The Biggest, Baddest Monster of Them All

Let’s see what’s in this pile of fresh news clippings… The state of Missouri has undercover agents to bust farmers for selling raw milk to “strangers”… The city of Chicago forces city employees to join a “wellness program” complete with “wellness goals” and “wellness activities” and inspections to make sure you aren’t cheating… The federal government, by executive order of the king–er, “president”–wants to force schools to enforce discipline on a racial quota basis…

City, state, federal… at all levels, our government is devouring us. Eating our freedom. You can’t have raw milk. You must do more jumping-jacks. The president will decide who gets suspended for throwing radiator parts at the classroom teacher, and who doesn’t.

Are you getting the picture?

Now, there is a simple solution to this problem–so simple, even a fantasy writer can tell you what it is. Ready?

Cut off the money!

You see, government does these things to us because government has too damn much of our money. Take the undercover agents on raw milk patrol. They have salaries, benefits, and pensions: the state will go on paying them until they’re planted in the ground.

Cut off the money. It’s as simple as that. Government does not have insufficient funds. It has too much. Squeeze them until they can’t squeeze back. Take away their power to do mischief.

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  1. I dunno. I don’t think I’d be able to sleep at night knowing that raw milk was being sold to anyone. How can these poor people protect themselves without the government? My parents and grandparents all drank raw milk and every single one of them has died, albeit most of them died in their 80s and one reached 101 years of age, but that’s not the point. My grandmother lived on a dairy farm, drank raw milk and now she’s dead.

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. We the people have been donating to the cause for decades – that cause being the lined pockets of politicians. They rob us blind, keep us broke, and as Hil-liary once said on the campaign trail – we have to ‘keep them to heel’. Say what?! Talk about a racist bigot thief! But we, as deplorables deserve no better – just ask her!

    1. I watch very little television, but Michael has the news on most of the time (Fox) and as I was walking by I saw and heard her at a campaign speaking engagement. My mouth actually dropped open when I heard her say that.

    2. It doesn’t surprise me a bit. There have been consistent allegations of Hillary using racial slurs, treating workers and Secret Service disrespectfully, if not cruelly. But she says all the right things that the liberal want to hear.

    3. I’ve heard similar things. I heard she even threw a Bible at one of them. What surprises me is that she didn’t catch fire when she picked it up! Her day will assuredly come.

    4. 🙂

      Mess with the True God and see what happens. As I recall, Yahweh doesn’t like it when persons in positions of leadership abuse their position.

    5. I know that she was mystified that she wasn’t 50% ahead in the polls. She obviously cannot even conceive of the notion that the opinions of others might be valid, even if they do not coincide with her opinions.

    6. I just looked it up, and it seems that “bring them to heel” quote was in reference to “super-predators” in the inner city.

      It also looks like she said it several years ago–and I doubt she would say it today, because it sails too close to the truth. It would be almost unthinkable today for a Democrat to denounce the culture of lawlessness, violence, and crime that prevails in some of our cities.

    7. I’m glad you cleared that up, Lee, but even if she wouldn’t dare say it today, I’m not sure she doesn’t think it. Regardless, I think she’s vile – but that’s okay since she thinks those of us on the right are ‘deplorables’. 🙂

    1. What I find most disturbing about this is not that the schools aren’t teaching material as advanced as what is covered in the state tests, but that the schools are not teaching these students how to learn. A school only lasts for so long, but learning is a lifetime thing. if a person graduates from school because they have memorized the information found on exams, that is not really learning.

      Schools should help their students to become lifelong learners and that involves teaching someone how to learn, not just stuffing their brains full of memorized factoids which mean nothing once the final test has been passed. Teaching should help students to become seekers of knowledge and self energized learners.

    2. Somehow I don’t think many seekers of knowledge and self-energized learners will come out of a totally debauched culture given over to every kind of crime and lawlessness. True, public education stinks on toast. But the kids in those Baltimore schools are coming out of homes that are not homes and neighborhoods that aren’t neighborhoods: and all because those charged with the responsibility of governing our cities wink at lawlessness and, indeed, block efforts to make things less horrible.

    3. I concur. There are places where even the most motivated student faces a Herculean task and the challenges encompass the entire community, not just the schools.

    4. My dad’s goal was teaching us to think for ourselves, and a love of learning. Realizing that public schools were not useful, he sent us to schools with the same goals he had. One thing I’ll say for Catholic schools, which I attended from 1 through 12 – I wouldn’t trade my education! My dad was a pretty smart guy 🙂

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