‘Gay Superhero’ Movie Bombs

Electric Movie Quotes From Shazam! Fury Of the Gods

What do we have to do to make it stop?

Words can hardly express how sick I am of movies inspired by freaking comic books. Not that I watch them. Just reading about them is bad enough. What do you say of a population that never outgrows comic books?

DC Comics, with behind-the-scenes backing by Warner Bros., has come out with a “Shazam 2” sequel featuring a “gay superhero” named Pedro (https://www.westernjournal.com/dcs-gay-superhero-film-bombs-box-office-hollywood-running-excuses/). His Hispanic name indicates he’s a twofer.

The movie boasts “an incredible representation of ethnicity across the boards,” babbles the star.

Question! How do we know Pedro is “gay”? Does he announce it repeatedly? Does he wear a feather boa? Do we see him romancing another guy? Like, how many ways can they find to make this disgusting?

And I’m sure that incredible representation of ethnicity will just pack ’em in. You’re gonna need a bigger theater, boss.

Oops! What’s this? “Shazam 2” is a box office bomb? Holy moly, who would’ve thought it?

It’s good news that this monstrosity flopped; but bad news that it was made at all.

Why Aren’t You Going to the Movies?

Amazon.com: The Vikings [DVD] : Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis, Ernest Borgnine,  Janet Leigh, James Donald, Alexander Knox, Maxine Audley, Frank Thring,  Eileen Way, Edric Connor, Dandy Nichols, Per Buckhj, Richard Fleischer,  Calder

Honk if you can name a “spectacular, brawling epic” made in this century.

Hollywood is drifting into panic mode. “Why aren’t people going to the movies?” studio execs wonder… frantically. “What can we do to bring them back into the theaters?”

They are amazed that movies based on comic books aren’t packin’ ’em in. It doesn’t even work to turn the superhero Gay, or Trans, or Whatever. They flat-out don’t understand how anyone could possibly have had it up to here with movies based on comic books.

So “Stupid Movies” has to be Factor No. 1. For Factor No. 2, I don’t think we have to look any farther than the price. Why shell out $20 for a ticket when you can watch the same movie at home, on a streaming service, for a fraction of the cost?

And Factor No. 3 has got to be “The Competition.” To bring people back into the theaters, you have to offer them something that they can’t get at home and are willing to pay for, to get from you. This is economics so basic, even I can understand it. But Hollywood doesn’t. They don’t want to be creative, they don’t want to be original. It makes their heads hurt.

I grew up on movies. Every town had at least one movie theater–plus the big theaters and the drive-ins, both of which have been erased from the landscape. Now you’re lucky if you can find one multiplex that’s only open half the time. And then there’ll be nothing there that you want to see, and who needs to spend a wad of money on a movie that might so easily turn out to be ca-ca?

Hollywood, you might try making better movies and not releasing them to cable for a while. I know, I know–you’re busy saying snotty things about America and the people you want to lure back to the theaters. We know you despise us. Are you really surprised that we despise you back?

Hollywood Wacko: ‘Wipe Out Half the People’

Why Do Lizards Bob Their Heads?

To blazes with James Cameron–here’s a nice lizard instead. This little guy is decked out in his mating colors. I had one of these: a very nice lizard indeed.

Ooh, look! another Climbit Chainge/Global Warming story!

Avatar director James Cameron sez he kinda sympathizes with a movie villain’s plan to wipe out half the human race ’cause there’s too many people and who do they think they are, walking around, breathing our air, yatta-yatta (https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/avatar-director-james-cameron-says-he-agrees-with-wiping-out-half-of-humanity-i-can-relate-to-thanos/).

Cameron made the remarks during an interview focused on some stupid Marvel Comix comic-book movie cranked out by Dizzy–sorry: Disney–Studios.

He also bragged about forcing his Avatar crew to subsist on a “vegan-only” diet while they were making his movie.

Yo, Jimbo! [Japanese movie pun–clever, eh?] Why don’t you demonstrate your sincerity with a long walk off a short pier? Man, I grew up on movies and I just can’t take this hypermodern cat-poop that Hollywood doles out. You’d think for $100 million or $200 million you could get something that didn’t insult your intelligence. There are squirrels in my yard who have more to say than James Cameron. And no one has to pay them for it.

Don’t Miss ‘The Chosen’

Painting from 'The Chosen' Captures Heart of Jesus in ...

Jonathan Roumie as Jesus

For the past several Sunday afternoons, Patty and I have been watching The Chosen, a crowd-funded TV series on the life and ministry of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The actors and writers are largely new faces, to an American audience; but the quality of the episodes is spectacular.

I’m taking home two lessons from this series:

*What Jesus did, and what He taught, were incredibly dangerous–to Him and to His disciples. Everything leads to the Cross. It’s not an easy thing to contemplate.

*Coming from anyone but the Son of God Himself, Jesus’ words would have been crazy-talk bordering on blasphemy. He had to do miracles: His works were the proof that everything he said was true. Remember Gamaliel’s warning to his colleagues in the Temple: he mentioned several false messiahs who’d come to bad ends because their teachings were not true. If Jesus were just another false messiah, then they should just leave Him alone because nothing would come of it. But if Jesus really did come from God, then to oppose Him would have been to go against God.

The acting, the sets, the writing–everything here is quality. By and large, it’s faithful to the Bible. Here and there the writers have had to speculate, to fill holes in the narrative. The producers urge the audience to be guided by the Gospel.

We’re watching The Chosen on YouTube. I can’t help wondering if this TV series is part of an overall revival. God knows we need one.

Skeletons Attack!

All right, enough nooze already.

This scene from Jason and the Argonauts, a masterpiece by special effects wizard Ray Harryhausen, is one of my all-time favorites.

And hey! When it comes to martial arts, that bit when the skeletons suddenly scream and rush in to attack your opponent–it really works! Provided you can get the skeletons going in the first place. I can’t say I ever mastered that aspect of karate.

Do They Not Know It’s A Dystopia?

This is the right time for Snowpiercer': Tilda Swinton and Ed Harris on the  botched release of the dystopian classic | The Independent | The Independent

Why does a dystopian, apocalyptic movie from 2013 look and sound so much like the bilge coming out of the World Economic Forum ten years later?

We watched Snow Piercer (Czech-Korean, believe it or not) on YouTube yesterday. Wow! Based on a graphic novel–that is, a comic book–it still seemed a good bet. And it was, it was.

Scenario: Somebody’s bright idea of using Science to fight Global Warming backfires, big-time, plunging the earth into a new ice age in which almost everyone has died. All that’s left of humanity has to live on this super train that never stops running. The plebs are in the back of the train: they have to eat protein bars made of bugs. The rich are up front, eating high-class meals prepared by master chefs.

And somehow, with the human race all but extinct, the ruling class still manages to sign up Herod’s Men to enforce the new society by violence and terror. How is it they never run out of Herod’s Men?

“You will own nothing, and you’ll be happy.” Guess which half of that comes true.

Snow Piercer has great effects and marvelous acting: John Hurt inspires the rebels, Ed Harris drives the train, and Tilda Swinton is a Hillary Clinton with a Yorkshire accent. It would have paid off to have cut about half a dozen fight scenes out of the film; but what the heck, you can go to the kitchen for some popcorn.

The only question is: Are John Kerry, Klaus Schwab, and the rest of the WEF crowd of monsters and jidrools actually powerful enough to cause a truly global calamity? They will convince themselves, of course, that any crime they might commit is really A Good Thing that they do for the benefit of all. That’s how deluded they are. They shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near any kind of power.

‘Terrorists’ Don’t Go To His Movies

Keep Your Cool During 'Short Fuse Summer' | Contracting Business

Actor William Boghopper has cut loose against the movie-going public, branding as “terrorists” everyone who purposely failed to attend his latest effort, Juliet and Romeo: Non-Binary Is Better. That film cost a reported $180 million and change; but it has only earned some $14,000 in the twelve weeks since its release.

Boghopper (above) plays a superannuated “Romeo” who thinks he could also be “Juliet” if given half a chance.

“People stayed away from this great film because they’re terrorists and haters,” said the star. “They’re the Taliban! They’re Al-Qaeda! Except the Taliban and Al-Qaeda are nicer. They deserve long prison sentences! No matter how you slice it, Hate is against the law.

“I like the way China’s handled it,” he said. “There, you must go see the movie or you won’t be allowed to buy food.” Figures from China suggest that even with that penalty, people still refuse to watch Juliet and Romeo. “We’d rather starve to death!” said a disgruntled moviegoer in Belle Mead, New Jersey.

“I’ll get them all!” growled Boghopper. He didn’t say how.

Tomorrow’s Thanksgiving!

One of our household customs, on Thanksgiving Day, is to watch this gloriously silly movie while the turkey’s cooking in the oven–Godzilla vs. Megalon. The big robot is Godzilla’s tag-team partner against Megalon and Co. It had the rare ability to increase its size tenfold. Ain’t technology wonderful? “Ah! He programmed himself to do that,” says the robot’s inventor. It came as a surprise to him.

On Thanksgiving Day we set our cares aside and praise the Lord our God, who shoulders them Himself. We used to have these huge family dinners for Thanksgiving, but everyone has either died or moved quite far away. We give God thanks for all those memories.

I’ll be here on this blog tomorrow. I hope most of you can find a few minutes to drop in and share this holiday with us.

Complete with monster movie.

Culture Rot, Vintage 2016

Giant Anteater - The Houston Zoo

No, I won’t provide a picture of this travesty. Here’s a nice ant-eater instead.

The doddering, out-to-lunch New York Times thought this clunker might’ve been the very best movie of the year. Well, they would, wouldn’t they?

‘The Year’s Best Movie’–Really?

Wow! The movie celebrates homosexuals! No wonder they gave it an award! They even tossed in more Far Left cliches than you can shake a stick at. Pitched to the Public Radio crowd, I guess.

Study the cultural spasms of just a few years ago, and they’ll lead you straight to the vileness that we see today.

What? No Far Left Cliches?

Wraith (2017) - Photo Gallery - IMDb

So we’re watching this horror movie, my sister recommended it, and any minute I’m expecting the film to pelt us with the usual Hollywood Far Left cliches. The mother or father or both are cheating on each other. The teenage daughter is pregnant. The old priest is… well, something really nasty.

None of these materialized! You could’ve knocked me over with a feather. Plus the movie offered a few genuine chills… without drenching the screen in gore.

Written and directed by Michael O. Sajbel, Wraith (2017) is a solid haunted house movie–and I dare not say anything to spoil the ending. It manages to avoid everything I don’t like in horror movies, and I’m pretty broad-minded. This one never crosses the line into stupid.

Plus it’s got veteran horror/sci-fi actor Lance Henriksen as the blind priest who sees more clearly than anybody else in the story, and his is a spectacular performance. This from the guy who was a humanoid robot torn in half in Aliens.

Wraith was well worth the time we put into watching it: recommended with a smile.