoon, I’ve been right here at this computer, doing my part of the final edit of The Silver Trumpet. Our boss, Mark Rushdoony, hopes to publish it in January.

No one has ever published an error-free book, but at Chalcedon we come about as close to it as humanly possible. This will be my third time proofreading the book, and I’m only one of several proofreaders. Actually, it’s quite shocking when I discover–after the book is published!–a typo on a page.

Susan, my editor, had a rather complicated reaction to The Temptation. She’s worried about some of the characters’ welfare. Some of them are very definitely sailing into harm’s way. I pray that in the spring I’ll be ready to start writing the next installment of the story.

But first we’ve gotta get The Silver Trumpet into print!

At least the editing job takes my mind off WordPress.

BTW, I Finished the Book

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Yeah, The Temptation, she’s-a done–in spite of all the computer problems, doctor visits, bad weather, and constant interruptions, Book No. 11 of my Bell Mountain series is all typed up, polished, and sent off to my editor.

I have no idea to what extent, if any, I have succeeded in communicating the vision I had for this book. My wife read the last six chapters this morning, but she was very tired and I don’t know quite what to make of her reaction.

What I tried to do, in the climax of this story, was difficult. It had to be written so that a reasonably with-it 12-year-old would have no trouble understanding it, but at the same time in such a way so as not to alienate adult readers. Sorta like when the pitching coach comes out and tells you, “Don’t give him anything to hit, but don’t walk him, either.”

Oh, well. A writer who’s sure of himself is probably headed for a bad book. I had to work very intently on the climax and I’m kinda wrung out. It’ll be a week or two before I start to miss having no book to be working on. In the meantime, Chalcedon has plenty for me to do.


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Just so you know I’m not just fatzing around today (as they say in Ninneburky), let me tell ya. Blog posts, edit huge Chalcedon article about economics (requiring duct tape around head), Newswithviews column, recycling center, a trip to the store, type up another chapter of The Temptation (which is hard to read because of cold days when the ink wouldn’t flow smoothly from the pen)–do you wonder why I never got around to another installment of Oy, Rodney? Now I’m a bit too tuckered out to try.

I’ve just got to get this book finished. Somehow! I had hoped to get it done this week.

I’ll try to deliver a cat video this evening. Signing off for now…

Serious Mainstream Bilgewater (2013)

Writing is much on my mind today–maybe because, once I finish typing up the last chapters of The Temptation, I will again be in that not-so-pleasant limbo that exists for authors between books. Maybe I ought to write longer books…

Finished for Real

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Okay, now I really have finished writing The Temptation and can go on to type up the last bunch of chapters, polishing them as I go, and send them in to my editor. And that, Lord willing, will be Bell Mountain No. 11.

As various computer woes swept over me this weekend, I realized there was something important that I had to add to the climax. I won’t tell you what it was, except to say it caught Gallgoid the Chief Spy flat-footed, and you have to get up pretty early in the morning to do that.

Why a picture of a baby alligator hatching?

Well, an alligator starts out small and can grow very, very big; and I pray my books will do the same, in the Lord’s service.

‘The Temptation’: Finished!

There may not be many more nice days where these past two came from, so I really buckled down to try to finish Bell Mountain No. 11, The Temptation, before the cold weather set in. Scribble, scribble, hour by hour–and now it’s finished. I think.

The climax of the story, this time, wasn’t a big surprise for me: events pretty much dictated it. But for artistic effect, I think it’s all I could have hoped for. I say “I think” because I won’t really know until I get it all typed up and my wife and my editor can read it. They’ll tell me if I’ve hit the target which God gave me.

Meanwhile, folks, enjoy this Walking With Beasts trailer, featuring Tim Haines’ speculative re-creations of assorted prehistoric mammals. Some of these critters are featured in my books. I find God’s handiwork a constant source of inspiration.

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