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Libs Love Racial Conflict

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(Note: The link to the New York Times piece is embedded in the InfoWars article. I was not able to transport it to this post.)

I was already tired of the hype for the new freakin’ comic book superhero movie, The Black Panther. And then along comes The New York Times to “investigate” whether white children should be allowed–allowed?–to wear a Black Panther mask (

I haven’t seen the movie. I don’t intend to, because I outgrew comic books a long time ago. I will say the stars’ hearts seem to be in the right place, which is refreshing: they say they’re happy that white kids see them as heroes and want to pretend to be them. I think that’s just how it ought to be.

But then I’m not a New York Times-style white liberal trying to foment racial discord because that’s what makes a perverted leftid moron feel righteous.

The NYT article is headed by a tear-jerking cartoon of some poor sad little black boy whose mother can’t buy him a Black Panther costume because some mean little white boy got the last one on the shelves. This is supposed to make us emit steam from our ears, contemplating the injustice of it all.

White kids shouldn’t play Black Panther, says the Times, ’cause it might be an “unwitting form of cultural appropriation.” More steam. Hey, how about we white folks get all huffy about cultural appropriation when folks who are not white use, say, electric lighting? But we don’t do that because it would be ridiculous.

The NYT also ponders “how Black Panther’s blackness should figure into their children’s relationship to the character.” White liberals are obsessed with race. It’s not healthy. They ought to have themselves seen to: sounds like they might have something wrong between the ears.

We could probably achieve racial harmony, through cultural homogenization, if only liberals would let us alone and let us do it.

But racial harmony is the very last thing they want to see.

A Stupid Movie for Stupid Dullards

Why do they even make these movies?

Beatrice Potter’s children’s books, including The Tale of Peter Rabbit, have been delighting children and adults for over 100 years. They are just fine the way they are, and need absolutely no improvement. They especially don’t need to be debased to the abysmal level of today’s pop culture.

But that’s just what Sony Pictures has done; and because they don’t have enough intellect to power an amoeba, they’ve made a mess of it.

In one controversial scene, Peter Rabbit takes advantage of Farmer McGregor’s dangerous food allergy by throwing some blackberries at him, forcing him to use his EpiPen to avoid going into anaphylactic shock. Sheesh. And of course there’s already a freakin’ hashtag thingy over it, #boycottpeterrabbit.

Why was this crapola added to Ms. Potter’s story? Two reasons spring to mind. (1) The film’s producers are idiots, and just plain never expected to happen what anybody could have told them would happen. (2) The film’s producers, in addition to being idiots, are ignorant idiots who actually didn’t know there were no EpiPens in Beatrice Potter’s time.

They’ll probably try to call her on her cell phone and ask about it.

That such benighted, intractable puddin’-headedness can exist in a country with more colleges and universities than ever existed anywhere before, and the biggest and costliest “education” system in all of human history, really ought to shame us into doing better, don’t you think?

And we can start by cutting the costs. Cutting ’em way, way back.

I seen “‘The Hand-Made’s tail'”!

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Oh man! thay shoed us a movy yeasterdday in Gender Studies 666 and it “was” caled The Hand-Made’s Tail and “it” jist blowed me aweiy!! Like i dint Know this hear stuff Was “going on” but It “is” axackly what yiu wuld Aspect fromb them No-Good christins whoo votted for Trumpt!!! i wasnt supprized at al! this is Waht is hapening in al the Red States in Fly Over contry!!

i had a promble tryin to figger Out what was Hand-Made and i “was” aslo confuzed becose i dint seee nobody “whith” a Tail but that i suposed Was jist the movy being Suttle! Maybbe it Was thare clothes that was Hand-Made,, thay looked like it!!

i dint Know them christins thay be so meen to Wimmins!! thay get the wimmins preganent agin and agin and thay dont Let them get a bortion!!! This hear is jist waht Hapens wenn Repubicans thay get Ellectid!! It wuld not be hapening if we Hadd Hillery for Pressadint and that Is becose that Trump he Collided with the Russhins!!!! it jist gose to Show yiu how bad this crumby contry needs Socile Jutstus Wirer and Auntyfa to cleen it “up”!!

So wee Are all Pumpt Up to putt a Stop “to” al This and the Prefesser she sayed we has to get it Done reel “soon” imbediantly by Trans Gendring al the Peple and makeing chritinanity aginst The Law so thay cant “Do” this to Wimmins no moar!!!

Babbling about Babel

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My wife watched a documentary on youtube yesterday, nicely produced, forcefully argued, about the building of the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11:1-9), and purporting to offer “proof” that the Bible narrative is historically accurate.

Only problem was, the documentary was all wet. They just went on and on about buildings erected by Nebuchadnezzar in Babylon thousands of years after the Tower of Babel, with apparently no awareness that they were conflating two totally unrelated stories. Not even a suspicion of it.

I would guess this film cost a lot of money to produce and involved a lot of people in the production. Did nobody know anything at all about the Bible? Did it never occur to anyone involved to at least read the relevant chapters of the Bible before launching into this festival of ignorance? Did nobody ever speak up and say, “Uh, guys, these are two different stories we’re talking about here–and they’re thousands of years apart”?

Well, you know what they say about the Internet as a source of information–sometimes it can be great, but there is no quality control.

Just to make things worse, all the comments following the film pointed out the yawning chasm of error into which it had fallen. Apparently every person who saw it knew the Bible better than the filmmakers. I think we can be thankful for that!

It just makes you wonder why anybody would ever go to the trouble of producing a documentary when they had no idea what they were talking about. Not even the feeblest effort was made to get at the facts. I don’t think the filmmakers even guessed they were dealing in sheer ignorance.

How much else of what we see is pure twaddle?

How Will They Handle the Golden Globes?

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Oh, boy! Tomorrow is the Golden Globes! I’ll be sure not to watch it.

Traditionally an orgy of self-congratulation and puffery, this year’s Golden Globes will have a rather large skeleton at the feast–dozens and dozens of sexual harassment and misconduct accusations leveled at some of the biggest names in show biz (

They want to yell “How great we are!”, while at the same time affirming their commitment to feminism… which has accused their industry of being a plague spot, morally. How are they going to swing it so their jokes don’t fall flat?

For six or seven decades Hollywood has labored feverishly to wipe out all traces of Christian sexual morality in America, with enthusiastic support from Democrats, the teachers’ unions, and the–ahem!–universities. Really, who can deny it? Movies, TV shows, commercials–it’s been all sex, all the time.

And then they’re astonished when all sorts of people start behaving like they’ve been told they ought to behave–as insatiable sex maniacs? That surprises them?

We live in an exciting time, when people want to be prudes and libertines simultaneously. I mean, there are movies and TV shows out there whose content would make a hyena blush. And somehow attendance at movies is way, way down. Go figure.

And they’re amazed that those who make these movies behave like the characters in them? Here at Chez Leester, we’ve turned off movies after just ten or fifteen minutes, they were so vile.

Hollywood has sown poison seed, and now they have to eat the fruit of it. Bon appetite.

‘How Dare You Not Like This Movie?’ (2012)

One of those stories that makes you really, really wonder about people…

Oh, Boy! ‘Cleopatra’ Remake to be ‘Dirty’


As she really was…

Cleopatra, last of the Ptolemy family to rule Egypt, lover of Julius Caesar, then Marc Antony, who moved Shakespeare to write, “Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale her infinite variety,” is going to be the subject of a brand-new remake of the 1963 epic starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

And the producers have promised to make the new Cleopatra “dirty, bloody, and [with] lots of sex.” (

You wonder where your audience went…

Gee, a dirty movie full of sex and violence! Whatever will they think of next? You just gotta had it to them “creatives” in Hollywood–always five steps ahead of the curve.

Cleopatra was a fascinating figure in history, a woman who inherited a virtually impossible political situation and yet aimed high, so very high, gambling to win: a character in which shrewdness and folly dwelt together: whose legend moved Plutarch to write that a woman doesn’t really show her best stuff until she’s over 50. I would love to see a movie or a series that took her seriously, and conscientiously tried to tell her story: because it’s a great story.

But trust Hollywood to soil anything it touches.

‘Two More Gems’ (2012)

There’s no movies like old movies! You’d think, with all the bellyaching from Hollywood over really poor ticket sales this year, they’d want to re-examine movies that people actually liked, and try to re-learn how to make them. But no….

Just for Fun: ‘Five Movies not to Rent’ (2013)

A lot of us are going to be resting, the week between Christmas and New Year’s.

Your rest will be much nicer if you can avoid these movies. Sean Connery in hot pants–there oughta be a law…

‘Christian Professor’s Potter-Mania’ (2011)

Admittedly, this is a little long: but to me it still seems relevant, six years later.

Harry Potter may be over, but there are still plenty of Christians who seek the world’s good opinion.

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