More Fooey (With a Pinch of Bleeaghh…)

The other day, someone–a grown woman, I am sorry to say–told me Fifty Shades of Grey was a hit with her because “it addresses women’s fantasies.”

What a sad commentary on feminism! After 50 years of feminist ranting, a woman’s fantasy is to be the plaything of some rich guy who likes to smack her around? As Hercule Poirot would say, Nom d’un nom!

Anyhow, the exchange aroused my curiosity, so I went back to to see what people were saying who liked the book. Here is a sampling thereof.

One reader calls the into-bondage hero “the ultimate alpha male… with a very dark and disturbing desire to inflict pain” (when he’s not solving world hunger), and adds, “…there is a real love story here.” Yikes.

Gushes another, “Chritian [sic], ohhh Christian, what I would do to be yours…” Didn’t her mother teach her any sense?

And a third, “We really believe she [the heroine] might succeed in humanising [sic] this intimidating, masterful man where all the women who went before her have failed.” Good night, nurse! How many poor, misguided women have dribbled their lives away trying to “change” some bum they took up with, who cheats on on her, gambles away the grocery money, lolls around all day playing video games instead of working, and so on? Good bet, lady! Get involved with some sadistic nut, thinking you can “tame” him…

Somehow it all reminds me of “Julia,” the composite woman created by the Obama campaign, who, throughout her entire life, hardly blows her nose without some kind of government assistance.

What is our political class and our popular culture trying to do to women?

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