A Lousy Morning

First I listened to the bad news on the radio. 1) We are never going to find out what really happened in Benghazi, and no one will ever be held accountable for it. 2) In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, if your home, assessed at, say,  $300,000, was heavily damaged or even totally destroyed, that’s your tough luck–your property tax bill will  remain the same as it was before the storm. That’s so you can keep on paying schoolteachers’ salaries, to say nothing of assistant deputy vice principals and second-grade guidance and self-esteem counselors. 3) They dug up 19 bodies somewhere, murder victims… never mind, turn the damned thing off.

Then, I guess because it started to snow a little, our power conked out again! It’s getting so you just can’t trust your electricity to stay on (welcome to the world of Agenda 21). I was halfway through writing an article, so that work went up in smoke. I had to do it all over again when the power came back on in about two hours.

Jamie Fox (or whatever his name is) says that person in the White House is God, and neither he nor the object of his worship gets blasted for it.

Can I please wake up now?

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  1. Goodness gracious me! Lee you are becoming ever more miserable. Please relax, chill out and cheer up. You used to write amusingly, please resume that pleasant style. Please.

  2. Brother Lee..believe me; we share the very same frustrations, anxieties and disappointments in our current national crisis..BUT..I must keep reminding myself that God is STILL in control, and that NOTHING that has happened, is happening, or is about to happen is NOT with purpose in HIS plan. We, as “watchmen” must reinforce,support and encourage one another in these terrible times…SO, my Friend..do not dispair, He’s working FOR us…now stop doggi’n it and get back on that word-processor! 😉

  3. The real world: all have sinned and come short of the glory of the God who is IN CHARGE! If I didn’t know someone with common sense, who never makes mistakes, NEVER does wrong, is merciful and ACTUALLLY LOVES these fallen creatures (of whom I am one), and, as Paul said of himself and applies to us all, I am the worst of sinners, I’d…….!!!!-well, I cannot tell what I’d do. (See below for a short resume.)

    No, on second thought I won’t tell you I’ve had about half a dozen fruds tried on me this year (one just recently); every household appliance I own (plus my automobile) have had to be repaired or replaced , and, saddest of all, a trusted “friend” has stolen the strangest things from me and another friend (and is no longer our friendly-but continues to invade my home with stolen keys).

    On top of that I had a marvelous Thanksgiving visit from one of my sons. We played Scrabble and took a ride on a washboard back-road in the mountains where I live. Isn’t God good? Happy post thanksgiving day, Christmas and New Years because of the God who never fails.

    And, in closing, thank you, yaquijack! I missed that because my 92 year old eyes have blind spots! God bless you.Isn’t that what Tiny Tim would say?)

  4. Lee, If only we could wake up from this nightmare. I hope, each night, that tomorrow will show me it was only a dream, but alas, it never happens. We continue down this dark tunnel to nowhere- no, it is somewhere, but a reality we do not wish to be involved in; never before dreamed such horrors, and cannot completely grasp the fact we are living in it. It has to be a parallel universe, doesn’t it?

    1. You know how I see it, Erlene. America is the victim of a coup d’etat by means of electoral fraud–rigged voting machines instead of bullets, spurious voters in buses instead of armed men in jeeps. And everybody in America who matters, who has any clout, refuses even to discuss it. The crime is so enormous, so evil, that the only thing they can think to do is to pretend it never happened.

      And meanwhile the guy on the radio announces that “Everybody’s talking about the Powerball!” It’s nice to see we’ve got our priorities in order, ain’t it?

      So, yes, it is a nightmare, a source of deep shame, an occasion for flaming anger–I feel all these things.

      But see YaquiJack’s comment. He’s right, you know. These villains who’ve hijacked our country, this multitude of Jeroboams who make America to sin–they won’t stay on the scene one moment longer than God wills. God has seen what they do, and heard what they say, and read the thoughts of their evil hearts.

      The arm of flesh has failed us, and will continue to fail us.

      What can we do but cry to God to save us? What can we do but trust in Him–in His love, in His wisdom, in His righteousness, and in His power and might?

      The judge of all the earth shall surely do right.

  5. Erlene; NOW is the time that we all should be calling upon His promises
    He simply loves to hear us call upon Him!. The “dark tunnel” and “nightmare” are just transient phases in His plan..HE IS IN CONTROL; and He has promised “NEVER to forsake us” and reinforced it several times by stating “I come NOT to condem you, but that YOU may have a more fruitful and abundant life” Believe; that He WILL bring down those that would corrupt,mislead and set upon his Flock..i.e Richard Nixon, Slick Willy Clinton, Hillary,Hitler,Stalin,…and belive me..the Reids,Obama’s,and Pelosi’s of the world are right THERE on His “To Do List” ! To paraphrase an old adage “The Fat Angel ain’t sang yet”, SO REJOICE..donot dispair EVERYTHING is going according to PLAN!!

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