Even Better Than Women in Combat

Now that we Americans are going to send women into combat, on purpose, there’s no reason why we should stop there.

We should send children into combat, too.

We are told that modern warfare really doesn’t much get into all that old-fashioned hand-to-hand stuff anymore: that, in fact, it’s more like a video game than anything else. And who’s better at video games than a kid? By the time he or she is twelve years old, a child has–in video games–slaughtered countless multitudes of zombies, rival gang members, space aliens, and other foes. To a kid, war will be just another video game.

While we’re at it, look at all the Social Security and healthcare money we could save by sending the elderly into combat, too. Instead of just sitting around watching Rachel Ray on TV, they can zero in on our country’s enemies and blow them to kingdom come.

By now everybody knows that the overarching mission of the U.S.  military is social engineering. The beauty of that is, you can keep plugging away at this mission even if you lose a war.

Hats off to our all-wise glorious leaders!

12 comments on “Even Better Than Women in Combat

  1. LOL Lee, I really get a kick of your posts. I’d be afraid of signing up for combat, I get easily confused and might turn into friendly-fire to the detriment of our own troops.

    Seriously though, I know of women in the IDF, (Israeli Defense Forces) who are master machine gunners. One of them was an Israeli actress who came to 20th Century Fox on leave to do “The Story of Ruth”, Elana Eden starred as Ruth back in 1960 and it was produced by Henry Koster.

    1. You really do know your movies!

      Israel is a small country surrounded by enemies and vastly outnumbered. If their enemies win, the women of Israel are going to be slaughtered anyhow: so they might as well fight. Then again, we don’t see a single instance in the Bible of Israel or Judah purposely sending women out to do battle. But modern Israel is a very secular nation; they wouldn’t be guided by the Bible.

    2. And you certainly know the Word, Lee. Touche! LOL!

      There is an instance in the Bible, Judges 4:14-21, where Deborah, a woman judge over Israel prophesied over the armies of Israel and they won a mighty victory that day.

      However, later that day, Jael, the wife of Heber the Kenite, finished the hacket job by nailing a tent peg into the enemy commander’s temple – end of story.

      I have no problem in defending my home, family, church or nation against an enemy combatant. I just have a problem pointing the gun in the right direction as I have a bad cataract in my left eye. ;^ )

    3. We had an IDF Sabra visit my classroom several decades ago. She didn’t smile, just a lift at the corners only when a child spoke to her, cold blue eyes and a strong demeanor. Yet when she spoke, it was with kindness that exuded a measure of forgiveness. Now a strong, no nonsense Sabra would indeed be a fine addition to the US military. But alas, there are no Sabra-like women signing up in America – most are gay men haters and I wouldn’t want any of them to have MY back.

    4. I believe they tried putting women into direct combat at the very beginning, but they found that it didn’t work out, so women were placed in support positions instead. This didn’t mean they were away from battle altogether — in a tiny country like Israel, there’s no real safety zone, especially since the enemy doesn’t observe Geneva conventions about not targeting civilian areas — but they weren’t deliberately sent in to fight. Of course, Israel has a near-universal draft and obligatory military training for both men and women, so both men and women understand that they’re responsible to defend their country and their people. That creates a whole different kind of attitude toward one’s place in society: one of obligation rather than entitlement. It also provides a constant fighting force.

  2. Correct, Lee. This is madness, following on the heels of previous ill advised decisions one after the other. I am pretty handy with a gun of almost any kind, but I would never consider myself combat ready. My qualms about killing another human being would not fit my concept of myself as a woman at all.

    1. Well, Erlene, someone is going to have to shoot those pesky conservatives. After all, now that we are allied with the Muslim Brotherhood, there won’t be anyone to fight except other Americans. They can turned it into an enormous video game, with big prizes for the most kills. And Obama can munch on popcorn while he watches.

      Can I please wake up now?

  3. I’m sure there are wacky liberal politicians in the several states who DO want to lower the age of military registration. The same ones who support lowering the age of “consent.”

  4. And furthermore, it’s shockingly ableist to exclude the blind, the deaf — oops, I mean the vision- and hearing-challenged — the motion-impaired, and the living-with-diseases from serving in the military. We could have entire hospital-ward squadrons and brigades in the field. Come to think of it, this might be a good way to solve the problem of neighborhoods infested — I mean populated — with bums — I mean societally deprived homeless — who roam about the streets aggressively panhandling or emptying their bladders and intestines all over the street. Send them to the military. In fact, put them in charge of the military. (Oops again, this is already happening, now that the leftist branch of the judicial system, a bunch of bums if ever I saw any, has started dictating who can serve and who can’t.) The opportunities are simply endless.

    It would appear lately that the only people NOT welcome in the military are healthy Christian males.

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