We’re at the Printer’s!

Book #4 of my Bell Mountain Series, The Last Banquet, at long last, has been delivered to the printer. That means, for the dozens of you who have been waiting for it, that it’ll be available very soon.

If you haven’t read the first three books of the series, well, what’re you waiting for? Get started!

The Last Banquet continues the story featuring Jack and Ellayne and their protectors, Wytt and Martis, and the adventures of King Ryons, Helki the Rod, and all the others. You’ll also want to see how Lord Reesh makes out, now that the Temple is burned to the ground and he’s on his way to serve the Thunder King.

OK, I’m a lousy publicist, I don’t deny it. I don’t know how to get y’all to read these books. But if you like adventure and fantasy suitable to young readers and adults, devoid of slimy stuff like vampire sex, the occult, and graphic violence, then check these out. Don’t worry about them being dull, there’s plenty of action–wars and treachery, strange discoveries of a mysterious past, weird critters: in short, everything that makes life worth living. And I have done everything in my power to ground these stories on solid Biblical theology without nagging the reader about it.

If you’re wondering how to get the earlier books, it’s easy–they’re all available through amazon.com. Or you can order them directly from the Chalcedon Foundation. We won’t be in the bookstores, more’s the pity, but don’t let that stop you.

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