‘I Don’t Read’

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*Sigh* “I don’t read” is not music to a writer’s ears, but I hear it a lot.

Spring is here, it’s getting warmer, and it’s just about time I started writing the next book in my Bell Mountain series. But more and more people don’t read.

I don’t understand this. If books were taken away from me, my mind would starve. Enlightenment. Joy. Excitement. Even escape, at least for a little while. Books provide these things. I couldn’t do without them.

And yet… “I don’t read.” Or else, “I only read things that have to do with my work.” Or even, “I just don’t have the time to read.” As if it were some onerous chore.

I once had a job teaching “developmental reading”–or, more simply, how to read better. It’s not hard to learn. All it takes is practice. But these days I wonder how many students, if any, would sign up for my course.

I’ll keep writing because it’s what I do, it’s who I am. But I wish I knew a way to make reading itself more popular. It’s how the past speaks to us–and the future. It’s how wisdom and experience get passed on from one generation to the next. It’s the only way we have to visit places that don’t actually exist, to learn things that are nevertheless real, and true, despite being cloaked in the imagination.

Give it a chance.

Creator or Creature?

In discussing Nebuchadnezzar’s dream in Daniel 2, and “the terror of dreams” in general, R.J. Rushdoony said we don’t like dreams because they have a way of reminding us that we are not in control. Just like happens in real life every day, dreams feature events we can’t control–often bizarre and terrifying events that can’t be ignored.

Modern hyper-humanists prefer a universe governed by pure chance–that is to say, not governed at all. If there’s no God–they so want there to be no God–that leaves a power vacuum which they, The Smartest People In The World, can fill. But of course they can’t do that if they’re merely creatures subject to an all-powerful, all-knowing, all-righteous Creator.

Today’s global elites and Big Tech oligarchs have power, surely more power than is good for them; and in their own eyes they’re already fantastically wise and always growing wiser, and as righteous as it’s possible to be. They’ve already qualified for godhood–so why aren’t we bowing down to them? Ungrateful peasants!

Once they learn how to download themselves into computers, these big cheeses will be functionally immortal, barring tiny, unforeseen computer glitches. Nebuchadnezzar never had it so good, even though the normal salutation was “O king, live forever!” We are at liberty to see some insincerity in that.

Reject God, and to what end does that take us?

Think about it.

Daniel’s Offense

Daniel Chapter. 5 The Writing on the Wall ( You definitely need to read it)  | Bible art, Bible pictures, Bible illustrations

Thy Kingdom Come: Studies in Daniel and Revelation by R.J. Rushdoony–I wasn’t ready for this book when I first read it almost 20 years ago; but much water has flowed under the bridge since then, and I think I’m less unready now.

Check out Reputable Bible Scholars Inc. on Daniel–they so want this not to be true! So they insist it isn’t. Exiled Jewish priests made it all up, hundreds of years after the events Daniel supposedly prophesied.

This is what Rushdoony called “the offense of Daniel.” Daniel offends modern, humanistic sensibilities. Rushdoony divides the great offense into four elements:

*”It manifests in unavoidable terms the biblical concept of God.” A God-centered universe, in which man is a created being subject to his Creator, really cheeses off the Bible Scholars. They want to be the center of the universe. With tenure.

*It’s prophecy. Modernism totally rules out prophesy from the get-go. If it’s prophetic, it can’t be true. And then they all run out and prophecy about Climbit Change.

*It has miracles in it. Again, something the scholars rule out: no miracles allowed. This from the same people who believe socialism will really work, just give it a chance.

*It’s offensive because it teaches that God controls history. We don’t want to hear that! We want government control of history! Mandates! Blah-blah.

I’m expecting Thy Kingdom Come to give me insights into Daniel and Revelation, and into today’s events. Why is our culture deteriorating so rapidly, and in such bizarre form? What can we do about it?

There’s understanding available, to be harvested by study, prayer, and exchange of ideas.

Just stay away from Scholars.

So Much Went So Wrong

This was a very hard book to review. Published in 2019, by the end of 2020 just about everything the author said turned out to be wrong–and yet it wasn’t his fault.


Sebastian Gorka did not foresee–and neither to anyone else–the upheavels of 2020: the COVID panic and the resulting shutdown of our national economy; last-minute monkeying with swing states’ election laws; mail-in voting, with no checks for the authenticity of ballots; all kinds of funny business with the voting machines–who could have anticipated any of it?

And so Donald Trump is out of office, Far Left Crazy has control of our entire government, and is doing as much damage to America as it can, as fast as it can.

Unless the LORD build the house, they labor in vain that build it” (Psalm 127:1).

This was where it all went wrong: pinning our hopes “on Trump alone” (and he was alone–very much so!) instead of in Christ alone. If you don’t take care of the people’s character, their culture will not stand. If you don’t take care of the culture, the politics will fail.

Well, we have to try again, don’t we–and this time in reliance on the Lord. We must follow a Prince who cannot be defeated by armies, by money, by lies and terrors, by delusions, or by anything else this fallen world has to throw at Him.

We have no king but Christ!

‘A Serial Poisoner Stalks Broken Hill’ (2015)

See the source image

The nooze is getting me down, I can hardly bear to cover it.

And so, for the time being, turn we unto murder mysteries–stories about crimes that get solved instead of just sucking whole countries into their depths.

The Bachelors of Broken Hill, an Inspector Napoleon Bonaparte mystery by Arthur Upfield–this is one of the best detective novels you’ll ever read.

A Serial Poisoner Stalks Broken Hill

No matter how fiendishly clever the crime, “Bony” will always solve it. No matter how big the crime, the perps won’t get away with it.

I know, I know–now it sounds like fantasy. Well, so what? Go ahead–just try to convince me that multitudes of anti-heroes in “I give up, everything’s so awful!” stories have done anybody any good–let alone the country. Prayer and faith are what it takes to help us back to a belief in ordinary goodness, decency, and sanity. But a little dab of fantasy doesn’t hurt.


‘A Review of “Scientific Mythologies”‘ (2015)

Scientific Mythologies - InterVarsity Press

As we enter the second year of our world-wide panic over COVID-19 From China, we’ve seen our economy, our laws, and our personal lives turned topsy-turvy–and all of it done in the name of “Science.” As in science as the absolute ultimate authority on everything.

I reviewed this eye-opening book in 2015. Author James Herrick does an impressive job of dissecting science fiction and popularized TV “science” and their unwholesome effects upon our culture.


R.J. Rushdoony wrote a similar book in 1967, The Mythology of Science. Herrick’s book is chock-full of examples and details that abundantly prove Rushdoony’s point.

Oh! But dare we direct any skepticism at “Science”? We are told that’s tantamount to blasphemy.

Herrick lists, describes, and analyzes the various mythologies behind our “Science,” and how they have transformed it from a search for truth in nature to a kind of weird ersatz religion. A pseudo-religion, that is.

It’s a long book to read, but well worth the time.

You’ll never be quite that comfortable with science fiction again, after you’ve read this.

Feminist Crapola on Steroids

University of Hell Press

See? That’s the publisher’s logo. I’m not kidding. University of Hell.

But if they do publish books in Hell, they’ll publish this one–Erase the Patriarchy: an anthology of erasure poetry. No, I will not mention the author by name. I suspect she may be not all there.

But wait, there’s more! What is “erasure poetry,” anyway? Well, according to an erasure poetry website, it’s “a form of found poetry [someone else has already written it] wherein a poet [or a nitwit] takes an existing text and erases, blacks out, or otherwise obscures a large portion of the text, creating a wholly new work from what remains.” It can also serve as “a means of confrontation,” in case you feel the urge to confront a poem. At least a poem can’t grab your nose and twist it because it’s tired of hearing your babble.

This has gotta be college junk. No way this horse-schiff survives outside the looniversity.

What ever made the perky publicist think I’d want to review a road-apple called Erase the Patriarchy? I wouldn’t mind erasing academic feminists. Well, not really erasing them. Just sending them off to live on a planet with no men on it for them to harass. And if they wind up cutting each other’s throats–well, who knew that would happen?

Jack   went up    a pail   of    Jill    crown    after…

Wow. Erasure poetry. Eat your heart out, Dante.

This is what you get when your deluded society decides everyone just has to go to college, everyone, no more reserving it to scholars; and you flatten it out and dumb it down so even the most paltry intellects can harvest a degree. You get crapola. You get crapola on steroids.

Contest! Find one, just one, constructive use of erasure poetry, or one contribution, no matter how infinitesimally small, it could possibly make to the world… and win a tin foil dunce cap.

And hey out there! No turning my posts into Erasure Posts!


‘Woodrow Wilson’s Favorite Novel’ (2018)

See the source image

There’s always some animated root vegetable who wants to rule the rest of us–and always for our own good, of course. President Woodrow Wilson would have liked to have been something more than president.

He was ahead of his time.

Woodrow Wilson’s Favorite Novel

His Bible substitute was a novel with the catchy title, Philip Dru: Administrator: A Story of Tomorrow, 1920-1935. He liked it so much, he made its author, Col. House, his chief foreign policy advisor.

Now we know what Stephen King was doing during the Obama years.

‘Moby-Dick, or The (What?) Whale’

Moby Dick by Herman Melville - Free at Loyal Books

Here’s another little chip knocked off our past: a small thing, but if the leftids keep on doing it, these small chips will add up into big ones and we’ll be cut off from our moorings and set adrift on a sea of ignorance.

When Herman Melville’s classic of American literature was published in 1851, its full title was Moby-Dick, or the White Whale. Nineteenth-century publishing was big on subtitles. But here, as you can see in the book cover reproduced above, they’ve changed the subtitle so it’s just or, The Whale.

Now I’m not going to re-read it with a score-sheet to keep track of all details added to or subtracted from the novel for the sake of political correctitude. The one change in the title itself is enough to make my point.

Melville used “the whiteness of the whale” to transform Moby-Dick into something more than an ordinary whale. This whale is different: it’s something that anyone with his head on straight will want to avoid. But Captain Ahab is obsessed with hunting it, and you know how that turned out. The narrator, Ishmael, quotes the Book of Job: “And I only am escaped to tell thee.” Moby-Dick has killed everybody else and sunk the whaling vessel.

So taking away the whiteness of the whale damages the novel–and why would they want to do that?

It’s another little bit of Cancel Culture, of course. What leftids want to do is cut us off from our past: cut us off from all thought but theirs. Like, human life never truly began until these culture commissars came along and invented everything we’re supposed to know from now on. Only what they want us to know. Only what they want us to think. Only what they want us to read.

Don’t ask me why we tolerate this; I don’t know.

We really must make them stop doing this to us.

I Has Wrote a Repoart on ‘The’ Hand-Made’s Tail’!!

The Handmaid's Tale was always about race — so is the Abortion Ban | by  Catherine Morse | Medium

I hadded to wright a Payper “for” Nothing Studdies it is abuot “The Hand-Made’s Tail” witch is awl abuot prooving that Men thay “Are” No Good and awl thay whant “to” do Is maik wimmin Pregganint!!!!!!

My prefesser she Lyked my Payper so mutch she givved a Lexture on it!!! and that thare Lexture it was so goood,, we hadded A Spatial Meting of our Stoodint Soviet!! so we cood de-side How “To” Abbolitch Maskulinnatiy oncet And foar All!!!!!!!!!!

Expeshally Wite Men thay “are” All Bad and thay whill has To Chainge big-tyme Oar Elsse get Axpeled fromb Collidge!!! Our Stoodint Soviet we has rooled that fromb Nhow On all Wite Men thay has got to Act like Wimmin so nhow Thay! can “be” “the” hand-mades and Thay! can get Pregganint and seee How thay Luyk It!!!!!!

Thare is ownly One Thing that canfuses me and that “is” the Parrt abote “the” Tail! I lernt in Byollajy that moast hiumin beans thay hasnt Got “no” Tails!!!! thare wasnt nothing In The Boock abote anny boddy’s Tail!! i kept looking butt i coodnt Fyned it!!! and i whunder weather the arthur she maid A Miss-steak!!! But then somb boddy thay sayed “Of coarse yiu” Cant “see The Tail,, it is Under themb thare red bathroabs!!!”! i gess Iff yiu loooked Under “the” bath-roab yiu wood “See The” tail!!! but i doughnt know whoo wood Let yiu “Do” that!!!!!

One thing I did lurn is that Ownly A Bortion can saive “the” hyumin Raice!!!!!!!!!!