A Visit from a Drone

I was sitting outside this morning when I heard an unusually high-pitched buzzing. I looked around and around, and finally spotted what was making the noise.

It was a drone.

Yup–four propellers and all, definitely not a real aircraft or somebody’s radio-controlled model airplane. It looked small and not very high up, and in less than a minute vanished beyond the rooftop line.

Was it a government drone, or just somebody’s expensive toy?

3 comments on “A Visit from a Drone

  1. Hmmm. So it begins. I am not surprised. Not long ago, there was a flat black plane that flew over the office where I worked, so low that the whole building shook. The plane had no markings of any kind, just solid black,
    and in the style of the attack planes eeerie.

    1. Maybe they were testing a stealth bomber.
      You can buy drones, either as kits or fully assembled, and fly them around your neighborhood to freak people out. But as for the one I saw today, who knows where it came from, or what it was doing?

  2. IF I see one over my house, I will shoot it for sure

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