Do It Today: Defy a Gay!

Believe it or not, I really don’t like to do politics on this blog. But in light of the tremendous outpouring of public support on “Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day” this week, I’ve decided something must be said.

Certain dark forces in our society, led (naturally!) by the Democrat Party, are trying to make it a crime not to support same-sex pseudomarriage. You don’t even have to mention it. Just say you believe in the ages-old, God-ordained model of marriage as consisting of a man and a woman, and you instantly become an enemy of the people, to be punished by intimidation, public mockery and execration, and destruction of your livelihood. In other words, you do not have a right to hold that opinion, and certainly no right to express it.

But there is safety in numbers: they can’t silence millions of us. And more valuable than safety, even more valuable than peace, is to be faithful to God and His plan for sane and righteous living. It is not God’s plan to make us the punching-bags of hate-filled homosexuals.

So do it today! Defy a gay!

4 comments on “Do It Today: Defy a Gay!

  1. If you want to comment on such topics why not use the correct terminology “homosexuals” and then we might try to recapture the once beautiful word “gay”?
    So let’s get textual and call them homosexual.

  2. Romney won’t take a stance on this issue. Should tell you the moral stance of both political parties.

    1. Well, the other guy has taken a stance, hasn’t he?
      Look, if I had the magical power to make anyone I wanted President, I’d still be stuck because no name comes to mind. Our leadership class is bankrupt. So I don’t think there is an electoral solution to our nation’s moral disease. All we can hope to do is interfere with their plans and vote out incumbents–especially those who have “evolved” to support homosexual pseudomarriage. We have to buy time for other remedies to work–Christian homeschooling, for instance, and the die-out of leftists who don’t have children. I therefor consider it incumbent on me to vote for Romney. He was not my choice to be the candidate–but at least he’s not Obama.

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