The Time Machine

Patty and I have a custom, every New Year’s Day, to watch The Time Machine–the George Pal production from 1960, starring Rod Taylor, Alan Young, and Yvette Mimieux.

It’s wonderful for its story, its acting, its mind-blowing sets, and its musical score: truly one of our favorite films. But this year we  both noticed that the post-apocalyptic world discovered by the time-traveler, some 800,000 years in the future, is a progressive’s wet dream.

Think about it. The Eloi people have their food and clothing provided for them. They have no work to do, no responsibilities–just play. They know nothing of the past, and can’t conceive of any future. Their rulers, the Morlocks, give them everything they need. The poor, dumbed-down Eloi give their rulers blind obedience. When they reach a certain age, or ripeness, the Morlocks eat them.

Now that’s Agenda 21! That’s Detroit without the ruined buildings!

And that’s exactly where our own smart-as-paint Morlock wannabes will take us, if they can.

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